21 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts Under $20 on Amazon (We Bought Them ALL!)

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Shop these last-minute Christmas gifts under $20 on Amazon!

Woman holding a brown bag with gifts under $20

Last-minute Christmas deal shoppers…we got you. 🎁

Our team grabbed these last-minute Amazon gifts under $20! They’re practical, giftable, and there’s something for everyone on your list!

Want to get an idea of how each of these items really looks and works? We shared them all over on Instagram and saved them to our Gift Ideas button!

Shop our favorite gift ideas & stocking stuffers under $20!

graphic collage of various stocking stuffer under $20 gift ideas

1. Rachel grabbed one of those trendy rechargeable lighters which are genius last-minute Christmas gifts to pair with a candle.

hand holding an electric lighter over candle last minute christmas gifts

Rechargeable Electric Lighter $6.99 (regularly $9.98)

Candles are a popular gift during the holidays so if you have a few to wrap up, be sure to add this innovative rechargeable lighter to really wow them! Charge it once and use it hundreds of times before needing to charge it again! Since it’s electric, you’ll be saving your giftee from ever needing to buy matches or the wasteful disposable lighter fluid ones again. The gift that keeps on giving! 🤩

“I love that it eliminates the need for matches or lighter fluid. Its sleek design makes it easy to display and keep track of, so you won’t lose it like those lighters that end up in the junk drawer. Plus, the rechargeable battery means you never have to worry about running out of fuel! I brought one to my friend’s house and she was ecstatic. We had so much fun lighting candles and she kept saying how amazing it was!” – Rachel, Hip sidekick

2. Rachel’s taco holders are going to be a game-changer for Taco Tuesdays.

stainless steel taco holder with cheese taco inside

Elevate your Taco Tuesdays with these taco shell holders! Once you grab these gifts under $20, you or your friend won’t even know how you lived without them! They’re the perfect size for traditional corn tortillas, shaping cheese shells, and allow you to pile on all your favorite toppings without them falling out or tipping over. Talk about a game-changer. 😏

Paired with some hot sauces, this would make the perfect gift for a foodie! 🎁

taco holders and hot sauces in gift basket in front of tree last minute christmas gifts

“I recently purchased these taco holders and tortilla shell pans on Amazon and they have quickly become some of my favorite kitchen tools. The holders are so convenient and make it easy to showcase and enjoy tacos without worrying about them spilling over. The pans are a game changer for making perfect tortilla shells every time. I love that both the holders and pans come in a set of four, so I can use them for both personal use and entertaining guests. Overall, I highly recommend these taco accessories to anyone who loves tacos as much as I do! They make a great gift for yourself or for your favorite taco enthusiast. They are durable, functional, and add a fun touch to any taco night.” – Rachel, Hip sidekick

3. Chelsey has owned this trendy “Mama” necklace for two years and just bought one to gift a friend.

woman wearing mama gold necklace holding box with new necklace inside

Mama Necklace Dainty Necklace $18.99 (regularly $22.49)
Clip the $1 off digital coupon
Final cost $17.99!

This dainty necklace comes in gold, white gold, or rose gold and will be the perfect laying piece for any trendy mama! It’s hypoallergenic and plated with 14k gold so you’ll feel good about gifting it to even the ladies with the highest standards.

mama necklace in box sitting on christmas tree - last minute christmas gifts

“I ordered this necklace as a ‘dupe’ because I saw a similar one from a much more expensive jewelry shop. However, I feel like they were the ones who were duped because this necklace is AWESOME! The real thing. I can’t boast about it enough!

I can’t remember for the life of me what the shop was (it was over 2 years ago) but at the time I compared them, there was seriously no difference. The letters are spaced perfectly and they don’t dangle or fall in a weird way. While I don’t wear it in the shower or pool, I have worn it overnight while I sleep and it has never tarnished or broken. I am so happy with this sweet necklace and so glad I found this Amazon gem!” – Chelsey, Hip sidekick

4. Grab one of these for all the egg lovers in your life.

dash egg cooker on white countertop last minute christmas gifts

Know someone who loves boiled eggs on their salad or ramen, or always shows up with a plate of delicious deviled eggs? This innovative machine takes up little room and cooks eggs EGG-tremely fast! 🤩 Your giftee will absolutely love the ease of using this machine and will get consistent results and easier-to-peel shells. Plus, with this machine, they can also soft boil eggs, poached eggs, scramble them, and make individual omelets – all by the push of a button! 😱

red dash egg cooker with santa hat on top for last minute christmas gifts

“My family loves eggs, but we also like them cooked perfectly – I can’t do undercooked anything 😝 I was a bit skeptical of this rapid egg cooker, but after using it 3x already in the past week, I can say my expectations have been completely surpassed! And when hard boiling them, the shell really does peel off MUCH easier! This tiny but mighty small appliance has seriously saved me so much time in the kitchen 🙌🏼 And it really doesn’t take up very much space, you can’t beat it!” – Chelsey, Hip sidekick

5. Lina’s gift is perfect for any coffee lover who wants to whip up the perfect lattes at home.

hand holding a teal powerlix milk frother over kitchen counter

PowerLix Milk Frother $5.99 (regularly $16.99)

For the price of just one fancy coffee out, you can give a gift that keeps on giving instead! This powerful handheld milk frother instantly whips up any milk into creamy, frothy goodness! It’s going to be the kitchen gadget your friend didn’t know they needed until they had it and it comes in many colors to perfectly suit their style. 🙌🏼 They’ll be enjoying lattes, cappuccinos, and hot cocoa like they’ve never had before thanks to your clever gift idea. 😉

6. My animal mugs don’t sweat and are the cutest thing you’ll ever see.

woman holding up cat and unicorn double wall glass mugs

Double Wall Glass Animal Mugs from $8.99 depending on style

I bet you didn’t know you needed a new cup until now! 🤣 They’re so cute I grabbed TWO (the cat and the unicorn) because who could resist?! I love these cups because they don’t sweat on my wood dining table and they encourage kids to stay hydrated.

double wall glass cat mug sitting in cup cabinet

More than anything, they’re just so irresistibly cute and would make adorable last-minute Christmas gifts under $20.

7. These silicone cord protectors I scooped up can be split into six different stocking stuffers.

hand holding cord with blue silicone cord protector and other family members laying on background

Silicone Cord Protectors 36-Pack $7.39 (regularly $7.99)

When broken up into 6 last-minute Christmas gifts, this idea will cost you just $1.50 per person! 👏🏻 These silicone cord protectors are genius must-haves because they not only protect your cords from splitting but they can be color-coordinated to each family member! That means looking for your stolen cords around the house will be a thing of the past!

woman holding amazon bag with under $10 and bag of cord protectors

With this pack I scooped up you’ll receive black, gray, pink, green, orange, and blue! Plus, there are 6 of each color so it should be more than enough to cover all the cords in your home. 🙌🏼

8. This under $6 silicone AirPods case is perfect for teens.

hand holding airpods in black silicone case on leopard duffle bag

Know someone with AirPods? A case is going to be a must-have if you know someone who already owns a pair or you’re gifting them this year. My son already has some AirPod Pros which he nearly lost a few times, so I grabbed this case which he can easily attach to his bookbag for school.

black silicone airpod case on nightstand

It comes with a carabiner, fits snuggly on the AirPod case, and even has an opening at the bottom which can be opened to charge or left closed when on the go.

9. Collin is gifting this fan which she said is perfect for any co-worker working in a hot office. 

mini portable desk fan

Heritage Mini USB Desk Fan $12.84 (regularly $29.99)

Know someone who’s always hot at work? Yeah, we do too. 😏 Grab this mini portable fan to help cool them down! While Collin said she originally bought this fan to have a cute, yet portable white noise machine – it’s strictly just a working fan with little to no noise at all which makes it perfect for the office where little disruption is key.

Check out this 3-in-1 portable fan that’s a charger, fan, and flashlight! 😱

10. Collin grabbed these trendy slippers – they’d be an excellent teen gift, too. 

fuzzy flip flop slippers

Faux Fur House Slippers $11.99 – $13.99

You can never go wrong with a new cozy pair of slippers! While Collin gifted a pair of these to herself, she said they’d make sure a fun teen gift too thanks to the trendy aesthetic. This open-toe faux fur slipper is soft as a cloud, has a waterproof, anti-slip sole, and comes in 15 different colors. Needless to say, we think your giftee will find themselves wearing them constantly just as Collin has been. 😍

11. These vinyl coasters are the perfect novelty gift under $8.

vinyl coasters on wood table with glass of ice water

This set of six stylish vinyl record coasters features a no-slip design so you don’t have to worry about your drink moving or slipping and the 4.1″ size will fit any cup, glass, or mug. Plus, they already come in a cool box making them great for gift-giving. Consider gifting them with a few of your giftee’s favorite drinks and you have the perfect present all on its own!

Shipping around? These gold-edge marble coasters currently have a 40% OFF coupon and are such a classy gift to bring your Christmas Eve hostess.

12. Grab this book to read before Christmas.

hand holding yellow post it note on how does santa go down the chimney book

How Does Santa Go Down the Chimney? Book $15.19 (regularly $18.99)

Amazon won’t arrive by Christmas? You may be able to snag it from Target.com, instead.

Our Hip sidekick, Chelsey, bought this book for her three kiddos and says it’s a great one to have. This could be a cute gift idea if your tradition is to have the kids open a little something early. 😉 Chelsey says the illustrations in this book are timeless and the book itself feels modern and is even funny too.

13. Grab this satin beanie for your teen if they’re hair-obsessed but like to be warm.

hand holding orange beanie in box

Satin-Lined Knit Beanie $11.19 (regularly $28.99)
Clip the 10% off digital coupon
Final cost $10.07!

This satin-lined beanie comes in 14 different colors – many of which will arrive in time to use as a stocking stuffer! We love this innovative beanie because it doubles as a hat to keep warm, but also has a satin lining which contributes to healthier hair. It’s a genius way to stay warm for anyone who loves taking extra special care of their hair.

14. Every Stanley lover will appreciate these festive straw covers.

Stanley Holiday Straw Covers

Gifting a Stanley this holiday? These silicone Stanley tumbler straw covers would be fun to tuck into the cup or even their Christmas stocking! There are many other affordable styles to choose from, too, if you’re looking for something less seasonal.

Shop more of our favorite Stanley straw covers over on LTK.

15. These sticks are the perfect stocking stuffers for a makeup lover.

hand holding a highlighter stick

KIMUSE Duo-Cream Blush & Highlighter Makeup Stick $12.99
Clip the 20% off digital coupon
Final cost $10.39!

Our Hip sidekick, Kara gifted a few of these to some friends and says they’d make a great stocking stuffer for any adult or teen who loves makeup. She loves that you can choose between a blush, highlighter, or contour stick to create the perfect duo. To top it off, they’re vegan and cruelty-free.

16. Play Nine is a quick game to learn that the whole family will love.

girl holding a play nine card game box

Play Nine $16.99 (regularly $19.99)

Our very own Hip CEO, Collin, and her sister, Bryn, have played this game on a family vacation and loved it. What’s so great is that you don’t need to be a golf-lover to enjoy the game and it’s easy enough for kids and adults to catch on quickly. I, myself, learned about this game from a family vacation and can assure you it’s a winner!

17. Opening cans is safer and more efficient with this kitchen gadget.

woman holding a can of tomatoes and black can opener in kitchen

Safe Cut Can Opener $9.99 (regularly $13.68)

Our recipe blogger, Lina, loves this can opener and says she’s gifted it many times over the years! She said it’s cut-safe so you don’t have to worry about sharp edges, it doesn’t collect gunk over time, and it works seamlessly every time. It also never needs to be sharpened so it really is the perfect can opener anyone could have.

18. A mermaid tail blanket will really make Christmas morning feel magical.

girl laying on white sheet with colorful mermaid tail

Our Hip sidekick, Kara, grabbed one of these for a mermaid-loving kiddo. She said it’s a great gift to pair with a mermaid doll or even a mermaid book. We love that it’s shaped like a mermaid tail and is even designed to look like scales. With colors starting under $16, this will feel like an extra magical stocking stuffer to open on Christmas morning.

19. These clear bags are trending and could be split into two gifts.

hand holding a stuff and travel clear bag

These bags are giving off major Stoney Clover vibes and are so adorable! We love that they’re clear so they help you stay organized and the handle makes it even more functional to carry around. They’re roomy enough to carry all of your travel essentials and/or snacks.

20. Lina’s marble coasters are perfect for holiday parties and beyond.

hand touching the edge of a marble coaster sitting near a large capri candle

Gold Edge Marble Coaster 6-Pack $27.99
Clip the 40% off digital coupon
Final cost $16.79 shipped!

These beautiful 100% marble coasters are handcrafted with an anti-slip cork bottom so they stay put. They’re easy to clean and will add a pretty, modern look to your coffee table. They’d make great stocking stuffers or gift, or you could tuck them into a gift basket with coffee and other treats.

21. Alli’s vintage coffee mugs have us wishing for a fancy coffee party.

To clear Tej coffee mug stacked on top of each other with gold spoons

Vintage Coffee Mugs w/ Bamboo Lids & Gold Spoons 4-Pack $21.99

*Only need a couple mugs? This 2-pack also includes lids and spoons and is just $19.99.

If you have a coffee or tea lover on your list, these pretty vintage mugs are a must add-to-cart item. Hip2Save sidekick Alli absolutely loves their embossed glass design, and the lids can double as a coaster. You could even use them to serve overnight oats, fruit salad, or other brunch treats.

Still shopping? We have SO many Christmas gift guides for you!

About the writer:

Sara is a self-taught blogger & photographer and brings 9+ years of experience to her craft. Her work has been featured in numerous esteemed publications, spanning building, travel, and fashion. Beyond her creative pursuits, Sara’s primary mission is to empower others to embrace a toxic-free & sustainable lifestyle.

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  1. Pamala

    Any suggestions to include with the frother?

    • lexisdeals

      A chai tea mix, matcha tea packets, greens powder, hot cocoa

    • Holly

      I asked for a frother and I want powdered matcha!

    • acgold

      Pamala- A big mug so there is room for the froth! If you use your regular cup you have to fill it about half way or it will froth all over when you use it! Also some small fancy coffee/latte packets or hot chocolate.

    • VickiL

      Hills Bros English Toffee Cappuccino

      • VickiL

        Hills Bros English Toffee Cappuccino and a stainless steel milk frothing pitcher

    • Gigi

      I made my daughter a hot chocolate basket last year with a monogrammed mug from etsy, hot chocolate, giant marshmallows, cookies, and a frother. She loved it.

  2. Holly

    My husband bought the electric lighter and I thought it was ridiculous but we use it all the time!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Awesome to hear how useful that has been, Holly! πŸŽ‰πŸ™Œ

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