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Score $10 CVS Reward EVERY Month – Just Join New CarePass Program

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man holding CVS ExtraCare Cards

Just last week, CVS announced that customers can now enroll in its first paid membership rewards program online or at participating CVS Pharmacy locations nationwide.

Called CarePass, the new program costs $5/month to join (or just $4/month when you pay the discounted annual fee of $48/year upfront!). Keep reading and you’ll see why we think this is one loyalty program worth buying into.

Woman holding CVS Pharmacy boxes

CarePass members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Free delivery on qualifying prescriptions (no minimum required)
  • Free delivery on eligible purchases (no minimum required)
  • Access to a 24/7 pharmacist helpline
  • 20% discount on CVS Health Brand items both in-store and online
  • monthly $10 promotional reward loaded to your ExtraCare card – AWESOME PERK!

That’s right – pay $48 over the course of a year to join CarePass, and you’ll receive $120 back in ExtraCare Bucks over the entire year! If you regularly shop the sales at CVS, joining CarePass seems like a no-brainer!

CVS Pharmacy storefront

CarePass members also enjoy a variety of surprise offers and bonus perks throughout the year. As an example, members recently received free sports physicals at local MinuteClinics.

“We are thrilled to expand CarePass nationally, bringing simplified value to our customer while making it easier for them to care for themselves and their families,” said Kevin Hourican, Executive Vice President, CVS Health and President, CVS Pharmacy. “Initial customer response has exceeded our expectations with members utilizing the program’s full benefits and becoming more engaged across all of our digital offerings.”

To learn more about this program or to become a CarePass member, customers can enroll in-store or online at

Thanks, Becky and Janet!

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Comments 115

  1. Valerie A

    I signed up for this on Sunday, who can pass up free money. I received my monthly $10 before I even got home.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yay! That’s awesome!

  2. Crescent City Couponer

    “Is there a minimum transaction amount required to use the monthly $10 promotional reward?

    In store, you have the option of using your monthly $10 promotional reward on most transactions, but YOU’LL LOSE ANY REMAINDER of the reward if you use it ON A TRANSACTION of LESS THAN $10. For orders, you must spend a minimum of $10 to use your monthly $10 promotional reward.”

    • Dave

      Not a problem I can find $10 worth of stuff easy. I have CarePass and it’s AWESOME. A $72 money maker over the course of a year cha-ching thank you very much !

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks a TON for sharing those details! Good to know!

    • Daniela

      It isn’t a gift card. If you have $X of ECB, you have to spend more than that amount to get your full value.

    • Katherine Laurenzo

      I have just started using CarePass and recived my 10.00 recently. Love it—but now I don’t know what constitutes a “month” when I can use it again. Is your month 1st thru 31st or from date I used the 10.00 or date I joined CarePass and then 1once a month from that date? I asked in the pharmacy and they couldn’t tell me.

      • Katherine Laurenzo

        P.S. I’m old and outopf touch—what is “ECB”?

        • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

          Hi there! ECB are CVS rewards you can earn on select purchases. Find more details on that over here –> Hope this helps!

      • Katherine Laurenzo

        P.S. I’m old and out of touch—what is “ECB”?

        • Lisa A

          Extra Care Bucks

      • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

        Good question! It appears to run off of your monthly schedule. Here is what I found in the details – “The $10 promotional reward will be automatically added to your ExtraCare card each month at the beginning of your monthly benefit cycle and will expire at the end of your monthly benefit cycle.”

        Hope this helps!

  3. Jess

    I’m wondering if one can earn ExtraCare rewards on items that are purchased with the $10 CarePass promotional reward. Anyone…?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Jess! I don’t find that listed in the exclusions when checking the fine print. Hope that helps!

    • Liz

      Yes you can. It’s called”rolling your extra bucks”. You pay with the $10 and if items are part of a promotion your new extra bucks will print at end of the receipt. And CVS is great because you can use manufacturer and store coupons together and still earn extra bucks.

  4. Melissa

    I joined last week. I usually shop the sales every week so it is a no brainer for me. The $10 was immediately on my card. Question is I didn’t pay the $48 that day because i was in a hurry and she said the first month was a free trial period that I could cancel or pay $48 that day. I wanted to check it out before I committed to a year. I wonder if I could still pay the year instead of the $5 monthly? Does anyone know?

    • Dave

      Call 1-800-shopcvs they can help you

      • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

        Thanks so much for the helpful comment, Dave!

      • melwagner6


      • melwagner6

        I called and to switch from the $5 monthly to the $48 yearly fee, I would need to cancel my current subscription and re-enroll at the store.

  5. Steph

    Anyone have a coupon code???

  6. Tina9222

    I got extra bucks the same day I signed up and used that $10 for all purchases

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Woohoo! That’s great to hear!

  7. adberb07

    You definitely do get extra bucks for those purchases and it will show you that when you browse through the products

  8. Daniela

    I have it and love the free shipping and 20% off cvs brand items. It has paid for itself these past 3 months. Plus I get a lot of survey emails asking how I like the service, which give an extra $10 or $25 ecb.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      How cool! Thanks for sharing your experience, Daniela! Good to know how it has been working for you!

    • Brotin

      How do you get ecb after answering their surveys/feedback? I never got a penny for my voicing my opinions.

      • Daniela

        They send out a lot of survey emails, if you qualify for the survey, you get ecb.

      • Candy M

        If they missed ecb contact customer service. They will make it right for you.

  9. Dana

    Does anyone know if I can use a CVS gift card to purchase this pass?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      It looks like you will need to use an eligible payment card that can be used for recurring payments. Hope that helps!


    Another bonus is that since March they have loaded about 3 free items to redeem in store, just for being a carepass member. Ex: a nail polish and cvs health brand item.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Awesome! 🙌

  11. CJS

    Possibly $51.72 if you choose the annual payment option of $48 in California…they charged me $3.72 tax on the membership. (maybe other parts of California or other states are exempt)

    • Michele

      Yes, I had to pay tax on it in NY state as well.

  12. lu

    Can the monthly $10 be use towards prescriptions at the pharmacy?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      No, they will not apply to prescriptions.

  13. Karen T.

    I’m so excited… I can finally sign up!! It wasn’t available in my area for a while. THANKS 😁

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Yay! You’re so welcome, Karen T!

  14. Vanessa

    This sounds great! However, I don’t like the idea of auto renewal. I prefer to be able to decide if I want to renew for another year, once my membership ends (like Sams club does) than to have to worry about problems with cancelling a membership. This makes me a little hesitant to sign up.

    • Daniela

      I signed up and so did my mom but she felt it was a waste since she rarely goes to CVS. You click a few buttons on the website to cancel. It isn’t a big deal like other places. You do not have to call in. But again the $5 a month is a moneymaker when you consider the $10 monthly cash.

      • Vanessa

        Thank you for the info Daniela. I’m happy to hear that it’s so easy to cancel. I’ll go ahead and sign up. I shop CVS weekly and who doesn’t like free money? 🙂

  15. Kerry

    If you are friendly with your cashiers or have a favorite one I suggest signing up in store with them. They will earn a $3 bonus for signing you up. I’m sure they will be grateful.

    • *Angela-Miles*

      Thanks for the heads up on the bonus!! I have an awesome employee I love at cvs, that always offers great service and I will sign up in store to help her 😄

    • Janet

      When I signed up this week I said to the cashier, “I hope you get something out of this.” She confirmed she gets $3 for every person she signs up!

  16. Bean

    Does anyone know if you HAVE to get the prescriptions delivered to you or can you still get in store. I asked pharmacy employee but they did not know answer. I prefer to pick up in store.

    • Kerry

      You can still get them in store. Delivery is t mandatory.

      • Kerry


  17. Rachel

    Wow. I signed up for the yearly and by the time I logged into my app (about 2 minutes) my $10 was there! I’m very excited as I do A LOT of shopping at CVS. Cant beat the deals with coupons. Thank you for the heads up on this!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Woohoo! You’re very welcome, Rachel! Happy shopping!

  18. suez

    So do you have to use the $10 by the end of the month? or does it roll over?

    • mel

      like all eb’s, it will have expiration date (but can be used in most stores that allow 2-day grace period), no rolling over to accumulate.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi there! Here is what I found in the details on that – “Your monthly $10 promotional reward expires at the end of your monthly benefit cycle.”

    • Rachel

      I signed up today and mine expires 9/12. Hope that helps.

  19. Suzanne H

    How can you find out if your prescriptions qualify for delivery? That alone would save my husband and I so much time and money!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You could always call in to your CVS and have them check that for you. Hope that helps!

  20. Melissa

    I signed up 2 weeks ago for free. I was then sent an email to do a survey on the program and received a $10 gc right away in my email.

  21. Dorothy B.

    Sad that there are so many restrictions: “May not be redeemed for alcohol, lottery, money orders, prescriptions and co-pays, pseudoephedrine/ephedrine products, postage stamps, prepaid cards, gift cards, newspapers and magazines, milk (where required by law or regulation), bottle deposits, bus passes, hunting and fishing licenses, any imposed governmental fees or items reimbursed by a government health plan.”

    • Cassandra White

      CVS has had those restrictions for a long time.

    • Mel

      Why are you sad? Those are the normal restrictions for their EB program.

    • riss

      I was just gonna say that those have always been restrictions when using EB. Nothing new. And nothing to be sad about- it’s free money!

    • Amber

      Those are long time restrictions and most for obvious reasons.

    • Kalina

      It’s so sad when we start complaining about getting $10 free! These are the same restrictions that most, if not all, stores exclude from their rewards program, cash back or coupons. As previously mentioned, most of the restrictions are for very obvious reasons. The only difference between the other stores is that CVS is offering me $10 to shop in their store (with a few small restrictions). I’m definitely not upset about free money! 🙂

      Lets try to be more grateful!! I’ll start right here by thanking Hip2Save for letting us know about this awesome program!! 👏

      • Me

        People will always complain about everything

  22. Lisa

    Wonder if CVS is doing this is a promo as I’ve read Walgreens is closing a few stores (just a few… nothing to get overexcited about). I can’t remember the last time I was in a CVS, but great for those who can shop there.

    • Mel

      I read they are closing stores that were converted to Walgreens from the Rite Aid merger. They did a big disservice by scooping up that chain. I miss my Rite Aid

  23. KimNell

    My concern is that the website doesn’t have the variety that the store does. Free shipping is awesome but will I be able to get my stuff???

    • Dave

      You can still shop in store or online as usual. And usually online has a greater variety of things you won’t find in store.

  24. Patty d

    Definitely a no brained!! I’ll be signing up this week

  25. jack

    so you spend 50 dollars to get back 100 sounds good but first you have to remember to use the 10 every month and secondly your better off just buying items on sale that give you extra bucks. wow just like that I saved 50 bucks from not bothering lol

    • Paula

      It’s definitely worth it for people who shop there regularly like me. Especially when you roll those Ecb. I spend at least 10 there each month.

      • Chloe

        Very much also worth it to me. I do feel like us couponers would never forget to use the $10 ECB. You also have an entire month to use the $10 ECB. And CVS has also sent me 2 or 3 surveys after signing up for carepass worth another $20-$30 ECB.

        • Daniela

          When my mom cancelled she also got the “why did you leave” survey for $15. CVS just giving the money away hahaha.

  26. Felix

    I roll ECB all the time. I get lots of deals on Mans Razors and Lotions. They come right to me in the CVS app

    • Felix

      BTY, i am a women named Felix, grow up with that..

      • Lorna

        Lol. I thought I had it rough with Lorna (usually got pronounced as Loretta 😑) but you definitely have me beat! Salute

      • riss

        I had a female co-worker named Felix!

      • Patty

        I love that you added this comment, made me laugh out loud. Yeah, that would be rough!

  27. Hazzy

    Did anyone else get taxed on the membership in California? Seems like an un-taxable item just like any membership in California.

  28. *Angela-Miles*

    The CVS in my town is so coupon friendly it’s one of my favorite stores to shop at. I’ve seen this program advertised a couple times but haven’t singed up yet. I will for sure do it the next time I’m in the store and give my favorite employee the bonus!

  29. Diana

    I am at CVS all the time so this is a great way to save a little extra! Thanks for the heads up!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      PERFECT! You’re welcome, Diana!

  30. Sally

    I was able to join in store yesterday for my first month free.

  31. Samantha

    Hey Everyone,
    Thanks for the heads up. This is great considering the amount of toiletries I go through having 2 teenage girls. I am pretty excited! Again thank you all for sharing this info!!!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re very welcome, Samantha! SO glad this will be helpful.

  32. Megan Vaughan

    I have a few questions about it. I am assuming this will replace the extra care card that I already have. Will we still get cvs coupons with this care pass?

    • Daniela

      Does not replace your current card, it is an add on. You will see it noted on your current dashboard online. Just like if you have scripts delivered or the coupons you have loaded on your extra care card.

  33. Bridgett

    Can I earn ECB on online purchases (same as in store)? And does the items bought online count toward the beauty bucks?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yes! You can still earn and redeem ECB online. Just be sure you are logged in to your account. Hope that helps!

      • Bridgett

        Thanks, I looked up the items on promotion this week in the store ad such as dial bodywash (2/$7) and pantene (3/$12) and online the items are full price. Wonder why the pricing is different?

        • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

          The in store and online pricing can vary. Some sales are available in store only.

  34. Gina

    May I print this reward or its stays on the card only? In my area, a very tough to ask cashiers apply anything on my card and a lot of coupons got wasted:(

    • Luv🌺

      I have opposite problem from yours, I don’t like when they print because I usually don’t have them with me next time I shop, or my husband stops by on his way from work to save me a trip. I wish they would give the option if you want the coupons and EBs to print instead of printing automatically.

      • mel

        You can set your account to ‘digital receipts’ if you use the app (not sure about online). But make sure you select the option for email AND print receipt after you toggle digital receipts to ‘on’. Otherwise you won’t get a printout of your transaction in case you use rebate apps like Ibotta & Ckout51. Then after your transaction, the eb’s will show up in your app and you can send them to card (or they will print at the red box the next time you scan your card, along with any personalized crt offers) Just make note of the ‘send by date’ so you don’t lose your earned bucks!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Gina! Here is what I found in the details on how to use the reward –
      “To use your $10 promotional reward in store, please provide your enrolled ExtraCare card at Checkout and let us know you’d like to use your reward. For orders, please sign in with your enrolled account and apply your available reward at Checkout.”

      Hope that helps!

  35. mary b

    Regarding extra bucks I think if you call CVS corporate and ask them to put the extra bucks on your CVS card you never have to worry about losing your paper with the extra bucks on it. I keep forgetting to do this myself so I can’t verify this 100% but I believe this is what the CVS clerk told me last time I try to use my extra bucks and they had expired. So I guess you call the general 800 number for cvs and asked that all future extra bucks be loaded to your cvs cardI just reminded myself I still need to do this. Good luck everybody. Thank you to hip2save for this deal. I love getting free money.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re so welcome! Thanks a ton for the helpful suggestion!

  36. 26

    Has anyone tried using their monthly $10 reward on a $10 online order with free shipping… which would make the order total close to free (I understand I’d have to pay tax)? Or does your online total have to be $10 AFTER the reward has been deducted? The program sounds good, but with two little ones to get in and out of car seats, an extra stop every month might not be worth it. I would love it if I could have items delivered!

    • mel

      I purchased quite a bit of stuff online at during Dec/Jan when they were offering free shipping. It doesn’t matter what your online total is after and dq’s, crt’s & EB’s have been deducted. Most of my orders were under $2, one was $0.26! I just stuck to doing Buy xx offer b/c there’s a trick to doing a Spend deal online. Right now, tracking is calculated AFTER all q’s & eb’s have been deducted. So even though the the order page might tell you one thing, once the order ships it’s going to be the prorated price. That got me on one deal, as I thought I had $15 towards and I was gonna buy the other $15 in store, but my tracking was only $6 after my order shipped.

    • Manda

      I spent my $10 online , my order came to 27 cents after ecb and I got free shipping, awesome:)

  37. Elisabeth

    Thank you❣️ Excited to get this, please start posting deals..that I now get free shipping on.

  38. Geri B

    Can I use the CVS coupons and/or manufacturer coupons with the monthly $10 promotion?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      It appears that should work as I don’t find it listed as a limit in the details. Hope that helps!

  39. lynchpin

    I subscribed to CarePass at a local CVS store yesterday. I was charged a little over 4$ as tax on top of the 48$ annual fee.I have never seen taxes on membership fees before.For e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime don’t charge any taxes on top of the quoted membership fee. Anyone has the same experience with CarePass?

  40. Michele

    I received an email survey about the CarePass program and received $10. Extrabucks instantly for filling it out.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Awesome! Thanks so much for the feedback, Michele!

  41. Aharv

    I joined a week ago and am very impressed, they gave the $10 right away. I have already-used the $10 online and spent just 27 cents for items shipped to me, also I was able to get one item shipped for half price with the 20% off cvs items and a coupon combined and shipped to me in just one day! Also was given a survey for $10 ecb already which I combined with coupons and got $31 of stuff for 8 cents,lol. So I spent $5 and in a week have already saved about $25 with the ecb and %off, and free shipping is always great, especially when they have clearance online:)

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      That’s great to hear! Thanks so much for letting us know about your experience so far!

  42. Charlaine Buckman

    I am an older woman and this is confusing for me and I want to cancel. Please help me cancel. I called the number but got nowhere. HELP ME!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      So sorry for the frustration! Is this the number you called? 1-833-320-2273 That is the one I find listed to use when trying to cancel. It looks like you can also cancel online when logging in to your account. If you were not able to get help when giving them a call, maybe try contacting your store to see if they may be able to offer any further help. Hoping you can cancel soon!

  43. Roseanne Cameron

    I have it bought Cvs vitamins buy one get one half off they said 20 % off can’t be used Why

  44. Kay Mossing

    I signed up for this program 3months ago but have not received any monthly 10.00 bonuses….what went wrong ?

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      I would contact customer service to ask, Kay Mossing. You can try this number 1-833-320-2273.

  45. Joan miller

    I forgot what day of month my discount is available

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