Coming Soon! Amazon to Offer Free ONE-Day Shipping to All Prime Members

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Amazon Prime boxes and packaging

Amazon is at it again. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’ll be excited to know that Amazon just announced they will be rolling out a NEW perk and it is awesome – Free one-day shipping for all Prime members!

That’s right! Coming soon, Amazon will be shortening the current two-day default shipping plan to just one day! YEP, that means that Prime members will score FREE one-day shipping on their orders!

Oh, and the best part, this new perk is completely free of charge – there will not be an extra charge for this one-day shipping option! Check out this CNBC article for more information.

Amazon workers in an Amazon plant

It’s not going to be cheap for Amazon!

In order to offer one-day shipping to all members, Amazon will be spending $800 million to improve warehouse and delivery infrastructure. This new perk will take effect soon throughout the United States and Canada and later will be expanded globally across all of the countries offering Prime memberships.

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Doormat that reads "Please hide packages from husband"

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Comments 104

  1. Jennifer

    I think they are going to have a hard time with those of us that live in the middle of no where. Although I will look forward to it since I am a prime member.

    • Holly

      Agree. Also wonder how much they are going to increase our rates now.

    • kayti

      Yes. My two day is usually 3 day…

      • M

        They should credit your account if that is the case.

        • Seeking

          They’ve told me they don’t do that anymore when I have called. 🤷🏼‍♀️

          • M

            I have always gotten it through chat.

            • Daniela

              They used to extend your subscription by one month if they didn’t make the 2 day ship date. Now they offer a $5 credit to your account.

      • Marcine

        Mine has bern also

    • Mommyof51987

      Agreed! We live in the middle of no where. I still can’t get my S&S orders to come on time. I am not going to hold my breath for 1 day shipping. LOL

    • Elizabeth.M

      i too live in the middle of no where! just remember every time your order is late, just chat with them and as to be compensated for being late. usually its $5 or a free month of prime membership. last year i didn’t pay the membership fee because of so many late orders 😉

      • J.H.509

        Thanks I didn’t know that!!

  2. Alysa

    This started for me about two weeks ago now.. but we are in Seattle-area. It’s been aok, but I’ve already received emails that 4 of the packages that we supposed be here the next day are going to be delayed by anywhere from 3-7 business days.. I guess they’re still working out the “kinks”!

    • jimk

      I had same issue due to floods in Dallas. I didn’t ask for credit on that one because it seemed like bad karma.

  3. Erica

    All I know is that I find that very often now, the Prime shipping is not two days. I placed an order on Friday morning and it stated that it would deliver by Wednesday. Even as business days go, that’s not 2 days. I still bought it, but I feel more and more, the math doesn’t seem to add up. Wondering if anyone else has noticed that too?

    • CaMomOf2

      I read somewhere that it’s 2-day shipping once it ships. I assumed it meant from when the order was placed.

    • kate

      Yes I chatted with Amazon once and they told me it is 2 day delivery once it ships. It does not mean you’ll get it 2 days from when you order. It seems very misleading and confusing if you ask me.

      • Ker

        It used to be twi days from when you order…. somewhere along the way it changed. Im not holding my breath about 1 day…

    • PrincessMom

      YES! I ordered a gold “2” candle for my daughter’s cake. It was ordered over a week before her party, 2 day shipping, said it’d be here days before I needed it. Great. Then the shipping date updated to the day after her party so I tried canceling since it wasn’t shipped yet. They wouldn’t let me cancel. The stupid thing showed up almost 2 weeks after her party, I tried canceling several times before it shipped and they wouldn’t let me. What steams me the most is that it was ridiculously overpriced, I just wanted it to match the decorations and then ended up without one to match because I couldn’t find one locally.

      • J

        I’m gonna take a guess and say it was coming from a third party…

    • Denise

      Honestly I feel the same.. it’s almost never 2 days anymore.. I didn’t think Amazon would do anything.. I’ll check that out..

    • H Hodges

      I’ve noticed this, too. Mine is never here in two days. They don’t deliver food to me, either.

    • Catherine Laughery

      I HAVE TALKED WITH THEM SEVERAL TIMES ABOUT THAT. THEY SAIDIF SOMETHING SAYS PRIME IT DOES not guarantee two day shipping. They labeled more things Prime to give you a better choice of low cost. So when you put something in your cart marked Prime, check that the guarantee date is two days. It’s a misleading label to me.!!!

      • Karen

        PRIM has nothing to do with the price or the inventory level, ALL PRIME MEANS is that is shipped FROM AZ’s warehouse and not directly from an individual third party seller.

  4. Dealzgurl

    Should be interesting to see how it all works out. I’m sure some items will still require longer delivery windows. I live near a major hub so I haven’t experienced a lot of the delivery delays that some have.

  5. Hunterwoody

    My stuff never comes in two days. I don’t see how they can offer one.

  6. Laurie

    My last few orders have offered free one day shipping and all of the items have arrived on time. It’s awesome to hear that they are moving to one day shipping!

  7. Lew

    Love this. Thanks for posting!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re welcome!

  8. Kathryn

    Just ordered something and it says it will be here tomorrow.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)


  9. Jennifer

    I don’t understand this at all. All I’m reading is that free 2 day delivery isn’t sustainable or them. I don’t understand how one day is going to be fulfilled.

    • PrincessMom

      That’s what I was thinking. They keep saying the 2-day is going to bankrupt them but now 1-day is a great idea?! Personally, I choose slower shipping if it’s not something I need right away because I’m afraid they’ll raise the Prime membership rate if we all get every little thing shipped 2-day LOL

  10. dbld-amber

    About time they offer some perk to Prime members again. I highly considered cancelling my Prime membership

  11. Meg’s

    I will definitely have to wait and see how it goes. I’m in a sub- rural part of Oklahoma so we will see it ends up being 1 day for sure!

  12. Annie

    Plot twist: one day shipping but 3 day processing times

    • Hunterwoody

      Isn’t that the truth 😂😂🤣

    • Mima


  13. Jessie

    One day, two day is the time in transit or the shipping speed! So once the item ships it arrives in that amount of time, so one day is one day on the road, not one day from when it’s ordered. Look at the arrival dates during checkout, that is when it arrives. There are many variables affecting delivery date including where the item is coming from (which warehouse), where it is going, stock level, size, shape, weight, type of product (hazmat?) and more. Just pay attention to the arrival date, which may not be “one day” from your order date. Its time in transit. All that being said, you are still getting items faster than any other method in most cases. (PRIME items that come from AZ’s warehouses). But if you are ordering at 11 at night, and choose one-day shipping don’t expect it the next morning.

  14. Yasmin

    I wonder what this means for all the amazon fulfillment facilities employees and delivery carriers (USPS & UPS) 😞

    • Momma23

      The article said they will continue to use UPS and USPS.

      • Yasmin

        But, I don’t see USPS or UPS increasing wages anytime soon. They will have to work double their volume/speed and they still get the same pay

        • It’sMe

          That’s the beauty of the capitalist system! If the workers aren’t happy with their pay, they can quit and go to work somewhere else. If these companies can’t maintain their workers, they will have to raise wages. Isn’t it great we aren’t a communist society and those people aren’t forced to work the high stress/low pay jobs?

          • Jess

            Yes, this is completely right It’sMe. If you’re aren’t getting the pay you want, if you don’t like your job, you can switch. America is awesome like that!

          • Ok

            Except in some places, there aren’t a lot of job openings. Your view is simplifying it.

          • sue

            Some people have to stay because of health insurance… it’s not always easy to be out of work or just “find a new job: for everyone.

        • kate

          And I’m sure Amazon wont be paying them more for the contract.

    • CaMomOf2

      A lot of stress for them. We’ve all seen the videos of them throwing boxes on front porches or over fences. Some of them are very angry people.

  15. R2d2

    Portland metro and we already receive one day delivery, on some items same day delivery by 9 pm.

  16. Beth

    Amazon still usually has the fastest shipping speeds, but if I’m paying for a GUARANTEE they better be on my door step when you say they will be. Often I will get items well past their “guaranteed delivery date” now with two day shipping. I’m skeptical about them being able to hold up to the one day promise, and it’s a serious pet peeve of mine when someone promises something that they can’t deliver on. (Pun only slightly intended…)

    • M

      Whenever they have failed in their guarantee, they have credited my account or extended my membership

    • Cristine

      The same happens to me all of the time. I live in a very rural area and at least half my packages do not arrived by their supposed guaranteed date, unfortunately I do not have time to call and harass them into crediting my account for it.

  17. Kaylee

    I’m in the Dallas area and have been getting the one-day option for the past month or so. It’s amazing!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      How cool! Thanks for sharing with us, Kaylee! I love fast shipping!

  18. Ns55

    I love amazon and spends thousands yes thousands a year. I have 5 kids so I order a ton. I really don’t see why we would need stuff in 1 day unless someone’s sick and you can’t get to the store. Just seems like so much unneeded pressure and stress on workers

    • Kathleen

      If someone is sick and needs something from the store, that’s when Shipt or Instacart grocery shopping/delivery services can help!

  19. Holly

    Thanks so much! I shared this with my office. We work in construction and order stuff on Amazon all the time for delivery to the job sites. Even 1 day can save our butts sometimes.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re very welcome, Holly!

  20. Shannon Marie

    I live north of Fort Worth Texas and this started about a week ago for us…it’s nice but like someone else stated….I worry about the added stress on the workers.

    • Jess

      If you are worried about the added stress on the workers, choose delayed shipping. You aren’t required to choose 1 or even 2 day shipping. If the workers are unhappy with the conditions of their job, they can go to work somewhere else. Thankfully none of us are stuck in our current jobs, we can switch whenever we want. Thank you Free Market System.

      • Shannon Marie

        Some of my items didn’t give me that option, but thank you. But isn’t it so much nicer when we can worry about one another instead of being rude? Some people don’t have the option to run out and go get another job, I’m glad you have that option.

        • Ashley

          Right?! My husband and I both have our Master’s Degrees, but it took me six months and him four months to find new jobs last time we were each looking. I can’t imagine how nice it must be to have the ability to leave one job and immediately find a new one!

          • Mima

            Yes I totally agree. The leaving a job is easy, the finding not always so easy. When i was laid ff from my mid level HR position it took me 6 months to find another job and it was a 5 month contract position. There are a ton of entry level jobs, but higher paying jobs are more difficult to find, especially when you are over 40.

  21. Weronika

    In OK that started for me this week. I had to pass on the order so it won’t be delivered when I’m out of town and the next day the price of the thing I was shopping for went up 😉

    • Kiki

      That happens, the price changes from minute to minute sometimes a lot too.

    • Jenn

      Take a look to see if you have the Amazon Locker option in your account – if so, not sure how long you can let the items sit there, but it may be something to consider when you won’t be home to get the order. Also, for me they usually offer longer shipping time so if I know I won’t be home I’ll pick that.

      • Jen

        3 or 4 days, but you can call and ask for an extension otherwise it gets returned to sender

  22. Christy

    I live in Colorado Springs and since I moved here in February my orders have always come in one day— sometimes only 12 hours! Most packages are delivered by little blue amazon vans (I see them all over town) and not by UPS or USPS.

    • sue

      Some people have to stay because of health insurance… it’s not always easy to be out of work or just “find a new job: for everyone.

  23. Another Shelly

    I love this and appreciate the effort they are making even if it isn’t a perfect service at first. It would be a huge step for any company.

  24. Michelle

    I teetered last June on whether or not to stay prime with the $20 price increase. This one day totally deals me keeping it. I buy A LOT online and most often on Amazon. So for me it makes sense and now doing one day is an extra perk. Excited for this change

  25. Melissa

    Just paid my membership and was $128.00, seriously figuring out if it is worth it anymore.
    Hopefully this new perk will work.

    • Sara

      7.56% sales tax? The price is $119.

  26. Lauren

    I wish they could deliver to my PO Box in a day. My condo building doesn’t have USPS mail delivery and for some reason some of my prime packages get returned to sender. UPS and FedEx deliver here, so I don’t understand.

    • Dealzgurl

      Lauren, have you tried using the address of the post office and your box number as the unit #? Maybe that could work?

  27. Kristen

    I don’t know if this is “live” now or not, but ordered something today, and it will be delivered in 1 day prime. I was excited when I saw that, but thought it was just a special promo. Now wondering if this is live already?

  28. Lase

    I don’t like this idea, because I know that someone is working extra hard, for not much, to ensure I get my package same day.

    • Mao

      Make sure to choose delayed shipping if it bothers you.

      • Dealzgurl

        To some people, this might be job security. Not everyone minds working hard. I honestly haven’t thought much about the workers except on Sunday when I see the postal workers out with a truck full of packages. I feel kind of sorry for them sometimes then…but then I remember that they’re probably getting time and a half.

        • Jenn

          I really don’t understand Amazon requesting Sunday delivery. I certainly don’t expect anything to arrive on Sunday no matter how it’s shipped, but often get USPS and Amazon (we’re close to two Amazon facilities so have often gotten one-day shipping and I’ve been seeing it a lot more lately).

        • C

          I don’t think that they are getting overtime. It’s probably Rural Carriers/part-time workers that are doing the deliveries on Sunday, not your regular mail carrier.

  29. Judy

    As a prime member I would much rather see Amazon workers paid better. I don’t need or want 1 day shipping.

  30. Lindsey

    I usually always do delayed shipping. I don’t really ever need an item in a day or two and if I did I would probably just try and find it in a store. I do think it will be helpful for some people but in the society we live in people just want things right away.

    • Jenn

      I would do delayed shipping more if they’d offer me something other than $5 off Prime Now. Don’t use that service although we can in our area, so I’d rather have my stuff sooner. Even if I delay or say to combine packages it doesn’t seem to matter though – even on S&S I’ll get multiple packages with one or two items each.

  31. Cat

    Personally all of this free shipping but everybody’s doing out is great but at the same time I can’t even imagine how much packaging material is being used and untied away. Especially since they put something that could go in a padded envelope in a box that could hold a microwave. People are going to think oh I’m out of Kleenex let me just order a box since it’s free shipping overnight. No problem. Seems wasteful.

  32. Prime Member

    They have gotten very bad about the 2 day shipping. Realistically, its 3 or 4 days…I don’t see one day shipping being any better!

  33. Melissa

    I can’t complain about Amazon. Sometimes it takes Amazon a little longer to get things to me, especially with 3rd party suppliers. But I still find their shipping amazing! I order a lot through Amazon. Most of the time it has been 2 days for me or even one day. I feel like people are standing in front of their microwaves and upset that the cooking isn’t faster. Remember back in the day when mail orders took between 3 and 6 weeks? We’ve come a long way!

  34. Rachel

    Call me crazy but I smell another rate increase by Christmas. I’m interested to see if this will actually happen in my area since I live in the middle of nowhere.

    • shelly

      Oh I’m smelling it too girl! They are going to wine about the new stats of how many daily, one-day shipping orders that are coming in now and golly gee, we’ll have to up that membership fee to get it closer to $150 or Amazon will just dissolve!

  35. Sabrina

    I canceled my prime after I was told I lived in an area that they couldn’t guarantee delivery in 2 days, so I’m not sure how they can offer 1 day.

  36. Jojo

    More like one week for Hawaii!

  37. Melissa

    Live in SW Washington state and I’ve been getting a lot of one day shipping lately with my orders and they are arriving on time as specified. Pretty awesome and my membership just renewed the other day, so we’re good to go for a while! Love the free market enterprise system.

  38. Rosa

    Im in Florida and been getting the One Day choice but always says u have to spend $35 to qualify.

    • Tiffany

      Same here! But yesterday I ordered a $5 item and it came today!

  39. Michelle

    Wow. They can’t meet 2 day in time most of the time and their going to try to do 1 day… Smh

  40. Kim

    I think it depends on where it’s shipping from because we have prime and we have gotten things the same day before even though it says two days.

  41. Andrea Garcia

    I recently just officially cancelled my student prime membership because I realized I don’t shop on Amazon as much as I use to. The only reason I signed up for Amazon and the student prime membership is to order my textbooks for college classes. I have also had bad experiences with some of my orders. I would rather pay for gas and drive to stores nearby and see what I am buying before paying for it and best part of it all its just one less bill to worry about.

  42. melissastone

    I’ve already been offered free one day, was for a large bag of cat food. Came before noon the next day even <3

  43. Rachael

    I’m confused by those that pay for Prime membership then choosing to delay shipping because they feel bad getting the item so fast? Why not cancel your membership.

    • R

      You get credits for other services (digital, pantry, etc.) when you delay shipping.

    • Christine

      Because I can get a credit when I use longer shipping, which doesn’t usually add a whole lot of shipping time. Also, I’m kind of locked into prime now because my son loves The PBS shows available on their app.

  44. Shirley

    I don’t have Amazon Prime and not planning to support Amazon. I think there should be an option of getting 1 day delivery for people who is willing to pay extra for membership. I am ok waiting for a week or so. If post office wants to stop delivering mail on Saturday to save money, I am all for it.

  45. LR

    Amazon used to be the best online store out there, but it’s been going down hill for a couple of years now. Apparently they want it to go bankrupt so that they can tear it down and build another better company. And they’re doing a good job because their customer service SUCKS. 2-day-shipping is a total scam, and they never credit anything anymore. Lost are the days when you could even get a membership extension. Plus you can rarely ever email them now. You have to use the chat, and most of the time the representative doesn’t even understand English. It’s a total pain and a waste of time. I’m boycotting them, and happy to do so. I spent thousands of dollars on that company. Never again.

  46. G Vice

    I ordered a gift, several gift bags in a set and tissue paper all one day shipping. I got the gift bags and tissue paper the next day! Waited and waited for the gift to put in the gift bag…4 days later it arrived in my large, heavy box of my monthly subscribe and save items. 🤔

  47. Angry EX Prime member

    This one day is very dependant one 2 things ONE you have a facility in your state (Montana does not) TWO they have the item in said facilities. There is no 2 day NOR 1 day overnight options for me here in Montana anymore.

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