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Netflix Is Raising Their Streaming Subscription Prices

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netflix screen on a television

Heads up, Netflix subscribers!

Netflix is raising its monthly subscription prices for all streaming plans by as much as 18% – and current customers aren’t happy about it. The Basic Plan will increase to $8.99/month (previously $7.99), the Standard Plan will cost $12.99/month (formerly $10.99), and the Premium Plan will now run $15.99/month (previously $13.99).

Netflix plan pricing grid

These monthly prices are effective now for all new customers who sign up today (after their free 30-day trial) and will be applied to all existing members over the next few months. This marks the fourth price increase that Netflix has rolled out in the U.S., with the last price hike taking place in October 2017.

If you’re a Netflix user, will you continue using their services?

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Comments 111

  1. Laura

    More than likely at least for now. I have only watched a couple of documentaries in the past couple of years but did watch Marie Kondo, it was great. The book was great also. My kids watch Netflix so I guess we will keep for now. We started watching PureFlix and love it, don’t have to worry about what the kids watch on that.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for sharing, Laura! I have watched Marie Kondo too! I have already donated 5 bags of clothing and organized all closets. LOL!

      • J

        No kidding, I love Marie Kondo! I’m ready for some good ole spring cleaning!

      • Tracey

        You know what works great for socks, undies, and other small items? Empty Target beauty boxes! I’m using those after watching Marie Kondo. 🙂

        • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

          GREAT idea, Tracey! Thanks for the suggestion!

    • irene

      I thought my husband placed Marie Kondo on my watch list, but it sounds like her show is promoted heavily to everyone! LOL! We just watched it last night and it is inspiring. Not sure if I would want to fold my jeans into tiny cubes, though. How can you tell which pair they are??

      • Sara

        My jeans can’t fold into a tiny cube. My jeans would fold into a big cube.

        • Cathy

          That’s what I was thinking too. My jeans have enough material to make like 4 or 5 pairs of pants for her lol.

        • shop4mybabies

          haha i can relate

        • barbara

          I watch this and thought the same thing. You made me laugh a lot thank you

    • Joyce

      I’ve heard about pureflix. I need to check it out.

  2. Natalie

    Yep, we’ll keep our subscription! I’m not too worried about a dollar increase.

  3. Aleshia Jones

    As long as it doesn’t get up there to cable prices than I will stick with it. You get a lot of content and Netflix is continuously coming out with more. They have even added in some Netflix originals which tend to be pretty good and pick up other shows that have canceled and continued on with the series.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      I agree! I have enjoyed many Netflix originals too! Thanks for taking a moment to comment!

  4. Kristin

    Absolutely! Still a heck of a lot cheaper than cable.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      SO true!

  5. Kelly K

    Yup, I won’t be going anywhere! It’s only a couple of dollars and still cheaper than cable! We have the premium and share the account with my sister so well worth it! Our kids are always watching something on Netflix.

    • Heather

      We share our account too! With the $13.99 per month plan you can watch on up to 4 devices at once. Much more economical when you split the monthly cost.

    • animity

      Be careful with the sharing, they are starting to crack down on that…don’t know if they can issue fines but potential block you from their service. Against their terms of service.

      • J

        I’ve seen on the news that they are cracking down on the sharing in different households. Now they have the technology to check on that now & at the minimum will be cancelling subscriptions.

        • Kimberly

          I’m not really sure how they could determine this. Nothing says you can only watch in your house. We don’t split ours with anyone, but my husband watches it at school and my daughter uses it was well when she’s at her dorm. I’d be ticked if they canceled our service because it’s played over three separate ISP addresses.

          • Paige

            They are developing AI technology that allows them to be able to monitor the account users and what is “normal” activity.

            • Aleshia Jones

              How could that possibly be accurate? I have a family of 6. 4 kids and my husband and I. Each and every single one of us has very different tastes and my kids change constantly because well,they’re kids. Even then, my husband and I are always opting to try new shows because we get tired of the same old same old. I think that if they do this plan will flop.

        • Rebecca

          If anyone has read the whole story and not just headlines, it’s not Netflix that has developed that software, an outside company, and unlikely Netflix will start using it. They’ve made many comments before about sharing accounts not being a big worry for them. It would also be very hard to implement.

    • Cathy

      They are going to be putting a stop on sharing accounts.

  6. J.H.509

    My family LOVES Netflix and honestly if we had to choose between Cable or Netflix we’d choose Netflix. We prefer Netflix over Hulu as well.

    • Jamie

      We got rid of cable entirely and use Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu and HBO NOW. We pay far less for those four services than we ever did with cable. We don’t miss cable, especially the commercials. It’s so nice to enjoy TV without having an ad crammed down our throats every 10 minutes.

    • Jen

      We cut Netflix at the end of last year when Hulu had the $0.99/month deal. Netflix has way better content! (Or maybe we were just used to Netflix’s offerings, but there’s definitely less on Hulu for our kids!!)

  7. Lauire

    we got rid of cable 100.00 a month! and now only have amazon instant video and netflicks so we will keep it. My only complaint is I wish they put more new stuff out more frequently! I think the price is pretty reasonable.

  8. Monica

    Still very reasonable for what you get.

  9. Kayla

    If you have T-Mobile, look into your account and see if you qualify for Netflix. My parents’ plan lets us get the standard plan for free or premium for $3 a month. All we had to do was link our account – no need to create a new account or make new watch lists!

  10. Ashlie

    Netflix does not have live TV, correct? (sports mainly haha!) We’re getting ready to cut the cord for the first time ever with our satellite provider ($100+ a month for TV alone!) I think we’re going to try YouTube TV ($40) which includes a good variety of channels available live or on demand. Anyone ever used it before?

    • Becky

      We got it for football season and will probably cancel after the Super Bowl. There are other shows we are watching, but we think $40/month is too high. We will just check out seasons of the shows we are interested in from the library.

    • Jennifer

      I have used YouTube tv, and recently switched to sling which we like better.

      • Kris

        We have Sling, too. My husband moves between packages based upon what sports he wants to watch. We hardly watch network TV anymore.

    • nickyB

      I use Hulu live because of sports. I live in Ohio and get 2 fox sports Ohio. Cavs and bluejackets. Not sur about baseball yet.

      • kayti

        Sadly not all of the Buckeye games were on channels you could get from Hulu live due to them not having ABC. We switched to live just for the OSU football games and the Browns. Last week we switched back to their lowest plan just for shows that you can watch the next day.

        • Brittani

          What area of Ohio if you don’t mind me asking? My husband had the worst time streaming browns games this past season since we are in the Bengals market locally. I had no idea it was an option to stream browns games via Hulu.

          • nickyB

            I’m in Mansfield. I do get ABC so was able to watch the Browns. And watch OSU football. I am very happy with Hulu live vs cable. I’m saving about $60/month by getting rid of cable.

            • Brittani

              Thanks for letting me know. We are in the Dayton area so we rarely get browns games, if they play the same time as the bengals. I was hoping there was a loophole! It’s hard to watch my guy Baker in action!

    • Daniela

      If you want something more sports oriented go with Fubo TV. Swagbucks is offering some cash back and if you have Amex they also have an offer this month. I have a basic tv triple play package and the highest level of Fubo. I get everything I need between wifi, sports, basic channels, channels like AMC and Bravo, for less than $85.

      • Aimee

        We also have fubo and enjoy it a bunch for the sports. We pay $34.99 for basic package with a ton of channels and during football season we add the sports package with nfl red zone and all the mlb and college networks for an extra $8.99 a month. We recently took off the sports package now that all football is on local channels which we get thru the basic fubo!

    • Marie

      We had YouTube TV and recently canceled its not as good as hulu live we get alot more channels we love it so far! And its the same price 39.99 a month

    • riss

      We did a free trial of YouTube TV a few months ago, mainly for football. We liked it, but kinda expensive. And it’s not compatible with our 2 sony smart tv. We can only watched it on laptops and phones.

  11. Rebecca

    Netflix original content is better than just about anything out there, totally worth it.

  12. Rachel

    Since we got the Hulu deal during the holidays for 99 cents a month for 12 months, we cancelled Netflix recently and haven’t looked back. We have amazon prime also, so we have plenty of choices with just Hulu and Amazon. I don’t think a couple dollars more is unreasonable for what you get with Netflix though. We just have plenty of options without the extra cost of Netflix so that why we kicked it.

  13. BrBa

    It was inevitable so I’m not surprised, but we aren’t going to cancel Netflix regardless. You can share your account with multiple people and you get TV shows, movies, documentaries, international and independent works, kids’ programming, etc. all in one place…beats cable by a long shot and is cheaper too. We also have Amazon Prime Video and share a Hulu account w/ my brother…all well worth the $ to me.

  14. S

    We have a large family and are waiting for Disney streaming services to start and will cancel Netflix. We’ve enjoyed the ease of use but although limited in volume, HBO originals are much better crafted. I’m beyond excited for HBO’s Game of Thrones to return! BTW HBO is free for ATT customers.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Ooh! Great tip! Thanks for sharing with us! I can’t wait for Game of Thrones to return! Yay!

    • Elisa

      How is HBO free with ATT? Is it if you purchase your cable through them? Or wireless cell plan?

      • Sara

        Through your wireless plan. I think it depends what plan you have, so check your account information on their website. I had to sign up for a free DirecTV account first, then go through HBO Go.

    • Melissa J

      How do you get HBO free with ATT? -Thanks 😊

  15. Cya123

    I am waiting for the Disney streaming service to cancel my Netflix subscription, this is more of a motivation to cancel.

  16. Chris Arnini

    Still a great deal, combo’d with hulu way cheaper then what my cable bill use to be.

  17. Kandyce

    I live for Netflix 😍. Yes, will definitely stick with them no matter what. I have it loaded onto my fire stick, tablet and my phone. It’s too easy use and keep your place not to continue. Their quality of orginal content is just as good or better than most cable channels. 😉👍

  18. Ms Frizzle

    Check out VIDANGEL!!! It let’s you pick and choose what you want to take out of movies..nudity, specific cuss words, specific violence…etc

    • Justine

      VidAngel is awesome! We’ve had it for a couple of years now. You can connect your Netflix and/or your Amazon video accts to stream movies/shows ‘cleaned up’!

    • shop

      can you add in nudity and cuss words those are my favorite parts 😉

  19. sona

    As a tech illiterate, I dont understand it all. I thought you had to have cable to get hulu, netflix etc. We did get hulu for the 99 cents deal, but find nothing to watch. All seem like horror shows etc to me. What am I missing?

    • Shannon

      Hulu has all the shows that have recently aired on regular tv like modern family, law and order svu etc. They are on Hulu the day after they air around 5am EST. You may have to search for your show but you can add it to your list or when you watch it, it will be there when a new episode come on. I love it.

    • Kim

      You don’t need cable to watch netflix, hulu, etc but you do need WIFI service. We have a smart TV and it has netflix, hulu, prime video, and other apps. You just connect tv to internet and then click the app you want and log in. You can also use a roku or firestick to get these apps as well if you don’t have a smart TV. We like netflix for their original content and movies and hulu for the NBC/ABC/FOX shows. You can watch any of your favorite shows the day after they air on hulu.

  20. Katie

    When we cut the cord from cable I tried several different services for their free trial periods and the only one that got live tv, 20 hours of DVR, all my local channels and of course Hallmark with Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is DirecTV NOW app. I have their lowest subscription and it works great for our family. We can watch it on anything as long we download the app. There are some sports channels on there & stuff on demand.

  21. Desiree

    I cut my cable a couple years ago and I’ve never looked back. I have a Amazon fire stick and subscribe to Netflix which I share with my daughters and I have the Sling blue and orange. I also bought an antenna that gives me all my local stations. I have everything I need plus I’m saving money!

  22. Jen s.

    We have PSvue to replace cable. Love it for sports, dvr, and TONS of great channels, including local news. We pay $40/month for that. We still use Netflix too, but with prices for that going up…

  23. LaWanda Bertschy

    Here are the secret Netflix codes that unlock tons of hidden movies and shows. Asian Action Movies (77232) Classic Action & Adventure (46576) Action Comedies (43040) Action Thrillers (43048) Adventures (7442) Comic Book and Superhero Movies (10118) Westerns (7700) Spy Action & Adventure (10702) This really works…Google it and you will be shown how to use the code to browse more movies….

  24. todd

    Netflix really has to put better new releases up. Their selection sucks and are old movies. The only reason I keep it is for my 10 year old son.

  25. patricia

    Just canceled our netflix for this month. Haven’t been able to find good movies or shows for months now and could not find a good Christmas movie this year. Just canceled it and got the free amazon for now and will probsbly keep that.

  26. Sara

    I will keep Netflix. . .for now. I have the premium plan, but I am not happy about the increase. I signed up in 2011 and had one of the grandfathered accounts. Back then the number of streams was tied to how many DVDs you could have at a time. When the Quikster debacle happened, they put me on the new 4 stream plan because there wasn’t a 3 stream option. I didn’t realize I was on the premium plan until my grandfathered price ended. I was paying $7.99 for the premium plan. $7.99 to $11.99 was a 50% increase.
    $11.99 to $13.99 was an additional 16.68% increase or 75% increase from where it started. $13.99 to $15.99 is an additional 14.3% increase or 100% increase from where it started.

    I refuse to watch any original content from any streaming service. I watched a few Netflix comedy specials before I realized what they were really up to. They are getting rid of acquired content and replacing it with original content. The vast majority of the original content is crappy or just a lame rip off of a concept from acquired content.

    I have CBS All Access so I can watch NCIS on there if I need to. I don’t care how cheap the price may be, if Netflix gets rid of Power Rangers, I will cancel my subscription immediately.

  27. Sara

    I called Netflix yesterday at 10:58am CT as soon as I saw the email alert from the Wall Street Journal about the increase. I buy a variable load Netflix gift card for exactly two months of service from Albertsons to get points in their program. The minimum is $25. No article about the increase gave an exact date for existing members.
    I need to buy my next gift card(for February and March) in February, but I am leaving for a vacation before my billing date. If I didn’t put enough money on the gift card, my billing date would change. I don’t want to deal with that.

    After talking to a supervisor that looked at the mockup of the email that everyone will receive, she told me that the email will arrive 2/1. It will say which month(March, April, or May) your price will increase.

  28. Elizabeth M

    We have a free subscription through T-Mobile. We really enjoy it. That said, I have DirecTv (ugh the hubby must have football) and wouldn’t likely pay for both. Hoping to ditch cable someday.

  29. Jennifer

    Nope! Just cancelled actually.

  30. Jackie

    I haven’t canceled yet BUT I will by the end of the month. There is nothing new and yes I love game of thrones but we are canceling Netflix before the last season comes out. I will get it from the library. Soon we will end up with the same issues we had with cable $$$$$. Sticking with Hulu and amazon.

    • Paulina

      Netflix has Game of Thrones???

      • Jackie

        no I meant stranger things🙄!

  31. Lk

    Keeping it. We share with our 2 sons Between that and amazon and an antenna for local stations we’re set.

  32. Lily

    I heard T-Mobile customers get free Netflix, is that true?

    • missy

      Yes it is true Lily but u have to have a certain plan.

  33. Jane

    Gosh… we don’t really use it much anymore so I think we will need to re-evaluate. Could just buy the kids a new DVD every month instead… We also have hulu which we watch a lot more and the kids youtube so… I’m thinking we can let it go and save the $. It may only be going up a buck or 2 or 3 but cancelling all together saves much more!

    • duh

      New dvd a month? U didnt mean for new releases right? Cuz that about $35? A piece

      • Parla4

        I’ve never spent $35 on a new release DVD in my life. Blu rays are usually around $20 ($25 if it’s Disney) unless you’re getting the 4K stuff. You can pre-order the SD digital version of Ralph Breaks the Internet on Amazon for $14.99 right now.

  34. Sally

    I get HULU for free from Sprint. So I’m definitely keeping my Netflix. I feel like they’re worth paying the extra for

    • Mel

      How do you get free Hulu from Sprint?

      • duh

        Renew a contract

        • Jackie

          We have sprint, How does that work? Do you have to renew every year?

  35. Katrina

    Glad you pointed that out. I had no idea we were on the standard plan all this time and we could have been on the basic plan – we only have had one tv and not had two people watching at once! I guess they defaulted us to that at some point. So I have now changed us back to basic.
    We will continue at this stage probably.

  36. ashley

    For all the great Netflix originals they bring viewers, I personally am willing to pay the extra $1.

  37. Karen

    I signed up over the weekend and was charged $13. They are already charging new customers the new price.

    • Laura

      Yes – it says that on their site for new users

  38. Carey

    I love all of the original content they are bringing! I feel like they are shifting the paradigm and the value they offer is worth the change in price- for now.

  39. duh

    My netflix is free for 1 yr from when i renewed my comcast

  40. J

    How do you get free HBO with AT&T?

    • duh

      Call them

    • ET

      My husband said it was free with the unlimited plan.

  41. Karen

    I haven’t found anything to watch on Netflix in several months. $15.99 isn’t that bad, but if no one is watching it, it’s kind of useless. We’ll see how the next few months go.

    • Cristine

      Same thoughts.

  42. Tami

    We have YouTubeTV, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. We have decided to drop Netflix, not because of the price increase but because I don’t feel it offers value that I don’t get from the other two subscriptions. I’m personally satisfied with Amazon Prime’s original content, delivery service, and affiliation with PBS Masterpiece, and I value my ability to access local channels through YouTube’s live feature, and who can give up Cobra Kai?!

  43. Casey Meyers

    Never had Netflix but do have Hulu and love it for all the tv shows I watch. I will say even though Netflix has raised there prices over the last few years its still much cheaper than cable.

  44. shop4mybabies

    we have cable and high speed internet through comcast and pay 210 a month, it’s steep but i have cancelled it before and mainly the husband rioted. he works in tech and has to have the best internet to telecommute and the internet we have would be half the bill so i figure 100 bucks a month for the tv portion. we also have amazon prime, through my daughters college email so it’s 60$ a year. we use my moms netflix, she lives 6 houses away from me (help me) the only time it’s a problem is when my 3 daughters all decide to watch something on their phones at the same time and then i’m watching it on the tv and my mom and her husband can’t log in haha

  45. Lisa

    My husband works for a cable/internet provider so our cable, internet, and phone are all free. We get every channel there is, and on demand services, but I swear I’ve watched everything so I also have Netflix and Hulu. I got in on Hulu at the 99 cent rate and used an apple card I got at Christmas for Netflix. I only got it to watch a documentary series a friend of mine directed that comes out at the end of the month. Then I’ll probably cancel Netflix….That being said, I don’t think the rate increase is that bad.

  46. Dia

    What do you all recommend for live sports? Sling or something else? Thanks

    • Jen s.

      PSVue. They offer a free trial.

  47. Erin

    I cancelled about a week before they announced the price increases. We mainly use it for the kid content and they removed so much of what my kids enjoyed without replacing it with anything new. Wasn’t worth the price anymore for us! Will stick with Amazon Prime, PBS on our local channels, and renting DVDs from the library!

  48. PH

    Nope–Cancelled mine last year after they posted they would be letting the former president and his wife produce shows and films for their service. We have Sling and Amazon Video and use Redbox. My teenagers miss it and still ask for it, but I’m standing my gound!

  49. Lynnie

    I currently share with my daughter, and she pays for it. Honestly, I think I would cancel if I had to pay, because we hardly ever find anything worth watching. I wish I knew what these wonderful Netflix original shows are that everybody here is talking about. Almost everything we’ve tried to watch is so full of obscene and profane language that I can’t enjoy watching even if the story might be good. So unnecessary, too.

    • Jen s.

      I know exactly what you mean… I just started watching The Ranch on netflix, funny show, but the amount of swearing is ridiculous. It’s like they put it in the script just because they can.

    • Cristine

      Yes, it’s pretty sad.

  50. cath

    I also love having Pureflix, it’s cheaper and has lots of programs we like. I usually like to get it in the winter months and then take a break when the weather is nice and we’re not watching t.v. much. I also like to use it as a guide for what’s okay for us to watch and then borrow such movies free from the library.

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