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To Tip or Not to Tip!?

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Have you ever wondered how much to tip when purchasing food to-go, getting a hair cut for yourself and/or your kiddos, receiving assistance with baggage at a hotel, getting a massage, paying a housekeeper, etc.!? Although I almost always tip at least 20% when dining out, I am sometimes a little more perplexed as to what to tip in those situations.

I was browsing around and spotted the chart above with U.S. Tipping Guidelines for traveling. What services do you believe require a tip, how much do you tip, and do you tip even if the service is horrible? Please share your thoughts!

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  1. Jessica

    I would agree to ALWAY tip your server, however I think we have gotten WAY TOO tip happy. Starbucks, togo orders, etc., what is the difference between what they do and someone serving me fast food? Not every job should be tipped.

    • Caroline

      I agree! I always feel awkward at Starbucks with that big tip jar sitting there. I use the app on my phone to pay so that takes the awkwardness out of it.

      • Janet

        Haha! Caroline, sooo true!

    • John

      As a barista from Starbucks, I can easily say that our Starbucks help out many of our partners and the friendly and helpful experience you get as a customer from Starbucks is more than worth a dollar or two! Don’t act like certain people are lazy workers or provide low quality especially when they give the highest tier of service to customers, especially when compared to certain fast food places.

      • Jennifer

        Agreed. I am a barista on weekends to pay for the majority my wedding bc I refused to waste my office job earnings that I could use toward saving for a house on 5 hours of my life. Anyway, I need that money to pay for my wedding and I love being a barista and am friendly and always provide the best drinks to my customers. So many Starbucks customers get it and are great but then there are the few that look down on baristas and think they are their slaves when they order their picky drinks.

    • Marc A Salita

      I was always wondering what to tip in certain situations. I just built a website to try to help answer questions like these. check out

  2. Jamia

    I never thought about tipping a hotel concierge. I don`t usually ask of anything substantial if they don`t offer an official concierge service. And if they do, I just assumed that it their job with a fair wage, plus the hotel probably gets a cut on tickets and services sold or referred through them. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

  3. Lisa

    Do you tip a hairdresser if she works alone out of her home? I know if you go to a salon you are not supposed to tip the owner. Does this count as the owner? I was never sure what to do. Thanks!

    • Jodi

      I say always tip your hairdresser. Even if they own the joint. Even if it’s out of their home. I am a hairdresser. We consider it part of our income. If you love your stylist and what they do for you, show it with a nice tip ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Payal

    I have a friend who has franchise of many subways and another friends who owns a restaurant. They both make really good money and always tell me about how big is their profit margin. But they still pay servers not really good but cook and other staffs get reasonable wages. And the reason they tell me is that server is not a skilled labor so why pay them extra? + they get tips ( which they split with all of them)
    So I always wonder why it is our responsibility as a customer to care about under paid server (I still pay fair amount in tips always)?? I think our hard money shouldn’t just go into careless restaurant owners pocket. We don’t tip cashiers at store..they are hard worker too and they get their wages from their employer. If this tipping system will go away from united states I guess restaurant employer will pay all their employee equally fair wages. And I don’t think tipping and then splitting it to whole staff makes servers wallet any bigger, they are still under paid which is not fair. And it is all because employers thinking of relying servers wages on tips. I still tip anyways but Now I also leave a note for owner that please pay server minimum wages if they are full time or fair wage to a part time server. If every one does the same it may take years may be less if we post on face book or tweet the same on restaurants page. Trust me there is big fat profit chunk in food service industry.

    • me

      I feel the same. why customers have to pay for these servers.??? I think the owner should pay them the minimum wage so they dont have to depend on customer’s tip. is high enough to go to eat with your family and enjoy the money your work hard for, and still have the responsability of paying for the service too.

    • B bitter

      I think the tipping is to motivate them to give good service. If I get good service I tip well (and continue to get good service generally). If I don’t get good service i tip what the service was worth, yes sometimes nothing. I don’t think we should be forced or expected to tip, but I will definitely pay for good service. I just figure it into the cost of a meal or a good hair cut or whatever.

  5. Snowflake

    Been having a problem w servers helping themselves to part of my change (both bills and change) then bring back part of it with no mention as to why some is missing. This happened at 4 different restaurants in the last few months in the southeast, 3 of them are national chains. I could understand if they said I’m sorry I don’t have all the change but it’s like they leave and hope you don’t notice it! I think maybe they’re skimming some off everybody. Of course it’s a few servers, not everybody. At first I thought maybe they really need it and tipped 20% on top of that anyway, but ya know, it keeps happening and my parents taught me to never keep what’s not yours. Ever. No matter what. So the next time that happens, I am going to write “the change you kept is your tip. Have a nice day.”

    • ccarges

      OH my gosh. I would complain. When I was a waitress if I didn’t have the exact change I would round up in the customers favor!! I LOVE your note Idea!! I’ve never been lucky enough towaitress at a location that paid me $15.00/hr!!! (for BO below! I always tip 20% because I know how hard it is, and most waiters have to tip out to bartender, bus boys and hostess staff!

    • Penuchka

      Sure, do it! Well have some laughs in the kitchen. Instead of talking to your server and getting an explanation.Dont brand all the servers like that. In my entire life it didnt happen to me when I ate out, neither i knowingly gave customers wrong change. Or my hardworking co workers,who are just like me trying hard to get through college, even with kids on their hands sometimes. Taking your dollar is not worth loosing my job! not at all. I think I met you too! You’re the lady who said “Why did you only bring me 12$ of change, my ticket was 88 and I gave you a hundred?”

      • Snowflake

        Defending theft and making personal attacks. Wow, really? Very classy. Stealing is NEVER right no matter who you are.

  6. Bo

    I think with people now making $15 an hour in my area, no tip, it’s more then I make

      • cbakerd3

        ummm do you watch the news ever?

      • Emily

        In Seattle and Portland they make about $13 an hour (as of 2009 when I lived there) so as a server who made $3.15 an hour in Alabama, I was really thrown off as how to tip them. I usually just acted like I didn’t know what they truly made and tipped well anyway!

        • Emily

          I just looked at the above link and I want to say I never had any proof of people making the aforementioned wages in Portland and Seattle but undo wonder if perhaps the cities themselves have legislation in place to have wages higher for servers? Simply because I’m thinking a server would have higher rent in Seattle than say, Yakima or middle-of-nowhere,WA

  7. Karla

    What do you tip the dog groomer which is located in the vet’s office? I have a 7 pound Morkie (yorkie/maltese) that we get groomed every 6 weeks. She gets a shampoo and then trim with a sani-cut. The groomer charges $45 for maybe 30 minutes of work. Just curious:)

    • Heather C

      I have a 4lb Yorkie who costs $55 to groom. I give $5-10 tip depending on the job done but I always say they should charge by the pound! ๐Ÿ˜œ

  8. Jenna G

    Tipping should be used for what it was intended. Service above and beyond, at the tippers discretion.

    • Jenna G

      I do tip. I just think it should be because I want to and not an obligation.

    • Anon


  9. Molly

    So my queation is…whats the diffeference between tipping and bribery? Should a teacher be tipped for a higher grade? Should a police officer be tipped for not issuing a ticket? They are providing a service. Why is it only certain jobs “require” tips?

    • J

      If they’re paid under minimum wage you should tip. If you don’t agree with it that is fine, but tip anyway or choose not to patronize those places. By choosing to go there you are choosing to accept and participate.

      • meg

        Accept what? There is no law that you have to tip! Or how much you have to tip. I do tip based on the service. Don’t tell people what they have to do or tell them to stay away from places if they don’t tip. It is not up to customers to make up their lack of pay. That is the employers responsibity.

        • me

          and who in the world invented this stupid bad habit??? I HATE that people think that they HAVE to tip everybody, thats the owner of that business responsability to give the customers a good service. thats why i love publix they have a big sign where it says NO TIP PLEASE. LOVE PUBLIX FOR THAT

      • Molly

        Ah but thats tricky. Reading the comments, it seems that the minimum wages varies greatly depending on where you live. I know that as a elementary teacher in a rural, poverty stricken area, i make less than some of the higher minimum wages I’ve seen. Not arguing, just pointing out its a matter of perception and opionion, who is deserving of extra money and who is not.

  10. SusanLL

    To all of you wondering why some people tip for carryout, and reasoning that if you top for carryout then you should also tip at fast food, let me remind you, servers make, on average, $2.13 per hour! That is TWO DOLLARS AND THIRTEEN CENTS PER HOUR, and mostly servers do not work full – time. Their WHOLE paycheck is less than what some of you would pay a babysitter for ONE EVENING! They make their money from tips, so what would it hurt you to tip a paltry TEN PER CENT!?! I think most servers would agree that ten per cent would be adequate for carryout; your order does NOT get IT SELF to the cooks, it does not check itself for correctness, does not box itself, and does not walk itself to the pickup station. ALL you have to do is walk in, pay, go home, and enjoy. I swear, I do NOT understand how some people can be so CHEAP!!! IF YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO TIP, YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO EAT! Shame on you!!

    • meg

      Here we go again….don’t tell people what to do! It is up to each person to tip…not to tip..and to tip what they want! It is not a law that you have to tip! I do tip and the amount is based on the service. SMH.

      • Kellie123

        No, it’s not a law, but it it is a practice of pleasant people who are not cheap, petty, mad at the world when they engage services. You can’t afford to eat out or get a haircut so please stay home!

    • Penuchka

      Agree with you, SusanLL! You got it right, just one word- Cheap!

      • meg

        Wow. Cheap? It is not the customers responsibility to make up the difference in the wage they are getting paid! Like I commented before…I do tip but it is based on how good the service is. Don’t call people names. It’s not a law that you have to tip.

    • Mimi

      And, exactly how is your description of the steps it takes to get somebody’s order taken and packaged correctly any different from a fast food restaurant? You must certainly tip for those too, since you’re so indignant at the fact that someone who takes an order does so much. The people at McDonald’s do the same dang thing for their ‘carry-out’ service. Are we suppose to tip them now too??

    • Shiloh

      I rarely tip on carry out. I made the order online (usually), I drive out to the restaurant and I walk in and carry it back to my car and drive it home. I’m a good tipper when dining in and at the barber, delivery, etc … but if I did most of the work of getting my food then I don’t feel that obligated to tip then. If there is some extraordinary circumstance or a large order, that is different.

    • cbakerd3

      If babysitters make more, than why aren’t you babysitting? Who is forcing you to continue to be a waitress if it’s so horrible? So, should I start going in the back of McDonald’s and tipping the person who put my sandwhich together? Seems like they do quite a bit of work, more than what you claim you do, but they don’t expect a tip. Neither does the person who picked up that sandwhich, bagged it for me, got me a drink, rang me up, etc. Tipping on to go orders is ridiculous. Like Shiloh said, I have done the majority of the work, I’m not going to tip you. I have worked as a waitress and would never expect a tip on a to go order, how ridiculous.

    • Jessica

      Worked as a server and a hostess at an Italian restaurant a few years back. The servers and the hostesses (those who seat people and prepare the to-go items) get paid different wages. The cooks also get a different wage. The servers still get paid less than minimum wage in most states and really rely on the tips to make a living. The hostesses, however, are guaranteed to get minimum wage just like the cooks. Hope this anecdotal evidence clears things up!

  11. Sarah

    Collin posts this so often to remind everyone there are times to be thrifty, and tipping for good service is not one of them. A simple rule of thumb, if you can afford to eat out, or require someones services, you need to be able to afford to tip. If you cannot, you shouldn’t be participating in said activities to begin with. I waitressed my way through college. I never SAW anyones food get messed with, but I know known poor/non tippers were given the EXACT service they deserve.

    • meg

      Once again…no one has the right to tell anyone else to tip! It is not a law that you have to. And telling people not to do things if they don’t tip is just ridiculous. Like I told my daughter when she was younger and wanted a job at a restaurant…you know what your hourly wage will be and do not expect nor demand people tip you for being a server! It is not up to the customers to supplement your hourly wage.

      • Natasha P

        Plenty of things are not a law, but we do them because we have morals and common decency. Also, Brushing your teeth and bathing is not a law but I hope you do that!

        • Melinda

          Ha! Love that Natasha ๐Ÿ™‚

        • meg

          Seriously? That is your comeback? Whatever. Grow up. People need to stop telling everyone what they should do. And I guess if someone doesn’t tip that makes them immoral with no decency? Get a life.

          • sun

            yes i like that GET A LIFE

  12. Sarah

    Also typically people in the service industry are paid less to ensure they do their very best to provide good service. I am a BlackJack dealer. ( A job that requires college certifications, as well as state liscensing) We make far less than minimum wage, and survive on tips. This is to the players advantage. Trust me when I say we WANT players to win. People typically dont tip when they lose, or at least dont tip as well.

    • Angela

      really you make less then minimum wage as a blackjack dealer? Can you please tell me what casino you are a dealer at? I know someone who is a blackjack dealer and I can tell you she makes much more then minimum wage.

    • cbakerd3

      I was completely unaware that you were supposed to tip dealers at the casino- I don’t ever do table games anyway so I haven’t jipped anyone or anything but this is good to know. How much is an acceptable amount to tip? And when do you tip? Each hand? When you get up to leave? And I don’t mean this to sound rude but why would you choose to do this job if it requires a college education and pays less than minimum wage? Seems like you could use that college education for a more useful degree or skip college all together and get a job that pays at least minimum wage with just a high school diploma. You must really love the job!

    • donna

      As a blackjack dealer myself, we make less than minimum wage. So If you know anywhere that pays more, please let me know

  13. Kris

    Wow so far had only tip at restaurant… It’s weird how some comments say about how the servers do the service/bagging but is it PART of their JOB?

  14. Sarah

    I am currently working in West Virginia. Each state has different requirements and lottery laws. Some dealers are paid salary. In WV base wage is 5$ an hour.

  15. RH

    US government only reimburses $5 per day for tips for travel within the US. So, no I am not pulling money from my pocket when on official travel.

  16. Jennifer

    If you are a bad tipper or stingy when it comes to tipping and you frequent the same places. Those servers or any kind of worker WILL REMEMBER YOU! You are most likely known as that person that tips bad. Yikes. I always remembered the good cheerful tippers and the not so good ones.

    • Melinda

      This is true… I have joked that anyone who is wanted or on the run should definitely tip, otherwise a waitress is going to remember you… ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. SaraSue92

    I wait tables at a very historically known restaurant. It’s pretty busy most of the time and located at a theme park so we get all kinds of people that come in. I make a point to treat everyone the same and do the best that I can and still only get 10% sometimes or even stiffed. What alot if people don’t realize is we get taxed on 10% of our sales, so we pay 10% on your bill and sometimes more because we get taxed on everything we make from credit card tips. I was a hostess before I became a server and I used to love the occasional tip from guests, it made my night no matter how crappy it had been. Any place you go where someone helps you above and beyond their job responsibilities I try and tip because you never know you might just be changing their whole day and they deserve it because of who them just being who they are.

  18. Jackie

    Usually when I go to the hair salon I end up paying around $130 (after hair cut and coloring) so usually for me 20% on top of what I already paid is a lot and to tell you the truth she sets her fees so she is getting a big chunk of that money/ So I usually give around $10-12. I would give more if I had it but things are tight. Restaurants if the service is good we give 20-30% if its average we give 15%. Carry out- we NEVER tip. don’t see the point.

    • Tina

      If things are tight, why are you paying $130 to get your hair done? It’s not the hairdresser’s fault that things are tight for you, if you can’t afford to tip her a reasonable amount, don’t get the service. I’m not usually on this side of this fence but that is a seriously poor excuse for tipping less than 10%. Things have been tight for me too before, and you know what I did? Bought a box of hair dye for 5 bucks, dyed my hair myself, and had my sister cut it. That’s what you do when things are tight, not jip the hairdresser.

  19. Annmarie

    What about tipping when you get your dog groomed? Does it matter if it is a small private groomer or a big box pet store groomer?

  20. Melissa

    I have only read a small slice of comments, but I found it interesting that people were talking about the wages of the wait staff in a restaurant not making much. Here in Washington state where I live, the minimum wage is $9.47 (in Seattle area it is higher that than!). I know in the South the minimum wage is very low for wait staff because of the implication that a tip will be given. Here it really bugs me that they make so much and expect a hefty tip on top of that. Every where you go people expect “tips” for doing their job. I only tip in a sit down restaurant (which we rarely go to) and my hair dresser (which irks me a little because she owns the shop, but once you start, how do you stop?).

    • Melinda

      Minimum wage is usually different for servers, because they’re considered a tipped employee. Everything’s expensive in Seattle though!! I’m moving there to waitress now ;p

      • Melissa

        Actually in Washington & Oregon too, it’s not different for servers. It’s the same across the board. You should move here to waitress for sure!

  21. Ollie

    I am a barista at Starbucks. Do we expect a tip from everyone? No. If you get a small coffee, we obviously didn’t have to do much. We are glad to serve you. However if you go through the drive through at rush and get 12 fraps, 13 lattes, and 50 pastries, yes please have the kindness as to at least show us that you appreciate us. Also, if someone pays for you drink please at least leave some change for the next person or something. You wouldnt believe how many people have came through saying their day is terrible but that a person paying for them really helped them feel better.. Tip or don’t tip, just another point of view!

    • sun


      • Casey


      • Meredith

        Ollie is talking about how sometimes people do a random act of kindness and pay for the person in the car behind them at a drive through. If that’s what you meant by all the “?!?!?!?! “

      • Ollie


  22. Jessica

    I told my mom and MIL I’m shipping them off to Seattle Washington to wash dishes for $15 per hour as soon as it’s in full effect. That’s the new min wage approved to take effect in the near future ;). Just kidding……. I would ship them off today if I could ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha… seriously, I luv em both.

  23. Kate

    If servers at nice restaurants only made an hourly wage and no longer received tips I can guarantee your quality of service would go way down. My boyfriend easily makes $25 /hr at a wine bar/restaurant. He regularly gets $100-$200 tips on high tabs. Paying servers even 15/hr would greatly diminish the quality of service you get…

    • Joanna

      Perhaps at first it would make a difference in service in some places; but if customers are poorly served on a regular basis, they’ll stop going to those places (I would and I have just gone to a different restaurant.) It will be the store owner/manager’s responsibility to improve that service to regain their customer base. Then again, a ‘nice’ restaurant wouldn’t tolerate poor service to their customers in the first place, no matter how the server was being paid.

    • Jessica

      Wow, i think i’ll ship them to ur boyfriend’s workplace instead! My mom & MIL mk $8 an hour, one tks care of elderly and another works in warehouse w/o air conditioning and we’re in Tx, so summers are no joke (101-108 degrees summers). Good for him.

    • Anon

      If the quality of your boyfriends service diminished, he’d be forced to find a new job. Restaurant owners wouldn’t put up with that, there are plenty of people that would appreciate the paycheck in your boyfriends place.

  24. Jessie

    I worked as a waitress for over a decade, so I’m all about tipping. But no one has mentioned casinos. Cocktail waitress and bartenders i can see. But once I hit a “jack pot” of $3,000. I was later informed that i should have tipped out the payout person. All she did was turn a key on the machine and hand me my winnings. And i know she makes more than min wage.

  25. Natasha P

    I guarantee people who are complaining about tipping have not worked in the service industry. You have no idea how hard a server’s job is unless you’ve done it before.

    • meg

      I have many friends and family that work long hours…work their butts off…put up with a lot of crap and they do not get tiped for their job! Being in the service industry is not the only hard job out there! A lot of people make next to nothing with a family to support and do not get tipped at their job. I do tip based on the level of service I get…but tipping is not mandatory nor should it be expected.

      • JJ

        You are really wound up over this. Are you a bad tipper?

        • Kristen

          I’m thinking a bad waitress! Lol

      • notyou

        I am sorry but you are just stingy! !!

        • cbakerd3

          I have worked many waitressing jobs, because of that I am typically a great tipper, but I also agree completely with meg. I get so sick of listening to people complain about how hard it is to be a server. Jobs are hard. All jobs. I have worked many years as a waitress until I put my self through college and got a career. And let me tell you what, my job is still hard. A lot harder if anything, and I don’t demand tips for it. I’m not saying waitressing isn’t hard, but there are harder jobs out there, stop acting like it is the worst thing on the earth. And this is coming from someone who has “done it before.”

  26. Anita

    My mom always says that you shouldn’t tip the owner of the business…it’s their business.

  27. Julie

    What about tips for someone cleaning your home such as Merry Maids? Do you tip each time they come? A certain % of the cost? Anyone ever cleaned houses, what did you expect or think?

  28. Edy

    I go to this restaurant daily with my boss! Because, he Likes to go there and I’m the driver ! So, he tips great even the cook! We’ll, some waitress that used to serve him started asking for gifts joking around – first of all his elderly he will never set foot in store I do his shopping ! One asked for Victoria secret lotions ! We’ll” he gave 3 people 30 dlrs each , world got around – others pretending to be nice ! Now, they pass by him don’t even smile or serve him just ignored him , someone else takes the order ! Whoever wants the tip ! Yesterday he gave 10 to the waiter and $ 10 the cook – I wanted to say something to the manager but, husband said they may put something on his food ! His elderly and as his employee I’m to look after him – as his daughters and sons expect me to not let no one take advantage of their father – who’s 90

  29. Edy

    He also, pays for someone else’s food and sometimes they pay for his other customers he is a war 11 veteran ! His daughter asked if his dad had gave the waitress lotions ? I told her no, since it was Christmas he gave them cash but, they ask what your going to give me for Christmas? A iPad when he doesn’t even know what a iPad is for! Now they choose to ignore him because, I had to tell them to stop asking for stuff !! I myself don’t ask for stuff and I been working for him for 6 yrs ! Grateful that I have a job !

  30. Nikole

    I tip at restaurant’s 25-30% unless bad service i don’t give tips… but being young people assume my husband and I aren’t going to tip so we get horrible service at every restaurant we have gone to in the last three years i don’t know why… if we had good service we would tip very generously so FYI if you’re a server dont give bad service due to age because you think they have no money to give you.

  31. Anon

    The truth of the matter is this–until people in the service industry STAND UP for themselves and demand liveable wages from their EMPLOYERS, nothing will ever change. There are plenty of big-name chains that pocket huge profits and can easily afford to pay their *own* employees if they weren’t so cheap and dependent on the consumer to pick up the tab. Mom & Pop restaurants might have a hard time paying liveable wages & still keeping restaurant doors open, but, you know what, that would be a part of business expenses and not all businesses are meant to be. May sound harsh, but it’s life. As far as quality-of-service diminishing if servers were to make minimum wage (and not be so dependent on tips) most employers would not stand for that. They’d find other employees that didn’t mind working for their paychecks! Tips were NOT originally intended to be a MUST, or to be a servers paycheck! This tip culture is out-of-control, and the service industry needs to hold their employers accountable instead of getting nasty about patrons not tipping, or not tipping enough on already expensive meals.

  32. SusanLL

    Um, let me see…fast food workers make, on average, if they make minimum wage, over FIVE dollars an hour more than servers! Some make more than that! There is ABSOLUTELY no way possible for a server to make it on a wage of $2.13/hour, even SUPPOSING they work full – time! That would be a WHOPPING $85.20 for forty hours; forty hours at minimum wage is $290.00, which is still not much, but is WAY better than EIGHT – FIVE DOLLARS AND TWENTY CENTS! What world do you live in that you think that kind of salary is okay? YOU wouldn’t like it if that were the salary YOU were making. And DO NOT try to say that if they don’t like it, they should do something else! One, that’s not always an option; our middle class is disappearing and people have to work where they can find a job. Two, how many of YOU are going to give up eating in full – service restaurants? Again, if you can’t afford to tip, you can’t afford to eat!

  33. SusanLL

    Oh, and STOP assuming I am a server! I am not. For your information, I am a teacher. I am just aware of the situations and life circumstances in which others find themselves living.

    • Kristen

      You need to calm yourself!! Oh my..I don’t think posting over and over acting like that is going to change someone’s mind

  34. Krissy

    Good service = tips! The better the service the better the tip! Simple as that. Never mandatory, always earned. I waited tables for years and have been a hairstylist the last 10 years. Tips are not a right, they’re a bonus. Not happy, find a new profession that doesn’t involve tips!

    • Kristen

      Wow! All those comments and the very last one summed it up in one sentence! ๐Ÿ˜‰ totally agree

    • SaraSue92

      I completely agree with you and I am currently a server. But good service and no tip means you should have gone to McDonald’s down the street. Happens all the time.

  35. donna

    So what about tipping dealers at a casino?

  36. Jana

    I hate tipping too, because I mean i already paid what i supposed to pay why I have to leave additional $5 or more? Oh well but I still tip.. but I am wondering what happens when you don’t tip? will they ever push you to pay tip? because nowadays when I go to dining on the receipt it shows that I have to pay 5%, 15% or 20% tip and I live in Seattle, WA

    • SaraSue92

      Don’t wanna tip? Go to fast food then. Your server is paying 10% tax on YOUR bill. Yes serving you is a servers job but because the government expects everyone to tip a servers wages are less than min. Wage and they pay tax on what the government expects guests to tip them.

  37. Edy

    This server that I know just got fired last week! Customers were not leaving enough tip -so those who were paying with credit cards -she would put a extra $20 but she choose the wrong customers the ones that check their statements !! Now no job and no good recommendation -don’t know what more happen to her -now not everyone it’s like this — some servers go outside after they take your order to smoke on the side of building and forget that they left a customer and later they expect a tip – and they come inside to serve the food and didn’t even go to the restroom to wash their hands !! I see this happen everyday when I take my boss to eat ! And how loud there conversations are in the kitchen – yesterday I was looking for their website to complain – I don’t like to eat there at all but I go because it’s my job to take boss where he wants to go! But when off if I go to a different place with husband or daughters they always and we always tip ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒบ

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Become a Hip2Save Insider

Don't Miss Out! Join our large community of insiders - it's totally free! Once you join, you'll be able to save & share your favorite deals, rate posts and recipes and add items to your cookbook! What are ya waiting for?!

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