Is a House Cleaning Service Worth the Money? Or Should I do it Myself?

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Decide if house cleaning services are worth the expense after reading through our team’s insight.

woman cleaning shower tile wall with diy shower cleaner

Everyone loves a clean house, but at what cost? 🧼✨

We weighed the pros and cons of house cleaning services so you can decide what’s best for you and your home – no matter your chapter of life.

Of course, everyone has their own opinion on the subject of hiring cleaning help. By the end of this post, you’ll be able to know if house cleaning services are right for you by reading diverse input from our team and many Hip readers.

These are some reasons a house cleaning service may be a great choice for you:

woman using microfiber cloth to clean stainless steel faucet

Less time cleaning means more family and friend time.

Cleaning can take hours, sometimes even days, depending on the size and thoroughness desired for the task. While having a clean home is important, studies suggest family time should take priority. It’s simple. The less time you spend cleaning up after your family, the more time you have to enjoy their company.

Hiring house cleaning services is less stressful for the person who typically cleans.

Other studies have shown time and time again that cleaning responsibilities are major stressors in relationships. It’s so easy to slip into resentment if you feel like your partner isn’t pulling their weight when it comes to cleaning up. Even if they’re helping around the house in other ways. Having a house cleaning service takes away the burden and stress of doing the job yourself.

Take this quiz to see how much valuable time you’re spending doing household chores.

Using a house cleaning service may reduce friction between partners or roommates.

Dirty dishes can definitely escalate quickly and become an annoyance and this is just one example of how having a house cleaning service could make a difference in your home. The “Whose turn is it to clean the toilet?” is a thing of the past with house cleaning services and it also frees up more quality time for you and your partner.

House cleaning services may be necessary for some since it’s physically demanding.

Simply deep cleaning a bathroom on your hands and knees can be enough to work up a sweat whether you live in a small apartment or a large home. Lifting, scrubbing, reaching, and just the general movements we make while cleaning can be strenuous, and not everyone is physically able to do it.

It provides instant gratification. 

Our society lives for instant gratification these days whether you agree with it or not. So, if you find yourself happiest with instant gratification, then hiring a house cleaning service may be beneficial. Plus, there’s nothing like coming home to a clean house after a hard day’s work.

woman doing her own house cleaning services pushing tineco mop on wood floor

Here’s why some of our Hip sidekicks think house cleaning services are important:

“YES! I’ve hired a cleaning service once before. I’ve moved past the embarrassment of my ‘too busy’ to allow someone to assist me. I plan on doing the same thing come June when I take maternity leave. After a c-section, I can’t even fathom keeping up with a house with three pets and two other humans. It takes a village!” – Soleil, Hip sidekick

“I wish I would have hired someone sooner in life. It gives me back invaluable time with my family and myself on weekends and makes me feel more organized and together and helps curb resentful feelings of the chore war. 😂” – Lina, Hip sidekick

“I have a bi-weekly cleaning service and I love it because it allows me to not worry about deep cleaning bathrooms, dusting blinds, etc. All I do between cleanings is tidy up the house and surface-clean. The amount of stress and time that I save (and spend doing things I love instead) is well worth the cost of a cleaner.” Bryn, Hip sidekick

“I have so many other things I would prefer to do with my extra time that I think it’s totally worth the money. I also tidy up and surface clean in between when the cleaner comes but I really appreciate not having to do the grunt work myself.” -Angie, Hip sidekick

I so recommend having a cleaning service come if you have wiggle room in your budget, even if it’s just once or twice a month. It’s so great just knowing that bathrooms will regularly be getting deep cleaned as well as other areas of my home. The time and stress it alleviates is invaluable to me. – Collin, Hip2Save Owner

Even many of our savvy, Hip readers think house cleaning services are worth every penny:

“For me, it’s 100% worth it! Your time is valuable too and there are only so many hours in a day, and your kids are only going to be young for a short while. Don’t waste valuable time doing things that won’t make memories for your family!” Kelley, Hip reader

“I have a lady that comes weekly, and it is the best thing ever. With full-time work, full-time homeschooling, and full-time mom-ing, it’s totally worth paying for the help. Plus, it doesn’t make me spend my whole day off work cleaning the house instead of taking my kids on adventures.” – Stacy, Hip reader

“Yes, yes, yes it’s worth it! Some people spend money on their hair and nails. I spend money to have someone sweep/mop floors and clean both bathrooms once a month. Worth every penny!” – Victoria, Hip reader

“House cleaning services are cheaper than marriage therapy. We have someone come once a week and everyone is happy.” – Janet, Hip sidekick

“A house cleaning service is worth it to me. I have MS and can’t clean my whole house so I have someone come in every three weeks to really clean the house and then I can just maintain it between the cleanings.” – Laurie, Hip reader

“I have used a cleaning service a few times and have loved every bit of it. Wish I could use them all the time but I have only used them when I’ve moved in so they can get a real deep clean and before the holidays when I’ll have too much going on to do all the Clorox cleaning I would like. I have yet to be disappointed! Doing your research in finding a good company is key.” – Krystal, Hip reader

On the other hand, here are reasons you may NOT want to use a house cleaning service:

man cleaning house with odoban

If you have to spend time preparing for the cleaning person, what’s the point?

It’s kind of like washing the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher. Many homeowners sometimes feel they have to clean before the cleaning person or they’re embarrassed by their current mess. During the time it takes to organize and prep your space, you may as well have done the full cleaning yourself.

Instead of paying for house cleaning services, you could be saving for something more valuable.

It’s definitely not cheap to hire any good house cleaning services. Plus, think of what you could be spending your money on instead! You could splurge on dinners out or even a vacation you may have had to skip in the past. Does the value of the cleaning person measure up to what else you could be spending the money on?

You don’t have to worry about having a stranger in your home.

For some, the thought of an unfamiliar person in the house can still be unsettling. Ultimately, you may decide that your kid’s or a pet’s safety and/or avoiding irreplaceable valuables being potentially stolen or broken aren’t worth the cost of a house cleaning service.

Cleaning your home can be therapeutic.

It’s true that cleaning can be a great form of therapy as it gives you the space to think and can even relieve some stress. Cleaning can even be relaxing when you’re able to manage your mindset and the final results are so satisfying. Especially when you did it on your own.

 woman doing her own house cleaning services by cleaning shower doors with car microfiber cloths

Here’s why some of our Hip sidekicks don’t think a house cleaning service is necessary:

“I don’t have a cleaning service and I never have. I do clean up as I go and get laundry done throughout the week. Sometimes the kids help out and other times my husband takes over like he did this past weekend to get most of it done. However, my house is small, so I could literally get a good cleaning done in just a couple of hours. If my house were bigger, I would reconsider for sure.” – Amber, Hip sidekick

“I was taught to be tidy and clean up after myself which I am so thankful for as an adult. I’m trying to instill the same thing in my 3 kiddos. I don’t want to pay someone to clean up after them – they’re completely capable of helping and will appreciate me for it one day too. Plus, I have 3 active kids so if I were paying for house cleaning services, I think I would only feel more stressed if they dirtied things almost right after they left and I paid money for it. I don’t mind doing occasional deep cleanings when necessary. It’s normally on a weekend when we have no plans and I enjoy being home and slowly knocking one thing out after the other. It feels good to love my home the way we do and I always sleep best on those nights when the house feels spotless. – Sara, Hip sidekick

“I don’t have a cleaning service, but just taking a little time each day to do a few things saves tons of my free time! Also, if my kids say they’re bored, I hand them a Swiffer duster or a broom. That helps too. 😉– Cass, Hip sidekick

Here’s why some of our Hip readers don’t have a house cleaning service:

“I’ve hired a cleaning service before for occasional cleaning and it feels like too much of a hassle most of the time. I have actually left a notebook-sized sheet of items I’d like done and not overlooked but no matter what they were overlooked and often had to check on tasks they missed.” – Renee, Hip reader

“We tried 3 different companies when my husband and I worked full time and really long hours… I always found myself pretty disappointed when I came home — it often felt like the bare minimum was done (they wouldn’t lift up the picture frames to dust, or they would focus on silly stuff like emptying the dishwasher, etc.) It just wasn’t worth the cost or hassle of having strangers in my home.” – Tacey, Hip Reader

cleaning the counters with a car microfiber cloth

So is a cleaning service worth it?

Remember that house cleaning services don’t have to be all or nothing if you’re leaning towards getting one. It’s totally possible to skip out on the bi-weekly visits and only use cleaners when you need to. Plus, if you’re often on the go and would much rather spend your free time with your friends and family, there’s no need to feel guilty about paying a little extra for a cleaning service! Time is money, after all. 🙃

However, for those of us who like cleaning, have small houses, or want to save a little cash, it’s probably just as easy to do it ourselves. Nonetheless, there’s really no way to say whether using a house cleaning service is worth the money since it totally depends on the individual and their priorities.

cleaning mirrors with zap cloth

So if you do decide to hire a cleaning person, here are a few last tips:

  • Shop around. Get the best deal and find someone you’ll feel comfortable having in your home.
  • Get background checks and reviews. Check sources like Nextdoor or even find a professional cleaning service via Walmart’s website to find qualified and reputable help.
  • Agree on specific duties and expectations. Discuss how thorough you’d like the cleaning and how long the cleaning professional typically takes for each task. That way you have a defined plan and everyone is on the same page.
  • Get an in-home estimate. Trying to gauge a price over the phone simply doesn’t work, and most in-home estimates are free so plan your budget accordingly and set realistic expectations in person.
  • Ask about supplies. Does the service provide them or will they be using your stash under the sink? Either way, it’s good to know upfront so you’re prepared.
  • Ask if they’re green. See if they use environmentally-friendly cleaners if that’s a priority in your household. If they don’t by default, they may oblige if you’re able to supply them with your preferred supplies.

We shared an easy printable to help you declutter your ENTIRE home in 4 weeks. Yes, even you. 😉

About the writer:

Sara is a self-taught blogger & photographer and brings 9+ years of experience to her craft. Her work has been featured in numerous esteemed publications, spanning building, travel, and fashion. Beyond her creative pursuits, Sara’s primary mission is to empower others to embrace a toxic-free & sustainable lifestyle.

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Comments 20

  1. Nicole

    I struggled with this decision for a long time. My favorite part is that everyone knows that the house needs to be picked up and laundry put away by the time the cleaner gets here! I also find myself using that time to cook more at home, so I figure it’s only the cost of 2 dinners out.

  2. Ms. Frizzle

    my daughter has her own cleaning business and she’ll charge $25 up to $50 an hour depending on how bad it is..

    • pgulati24

      Where do you live I’m looking for cleaning lady?

  3. hir win

    I feel like I can use the money I pay the cleaning lady. For the longest time I had no cleaning lady, especially when I was a stay at home mom but now with a full time job and a business I run, I feel like its worth the extra $150-$200. I have learned time is money and my energy can be saved or used at another place. Even now, my cleaning lady comes once every 3 weeks or earlier if needed but its worth it with my interesting schedule.

    • hir win

      Also I do not enjoy cleaning as much 😀

  4. Christina

    I’ve had a cleaning business for almost 10 years. It’s hard work that kills your body! Be appreciative of them.🙂They’re doing your “dirty work”.😉

  5. MARY

    My friend cleans houses for a living and so I have her come once a month to do the bathroom, mop the kitchen, run the sweeper, carry boxes downstairs for me, etc. I have bad knees and can’t do it myself. It’s well worth the money.

  6. AtomicPenny

    Letting a stranger into your home also allows for a perfect opportunity for someone to case your house, including the actual layout and egress points. Safety is far more important to me than the time I spend picking up and cleaning.

  7. loretta

    I’m a “cleaning lady” and it’s definitely hard work on my body. My clients love coming home to a nice, clean house after they get off from working a long day. Gives them more family time. I charge $35/hr and nobody bats an eye at that price because I do a very thorough job so they don’t have to! Be nice to your cleaning lady!! Her back hurts so yours doesn’t have to ❤️

    • pgulati24

      Where do you live I’m looking for a cleaning lady.

  8. grandmat57

    They say they charge “by the job”. But When you figure how long they are actually at your house and decided by how much they are charging it makes it hard to justify! $50.00 – $100.00 per hour!!! 😳😳😳 When you get a bid ask them about how long it would take ten to clean? Find someone that you can justify the actual per hour charge!

    • Cs

      Supplies , condition of your home and a broken back probably justice that price.

      • grandmat57

        There are a lot of jobs you can say “broken back” about. Waitress, healthcare, lawn work, etc. I recommend getting a bid and then see how long they are in your home.

  9. Marcella

    My husband refused to consider hiring a cleaning service for our home for years, so for several years I asked if he would just purchase a deep clean for our home for me for Christmas, he didn’t the first few years but he finally did a couple years ago (he gave me an envelope of cash and told me to pick the cleaner). He was so happy about the results of the first deep clean, we now have a monthly cleaning service. Totally worth it to me. My husband and I work long hours away from the home Monday-Friday and definitely argue less about the house and enjoy our evenings and weekends together way more. Of course I pay the monthly cleaning bill LOL, but he never says I’m wasting my money. LOL

  10. Jen2020

    I cannot justify paying someone so much for unskilled labor when I can do the job myself. Also even if you hire help once a week, it’s still not enough, you have to clean in between so why not do it yourself? I am not a big TV fan so I don’t mind cleaning and listening to music. Also cleaning is a no brainer job and it gives me plenty of time to get other stuff done mentally like meal planning, work planning, and making grocery list etc. Best part, I burn calories and stay fit. I have a full time job and I also don’t mind cooking everyday.

  11. Cher

    I live in San Diego and any kind of service costs a lot of money, much more than the rest of the country. I can’t justify the expense!

  12. Sue

    For me, this comes down to affordability and what I really need. I really kind of enjoy the satisfaction of doing things myself, but as I get older, I have to be realistic and realize that me getting on a ladder and cleaning the top of my kitchen cabinets or the ceiling is probably not smart. So for deep cleaning like that, I have no issue with paying someone else to do it!

  13. ahipster

    I worked as a p/t housecleaner for 9 years starting in high school. Back then, I earned $5/hr off the books and my boss doubled that to $10 soon after. One job led to many others through word of mouth. The people I worked for were all very kind and usually let me do my own thing which included kitchens, bathrooms, changing sheets, doing laundry, dusting, cleaning windows, vacuuming, mopping and organizing. For one family, who owned their own business, I was given a key to enter in case no one was home and wrote my hours down before locking up and leaving and would be paid in cash left on the counter the next time. i worked for them the longest and was even invited to an engagement party cruise for their son who I went to school with. The whole family then came to my wedding. I also served food and cleaned up on certain holidays and being given a generous tip. Others would just have me come a set amount of hours once or twice a week, and pay me when I was done. At times I was asked to house sit, with one couple leaving the keys to their Mercedes and money to go out to dinner with their school age son for 2 weeks. Every job was different, and some were harder than others, but I was always treated like a member of the family.

  14. Pat Goff

    Waste of money in my opinion. We just take time over the weekend and get the house cleaned in a few hours. My brothers and the kids have jobs to do and it is magically done so we can go hiking and riding our bikes by the river as a reward (weather permitting).

  15. jill simmons

    Are you kidding!!?? SPEND THE MONEY-IT’S WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!

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