How Much to Tip in Every Situation – From Your Hairdresser to Pizza Delivery to a Massage Therapist

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Here are some suggestions of how much to tip in various situations.

tip for delivery

Wondering how much to tip?

Whether it’s who, how much, or if you’re even supposed to tip at all, we’ve all had our fair share of moments where we ask ourselves, “Was that enough?” or, “Was that even necessary?” As a guide, I try to err on the side of more than less, mainly because I like to leave a good impression.

That said, at the end of the day, you do you. Everyone’s lifestyles are different, so decide on the amount that works for you and always be an appreciative guest. To help gauge an appropriate tip amount, I scoured the information on, Ramsey Solutions, and The Washington Post for suggestions of everyday instances for tipping.

While I follow the suggested tipping situations and amounts, please keep in mind these are simply suggestions on how much to tip – a certain amount may work for one person’s lifestyle but may not be the same for another.

Though tips can vary between customers, everyone should treat each experience and the people involved with respect and courtesy. Expressing gratitude and leaving with a big smile gives confirmation of a job well done.

Here’s our extensive guide on tipping:

how much to tip a bartender mixing alcoholic drinks

How much should I tip bartenders?

  • $1-2 per drink or 15-20% of the bill

This varies depending on the atmosphere of the establishment. If your bartender is extremely knowledgeable about the drinks they serve, they’re friendly and conversational, or they buy you around, I’d consider tipping a little extra.

Attendants for wine tastings, breweries, and similar experiences are some you should consider tipping extra for, as they are providing a learning and enjoyable experience.

How much should I tip coat check?

  • $1 or $2

This applies only if it’s a courtesy coat check. A nice rule of thumb is $1 per coat and $2 for a larger bag. If there’s a fee, then no tip is required.

how much to tip piano player in a lounge

How much should I tip musicians (at a lounge)?

  • $1-$5

Typically, patrons tip on their way out when a gratuity receptacle is present. Consider adding an extra dollar if they played a song you requested.

How much should I tip musicians (at a table)?

  • $1-$5

A good rule of thumb would be $1 per person in the musical group, maxing out at $5. Again, if you have a song request granted, consider throwing in an extra dollar.

top deck of a cruise ship

How much should I tip on a cruise?

  • $10-$13 per person a day

This amount is split between bussers, the cabin steward, Maitre d’, and waitstaff. Most cruises post suggested gratuities for services on their websites or in your cabin. This can vary depending on which cruise you board, but many will suggest an average range upon boarding.

How much should I tip restroom attendants?

  • $0.50-$1

If it’s a nicer establishment, they’re keeping the counter clean and restocked, handing you a towel, and sometimes even giving you complimentary items such as fragrances, candy, and more. Tipping anywhere from 50¢ to a few dollars is definitely a nice gesture.

how much to tip at a casino

How much should I tip casino dealers?

  • Varies between casinos

Wages for casino dealers can widely vary between casinos, so tipping can be standard based on the location. You can tip by either placing a bet for the dealer, tossing a chip to the dealer, or tipping with bills when you cash out.

Tipping can also get the attention of dealers and pit bosses, which may make them more likely to provide drinks and comps during your time there.

How much should I tip casino servers?

  • $1 per drink

Even if you’re playing somewhere that offers free drinks while you’re actively participating in table games or slots, tip your server for each trip they make to the bar on your behalf.

starbucks barista putting cup in travel carrier in drive thru

How much should I tip baristas?

  • $0.50-$1

Most tips consist of the change from the order, though this applies more to handcrafted drinks or when heated food is involved. Most baristas agree that a gratuity on a quick coffee isn’t necessary.

people holding multiple pei wei entrees

How much should I tip for takeout?

  • $2-$3 or 10% of the bill

Food for thought (pun intended): Although there isn’t an obligation, it’s nice to leave a good impression if you’re a regular at your favorite takeout spot.

How much should I tip tattoo artists?

  • 15-20%

You definitely want to find a tattoo artist who is reputable for doing a good job. And just like any job well done, he/she deserves a nice gratuity.

money saving moving tips — flattened moving boxes you can get for free

How much should I tip movers?

  • 5-10% of the cost or $4-5/hour

Moving furniture is a lot of manual labor, and it’s not easy for anyone. If the moving company helps bring in and set up your furniture, they definitely deserve a tip. The amount will depend on the level of difficulty, the number of items they’re moving, and the effort of the crew, so use your own discretion. The amounts above are based on

How much should I tip massage therapists?

  • 15-20% of service

At most day spas, it’s appropriate to tip 15-20% of the bill. However, if you’re getting a massage at a bargain price or are using a coupon code, the gratuity should be based on the actual retail value of the service and not the reduced rate.

If you’re staying at a resort spa, note that many spas add a service fee of 18-20% onto the massage or facial. If you think you received exceptional service, you can give the therapist additional money in the treatment room.

getting nails painted

How much should I tip beauticians and cosmetologists 

  • 15-20% of service

When it comes to manis and pedis, tip them like you would tip your hairstylist. With a 15% to 20% tip, you can’t go wrong! If you are having an extra service done, adjust the amount accordingly. This also goes for eyelash extensions and waxers.

How much should I tip car washers?

  • $2-$5 for a standard car wash
  • 10-20% for detailing

For a standard car wash, a $2 to $5 tip is appropriate. Many times, car wash businesses have a general tip jar that gets split up among all the car washing employees. However, if you are having your car detailed, 10-20% extra on top of the total price is more appropriate.

how much to tip dog washer, dog being washed

How much should I tip dog groomers?

  • 15-20% of the service total

Dog groomers deal with all sorts of things on a daily basis that require a lot of tough physical labor and a whole bunch of patience. Your dog groomer lifts, pulls, clips, grinds, squeezes anal glands, bathes the dog, gets covered with water and soap, dodges bites and scratches, and deals with other common dog behavioral issues and things throughout the course of a day.

Showing your appreciation by tipping a dog groomer 15-20% of the bill is the least we can do.

How much should I tip for furniture delivery?

  • $5-$20 per person

The amount will depend on the size and complexity of the delivery. If the delivery person is delivering and putting the furniture together in your house, you may want to opt for a more generous amount.

How much should I tip house cleaners or maid service?

  • 15-20% of service

If you have a house cleaner who does a great job, it is always nice to show your appreciation by giving them a nice tip. However, the amount can vary on the amount of space they are cleaning, if they’re tackling a really dirty project (like a filthy kids’ bathroom), and how well the job is done.

How much should I tip for room service?

  • 15-20% if gratuity has not been included in the bill

According to a gratuity guide from the American Hotel & Lodging Association, room service staff should be tipped 15-20% of your total meal bill. However, some hotels may already include the gratuity on the bill, so be sure to check the fine print on the menu carefully. If this is the case, there’s no need to tip the staff directly.

golf clubs on course

How much should I tip golf course caddies?

  • Varies between courses

For tipping a caddie, your best bet is to ask the caddie master or head pro what is customary at that golf course. If you’re having your clubs cleaned, tip anywhere between $3-5, plus a little extra if they bring them out to your car – though some clubs may have a no-tipping policy. Tips for shoe service, such as changing spikes, cleaning, and polishing, is anywhere from $5-$10.

How much should I tip a host or maître d’?

  • $10-$20

Times when you would consider tipping them: when they give you the best table, when they offer you a table without a reservation on a busy night, or if you just want to impress your date. 😉

how much to tip takeout delivery

How much should I tip a restaurant delivery person?

  • 15%

The factors here include timeliness and the condition of the boxes/bags of the order. Remember that they do not make your food, so if there is a problem with the contents that don’t involve transport, that’s something to speak with the restaurant directly.

How much should I tip a valet?

  • $2-$5

If you’re not sure exactly how much, some people use the rule of thumb of $1 per $10,000 the value of your car.

buffet table with food

How much should I tip at buffets?

  • 10% of the bill

This might seem a little out of the ordinary due to the self-serve aspect, but someone is usually still taking your drink order and clearing your table as you make trips to the buffet line. Tips can be more than this suggested amount in the case of great service.

How much should I tip outdoor guides?

  • No standard

If you have an exceptional experience from a well-trained and knowledgeable guide, consider a 10-20% tip. Some companies have a no-tip policy though, so don’t be shocked if your offer is turned down.

boy getting his hair cut

How much should I tip a barber/hairstylist?

  • 15-20%

This depends on a few factors: Did you ask for a more complex cut or style? Do you know them well enough to schedule outside of calling the salon directly? Did they fit you in last minute? In those cases, it’s better to tip on the higher-end.

Also, if a different stylist colors your hair, tip them separately at 10-20%. Lastly, if an assistant shampoos your hair separately from the stylist, it’s appropriate to give between $2-$5 to that person directly.

How much should I tip hotel housekeepers?

  • $2-$5

As a rule of thumb, tips are typically $2 per person, per night. To ensure the best service, it’s best to leave the tip in an envelope for housekeeping each day rather than all at once at the end of your trip. If you make special requests, like extra amenities, consider throwing in a little more.

how much to tip waitress taking order at restaurant

How much should I tip a waiter/waitress?

  • 15-20%

This is the most common tipping situation, so I’m going to break it down a bit further:

If you have a favorite waiter or waitress, feel free to leave higher than the typical amount. Or if you like to visit the restaurant often, this will ensure the staff recognize you when you come in to eat, which could result in quicker/more attentive service.

If you have a poor experience, let your waiter/waitress know BEFORE leaving a bad tip. Many establishments will work to resolve the issue, such as comping your meal or issuing a credit for a future visit. If the issue is resolved, you should still tip as normal. If the issue is not addressed or the situation turns negative, you may opt to tip on the lower end, though you still may want to speak with the manager before leaving the restaurant to make your case.

It would be extremely rare to come across a situation where it is justified to not tip at all. The employees will likely remember you, and you may not feel very welcomed in the future.

Lastly, when using a gift certificate, promotion, or coupon, remember to tip on the full meal value, not just on what was actually paid.

What about services booked through tech?

It’s hard to navigate proper etiquette when so many new services are booked through tech. Should I have a full-blown conversation with my rideshare driver? How many notes are too many for the shopper tackling my grocery list? And the most commonly debated question—what’s the appropriate amount to tip? With insight from etiquette experts, we’re also outlining the suggested tipping amounts for modern-day services below.

uber app on phone

How much should I tip ridesharing services?

Uber originally boasted a “no-need-to-tip” policy, but that has changed over the last couple of years. When in doubt, you can use this helpful scale developed by Julia Boyd, an international etiquette consultant. She recommends tipping between 15-20% for exceptional service, 10-15% for good service, and 10% for average service.

That said, what’s considered exceptional, good, and average will vary person-to-person, but in an effort to make sure your driver knows how to perform “exceptionally”, let them know if you have a preference for the conversation level, music, or temperature.

GrubHub bag

How much should I tip takeout delivery services?

Similar to a delivery person directly from the restaurant, you should tip your delivery service personnel around 15%. Coming from someone who lives in an area with unfortunately cold winters, we’re grateful for the delivery people who pick up our takeout while it’s snowing—they’re the real MVPs!

Just make sure your gratuity is reflective of the delivery and not the food itself. The driver can’t help it if the chef had a heavy hand with the spices on your General Tso’s Chicken.

Instacart app

How much should I tip grocery shopping and delivery services?

According to Ramsey Solutions, a 15-20% gratuity is suggested when using a grocery delivery service. You’re making a list and sending it to someone who is going to physically shop for you and, most of the time, be in constant contact with you asking questions and making sure they have everything you need.

Depending on the service, they might use their own personal vehicles to deliver those heavy groceries. Luckily with services like this, you can gauge a job well done after the shopper has left your doorstep. Are your frozen products still cold? Is the produce fresh and vibrant? Did they communicate about substitutions or out-of-stock products?

If you think your shopper did an outstanding job picking out the best fruits, lugging a large pack of water up your stairs, or suffering through inclement weather to get to your home, feel free to show that appreciation through a tip.

Hip Tip: Read why we’re huge fans of grocery delivery services!

postmates bag and app on phone

How much gratuity should I pay for specialized delivery services?

For services that will deliver just about anything, like takeout food, office supplies, or a new computer, take into consideration what you’re asking when it comes to tipping. It also doesn’t hurt to acknowledge that these individuals are making less than minimum wage without tips and are worth their weight in gold when it comes to convenience.

Small food orders probably won’t warrant much over the 10%, but when large, heavy, or bulky items come into play, you may want to consider upping that percentage.

Oh, and while you can hand over cash at delivery or tip through the app, don’t falsely promise that a tip will come to the delivery person later—they’ll probably out you on the Postmates subreddit. 😂

woman using a drill to assemble furniture

How much gratuity should I pay for miscellaneous services?

This is a tricky situation, as you typically set the price for the task you’re asking (and people who commonly use the service feel the company discourages tips). This one is completely up to you and can be based on how long the person worked on your project or if they went above and beyond.

Keep in mind there’s a reason you contracted out the assembly of your new IKEA bookshelf—deciphering those instructions can be a pain! Taskers set their own wages, but the tips do 100% go directly to them, so anything above their price point will suffice if you’re looking to reward an individual for a great job.

how much to tip at kroger

How much should I tip for grocery store pickup services?

When ordering your groceries directly through a store for pickup, you’ll be happy to know that the price you set out to pay doesn’t come with any other financial strings attached. A majority of the stores that offer this type of service have policies in place to prohibit tipping as a safety precaution for their employees.

Many store associates will let you know if they’re not allowed to accept tips should you try to slip them a few bucks upon pickup, but you can always call and speak to a store supervisor if you have questions about their tipping policy.

black wifi router with cables in front of box

When are gratuities unnecessary?

There are actually a few instances when a tip is not required, such as:

    • House Painters
    • Laundry Service
    • Personal Shoppers
    • Tailors or Seamstress
    • Telephone, Cable, Satellite, or Internet Installers or Repairmen

For the following, a tip isn’t necessarily required, but offering them a drink for their hard labor in your home is a courtesy gesture:

    • Appliance Repairman
    • Carpet Cleaners
    • Electricians
    • Plumbers
    • Handymen
    • Home Services when the owner is the one completing the job

paying at cafe

Let us know in the comments which services you love and your thoughts regarding these tipping ranges. And remember, everyone approaches tipping differently so please be respectful of varying views in responses. 🙂

Looking for more ways to express gratitude? Check out how we thank our delivery drivers!

About the writer:

Emily obtained her Bachelor's degrees from Clarkson University with 5 years of content writing experience specializing in health, beauty, fashion, home, & living frugally.

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  1. Izzy

    Hair Salon: My stylist and her friend, another stylist, rent a room in a facility. They are the owners of their own separate hair businesses using the same space. The room is about 6×10. The chairs are close and they share the sink and supplies. A cut, color and blow out is over $200. She double books and is always juggling two clients. She uses a square. She works when she wants to, and has recently increased pricing b/c she opened another single owner space in a nearby town, thus reducing her hours at the original location. I’ve been with her for ten years, and followed her twice before she set up her own place. She always puts the square, with tip amounts in front of me while standing over my shoulder. She splits supplies with the other stylist/owner, and her rent is locked in. I double the total at Christmas, have given her gifts when her babies were born, and have lent an ear for many of her family dramas. Yes. She does good hair! Lol. I’ve always felt odd tipping her b/c she has stated how low cost the space is and she shares costs with her friend. She doesn’t list her costs, and it’s always a surprise what my cost will be. Tip, or no tip?

  2. Kimber

    How much would you recommend tipping the pet sitter? I have a lady who boards my dogs in her home through and I’m never sure if I should tip or how much.

  3. DidntKnowIt

    Oops. I didn’t know I was supposed to tip movers or furniture delivery people.

  4. D

    Hotel front desk! Tip them… seriously, they are picking which room you spend your vacation in. Want the worst room by the ice machine looking at dumpsters? In general, they don’t make nearly enough considering they are usually the 1st and last point of contact. It’ll make their day if you hand them a $5 or $10. Starbucks after being yelled at over things totally out of your control makes you appreciate the nice guests so much!

  5. TrishaKorade

    I usually just buy food from the grocery store. So, how much do I tip the cashier? The bagger? I carry the bags to the car myself.
    What about when I have to ask a Target employee which aisle certain things are? How much to tip then?

    • Patriot

      Haha funny stuff

  6. Connie

    What about the beach guys who set up the beach chairs and umbrella every day for you for a week vacation at a condo?

  7. Marissa

    What about tow truck drivers? They risk their lives to tow you home safely. They lay down their life to make sure you and your car/truck make it off the freeway especially when your in an accident. Even on the city streets it’s dangerous.

  8. Cali

    I never would have known you were expected to tip the movers. I mean it’s already very expensive to pay for movers, plus you have to tip on top of that? That’s crazy.

  9. Susan W

    I’m not sure you can make a general rule about delivery of food. I consider how far they are coming and how long it takes them to get to you. I live in NYC (midtown Manhattan) and I don’t think I need to tip 15% if all they are doing is walking across the street. However, I need to tip more if they are a mile away. A mile might not seem like a lot to others, but food deliveries are by bicycle and there is traffic involved. I don’t think the value of the food is as important as the time and distance to get to me. As was said, they don’t cook the food. If I order $50 worth from across the street, I will tip less than if I order $30 from across town. I also tip more when the weather is bad.

  10. Rebekah Blackburn

    In Oregon State you’re not allowed to pump your own gas. So I consider that a service. I typically tip $1. If I fill up I tip more. I especially appreciate these people on a cold winter night when I don’t have to get out of my car to pump fuel or worry about getting fuel on my hands or shoes. They’re working outside, in the cold, all night long. I love to see their reaction when I tip them (and give them gloves). The smile on their face. And I love the way they treat me when I return. Makes a big difference in people’s lives to show your appreciation.

    I also try to do something a little extra for the employees of places that I frequently shop or eat. At Christmas time, Fred Meyers / Krogers puts their gloves down to $1 a pair. I bought 50 pair this year. Then wherever I went I was able to show my appreciation for their service with something very simple and inexpensive. The gift was actually mine because I love seeing their reaction.

    I also given to the homeless if I happen to be near them at the time.

    The gloves are awesome because they stretch really well. Sometimes the men think that they might be too small but I tell him just to put them in their glove box and then on some snowy day when they happen to be scraping ice off their window, they’ll be glad that they were there.

    During the holidays I give something special to the sanitation truck drivers and my regular postman that service my home. If I’m home on one of those over 100°, hot, muggy days I’ll leave a small bucket of ice with cans of soda and bottled water near the cans for the drivers.

    When my boys were very young and big trucks and cars were really exciting to them I would take them outside so they could see the big garbage trucks. Some those drivers were pretty exciting for me to look at too.

    I found myself alone on Christmas Eve this year and went out to have dinner by myself. I tip those bartenders a bit more. I appreciate them working on Christmas Eve night. It was nice to have some place to go.

    **Little side note about little kids and trucks. I told my oldest son that the ice cream truck was a music truck. You should have seen the look of betrayal on his face when at the age of two, the neighbor boy yelled out the ice cream truck is coming. Lol. Busted. It was hilarious.

  11. Margarita Plateroti

    Realize it’s super late but it never ceases to amaze me how often Newspaper Carriers get overlooked. Yes I’m partial, I met my husband at the newspaper company I worked at ❤. He has been doing this for over 15 years and that’s how he supports our family. Yes, it’s a dying service with digital news available but many are older who aren’t savvy or just those classic “having a cup of coffee and holding a paper in your hand” kind of people. It’s a popular misconception with customers assuming they get compensated for gas, get paid extra for holidays or use a company vehicle. Paper carriers are expected to still have to deliver in any type of weather, if it’s printed for that day it gets delivered for that day (even on Christmas). Did you know they have to pay themselves for their supplies too, like rubberbands and plastic bags? We live up North and I can’t tell you how difficult it is to deliver to customers who don’t plow or shovel their driveways or make paper tubes accessible. Customers can complain against them and they get docked in their pay if they do. Seven days a week my husband wakes up at 12:30 am and there are times I don’t see him until 12noon. It pained me that he was considered an essential worker in the beginning of the pandemic but got zero compensation for his job. On the brighter side, those that tip at Christmas time for the year are super appreciated. It helps with car maintenance costs, gas or new tires and just overall feeling of appreciation for a tough job well done. But just like only donating to food pantries during the holidays, tips are definitely needed and appreciated throughout the year. With all that being said (and I super appreciate you sticking around to read all this🙂) a tip amount of $1-$5 a week would be fair or more depending on delivery instructions, like if he has to walk it up to your porch or put it in special/specific place. To all those in service employment, especially being on the “other side” of it, we truly appreciate your customer service, dedication and hardwork making this world running smoothly for all of us! And yes, thank you too to all at HIP2SAVE for all that you do!

  12. Cayno Totipps

    Make it easy on yourself. Only tip the server if you eat in the restaurant, and only 10% for GOOD service. Everything else just pass. I have a career where I go above and beyond daily. I make a flat rate. Over the years my clients now expect it. I have never been tipped one time. In the USA we have become obsessed with tipping. With inflation and increasing wages we now have to pay $12.xx for medium combo meal at Carls Jr. It’s TOO much! It has to stop! Do not tip for a service you already paid for (coffee, burger, miscellaneous services, delivery, Barber, etc.). Tip yourself

  13. momof three

    I agree with many of these however. The rule of thumb for door dash type delivery is actually a minimum of $2.00 a mile for the tip. It should go up from there when considering the amount and weight of items and if you live in an apartment. Also I feel that drive through coffee should not have to be a tipped service.

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