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Is a Cleaning Person Worth It? Here’s What We Think…

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Is hiring a cleaning person really worth it?

Ask that to multiple people and you’re sure to get different answers. It usually boils down to cost and who sees the true value in it. At Hip2Save, some team members swear by cleaners to free up time and stress, while others take on household cleaning themselves to save themselves the cost.

To help you make the decision for yourself, we highlighted the main pros and cons of cleaning services, along with some tips for hiring a pro.

A case for having an extra hand.

More time to spend with family and friends.

Cleaning can take hours, sometimes even days, depending on the size and thoroughness desired for the task. While having a clean home is important, studies suggest family time should take priority. It’s simple — the less time you spend cleaning up after your family, the more time you have to enjoy their company.

“For me, the cost of having her clean (just once every 2 weeks) is so worth it! It gives me more time to focus on my family and myself versus spending hours cleaning on the weekend.” — Bryn

“They are great and really do free up your time so you can spend it with family.” — Mary

Less stress for the person who typically cleans.

Whether you work in an office, work from home, or work for your family, not many people are excited about cleaning at the end of the day. Having hired help takes away the burden and stress of doing the job yourself.

“It’s totally worth it! She does all my deep cleaning, toilets, three bathrooms, huge kitchen floor, dining floor — basically all the big icky stuff I don’t want to do. And I would never give her up. I would CRY forever if she quit.” — Jennifer

“I think when you work full time and so does your hubby, it’s just something worth working into the budget — it’s for your sanity! I’m totally one of those people, where if my house is dirty, I shut down. Just not caring is not an option for me!” — Amber

“I work only part-time, and everyone in my family is capable, but I’m never ashamed to let people know I hire a couple awesome ladies to do the work I hate doing!” — Susan

Reduced friction between spouses.

Having a cleaning person makes “who’s turn is it to clean the toilet?” a thing of the past, since cleaning up after each other’s not-so-pleasant side can sometimes put a wedge in the relationship. It also frees up more quality time together!

“It’s been a lifesaver for me, so I can focus on work and family time. I also kind of think it’s helped my marriage, LOL! My cleaners are worth every penny and have been with me for a couple years ❤” — Lina

A case for saving your money

is a cleaning person worth it — using a roomba vacuum

Not spending time “preparing” for the cleaning person.

It’s kind of like washing the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher — sometimes you have to clean before the cleaning person, well, cleans! During the time it takes to organize and prep your space, you may as well have done the full cleaning yourself.

“I’d have to run around and pick up everything before the maid came to make sure she didn’t spend an inordinate amount of time doing that instead of actual cleaning.” — Rockstar

“At my brother-in-law’s house, they had a maid service come in weekly. They spent about 2-3 hours doing the very basic things like vacuuming and mopping, and their house was pretty clean to start with. I was never impressed after they left.” — Pharmchick

Extra cash for fun and family activities.

It’s definitely not cheap to hire out for a cleaning service, so think of what else you could be spending your money on — dinners out, fun activities, even vacations! Does the value of the cleaning person measure up to what else you could be spending the money on?

We book a trip at an expensive resort around twice a year, sometimes three. It’s nice not to have to worry about deals or doing anything for yourself during those trips like fixing your own meals, finding transportation, etc. Getting something that is pretty much all-inclusive or close to it, is a great splurge feeling 🙂  — Angela-Miles

Peace of mind not having a stranger in the home.

You’ll more than likely have a background check on the person who will be cleaning your home, but for some, the thought of an unknown person in the house can still be unsettling. Tackling the cleaning yourself allows you to rid yourself of those worries and know exactly what was cleaned.

“We tried 3 different companies when my husband and I worked full time and really long hours… I always found myself pretty disappointed when I came home — it often felt like the bare minimum was done (they wouldn’t lift up the picture frames to dust, or they would focus on silly stuff like emptying the dishwasher, etc.) It just wasn’t worth the cost or hassle of having strangers in my home.” — Rockstar

Being able to just do it yourself (or delegating to bored kids!)

To some, cleaning is therapeutic! If you enjoy doing the job yourself, why bother spending the money to hire it out? Get some self-care out of it by slathering on a face mask, turning up the tunes, and getting it done.

“I don’t have a cleaning lady, but I find that just doing a little each day keeps me from doing a ton of chores on my days off. For example, I keep antibacterial wipes in each bathroom so the counters and toilet can be wiped down every other day. I make sure the kitchen is cleaned and everything is put away before I go to bed so that I start every day w/ a clean kitchen. Just taking a little time each day to do a few things saves tons of my free time! Also, if my kids say they’re bored, I stick a Swiffer duster or broom in their hands — that helps 😉” — Cass

“I had a cleaning service for my entire married life — 15 years. I finally got tired of it, got a Roomba and have not looked back. I actually enjoy cleaning! I have time to do it, which some might not, but I would spend 3 hours just getting ready for her! Then I would have to leave the house so she could clean, which was annoying since I never knew when she was coming or leaving. I did not realize how much stress it was until I called it quits.” — Angie

Tips for hiring a cleaning person

If you do decide that hiring a cleaning person is right for you and your household, keep these tips in mind:

  • Shop around — Get the best deal and find someone you’ll feel comfortable with in your home.
  • Get background checks and reviews — Check sources like Nextdoor and Angie’s List to find qualified and reputable help.
  • Agree on specific duties and expectations — Discuss how thorough you’d like the cleaning and how long the cleaning professional typically takes for each task. That way you have a defined plan and everyone is on the same page.
  • Get an in-home estimate — Trying to gauge a price over the phone simply doesn’t work, and most in-home estimates are free.
  • Ask about supplies — Does the service provide them or will they be using your stash under the sink? Either way, it’s good to know up front.
  • Ask if they’re green — See if they use environmentally-friendly cleaners if that’s a priority in your household. If they don’t by default, they may oblige if you’re able to supply them with your preferred supplies.
  • Check out Amazon Services — Your favorite online retailer just made it even easier to search for home services! See what’s available in your area by checking here.

“I think Nextdoor is a great resource!” — Bryn

“I used to own a cleaning business! I would definitely be sure to interview tons of different places so you get the best deal — and you’re comfortable with the person/business being in your home!” — Jessica B

Written by Emily for Hip2Save. Emily lives in Buffalo, NY where she spends her time drinking lots of coffee, scouring the internet for deals, and tackling DIY projects. She’s a big believer in self-care and living the fullest life possible, all while saving money of course.

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  1. Sara

    Can you stay in your home while they clean? Would any cleaning service agree to that? I could sit on my couch with my feet off the floor. I would be out of their way but I could still keep an eye on them. I won’t give my keys to anyone except my mother.

    • luna

      Absolutely can

    • Sara

      My husband and I both work for home and we are always around when our cleaners are here. We just take a break and move to a different part of the house when they need to work in our respective offices. We have had a few cleaners through the years, and nobody has ever had a problem with us being around.

  2. Lauren

    I hired a cleaning lady 5 years ago and have never looked back!!! Being a full-time working mother, spending the extra quality time with my kids instead of cleaning is totally worth it!

  3. Miriam

    We’ve had a few in the past and while, yes, it freed up time, it was a financial sacrifice. They charge $20-30/hr in our area, and that’s in cash, too! We’ve learned to do it ourselves—10 minute speed clean tasks each day and deeper cleaning tasks as a family on weekends. We like that our kids are now learning to do their part to maintain the household, too. 🙂

  4. LIZ

    Im a SAHM…so i try doing a few things everyday when my kids are occupied but once every few months i call a cleaning service who clean all the windows and the fans and deep clean the bathrooms…they charge $120 for the entire house and i think a couple of times a year its worth it. I cannot afford it every 2 weeks…maybe once i go back to work but now its not possible.

    • NB

      I like this idea!! Hiring for maintenance cleaning instead of every 2 weeks/mo.

    • nkis

      I am a SAHM also and have found it cheaper and easier for me to clean either an 1- 1 1/2 hours a week or 10-15 minutes a day during the week and if you stay on top of it your house stays pretty clean. for us we think of it rather use the extra for vacation

  5. countrygal

    Can you hire someone just to do the windows? That would be so nice. I would have to be home when they came, just can’t hand over the keys to someone.

    • Suzanne H

      There are companies that just do windows, inside and out!

  6. Suzanne H

    We have a lovely couple that owns their business and they come in every other week. I think part of the key to success is to provide your cleaners with a clear cut list of what you would like done. Our housekeepers do not pick up stuff/deal with clutter as they don’t want to be accused if something ends up missing. So we do have to pick up the night before they come BUT this keeps us from letting our house get too messy (which I like even if my husband and kids could care less). I have them do the things I don’t like to do – clean all of the bathrooms, change all of the beds, wash the sheets, dust and vacuum while I do dishes, laundry and day-to-day cleaning (the things I don’t mind doing). Having two adults with full time jobs + kids + animals + life, we just can’t get by without some help!

  7. Tam

    I’ve had the same person for 4 years and it makes a world of difference. Both my husband and I work from home and it’s really stressful not having time to get to the cleaning. She comes in every Monday and gets the house back in shape after weekends full of activities and madness. She used to come in twice a week but it was too much, once a week is perfect and we pay $65 for about 3 hours.

    I found my housekeeper through a cleaning service (handy) and I liked her work and asked her if she’d consider working from me. I’m normally home when she cleans and it can be a little odd but you get used to it 🙂

  8. Micala

    I clean houses for a living. I absolutely love it. I personally feel like it improves quality of life for so many people. I definitely think when you find a housecleaner you can trust, you’ve found a good friend! It’s really worth asking around your friend/mom/professional circle to see who they recommend. Who they recommend may not be the cheapest, but their quality work and trusted reputation will be a fantastic value to your household!

    Great post, H2S!

    • Sarah

      Hi Micala, I just applied for a second job and if I do get it, was thinking of hiring someone to clean once or twice a month. What is a good mid-range price to clean a small 1 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment? Vacuuming, mopping, change sheets, bathroom, dusting, unloading dishwasher, wiping countertops? I would supply my own cleaning supplies, since I use more natural stuff like method and ms meyers.

    • Libby

      Bless you Micala – I’m so glad there are people that LIKE to clean and are good at it! I was raised by an overworked, single mom and we only did the bare minimum growing up. I find that, not only do I not t like to clean, I’m not very good at it. I get distracted putting things away or going to check on the laundry and cleaning ends up taking FOREVER! I’ve never had a house cleaner but I’m seriously considering it 😅

    • Melissa Reeder

      Hi Micala! I have a gal come once a week to clean our home and have always wondered if i should tip her? Sometimes she spends extra time on something at no extra cost…. What about holidays? Any help you have on this would be greatly appreciated! 😉

  9. Carrie

    I had a friend who was out of work start cleaning for me a few years ago. It was a way to help her out financially (and not hurt her pride) while also getting things done I didn’t want to do. It was a bargain at $15/hour! She did stuff I wouldn’t normally do–move the couch or the stove. And she used all my own supplies, which is important to me because I only buy/use vegan & cruelty-free cleaning products. She came every other weeks on Friday and it was so lovely to come home to a clean house! I live alone, so it’s not usually that messy. But it was good for me to have to put everything back in its place every two weeks. She had to retire earlier this year. What I miss most is having someone else clean the house while I’m away on vacation–it was SOOO nice to come home to a clean house (and not have to rush around cleaning it before I left town)!

  10. Marshajean77

    I work full time and I recently started a side business that has gotten very busy (making personalized gifts/signs). My house started looking like a bomb when off. I decided to hire a close friend of the family for $100 every other week. Worth every penny…. since I’m making so much with my side gig I was able to justify the cost as it gave me more time to work on orders. Before the side gig though I’d have to say $200 a month is just too much if I actually had time to clean it myself.

  11. Glc45

    I clean houses, in my opinion it’s worth it. At a house I clean, I often hear how their favorite day of the week is when I’m there because it’s nice going home to a nice clean house. I’ve been doing this for about 2 years and have always cleaned an empty house, sometimes they’re around but not inside. I’ve never had any problems, but I guess if you don’t feel comfortable leaving a stranger in your house you can request background check or to be there until you feel comfortable. I was a stay at home mom before I started to clean houses, so far it has been an awesome experience I can make some money, and still have time for my home, my child and I also went back to school.

  12. celticmommie

    Are there companies that do a “moving out” type cleaning? We are planning to move early next year and, while I can handle bathrooms and general stuff, I need a serious deep clean – refrigerator, windows, baseboards, vacuuming edges of carpet, etc. Between working and motherhood, I do not have the energy to tackle that! It would totally be worth the money.

    • JES

      Our realtor was able to provide several options for cleaning services. They have rentals and gave us then contact info for the services they use to deep clean between renters. Reasonably price for everything they did to get the house show worthy.

  13. Chrissy

    I would recommend sites like,,,, depending on your situation. These sites are free, or very affordable fee plans, you correspond with the potential workers o the website. You see their photo, read about their experience, they’ll have references available and some actually verify those…background checks are done or you can ask them to submit one. I have been on both sides, as a worker and customer. It has really helped me out in between jobs, or while I was taking classes. It has also helped me when I needed last minute help. The last two sites mentioned are not just for senior care, but also household tasks and for people who just had surgery etc. and may need some help around the house. You have the option to pay in cash, check or simply through the website, so that no money is exchanged. Generally, great deals can be found like this or by way of reference vs. paying for the big name companies. You have to realize that while they’re charging you say $35 an hour, the worker may be only making $10 from that hour. Think where you want your money to go and what’s important to you.

  14. Mona

    My husband and I both work full time and have two kids and a dog. I can honestly say, I have done both. Yes, it’s great to have someone else do all the “dirty” work for you if you want to make that splurge and have more free time but with anything, there are pros and cons. Whether you have a cleaning lady clean every week or every other or only two hours at a time, it’s still $$ out of your pocket and something you could totally do on your own. To me, anything you know how to do on your own, why not do it and save that $ for other things? Doesn’t matter whether you do background checks or not, it doesn’t mean anything since anything can happen at anytime, not just from their previous clients. I have a friend that used a clean lady every other week and she has used her for many many years but still managed to break a very expensive lighting fixture, dented her stainless steel fridge, broke other items in the house too. It happens but that is costly. So my friend had to go out and buy a new fridge which costs $1,800 and her fixture was over $400 but is no longer available and it had sentimentle value. Same exact thing happened to my co-worker multiple times. And yes, you need to clean before the cleaning lady comes so what’s the point? It’s not like you can leave your clutter around and the cleaning lady will spend her time picking up your mess and leaving less time for you. I used a cleaning lady many times and my husband doesn’t like others he doesn’t know in the house and she didn’t put things back exactly how it was originally on the nightstand, coffee table, etc. it drove my husband crazy. I take a little time each day to clean something, therefore when the weekend comes, Im not spending hours cleaning. And I’m an early riser usually do I get up early while everyone is still sleeping to clean so it doesn’t take away anything from my family time. I also have a friend that is a stay at home mom, her kids all go to school but yet she has a cleaning lady? Everyone asks the same question. You are a stay at home mom and no kids to bother you all day and you have a cleaning lady?! Some people just prefer to do nothing and spend the money which is totally fine if that’s what you want to do but for me, I’ll use that money elsewhere.

    • Joni

      I don’t have a person cleaning anymore but when I could afford it, it was worth every penny. People have strengths and weaknesses. Where as I excel on some things, keeping up with house keeping isn’t one of them. I also want to spend my time with the kids and plan and do elaborate summer activities (I’m a school psychologist so I have 6 weeks in summer off). When It isn’t summer and I work, I’m exhausted and crash after the kids go to bed. I’d prefer for someone else to come in a mop floors, deep clean bathrooms and kitchens, and dust. It gives me more time to spend with my kids. When I had someone come in, we would keep up with the day to day things (dishes, laundry, wiping counters, picking up toys, etc). My kids still had responsibilities to do their part. Yes, I can and now we are doing it ourselves, but IMO it makes a difference. I felt it was a better quality of life and worth it. My DH started a new job and if things go well, I will definitely have someone back over.

    • Margaret

      I don’t think anyone is arguing that they are incapable of cleaning themselves. I think the point is that time is worth money, and the time you get back in your life from a cleaning crew or person is valuable. I work 50+ hours a week and I’m in the process of planning a wedding. The last thing I want to do at the end of a long day is do a deep dive into cleaning my apartment. Having a cleaning person has changed my life and my fiance and I don’t argue about who has to clean what anymore, and that is PRICELESS. 🙂

  15. Hope

    At the moment it just feels so weird to have a stranger come into my home and clean when I’m perfectly capable of cleaning muself.

  16. Christina

    I only work part time now, but I still have my cleaning lady come in every other week. It’s an amazing service that I don’t think I could live without. OK, maybe I could live without her, but I wouldn’t want to. It is the best $80 I can spend. I know you can’t buy happiness, but there are certain luxuries that feel like you’re buying happiness (caffeine, cleaning lady, date night).

    • Margaret

      Could not agree more. Coming home after a long day to a clean home (that you didn’t have to slave all day doing) – nothing beats it.

  17. Nmd323

    My husband and I both work full time. When I was a stay at home mom, I didn’t mind cleaning. When I started working, I hired a housekeeper to come every 3 weeks. Best decision EVER! It has allowed me so much more time with my children and husband. It also saved a lot of arguments between us. I can afford it, so it’s worth it to me. I’ve never had anything missing or stolen to date. Some people prefer fancy vacations or material belongings, but I prefer a strong marriage and extra time to make memories with my children!

  18. Sue

    When I worked, I had a cleaning lady. She was a friend of a friend, experienced, and came highly recommended. Then things started to go missing from my house. At first we thought we were just misplacing things that would eventually turn up. After that, my neighbor told me that she would bring her trash and put it out at the curb with mine. Trash day and cleaning day were both on Fridays. The final straw for me was one Friday when I arrived home and the house was still dirty. There was a note saying that the vacuum cleaner had died, so she couldn’t clean, but the cash I had left for her was gone. I tried the vacuum and it was fine. When I called her to “fire” her, she asked for 2 weeks’ notice! We now live in a different house and my daughter is the only other person who has a key. It would be difficult for me to trust any cleaning lady or service again.

  19. Jodi P

    I have a very low income, I’m on SS Disability, but I scrimp on everything so I can have a cleaning lady once a month for $75. It has made a WORLD of difference in my life. I cannot maintain my home well on my own, aside from the daily dishes, laundry, broom sweeping, sinks and toilet. Vacuuming and mopping are hard to do, since I use a cane most of the time. I cannot clean the tub well at all. I live alone, so the house doesn’t get filthy, but the “dust and crust” and cobwebs, etc can really build up. On the occasional day where I do feel pretty good and might be better able to tackle these things…..I DON’T WANT TO, lol. I don’t want to waste a good day, or hour, doing something miserable.

    It’s wonderful to have people over and not be anxious that they see a filthy tub, or dust and grime, anywhere. I have a guest bedroom, and I love that it is always ready, RIGHT NOW, for someone to stay.

    Having a cleaning lady also greatly alleviates my DEPRESSION.

    Many people think it might be a waste of money, but almost everyone spends money on something that others feel is a waste. Restaurants, manicures, movies, cable tv, sports, etc.

    I should have done this years ago.

    • Nicole S.

      If you have medical issues there is a service for those that cant do their own cleaning. I have a friend that has a heart issue and she has someone come 2 times a week for 4 hours to do whatever she needs done. She gets the service because her doctor said she was not able to do these things. The service is free for her so you may ask your social worker or someone like that that could give you some information on getting the help you need. I think it is through the state that she gets this service.

  20. 417bmcatee

    My mom is in her eighties and has a cleaning lady. I think she comes 1 or 2 times per month. She’s wonderful. Obviously, both of my parents are home when she cleans. They talk and my parents enjoy the company. She brings all of her own cleaners and deep cleans and does stuff my mom can’t do anymore. She was a huge help when they sold their house last year and moved into assisted living. She even helped them pack!

  21. Maggie

    For those worried about a stranger in your home, start off being home always when the cleaner is there. If you develop trust, you can run out and do some errands randomly as you work toward giving more unsupervised time. Mine doesn’t have a key, but she sometimes locks up when she’s done if I have to run out.

    One consideration is doing things legally: either hire a company that withholds payroll taxes, covers SS payments, keeps I-9 paperwork, and w/c insurance, or else you need to do all those things yourself. If you hire a person directly, YOU are their employer and liable for complying with state and federal employment requirements. I think it’s unfair to not have social security contributions made for cleaners, as the availability of future SS benefits (disability, retirement income) for these women depends on having money contributed over their working careers.

    • Elaine Dos Santos

      I work with house cleaning for 15 years, if you need cleaning in sia house and just call me by phone 617-775-4164, and I have good references, call me to make the price

  22. Jessica

    Am I the only one who is so particular that they just want it done their way? 😁 I’m really picky and I can’t see someone else doing it “my way”.

    • Michelle

      Me. I am very picky and feel like it won’t be done right if I don’t do it. Lol!

    • *Angela-Miles*

      Same here!! Lol…I’m particular about things like that. So, I told my significant other I’ll do most of the cleaning haha…he can cook more and I’ll clean 🙂 😉 He don’t mind LoL

  23. Robin

    I have had the same cleaning lady for 26 years. Five kids and a career did me in and I can’t imagine doing it without her. I think if you can find a good one, it is well worth it!

  24. ReneeAnn

    Now that I have a Shark robot vacuum I actually feel I can survive without a house cleaner! (40% off at Kohl’s thanks to H2S) Vacuuming and mopping is my most dreaded task because it has to be done so often with 3 young kids. Now I run it every evening after they go to bed while I quickly wipe down counters with wet wipes. Floors might not get mopped very often but crumbs and dust was the biggest annoyance. I plan to get someone to do baseboards, fans and windows every 4-6 months.

  25. Jill

    I could never justify having a cleaning lady. To me it’s all about having a routine. I do not understand how some people’s houses get so “messy”. My kids have always known the importance of picking up after yourself and pitching in to help. It is good for them to see what is involved and how to do things. I know so many families that have really messy and dare I say dirty homes but yet have time for every show out there and video games and browsing the internet. Set priorities.

    • Sara

      For me, it’s not a conscious choice. My ADHD really gets in the way of regular cleaning. I usually can’t focus long enough to make a big enough dent. When I can focus, I am hyperfocused so I get alot done. When I lose focus, work stops and might not pick back up for weeks. The clutter comes back.

      I regularly take out the trash, clean my toilet, sweep, and pick up hair. I Swiffer my kitchen/dining/living room/bathroom/hallway floors when necessary. I scrub my kitchen and bathroom floor grout about every 15 – 18 months. I wipe down my microwave and stovetop and do laundry when it’s needed.

      My dishes don’t get washed as often as they should. I hate doing dishes. When I do wash my dishes(by hand), they are very clean. My biggest problem is general clutter. I do throw out junk papers, but not often enough. Every two months I black out my prescription labels and throw the bottles out.

      I don’t have any attachment to the clutter. I put off maintenance requests due to the mess. Nothing gets done unless I’m in the mood to do it. It can’t be planned. It has to be spontaneous.
      If I think about it, it won’t happen. I want my apartment to be clean and organized, I just can’t stay focused or interested long enough to get it done.

  26. Elaine Dos Santos

    I work with house cleaning for 15 years, if you need cleaning in sia house and just call me by phone 617-775-4164, and I have good references, call me to make the price

  27. Courtney

    I use an app called Tick Tick. I have it set up to remind me of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks. I spend no more than 10-30 minutes per day on cleaning and my house has never been so clean. My boys also share age appropriate chores off my list.

    • Elaine Dos Santos

      I work with house cleaning for 15 years, if you need cleaning in sia house and just call me by phone 617-775-4164, and I have good references, call me to make the budget

  28. Dino

    Please hire American! Illegal immigration costs us all more in the long run. Thanks!

  29. Ihearthip

    I tried it a couple of times but it’s not for me. One service left my house smelling like bleach/chemicals for days. One service spent time hand washing my handful of dishes in the sink (no thanks!). One lady arrived early and my baby was taking a nap so I just wasn’t ready to let her in yet. That led to a bit of tension. And she arrived without all of the needed cleaning supplies. My house isn’t the cleanest, but I am s neat freak and try to do as much as I can. I can’t do it all, all the time, but thankfully I’ve learned to let go a little. Life is meant to be enjoyed with family not stressing over all the little stuff.

  30. Kelly C

    I am a stay at home mom with all kids in school and I have a cleaning lady once a month. I am a very frugal person and save money in so many other ways but LOVE this once a month cleaning doing things that I never have to do all year. I would not do this if she came more than once a month because it would cost too much.

  31. Melissa Rice

    Personally I would rather put the money away for my son’s college than spend on a cleaning person. I don’t make $60 an hour and I don’t want to pay someone else that equivalent of money. I am a full time working mom and I realized I can spare 15-20 minutes everyday for cleaning if I am not with my phone all the time. My home is pretty clean, because I do a little bit of cleaning everyday and dedicate a couple of hours on the weekend. I still get to spend enough quality time with my family. It’s not the cleaning, it’s the phone that takes away quality time!!!

  32. alh071

    We have cleaners come once a week. It’s worth every penny. I simply could not keep up on my own.

  33. Jenn

    We have a cleaning lady (and sometimes man, her husband!) and it’s totally worth it. We both work and technically could make the time to clean, but there are several tasks we just don’t want to bother with. We have a toddler and a dog (who sheds like crazy), so having someone sandblast (haha) our kitchen table and clean the nose prints off the sliding glass door every other week is awesome. We do spend the evening before picking up stuff – that fact alone makes having someone clean our house worth it because we tend to let things pile up lol. We never do a pre-clean though, just putting everything where it belongs. I noticed a few people said they don’t want to pay someone to do something they can do themselves – I definitely see that point of view, but on the other hand, I guarantee we all pay people to do things we could do ourselves (changing oil in the car, making coffee, etc).

  34. 50ShadesofLipstick

    Everyone has to decide for themselves if it’s worth it and why. For me, I can definitely afford to hire someone to clean our home but I believe that it’s the responsibility of each member of the family to contribute towards maintaining a clean and organized home- whether we work or not. My kids are 6 and 2 but they have always been taught to pick up after themselves (their toys and clothing especially) and help us out w/ chores (they empty the dishwasher every morning and set/clean up the table before and after meals too). We keep our home very minimalist, so that eliminates clutter and junk (e.g. all mail/paperwork gets dealt w/ right away, so nothing piles up). I have a robot vacuum, so sweeping and vacuuming are taken care of nightly w/o us having to do it ourselves. We don’t find it difficult or tedious to clean the rest of the home either honestly- my husband takes a steam mop or Bona to our floors as needed, we all make our own beds, laundry is easy (b/c I run separate loads for everyone which eliminates sorting and we also hang our clothing instead of folding and ironing), dusting is a task that my kids actually enjoy w/ those Swiffer Dusters, and cleaning bathrooms isn’t too bad at all if you maintain it weekly. I wipe our counters and the stovetop nightly and wipe down appliances/backsplash weekly. It feels like a big accomplishment when we’re done with our house chores and get to relax in a home that we cleaned on our own. It’s very important to me that my boys learn the value of hard work and that I raise them to understand that men are absolutely responsible for domestic tasks so even if I can spare the $ to pay a housekeeper, I’d rather that we do it ourselves.

  35. responsibility

    why don’t people make their kids clean? my family spends one hour every Saturday to clean a 1600 sq ft second floor of my house. 4 bedrooms a big hall 2 bathrooms a laundryroom catboxes, we vacuum, sweep, mop, dust, scrub toilets, sinks, bathtubs, wash windows etc. cleaning is soooooo easy. my husband and I do most of it. how big of pigs are people? then on Sunday we spend one hour doing the same things but on the main floor. and that floor is even more square footage. There are 5 young kids that live here a 10 month old, 2,5,7,9 year old. and we have cats, dogs, chickens. plus 5 acres we take care of. I guess i don’t get it. and how do most people’s houses get dirty when people are never home and when they are they are asleep.

  36. *Angela-Miles*

    Just now seeing this post, I’m a little late lol. Even though I like the thought of it, I could never have someone in my house to clean. We are picky who we have over…besides the fact that I’m particular about how stuff should be cleaned is another issue Lol. I don’t mind doing laundry, vaccuming and wiping stuff down all the time, but having baseboards, light fixtures and windows cleaned for you would come in handy! Back when I lived in an apartment, use to hate all the constantly changing maintenance men popping in and the office staff doing random inspections 4 or 5 times a year. So maybe that’s part of why I don’t want people in my house now Lol 😉
    I really like this post!! 🙂

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