These Pioneer Woman Dishes are So CUTE, But Sadly They CHIP…

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Similar to how we do our Try Me Tuesday posts with product recommendations, I thought it would be also fun to do basically the complete opposite. With that said, I introduce “Waste of Money Wednesday!” 😂 This post will be exactly that – the Hip2Save team will be sharing products that they aren’t happy with, products they feel are a waste of money – basically product UN-recommendations.

Hi there! It’s Michelle – one of the Hip2Save Sidekicks!

Last year at Christmas I had just one thing on my list! All of my dreams came true on Christmas morning when I unwrapped an entire set of Pioneer Woman dishes from Walmart. I was super surprised, despite the fact that I had bought the dishes myself, wrapped them up in the prettiest paper I could find, and labeled them To: Michelle, From: Michelle. 😉

I immediately donated all my old dishes and filled my cupboards with these beautiful plates and bowls.

It was just a few months later that I noticed one of my bowls had a chip in it and after accusing everyone in my family of destroying it, I got over it. But it just kept happening. I’d notice little flakes of paint in the bottom of the sink quite often.

It has been almost a year that I’ve been using these dishes, and most of them are disappointingly chipped. I’ve purchased replacements for the most chipped items, and I have noticed that the newer designs seem to be much thicker and sturdier, so it does seem that Walmart is trying to rectify the situation, however, the original designs have been retired and so I can never truly replace them.

And of course, since these dishes are so beautiful and make me so happy, I don’t truly regret my purchase – but I was a bit disappointed that they were not more durable. I didn’t exactly expect them to last like Corelle Dishes, but I thought the Pioneer Woman name would come with a certain degree of quality. I also own several other serving pieces in this line and they have held up really well, it is just the dinnerware that I’ve had an issue with.

All in all I’ve been less than satisfied with my purchase! 😧

Edited: We received the following response from Pioneer Woman Customer Service, so if you’ve had issues with your purchase, consider contacting them.

Please email with any PW products that have disappointed you (please include photos for reference) and we will make sure they are quickly replaced! We definitely want to make you happy!

Did you buy these Pioneer Woman Dishes from Walmart? Have yours held up better than mine?

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Comments 134

  1. Jeanne Nevzoroff

    I bought mine at Wal mart also. I was so happy, because I love them they are so pretty. But alas I hand wash them myself, because I didn’t want chips. I ended up chipping them myself. I’m buying more, because they are happy dishes, they actually put me in a goid mood. Lol I love the Pioneer Women

    • Michelle Price

      They make me happy too!

      • Linda Marquez

        My daughter pulled a casserole dish out of the oven 375 and it literally fell apart in her hands. She ended up burning her arm very badly. She will definelty have a scar. At this point we are just hoping she doesnt get an infection. This cookware is very dangerous. Also have you noticed Pioneer woman doesnt use it when she cooks! After we emailed them and told them what happened they sent my daughter another casserole dish. And……what is she supposed to do with it??? She cant use it. I dont care how cute her line is. Shes getting rich off of people who are getting burned and losing money buying cheap products that don’t do what they say they will do. I am throwing everything I own of hers away. Every time I look at a placemat or napkin holder I think of my daughters arm all burned and bubbled. I am furious!!!

        • Shan

          I just had one of her mugs shatter hot chocolate all over my counter and myself. I was hoping it wasn’t her stuff and that I had accidentally put a hairline in it first but so far my research is saing no.

    • Judy

      I love her dishes, too and have the teal set. I β€œmend” China and pottery by finding a matching nail polish, dab polish remover on the chip and immediately apply the polish. The chip is now less noticeable. Luckily, there are lots of nail colors available.

      • Kim

        I’ve done that also! Works great!

  2. Kiki

    Yep to the Corelle. I’m using the same Corelle dishes that I have used for 35 years+!! Wildflower is a 70s style but I still use them every day. Embarrassing and cool at the same time LOL

    • Amy

      My mom has had the same ones for over 20 years. She absolutely loves them. I know when I lived at home I dropped them more times than I could count and was thankful they were Corelle!

    • silverfanatic

      Yes! I bought a set of solid white Corelle when I was 18 and moving into my first place. Fast forward 12 years and those dishes have lasted through everything – drunk college parties, four moves, and a toddler. lol.

    • Elle

      We love our Corelle. Sadly, I learned the hard way that it will NOT survive a fall to a concrete driveway.

    • Corelle/Pyrex hoarder

      Nothing beats the quality of Corelle. I have the Spring Blossom and Buttterfly Gold dishes and their coordinating Pyrex serving pieces. The spring blossom were my hubby’s grandma’s that she had for almost 40 years and they are still going strong!

      • Susan H

        Yup grew up using corelle dishes. Survived 7 kids, amazing durability

      • Linda Marquez

        We are going back to Pyrex as well. Never again changing. Pyrex has worked for 30 years for me. Pioneer Womans cookware is not holding up. She needs to take it all off the shelves.

  3. Another Michelle

    I’m surprised you thought you would receive better quality from Walmart.

    • Linda Marquez

      Dear Michelle,

      Your right. I guess I was trusting what the packaging said. My Bad. I learned a hard lesson and my poor daughter an even harder one.

  4. Wendy

    My mom bought me Pioneer Women silverware for Christmas year before last (2015). Every piece except 2 broke. The first one was within a month of purchase. I also have bought kitchen utensils that have broke pretty fast. Her stuff is so pretty, but why waste your money?

  5. Vickie odd..I have the original flea market issues at them, kids here I’m Leary to add more…they are made in china..for the best if had kiddos get vintage or fiesta like harlequin, Bauer Johnson..etc..I have an extensive collection.
    Looking high and low for the red and whited check now..if any one finds let me know please.

    • Helen in Meridian

      I think the red check dinner plates were part of the Christmas. They probably will return with her holiday dishes. Have you seen the pretty red lace and white with red lace salad and dinner plates by PW. They are there right now and might go well with your checks. You can go to and search all Pioneer Woman. I buy in store so I can check each peace to get the more perfect. Even the Lenox Melli Mello china from Macy’s has little faults. I check each peace before buying.

    • Katie

      There is a facebook group called Pioneer Woman Sell & Swap that you can join where you can let people know what you are in search of and people will let you know if they have that particular piece for sale or swap. I have seen where some people have even bought stuff at their local Walmart because they had seen that someone in the group was looking for that particular piece and they will mail it out to you.

  6. Helen in Meridian

    I started with the PW Adelaide teal drinking glasses. Bought 1 or 2 each time I was in there. No problem. I also bought the Adelaide glasses in milk glass white at 50% & 75% after Christmas.I bought the yellow polka dot plates and teal floral salad plates all this spring & summer. At $4 something each you can buy one cheaper than a coffee at Starbucks. I look over the stack before I buy avoiding bubble etc to pick my perfect plate or polka dot yellow floral bowl. These are made by Gibson so I know they are lower quality. I hate Corelle but I love bone china, which is 10 x stronger than pottery because of the bone. Don’t be afraid to use bone china for every day because it holds up. I love PW stuff, but rotate my china each month.

  7. Vicki

    Has the PW team considered making PW products in America? I think the quality would be so much better. As of now, I won’t be purchasing anymore PW products that are obviously defective.

  8. Carisa Haven


  9. MICHELLE Pacheco

    I thought it was just me but both of my PW mugs chipped and I already threw them out.

    • falene

      I also had lots of chips but I also found that they smelled – like dirt – hard to explain but i assumed it was the pottery and cheaper paint/glaze bc my daughter made shot glasses at a cheap place and they smell, too – kinda like mold?
      i gave to goodwill (i know it sounds bad to give my stinky dishes but I thought maybe it was just me)

    • Lauren

      Really strange. I and some of my friends have several peices of PW that we use regularly and no chips or issues. Goes thru the dishwasher just fine too.
      Can’t stand corelle…ugh…and personally I don’t want something I’m NEVER gonna have to replace. Let’s go shopping!!

  10. Michelle

    I have the solid yellow (gold?) PW dish set and haven’t had any issues with it. I wonder if it is just the print dishes that are not made as well? I do agree that the patterns are so cheerful and cute!

  11. Amy

    I have a lot of things from her collection from walmart and so far so good (no dishes though)… I was lucky enough to find the most gorgeous robin blue plates at our local Grocery Outlet a few years ago for 1.00 each! They were Paul Deen brand. I have used them and put them in the dish washer and they still look like new. That was quite a score… and luckily i was smart enough to buy 16! I love them more than the fancy set I got at Mikasa when I first got married… and those were a lot more than $1.00 each!

  12. Carly

    I was super excited to receive the salt and pepper shakers for Christmas last year. When I went to put the stuff in them I noticed that the plug for the one shaker didn’t even fit in the hole so it was never going to keep the seasonings in. I ended up having to tape it shut every time. I was definitely disappointed. Threw them out. :/

  13. Crystal

    I bought these recently. They’re so cute and adorable. I also bought the silverware about 6mo ago and each piece has broken in half. They are poor quality and have no full tang through the handle. I love the dishes! The silverware not so much!

  14. Cyndi Stevens

    I have a different set of Pioneer Woman dishes and Love them. One did chip but it was my fault. I do have the bowl from the picture and I use it all of the time and put it in the dishwasher with no problems. Maybe you just got a bad set. That is sad yours have done that.

  15. Kimberly

    I had the same issues with the butter dish.

  16. christa

    Corelle and Fiesta….so sturdy!

  17. Philline

    I’m so glad you posted this. I was just at Walmart today and noticed the pretty butter dish that I almost purchased. I’m glad I didn’t.

  18. Kim

    I have had this set for over a year and a half. I had one plate get a small little chip in it within a week or two (which I was able to exchange) but I haven’t had any problems at all since then and I use them daily and put them in my dishwasher all the time!

  19. J B

    Of course the chip- they’re ceramic.

  20. Jennifer Ley

    Glad to hear they are willing to try and fix. Can’t say the same for other celebrity brands.

  21. Jeanison

    Sorry, I don’t see the appeal in these. The aesthetic….not for me I guess. I can see if they are ceramic that yes, certainly, they will chip.

  22. Jeanison

    Sorry, I don’t see the appeal in these. The aesthetic….not for me I guess. I can see if they are ceramic that yes, certainly, they will chip.

  23. Hillary

    I love her dishes as well but refuse to buy anymore because almost everything I have has chipped and even broke apart. The cake stand with the green bottom literally just broke in half in my hand. Never got to even use it. I really hope they up the quality because I’d love to buy more but for now it’s just a waste of money.

  24. Whitney Jett

    I love my dishes so much. I got mine from Wal-Mart as a gift I’m so sad they chip. I can’t afford to replace the chipped ones. Wish they was made better for how much they are.

  25. Jan

    Attractive yes. Quality……no. Turned the piece over to see where made………no further explanation needed………

  26. linda wilson

    My husband surprised me and bought me a set of Pioneer Women dishes from Wal-Mart for Christmas. I was so happy first because he bought the whole set because he knew that I had my eye on them for awhile but I would never spend that kind of money on something, and second because after 20 years of marriage this was the first Christmas present that he ever bought me. Don’t get me wrong he is a great husband but we have always bought for the kids and I usually bought from thrift stores or yard sales. So I started using them and in 2 weeks time they started chipping and the paint was peeling off. I will never buy another one of her products she acts so good on tv so I thought her products would at least hold up longer then two weeks. We are still having to use them because I got rid of our old stuff, but when yard sales start back up, u can bet I will be out looking for me some different dishes. I hand wash all our dishes so I know its nothing that I did wrong. I’m almost afraid for my grandkids to eat out of them, I’m afraid a piece of that paint will come off and they will swallow it. I’m very surprised that the pioneer women does not make her stuff that carries her name, be made out of better quality material. I’m sure she would not want her kids and grandkids eating out of something that she is afraid of them eating paint off of. Very very dissatisafied. Linda Wilson 354 Legion rd Crossville TN 38571, (931) 787-8782

  27. Eva CASTANON

    I bought s cup and the handle fell off noticed it clink when ever I used the handle so I stopped but went to use it and the handle fell off

  28. Megan

    Hey y’all! I saw this post only about a week ago and decided to see if they would replace my pioneer woman baking dishes since they had cracked. I was very disappointed btw. But I emailed the address given an sure enough pioneer woman is standing by her brand. They will be sending me new dishes! Thanks for posting!

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      So awesome, Megan! Thanks for the update! πŸ™‚

  29. April Bowen

    I love her line of colors, style. My kitchen is all those colors. I’m glad to know about the dishes, bowls , shakers I have only bought the table runner, the silverware tray. Not anything breakable yet. I was wanting the mug, tea , coffee set I will wait. Thankyou for sharing

  30. Rosia

    Thank you so much for posting this. We decided to switch over to pioneer woman and one of our coffee mugs has already chipped. So happy to know she stands by her brand because we do love her stuff!

  31. Kim

    I bought these when they first came out I have never had a chip one and they have gone thru 8 grandkids I love my PW dinnerware set I have also bought more just to add to my collection, I also mix and match my plates and bowls just to keep things fun

  32. Brenda

    I bought 2 sets of the red dishes and shortly after i used them two of the plates cracked in two in the nicrowave.They claim the can be used in the microwave.But i wouldnt.i tried to replace them thru the company but all i got was the run around.

    • Catherine Byers

      I have both many products of Pioneer woman and been very satisfied.But I recently purchased by her 10 piece pots and pans set. The small skillet chipped in 2 places after only using 3 times.I even used the right utensils in the pan.I was hoping something could be done.I bought it at Walmart in the color number is 234-303-5283.address is 269 E.Ford ave.Barberton Ohio.44203.I would appreciate any help or suggestions on this matter.Thank You

  33. Ariel

    I bought the yellow/gold dinner set and they are supposed to be microwavable but when you put them in the microwave they smell like the plate is “cooking”? Nasty! Half the set is broken straight in half from the microwave I’m guessing and the others are all chipped up and cracked …. never again will I buy anything from PW!!! I see all the products at store’s and just shake my head.

  34. sharon sullivan

    I see walmart has all of the OLD style dishes on sale …is it because of microwaveable problems? I heard this on the news way back, if true can I get a refund as mine are hardly used if ever and I of course microwave a lot…Thank You

    • sharon sullivan

      I am hesitant to use my pioneer dishes because of all the comments..I am waiting for a recall, I think they should offer one. I will be waiting for a response. THANK YOU…

  35. Kimberly

    I love mine set of dishes salt an pepper shakers the butter dish and the napkin holder I also have sone of her utensils but when it comes to bakeware or casserole dishes I normally use pampered chef or the old fashioned iron skillet makes great chicken and biscuits.

  36. Mary Ellen

    None of my pioneer woman dinnerware has chipped. I have pitchers salt and pepper shakers, mixing bowls,etc. They seem durable and high quality to me.

  37. Lisbeth Herbrandson

    Glad there is a site to voice my frustrate of pioneer women dishes! I should have investigated this more before i bought. The plates gets really hot in the microwave, have burnt fingers to boot. Also a black film appears on the plate. Wish I never recieved these for Christmas. Will need to replace!

  38. Donna

    I have purchased 1 blue dish set & 1 white set not too long after I had them they started getting chipped. I also have the pan set I love & the floral utensil holder & bowl set. I also have 1 the personal blender & gave one as a gift. I accidentally threw out the top from the blender can I plz buy a replacement top.

  39. Lisa

    My mom bought a set of the cookware from Walmart the blue ones with the flowers on them and this is the worst cookware I have ever tried to use!! It sticks absolutely everything you put in it. My 20 dollar set from the dollar store puts these to a shame.. does any know if they have a warranty??

  40. Debra R

    I love the style of my dishes. I have had a few chip. But what really bothers me is that you can see cuts from silverware on the dishes. It is ruining the porcelin finish. Very upsetting. I bought mine from Walmart as well. Pioneer women has replaced one box, but they are doing the same thing. I would not recommend buying them

  41. JulieO

    Pioneer Woman just released Corelle patterns at Walmart. They’re not very exciting, but it might be great for anyone who wanted Pioneer Woman in Corelle.

    • Stacy F (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Oh wow, thanks for sharing, Julie)! We’ll have to look for that!

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