These Pioneer Woman Dishes are So CUTE, But Sadly They CHIP…

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Similar to how we do our Try Me Tuesday posts with product recommendations, I thought it would be also fun to do basically the complete opposite. With that said, I introduce “Waste of Money Wednesday!” 😂 This post will be exactly that – the Hip2Save team will be sharing products that they aren’t happy with, products they feel are a waste of money – basically product UN-recommendations.

Hi there! It’s Michelle – one of the Hip2Save Sidekicks!

Last year at Christmas I had just one thing on my list! All of my dreams came true on Christmas morning when I unwrapped an entire set of Pioneer Woman dishes from Walmart. I was super surprised, despite the fact that I had bought the dishes myself, wrapped them up in the prettiest paper I could find, and labeled them To: Michelle, From: Michelle. 😉

I immediately donated all my old dishes and filled my cupboards with these beautiful plates and bowls.

It was just a few months later that I noticed one of my bowls had a chip in it and after accusing everyone in my family of destroying it, I got over it. But it just kept happening. I’d notice little flakes of paint in the bottom of the sink quite often.

It has been almost a year that I’ve been using these dishes, and most of them are disappointingly chipped. I’ve purchased replacements for the most chipped items, and I have noticed that the newer designs seem to be much thicker and sturdier, so it does seem that Walmart is trying to rectify the situation, however, the original designs have been retired and so I can never truly replace them.

And of course, since these dishes are so beautiful and make me so happy, I don’t truly regret my purchase – but I was a bit disappointed that they were not more durable. I didn’t exactly expect them to last like Corelle Dishes, but I thought the Pioneer Woman name would come with a certain degree of quality. I also own several other serving pieces in this line and they have held up really well, it is just the dinnerware that I’ve had an issue with.

All in all I’ve been less than satisfied with my purchase! 😧

Edited: We received the following response from Pioneer Woman Customer Service, so if you’ve had issues with your purchase, consider contacting them.

Please email with any PW products that have disappointed you (please include photos for reference) and we will make sure they are quickly replaced! We definitely want to make you happy!

Did you buy these Pioneer Woman Dishes from Walmart? Have yours held up better than mine?

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Comments 134

  1. Dee

    Thanks for sharing this!

    • Michelle Price

      You bet!

    • Kim

      There need a to be a pioneer woman
      dinnerware made by Correll so that won’t chip or break.

  2. Yasuko J

    I was attracted to their design and wondering how they work. I’m so glad I didn’t purchase them. Thanks for your post!!

    • Michelle Price

      You’re welcome!

    • Randall

      We have had 2, 4 piece sets and have not had any issues with phantom chips or chips from handling. We are retired and do not have children around.

  3. CJ

    Thanks, Michelle, I’m always eyeing these up at Walmart. Glad I didn’t buy them because my kids would’ve been accused of chipping them and in return, I’d end up doing the dishes so they don’t ruin them….so you saved me nights and nights of doing the dishes all by myself and you saved my kids evenings of boredom longing to wash the dishes that mom won’t share.

    • Michelle Price

      LOL! This made my day!

    • Amy

      Just curious how old are your kids that do dishes. My 9 year old thinks that I ask her to do everything. Which is funny because she does nothing I ask just stuff she wants to do.

      • Yolie

        My daughter and son both started doing dishes at 8yrs old.

      • Carin03

        The other evening my DH said “Want to see something funny? I can make DS throw a fit!”…. he yells his name and tells him to come and help him unload the dishwasher ๐Ÿ™‚ “Daaaad!!! Why do I have to do EVERYTHING?”. Hahaha!

      • CJireh

        at 9, she should be doing it. I started my kids with just emptying the silverware drawer…then moved to stuff that was easy to reach (plates) and saved the glasses for last. You have to be ready to move things around when they first start…and they might not stack them the way YOU like but they are kids. I have more perfection qualities so I had to give them up or do ALL of the work in my house so it is a trade off but worth it. The BEST gift you can give your kids’ future mates is to let them learn to cook, clean and wash! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Holly

    Those are so cute! Thanks for the warning though.

  5. Pat

    I can’t even get my 12 year old to do the dishes. My 2 year old would do them in a heart beat if I let him.

    • Laura

      My kids are the same way! 7 year old won’t help ever, but my 3 year old loves to ๐Ÿ™ƒ

  6. Jamie

    I had the same problem with these dishes!
    I was so bummed bc they were beautiful. I have her butter dish in the fridge and that has done just fine since it isn’t frequently washed or used as much. But, I would not buy the dishes again.

    • Michelle Price

      They ARE beautiful! So it’s hard to be mad :)!

  7. Colleen D.

    Michelle, did you ever try contacting the company to let them know of your dissatisfaction with the items and let them know that the new pieces and serving pieces fair much better but you will like to see a reprint of the retired pattern in better construction? I just wondered if and how they would respond. It would be great if they would replace some of the items that were “defective” but even if not your insight and feedback maybe helpful for the future and who knows maybe they will reprint your pattern in the future.

    • Julie

      I was wondering the same thing.

    • Michelle Price

      I haven’t – but maybe I should. I feel like I waited too long and should have taken them back immediately.

  8. Michelle

    When we moved into a new home I had wanted some new dishes since my last set came from Kroger around Christmas time. Well I searched for some dishes that were what I wanted and at a good price. I settled on the pioneer woman cream box sets after I received a $100 Walmart gift card… However after only a year and a half they are chipping as well… I thought it was maybe because my teenage daughter was being to rough with them during dish washing but I never noticed that… Now I know!!! Oh Walmart this is why I stay as far away from buying their products… The dishes that I purchased for $1 a piece from Kroger lasted longer… I’m not sure if u should do anything like contacting Walmart at this point… ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

  9. Cj

    I love Ree and adore these beautiful dishes.
    But, you could always do the mosaic and grout tabletops often seen on patio tables!
    So, if you can safely save chips and broken dishes… That is one project.
    Also as vases. I have a very old, cool vase that has a chip and the very top outer edge. I did silk flowers in it. Also thinking of hot gluing old broken costume pearl necklace or such!
    We live in a throw away society… but we are in charge!
    One more but of advice. Write to Ree and advise of the issue with the dishes.
    Her name and reputation are on the product.
    Happy Autumn,

    • Michelle Price

      Great idea about the mosaic! Thanks!

  10. Seussie

    Yep. All my pioneer woman items have either fallen apart (flat wisk handle came off) or chipped/cracked. I’m still using them but it’s super disappointing bec they def are cute. Wish they would have lasted longer ๐Ÿ™

    • Michelle Price

      Yeah- it’s a bummer for sure because they are so cute!

  11. Kenna L Peters

    I was drawn to the Pioneer Woman line of kitchenware, too. The colors and designs are fantastic! I have recieved several items as gifts, and also have noticed extreme chipping. The first item to chip was a mug. It was fine one day, but chipped the next. Then it chipped again. And again. Then, the other mug chipped. Luckily, my pitcher and measuring bowls haven’t chipped. I also have a Mason Jar with lid and straw from the line, and the inside of the lid has what appears to be a rust stain on it that I can’t get rid of. I sure wish The Pioneer Woman comany would put as much effort into quality as design.

    • Michelle Price

      My pitcher and measuring bowls are holding up well too! It’s just these dang dishes!

  12. Kari

    I purchased The Pioneer Woman Paige Crackle Glaze Dinnerware Set, 12 pc and loved them so much I bought two more 12 pc sets right away, but I noticed after about 3 weeks of use one of the dinner plates had a chip on the underside edge, and not long after that one of the salad plates chipped in the same manner. Some of the plates and bowls have a dark spot on them now that won’t come off? They are so pretty, but they are pretty fragile!

  13. Diana

    Awwwwww- they have really cute designs for pioneer woman. So sad, they chip.

  14. April P

    I had bought this really cute 3 piece pioneer woman bowl set from Walmart that looks like the same kind of material used and had the same experience. I bought them because they made me happy. Within a couple months I had a chip on the bowl I used most. Then I went in the cupboard one day and saw that the whole bottom of the big bowl was broken off. I did the same thing- blamed my kids- but also realized that is the material or make of the bowl to blame. Pretty to look at but not a good mix with kids in the house!

  15. Marci

    I’ve purchased quite a few items from this collection. What puzzled me at the time was, Walmart had a lot of these items for clearance! It was a deal, nonetheless, but I was suspicious to why a lot of Pioneer Women items were on clearance. I even got a round ceramic pie dish for free! (It was originally $18, on clearance on the website for $6, but when it arrived at the store it was “discontinued”. When I arrived to pick up, they informed me I would get a refund and the dish was discontinued. I expressed how inconvenient that was on Walmart’s end to have me buy online, have it ship to the store and then they decide not to give it to me. I was really nice about it, but sad at the same time. So the manager decided to give it to me for free. I haven’t used it yet, (this was earlier this year), but will be preparing Lina’s famous banana pudding in it next month! Hope it holds up.

  16. Shannon

    I would definitely write to ree or post on her Instagram about it. I met her at her mercantile in Oklahoma last year and she was super sweet and seemed pretty down to earth!

  17. CO Mama

    I have her measuring cup bowls & going on 6mo no chips.

  18. Edy

    Oh there so pretty but would love to make a bird feeder out of this , but , if they chip I would have to buy lots of them, thank you love rge fiesta ware but there so expensive thank you

  19. Jennifer

    Yep. All mine are chipping also.

  20. Heather

    Buy Fiesta wear! I have my first set I bought last year. They are awesome! Indestructible! They’ve been dropped and banged not a single chip. Just wait for Kohl’s or Bonton to have a deal- I shoot for $15 or less per 4pc set. Cute colors too!

    • riss

      I’ve been using the same corelles for over 15 years and I just bought Fiesta ware at Bonton’s/Carson’s last time it was posted here. I got 4 different colors per set and can’t wait to try them! It’s still in boxes in the garage, but I kept forgetting to open them.

  21. Angela

    This right here is why I only use Corelle

  22. Krystal

    I’m always wary of both Walmart and anything with a celebrity’s name on it! Perhaps replace them with something made locally or found in a vintage shop? I’ve always loved the look of thoughtfully mis-matched pieces!

  23. CarolRenck

    Same thing happened to the stuff I purchased from pioneer women at Walmart. I took everything I bought and made them refund me after about 4-6 months of usage. It’s a disrespect to the consumer. The other glass line of cups she has holds up really well!

  24. Casey

    Agreed. I bought these and they chipped like crazy. Just bought eight sets of Fiestaware and have been happy so far. Not a single chip yet and in a houseful of boys that’s saying a lot.

  25. Kate

    Any Walmart or Target dishes are terribly cheap and will chip, Fiestaware is the way to go. Not a single chip after YEARS of use.

  26. Debbie

    Oh no! I have two of the cute bowl, I use them for dips and have even microwaved and ran them through the dishwasher them without a problem. I purchased some of the bowls and pitchers as gifts, I hope they haven’t chipped for the recipients. They are so gorgeous, I love them and you can’t beat the price.

  27. Vantrice rose

    You all have 7 ,8,and 9 year olds not washing dishes try getting 17 year old 20,and 21 year to wash dishes.

  28. liz

    Wow! I’m so sorry that happened to your beautiful dishes. I had them on my Christmas list for this year but I’m definitely not interested in having this happen to me!

  29. Erin

    I got the Pioneer Woman pots & pans set & have been disappointed as well, they have not help up good either! ๐Ÿ˜ž

    • Michelle Price

      Bummer! Good to know!

  30. El

    I bought 8 Pioneer Women plates from Walmart on clearance back in March or April and haven’t had problems with any of them chipping, I actually love mine!

  31. Shanna

    My coffee cups are cracked, nonuseable. I loved the design. I’m still a fan of her.

  32. Melanie

    I have that pattern of the butter dish and I have solid blue and solid red plates as well as some casserole dishes and no problems so far. I hope the quality has improved because I love her line of dishes and I hope to get some
    Of the Christmas prints this winter!

  33. Shelby Holcomb

    Hey I have an idea to reuses them, a couple years ago I cracked a whole bunch of my moms favorite dishes and plates on accident (I was moping). I feel sad because a lot where gave to her circa 1985, the same year my mom and dad where wed. I saved all the fragment of those plates and cups (some where mine). I have been mulling over the idea of using them to mosaic a serving tray, a piece of art on canvas, or stepping stones and surprise her. I hope that helps , sorry you dishes are chipped .

    • Michelle Price

      That is a great idea! The patterns are so pretty!

  34. Gerta

    Hi Michelle,

    Recently called Walmart about a problem I was having with their Equate Sunscreen. Called the 800 number on the package and the lady I spoke with was very nice and professional. They sent me a refund and I’m mailing the sunscreen back (at their cost BTW) so they can further determine the problem.

    That being said, I think you would have nothing to lose by calling Walmart and sending pictures of your chipped plates. They certainly don’t want unhappy customers!

    • Michelle Price

      It might be worth a try! Thanks!

  35. Melanie

    I liked the pattern of these dishes but I could tell that they would chip just by looking at them. We sold some earthenware dishes when I worked at Crate & Barrel years ago and they always chipped.

  36. Bonn

    I love how you wrapped them up as a gift to yourself โค๏ธโค๏ธ

  37. JenB

    I love the Pioneer Woman line but I have seen the numerous bad reviews and have held back from buying some items I wanted. HOWEVER!!! They (the manufacturer I assume) commented on a lot of bad reviews at Walmart and I assume are offering to replace items. Here’s the link they provided:

    • Michelle Price

      Awesome! Thanks!

  38. Tamara Hutchinson

    Mine chipped too! I’m glad the newer pieces are sturdier.

  39. cassie

    We got these maybe 6 months ago. I don’t think any of my plates are chipping(we only have the plates) that I have noticed at least! Will have to watch for it!

  40. Julie

    Yup my butter dish got wonky too:(

  41. Rhonda

    I have these and love them. I hate hearing this . I have been using mine for little over a month and so far none have chipped.. Now I am worried..

  42. Nadina Bloom

    I have a solution that might help you get your kids to do chores. It helped me (and I had boys)
    And now its working on my Grandchildren (2) and (6) . I started a chore jar with all the chores I felt that they could do, wash dishes, put in dishwasher, 1 load of clothes, etc. Not only did they do them but everyday they asked for them. It makes them fun because they dont get tired of doing the same one over and over. My 2 yr old Grandson loves to vacuum. Hope you try this…let me know if it works for you.

  43. Laurene Broyles

    Unfortunately I did the exact same thing you did. Gave them to myself as gift. Love them! But yes mine are very chipped, and I blamed my family. So sad.

  44. Theresa Hinrichs

    I have had the dishes for almost 2 years I have never had a chipping problem. And I use them every day.

  45. Vicki

    Would have bought the dishes, but learned my lessons from my purchase of PW pots and pans. Terrible product. Complained to the manufacturer and they did replace some but the problem continued. Not I’m too skitish to buy anything PW.

  46. Wendy R.

    The main reason I dislike stoneware dishes. Every set I have had chips easily. I do have the butter dish from this Pioneer Woman line and it has chipped a little.

  47. PW Product Team

    Hello, Michelle–and other PW Collection customers! We are sorry if any PW products have disappointed you! Ree is extremely involved in her line and is 100% committed to improving any quality issues that arise. She stands behind her products and will make sure that customers receive replacements if anything goes wrong! Improvements are being made constantly—we want everyone to love the PW line!

    Please email with any PW products that have disappointed you (please include photos for reference) and we will make sure they are quickly replaced! We definitely want to make you happy!

    PW Product Team

    • A.Rich

      Wow wonderful customer service! I may consider purchasing items from this brand in the future for this response.

    • Michelle Price

      Thank you so much for your response! Our team is SO impressed! I’ll contact customer service for sure and we’ll make sure our readers know about this too!

  48. Lc tex

    I too was excited to receive the dishes at Christmas,but soon was disappointed n the quality. 4 dishes and 2 bowls have chipped. Still think they are pretty, but will not buy any more

  49. Jeanette

    I love this!!

  50. Kristin

    I’m happy to report that my Pioneer Woman muffin pan in this pattern is used daily and no chips about 4 months later! Maybe they used sturdier stuff to make that piece.

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