Our Team’s Top 6 Best Natural Deodorants That Actually Work (+ 1 to Avoid!)

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hand holding a bottle of green goo natural deodorant in front of woods

Safe, natural, and smell good – just the way deodorant should be.

In the market for an effective natural deodorant? Check out 6 of the best options that actually work. They’re all team tested, highly rated, and affordable!

Deodorant isn’t always a one-size-fits-all and usually costs more than just any ol’ deodorant, so we’re sharing our team’s favorite tried and true products to make your shopping experience easier than ever!

woman holding bottle of green goo natural deodorant and thai crystal spray mist

Why use a natural deodorant?

Before we dive into our top picks, it’s important to keep in mind the purpose of natural deodorants.

Deodorants are not meant to prevent sweating.

Our bodies are naturally made to release sweat and toxins. Deodorants ARE meant to prevent odor-causing bacteria from growing, and over time, you’ll actually sweat less with natural deodorant. It’s a bit of a process, but it’s worth it in the end if you can stick it out.

aztec indian healing clay and apple cider vinegar with clear bowl on wood table

What to do before switching to a natural deodorant:

If you’re transitioning from regular deodorant to natural deodorant and/or are struggling with odor you just can’t kick, I highly recommend doing an armpit detox first as this will help eliminate bacteria buildup and make the switch a lot easier.

woman spraying thai crystal deodorant underarm

Without further ado, here are 6 of the best natural deodorants that are all team tested:

  1. Best overall natural deodorant – Green Goo Deodorant
  2. Best natural deodorant for outdoor activities – Thai Crystal Deodorant Mist
  3. Best natural roll-on deodorant – Crystal Mineral Mineral Deodorant Roll-On
  4. Best affordable natural deodorant – Arm & Hammer Essentials Deodorant
  5. Best natural deodorant for the most scent options – Native Natural Deodorant
  6. Best unique natural deodorant – Lavanila Natural Deodorant – 2-pack

1. Green Goo – Plants for Your Pits

Best overall natural deodorant 

hand holding green goo natural deodorant in front of shipping container home

Green Goo Deodorant – $8.79 (regularly $10.99)

If you want to feel like you’re one with nature, this container formulated with plants for your pits is fresh and effective.

Plus, it not only helps fight wetness and odor-causing bacteria, but is also formulated with herbs and essential oils that are friendly to your immune system. With that, it has adaptogens to help support cognitive function which calms our bodies. It basically gives a whole new meaning to spreading goodness. 🥰

woman smelling green goo natural deodorant

The notes of lavender, clary sage, citrus, and bergamot will leave you feeling relaxed and the velvety soft texture will have you looking for a reason to put it on. After using it for the last month and taking it with me on a recent off-grid hiking adventure in early spring it quickly became my favorite go-to.

woman holding green goo natural deodorant

Pros of Green Goo:

  • Certified B Corporation
  • Made with all organic and ethically sourced ingredients
  • No aluminum
  • No baking soda
  • Velvety soft texture
  • Gluten & Cruelty-Free
  • Infused with the stress-adapting organic herbs
  • Helps minimize wetness and odor
  • Made with vitamin and mineral-rich botanicals
  • Smells fresh and amazing
  • Doesn’t leave skin oily or sticky
  • A portion of each purchase goes towards The Keep a Breast Foundation
  • Made in the USA
  • Recyclable

Cons of Green Goo:

  • Not little black dress approved
  • It may need to be applied more than once a day (this is common with natural deodorants)

2. Thai Crystal Deodorant Mist

Best natural deodorant for outdoor activities

woman putting thai crystal deodorant in beach tote bag hanging on brick wall

I fell in love with this deodorant last summer when I went on a paddleboarding trip with a friend and was so amazed at the concept of spraying my deodorant rather than spreading it on my armpits. Even more incredible it only has two ingredients – mineral salts and purified water. 😱

Crystallized natural mineral salts are pure and natural and they kill odor-causing bacteria. After using it all summer long on the hottest of days, I found it to be the most refreshing natural deodorant choice for when I need a fresh spritz on my pits. 😏

Fun Fact: Thai Deodorant crystal sprays are made from naturally occurring bauxite ore. They are mined and refined into pure alum crystals. Alum is a natural compound found in nature. It is present in the water we drink, in the foods we eat, and in the air we breathe. Alum is the third most abundant element on earth, after oxygen and silicon.

woman smiling holding two bottles of thai crystal deodorant mist

Pros of Thai Crystal:

  • Only two ingredients
  • Fragrance-free
  • Aerosol free
  • Refreshing to use
  • Doesn’t stain clothing
  • Last a long time
  • Free of synthetic oils
  • Free of alcohol
  • Unisex
  • Doesn’t leave skin oily or sticky
  • Free of emulsifiers and solvents (which clog pores)
  • Free of propellants (which can harm the ozone layer)
  • Doesn’t get absorbed by your body or bloodstream

Cons of Thai Crystal:

  • Takes slightly longer to dry than typical deodorants
  • It may need to be applied more than once a day (this is common with natural deodorants)

hand holding a bottle of thai crystal deodorant with ingredients on label

Important Notes: Thai Crystal deodorant contains large alum molecules that cannot be absorbed into the body or bloodstream. The alum in the crystals is in a salt form and is not in the metallic form. These products have no forms of aluminum that can clog pores or be absorbed in the body.

3. Crystal Mineral Deodorant Roll-On

Best natural roll-on deodorant

A Crystal deodorant roll-on outside

This aluminum-free deodorant prevents odor for up to 24 hours and is thoughtfully crafted with essential oils! With its convenient roll-on design and a formula that leaves zero staining, it’s the perfect natural deodorant to take with you on the go too.

Looking for the best of the best? (Of course, you are! 😉) You won’t want to consider anything else since this hypoallergenic deodorant also won the Clean Label Project Purity Award making it an excellent choice even for the most conscious consumers.

hand holding open crystal roll on deodorant

Pros of Crystal Mineral:

  • No aluminum
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Quick-drying
  • No staining
  • Cruelty-free
  • Doesn’t block pores
  • Vegan
  • No parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrances or colors
  • Doesn’t leave skin oily or sticky
  • Dermatologist-tested
  • 24-hour protection
  • Clean Label Project Purity Award
  • They sponsor like-minded non-profit organizations (Breast Cancer Prevention Partners and The Gentle Barn)

Cons of Crystal Mineral:

  • None we could report

“I’ve been using this deodorant for 5+ years and it has never let me down! I rarely ever sweat while wearing it, and it’s such a staple in my routine that I put it on without thinking about it now. It smells SO GOOD and on the odd chance I do sweat, I smell just like the deodorant. I always buy a bulk pack so I never run out and have an extra to keep in my bag/car.” – Eden, Hip sidekick

4. Arm & Hammer Essentials Deodorant

Best affordable natural deodorant

three bottles of arm and hammer deodorant laying on grass

Who knew they made more than just cleaning products?! Arm & Hammer is well known for its favorable scents and their Essentials natural deodorant collection is no exception. Their deodorant blend uses a combination of plant extracts and baking soda but skips colorants so nothing stains your most loved clothes.

open bottle of arm and hammer natural deodorant sitting on wood table

Pros of Arm & Hammer Essentials:

  • Extremely affordable
  • No parabens, phthalates, or colors
  • No aluminum
  • Natural plant extracts
  • Sustainability-sourced ingredients
  • 24-hour protection
  • The company gives back to its community through their Employee Giving Fund

Cons of Arm & Hammer Essentials:

  • Baking soda (one of the ingredients) can sometimes cause a rash on sensitive skin

“I’ve tried TONS of the natural and aluminum-free deodorants and the Arm & Hammer Essentials is my favorite! Not only does it work the best on keeping me smelling fresher longer, but their scents are also SO nice! Rosemary Lavender is my favorite. If you’ve never tried it, head to the Dollar Tree as they usually have a small size available to grab!” – Amber, Hip sidekick

5. Native Natural Deodorant

Best natural deodorant for the most scent options
native deodorant sticks coming out of stripe bag with greens

Native does a pretty darn good job at keeping the pits dry, thanks to the absorbent tapioca starch ingredient in their natural deodorants. It still won’t prevent sweating, but it’ll definitely help attack that moisture.

Have sensitive skin? They also offer sensitive skin natural deodorants that leave out the baking soda and instead use vitamin E and jojoba esters for extra nourishment.

Native deodorant sticks on a table

Pros of Native:

  • Naturally derived ingredients
  • No aluminum, phthalates, or talc
  • No residue
  • Velvety soft texture
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Unisex
  • Tons of scents to choose from
  • Clinically proven all-day protection

Cons of Native:

  • Some users have experienced staining

“Native deodorant by far works better than any other natural deodorant I have tried. It has a mild, clean scent (regardless of the scent you purchase). This deodorant goes on smoothly and is not rock hard, or super-soft – it’s just right! But the best part about Native deodorant is that it truly does keep the stink away, keeping you feeling fresh all day.” – Angie W., Hip sidekick

6. Lavanila Natural Deodorant

Best unique natural deodorant

stick of lavanila vanilla blackberry natural deodorant on wood table

Lavanila Natural Deodorant – 2-pack$19.80 ($9.90 each) 

Powered with unique beta-glucan technology, this one-of-a-kind natural deodorant uses a blend of antibacterial oils so it excels in minimizing and absorbing sweat molecules leaving you fresh and clean every single day. Plus, since it’s packed with tons of skin-healthy vitamins and oils like tea tree oil, your pits will be well-nourished too.

Extremely active? If you’re needing a natural deodorant that can withstand extra sweat, Lavanila also makes a high-performance natural deodorant, made with all the same safe ingredients.

lavanilla vanilla blackberry natural deodorant sitting on wood table with various bottles of beauty products

Pros of Lavanila:

  • No aluminum
  • Free of parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oils, and silicone
  • No baking soda
  • No synthetic dyes or fragrances
  • Plant-based ingredients
  • Packed with skin-healthy vitamins and oils
  • Velvety soft texture
  • No staining
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • 5-Time Allure Best of Beauty Winner

Cons of Lavanila:

  • It may need to be applied more than once a day (this is common with natural deodorants)

“I love Lavanila deodorant because most importantly, it’s a healthy deodorant, which puts my mind at ease. I also love that they have so much variety in their scents. My absolute favorite is the Vanilla Blackberry-it smells fruity, yet feminine. It works so well!” – Ani, Hip sidekick

An Herban Cowboy deodorant stick on a table

One brand to avoid? The Herban Cowboy natural deodorant didn’t do a darn thing!

If you happen to see this one at the store, just keep on walking because the scent (which is so faint it’s barely noticeable) wears off within an hour and it’s certainly not worth the hefty price tag.

10 cleaning products you’re going to want to ditch for these safer alternatives.

About the writer:

Sara is a self-taught blogger and photographer with 8+ years of experience having work featured in various building, travel, and fashion publications, most notably Bassett Furniture and Fossil.

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Comments 16

  1. gentledogwalker

    Has anyone tried any of the Lume products? Now they make a body wash to called actified something or other. If you use the one that looks like a deodorant stick how do you apply it to the private area without contaminating it?

    • Mrsyancy

      I’ve used it and I love it so far. I’ve only used the solid stick and cream, but they work for me. They do have a slightly funny/funky smell, but once you put it on you can’t smell it at all and it works. I’m 35 weeks pregnant and can get pretty sweaty these days, but I don’t get funky when I have on my lume. Anyway, that’s my experience with it. YMMV.

    • Jodi P

      I LOVE LUME!!!!! If you buy the stick, note that it’s not really a “stick”….it’s a cream that comes out of the holes in the top of the “stick”. So to apply it elsewhere, you just turn the stick so some cream comes out, then apply the cream with your fingers. Do not apply it INSIDE your privates, just the skin, itself, like the crease between your privates and thigh, for example. Having said that, I do not like the stick….I buy the tube of cream, and apply with my fingers to my armpits and wherever.

      • Marie

        Lime is my new favorite. I will be a lifetime customer for them. I have a very large chest so I use the Lume cream deodorant under my breasts and haven’t had any rash or anything. It can be used anywhere on the body. I got the solid stick for my underarms and received the body wash as a gift with purchase. I would recommend the cream deodorant to anyone who gets out of the shower and starts sweating under the breasts right away. The other products are great as . I like the fragrance free cream . The shower gel smells great. They also have oxygen butter and body wipes as well but I haven’t tried them.

        • Marie

          Darn spell correct

  2. Lisa

    Grocery Outlet has a brand I like: “ Life Doesn’t Stink”😂 It was $5 last I checked. I’m not really a fan of Native.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh cool! I’ll have to look for that one, Lisa! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Jaci1717

    Not a fan of native also staining and still stinking

    • Alikia29

      Yes it totally stains! Bummer because it smells so good.

    • Kayti

      It has stained some of my white clothing. I have found that I can only use certain scents from Native or I do smell.

  4. Alikia29

    I have been loving Humble.

  5. CPG

    I really like schmidt’s deodorant, which you can get at Target and sometimes at Grocery Outlet. Works better than Native with a much lower cost.

  6. Jodi P

    I absolutely love LUME, and it really does work for days. I have super sensitive skin, have always had problems with all deodorants, both natural and “typical” chemical. I’ve spent a fortune. I’ve used LUME for like two years now. It’s perfect. My favorite scent is Lime, but the scent lasts for only like 10 minutes. I’m very sensitive to fragrance, and this is no problem at all.

  7. Brenda

    One word: LUME

    If you know, you know. It’s worth it’s weight in gold.

  8. Lili

    My husband and I have both used Arm and hammer for years. Sometimes ots hard to find but we absolutely love it.

  9. Tina

    Beware of Green Goo. I purchased the deodorant and have never smelled so bad in my entire life. In all honesty, you’d be better off wearing nothing! Also, if you do the subscribe and save, you can’t cancel until after the second shipment. Now I’m stuck ordering a product I don’t even like!

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