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Walmart’s Grocery Pickup Service is Not Just for Groceries

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man in the back of car with yellow storage totes

Walmart’s pickup service is for way more than just groceries!

Many of you know how much we love the Walmart Grocery Pickup service, but don’t let the word grocery fool you. You can use their awesome pickup service for so many other things! We’re talking diapers, toys, household essentials, huge storage bins that you don’t want to lug around while shopping, and so much more.

Watch Stetson on this recent Facebook Live picking up storage totes using the Walmart Grocery Pickup Service!

Walmart Employee with Grocery Pick-up

Unlike some of the other shopping services available that pad the prices, there are NO markups with Walmart Grocery Pickup! You can still shop all the great rollback prices, so you’ll save both money and time! How awesome is that?!

And it gets even better, because for a limited time, you can save $10 off your first pickup order of $50 or more with promo code WOWFRESH at checkout. Or if you’ve already used Walmart Grocery Pickup, through December 31st, new and existing customers can use promo code LA9ARAAC to save $10 off your $50 purchase.

Interesting in getting stocked up on storage bins to get yourself organized? Check out this Walmart Grocery Pickup deal idea that includes NO groceries…

Walmart Grocery Pick-up Dolly Full of Storage Totes

Buy two Sterilite 6-Quart Storage Boxes $0.88 each
Buy four Sterilite 4-Gallon Totes $5.48 each (regularly $6.98)
Buy two Sterilite 27-Gallon Industrial Totes 2-Piece $13.44 each
Total = $50.56
Use promo code WOWFRESH ($10 off first $50+ pickup)
Or use promo code LA9ARAAC ($10 off $50+ pickup for new and existing customers)
Final cost $40.56!

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Comments 50

  1. Claudia

    My favorite way to shop. I reluctantly tried it and I love it. I need to know nutritional information due to medical issue and I can see that before I put it in my cart. Pick up is easy. All my items are well chosen (even my produce). I order household items as well. I can’t say enough positive things. I order weekly and I have not encouraged any issues.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yay! Glad you have been loving it too! I order weekly as well. It saves a TON of time!

  2. tipaye

    While this is a great option for some customers, I’ve noticed a lot of employees busy being personal shoppers instead of stocking shelves and the carts/equipment/process they use while shopping takes-up more room than an average customer with a cart. This isn’t the fault of online shoppers, it’s Walmart’s fault for spreading labor too thin, as usual. How customers choose to take advantage of this service is up to them, personally, I’ll only be using it in an emergency. When they inevitably start charging for it, I feel the number of people using it will decrease.

    • C

      @tipaye- here we don’t have a ton of ppl that I notice ordering online (but there’s a decent number and the workers for that I believe are only hired to do the personal shopping, so they’re not taking away from other jobs to be done); HOWEVER, I have noticed at the Walmart here at least nearly all stockers aren’t doing their job- I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been in Walmart and the stock workers are just chatting it up with each other and lazing around (and when stocking, doing it slowly)… I mean the other day I was in there and 2 guys who were actually doing their jobs (on the floor sorting out items from boxes to then be shelved, but chatting while they did it- no problem with that- the chatting WHILE working vs instead of working) were approached by another worker who I had seen chatting (non-work chats) with other employees the entire 15 minutes I had been in there- she approached them and said a manager had asked her what they were up to and that she had told the manager the two of them were sitting around talking! I was about to give her a piece of my mind as I know if I were one of them I would be pissed but they might not be able to voice it themselves without getting in trouble- but then she said she had told the manager they were working… 🙄🙄🙄🙄 maybe 5 minutes later I actually saw her do the tiniest amount of work “trying” to stock the clearance area…. sometimes I go in later at night as well and it’s the same issue of them doing a poor job of stocking maybe 20% of the time (the other 80% they’re sitting around chatting, doing nothing work related) I guess that’s why robots now clean the floors!… also one time I asked an employee if she could see if they had an item in back and she pretended she was deaf! (I know she was pretending bc about a week later when I was about 5 feet behind her and said excuse me in an inside voice, she turned around and responded to my question!!)…. also one of the stockers who I actually see doing their job, I’ve asked several times to look up an item to see if it’s in back and many times when it’s not, he says that someone who works there is supposed to scan things they are out of stock of to trigger reorders of items and they clearly are sometimes lacking… there’s defitely a huge difference in the work vender stockers do vs Walmart stockers (at least here)

    • SharonG

      Our local store just started doing this a few weeks ago, and I noticed the last time I was shopping in the store, they were out of half the items that I needed. Stock crews were working on many grocery aisles, and I asked about the items that I needed, but they didn’t have them. I think it is because so many people have been using the grocery pick up service, and this store just cannot keep up with the demand. Many local people had been posting on social media how they had used the Walmart grocery pick up and loved it. Makes me wonder if this will be normal now for our local store to be out of everything if you’re a store shopper. I hear if you are using grocery pick up service, they will make substitutions for the same price as the item you ordered, if you agree to it. This is great for grocery pick up, but if you’re a store shopper, you do not get that option. If they are out of the Great Value brand, you have to pay more to buy the name brand. I plan to use the grocery pick up this weekend, and I will be ordering the things on my list that they were out of when I was there last. I hope they are able to fill my order! 🙂

    • Sam

      The personal shoppers are hired to be personal shoppers! It is not their job to stock shelves. Walmart hired these people to do this job. They will not start charging for it, it actually saves money to keep you out of the store because shoppers and their kids are messy and workers have to clean it up at Target we stay 5 hours after closing working overtime to clean up your messes so advocating to not use pickup is causing us to work 14 hour days with 1 -30 min lunch THANK YOU!!!! and walmart is actually building stores that have only pickup. It is much more cost effective.

      • Kellie

        Sam, Target should hire enough people so you and your coworkers don’t have to work that many hours.

        • Rae

          I remember working retail at a big box store when I was younger. People vomiting in my department, throwing trash all over the ground, and moving merchandise they don’t want wherever… It doesn’t matter how many employees they hire if customers can not act with common decency…

    • Jodi P

      Our Walmart now has 22 self-check lanes, and only 6 regular lanes with a cashier, and only 2-3 of those are ever open. I’ve waited in line as long as 15 minutes just to get to the cashier. This forces you to the self-check lanes if you want to get out of there.

      So when you shop inside walmart, you also often have to check out and bag your own groceries. You don’t get any discount for doing an employee’s job. Even at Aldi’s they check out your groceries.

      With Walmart Pickup, they shop, check, bag, and bring your order to your car. They do everything, it doesn’t cost more, and you’re not an “unpaid employee” doing all the work, yourself.

      • tipaye

        Sam, I’m glad you’re employed and are able to make overtime pay. You should be, too, and I hope if you aren’t you are able to find another job that better suits your needs. Have a great day!

      • tipaye

        I agree with being an unpaid employee at self-checkout…it’s annoying!

      • tipaye

        I hear you…good luck! 🙂

      • tipaye

        Yes, stocking was already mediocre at best at many locations, the addition of personal shoppers has made things worse at many locations!

  3. Cathy

    I love grocery pickup. Glad to know I can use it for other things also! Thanks!!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re welcome, Cathy! 😊

  4. Kelli

    I’m normally not a Walmart shopper but used it this summer after having a baby and needing lots of househould essentials and groceries. It was a game changer! I didn’t have to get out of the car with my newborn. It’s going to be SO handy during the winter months here since I live in a cold, snowy state!

  5. Whitney

    I tell all my friends to use them for back to school supplies! Talk about a life hack! No searching for the right colored folder or right sized scissors….it’s all delivered to my car! And I don’t have to pay the school for the overpriced supplies bundle! Winning!

  6. Melissa

    Speaking of padding pick up orders with fees….when did target start charging a $1 bag fee on their pick up orders? They don’t charge $1 per bag in store! I’m in California and we do get charged for bags, but not that much.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for sharing with us, Melissa! It seems that charge may vary by region. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for it!

    • Gina G.

      Melissa how did you find that out? I want to see if it applies to my local Target, if it does I won’t be using that option again.

  7. jenn

    These are my favorite kind of boxes, except that most of the ones I prefer are the 40gal ones with wheels on 1 end & a super comfortable handle on the other end. They come in black & yellow or red & black…all sterlite brand though. Realized how great those handles were the last time I moved! And sturdy stackable boxes are the only kind of boxes I’ll buy anymore… I’ve had way too many storage boxes collapse under the stress & weight of boxes stacked on top of it. Target carries the 40gal ones for $20…I’ve even
    seen them for $15 a few times. Highly recommend!

  8. Lisa

    I bought windshield wipers for my car with my last order. And several over-the-counter medications our family requires to function. Walmart grocery pick-up is a life saver for spoonies (chronic illness suffers).

  9. DW

    When I click on the 27 gallon bins, it comes up as 2 pieces. Does this mean it’s just one tote and one lid? I was hoping it was two totes and two lids for $13.44

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re right! Thanks so much for pointing that out. That detail has been updated. It appears to be 2 pieces, the lid and the box. 😊

      • DW

        I’m just confused because it says he purchased 2 of the 2 piece sets which you’re saying would be 2 totes and 2 lids then. However, in the pictures and video, you can clearly see 4 large totes as well as 4 lids 🤔

  10. Beach Is My Happpy Place

    I asked about employee’s losing their jobs when people start to use Grocery Pickup. I too was told these people are hired specifically for grocery pickup. I really love driving up, not getting out, and having someone do everything for me… don’t do it every week, but I’m a fan of this. As far as swapping something out that WalMart is out of… I have been pleased with the items. The only time I did not like what was given was when I wanted Band-Aid brand and was given a WalMart Brand. Tried those and it didn’t work for me. Now, when ordering Band-Aid brand, I don’t click on substitutes for that item. I did receive an out of date ( By 2 months) Go Gurt Dunkers. When putting away my groceries , I noticed this. Took it back to the store and exchanged) When filling out the survey, this was listed as a concern. No it’s not perfect, however, it saves time and money when I choose to use this service. Thank you Hip2Save for posting about the bigger items when ordering pick up.

    • Rebecca

      To save you time, if you have an item that is expired or damaged or just wrong, you can submit it on your app & get refund in about 30 seconds. I know it doesn’t replace the item, but saves is trip back to the store if it’s not something you need right away.

      • Beach Is My Happpy Place

        Thank you, I didn’t know about that !!

      • Heather

        Yes, I’ve been pretty impressed with that aspect. They even refunded my money right away when I said that I wasn’t happy with one of their substitutions.

  11. Brian Puhalsky

    I tried this a few weeks back for the first time. When I got home, 2 items were missing, and the 85/15 hamburger patties were replaced with 75/25. They said they had exchanged them, but I figured it was with another brand of 85/15 which they did have in stock. I was under the impression that if they did not have what you ordered, they would replace with a comparable product “even if it was higher priced” and honor the price you paid. I did receive a refund quite easily on the website for the missing items, but when I called the store about the replacement hamburger. They said I was welcome to return it but they do not give higher priced items just because they are out of what you actually wanted. Needless to say, very disappointed and should have done it myself.

    • Rebecca

      The substitutions can be hit or miss. However if you just report item problems on the app(be it wrong item or anything you’re unhappy with), you can get a refund in seconds.

  12. Hailey

    I love this service and use it often. But, I have to say, it is hit and miss at my store. I have had missing items, expired items, wrong items entirely, crushed items and substituted items that make no sense. I have reached out to Walmart online each time and they have been helpful and have encouraged feedback to keep coming. I feel like they really are trying but I think some of the shoppers are younger people that just don’t know what they are doing when it comes to picking out groceries lol. I keep going back because at the end of the day it is convenient for me and they quickly take care of the issue when I message them. I don’t have to go back in to the store with anything. I learned the lesson about unclicking the box for substitution if it’s an item you really don’t want them changing. Some things I’m ok with rolling the dice to see what they do; but other items I won’t take that gamble anymore. Fish fillets were substituted with fish sticks- lol nope not doing that again. Overall, as stated, they make it right and it has still been more beneficial for me than any of the mistakes. I also order more than groceries. Birthday party supplies, sometimes toys, health and beauty items, even birthday cake!

  13. Rachel

    I absolutely love this service! I have no complaints at all and have used it for the entire 3 years it has existed where I live. I get an email when my order is ready and can see any subs or unavailables. That way when I can drive up I can say “no I don’t want that particular sub” and they take it off no problem. I am glad it’s a free service but I love it so much I would pay for it. I place HUGE orders that would take me over an hour in the store plus I’d end up spending way more because I’d be shopping around.

  14. Sconie Saver

    Wal-Mart pickup has been a very important part of our family savings plan. When we decided buckle down to save a few more hundred a month we ditched our Costco membership and coupon chasing many grocery stores and started Walmart grocery pickup. The BEST part is seeing how much you are spending prior to checking out. It holds you accountable to your budget and forces you to rethink needs vs. wants. We pickup weekly and only buy for the week. It has also helped curbed our eating out (more savings!) because there is a plan that’s ready. We sit down as a family and all put in our order for the week, look at toilet paper, shampoo etc and pickup the next day. Love love it. The workers are always friendly and I have had no problems with substituting or expiration dates.

    • Rebecca

      Yes! Definitely saves our budget. If I’m going in store to shop, I’m spending soooo much more.

  15. Lori

    Info that was new to me is that Walmart also delivers! My husband hosts a work function a couple times a year that requires him and I to buy a TON of pop and water from the grocery store. I was online the other day checking to see which grocery store near us had the best prices and it turns out Walmart did. Decided to buy online and pickup then saw I could have it delivered for $9.99! Set up a time for the next morning and 35 cases of pop and water were delivered by Doordash! Game changer!!! I had no idea this was an option. Well worth $9.99 (plus tip).

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yes! Some stores offer delivery. My store doesn’t offer that yet. SO happy it was available for you, Lori!

    • Jodi P

      Please be sure to tip your delivery person for hauling 35 cases of pop!

  16. Brandy

    I LOVE grocery pickup! I use it exclusively and I’ll never go back to shopping in store versus building blanket forts with my kids! It has freed up so much time for me!

  17. Heather

    Yeah, I love it! It was especially awesome when it came to school supply shopping, since I was able to completely avoid the crowds and hunting all over for specific items/brands. Definitely saved my sanity!

  18. Rhiannon

    I no longer buy produce here as everytime my produce was almost rotten. I still really like it for all other items. If you have any issues you just call the customer service phone #. I called once to complain about my rotten produce and they refunded me and gave me $10 towards my next visit. The rep said you never need to go in the store to return items, just call them and they will give you your money back. Also there is no obligation to tip as they are not allowed to accept tips. I definitely recommend this service, just not the produce

  19. Penny

    Are they suppose to remove peelies and reduce the price of those items? I asked the ones bringing the items out when I noticed $1.00 off toilet paper still on the package, and they said to put it in the promo code area the next time. I don’t see how that would work.

    • Rebecca

      No they don’t do that.

  20. Crystal

    Love this service but sometimes items are out of stock. Walmart definitely falls short in keeping items stocked in most stores in my area.

    Also, returns are different with grocery pickup. I used to return to the store but now they require you to call the customer service to return grocery pickup items. They refund your money and let you keep the item, unless it’s a big ticket item. I bought a pizza pan that was larger than I could use. They refunded my money and told me to keep the pizza pan. So I gave it to my mom. Seems like they will lose money that way but easier for me that going to the store to return.

  21. SharonG

    Can you use coupons when you use this service?

  22. Tiffany

    I love this service. The few times I’ve had issues, they have been fixed right away. Our local store is so poorly stocked that it’s a pain to even bother going in. So this is much easier. I have to say tho, I’m not a fan of the convienence fee they charge. It seems to vary between $4-6 dollars everytime.

    • CBethS

      Convienence fee? At Walmart? I’ve never had a fee.

  23. Brandi Warner

    Don’t forget to go through Ibotta! There is a three dollar credit for each grocery purchase! I love the grocery pickup option and wish it had been available when I had young children! I throw items in my cart as I notice I need them and once I hit the $30 threshold I schedule my order. *note that to get the ibotta rebate add at least one item while in the app before placing the order to get the credit. The credit takes 7 days to show up in your account.

    • Brandi Warner

      Sorry I meant to say $3 credit for each grocery pickup purchase!

  24. Penny

    Thank you, Brandi. I have done the grocery pickup three times and had no idea this was available. So glad you gave this advice!

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