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Jun 13 2018
3 months ago
10:36 AM MDT

Is a Cleaning Person Worth It? Here’s What We Think…

Jun 13, 2018 @ 10:36 AM MDT
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Is hiring a cleaning person really worth it?

Ask that to multiple people and you’re sure to get different answers. It usually boils down to cost and who sees the true value in it. At Hip2Save, some team members swear by cleaners to free up time and stress, while others take on household cleaning themselves to save themselves the cost.

To help you make the decision for yourself, we highlighted the main pros and cons of cleaning services, along with some tips for hiring a pro.

A case for having an extra hand.

More time to spend with family and friends.

Cleaning can take hours, sometimes even days, depending on the size and thoroughness desired for the task. While having a clean home is important, studies suggest family time should take priority. It’s simple — the less time you spend cleaning up after your family, the more time you have to enjoy their company.

“For me, the cost of having her clean (just once every 2 weeks) is so worth it! It gives me more time to focus on my family and myself versus spending hours cleaning on the weekend.” — Bryn

“They are great and really do free up your time so you can spend it with family.” — Mary

Less stress for the person who typically cleans.

Whether you work in an office, work from home, or work for your family, not many people are excited about cleaning at the end of the day. Having hired help takes away the burden and stress of doing the job yourself.

“It’s totally worth it! She does all my deep cleaning, toilets, three bathrooms, huge kitchen floor, dining floor — basically all the big icky stuff I don’t want to do. And I would never give her up. I would CRY forever if she quit.” — Jennifer

“I think when you work full time and so does your hubby, it’s just something worth working into the budget — it’s for your sanity! I’m totally one of those people, where if my house is dirty, I shut down. Just not caring is not an option for me!” — Amber

“I work only part-time, and everyone in my family is capable, but I’m never ashamed to let people know I hire a couple awesome ladies to do the work I hate doing!” — Susan

Reduced friction between spouses.

Having a cleaning person makes “who’s turn is it to clean the toilet?” a thing of the past, since cleaning up after each other’s not-so-pleasant side can sometimes put a wedge in the relationship. It also frees up more quality time together!

“It’s been a lifesaver for me, so I can focus on work and family time. I also kind of think it’s helped my marriage, LOL! My cleaners are worth every penny and have been with me for a couple years ❤” — Lina

A case for saving your money

is a cleaning person worth it — using a roomba vacuum

Not spending time “preparing” for the cleaning person.

It’s kind of like washing the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher — sometimes you have to clean before the cleaning person, well, cleans! During the time it takes to organize and prep your space, you may as well have done the full cleaning yourself.

“I’d have to run around and pick up everything before the maid came to make sure she didn’t spend an inordinate amount of time doing that instead of actual cleaning.” — Rockstar

“At my brother-in-law’s house, they had a maid service come in weekly. They spent about 2-3 hours doing the very basic things like vacuuming and mopping, and their house was pretty clean to start with. I was never impressed after they left.” — Pharmchick

Extra cash for fun and family activities.

It’s definitely not cheap to hire out for a cleaning service, so think of what else you could be spending your money on — dinners out, fun activities, even vacations! Does the value of the cleaning person measure up to what else you could be spending the money on?

We book a trip at an expensive resort around twice a year, sometimes three. It’s nice not to have to worry about deals or doing anything for yourself during those trips like fixing your own meals, finding transportation, etc. Getting something that is pretty much all-inclusive or close to it, is a great splurge feeling 🙂  — Angela-Miles

Peace of mind not having a stranger in the home.

You’ll more than likely have a background check on the person who will be cleaning your home, but for some, the thought of an unknown person in the house can still be unsettling. Tackling the cleaning yourself allows you to rid yourself of those worries and know exactly what was cleaned.

“We tried 3 different companies when my husband and I worked full time and really long hours… I always found myself pretty disappointed when I came home — it often felt like the bare minimum was done (they wouldn’t lift up the picture frames to dust, or they would focus on silly stuff like emptying the dishwasher, etc.) It just wasn’t worth the cost or hassle of having strangers in my home.” — Rockstar

Being able to just do it yourself (or delegating to bored kids!)

To some, cleaning is therapeutic! If you enjoy doing the job yourself, why bother spending the money to hire it out? Get some self-care out of it by slathering on a face mask, turning up the tunes, and getting it done.

“I don’t have a cleaning lady, but I find that just doing a little each day keeps me from doing a ton of chores on my days off. For example, I keep antibacterial wipes in each bathroom so the counters and toilet can be wiped down every other day. I make sure the kitchen is cleaned and everything is put away before I go to bed so that I start every day w/ a clean kitchen. Just taking a little time each day to do a few things saves tons of my free time! Also, if my kids say they’re bored, I stick a Swiffer duster or broom in their hands — that helps 😉” — Cass

“I had a cleaning service for my entire married life — 15 years. I finally got tired of it, got a Roomba and have not looked back. I actually enjoy cleaning! I have time to do it, which some might not, but I would spend 3 hours just getting ready for her! Then I would have to leave the house so she could clean, which was annoying since I never knew when she was coming or leaving. I did not realize how much stress it was until I called it quits.” — Angie

Tips for hiring a cleaning person

If you do decide that hiring a cleaning person is right for you and your household, keep these tips in mind:

  • Shop around — Get the best deal and find someone you’ll feel comfortable with in your home.
  • Get background checks and reviews — Check sources like Nextdoor and Angie’s List to find qualified and reputable help.
  • Agree on specific duties and expectations — Discuss how thorough you’d like the cleaning and how long the cleaning professional typically takes for each task. That way you have a defined plan and everyone is on the same page.
  • Get an in-home estimate — Trying to gauge a price over the phone simply doesn’t work, and most in-home estimates are free.
  • Ask about supplies — Does the service provide them or will they be using your stash under the sink? Either way, it’s good to know up front.
  • Ask if they’re green — See if they use environmentally-friendly cleaners if that’s a priority in your household. If they don’t by default, they may oblige if you’re able to supply them with your preferred supplies.
  • Check out Amazon Services — Your favorite online retailer just made it even easier to search for home services! See what’s available in your area by checking here.

“I think Nextdoor is a great resource!” — Bryn

“I used to own a cleaning business! I would definitely be sure to interview tons of different places so you get the best deal — and you’re comfortable with the person/business being in your home!” — Jessica B

Written by Emily for Hip2Save. Emily lives in Buffalo, NY where she spends her time drinking lots of coffee, scouring the internet for deals, and tackling DIY projects. She’s a big believer in self-care and living the fullest life possible, all while saving money of course.

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