A Love Letter to My Period Cup That’s Saved Me OVER $125! (Ships FREE!)

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My eco-friendly switch to the best menstrual cup has saved me well over $100!

woman holding up menstrual and savings sign sitting on couch

Ladies, hear me out… and men just skip this post. 🙃

Remember that time you got your first period and the thought of using tampons was basically the most intimidating thing ever?

That’s exactly how I originally felt when a good friend recommended I try a menstrual cup. Come to find out, that’s how almost every woman I’ve talked to feels about them which is why I wanted to share this heartfelt post.

Now, here I am, 18 months later sharing my life-changing experience & all the reasons you’re missing out. 🙌🏻

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hand holding a box with flex menstrual cup on blanket

Flex Cup – Slim Fit $34.99 
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Final cost just $34.99 SHIPPED!

Flex Cup – Full Fit $34.99 
Plus, score FREE shipping on orders of $15 or more
Final cost just $34.99 SHIPPED!

flex menstrual cup on bed

I get it. We’re creatures of habit.

We tend to stick with what works (i.e. tampons, pads, etc.). But what if I told you this little product will be the best switch of your life?!

If you’ve been around here for a bit, you already know I’m passionate about making eco-friendly switches where I can. Not only are they saving me a ton of money every month, but they’re SO much better for the planet too.

I have already saved $125.82 since switching to my menstrual cup! 🤩

woman holding up menstrual cup making funny face

I know what you’re thinking. “GROSS. NO WAY. Not me. EVER!”. 🙅🏼‍♀️ Those were EXACTLY my thoughts 18 months ago too. (See photo above) 🤣

However, my urge to become more eco-friendly made me a little more curious and open to the idea of trying it. So… I stopped buying tampons despite the fact I was fully expecting this switch to be a total disaster but at least I could say I tried! LOL!

I ended up choosing the Flex Period Cup and still have the same exact one 18 months later! 👏🏻

hand holding flex period cup over boiling water

Here’s what drew me to the Flex Cup:

  • It’s hypoallergenic.
  • Made with body-safe, medical-grade silicone.
  • No BPA.
  • Can be worn for up to 12 hours. 😱
  • Lasts for YEARS.
  • Doctor recommended.
  • ZERO cases of TSS with this product. 🙌 WOW!
  • The unique pull-tab design makes removal easier than most other cups.
  • Easy to clean (just warm water & soap and when your cycle is done, you can boil the cup for 10 minutes for extra sanitation)
  • No cup staining since it’s black.

woman holding menstrual cup with savings sign sitting on couch

And can we just take a minute to harp on how frugal this thing is?! 😍

It may be a little pricey upfront compared to a box of tampons, but it literally pays for itself in just a few cycles!

Previously, I was buying this box of Tampax which currently retails for $6.99/box at Target. However, I was occasionally needing extras or spending more if I was in a pinch.

Ultimately, this menstrual cup in the last 18 months has saved me a MINIMUM of $125.82! 🤩

Better for you. Better for the environment. Better for your wallet. 😍 Win, win, win! 🎉

woman holding up flex period cup travel bag smiling

It comes in two different sizes; a slim fit which is ideal for light to medium flows (holds the capacity of two super tampons) and is great for first-time cup users and a full fit which is ideal for heavier flows and holds the capacity of three super tampons.

Each box comes with a cute discreet bag for storage & traveling and 2 disposable menstrual discs (which, to me, weren’t as great as the cup) but at least you know there’s another option included for you to try!

Here are two of my favorite features about the Flex menstrual cup:

1. It has a one-of-a-kind, patented design.

finger pulling down on menstrual cup

This is the first and only menstrual cup on the market that can be removed like a tampon with its patented pull-tab design. When you pull down on the release string, it breaks its own seal effortlessly which makes taking it out easy and mess-free. 🙌🏻

After using this thing for 18 consecutive cycles, I can attest to the genius design and that it’s everything it’s cracked up to be.

The silicone material of the Flex cup is so comfortable too! Once you get the hang of relaxing your muscles, it just slides right out. There’s also no discomfort like what you may experience with a dry tampon when your flow starts to lighten or if you may not have put it in exactly right from the getgo. 👏 So long, tampons! 

2. The Flex period cup is dark-colored so it hides stains.

hand holding black menstrual cup

A couple of my friends mentioned that their cups became stained over time and that’s the only reason they’ve ever felt the need to replace them. Not only did that gross me out, but I’m also trying to be as frugal as possible, so the fact the Flex period cup was black and would conceal staining was a huge bonus!

Eighteen months later, it still looks completely brand new! 🙌

The real learning curve though… insertion.

hand folding a black period cup three different ways

In the beginning, the entire concept of a menstrual cup was so foreign to me so this was the most intimidating part of it all! Plus, having to relearn how to insert something properly made me feel like I was a pre-teen again so it was slightly overwhelming.

After getting familiar with the Flex cup and reading the directions a million times over, I actually found this video on the Flex cup to be the easiest to understand.

Learning which technique works best for you and inserting your cup correctly so you never have any leaking is key!

In the video, the Flex Cup rep will even give a quick demonstration with a clear tube so you can see just how the cup comfortably blooms inside your body and how it easily comes out compared to traditional cups.

After using the Flex period cup for over a year I’ve decided…

woman sitting on couch holding and pointing to flex menstrual cup

This is the best reusable product I’ve ever purchased for myself, hands down!

I was mainly concerned about my 2-3 heaviest days during my cycle and how this cup would work, but there was even a day where I washed my cup right after dinner, went to bed later that night, and didn’t check it until the following morning only to be totally impressed that there was no leaking whatsoever! 👏 I could never go that long with regular tampons EVER – not to mention, that type of neglect with tampons would put anyone at risk for TSS. No thanks!

I was shocked at how easy inserting it was too, I got the hang of it right away and found which fold works best for me after some trial and error.

Along with the health perks, there are so many other life-changing benefits I discovered while using this cup:

  • You can go to the bathroom without needing to empty or take out the cup.
  • You can swim while having it in.
  • You can exercise without any worry or discomfort.
  • You can sleep all night without worrying about leaking on heavy days. (Some period panties as a backup are a great reusable product to wear just in case too.) 
  • Traveling just got a whole lot easier since you’re ditching tampons.
  • Did I mention you can go 12 hours without even thinking about it?! This means that you’ll more than likely always be in the comfort of your own bathroom when needing to empty and wash it and no more changing soiled tampons and pads every other hour when your cycle is at its worst.

Not only has this cup changed my life, but I finally convinced my Hip sidekick, Emily, to try one and it changed hers too. 🙌🏻

“Once you switch to a period cup, you’ll never go back! I’ll admit I was so intimidated by these when they first came out (and kind of grossed out!) but after I read Sara’s initial post on Hip2Save, it really warmed me up to the whole idea! After several other friends sang the praises of menstrual cups, I took the leap and tried it.

I am SOOO glad I made this switch!

After a few attempts, putting the cup in becomes second nature. But really, I love that it’s actually more sanitary than other period protection methods and I’m not contributing hundreds of tampons to landfills for years to come.

If you haven’t taken the leap yet, I highly encourage you to at least give it a try (and maybe keep some tampons or pads handy just in case) but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised after using it on your very first cycle!” – Emily, Hip2Save sidekick

Want to explore other options? My Hip sidekick loves the Flex Disc

hand holding a clear and black ring menstrual disc

Flex Disc – Light or Medium Flows $11.99 (regularly $14.98)

Flex Disc – Heavy Flow $13.99 (regularly $16.98)

*Note that when you place an order for Flex Discs, you’ll be signed up for automatic refills. Pause, customize, or cancel anytime in your account settings.

“I was intrigued by the Flex Disc when I first saw their advertisement on social media and immediately ordered a box. The discs are easy to use after you get the hang of them. I can’t even tell I’m using one after it’s in place. They actually let me forget about my period for 12-hours, which is amazing!

I do like that the discs are disposable, sometimes that’s more convenient for me than a menstrual cup. Flex offers auto-refill, which I find helpful. I hate having to run to the store just for tampons! And it’s easy to skip an order if needed. Overall, I like the Flex Disc much better than tampons and recommend giving these a try too!” – Emily S.

On Friday, March 27th, 2020, President Donald Trump signed into law the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (“CARES Act”). The CARES Act includes important provisions for users of health savings accounts (HSAs), flexible spending accounts (FSAs), and health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs), and specifically, menstrual care products are now considered eligible expenses. Examples include tampons, pads, liners, cups, sponges, or similar products.

To see learn more or to see about your eligibility, check this page for more information.

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About the writer:

Sara is a self-taught blogger and photographer with 8+ years of experience having work featured in various building, travel, and fashion publications, most notably Bassett Furniture and Fossil.

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  1. agh925

    I switched to a cup 6 months ago and love it! You just empty it twice a day and can forget about it! I went through the Facebook group “put a cup in it” and took their quiz to see which would fit best. I also watched a few of their YouTube videos- mainly on how to insert it:)

    • Sara

      Awesome!! So glad to hear that you found something that works so well for you, agh925!

    • Kathleen

      Yes check out ‘Put a Cup in It’ quiz!! Not all cups are the same, it can take trial and error to find the right fit!

  2. Denise

    That looks like a good one. I purchased a diff one off of amazon three months ago. I only wish I had known about this years ago! I starting experiencing heavy flow a few months ago and was getting tired of changing tampon every hour. These cups are amazing! I can go 8-12 hours without emptying it out. It’s like I’m not even on my period. Yes there is a slight learning curve. But it only took a few tries and now it’s super easy. There is a lot on tube on many ways to fold the cup for easy insertion. Also I found when pulling out bare down slightly as if going number 2 and when suction of cups pops make sure it is over the toilet or you will have a mess on your floor. Sorry if too much info. Wish I had made the change years ago. These cups also last 15 years! Wow

    • Sara

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback, Denise! I’m so happy to hear that these also work so well for you, and like you, I only wish I would have known about these sooner!

    • yougotthis

      If your period is getting heavier you estrogen is becoming too much in your body and you need to find a way to have your body excrete that extra estrogen. Find a really good natropath provider. You would be surprised how much it helps!

  3. nancypantcy

    I have been using Diva Cup for the last 2 years. It’s freaking life-changing. Clean, easy, comfortable, inexpensive. Love it.

    • Sara

      So glad to hear how much you love your menstrual cup, nancypantcy! Thanks for sharing that with us!

  4. rochellemcgee

    Man, these things just won’t work for me no matter which brand or fold I try. They painfully slip down constantly unless I’m at the end of my cycle and leaked on several occasions. Must be my anatomy. And I dreaded having to empty or reinsert it if I was out in public; trying to get my bloody fingers clean enough so I could zip up my pants, open the stall door, and get to a sink was just way too much effort vs a disposable tampon.

    • Sarah

      Oooo I would literally only do this at home. I have figured it out after some months of trying but it’s only happening at home 😬

      • rochellemcgee

        Yeah, I tried to avoid it as much as possible when away from home, but when it started leaking or hurting, it needed to be readjusted right then and there. I gave it up when I was 15 mins late to a meeting at work because I was stuck in a stall trying to get the darn thing back in and it just wouldn’t pop open no matter how much twisting and wiggling and refolding, etc. Good times 😂

    • Deanna

      I know how you feel. I bought a Diva cup years ago. Seemed to work good enough for around the house but did have anxiety about changing it in public. Then I got pregnant with baby 3 and when I started my period afterwards the cup just didn’t fit the way it used to. I felt it always fell out of place. Maybe this cup will be different?

      • rebecca

        Diva Cup is no good for people with a short cervix, also. it’s way too long. it can constantly work its way down until it slides out, even if it starts out with a good suctioned seal.
        Diva Cup didn’t work at all for about 2 years for me after i had one of my babies. i wish i had bought a different brand. it was always getting pushed out, and i had multiple nights where it would turn sideways while i was asleep and spill all the contents. i could not use during exercise, it fell out while going to the bathroom, etc. After a long time it gradually got back to a normal, more secure use.

        • Amy F;)

          which cup is good for a short cervix? I’m in a similar situation as rochellemcgee.

          • beth-3

            I use a super jennie-shorter & wider.

          • M

            Femme Cycle has a great design for short cervix and works with retroverted uterus angle.

          • Kt

            Go to the put a cup in it site and it will find you the perfect one. Also there is a great Reddit group that helps you with any issues. Love my diva cup – no more cramps and life is easier now

  5. Kristen

    I wish I would have known about this sooner. I had a pink one, and the staining grossed me out so much I quit using it. Solid black is brilliant!

    • Sara

      I thought so too, Kristen! Mine still looks brand new from the day I bought it!

  6. ellen

    I switched to a menstrual cup about six months ago and will never go back to tampons! After three kiddos, I have a slightly lower cervix, so this cup wouldn’t work for me because of the increased length of the pull string. I initially had a deva cup and didn’t love it for this reason, even after snipping off the tip. I ended up going to a tieutcup after a little online research. There’s a lot of great resources out there to find out how high your cervix is, how big of a cup you need, and how to trouble shoot any problems like leakage or slippage. I’m glad to see more people switching to these because they are ultimately better for the environment, safer for your body than tampons, and are better in the long run for your wallet!

    • Sara

      All great points, Ellen! Thanks for sharing with us what has worked for you! Anything that is helping better our Earth and our bodies is a winner in my book!

  7. kanick

    I want to try this so bad. It just looks really long with the pull string. Also do you need 2 different sizes for the heavy days and not so heavy days or do you just use 1 size?

    • Sara

      You can do it, kanick! I promise you, I was that person who didn’t think I could do it either and now I’d never go back!

      I have only used the full cup since making this switch and it has worked great for me regardless of the cycle day that I’m on. As far as the “string part” sometimes it hangs out depending on how far you insert it, but it’s not uncomfortable at all – it’s a very soft and flexible silicone. In fact, while wearing it and going about my day I notice that the cup finds it’s own spot to rest comfortably and the pull-tab part ends up farther up than when I first put it in – but no worries – it’s never ended up too far that’s it’s difficult to get out. I literally don’t even notice it’s in!


    Just bought one from the june cup. Due to Coronavirus and their efforts to make an impact in the community, they are selling their products at cost. I’ve wanted to try one, but it was out of my budget before. It was only around $10 shipped for me. Just thought I’d share for others who are on a budget.

    • Sara

      Awesome! I hope it works out well for you, Danielle!

    • Lindsay

      Thanks for the tip! I have also wanted to try one but $40 is just too much to spend for something I’m not sure I’d like (special needs mama; we are always on a comically tight budget). At this price point I can try; just ordered! Thank you!

  9. ellen

    Put A Cup In It has a quiz that will help direct you to a cup if you are feeling clueless.

  10. Christine Blaylock

    Agreed with all of this. BEST EVER. I was grossed out by the idea so dragged my feet but man I wish I would have tried this years ago. I use a Cora cup. Yes, it stains some but it does not bother me. I put it away after my period so it is not to be seen until my next period.

    • Sara

      Thanks for sharing that with us, Christine! I’m happy to hear that you’ve found a cup that works for you. 🙂

    • Stephanie

      You can soak your cup in hydrogen peroxide and it will get rid of the staining. I soak my every few months.

  11. Suzanne

    I like this and use it on occasion, but I find it causes cramping sometimes, including at night.

    • Sara

      I’m sorry to hear that, Suzanne! I’m sure if you reach out to the company, they may have a better solution for you. I hope you find something that works for you regardless. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Kathleen

      Maybe you need a softer cup? SAALT cups come in normal or soft options

  12. Kathleen

    I starting using the SAALT cup a few months back, and I’ll never go back! The level of freedom compared to pads or tampons is unbelievable! The mess isn’t that bad considering you only change it 2x a day and you can time it to change at home, not when out and about. There is definitely a learning curve, and not all cups are the same! Try the ‘Put A Cup In It’ quiz!

    • Sara

      Thanks for sharing that with us, Kathleen! I’m so happy to hear that you have found something that works for you! And I agree, the level of freedom is incredible!

    • Brittany

      I just took the quiz and it recommended the SAALT cup. I ordered one and am excited to try it next month!

    • Vironika

      Thank you so much Kathleen!! I’m going to take the quiz!!!

  13. Carla

    I just can’t even comprehend the idea of putting (shoving!) objects inside your body!! (Like a tampon) I just don’t understand. I tried to use a tampon several times when I was in my 20’s Bc I thought it was the only option when wearing a swimsuit, and could never figure out how to insert it. But it was like self torture…shoving something up a tiny hole!!!why would someone do that?!! Pads are wonderful. No issue. I find it disturbing that women are comfortable with inserting foreign objects inside their body.

    • Casey

      I mean, it’s not disturbing, but I have never been able to wear tampons either. I wish I could! I’m in my 30’s and have only ever been able to use pads.

      • Samantha

        Have you tried OB tampons? They’re the only tampon I can use… playtex and the other brands just don’t fit right and are extremely uncomfortable

    • Ashley

      Torture is pushing a baby out of same said hole, but here we are … 6000+ years later still doing it. 😊

      • rebecacha

        Best comment ever!

    • rochellemcgee

      I don’t know…many of us eventually push out watermelon sized babies, so that tiny hole can definitely handle a tampon. It took me well into college to figure it out.

    • rebecca

      when you say “pads are wonderful, no issue,” that is only your experience. many others have had a different experience and have had multiple issues. they are having a different experience and have found a different way to handle their experience which works better for them. if you think every female body is exactly the same, having the same experience, same flow, same size, same shape, that is disturbing to me.

      • missmelissa

        This! I have always been an introvert and private. When I was a young girl and I started my period, I didn’t tell anybody. Nobody ever taught me about periods, sex, anything like that. So I went into my sister’s box of tampons, read the instructions, and put it in. I started my period early— like 12 or so! I’m sure that’s not the case for everyone and they needed more tries or some education, but I think if a 12 year old can figure it out on her own I can’t fathom how it is so hard for others. But, again, that’s just my experience. My sister eventually was like where are all my tampons going? LOL. When I was put into foster care, I was again too embarrassed and I wouldn’t ask for tampons. So I folded up toilet paper and put it in my panties. I have a super light barely there flow, well had— I eventually went on continuous birth control and haven’t had a period since being a teenager. There’s so many options, and everyone’s body and everyone’s experience is different. I agree it’s disturbing to say that about a feminine hygiene option that is working just fine for many women out there.

    • Alli8

      And pads make me feel like I’m wearing a diaper. To each her own. Why would you shame someone for finding the most comfortable option for their body? Gross. I find your comment ‘disturbing ‘.

    • Justine

      I once felt like this. When I first tried to use a tampon, it was so painful (stabbing, sharp pains). So I just wore pads for a long time and thought something was wrong with my body. I explained this to my Dr., and she told me that women with thicker hymens who have not yet become intimate w/ a partner may have this issue, that there’s no reason to worry, and that once a woman has an intimate relationship, using tampons becomes easier. She was right. That’s just my experience. There could be any number of reasons why it’s hard for some to use tampons. But every woman’s body is different, and we have to respect their preferences/needs and not judge. Instead, let’s support each other 🙂

      • Sara

        Thank you for being so open about your experiences with us, Justine! As you mentioned, all women are different – I just hope that my experience can help those that need it. 🙂 Have a great day!

    • beth-3

      I wouldn’t be able to leave my house with out cups or tampons. Really. I have a short time frame when my period is very heavy. (Yes, been to the Dr).

    • EmilyMab

      Vaginas are meant to have foreign objects put inside them…that’s how you get pregnant. If you like sitting on a pile of your own menses every time you sit down that’s your own choice, don’t shame other women for their choices.

    • K

      You might ask your GYN if you have a short cervix or long cervix neck. This would be why tampons dont work.

      The cups have no oder at all…like if you smell the cup after 12 hrs in, it only smells like blood. Cannot be said for pads.

    • Trista De Leon

      for me, I really disliked pads, stopped using them in my 20’s. I can’t stand blood sitting next to my skin for periods of time and feeling like I was wearing a diaper and that everyone would know/see and no matter what I can smell the blood scent. So Tampons are life for me. Tonight I tried this Flex cup and so far so good… super excited that I have the freedom of not changing a tampon every couple of hours , helping the environment and I would never go back to using pads. just gross.

  14. 1withthelord

    My daughter used the diva cup. She’s a pretty small girl and has never had children. With that said, hers would leak. While she loved it at first, she would be worried that while at work it would leak and she’d end up wearing a back up pad. So don’t think they don’t ever leak….because they do. She’s a waitress at a very high end restaurant. So she’s always on her feet. This was a great idea at first but definitely has its drawbacks.

    • Kathleen

      Leaking is usually caused by an incorrect seal. You have to feel around the rim with your finger after insertion to make sure the seal is tight

  15. Jane

    Somebody help me please- I bought Diva a while ago and figured pandemic time was the ideal time to break into it- I dont know how far to insert it- if the tip sticks out it is extremely uncomfortable..but if i insert it all the way in- i feel no inconvenience and but I am worried it is far too in- and the way i got it out the (first and) last time i tried it was to squat and relax my muscles and do a poop-like push out to gradually have it slip out to a point i could hold the tip with my nails..Sorry for the TMI..i really want to like it but i am worried I may land up in ER trying to get that thing out 🙁

    • rebecca

      i have a tilted uterus and a short cervix. you are not sharing TMI at all in this post. i had your same issues, and i wanted to militantly love my cup the way all the other ladies on the internet did. i ended up having to cut the tip all the way off, and then turn it inside out and use it that way (so it would be much shorter). i remove it the same way you described (squat and push and then grasp it and pull.) it’s okay, you won’t end up in the ER. it won’t go too far in, and you can use your muscles to push it out.
      that being said, i dislike DivaCup, and i wish i had bought another brand. Diva is way too long of a design, and i have had a lot of trouble with leaks.

      • N

        I second this suggestion. Mine would fall out while I was running. I eventually started turning it inside out and no issues since.

    • Celeste

      Don’t worry. Mine got stuck sideways. It’ll always come out in the right position if you just relax. I had to get on my knees on my bed to get it out. I had reconstructive surgery and I should’ve bought the smallest one. I’ve got another one to try for the next time. I think it’s all about getting the right one.

  16. mnemosyne786

    I’ve had an IUD for the past 4+ years and don’t have periods with it, but when I I’m IUD-less I absolutely plan on trying one of these! Been hearing about them for a few years now.

    • Ashley

      Just got mine out last month. I forgot that means I’m free to use these now! I just have to muster up the courage to buy and try. 🤣

    • Sara

      I hope you love it when you do get the chance to use it, mnemosyne786!

    • lisa-59

      I have an IUD and love my Lumma disc. You can use discs with IUDs since they don’t have suction.

  17. michele

    loved mine , trick is getting it in right, if in correctly you cannot feel it at all. I used the instead cup and rinsed
    no pull cord . you had to insert correctly. hint, take it out in the shower at first

    • Sara

      That’s a great tip, too, Michele! I have done the same thing and that technique works well for me too.

  18. Kim

    I switched to a cup over a year ago and have never looked back. I use an organicup and it’s great. It takes a little getting used to but once you figure these things out they are a game changer. This has also helped with my cramping, I can’t explain why but I’m not complaining. I’ve done 12+ hours in Disney with mine and no problems. Seriously, I can not recommend it enough.

    • Sara

      Wow, thanks so much for sharing, Kim! While I know every woman is different, I also have experienced less cramping and even in my legs where I tend to get it most. I can’t help but think that switching to the Flex Cup had a significant impact on that.

  19. Cherryluva

    I used to be prescribed pain meds for extreme cramping. After 2 surprise kiddos, I felt I had no choice but to go on the 10 year cooper IUD. A side effect of this is extreme cramping. I’ve been on the iud 9 years and deal with it. Oddly enough, the cup helps alleviate cramps!

    • Sara

      That’s so interesting. Thanks for stopping by to share your experience with us, Cherryluva!

    • Lori

      There are other IUD’s that actually help you not have cramping and periods. Talk to your doctor. I’m on my second Mirena and freaking love not having a period!

      • EmilyMab

        She probably wants no hormones like myself, the copper iud is the ONLY birth control right now that has no hormones. Just fyi. Everyone is different, but hormones messed with my body terribly and I’ve been so happy since switching to the copper iud!

    • elizabeth-29

      Someone recommended wheat grass tablets to me for cramps and they totally helped me. After 2 kids, my periods were heavy and I had bad cramps. The first month I started taking wheat grass my period was the lightest flow ever and zero cramps.

  20. erin

    Any suggestions for choosing an appropriate cup for a teen who has just had her very first period? I have her set up with pads to use right now, but ultimately, I’d like to set her up with a cup to use rather than tampons, if she feels comfortable with the idea of it. I have no idea about if she has a short cervix or not, or if uterus is tilted, etc, so, I am looking for a petite cup as a small starter cup for her. When I first tried using tampons, I had zero guidance from my mom, and I recall it took me 45 minutes just to try it, following the directions on the tampons box, and that was with cardboard applicators, and I remember feeling discomfort because I didn’t insert it as far as I should have. So, for my daughter, I’m going to help her through the process, I’m just not sure how to begin without knowing the depth or tilt that the PutACupInIt quiz asks. Any help is appreciated from other parents of a young teen who has tried cups. Thank you!

    • Sara

      I’m not sure what recommendations to give you for your teen since I have no experience with that, Erin. That said, I believe the Flex Cup is meant for everyone and their customer service is fantastic so if you have any questions for them please consider reaching out to the professionals on their team. 🙂 You could also try taking the quiz that many readers have had success with. I hope you find something suitable for your daughter during this big milestone! Take care, Sara.

  21. Nicole

    I believe with the new CARES act, they’ve added additional products eligible for FSA/HSA (and this is listed now)—might be worth checking on with your FSA!

    • Sara

      Thanks for the tip, Nicole!

  22. Sue

    I have never tried one. The cup just looks so big. I will stick with pads.

    • Sara

      I know it looks intimidating, but I can never even tell it’s in there, Sue. If you decide to give them a try I hope you like it!

  23. Brenna

    I use the Lunette. Just started a couple months ago. Its life changing and I wish I’d started long ago. I will say that I needed almost my whole first cycle to get used to it, but I was determined and now its effortless. I chose Lunette because they donate one-for-one a cup to a woman in need in Kenya, for each one purchased.
    My opinion is everyone should use these! Game changer for sure!

    • Sara

      Thanks so much for sharing your positive experience with us, Brenna!

    • AtomicPenny

      Seems dangerous for women without plentiful access to clean water or sterilization processes to use cups.

  24. patricialavenz-goff

    Must be an april fool joke…………..

    • Sara

      Hi, patricialavenz-goff! This is a product that I personally love and would never post it as a joke! I hope if you have time to read it that it brings some sort of value to you or someone you know. Have a great day!

  25. Lacey

    I wanted to LOVE the cups. I tried 5-6 different brands. I can get it to work just fine. I can get it in a place where I don’t feel it just fine. But every time I use one I end up sick. Cold sweats, cramps, diarrhea, near black outs. And yes, I boiled them prior. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I have no clue what I’m doing wrong. But I’ve discovered “Bambody” menstrual underwear on Amazon and LOVE them. Saves me from the awful chemicals of pads/tampons and handles my heavy post babies flows comfortably without the heavy price of Thinx. Definitely one of my favorite products ever!

    • Sara

      I’m sorry to hear you’ve had such a bad experience, Lacey! I know everyone’s body is different but I’m happy to hear that you’ve found something that works well for you.

    • Karen

      I love the Bambody underwear, too!

    • Katie

      I hate the cups, so uncomfortable.

  26. TiffMeow

    I use the cup but, I still prefer using the disc. 🙂 I don’t know why but, they just seem to fit better and more comfortable

    • Sara

      Thanks for sharing, TiffMeow! I’m happy to hear you’ve found something that works so well for you! Have a great day!

  27. Shay

    When I started using a cup I was worried about spotting so I bought Thinx. They’re period panties (think built in reusable pad). There are other brands out there but I’ve only tried Thinx. For those worried about leaking or just not wanting to insert anything these are a great green alternative to pads and liners. They are a little pricey but they hold up.

    • Sara

      We have some team members who also love that underwear. Thanks for sharing what works for you, Shay! Have a great day! 🙂

  28. Valerie

    I have used Softdisc (formerly Softcup) for about 5 years. They are disposable so no cleaning required… and can be purchased from Wal-Mart, CVS, and even Kroger. There is nothing hanging down for removal so it can be worn during intimacy. When out in public, squeezing your muscles like doing a kegel, and leaning slightly forward on the toilet will empty the cup enough to not cause leaks and allow you to get home. I wear a pantiliner on heavy days and have had no trouble. They have been absolutely life changing!

    • Kristine

      I totally agree! The Softdisc works best for me and I’ve tried both disc and cup. For whatever reason, it’s easier for me to “tuck” the disc up above my pelvic bone than placing a cup(it’s a solid point of reference, lol!) That way I know it’s properly placed. I also have a tipped uterus and have had 6 children, just in case that helps anyone.

    • Sarah

      I agree, I also prefer the Softdisc the Flex has a version of it too.

      • Kandice

        I’m a long time softdisc user as well. I don’t like that they’re disposable, but it’s the product that works best for me.

    • Erica

      I use the SoftCup/SoftDisc too. I like that you can just throw them away and you don’t have to clean them. I typically get them at CVS and use ExtraBucks to get some money off. The Walmart I go to doesn’t carry them.

      I’ve used a DivaCup and having to boil it to clean it was a hassle.

      • Sara

        Glad you found something that works for you, Erica!

  29. Robinjolie

    If you want your pink-colored cup back to its original new condition, just soak overnight in a solution of 1 part hydrogen peroxide and 1 part water. Looks great and doesn’t affect quality.

    • Sara

      Great tip, thanks for sharing, Robinjolie!

  30. shawn

    For those of you that have tried these, how would they work for teens? Just wondering if the smaller anatomy would make a difference

  31. Sandy

    Do you have to clean it after you “dump it” before you put it back in? How complicated is it to clean it so you can insert it back in right away? Do you have to bring it to the sink and rinse it out? Or do you just wipe it down with toilet paper? I’m giving you a “gross me out” face. Lol. But real question! Thanks.

    • April

      When I first started using the cup, it was only used at home, so I did rinse in sink or had a perineal bottle handy. One reviewer said in public she pour the contents out and pee on it. Unless you are a heavy bleeder or will not be home for over 8 hours, you may not have to change it. Cups are less messy but discs seal better without suction. Having feminine wipes or baby wipes are also a must to wipe your hands at home and in public before you wash hands. I tend to find vinegar helps with any smells after changing these.

      • Sandy

        Thank you so much for giving more info. 😄 I’m thinking I’ll try it.

    • Amber

      Says you dump it and wash it wish soap and water before reusing. Seems most people clean it before and after work as you can wear it up to 12 hours between cleanings. You can then boil for 10 min I believe before storing it.

      • Sandy

        Thank you! I appreciate you giving me some feedback. 😊 I think I might try it.

        • Sara

          I hope you love it, Sandy! As the other women above mentioned, I think it’s best to clean in your sink before putting it back in (which is what I’ve only ever done at home). I’ve never run into an issue where I needed to use a public bathroom. That said, I think carrying around some wipes or even toilet paper could do the trick if you were in a crunch. 🙂

  32. Michelle

    I use a different brand. I have been for about a year and I wish I hadn’t waited so long to try one. It is truly life changing. It ended my cramping and discomfort. I sleep better during my cycle. I love not having to think about it and no more chemicals or waste! If you’re on the fence, do some research to find one that will work for you. Don’t be afraid to try a few to find the right one.

    • Sara

      Thanks for sharing, Michelle! I’m with you, I definitely feel like I sleep better too and don’t even worry anymore!

  33. April

    I actually miss using cups. I have had an IUD for a year and can’t use them.

    • Bernetta

      I have an IUD also do you not use it because you don’t have a period? Or can you not use one if you have an IUD? I have a copper IUD so I still have my periods. Wanted to know your thoughts.

      • April

        I have a copper IUD as well. I still have a period. It was suggested not to use it when it was first implanted because the cups use suction. I also used discs but I was afraid of it shifting my strings. They are curled but I remember how it felt to get that thing in and don’t want to feel it for another 5 years or more.

  34. NubianGoddess

    I take prescription medication, so I don’t have a period anymore. I am so much happier now!!!

  35. Anna

    This is such funny timing- I literally just ordered my first cup (diva- reviews were good- fingers crossed) last night

    • Sara

      Awesome, I hope you love it, Anna!

  36. Nate

    I was struggling about what to get my wife/mom for mother’s day……

    • cbakerd3

      Haha oh lord

    • Sara

      Haha, nothing says “I love you” like a thoughtful and eco-friendly gift, Nate! 🙂

  37. Penny

    I really liked using a menstrual cup, but I must warn people, it is advised to not wear one during strenuous exercise or while coughing a lot. It can constantly put pressure pelvic floor muscles, wearing them out. I wish someone would have told me this before I had to do a year of physical therapy after coughing myself into prolapse. (Obviously my pelvic floor
    Could have used some work anyway). You are also more prone to prolapse during mentruation anyway. If you’ve had babies , be cautious.

  38. shop4mybabies

    i spent 80$ a month on four of us menstruating in this house. all 4 of us like different products. I cannot use a cup, but sure wish my offspring would try them and save me some cash 🙂 super happy that WA state just passed a law that will exempt feminine hygiene products from tax 10.1% in my city will save me a few bucks!

    • Sara

      That’s a lot of girls to shop for, shop4mybabies! You sure are blessed and very happy for you that those essential products won’t be taxed anymore. I hope you have a great day, thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  39. erin

    Thank you Sara for your help 🙂 I did take the quiz for her, and it suggest Lunette as first choice, but I noticed that there were a couple other options that were just a bit smaller than Lunette, so I am torn on what to do, I definitely want it to be a comfortable and reassuring experience for her. I will give their customer service a ring and see what they might suggest! thank you for this post!

    • Sara

      You’re so welcome, Erin! I’m glad this post was valuable to you. Best of luck to you and your daughter – I know you’ll find the perfect fit. 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

  40. michele

    I would make my own travel pack for my instead cup. it included the cup, an individual sealed wipe and pantyliner all in a black bag I purchased for Halloween party. this way I could empty it, wipe my hands , reinsert or replace the cup. put it all in the solid black bag and dispose. this is important for times you were in a public washroom. a bathroom with sink, dump rinse and reinsert.

    • Sara

      Thanks for sharing that with us, Michele! I’m glad you found a system that works so well for you. 🙂

  41. Tony

    Oh boy….I should have took your advice and skipped this post.

    • EmilyMab

      Lmao why would you read it? Periods are not for the faint of heart, i.e. men.

  42. daisy-0

    I wonder if period underwear would be included in this? I’m a cup plus Thinx girl since my flow is crazy heavy and I work in the OR and can go up to 8 hrs with no breaks some days. 😬

    • Sara

      That’s a great question, daisy-0! I’ve never tried it myself, but a couple of other readers shared that they wear the Thinx underwear as a backup. 🙂 Hope that helps!

      • Elisa Oliveras

        I use the cup with period panties. On light days, I just use period panties. The cup and period panties are both amazing! Not only is it better for your body because you don’t have products with lots of chemicals and bleach inside your body but it is better for the environment too. I will never go back to using tampons and pads.

  43. Carrie

    How does it feel with the plastic “string” hanging down? I have a Diva cup and like it, but wonder if this would be even easier to use.

    • Sara (Hip Sidekick)

      Hey Carrie! You shouldn’t even feel the plastic “string”. It’s soft silicone and I find that after placing it in it’s far enough in that it doesn’t stick out. One concern I had before trying this is that it would go too far and I wouldn’t be able to take it out but I have never had this issue. I hope this helps. 🙂

  44. lisa-59

    LOVE the Lumma disc!! No need to worry about having IUD and can auto-dump in toilet when you are not at home (way less mess). Strongly suggest the Put a Cup in It Facebook group to ask any questions about cups/discs. WONDERFUL resource!!

    • Sara (Hip Sidekick)

      Awesome! Thank you so much for sharing with us! I’m so glad you have found an eco-friendly solution that works for you. 🙂

  45. Lisa

    I have some prolapse going on, along with insanely heavy periods. The cups never worked. I’ve tried multiple brands. They fill crazy fast, and fall. I wish I could find one. I’ve spent too much money trying to find the right brand.

  46. Laura

    Cup seems interesting.. however, with sales and coupons, I don’t think I’ve even spend $25 total on feminine products in 5 years. Maybe when I am unable to save so much on feminine products, then this is an option to consider. Thanks for the post!

    • Sara (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re very welcome, Laura! That’s so great to hear how much you save on feminine products. In addition to the savings, the other pros were totally game-changing for me. I honestly could never go back!

  47. jeanette

    I am 43, but my daughter is 19…so, she would really benefit from one of these…and she has really heavy cycles. Thanks for the deal on this…I appreciate the pull string on this brand. that would make it so much easier!!!

    • Sara (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re very welcome, Jeanette! I’m so glad you found this post and deal helpful. Wishing your daughter an easy transition to her new cup!

  48. Bev84

    For those of you that would like to buy a cup at cost instead of up charging! Try the June cup. Only $6 and they even come in firm if you need something not so flimsy feeling. Both myself and my 14 year old wear them.

    • Sara (Hip Sidekick)

      I’m so happy to hear you’ve found a cup that works well for you, Bev84!

    • A. Smith

      Thank you Bev8 for the recommendation. I’ve always wanted to try a cup for night time use, but the cost was always too high for something I’m very reluctant to try. I did just order a June cup with an additional 30% off. So for under $10 (includes shipping) I’ll see. Here’s to hoping this works.

  49. gerlyn

    I’ve wanted to try these cups/discs, but always been too scared too. I’m constantly getting up & down, running back & forth between patients & barely have time fir bathroom breaks. Plus, mommy if 2, so my bladder sucks! 😂 How would one handle this at work? Also, would this be good for my 13yo to try instead of tampons in the near future? We both wear the period underwear already.

  50. missmelissa

    Or, if you aren’t actively trying to have kids, you can simply go on continuous birth control. I’m childfree by choice and I have been on Amethyst (Lybrel) since I was a teenager. 35 now and married for 14 years. I honestly don’t know why more people don’t choose this option if they’re not trying to have kids. A birth control “period” isn’t even a real period. It’s just withdrawal bleeding. Some male doctor decided years ago that women wouldn’t take birth control if they didn’t still have the “fake period.” It’s sexist and silly. If you’re not TTC, just consider continuous birth control. It’s a great option. I can’t imagine the amount I’ve saved over the years on feminine hygiene products!

    Oops, I got on a soap box there. LOL

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