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My Starbucks Rewards: Enter 2 Star Codes from Coffee Bags and Score $5 (+ Walmart Deal)

4:47 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Calling all My Starbucks Rewards members! As I mentioned in this post here, you can earn a Star each time you purchase a specially marked bag of packaged Starbucks coffee in the grocery store. Even sweeter, enter Star codes from 2 bags of specially marked Starbucks coffee through July 14th and you’ll snag a FREE $5 loaded directly onto your primary Starbucks Card. If you’re headed to Walmart in the next week or so, check out the deal that you can score…

Starbucks Bagged Coffee 12 oz $6.98
(Be sure to find the coffee with the specially marked Starbucks gold peelie!)
Buy 2 = $13.96
Use the $2/2 coupon found in the 5/12 SS (expires 7/12!)
Pay $11.96
Enter the unique codes to earn 2 Stars AND a free $5 loaded to your Starbucks Card
Final Cost $6.96 – just $3.48 per bag!

Fine Print: Limit two $5 rewards per account. One account per person. Valid on codes entered between 6/16/13 and 7/14/13. Must create or have an existing My Starbucks Rewards™ account and provide a valid email address. $5 will be loaded directly to your account on the Card that you’ve designated as your primary Card. Please allow 4–6 weeks for the value load to appear on your account. We’ll email you to let you know when it’s been credited.

(Thanks, Michelle!)

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  • Lory says:

    Hmmm, I just bought two bags & neither bag had any peelie on it. :( they REALLY NEED to put them on the Inside of the bags!!

    • Jen says:

      That was my first thought when Starbucks emailed! Cannot believe they didn’t think of it. People are getting lots of undeserved stars…

      • Jennifer says:

        I just got back from Target and I found ONE bag of espresso that still had the peelie on it. All the other were gone–and I could tell they had been there because there was a sticky spot on the bag. Dumb move, Starbucks!

    • Steven Windsor Cessna says:

      mine had a peelee and it says its no good!

    • ryan says:

      Why put them on the inside of the bags; I spent twenty minutes providing my addresses and contact info just so I could enter two star codes and after entering them my account showed zero star credits. Now I just drink U-ban and I have an extra $100 per month to enjoy.

  • Mel says:

    I agree… I think some are being removed – HATE THAT!

  • Ruby says:

    Is it just bagged coffee, or k cups too?

  • Sandy M says:

    Target has a free 4 pk of Frappuccino when you bug two bags of Starbucks coffee for $7.49 per bag. What a great deal with the extra 5 bucks off! :)

  • Jesse says:

    Just got back from my local QFC (Kroger affiliate) and there wasn’t a single one of these peelies to be found.

  • Melissa says:

    Yeah, I just looked at Fred Meyer (also Kroger) and I couldn’t find any bags with peelies. :-( I am almost out of coffee beans, but I don’t want to buy a non-peelie bag now that I know about this promotion!

  • Melissa says:

    Apparently this program (stickers on bags of coffee) has been discontinued. I emailed Starbucks today requesting that they put the codes on the INSIDE of bags, since I was concerned that people were just taking the peelies off without buying the coffee. Killian G responded:

    “I would like to personally apologize when I say the “Home Coffee Card Program” has been discontinued until further notice. It did run for a total of one month, discontinuing since July 1st, 2013. I understand the frustration this may cause as well as inconveniences. This decision was based on multiple factors including customer response. We are sorry this program could not last longer, however your feedback is invaluable and will be documented to the appropriate internal teams. You could also refer to if you would like to post additional feedback.”

  • jerry says:

    it b.s., I never found ANY bags or merchandise at any Starbucks store or regular grocery stores (belive me I looked everywhere!) It was must have been a very short lived scam. Some of our ffod chains have a Starbucks store in them, ans i doubt people were ripping all those off too.

  • Melanie says:

    Went to Target tonight & found lots of bags with the stickers. I checked the Starbucks site and this offer is still listed as running until July 14th.

  • Dimitri says:

    Well I guess they brought back the stickers on the bags. I went and got a 12oz bag of coffee at Kroger a few days ago (August 2013) and it had the peel back sticker on it. I went to and put the code in and it gave me 1 free star. Also, the bag I got say to bring it back to any Starbucks and they’ll give you a free coffee. FYI

    • Christa says:

      So if you bring the bag back along with the sticker..they will give you a free coffee? Even in August?!

      • Tammy says:

        Starbucks has run a program for years that if you buy a bag of beans in their retail store they will give you a free tall cup of brewed coffee. To encourage purchase of pound bags of coffee in grocery store, most of those bags have the same offer printed on the bag. Just take it in and your barista will verify the bag has the printed offer on it (free tall cup when you bring in bag) and give you your coffee – just make sure the bag is empty since they have to keep it so you don’t re-use the offer.

  • sue oelke says:

    so what about 1 bag deal I call this bad advertizing it says nothing to the effect that you have to buy 2 bags My no. is PYMRK17SR

  • mrsmac459 says:

    K, I have the codes on my bags and I have been entering them…and the site still lets me…the rewards page is still up and working…if they’ve pulled the plug on the star codes, why is the site still acting like it’s still participating in it?

  • James Biglione says:

    This one of the biggest rip-offs-I have taken part in….Since the Bean Counters have taken over I quite going to the shop. I buy my starbucks coffee at costco when it is on sale, otherwise I buy the San Francisco Brand. I peeled off the sticker thinking I was going to get a cup of coffee….what a joke….maybe they will go broke…I use to go at least 5 times a week. I have not been to one in a year….good luck

  • Ellen burton says:

    Why is this still up when the opportunity to register has expired?

  • skros says:

    I too just bought a bag w/stickie. Is the store I shop getting old coffee beans.
    The tag was on the outside and as I see this program has expired in July 2013.
    How dumb. I am not sure I will care for any of your future promotions. although I like your coffee, I can get Peets too at a good price when you are not on sale.

    • Sara says:

      You can use the code to get STARS on your rewards card. That’s why they’re still on there. I’ve gone to Gold status from buying bag coffee.

      • Fordman03 says:

        I’ve bought their coffee for quite sometime however no matter which computer or browser I use it always says “Oops something went wrong.” That’s happenned with the last ten bags of coffee I have purchased.

  • Christina says:

    I’m not sure where or why anyone received information about the star rewards being discontinued on bags of coffee but it is clear, just by reading this thread, that the majority of posters are rather confused.
    So here are the FACTS:
    •Some bags may not have the code stickers on them because people pull them off to earn stars w/o having to make a purchase, or they just didn’t get put on during packaging; the ones with the stickers are NOT old bags of coffee.
    •If entered correctly, there is no reason for the code to not work to earn you a star on your account.
    •The code is for a star, just like the stars received for each purchase made in store w/ your gold card.
    •The codes on the bags of coffee are NOT for free coffee,food,merchandise, or multiple stars unless Sbucks is running a promotion. They occasionally do promotions- once, they offered 10 stars w/ the purchase of a bag of coffee (one promo per rewards card). Again, each bag w/ a code earns only ONE STAR.
    •Stars may take as long as 24-48 hours to show up on your account.
    •You MAY, however, take the empty bag into a Sbucks shop for a free tall brewed coffee.

    Hopefully this clears up confusion re: the star rewards with bagged coffee purchase. And don’t forget, the Star Dash promo is running now through Dec. 3rd. Earn 10 stars and receive $5 loaded onto your card; 16 stars earns you $10. But you have to log into your account on join the Star Dash.

  • Paul says:

    Starbucks offer stinks. It will not recognize the upc code for the ten dollar offer. Don’t waste your time as I did.

  • peeliegrabber says:

    I love getting those free peelie star codes. Until Starbucks learns and starts putting them inside the bags, I’m getting them for free, bad move on their part.

  • cuongduong says:


  • Andrea terpe says:

    The two codes are pzw8f992s and p5sv83wxw

  • Sharon Barker says:

    How do you enter the code when I can’t get to the page where I need to enter????
    Sharon code PP8RW37V3

  • MaryGrace says:

    I have been trying for days!!!!!!!!!! to register 2 star codes from Latte purchases !! Response: ARE NOT VALID. How can I process them?
    Code : U9H13C363
    Code: UJSK13KJH

  • shamil says:

    where do u enter these two star codes ? I sent in to the stabucks page but other than where you enter the star code, there is no where to enter a code…pls help someone..

  • shamil says:

    Thanks Mrs P

  • yvonne says:

    I just purchased 2 1/2 lb bag of French Roast from Costco and the offer is apparently expired and that date seems to be 2013. How old is my coffee???

  • Patricia Holmes says:

    Here is my code # I can not find a place to enter it. PMJ9scz3z

  • Kmannon says:

    Great Coffee

  • judy says:

    Purchased a 2.5 pound French Roast coffee, want to put the starcode in to see if anything was won, like instructed. No place to enter star code at
    Where is it done?

  • Anna Shaw says:

    I am to busy to worry about putting numbers in for anything. I buy the coffee, I prefer to take the bag into a Starbucks ang get a free cup of coffee. You should make the offer to customers, if they bring in 1 bag it is a small cup, 2- it is a medium cup, and 3 -would be a large cup. If you bring in 3 empty bags you already spent close to 20.00 on your coffee. We deserve that free large by then.

  • Lauren says:

    People are not getting that this is a coupon blog and not affiliated with Starbucks. Isn’t entering 9 digits into a field on a website easier than driving to Starbucks? You can get stars towards any beverage or food item free and get the free cup of coffee. There are really people who steal peelies giving someone credit for purchasing something? That is abhorent.

  • Ranada says:

    I just bought a bag of coffee and the offer expired when I went online. How old is the coffee I am buying in Alasja?

  • Paula says:

    I am w/ the above comments regarding the “earn a star.” If offer expired in 2013, how old is this coffee????? Also, Starbucks is no longer honoring the taking an empty bag in & getting a free cup of coffee.

  • says:

    this makes me made just bought my starbucks ice tea and there was starbucks reward card in it and then come to this page and it says expired what is that

  • barbara reynolds says:

    I have been buying starbucks french roast 12oz bags(3 weekly) I started collecting the star rewards and i was registering them to earn extra stars because i go to starbucks every day. Now they no longer honor them well i want buy the bags anymore i will find a cheaper brand and just as good so long starbucks I spend on the average $14.00 weekly Plus my friends who spend $35.00 weekly we will look for another place to meet and socialize.

  • Charlene P. Beam says:

    I have 21 stars to enter. Originally you could enter them all at once. When I attempted to enter them the response was only 3 #’s a day! Seriously? Frankly I am extremely disappointed. I am a shareholder have attended many meetings and the 3 limit was never mentioned. Why bother. I have not attempted to enter my 3 a day.

  • Charlene P. Beam says:

    Comments above. Thanks for the opportunity to vent. The way I see it the “21” stars I took the time to remove would take me 7 days? Does anyone at Sbucks see themselves taking the time? Apparently not.

  • Evelyn says:

    Good grief, people. It is/was FREE coffee. Sorry, but I won’t give up my Starbucks over this. I have probably “wasted” 15 minutes just now trying to enter a Rewards number…and reading all the “whining”. In that 15 minutes I could probably have made my bed…or sat in line at a Starbucks drive thru. Do you like your Starbucks or not?

  • jim says:

    just got two bags with codes and they say it is to late wow

  • Geri says:

    Just received several bags of coffee for Christmas and now I see this promo is discontinued. Very Unsatisfactory! Agree with all the others.

  • jerry says:

    I entered 5 of these starbucks rewards and went to the outlet and according to them there was no reward or anything on the card. What kind of a scam is this? Why are you selling these bags of coffee if you are not committed to fullfilling your obligation? All my future coffee buys will no longer be with Starbucks.

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