Costco Is No Longer Selling Its Beloved Half Sheet Cakes

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Costco cakes on shelves

So long, Costco Sheet Cakes. We had some good times together! 😭

Collin here just shedding a tear. 😢 While I do eat keto most of the time, it’s true that I have a soft spot in my heart for a nice, big corner piece of Costco sheet cake on my birthday. Yes, I’m the person who always goes for those corners. Why? Because frosting, of course! 😋

With this in mind, you can imagine how bummed I was to hear that Costco recently discontinued selling its popular half sheet cakes. These beauties are gone… 😩

Costco corner piece with rainbow frosting

Hoping that this sad news was just a rumor, we headed over to our local Costco to see if this could possibly be true. Sure enough, we saw our location’s bakery filled with lots of yummy baked goods, but there was not a single sheet cake in sight.

One of my sidekicks recently tried to order a half sheetcake in another state, and she learned that they no longer sell them in her area either.

cakes in the Costco bakery

It turns out that Costco isn’t selling its sheet cakes at any of its US locations at the moment, and it has no immediate plans to bring them back.

While the warehouse club hasn’t explained its decision, one theory is that the demand for these cakes has decreased as fewer people are gathering for celebrations during the COVID-19 pandemic. It seems like many folks are celebrating on a smaller scale with smaller cakes these days.

close up of birthday cakes at Costco

If this is the reason for the disappearance of Costco’s half sheet cakes, then maybe there’s a glimmer of hope that someday they will return. 🙌

In the meantime, you can still get round birthday cakes from the Costco bakery, and they’re made with all the same yummy ingredients as their famous sheet cakes. Now if only they could find a way to bake some corners into those round cakes… 😉

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Comments 87

  1. Ben

    I just saw an article regarding this and they (Costco) said on Facebook it was because of the pandemic.

    • Debbie Couch

      A costco worker said they didnt want to encourage large gathering so not only cakes but sandwich platters too!

      • Steven Averett

        I could take or leave the cake, but the loss of their sandwich trays would truly be a blow. True, we usually get them for parties, but we have 3 adults and 4 kids in our household, so we can put one of those trays away all on our own — and have. And they are amazing.

  2. Sheila

    They are gone in SE Michigan too. They did have special small round cakes a few weeks ago, decorated for grads. Maybe they will offer these round cakes for special holidays. Theirs is the best cake & frosting!

  3. tami

    I’ve never seen these smaller round ones in MN, they had better start!

  4. Jaci1717

    I just ordered a 1/2 sheet at Sams

  5. Bornonthe4thofJuly

    No love loss here as I am a Sam’s Club cake lover. But for the sake of discussion, I hope it comes back for those that liked them.

    • llc

      Me too. I prefer Sam’s sheet cakes. But stay away from their cupcakes. For some reason they arent as good.

      • Linda

        Interesting! I had some earlier this month and could not stop eating them because they were absolutely delicious. Even told my husband and son that they were the best cupcakes I have ever had in my life. Would not hesitate to purchase them again. Maybe quality is different at different stores?

        • Mari Jo

          My son is on a Covid floor, doing excellent, and I just brought in a few dozen Sam’s cupcakes for both shifts.( plus 4 dozen mint boxes, as cover mask breath is a real thing! ) I LOVE the buttercream, dislike the whipped, and one of my sons loves the whipped! Maybe you got a whipped topping one llc? Oh, and by the way, you have to order cupcakes in advance as they don’t have them in like before. Takes 24 hours. and well worth it. They do have more elaborate ones, but much more expensive!

          • KeysKellyRN

            Thanks for thinking of both shifts … as a night shift RN for many years, there are very few people who bring things for PM shift! Much appreciated by the staff, I’m sure. And I hope your son feels better soon!

            • Idahomomof6

              Kelly, thank you for being on the front lines as an essential worker and caretaker!! Through your sacrifice and service during such an unprecedented time, you are a true hero. Mary Jo, all my best to you! I hope your son continues to improve and is able to go home with you soon!!

      • lau

        One of the best cupcakes I ever had was from Sam’s Club. I ordered the 24 count and they were delicious.

        • jessicapennerchristian

          You all are making me wish we had a Sam’s Club nearby to try these cupcakes!! 🤣

      • Kenzie'sMom414

        We love their cupcakes! I get them for every party and have ruined many diets to eat the leftovers.

  6. jessalynlane

    When my aunt tried to buy one for a birthday party she was told they aren’t making them right now as they promote large gatherings 🙄hope they bring them back

    • Jack

      Definitely 🙄🙄

    • tracey

      Wouldn’t not just cake, but buying bulk food in general at Costco promote social gatherings?! How would they know if you have a large family or are buying food for a party? Maybe the thought is, we’ll all just buy more smaller round cakes to feed a group and spend more money.

      • jessalynlane

        My thought exactly! 😔

      • Kara

        We go to Costco almost weekly. Just the 4 of us but we get all our produce and meat there.

      • Vicky

        No – selling bulk does not promote large gatherings. Especially now since some families are choosing to try and shop less frequently so they might prefer to buy in larger quantities to make the trips less often. I know we have been shopping at Sam’s more frequently and it’s just three of us and we have had no large gatherings. And certain things are just cheaper to buy in bulk if you have the space to store it.

      • Dani

        Seriously? Buying bulk food in general at Costco SAVES my budget. We are a family of TWO and treasure the savings we make each and every week since the bulk meat is spectacular. Bulk toilet paper does not promote social gatherings. Bulk buying of cheese and nuts and all sorts of healthy food ENCOURAGES us to stay home and stay safe.

        Here, let me fix your statement: Buying bulk food in general at Costco DOES NOT promote social gatherings.

      • Darlene

        I bought 2 round ones today. $12.99 each.

    • eadybakegirl

      Mine has a lot of cakes left over. The worker said they weren’t moving and it was not worth it to make them if they were going to sit on the shelf. They are instead baking cookies and breads.

  7. jill

    it’s truly a sad day when the cake is gone. 🙁

  8. Mary

    The smaller cakes are the same as the bigger sheet cakes just a smaller version. We bought one for my daughter’s birthday in January, it was not birthday decorated at that time. I saw the birthday decorated ones at my store now a few weeks ago. For our family,even with a group the smaller ones are better anyway because we end up throwing a lot out.I bought a half sheet cake last year for my sons graduation party and also for his rehearsal dinner both times we had half left over that did not get eaten. I am glad they are offering the smaller cakes,but I know some people need larger cakes so maybe they will bring them back in the future.

    • Lo

      Thrown out cake 😱😭. I’d cut bigger slices and/or tell ppl to take some home.

      • Dkp91576

        Cake freezes so well too. Poor sad cake.

      • oo

        Yes, give it away to guests to take home for later! Don’t throw away. How wasteful.

    • Kathy

      Does the round cake have the same filling? We are incredibly disappointed as my daughter was going to order 2 for her wedding in August.

      • muquee

        I feel for your daughter Kathy. This is what we ordered when we got married as well.

      • Terresa

        Yes! It’s the same filling!

    • Lana

      We freeze cake for later and really love being able to pull out a dessert whenever we want it.

      • Linda

        Great idea!

    • Lori

      Costco sheet cakes freeze beautifully. I cut the leftovers into slices and freeze on baking sheet, then transfer to a Ziploc. Defrost at room temperature and you have a sweet treat!

      • JulietteY

        We just enjoyed some from my husband’s October bday- still perfect!

  9. Danielle

    I noticed this in April. We were pretty disaapointed.

  10. Debbie

    We always froze the leftover cake. It freezes well

  11. Evie

    My friend works as a cake decorator for a major supermarket chain. The demand is way down for decorated cakes! Probably lack of social gatherings.
    Many cakes, decorated nice, taste lousy because of fake ingredients.
    I want a cake baked on site! Lots are shipped in from a central location. The bread is frozen and baked on site in most chains. I look for independents.
    I like sweet cream and not lard in my icing.

  12. Kim

    They have been gone in my store since at least May. The bakery person told me they make them in batches of 40. They were having to throw so many of them away, they stopped selling them. A friend told me the other day she heard they will not bring them back because they are making a killing on their round cakes.

  13. TwoLittleMonkeys

    Sam’s Club wouldn’t make me one, either last weekend! Meijer took care of me though.

  14. Aimee

    It’s not just the cakes!! The sandwich platters and all of the “party” food

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh bummer! Thanks for sharing, Aimee! We’ll keep an eye out for that too!

  15. sne3103

    Cost per pound, are the round cakes more expensive than the sheet cakes?

  16. Ginger

    So bummed when I heard this news the other day. I hate round cakes. They are just not the same. I understand their reasoning, though.

    • 3bettins

      It’s the ratio of icing to cake, lol, not enough on the rounds!

  17. Lexy

    That’s awful I just opened my first membership ever this year because of a great deal here on Hip2Save THANKS HIP2SAVE BUT So far my Costco experience hasn’t been going good first we lost samples, the food court is limited on their foods available and now the cake is gone 😢 I wanted a huge cake for my birthday 😔 which is next month 😞 July 💔

  18. jsoroka

    We just had a small grad birthday party for my son and opted for grocery store cupcakes so everyone could serve themselves. I know how good Costco cakes are, but these cupcakes were fantastic! Chocolate with chocolate whipped cream frosting. Teens were eating 2-3 of them at a time so I was happy! They were from Price Chopper 🙂


    I’m sure there’s no demand. I’m sure not having more than one or two people over these days. Makes sense to me.

  20. smiesfamily

    You are able to order half sheets at our store

  21. chesca

    Lets stop selling a (lets say for sake of arguement at $15 cake) so ppl buy two smaller ones for $10. Makes perfect sense for Costco..

  22. Julia

    These round cakes are to expensive for what you get compared to the sheet cake.

  23. Heather D

    This is horrible news!! They are our family’s favorite cakes!!

  24. Meg

    I did it to myself reading this but now I’m craving cake. (I’m also pro freezing cake).

  25. justme

    If you are forced to buy a round cake and have a Winco get one from Winco. Oh man!! They are really good and I can blame my recent weight gain on the chocolate one. I Love that cake!

  26. Wendy

    We found this out earlier this month when my DIL wanted to get one for my granddaughter’s 1st birthday. Instead she got the round ones, one chocolate and one vanilla. Granddaughter preferred the chocolate! I miss the corners too.

  27. MommySpendsLess

    How does their cake compare to Publix’s? That’s the gold standard around here

    • chesca

      Doubt they compare in all honesty. Publix is just tooooo good

  28. Sherry Lang

    I tried to order one today and was told they were losing money on the cakes because of the pandemic. I am so disappointed they had the best tasting sheet cakes and the price was very reasonable. I hope eventually they go back to making them again.

  29. Roro

    Can we start a petition to get them back????? I wanted one for my sons 2nd birthday in two weeks 🙁

    • Mary

      Yes ! There is a spot in our Costco with a drop box , where you can leave comments on what you would like to see available . I used it when they stopped carrying frozen sweet corn. The corn eventually came back . My store has it on the way out of the store before you stop to get your receipt checked

  30. Lisak

    What a bummer! Those cakes were always a budget friendly way to celebrate a special occasion at the office.
    Hopefully once things are more back to “normal” they will bring them back.

  31. Amy

    I don’t mean this to come across rude in any way but I think this is the perfect time in our country to start supporting more local businesses. They do so much for our communities and are struggling now. Local bakeries would love that business, I’m sure!

    • bobmason

      It was the pricing:quality ratio you couldn’t beat. Agree to support when/where you can though!!

    • Heather H.

      Couldn’t agree more! I am a sous chef & baker at a small bakery specializing in specialty cakes. We’d definitely welcome the business during a time like this!

    • *Angela-Miles*

      Yes Amy, I love one of the local bakeries near me. I go every month to get a few items. The breads and cookies are so delicious…I may pay alittle more for them. But it’s worth it to me. The lady who owns the little shop is so sweet!! 💜

  32. LE

    Not sure if anyone cares, but their rectangular mousse cake is the best thing Costco sells. It’s not huge but it’s so rich that everyone just needs a sliver. I’m a baker and cake decorator and still want this for any event or my birthday- it’s THAT amazing 🙌

  33. Dani

    Instead of just guessing
    , here’s a comment Costco made about wanting to keep the people who decorate the cakes safe:

    Costco has not publicly stated its reasoning for discontinuing the half-sheet cake. When contacted for comment, a Costco spokesperson gave the following statement to Yahoo Life: “Currently we are not selling our 1/2 Sheet Cakes at any US locations and as of right now, we have no immediate plans to bring back. We are focusing on our smaller 10” White & 10” Chocolate Cakes that seem to be resonating with our members.”

    However, the company responded to a comment on its May 29 Facebook post that the move was, at least in part, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. “To help limit personal contact and create more space for social distancing, Costco has reduced service in some departments,” the company said.

    • Stacy F (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks, Dani!

      • Dani

        You’re welcome, Stacy!

  34. Tammi

    I visited my local Costco yesterday and when I asked about it, the bakery said they plan to start back in August. I hope so!!

  35. EmilyMab

    I’ve never had Costco cake, but in my and my family’s opinion BJ’s cake is far superior to any supermarket and way cheaper than any local bakery. But I also try to support local businesses any chance I get! Oh and I’m also horrified at the thought of cake being thrown away!?! We’ve never had any left over after a couple days, but if we ever do I’ll try freezing it!

  36. Amber

    Off subject, but I tried to order combination pizza for a birthday party, and they got rid of those too. 😕

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh darn! Thanks for sharing, Amber. SO sorry to hear that.

  37. jessie o

    Im not sure if anyone cares, no snark, but just fyi, costcos cake and much of its packaged food is loaded with funky, artificial ingredients.
    I know people have different perspectives on covid, but I personally feel like cancelling my membership because the energy in their has become really depressing when it used to feel like a great time. Im not sure its worth the extra money for the membership. I might still save on bulk, but the experience is worse than the regular grocery store now.
    Love supporting local business idea if you can afford it though!

  38. Roslynd

    GOOD! Good on Costco.

    We as a country, are doing a crap job of taking care of each other. Thank you, Costco, for doing a little good, to keep people away from gatherings.

    Over 124,000 dead, in the USA, and folks still can’t figure out how to be better human beings.


    • rochellemcgee

      If you read the comments, people said they’re bakeries told them they were losing money on the cakes, which means people were not having large gatherings. It’s a brilliant move on Costco’s part to say they’re “doing their part” and sell more expensive, smaller cakes at the same time.

      • Erin

        True that!

      • MommySpendsLess

        Rochellemcgee – I’ve noticed your name pop up in the comments frequently lately and almost all of your responses are ones I would make myself if you hadn’t beaten me to it 🙂

    • Gina

      YES!!!! 🙌

    • oo


    • Tc0719

      TBH covid has a lower death rate than the flu. While yes, like the flu, we should be trying to slow the spread and stay home when we’re sick, I don’t agree with no social gatherings and things being closed and mandatory face masks. More ppl die of the flu than coronavirus, and we have a vaccine for it.

  39. bobear

    Ridiculous. As if this would stop people from having a party.

  40. Tina

    I hope they bring back a few other things that have stopped. I was at my local Costco recently and they said they discontinued spicy brown mustard, relish, and onions at the food court. Those are the condiments I top my Costco dogs with 🙁 They only offer regular mustard and ketchup now. I hope that changes or I might have to look into the other warehouse store.

  41. C

    Start complaining to Costco,,, that’s what brought back the very berry sundaes which I love!!

  42. Jacque Bulger

    I just bought one of Costco’s smaller cakes. If they arent selling the half sheet cakes i wont be buying any more cakes. The small ones just dont come close to the large ones in flavor.

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