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Top Places to Register for a Wedding

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Top Places to register Hip2Save

If you’re planning an upcoming wedding and wondering what stores offer the most perks for creating a Wedding Registry, this post is for you! Check out these top retail and online stores that offer great perks for those who will be tying the knot…

1.) Target

Cookware, bakeware, sleeping bags, digital cameras, or video games are some of the most popular wedding items registered for using Target’s Wedding Registry. Target offers many perks, including a 15% off completion coupon for the items remaining on your registry after your event date – valid for in-store shopping or online.

You’ll also receive bonus gifts from select brands with qualifying purchases on your registry and get easy returns/exchanges on registry gifts up to 1 year after your event.

As just an idea of the great perks you can receive, Target offers registrants a set of two FREE Keurig Travel Mugs ($48.98 value) if you receive a Keurig brewer from your registry! OR, if you receive $100 worth of Ninja products from your registry, you’ll get a FREE Ninja Express Chopper ($19.99 value)!

2.) Bed, Bath & Beyond

Bed, Bath, & Beyond offers free personalized announcement cards, complimentary gift packaging in-stores at the self wrap station and more. Plus, for 90 days after your wedding date, you’re eligible to use a 10% completion discount on both a one-time online purchase and a one-time in-store purchase.

Enroll in their Start-to-Finish incentive program and you’ll receive free gifts for registering for certain items and more free gifts when guests purchase them (i.e. – get a free 5″ Santoku knife for registering for $500 worth of Calphalon products, and if guests purchase it, you’ll also score a Calphalon Unison Non-Stick 12″ Griddle).

3.) Kohl’s

Kohl’s Wedding Registry offers Ever After Rewards where you can earn 10% rewards on gifts purchased from your registry. You can also send your guests Free Announcement Cards that contain a coupon for 20% off their $100 in-store purchase to use on your registry. You’ll also save an extra 15% on items left on your registry for three months after the wedding. Even sweeter, if you register with select brands, you’ll also receive a free gift! Go here to register and for more details.

4.) Macy’s

The Macy’s Wedding Registry offers lots of perks, including a 20% off Newlywed Discount for 6 months after your big day where you can take 20% off all remaining items on your list & anything new you want to add. Also, when guests shop your list, they’ll get $20 off their next $50 purchase!

If you head in store, you’ll score a packet of exclusive discounts on wedding wardrobes & honeymoon musts – including a Free Shutterfly Photo Book and more! Also, you’ll get special gifts whenever you complete your registry with some of their favorite brands as well as exclusive rewards whenever you buy with your Macy’s Credit Card and more! Go here for more details.

5.) Amazon

Amazon’s Wedding Registry offers the world’s largest selection of unique items, from flatware to flat-screens, and you can even add items from other websites using their universal button.

Plus, after your wedding date, non-Prime members (you can sign up for a FREE 30-day trial here) will receive a one-time 10% promo code valid on anything from your registry. Even better, Amazon Prime members who complete their Amazon Wedding Registry of at least $500 will receive a one-time 20% discount. You’ll also have up to 180 days to return most items from your wedding registry!

AND, you’ll also get FREE gifts from brands you love whenever your wedding guests purchase certain items off your wedding registry. As just one example, whenever $100 or more in Nordic Ware brand products are purchased from your Amazon registry, you’ll receive a FREE Nordic Ware Bundt Gift Set including a Bundt Thermometer, Cake Mix and Measuring Cups (via mail-in rebate found here)!

6.) JCPenney

With the JCPenney Wedding Registry, you’ll receive 10% off all items left on the registry for up to 6 months after your wedding (the coupon will be emailed to you on or around your wedding date). You can also print 20% off $50 purchase coupons valid for items on your registry to include in your announcements! Go here for more details.

7.) Crate & Barrel

At Crate & Barrel, you’ll be able to register for a large selection of exclusive housewares and furniture items. You’ll also receive a 10% off coupon valid for almost everything in-store and online (even furniture!) for a full six months after your event. You’ll even receive a set of their best-selling stemless wine glasses in an embroidered linen bag as a thank you just for registering!

8.) Williams-Sonoma

Whenever you register at Williams-Sonoma, you’ll receive 10% off ALL of your purchases for 6 months after your wedding. Plus, you’ll automatically get entered into a monthly sweepstakes for a chance to win everything on your Williams Sonoma Wedding Registry (up to a value of $1,000 USD).

Plus, you can receive special bonus gifts from their best brands when you add products from participating partners to your registry – and again when your guests purchase these items from your registry! When your guests have purchased $800 of qualifying All-Clad products from your registry, you are eligible to receive an All-Clad d5 Stainless Steel Engraved 9″ French Skillet.

9.) Dillard’s

Register at Dillard’s and you’ll receive a FREE exclusive Southern Living Comfort Food cookbook as a gift to you when you complete your registry in store. You’ll also get 20% off the regular everyday low price of any remaining items in-store on your registry after your wedding.

Plus, you’ll receive free bonus gifts like an Oneida two-piece entertainment set when you receive Oneida silverware from your registry. Or get three multi-color Cuisinart mixing bowls whenever you register and receive at least $500 worth of Cuisinart products from your guests.

10.) The Knot

At TheKnot.com, you can register at your favorite stores, enjoy all of their registry perks and stay organized by tracking all of your gifts in one easy list. You can then share your registry on your own wedding website or shower invites using just a single link. You’ll also find helpful wedding tips and inspiration from new flower trends to the prettiest hairstyles and jaw-dropping wedding cakes. Even sweeter, pick a charity and The Knot will donate for each gift purchased off your registry…sweet!

Wedding Marriott

And, if you’re looking for details on how to plan a budget-friendly wedding, check out the helpful tips in this guest post. Or maybe you’re needing advice on how to buy a wedding ring without breaking the bank? Be sure to check out this guest post and comments! Finally, if you have any other wedding tips or advice, please share below.

Gettin’ Married? Congratulations!

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Comments 35

  1. Danii

    We’re registered at Target!

  2. Tara

    As a newlywed who signed up for 4 registries (didn’t share them all, just wanted the perks!), Macy’s was by far the best. Macy’s has the best rewards bonus (I had to call Kohls 3 times before I got my ever after rewards there, which is a common problem!), the completion bonus came quickly (I had to call Best Buy for their bonus and the reps didn’t even know they had a registry; plus I got a second reward for our anniversary!), and the website/registry was reliable and up to date (I spent a whole day registering at Target only to go home and find that only 2 items scanned!).

    • CO Mama

      Agreed, Macy’s was the best, Bed Bath and Beyond was great!

      Crate and Barrel was a total rip off, give giver/buyer beware! Registered for an entire set of china (not everyday dishes) from Crate (Crap) and Barrel, completed the entire set after our wedding and in less than a year all of the glaze was cracking. Crate & Barrel would not stand behind the product and wanted a 10% restocking fee and would not issue a refund other than store credit. Major disappointment. Also, we had a summer wedding so a few registry items were seasonal and even with barcode gift receipts they would only refund the clearance markdown price when we went to return after our honeymoon.😕Hope this helps someone.

  3. Karen

    Has registering become totally mainstream everywhere? It seems to be the norm for every event now.

    Maybe it’s my region or old school ways but it still seems completely tacky to me, it absolutely boggles my mind seeing the ‘buy me this!’ info right on invitations.

    • Jennie

      I have been to a baby shower where there was no registry, and the mom received 6 baby bathtubs! What a hassle to figure out where to return them, etc. it’s much more convenient to know what the person needs or what colors they are decorating with and buy accordingly. Of course, a registry is just a suggestion, and you are welcome to bring whatever you want. I prefer as a receiver and a giver to use a registry. 😄

    • Kelly

      I feel it is tacky to add it on the invite too although if they have one and then tell you about it later that’s ok imo.

    • Emily

      Registry info on wedding invites is tacky, but for events not thrown by the couple (showers) I think they’re very helpful as the giver.

    • Riss

      Tacky? I’ll take gift registry over cash request as wedding present any day! Now that’s tacky in my book.

  4. KarenP

    We love Macy’s too! They have Someone specializing in the wedding registry that can walk you through a lot. Our lady was so helpful even after the wedding. We saved so much from that registry!!! 😊

    • j

      You should tell him to read this blog 🙂

  5. Judy Trac

    Hopefully my boyfriend prosposes soon

  6. Jennifer

    Kohls was another good one. We did have a couple of things that were duplicated from their registry but it was an easy returns process. After our wedding, they gave us a credit to the store that was 10% of the sales they had from our registry. It was super helpful because we could then get a foodsaver. Best buy ever! We use it weekly and it has saved us so much money.

  7. Emily M

    We registered at Macy’s, Amazon, Sur la Table and Pottery Barn. They all have their perks depending what products you like, where you shop and the discount you receive for purchasing any items you did not receive after your wedding.
    One thing I would note is Pottery Barn, while they do have great stuff, their items can go out of season or become on backorder quickly and often. We have over 10 items that they no longer carry and can no longer be purchased so we had to regularly check that items we wanted were still available and if not we would add things similar that we liked to replace them. Some items can even say backorder until XX date and never actually come so be aware of this.
    Sur la Table was great and easy to work with when our registry would not connect with our website on The Knot. We also ran into the issue that their scanning guns were not working when we went in person (over an hour drive) to register. My fiancée was upset but at least we got to touch and feel products in person.
    Macy’s is always great as it is an easy store for those who want to go to the store and purchase and item in person. Plus they carry many of the basic necessities and things on typical registries. The woman who helped us also send coupons to our direct families as we all know they will be purchasing items for us so that definitely helped out. You can also get free gifts sometimes with certain purchases.
    Amazon we have not had any issues. The one thing we really like about it is the thank you note tab on the side. You can click this and it will list the items that each person bought. So in case you forgot or got items mixed up this is great!

  8. Des

    I recently registered at Crate & Barrel. They give you two free wine glasses just for making a registry in store with them! Plus we received a $10 C&B gift card from Kitchenaid for registering a stand mixer, blender, and mixer attachment. They have their own list of free brand gifts on their website.

  9. Mel

    Unless Target has changed their return policy, I would not recommend them for a registry. They gave me such a hard time when trying to return stuff. (It used to be you were only allowed to return a certain number of items a year without a receipt). Let’s be real–a LOT of people don’t give a gift receipt and for some reason I got a lot of duplicates from Target–things were not coming off the registry.

    I would recommend Macy’s any day!!!

    • Kathryn

      I agree. We didn’t have a great experience with target. I would highly recommend Macy’s though.

    • Carrie

      I agree we had a wedding registry at Target and they were anything but easy! What a nightmare to return anything! I couldnt help but to cringe when I saw them on the list!

  10. Sherry

    The absolute BEST place to register is Bed Bath and Beyond. You can return things on your registry and get CASH back as long as it is on the registry you get cash. You have up to 2 years from your wedding to do any registry returns!! That is just AMAZING! You can use coupons on every single item that you are buying if you are completing your registry, so have friend and family save them and you will save so much AND they still take their own expired coupons? What is not to love? You can do items online or in store. Customer service is stellar.
    Now compare this to target who only allows you to return items in the same department, so what if you’ve already got everything you needed from it they won’t even give you store credit. In my opinion, you lose way more in registering at target. I deeply regretted any wedding items I received from there, it wasn’t worth the hassle.

  11. Clarissa

    How awesome is this my mom just gave my partner her blessing today!!!!! Now I just gotta wait till he pops the question!!!!! I’m so excited!!!!!

    • Julia L.

      Congrats! He sounds great!

      • Clarissa

        He is!!!! I’m blessed!!!!

        • Julia L.

          It sounds like you both are since you appreciate one another. Mazel!

          • Clarissa

            Thank you!!!!

  12. Sf

    I just got a flyer in the mail when you create a wedding registry at target I can receive a 20 dollar gift card.

  13. Kris

    We were married in November, and Target was our #1 registry!! They have everything, and at a lower price than places like Bed Bath and Beyond, so we didn’t feel guilty for adding the more “extravagant” stuff to our registry! We wound up returning a few things, and it was a breeze. Upcoming brides, choose Target!

  14. Tina

    We registered at Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond and so far BB&B has been the better one. I thought target would be good because I love target and usually feel like I get a better deal on anything at Target, but I was surprised when I found BB&B had better quality, selection, and prices than Target did. I filed a complaint with BB&B (nothing major), and they more than made up for it. One thing that’s frustrating about Target is that they will split shipments of a present so someone could send you 5 different small things and they arrive in 5 different packages over the course of 2 weeks. I tried to keep up on sending thank you cards as I got gifts so it was frustrating to receive a gift, write a thank you and send it out, and then receive 4 more from them over the next two weeks and feel like a jerk for not thanking them for the whole present. I love to see posts like this on Hip and find them to be super helpful, please keep them coming. With the ridiculous price of weddings these days, a post on how to save on weddings in general would be awesome. I would be happy to help write it! 🙂 Thanks Collin!

  15. MH

    When we got married 5 years ago, we registered at Bed, Bath, & Beyond and Target. Bed, Bath, & Beyond has got the registry process down – we knew who gifts came from when they were mailed, didn’t receive duplicates, and returns were very easy. Target on the other hand was a bit of a mess! Unless things have changed, I wouldn’t recommend it for a registry. We got duplicate gifts from our Target gift registry, received gifts in the mail that we didn’t know who they were from, and returns were more of a hassle (don’t remember the specifics but vaguely remember that they had to be done within a shorter time frame and/or have a gift receipt). Also, Target’s inventory seems to change rapidly so something that you registered for might only be available for a short time and then disappear off the registry or show up as unavailable. Just my 2 cents! Best wishes to those getting married soon!

  16. LS

    Kohl’s registry was horrible to work with and would never recommend them or do it again. My daughter doesn’t live here, in fact she’s in a different state, and for some reason things were getting sent to her house. If I sign into my account and want to buy something online, it gives me no choice for store pick up, and their customer service was terrible too. Two things have been purchased twice and it’s just a poor system as well as their CS who just said ‘that’s the way she set it up’, but she didn’t set it up that way, she simply gave her address. I had people calling me and were pretty upset because their shower gifts were being sent directly to her house. If I had to do it over I would have told her Macy’s and BBB.

  17. Shannon

    Pier 1 was a great place to register for me and my husband. They don’t have everything like sheets and towels but we both had our own place before so we wanted things to decorate our home. Their prices are great and the items are unique!!!

  18. Katie

    When I got married (2014) I googled free registry gifts and the year or something similar to that. We were able to score a ton of stuff. We got two pots, a flash drive in the shape of a food processor loaded with recipes, and set of four steak knives, and a very nice bowl. I can’t remember if we got anything else but we were able to get this stuff without anyone buying anything from our registry!

  19. emily

    How does the Kohl’s registry completion rewards work? My wedding isn’t until August but all of my items got purchased at my shower. Do I wait to get my completion reward until after the wedding? And then do the email that or do they mail that to you is it in the form of a gift card

  20. Krizia

    Best Buy sent me a wedding gift card for $25 and couple months later another one for $5 😀

  21. Alison

    Macy’s is the best! And if you have a Macy’s credit card linked to your registry you earn extra bonus money back!

  22. heather

    So, this might be a silly question…but has anybody set up a wedding registry at Kohl’s, but used it as a baby registry? They apparently don’t do the 10% back on baby registries, but do for wedding ones.

  23. Sandra Ray

    Thank you for sharing such an incredible post. After two months my friend has decided to get married with a girl whom he initially started dating on http://www.conciergeintroductions.com/ a high end dating site. They dated for 1 year and had decided to be lifetime partners. His family is planning their wedding, the information provided above will be really helpful to them.

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