The People Have Spoken! These are the TOP 13 Products You’ve Gotta Buy at ALDI

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moser roth european chocolat one of the best products at aldi hip2save

Oh ALDI, we love you so ❤

And so do our readers! After sharing our favorite ways to save BIG at ALDI, our smart, deal savvy Hip2Save community stepped up in full force to suggest their top ALDI products. Buckle up and grab your wallet!

1.) Belmont mint chocolate chip ice cream

aldi belmont mint chocolate chip ice cream

Give into your dessert craving and get yourself some of this ice cream. Mint not your thing? Try the other flavors!

“The Belmont mint chocolate chip ice cream is delicious!” – Tracy

“The vanilla is so good!” – Jessica

2.) Moser Roth chocolate bars

aldi moser roth european chocolate hip2saveThese beautifully packaged chocolate bars are the REAL deal, sourced right from Europe. ALDI carries multiple chocolate brands, each offering different flavors, shapes, and sizes – and they’re ALL so good. These were suggested MULTIPLE times!

“If you miss the creamy chocolate you had in Germany (like I do), stock up on it at Aldi’s. That’s my first stop when I shop there (the chocolate end-cap).” – MaymeV

“The chocolate they carry is amazing.” – Angela-Miles

“Aldi’s dark chocolate is my crack. $1.99 for a decadent large 4.4 oz bar has made me an official junkie.” – Mamma Palooza

Hip Tip: Use this chocolate for desserts, like Lina’s Homemade Banana Peanut Butter Cups!

3.) Sweet Harvest mandarin oranges

sweet harvest mandarin oranges from aldi hip2save

These tiny, tasty little oranges are perfect for salads, smoothies, or a quick snack!

4.) Organic produce

organic produce at aldi hip2save

The organic produce at ALDI is great not only for its selection, but also for the prices!

“Our Aldi gets tons of great organic produce for the price I’d pay for something not organic at any other store.” – Katy

Hip Tip: Check out more ways to save on produce!

5.) Benton’s caramel coconut fudge cookies

benton caramel chocolate cookies at aldi are just like the girl scout samoas

These cookies look (and taste) just like the Girl Scout version, except they’re less expensive and available year-round!

“I run past them hoping I can have self-control… they have a couple that are just about identical to what you get from [Girl Scouts].” – Megan

6.) Tuscan Garden Italian dressing

aldi italian salad dressing hip2save

Keep these on hand for salads or marinades (the bottle looks identical to name brand dressing)!

“We like the bottled Italian Dressing (the regular one). Haven’t tried the zesty variety yet.” – VB Vee

7.) Simply Nature 100% Organic Grass Fed Ground Beef

aldi simply nature grass fed ground beef hip2save

No added antibiotics or growth hormones, 100% grass-fed, and it’s at the lowest price around – great for those who follow the keto diet!

“I love the organic grass-fed beef… all of the fresh meat is great.” – Steph B

Hip Tip: Check out these awesome tips to save more on meat!

8.) Pretty much anything from liveGfree, ALDI’s gluten-free line

livegfree gluten free line from aldi hip2save

My mom has had Celiac disease for over 30 years, and when this line was introduced, it was a HUGE game changer for her grocery shopping options!

“My son has Celiac disease, and I have found that Aldi has the best selection and best prices around for gluten-free foods.” – Shannon

9.) Their Specially Selected items

specialty selected items at aldi hip2save

You’ll know these when you see them since they’re displayed in black boxes, rather than the rest of the brightly colored cardboard. They’re usually featured on end caps or in the ALDI finds section, but you might also find them in random displays scattered throughout the store.

“I try to buy all the specially selected items usually found in a black box. Almost always from Europe and taste so good.”  – Maria

“Anything under their Specially Selected brand is FABULOUS. Whether it is cheese, flatbread pizza, or dessert.” – Casey

10.) Cheese

cheese selection at aldi hip2save

Sweet dreams are made of cheese. Who am I to dis a Brie? The cheese selection at ALDI can’t be beat. There are tons of options, they’re delicious, and they’re SO reasonably priced!

“I LOVE their CHEESES!!! … the cheeses are VERY inexpensive – DEFINITELY compared to other stores – as well as the flavors are good – Happy Farms is the brand. 🙂” – Mary

11.) Kerrygold butter

kerrygold grass fed butter at aldi hip2save

If you’ve been following Hip2Save for a while, you’ll know that Collin LOVES the keto diet, and this butter is a staple in her kitchen! Picking it up at ALDI ensures you’ll get the best price for it, too!

“Kerrygold butter is so incredibly creamy and sweet. I can’t believe it’s butter!” – Jamie at Hip2Save

“Make a grilled cheese with Kerrygold and it’s life changing… It’s super rich and delicious!” – Lina at Hip2Save

Hip Tip: Lina uses Kerrygold to make the mouthwatering garlic caper butter for this easy Steak and Veggies Sheet Pan Dinner!

12.) Maple syrup

specially selected aldi maple syrup hip2save

Sure, this is from the Specially Selected line that I already mentioned, but this one is worth its own shout out. Real 100% maple syrup can be SO expensive, but not at ALDI 😍 …and it’s delicious!

“A highlight beyond the produce is the 100% maple syrup.” – Sarah

13.) Milk and eggs

friendly farms milk at aldi hip2save

Eggs and milk are the most talked about items by far from ALDI! And while their costs vary from store-to-store, one theme remains – their prices appear to beat the competition by far!

Did we miss your favorite item?

Let me know in the comments!

Written by Emily for Hip2Save. Emily lives in Buffalo, NY where she spends her time drinking lots of coffee, scouring the internet for deals, and tackling DIY projects. She’s a big believer of self-care and living the fullest life possible, all while saving money of course.

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  1. Corina

    I remember growing up, my mom would shop at Aldi and two things stuck in my memory…that the cashiers would know by memory the digit codes for the products and type them in, (before bar code scanners) and that Aldi was considered a store for “poor people”. 30 years later, and the perception of Aldi has changed and it is my favorite ‘go to’ store. They used to sell packaged cubed and julienne sliced ham, but not anymore. They also used to sell whole wheat gnocchi, but now it is a specialty item and is available during their Italy promotion. We love Belmont Super Premium pint ice cream Make Fudge Not War(similar to Ben and Jerry’s brand) Their 100 % whole wheat bread(Similar to taste/texture to Sara Lee). And we prefer their Sundae Shoppe Vanilla Sundae Cones(similar to Blue Ribbon), the cone just seems crunchier.

  2. Kristi Burghdurf

    We have a brand new store opening and it’s only a few miles down the road. I’m super excited to start shopping there, especially for my dogs fresh meals that I make her. I’m going to save A LOT of $$$$$$$!!!!!

  3. Anna

    Once or twice a year they have 100% essential oils 15 ml for $5 (lavender, peppermint, tea tree and eucalyptus). I don’t know the quality for topical use but we use these for bathroom sprays and poop-pourri, simply add distilled water in a small spray bottle. And they have 15oz grapeseed oil for $3 that is a great carrier oil. We use this instead of coconut oil which makes some of us a little itchy.

  4. Lesli

    “Sweet dreams are made of cheese. Who am I to dis a Brie?” Bahaha, you made my day!

  5. Kimnell

    I have to disagree about the faux Girl Scout cookies. I tried mint patties and they were not tasty at all. The coconut ones mentioned above were much better but no way as good as GS options. I think Aldi items are very hot or miss and sometimes their dairy is more expensive then Pick and Save so I shop there very carefully.

    • Jeanie

      I agree about the cookies. The coconut ones are my husband’s favorite GS cookie so he knows. He said Aldi brand was okay, but GS is much better. I like Keebler better. And Aldi thin mint was just awful to both of us. The one that surprised me was the chocolate peanut butter pattie cookie, I actually like that better than the GS.

  6. Nana Donna 2 6

    Their Little Salad Bar chicken salad is very good. My fave is the cranberry one and classic, but there’s also a bacon ranch that isn’t too bad. At one time they had a chipotle type one which is also really good. These are really good on their round snack crackers.

    • Jean

      I love their chicken salad. I used the cranberry and classic on Aldi croissants for a luncheon and got so many compliments. It was served to board members (judges, lawyers, police chief and others) and every one loved it. Everything else we served that day was from Aldi as well.

  7. Desiree

    Love Aldi’s! Their barbeque chips are much better than the name brand chips. Also, their salsa is the best and their coffee is amazing.

  8. Nika

    My son loves the Quaker chewy dipps (chocolate covered granola bars) the name brand gets pricey running $2 – $3/ box if they’re not on sale. Aldi’s brand is just as good and $0.79/box! One of my favorites to pick up.

    • Lee

      I second this!

  9. Jan

    Organic coconut oil in glass, Organic fair trade coffee, Almond butter and FLOWERS!

  10. Susan

    Love the Little Salad Bar Red Pepper Hummus ($1.99) . Comparable to Sabra and tastes great with Deutsche Kuche Pretzel Crackers ($1.69). Also the Simply Nature Sweet Potato Chips are delicious ($1.89)! I pay more than double this for the Jackson’s brand at Publix and they taste just a good.

  11. Julia

    Now that Aldi has a vegan line, their veggie dogs are the cheapest ones in town and my daughter loves them.

  12. Ashleigh

    Smoked salmon and their toilet paper.

  13. Yona Williams

    I did not know Kerrygold Butter was at Aldi’s. I LOVE this store. I love their vintage cheddar cheese. And, I don’t get my apples anywhere else…they have the best Honeycrisp and Golden Delicious apples.

  14. Cyndi

    Their pork rinds!! And their chips, and all the produce! We love aldi!

  15. Annette

    I wish you would carry Pepsi products
    The new A2 milk
    Orida just crack an egg
    Your chicken pot pies no matter how long I cook them never get done on the bottom.
    Your grilled chicken for wraps and things get a rubbery on 1.05 mins and 5 seconds in the microwave.
    The hamburger meat will not hold together for patties
    Blue Bunny sugar free icecream.
    Maybe a reward card for purchasing x amount of $$ like $10 off.
    Let managers hold items for 1 week for a person. Or 2 since you seem to.have the best item’s mid month. Where some of us get paid at the first of the month and.some mid month.
    I could go on as I am a monthly shopper.But will leave things here

  16. Amber W

    I love their Little Salad Bar Guacamole–delicious!

  17. AmyK

    Spices and baking items are always lower cost at ALDI! I like their jars of African simmer sauces. When you find something you like, but it because it may not be there the next week!

  18. Nancy

    I love all of the German products they carry. Though it seems they are carrying less of a variety. And, they haven’t had the regular German franks in a long time. Reminds me of the German butcher when I was a kid.

  19. Liz

    Their coffee is awesome – Fair Trade – $3.99- $4.99 for 12 oz.

  20. Catherine

    Chocolate Croissants, Apple Bread and Aged Cave Cheese!

  21. Catherine

    The cinnamon raisin bagels are amazing.

  22. Sue J

    Just tried Aldi OJ no pulp…best I’ve ever had…waaay better than name brand and over $1 less.

  23. Molly

    We go through 2 boxes of the cinnamon French toast sticks a week! So good! The most cinnamon than any other brands we’ve tried! Cheapest mixed nuts I can find too!

  24. Sheri Morrel

    We love and only buy the ALDI homestyle frozen waffles! Also their macaroni and cheese the super cheap one in the blue box is very good and cheap!! My kids prefer ALDI waffles over any other brand and same with the Mac N cheese! Love ALDI!!!

  25. Susan

    The bagged fresh spinach is great too. I love their shelf stable porcini mushroom tortellini. For fast food/snack the Mama Cozi french bread pizza is as good as Stoufers and their Clancy chips and pretzels are better than any of the name brands. The blue corn tortilla chips are also excellent.

  26. Marg

    Love love love their brioche loafs. The chocolate chip is the best. They also freeze very well.

    • Emily (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Yum! 😋 I’ve had the brioche buns but not the loaves. I’ll have to give them a try! Thank you for sharing!

  27. Susan

    I stopped shopping when store stopped carrying the raisin biscuit cookies it was a cult following

  28. Barbara

    Used to like shopping there until the price of their eggs are higher than the other stores (Kroger, Walmart) don’t give rain checks even when they are “out”of items the morning of the sale, don’t take coupons etc. Not worth the trip.

  29. Bobbie Jo Elwood

    Their shredded cheese had gotten better but ‘specialty’ cheeses still taste off. I haven’t tasted them all but the few I have aren’t great. Milk chocolate bars are too sweet. I like their berry perserves with strawberry being my favorite. Their protein bars are exactly like the granola valley protein bars and I don’t have to shop for a sale. The full fat Greek yogurt is not quite good as fage but for 30% cheaper I’ll take it. Produce is usually the best price around and usually very good.

  30. Al

    Can’t find it anymore in my local Aldi’s but their canned diced tomato with okra was fantastic. Wish they’d bring it back

  31. Beth

    The Piranio ricotta cheese is some of the best I ever tasted.

  32. Karen

    Aldi’s Hawaiian rolls are delicious and half the price of Kings.

  33. Pru Borland

    Sweet potato chips!

  34. Sandra

    I like the corn and tortilla chips also enjoyed the can of chicken and dumplings after I fixed them up and also the beef stew but can no longer find either one. Would like to see them return to the shelf please.

  35. Cheri Williamson

    Their pizzas 🍕 are great and really tasty. I enjoy shopping at Aldi and it’s great when you can get awesome prices and good food without spending an arm and a leg for groceries.

  36. John

    My wife is a huge fan of the Winking Owl Moscato. It’s around $2.78 a bottle and it’s her favorite, regardless of price. Their cereals are incredible and 1/3 the price of name brand. And their faux Chips Ahoy are better than the real thing!

  37. Vanessa Foster

    I love their couscous! It’s much cheaper than other stores, and it’s great!

  38. Judy

    I like their little chocolate cake. Very tasty and just the right size. And top the cake off with Belmont vanilla ice cream! My hubby likes their graham crackers.

  39. Tami

    My son loves the individual Strombolis & we all loved the cheese curds. Unfortunately both are hard to find.

  40. Tim

    I am ketchup expert so to speak. I put Burman’s ketchup neck and neck with Heinz. Even did a taste test with some friends and they couldn’t tell the difference.

  41. Judy Haag

    Chocolate mint cookies like the Girl Scouts sell 🤗

  42. April Linder

    They have good deals on some meats. Got a standing rib roast at 5.99 a lb. Delish

  43. Jenny A.

    Love the sweet potato chips @ Aldi❤

  44. Mike Scholles

    I love their Old World style Turano round Italian bread…however yesterday when I went to buy it..they only stocked half loaf of this bread for the same price as the full round.

  45. Judy h

    Your chocolate ice cream is the best. But once in a while they mess with the recipe and it is dark and bitter. And not sweet or smooth.

  46. Amy Edwards

    Belmont chocolate and vanilla bean ice cream rivals Breyers for sure. Love all their paper products; toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags. Their frozen pork schnitzel is to die for – it’s a splurge for me at $8.99 for the box but it is SO worth it. Can’t beat their prices, quality, and taste for their produce, cheese, humus, snacks, etc. Their chicken thighs and breasts are so much more tender than any other name brand out there. Can you tell I’m an Aldi super fan!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      I sure can! We’d get along great!

  47. Robert S

    The Belmont Peaches and Cream ice cream is one of the best ice creams I have ever eaten. Not only is it full of peach pieces, but the ice cream has a delicious strong peach flavor. Give it a try.

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