ToysRUs Black Friday Ad Scan Has Been Leaked…

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Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 7.12.35 PMI just want to give you all a heads up that the Toys”R”Us ad scan has been leaked! HEAD HERE to view it. Just like last year, it appears that stores will open at 5PM on Thanksgiving Day, November 27th, and there will be over 200 doorbusters…

Stay tuned for a post tomorrow listing all the BEST 2014 ToysRUs Black Friday deals! πŸ™‚

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  1. Shannon

    It still makes me sad that stores are open on Thanksgiving and that people support businesses on Thanksgiving.

    • Nl

      Makes me sad too. It all started with one place trying to open earlier than all the others, then they all had to compete. I notice people keep saying, oh if people didn’t go they wouldn’t it, or they are only doing it because people want it. I have to disagree w/that. People are doing it because they are forced to if they want to do BF. I’m so bummed that they changed it.

    • Kelly

      It is sad. Companies make Thousands and thousands of dollars at the first few hours of opening and to be in competition they are all opening earlier and earlier. Soon they will be open the whole normal day like its not a Holiday at all. I will be working on Thanksgiving at 5pm myself. I am choosing to though because It is time and a half and I would rather get the hours. Plus If I have to choose Thanksgiving or work Friday I would rather work Thanksgiving. Friday doesn’t give me the extra money and more crazies are out at that time. Its amazing its like people don’t realize there will be lines on Black friday, or they will be mad something isn’t in stock anymore when they get to it…. NO thanks. πŸ™‚

      • Heather B.

        I am not trying to start a fight but this argument frustrates me. Why do people feel bad for the retail employees that have to work on Thanksgiving but no one bats an eye at all the doctors, nurses, EMTs, police and firefighters that have to work Thanksgiving and Christmas and every other holiday? I understand that the importance of their jobs vs a retail employees are not the same but still. I am a nurse and have spent many holidays away from my family taking care of others. I have also worked at Toys R Us during the holidays and had to be away from my family for that too. I knew when I signed on to both jobs that I would have to work holidays. The same goes for these people, they are told when they sign on what will be expected of them. In an economy that is suffering from so many people out of work we should feel happy that these people at least have a job.

        • ash

          Agree Heather! You sign up for the job if you don’t like it find something else. As far as early shopping goes it’s retailers not consumers.

        • Arielle

          Thank you heather for recognizing our paramedics, firefighters, police officers and health care personal! My husband is a paramedic/firefighter and HAS to work Thanksgiving and Christmas and we always go and spend a few hours with him at the station! But I also feel blessed to be married to a man that sacrifices his life for others! Also bless those retail workers too bc I used to work retail on the holidays too!

        • Sammy

          Agreed! Before I became a SAHM I worked in the medical field. I had to work every holiday, but no one felt bad about that! I knew going into the career holidays would be required. Just like retail jobs know as well.

        • Elaine

          I totally see where you are coming from and agree that occupations such as nursing, paramedics, police officers, fireman, etc.always have to work (funeral homes too) but I think the reason some people are having such a hard time is that it’s all materialistic. It’s become about things and possessions that honestly most people aren’t going to remember 5 or 10 years from now-a crock pot, toy, video game, etc. but you can’t replace memories.

          • silhouette74

            Most of the professions that you stated get a TON more pay then the retail worker. Most retailers do NOT pay their employees time and 1/2 for the hrs they work. Take Walmart for example, those workers get an average based on the hrs they previously worked for the several wks leading up to the day. So a person that works less than 30 hrs a wk will only be getting 4.5-5 hrs or so of holiday pay, but they could be working a full 8 hr shift or more.
            The professions you state get time and 1/2 for EACH hr they work on a holiday and there is a true NEED fora Dr., Nurse, Paramedic, Cop etc to be available on those days. Tell me who is gonna die if a retail store is not open? Tell me whose house will be destroyed in a fire if a retail store is not open? Get my drift?
            Corporations are greedy and Americans are over indulged and they feed off of each other like parasites.

            • Cindy

              You are incorrect regarding extra pay on holidays for medical personnel. I am a medical professional and I work in a busy ER. While I do make more than those who work in retail, I do not get paid any extra working holidays, overtime, nights, etc. I do, however, have to also pay back large loans and have put in significant time for schooling. I think the pay is a poor argument. I was aware of the holidays that I would have to work when I started the job though. It’s unfortunate that few people seem to appreciate those who have had to work on holidays for many years.
              If I were a retail worker, I would think there is a pretty good possibility of working on Thanksgiving after the last couple years we’ve had, so it’s not like they’re going into it blind. I do think it’s a poor choice on the retailers part, but I think it should be expected that you may have to work on BF if you’re going to be working for a company that typically offers big BF sales.

        • Lizzie

          I feel bad for retail employees because many of them make minimum wage and they already have to work many other holidays. A retail employer stocks things, acts as a cashier….etc. Is it really necessary to work on a holiday to do that? Saving lives and getting someone a toaster from the back are two different things. I definitely feel bad for the types of occupations that you’ve mentioned, but that doesn’t mean retail workers shouldn’t be in our minds either.
          And to people who say to not work at retail stores… you must be forgetting that students, recent immigrants, single mothers, and the like can’t afford to have a better job.
          Regardless, it’s sad how materialistic our country continues to be. Every one deserves to have off on a holiday.

        • Carie

          Oh my word, THANK YOU HEATHER!!! My husband is a police officer and we are lucky if we spend one holiday a year together. Our children have never known anything different. This year, we actually get to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas together, thank you leap year for that. That has never happened before. People do not understand the sacrifices our first responders, including nurses, make. We knew what was coming when he first signed up. As for the pay argument…….if you put your life on the line to protect others, YES you should get paid more. If you want to have holidays off guarantee, then you should be a teacher, work at a bank, or be a stay at home parent. Yes, it is sad that people feel the need to go shopping, rather than spend time with family. It may be the last holiday one of your family members spends with you. I was a big black friday, the original black friday πŸ™‚ shoppers, but I drew the line last year with the ridiculous opening times. I actually found BETTER and CHEAPER deals during the week of Thanksgiving, and in December. If you know what you want, watch the prices, then scoop it up on a good deal. Though A few extra dollars paid the following week is worth more than skipping out on family to fight for stuff.

        • patty0424

          I think when you go into the nursing or other similiar profession you know that you are getting into holidays, etc. When you do retail or other similiar jobs it isn’t the expecation since typically stores are not open during the larger holidays. I know that I went into the profession I did (only in part) knowing I would not work holidays and weekends. If that changed I may reconsider. Having said that I am very appreciative of anyone nurse, doctor, firefighter and so on that goes into the professions to help others.

      • Kate

        That’s why I’m glad I work at a bank. $11 an hour and I never have to work holidays or Sundays!

    • Brandie

      If you don’t like it then don’t support it! I don’t understand why people can’t keep their opinions to themselves when it comes to shopping on these days?!? I am sure that when a person signs up to work retail they know they will have to work these days. I am sure a lot of them actually enjoy it and get some perks from the job themselves….

    • Jeanie

      What’s the big deal? People shop on Christmas Eve without anyone batting an eyelash and I bet they would shop on Christmas day if given the chance. I don’t blame the businesses for wanting to cash in on consumer greed, it’s big money. And as for people working the holidays, my husband works 12 hour shifts in a nuclear power plant and has missed many a holiday, birthday, school function etc. over the years. We adjust and are grateful for his job.

  2. Heather

    I am an AVID deal shopper.. even so, totally boycotting Thanksgiving DINNER TIME shopping and Black Friday store shopping in general. Thankfully, they will offer a lot of the deals online and Amazon is great ab following the sale prices too.

    I’m a nurse and of course we don’t get holidays and such off (most of us), but people should NOT have to work the holidays unless it’s for medical or emergency reasons! Everyone who’s able should benefit from the holiday time off!

    • melloddie

      I understand where you’re coming from but you’d be surprised how many actually want to work for the extra pay. I thought the same like you before, lamenting and feeling sorry for the cashiers until they said they’d wish there were more holidays before xmas where they get time and half so they can buy more presents whether for their family or something they been eyeing on for themselves.

      • Amanda

        Yeah I’m one of the retail employees that gets time and a half on holidays, I go in at 3am thanksgiving to be off early to spend with my family. I will always refuse to work Christmas though.

      • Heather

        At my brothers store they make it manditory that he work – which is why I felt the way I do. He’s missing his twins’ first Thanksgiving and likely his mothers last bc of it πŸ™

        • MD

          Why can’t your family celebrate Thanksgiving on a day that your brother has off? Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be celebrates on a Thursday just because that’s what the calendar says.

          • Heather

            Family all travels to come together – it’s what works best for everyone else (20+ people)

      • Christy McCoy


    • Amie

      There are so many people that you don’t think about that work major holidays. Airline Pilots and airport staff, city transportation, such as taxi drivers and subway, toll booth operators, all the news anchors, camera men, most every casino in Las Vegas is open along with restaurants and all the people that work parades and sporting events like NFL Football games–the concession workers, parking attendants. I’m not necessarily saying retail should be open but so many people work the holidays and they don’t complain. I am a health care worker so we always work no matter what.

      • megan

        Lets not forget about healthcare workers!!

        • megan

          We work them all!!

          • Veronica

            And the ultimate sacrifices of the military. Try missing 6 months, a year, or longer of holidays. And long hours routinely. Yes, I know what I signed up for. But I also font complain about it.

      • PM

        Agreed! My husband is a pilot. He’s rarely home for the holidays. He’s always flying families to their families! He doesn’t get paid extra, just part of the job. For those who can and want to take part of the sales in store, more power to you!

        • Courtney

          Hubby’s a pilot and I’m a nurse. We get to celebrate holidays whenever we have a day off together around the actual holiday =|

      • Tracy

        Lets not forget about Corrections Officers, police officers, and health care workers. In corrections if you work in a prison you have to work. They don’t close prisons.

    • mgna

      I agree w/you! I’ve been an avid Black Friday shopper for 30+ years. It’s always been a fun girl’s day out. It saddens me that companies have decided their sales are more important than keeping the Thanksgiving tradition.
      I don’t understand why companies continue advertising the sales as Black Friday when they’re now opening on Thanksgiving Day! They’ll continue opening earlier & earlier as long as consumers shop on Thanksgiving Day. I’ll be with my family enjoying our holiday with friends who are gracious enough to invite us to their family feast. Never will I shop for deals on Thanksgiving Day. There will always be a sale!

  3. April

    Last year Walmart trumped TRU by putting everything in the TRU black Friday ad on sale at TRU prices the Thursday before Thanksgiving. Wonder if they will do it again this year.

    • amanda

      Oh wow I didn’t realize this. Was it something they announced or did you just happen to notice?

      • April

        It was a post on Hip2Save you can search for it on this site type in Walmart pre-black Friday November 19, 2013

    • annadm

      agreed!!! i snagged a bunch of deals at walmart throughout the week before bf, I got the leappad2 and a bunch of playdoh for my sons bday in feb

    • Dawn

      How did you know? How will we know if they do that? Will it be only certain walmarts if they do, or all? And instore or online?

    • Brittany

      Shoot, a lot of the TRU bf sales are already on sale at Walmart at the same price or cheaper. The cooties games, mega Bloks, and so on to name a few. I noticed that yesterday. The Samsung kids tablet is the same price on Amazon-the only difference is that it is a refurb. I am not impressed thus far.

  4. Fabiola

    Well if people would stop shopping on thanksgiving day they wouldn’t open. Businesses are only doing what people want, customer is always right. I work for one of these businesses and I’m gonna be honest Thanksgiving day is like our super bowl! We plan for weeks and weeks and see things gone in a matter of hours! At my job we have always giving a choice to people of what their work preference is and I prefer to work in afternoon helps burn off the turkey. Plus you gotta agree if you shop it they have incredible deals. Thanks Collin for all you do!

    • Chrissy

      I used to work at retail and always had to work. I would work Thanksgiving and I would be able to pick my hours since that was back when black friday was ON friday! I would laugh when the young kids tht work with me on that holiday or any for that matter would complain they had to work. “They had family stuff”. Well i had two little ones and i was working. How did i feel. They either didnt show or made the day worse

  5. Desiree

    Are these Toys R Us deals available online at the same time?

    • megan

      I was wondering this too, wonder if the same prices will be available??

    • April

      Door Busters normally require you to be in the store. Other items may or may not be online. Personally I think all prices should be online to be fair to those who may not be able to go to a physical store site due to physical limitations.

    • Michelle

      I wondering this too and if many places will be pricing matching like last year. Was able to beat the crowds at certain places for the items I wanted.

    • annadm

      looks like some items will since some say available in store only. The leapfrog tag reader and some other items do not say that

      • Queenjen87

        I don’t see instore only on leappad games. My buy price is usually $8 or so on clearance. But the one I got for dd for her birthday last week somehow vanished from the party to home… So I’d like To get her another for Christmas sense I “replaced” the one that got lost with the one I had put up.

    • Heather

      A lot of them will be at the time of the store sale.. learned that last year while I was en route to toys r us to wait in line! Ordered the items from my phone and headed back home lol

      WATCH AMAZON! Amazon seemed to price match A LOT of the Black Friday ads last year earlier on Thanksgiving Day too. Especially things like video games.

  6. Tatyana

    There are no legos for girls πŸ™

    • Dollbaby's mom

      Idk what size u are looking for but I got the 100 count jumbo size for $10 the other night from Walmart being that my daughter thinks she is supposed to build towers as she call them with my personal care items on my dresser lol.

    • tipaye

      I noticed that, too. πŸ™

    • Jamie

      I thought the same thing… my 5 year old love lego friend… :((

    • Angela

      Amazon lightning deals has had some great Lego friends deals this week!

    • Dawn

      Yah, I wish the princess ones had a deal! I can’t wait till a Frozen version comes out! Lol, my daughter loves them and she’s 12 in jr high!

  7. jarrod

    If people were not animalistic and killed an mauled people to save 5$ these stores would have 1 less excuse to open on thanksgiving.

  8. Diana

    I don’t know… I actually is one of those people who WANTS to work on holidays for the extra pay. Who said you can only be thankful and celebrate and get together on ‘thanksgiving day’?? I’d rather get paid more for the same amount of work/time that I worked, and have a BETTER celebration/gathering/what-ever-you-wanna-call-it on some other days of the year that we pick… have our own family ‘tradition’.

    • Diana

      I actually *am
      OMG too tired to mind about spelling and grammar…. LOL

    • CB

      Yea you know what I’ve noticed in the last couple years? The people who have been complaining the most (in my own experience) about people having to work in retail on the holidays are NOT actually the people that have to do it. I’m not saying they aren’t out there. I’m just saying I see way more people who work in retail who WANT to work for the extra money.

      • annadm

        I asked to work the morning shift at the hospital (registration) for the extra pay and knowing they wouldneed to fill the shifts. Its a few hours while my mother is law is cooking and i get to go over and have dinner and then go shopping! Last year i was a single mom and my sis and i had a blast doing our shopping. Family time and getting deals to be able to afford more for our kiddos

  9. Sarah

    I’m not that excited about these toy deals.

    • Heather

      Ditto. First year all the ads really didn’t excite me.

    • tipaye

      Same here!

  10. Jane

    My husband works retail management. No extra pay-just work. We are thankful for a good job. So we try not to complain. It does mean we can’t travel the four hours to be with extended family for Thanksgining and celebrate with just our immedTe family. We are very fearful that his store will someday be open on Christmas. Yes, you can celebrate another day with immediate family but the large extended family only gathers for us on that one day a year.

  11. Heather B.

    The Octopod deal this week at Target was $5 cheaper than what is in this ad! Feeling great at being able to score a better than black friday deal! thanks Collin!

    • Abigail

      Agreed!! Yeah!! πŸ™‚

  12. Annie

    Are these deals available online as well or only in store?

    • Twin mamma

      As long as it doesn’t say in store only

  13. heather

    I am so thankful that stores are open on Thanksgiving and appreciate those that are working. I use the sales as excuse, not to spend all day with my ignorant, self-absorbed and mean in-laws.

    • Hope

      Well dang

    • Jamie

      That escalated quickly…

    • mrs.m

      I did lol, but on some level I really agree and I appreciate your honesty:) some of us don’t have such nice family members and it’s heartbreaking.

      • heather

        Thank you, Mrs. M. It is heartbreaking and upsetting, so it is nice to get out and go shopping and get your mind off it.

  14. Sarah

    My husband is a corrections officer and they get double time and half on Thanksgiving. I always tell him work it and sign up for OT. Sorry but there is no Turkey dinner worth how much money he could make in 16 hours lol!

    • Just Me

      I told my husband the same! We can celebrate the holidays on any day!

    • Tracy

      My husband is also a corrections officer. He does get time and a half for holidays. I don’t mind Thanksgiving. We have never celebrated thanksgiving together (he works 2nd shift). The only thing that bothers me is when he works Christmas. He missed our sons 1st Christmas and he will again this year. No amount if money is worth missing Christmas with family. At least in retail they are closed Christmas. That’s better then nothing. Some jobs aren’t. Be thankful for the one day retail is closed.

      • Cindy C

        When I have to work Christmas Day we have our Christmas morning on the Eve, or another day. We just send Santa a “note” to let him know. It works beautifully. Especially when the kids are little enough to not know the difference.

  15. patriciaclayton

    Dont forget about the people who work in the hotel business!! When i worked as a front desk rep i had to work every
    holiday as well hotels never close either!

  16. Rachel

    Regardless of who works on a holiday and who doesn’t, it’s sad when a tradition dies. I will miss the “true” Black Friday where the women snuck away in the middle of the night to shop. Those are good memories…

    • tipaye


  17. Dep

    All because of ONE Persons comment.. Hahahaha oh my people!!

  18. Ashley

    Soo.. Question. In MA, the stores are not allowed to open on Thanksgiving.. so what happens to all of those doorbuster deals that were on Thanksgiving night? Do we not get those? (not that I would shop on Thanksgivings anyways)

    • ana

      I don’t know but I heard that they forbid that there and it’s awesome πŸ™† lol but that’s a good question. Call up the stores you planned on shopping at?

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