19 Awesome ALDI Deals for April You Can’t Afford to Miss

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These dark chocolate coconut almonds are one of the 19 ALDI April deals you need to see!

You had me at ALDI!

After reading through all of the helpful comments on our previous ALDI posts here and here, we discovered that there are just SO MANY awesome ALDI deals for April! 😍 If you have an ALDI nearby and are looking to save BIG on grocery items, grab your quarters & shopping bags – and start making your list.

Happy Harvest Corn 15.25oz (Cream Style & Whole Kernel)
Happy Harvest Cut Green Beans 15oz

ONLY $38¢ per can!

Simply Nature Organic Pasta 16oz – assorted varieties
ONLY $1.19 per box

Millville Chocolatey Covered Granola Bars 6ct
ONLY 79¢ per box!

Clancy’s Pretzel Slims 8oz
ONLY $1.99 per bag

Clancy’s Original or Hot & Spicy Pork Rinds 3.25oz
ONLY 95¢ per bag

Simply Nature Sweet Potato Chips 7oz
ONLY $1.89 per bag

Southern Grove Flavored Almonds 14oz
ONLY $4.99 per bag

Southern Grove Cocktail Peanuts 16oz
ONLY $1.89 per container

Simply Nature Creamy Almond Butter 12oz
ONLY $4.99 per container

Choceur Dark or Milk Chocolate Covered Almonds 12oz
Choceur Dark Chocolate Coconut or Milk Caramel Sea Salt Almonds 10oz

ONLY $3.99 per bag

Little Salad Bar Pine Nut, Spicy, or Olive Tapenade Hummus 10oz
ONLY $1.99 per tub

Little Salad Bar Mild or Medium Cantina Style Salsa 16oz
ONLY $2.49 per tub

Friendly Farms Non-Fat Greek Yogurt 32oz
ONLY $3.49 per tub

Winking Owl Wine 750ml – Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay
ONLY $2.89 per bottle!

Burlwood Extra Dry Sparkling Wine 750ml
ONLY $4.79 per bottle

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels 10oz
ONLY $2.99 per container

Simply Nature Organic Coconut Oil 14oz
ONLY $4.49 per container

Simply Nature 100% Pure Avocado Oil 16.9oz
ONLY $6.99 per bottle

Barissimio Fair Trade Certified Organic Peru or Honduras Coffee 12oz
ONLY $4.79 per bag!

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Comments 81

  1. M.

    Love Aldi for just about anything other than meat. I refuse to buy meat from Wal-mart or Aldi – no reason other than I just don’t trust it!

    • elizabeth

      Ive bought their steaks and theyve been surprisingly delicious and fresh. My aldi has terrible produce.

      • Kathy Duffy

        I shop and buy meat there all the time. Their meat is black Angus..taste better then reg supermarket..bigger cuts better price. Never had any issues.

    • Lynn

      I agree M.! I do not buy meat at either store.

    • Pattyd

      We buy meat at aldis all the time and it’s great

      • Lori

        Me too!

      • marie

        Their Appleton Farms spiral sliced hams are really pretty good!

        • Dee

          100% agree with this comment. My MIL was the pickiest eater that walked the planet. She would ask me all the time if I was going to Aldi so I could pick up one of those delicious hams for her.

    • Kcmiami

      It depends on what meat for Aldi… their chicken is not bad but so far I don’t like their pork or beef. But I also don’t eat meat from Walmart either. Pretty sure Walmart has the longest recall list for meat of any store ive ever stepped foot in which is scary. I think their vendors tend to be pretty shady and it shows.

    • Connie

      I have bought their meat and it has never been very good. I’ve had to return spoiled meat there also. Love Aldi but NO meat for me!

    • Kathy Duffy

      I shop and buy meat there all the time. Their meat is black Angus..taste better then reg supermarket..bigger cuts better price. Never had any issues.

    • Karen

      I thought the meat that Aldi sold was a Product of the USA? What about Walmart?

  2. Tolu

    Hmmm. Yay to 100% whole wheat pasta, coconut oil, and avocado oil.

  3. Donna

    Love their produce and weekly special deals. And they have some of the best chocolate!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      I agree Donna! Their chocolate is SO good!

      • Kathy Duffy

        Read the tags. Chocolate is from Germany.
        At Easter time their chocolate was from Poland

        • Di

          Which is better?

  4. Kim

    I love Aldi! No coupons needed, and their brand tastes as good as the national popular ones. Produce at my store is hit or miss, but meats and breads are good and way cheaper than our grocery chains. I’m so happy we finally have one close by!

  5. barbara

    I Love aldi also if you buy something and do not like it they will take it back. Not alcohol but other items

  6. luna

    How does one receive 25$off or any coupon

  7. SocialSpinz

    I’ve bought meat plenty times at Aldi’s and it’s always been OK. Their boneless ribs are really good and better than most stores that I’ve tried, plus a great price too. Their boneless pork chops are good as well. I don’t really buy steaks or ground beef, have bought chicken and it’s decent.

    • Kathy Duffy

      I shop and buy meat there all the time. Their meat is black Angus..taste better then reg supermarket..bigger cuts better price. Never had any issues.

  8. ticklemaddie

    Do they accept credit cards now? I love to use my credit card for just about everything because I earn miles.

    • lynnleco

      Hi Maddie, My Aldi’s takes my discover card but I don’t know about other cards.

    • C.Rose

      They do take CCs now and have for a few years. I think some also accept EBT cards as well.

    • SUSAN

      Hi there! I found this on Aldi’s website and hope it helps.

      We welcome cash, EBT, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and most debit cards.
      No checks, please. We do not accept manufacturers’ coupons.

    • Elizabeth

      They do take credit cards. Also EBT

    • H

      Hi I currently work at ALDI and wanted to share a few tips that might make your visit smoother.
      ALDI prices will vary geographically from store to store. Even if the locations are a few minutes from one another.

      A tip for ALDI’s customers: products that have red lettering or are placed in front of a solid red strip are temporary items called ALDI finds or special buy. These are normally seasonal items and could last anywhere from one week to three months at a time. Unfortunately we don’t have control over when our items come in we can order them but what is happening as of late is products will be out of stock at our warehouse and never make it to the store.

      Another tip: If you buy a product, produce, meat, bread, juice, any food item besides alcohol and the quality was not up to your standards we will return that for you, and offer to replace the product at no extra cost. So if you buy ground beef and it spoiled quickly feel free to bring your receipt or the remainder of the product and get your money back and another package. You also have the option of choosing something of equal value to replace it with as well. If you want to return a product and are also buying groceries we can subtract the cost of your return from your groceries as well. This return system is called our double back guarantee.

      Another tip: before I shopped at ALDI I was not familiar with the cart system. If you ever forget to bring a quarter and don’t want to carry your items by hand for whatever reason just let an associate know and we will loan you a quarter or cart to use. We also regularly box our products just before we open and late afternoon if you prefer using a box to carry groceries.

      Another tip: We go through our produce before putting it out for purchase every morning but unfortunately we may miss some that are not up to standards. If this happens feel free to let any associate know and we will have someone go through it again and throw it out.

      Another tip: Our policy states that we don’t bag or box groceries, however if you can’t for whatever reason (hands full with children, sprained wrist or whatever) just let us know and we usually accommodate. If the lines aren’t too long I try to bag and box whenever I can.

      Another tip: If you need help shopping for items feel free to let us know! I’ve personally shopped for customers who couldn’t do it themselves for whatever reason.

      Bless you if you’ve read this long. Feel free to ask me questions I’ll answer to the best of my ability have a good day!

      • Rhonda

        H- thank. You for the great tips! I also appreciated that you will go out of your way for customers, thanks for going out of your way to help others! I have never had a bad experience with employees at Aldis!

      • Nono F

        Thank you for all your helpful tips! Love Aldi and you are a good example of why. The people that work there are always kind as well.

      • Nora-Lee

        Thank you H! Thank you for taking the time to write this.

        I didn’t know about the red price tags, helps a lot, sometimes I try something and go back for it and it’s gone, so I know to stock up.

      • LC

        Thank you for the tips!

  9. VB Vee

    It’s been a while since i bought the Family Size frozen trays of Lasagna. I think it was $2.97 or $3.97 per tray. Has anyone seen those at any of the Aldi’s within the past month? I have notice they have the Salisbury Steak and Gravy frozen Family Size trays. I hope they have not discontinue the Lasagna variety.


    • Julie

      Hi VB Vee, I just got one at my Aldi a few weeks ago, and it was delicious! I think they may cost more than that for the family size, but way less than the name brand at the other grocery stores.

      • VB Vee

        Thanks Julie,
        I just did a search and see they carry it in an 88 ounce size. I haven’t noticed that in the local Aldi I go to. I’ll have to look for it.
        We had been getting one that’s around 29 ounces…can’t seem to locate it here lately. My son loves it…and it’s a quick fix entree. We tossed a couple slices of garlic bread/toast along side it and had a easy meal. No leftovers though.

  10. Carrie

    Those chocolate covered almonds are SO addictive!! I buy 2 bags every time I go. (The milk chocolate). And aged white cheese by Cabot.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      LOL! I feel the same way about their almonds! Too yummy to pass up!

  11. Susan Crawford

    The Aldis boneless chicken breast is just fine. I slice it in half, freeze it and buy the mixed vegetables, their brand of bisquick. And I make myself chicken and dumplings. I also get a carton of chicken stock to add to it. It makes dinner and lunch for me.
    Aldis carries a lot of things I buy but their produce can be hit and miss.

  12. Kitty

    Love the smoked almonds!

  13. Amie


  14. Impactbrianna

    The Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels are soooo good!

    • Lori

      My guilty pleasure!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Those do sound tasty! I haven’t tried them yet but may have to grab them the next time I head in my store!

  15. Gretch

    Love Aldi! Their chocolate is addicting and they have a good selection to pack for kid’s snacks

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Yes! Their snack options are AWESOME! My kiddos love to pick out their own!

  16. Ana

    I’ve bought the lobster tails from Aldi and they were surprisingly quite lovely! Their marinated carne asada was ok. Plain salmon fillets are nice with a little marinade and baked in the oven. The chicken is a little scary by us as they are abnormally large. I’ve actually had very bad luck with meat from Lidl, always smells bad.

  17. dkc

    the organic ‘kiddie” cheese puffs are good. same with aldi brand mineral water from italy (better than perrier)>
    i also agree sweet potato chips are yum!

  18. acgold

    We have noticed that the produce does not seem to be as fresh as it used to be. Things go bad very fast.

    • Katie

      We didn’t have good luck with their bananas, I mean how do you mess up bananas??? But they were definitely weird. 🤔

      • Lana

        I agree! What in the world do they do to their bananas? I have been an Aldi shopper for 15 years and the bananas have always been terrible which is a shame since they are .26 a pound.

        If you are having trouble with the produce try another store if you have that option. It seems to depend on the store.

    • Jen Law

      Thank you! I love aldi’s, but for like a year or so now it’s been so hit or miss with their produce. The other day I had to throw out a pack of peppers after buying it only 2 days before, & I checked it thoroughly before.

      • rifat

        Maybe they use sarin gas rather than ethylene gas. Just kiddin’

  19. MIkeyInTheD

    Aldi is where I do 90% of my grocery shopping now. I’ve never had an issue with any of their meat – other than it’s not that great of deal compared to their other products. The produce seems to be hit or miss. Sometimes the bananas never ripen – they go from green to rotten, the strawberries out of season are awful and I usually have to toss 20% of the apples in each bag because they’re bad. The pineapples are cheap and good and never any issue with potatoes, onions, peppers.

  20. Claudia

    Their Asian salad mix in cold case is great! Eggs and milk are always a great deal.

    • Runnergirl79

      Yes! That salad mix is so good! Love to cook some chicken breast strips and then make a yummy salad. Perfect for busy nights!

  21. stevienjoanna

    I buy their meat all the time. Especially the marinated roasts that they started having… they are a great cut and always turn out amazing. The chicken is good quality. Pork chops are great…. and the pork butts make great pulled pork!!!!
    I am very picky… careful and have a family of amazing athletes (in fact my son just signed D1) sooo I don’t play with food…

    • LizKincade

      We love aldi’s too! My son eats their ground turkey almost daily. He also just signed D1! 🙂

  22. Nana Donna 2 6

    Last week there was a special on frozen strudel you bake at home. We had the apple one the other night. Excellent! It was as good as what we get at the German bakery in Amana (Iowa). And it says on the box it’s a product from Germany. Only regretted we didn’t have any local creamery/dairy ice cream. Canned whipped cream was ok tho in a pinch. Can’t wait to try the forest berry strudel.

    • Pattyd

      Yes their German products are yummy

    • Dee

      I keep those strudels on hand in case we have drop-in company. Love the Fruits of the Forest and there was a chocolate raspberry one I think. So yummy and easier to heat up than a pie.

  23. Katie

    For anybody who is gluten-free or looking for gluten free items for friends or family. They have a really great line of gluten-free products it’s the G free line. I have found the bread to be really good and even better than the Udi’s brand. The chocolate baking mix makes awesome gluten free brownies, they have really good gluten free crackers, among other things. I highly recommend that line for Gluten Free People.

    • monkey

      We tried the gluten free mac and cheese tonight and really enjoyed it!

  24. Allie

    The sweet potato chips are awesome, the almond butter is awesome too! They also have really good and really reasonable tortilla chips.

  25. Amy tullos

    ALDI is not only a great place to buy groceries they are also a great place to work. My son is the store manager and they have been to good to him. I hate shopping somewhere where the employees are treated badly. So ALDI is a win win!

  26. susan

    I am not understanding what is wrong with their meat. If it is organic doesn’t it follow the same standards? Please let me know. For their fish I really like that it is all sustainable. I usually opt for the select line with the exception of the tilapia, which I do not think is even in the select line.

  27. Lana

    We love the organic coffee from Peru but the one from Honduras tastes like black licorice to us. Thankfully they gave a refund and replaced with the one we like.

  28. ATM

    I love almost all of the items they sell but only once bought chicken breast and they were very rubbery/hard weird texture idk and the last time I bought spare ribs, they were so bad I had to throw it all away, they were vacuum sealed and the liquid they were in smelled awful which made the ribs smell too even after they were cooked. Maybe it was just bad luck but my experience with their meat wasn’t a good one, other than that I love shopping at aldi.

  29. Sarah

    I can’t believe no one has mentioned their jarred tikka masala sauce. It is by far the best sauce you can buy in a grocery store! I know, I’ve tried them all. The korma sauce is ok, but the tikka masala is outstanding!

  30. *Angela-Miles*

    Don’t forget their spring and summer Tupperware. The past couple years I have grabbed a set for my collection, they have cute designs and are durable!

  31. flora

    I like their Little Salad bar brand of hummus and guacamole. I think they are tastier than the “name” brands. And we always stock up on pork rinds, great for the paleo chicken nuggets! Sad to admit, a lot of the chips are great too. We go to ALDI for snacks instead of Walmart

  32. Andrea

    I love how it says “You had me at Aldi’s”. So true. I saw the word Aldi and I knew I had to read it lol Aldi is my favorite grocery store!

  33. Jen

    Don’t forget the copycat Girl Scout cookies!! They are great, cheaper and available year-round.

  34. Jen Law

    While I do love Aldi’s, it does seem like their quality is starting to go down. At multiple locations near me, I find their produce just doesn’t last long. I’ve had to throw away stuff I had just bought a couple of days prior because of mold when it wasn’t there when I bought it. Also, about 2 months ago I bought some of their organic chicken broth. When I went to use it that night for soup, it looked too clear. So I tasted it & it was just water with maybe a very very slight hint of flavor. I had hubby taste it as well to make sure I wasn’t crazy. I also had to twist the top off, so it wasn’t tampered with. I contacted the company to let them know. Also, I’ve finding the more popular it gets, the more the prices are slowly creeping up. It makes me sad because like I said I do love Aldi’s. And you’d think with their increasing popularity they’d make sure to keep quality up & prices down since that’s what they’re known for.

  35. Ursula C Thime

    They are not consistent. I like to buy grass fed meat. Not the ground one, They had the meat one time, and afterwards it was missing from the shelve, and getting there sometimes. Employee advised they don’t know when it’s delivered, or not. It is annoying.

  36. Ursula C Thime

    In Germany, Aldi Sued has far better quality of food. More organic items. And the cashier’s are letting you look what you are paying. I remember the prices, so that I find them by mistake in their haste charging the products twice.

  37. LC

    I love Aldi, thanks!

  38. Dragonfly121204

    Don’t forget another cheap product there – condensed soups are only .49. I don’t buy them often, but I do use them to make my chicken enchiladas. Their berry prices are excellent! Our local grocery store sells them for double the price sometimes. I tend to be a produce snob and they can go bad so quickly, regardless where it is purchased. I am also an avocado addict and have a hard time finding a place to beat Aldi’s price for them. It is also a way to be able to buy organic produce at a much more reasonable price.

  39. Jay patel

    Keep priced down & quality up.

  40. Lee

    My store doesn’t have bad produce, but I swear, I had to quit buying apples, pears, peaches, etc there because after a day at home, all these fingernail marks appear all over the fruit. I get shoppers trying to test the ripeness, but do they really have to jam a fingernail in 2 or more pieces in each bag? Very frustrating. Yes, obviously it isn’t Aldi’s fault, but apparently we have a produce pinching issue at our store lol.

  41. Michelle

    We live in Tampa and I have been shopping at Aldi for many years especially for organic milk. I went there this week to stock up but prices have gone up on almost everything! I was stunned and very disappointed.

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