Kohl’s: Black Friday Deals (11/24-11/26)

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Kohl’s will be open for 24 hours on Friday, November 25 from 12AM to midnight. Plus, they’ll be offering more than 500 Early Bird Savings Opportunities and $15 Kohl’s Cash for Every $50 Spent (first time ever!).

*Be sure to head on over here to print a 15% off everything coupon, valid 11/23-11/27! (Thanks, Heather!)

My favorite deals are highlighted below:

Doorbusters, valid Thursday Midnight until Friday 1 PM

Your choice of select toys $19.99
(Regularly $39.99-$49.99!)

Sterling Silver 2-ct. T.W. Diamond Bracelet $149.99
(Regularly $800!)

3 ct. T.W. Sterling silver diamond bracelet $249.99
(Regularly $1600!)

Men’s or Ladies’ Seiko, Bulova, or Pulsar Dress Watches $99.99
(Regularly $200!)

Kids’ and Ballerina Jewelry Boxes $11.99
(Regularly $36!)

Dearfoams and Isotoner Slippers for Women’s – Entire Stock $9.99-$11.99
(Regularly $20-$34!)

Slippers from Candie’s and Mudd for Juniors- Entire Stock $14.99
(Regularly $38-$40!)

Croft & Barrow velvet gloves or Isotoner fleece gloves for her $14.99
(Regularly $30-$35)

Croft & Barrow 3-pc. Seasonal Accessories Set for Her – Entire Stock $9.99
(Regularly $35!)

Isotoner Touch Gloves for Her – Entire Stock $19.99
(Regularly $42!)

Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3 Mr. Potato Head Play Set by Playskool $24.99
(Regularly $39.99-$54.99!)

Disney/Pixar Cars 2 London City Raceway Slot-Car Racing Set by Mattel $24.99
(Regularly $39.99-$54.99!)

Mattel Disney Princess Bath Beauty and Friends Doll Set $24.99
(Regularly $39.99-$54.99!)

Disney/Pixar Cars 2 Team Lighting McQueen Inflatable Playland by Moose Mountain $24.99
(Regularly $39.99-$54.99!)

Disney Princess A Magical Dance Inflatable Playland by Moose Mountain $24.99
(Regularly $39.99-$54.99!)

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Activity Walker $9.99
(Regularly $39.99-$54.99!)

Fisher-Price Little People Amusement Park $34.99
(Regularly $39.99-$54.99!)

Razor Lil’ Kick Scooter – Blue $24.99
(Regularly $39.99-$54.99!)

Chi Air Fuschia 1″ classic ceramic flat iron $79.99
(Regularly $139.99!)

Counter Height Saddle Bar Stool for $29.99
(Regularly $79.99!)

Counter-height metal swivel bar stool for $24.99
(Regularly $79.99!)

Disney Spectrobes Origins for Nintendo Wii (and select other games) $7.99
(Regularly $16.99-$24.99)

Pyrex 20-pc. Storage Set for $19.99 after mail-in rebate
(Regularly $64.99!)

KitchenAid Pro Line 6-qt. Stand Mixer for $349.99 after mail-in rebate + 10% off
(Regularly $469.99!)

KitchenAid Classic Plus 4.5-qt. Stand Mixer for $179.99 after mail-in rebate + 10% off
(Regularly $259.99!)

KitchenAid Artisan 5-qt. Stand Mixer for $269.99 after mail-in rebate + 10% off
(Regularly $399.99!)

Keurig B60 Special Edition Coffee Brewer for $149.99
(Regularly $189.99!)

Holiday Rugs $4.99
(Regularly $14.99!)

+ Lots More!!

**Head on over here to check out the Kohl’s ad scan and all the other deals available. 

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Comments 75

  1. Jeanie

    It’s my own private boycott, but I won’t be shopping any stores that insist on ruining their employees’ Thanksgiving celebrations by making them come to work at (actually before) midnight. That’s just crazy, and totally unnecessary. Rant complete 🙂

    • katie

      it amazes me how people in this country only apparently care about retail workers….. wow.

      • The Reason For the Season

        WOW…..It amazes me how many people in this country only apparently care about exploiting the real meaning behind a holiday celebration for their own benefit and simple greed.

        As a former “retail worker”, the down time is few and far between, and we all cherished the little time we got to spend with families during the holiday season. Thanksgiving was one of the ONLY times we had a free pass to not have to fight with 20 other employees trying to get the same day off, and now, the people who provide you with the ability to shop from 5 AM to midnight for a month straight, get that one last luxury yanked away. While our families had get togethers and celebrations, we would be stuck dealing with crazed Target ladies looking for the last Furby or tripping over eachother to get to the Razor Scooters. Give them that one day, for goodness sake.

      • Jennifer

        I know…apparently doctors and police and fire and paramedics don’t matter.

        Most retail jobs – if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. There is no holiday pay like most of us 8-5ers get. Couple that with the not so great pay to begin with, taking an unpaid day off just isn’t an option.

        • Jennifer

          Totally agree. My husband has been a paramedic for years – and has had maybe one holiday at home a year. Holidays are usually crazy busy for them as well!

          • Keely

            I agree that there are many other professions underpaid and overworked during the Holiday season, especially Paramedics. However, that’s not the issue that is being discussed here. What is maddening about Black Friday/holiday shopping is how retailers continue to milk the holiday season for all it’s worth and put a damper on a day of family time and relaxation by choosing to extend their hours past the asinine time of 5 AM and sometimes, stay open on Thanksgiving. It’s total corporate greed and many, not just the workers but the families and more, get the short end of the stick.

        • andrea

          Doctors, police, nurses etc. work in a vital field. You can’t shut down a hospital or whatever over the holidays. My brother works in the medical field and sometimes has to work holidays, but it can’t be helped. I do NOT agree with most stores (a pharmacy would be the exception) taking away their employees’ holiday time by opening earlier and earlier, it seems, each year on Black Friday. Some of these stores are opening at 9 or 10pm on Thanksgiving. It just doesn’t seem right.

    • kelsey

      I “like” this ! I am a SAHM now but I have worked many a black fridays in retail. Theres no need to make it start early and ruin a Family get together.

      • Sarah

        I can agree that it may cut into an employees time with their family, but remember that many stores do this type of shift on a volunteer basis. Also, some employees enjoy excepting these shifts because they are paid overtime.

        • kelsey

          Sarah, what stores are these?? I worked retail for 10 years and never once volunteered to work. In fact, every employee had a mandatory shift on BF and was terminated immediatly if you didn’t show up. Bath and Body Works, Nordstrom, Macys, Target and Hallmark are the stores I have worked at.

        • Sandy Raye

          you must be living in the land of make believe, there is no OVERTIME . The retailer will make sure of that! And volunteer… haha, wake up and smell the coffee , this is not as free a country as you think . especially when it comes to employers!

          • Joan

            And this is where I step in and say UNIONS. If the retail employees had a union, NONE of this would be an issue because the union would work to protect them from these situations.
            If we as retail employees, customers, whatever want to stand up against the giant retailers, we need to come together, and a union is the best way. (imho)

    • Ashley

      Being Thankful is not only on Thur. ! I’m very glad the Hospital and CVS were open last Christmas since I spent my christmas day with my hubby in the ER…. The target ” Take back Thanksgiving petion is a joke!” How many Firefighters, Police, Hospital workers, and Military work on Holidays?!?!?

      • Jammie

        That is of course true, but it is usually the universal time to get together with families and friends, where everyone has the ability to converge in the same spot and enjoy the day together.

        And can I just note, Firefighters, Police officers, hospital workers, and military are on duty 24-7 because our safety and our lives depend on it. Pretty sure that it is quite different when we are talking about whether someone is able to get their beloved Zhu Zhu, Tickle Me Elmo, and HDTV at midnight as opposed to 5 in the morning. IE: not life or death.

        • katie

          there are PLENTY of jobs that are our lives dont depend on that still are open every holiday. think airports, gas station, grocery stores, restaurants, snow plow drivers… i mean there are so many.

          why isn’t there any cry for family time for THEM??

          i am all for family time. and i would be completely on board for all of these petitions and everything if it was across the board- but its not. people are only mad because of the retail stores being open. once there is movement for EVERYONE to have holidays off with their families, i will be right there with you.

      • Laura

        My husband is a nurse and has to work on thanksgiving and christmas. Its the nature of the job…if you dont want the chance that you will have to work on a holiday dont choose that occupation and if its an occupation that you didnt choose and have to work to make ends meet then you should be thankful that you have a job at all becuase I am sure there are tons of people out there that would give everything to work on a hoiliday to feed their family!

        • Shan

          Agreed!!!! VERY well put!

        • Mellisa

          AGREED! people need to realize NOT everyone celebrates the holidays!!!! and it is sad that anyone relies on a holiday for their reason to see or spend time with family and “give thanks”. I know it is easier to see family during holidays, but you should not rely on it. And these people who have to work the holidays, I know not 100%, but i know quite a bit of those employees are SEASONAL employees!!! exactly why you got hired was to work a holiday! and as stated, there are people out there trying to get a job so be thankful you have a job. It isn’t like your required to work the whole day. There are some stores that are open Thanksgiving that have always been open. I have worked on holidays but never had to work the whole day that prevented me from seeing family. If anything just request to work a certain time instead of requesting the whole day off.

        • Jody

          I also work in health care, I am a mom of 3, and I volunteered to work on Thanksgiving and the entire weekend, because nobody else wanted these shifts, and I am grateful because I am going to be getting more hours than I usually do. I also always volunteer to work on Thanksgiving anyways because then I don’t have to work on Christmas. My husband works in retail as a manager and has volunteered to work overtime Thanksgiving weekend. (His store is not open on Thanksgiving day though, but if it were, and he had the opportunity to work for extra hours or overtime, he would.) Although we hate being away from our kids, we are really struggling financially right now for various reasons, and it’s not like I will be working the entire Thanksgiving day, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving lunch and I will be going to work in the evening. Neither my husband and I have much family, so we usually don’t get together with anyone on Thanksgiving day anyways. It may sound like we’re being greedy but it’s coming to a point where we can barely pay for basic necessities-food, electric, etc. I am still looking for a full-time job. But, on this Thanksgiving, we are thankful to be getting these extra shifts that nobody else wants so we can stay on top of things and ensure our kids will have a few gifts to open under the tree. Just another way to look at it, not everyone hates working on Thanksgiving.

    • Becky

      That sounds all well and good but you still shop there the rest of the year so you are only out the best deals of the year. I worked for Sav.on for years before it was bought by CVS. We has every holiday off and only worked the 24 stores if you choose to, many people wanted to. When we changed to CVS we found out they were all open 365 days a year and we had to work. I had a new baby and still had to go in and open the store, missing my older son get his Santa gifts. Boycotting one day not on a holiday will do nothing. The thought is good but it won’t do any good.

    • Natalie

      Sorry, but I just have to say.. DON’T SHOP THERE THEN! It’s a business just like any other. They get to make choices about when they are operated. Don’t like it? Simply don’t purchase their goods! Ranting about it on this website does nothing. And the workers? No one is forcing them to work! Most people get paid EXTRA! As a Wal-Mart employee I can tell you that it’s not like we are slaves to some corporate machine. Don’t forget that we all APPLIED for these jobs and prayed for these jobs! Black friday can be a GREAT time to save a lot of money. I don’t have a lot of money and sure it can be a bit crazy and hectic, but I get to spend less money and provide my family with plenty of presents that I could otherwise NOT afford!

    • Annie

      My husband worked last Thanksgiving and Christmas and will be working this Christmas as well. It will be the first Christmas with our son and he will be working (and not in retail). No one is making a petition for him.

    • Military Spouse

      Just be glad Your spouses get to come home at the end of that day. My husband had to “go into work” 6 months ago and is still there… in another country.. so everyone here can have Black Fri.. err..Thursday. …Sorry, but I think I trump your complaints

      • Annie

        Yes, but again know what you are getting into. If you are married to someone in the military, you know what that entails. Same with retail workers. You know what you are getting into, so don’t complain.

      • Tiki

        Please tell your husband thank you for his sacrifice! My son is in the military so I understand how hard it is when they are in Iraq or Korea. Yes, they chose that career, but guess what would happen if they, and the hundreds of thousand other military personnel, didn’t?? We would be free to spend our money on Black Friday.

        • Tiki

          Make that “wouldn’t” be free. That’s what happens when my fingers go faster than my brain! 🙂

      • Emily

        AMEN, Sister. You go girl…
        Half of my Family will not be making it to our Thanksgiving meal. Because they will be patroling the streets to keep all the “complainers” safe. Do you people honestly think that the world only works 9-5? Seriously…..

      • Sarah

        Please thank your husband for his service!! I am the daughter of an Air force veteran and thankfully we always got to move with him when he was overseas. I can’t even imagine how hard it must be to have to be away from your husband during the holidays. My own husband has to work Thanksgiving noon to 9pm (he works at a residential drug rehab facility so he gets to spend his holiday with spoiled brats), but at least he gets to come home at night!! It just doesn’t feel like much of a holiday this year though……… 🙁

    • Tiki

      People don’t necessarily work on holidays because they WANT to, but because they like to eat, and pay their bills, and take care of their families. I feel for those people, but am thankful they are working in the malls, and restaurants so I can shop an eat on Black Friday.

      • rose

        I work in the health care field and don’t care for working on a holiday. However, I understand that the health and welfare of people can’t be put off simply because it is a holiday. There is no mandatory reason for a retail store to be open, other than to improve their employers profit margin. For years, when I am not working myself, have avoided stores. I won’t be a part of ruining someone else’s holiday.

    • heather

      really? i’m sure they get time-and-a-half and are thrilled. get over yourself. no one forces people to work, this isn’t china.

    • Riquel

      I am a Store Manager for a Retail clothing store that is actually open 10am-5pm ON Thanksgiving and open again at 7am on Black Friday. It totally sucks to have to plan your holiday’s around a work schedule, but I work Retail its what my company requires, so I just do it. Fortunately enough the company I work for gives us lots of incentives and contests throughout the holiday season that awards us with extra money and gift certificates.

      We should all just be glad that we have jobs. 😀

    • Della

      Simple solution for all who have sympathy for retail workers on black Friday, DON’T SHOP! Clearly, you are looking for deals if you are on a couponing blog so if you don’t shop who will?

    • charlotte

      No body made these employees fill out a application to these stores I don’t feel bad at all there are plenty unemployeed people that would love to work to provide for there familys during the holidays.

      • Tara

        I totally agree! My hubby works as an aircraft mechanic, he works Wednesday-Saturday every week, no matter what holiday happens. It sometimes works out that he’s off for holidays and other years he works them all. If you need the job then you have to take what is offered in hours. If you don’t need it then QUIT and enjoy the holidays with your family. Ultimately it’s your decision and in your hands, stop blaming the stores.

    • mike c.

      it’s not just the retailers and police -fire & paramedics that get screwed on the holidays it’s also every one that works in the aviation industries – you almost have get in a fight to get just 1 or 2 holidays off per year – you have to put your time off request in @ the beginning of the year & even if approved they can change their minds because a suoervisor now wants the day off or some non caring jurk off calls in sick and screws some one else over & we are treated like dirt by passengers . so i defenately feel for everyone else that works the holidays.

    • Sara

      I just think that it is funny that no one in this country talks about boycotting football even though the NFL doesn’t wait until midnight to play games. Most retailers are waiting until at least 10:00pm to start their sales which should give most families time to eat dinner and celebrate before heading to work. They play football right in the middle of all Thanksgiving celebrations and no one ever complains about that. I, for one, am excited for Black Friday even if it is a little early.

  2. Ashley57

    Thanks Collin for doing Black Friday for us!! I know we can get them other places, but I like your site the best 🙂

  3. julie

    does anyone have discount codes that can be used on-line?

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)


      • Heather from Ohio

        I got a paper copy in the mail today too along with a $10 off any purchase coupon (basically a gift card)! Yippie! 🙂 I checked the mail after I posted this earlier.

      • Lauren

        Just a heads up up, right now if you get a $50 Kohls giftcard from Randall’s you get a $15 catalina and 4x gas rewards points on giftcards.

    • darcy

      AND you get kohls cash too, right? What time can I start online Thursday? Got to get some fisher price toys for my 3 month old!

  4. Mary

    Hi–will Kohls have these same sales on Cyber Monday with free shipping?

  5. kelsey

    Does anyone know if you get the Kohls cash if you order online?

    • Jenna

      In the past I have received Kohls cash when ordering online, they have e-mailed it to me about a day or two later.

    • Amanda M.

      Yes, they email it to you! 🙂

    • Ericka

      If you don’t get it in your email (happened to me) just take the receipt once your items come in and they will print it out in the store.

  6. lisa

    i dont understand about khols cash is it like cvs

    • CHI

      They give your a little voucher printed with the amount you earned. The voucher cannot be redeemed right away, for example the kohls cash earned on black friday will be valid between Nov 28 to Dec 5th. The Kohls cash works like a gift card, you don’t have to use all at once.

      • cbeths

        I was under the impreession that the entire Kohls cash voucher DID have to be used all at one time. How would they change the amount your voucher is worth?

        • Keri

          When they scan your Kohl’s cash, the system remembers your total, just like a gift card. And they print the new balance on the back of the “cash”.
          At least this is how my Kohl’s worked. 🙂

  7. Amanda M.

    I had a question. Do you think the 15% comes off the stand mixer prices as well??

    • cbeths

      kohls coupons usually dont have many exclusions, you should be able to use the 15% off coupon on the stand mixer…plus get $15 kohls cash for every $50 you spend.

  8. Laura

    Does anyone know if Kohls will have thier sales available on Thursday Online this year like they did last year?

    • allthingseasyindsay

      Yes, you can shop online Thursday!!! That makes me very happy! 🙂

      • Laura

        Will it be like last year where they will have the 15$ Kohls cash for ever 50 online and the doorbuster sales?!?! I loved that last year got most everything online thursday and didnt have to race to teh store friday morning!

    • amy

      Does anyone know what time on Thursday that you can start to shop online?

  9. allthingseasyindsay

    Does anyone have the KitchenAid 5 quart mixer? I’m REALLY wanting to buy one this year and I can’t decide between the 5 quart and the 6 quart. I bake a LOT but I don’t know if I necessarily need the pro series. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! With the Kohls cash back this works out to be a nice deal!!

    • Jana

      I have the Artisan 5 quart mixer, have had it about 3 years now and love it. I researched and researched and the only thing I learned was to get the tilt head (appears as if all the ones advertised are) since the “bowl lift” style do not hold up over the years. I have never run into needing a bigger bowl. The only thing I would say is that I would love to have another bowl but they are pricey so I haven’t splurged …. yet.

      • Laura

        I have the KA artisan mixer and LOVE it. I have the 5qt and I bake cakes as a side job and it works perfect for me. Never had a problem and I use it for everything. Last year I got my mom the KA mixer on black friday from Kohls and it was the perfect deal..best one I had seen all year when you use the 15% off plus the sale price and the 15$ kohls cash! Cant beat the price or the mixer!!!

    • TH

      Definitely recommend a KitchenAid with the Bowl-lift feature (arms hugging bowl) versus the tilt head. Those arms make a world of difference when kneading bread (does a great job of this!!) or mixing heavy dough. Without them, the bowl is not completely stable. I agree, the 6qt Pro looks huge. I actually have a 5qt mixer WITH the bowl lift). Like this: https://www.kitchenaid.com/flash.cmd?/#/product/KSM500PSER/. It just doesn’t seem to be sold everywhere (I saw it on Macy’s website last week…not sure why it’s not there anymore). Generally the price is close to that of the Artisan.

      • Donna P

        I have a 5 or 6 quart bowl-lift mixer too, that I love. It’s a pro model, I think. I don’t see them around much and I bought it at Kohl’s several years ago on sale with a 30% coupon. I ended up paying under $150 for it. One thing to consider is where it will live and if you want to move it everytime you use it. I just scoot mine out a bit. I think in my kitchen, a tilt-head would hit the upper cabinets, so I would move to my island (assuming I could find it under the junk). But it the blade doesn’t come compelely out of the batter/potatoes so it takes a bit more work to clean off the blade and remix into your batter. I love mine, but I think I’d be happy with the Artisan if I didn’t know any different. And those are so much easier to find and to price-match.

        • lindsay

          Thank you everyone for answering me!!! I just purchased the Artisan mixer and I’m SO excited!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. Ducky's Always Hungry

    There’s a great deal on the KitchenAid 4.5 Quart Stand Mixer. Ad says it’s regularly $259.99, but it’s on sale for $199.99. Plus, it says take an extra 10% off all stand mixers during their early bird hours (midnight – 1 pm). So that would be $199.99 – 10%= $179.99. Then you can use the extra 15% shopping pass which comes to $179.99 – 15% = $152.99. That’s the price you’d pay, which means you get $45 Kohls cash. Plus, you also get a $20, mail in rebate as well. So after the mail in rebate and the Kohls cash, it’s like paying $87.99 for the stand mixer! Can’t beat that deal!

    • hotmamacoupon

      Are you sure this will work just like that? I really want one of the artisan in red and I have a $10 and a $5 kohls gift card which should make for a great deal.

      • Ducky's Always Hungry

        I’m not positive. I was hoping someone who knew better would be able to chime in here.

        I think that their ad is worded weirdly. Because the 4.5-qt mixer says, sale 179.99 after $20 mail-in rebate. But then it also says take an extra 10% off. It’s not specific, but I assumed that the extra 10% off was for shopping the early bird hours of midnight – 1 pm. So that, to me means 10% off of the $199.99 price, which is $179.99. But there’s still the $20 mail-in rebate, so that would bring it down to $159.99 if you didn’t have the 15% shopping pass. And you’d still get $45 Kohls cash – that still brings it down to $114.99 if you took into account the Kohls cash. But, if you had the 15% shopping pass, it should bring the $179.99 price down even lower, shouldn’t it? That’s why I think it works that way.

        But if someone knows differently, please let me know!

  11. hotmamacoupon

    ICU nurse here, I have to work the night shift on Thanksgiving night. I am grateful that I have a job and that I am actually doing what I love.

    Thanksgiving is the time to be grateful. I know it is hard to be grateful in a capitalist world where everything is for more and more profit, but, let’s try to count our blessings.

    Let’s just remember to treat each other with kindness. If it happens that we have to pass on a few deals so we can spend that time with our loved ones, so be it. Other deals are right around the corner.

    Happy thanksgiving everybody.

  12. Melody

    What time does online shopping start on Thursday?

    • Cyndi

      I just got my items online. You should go before the site crashes. 🙂

  13. Alicia

    The deals are live now 🙂

  14. Amanda

    All the door busters are available online now! Use code CON20hh4 for an extra 20% off!

    • Carolyn

      Thanks! I was going to use the Gobble15 code, but this was better… awesome!! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

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