Create Financially Independent Kids With GoHenry (+ Get Your First Month FREE!)

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Easily create a better financial future for your little ones with the GoHenry debit card for kids!

young boy holding gohenry debit card for kids

Financially healthy habits at your kiddos’ fingertips. 💸

GoHenry is the freedom your kids have been looking for and parents feel comfortable granting. They’ll easily learn good spending habits, how to save, and much more with this simple debit card. Plus for a limited time, get your first 30 days FREE!

mom and son holding gohenry debit card and ipad

I’ve been using GoHenry with my 7-year-old son and absolutely love it!

GoHenry is a debit card for kids ages 6 to 18 so they can feel financially responsible, but with the safeguards parents dream of. Better yet, it comes with an app so they can learn everything they need to know about spending, earning, and saving money.

Fun Fact: 92% of parents said their children are more money confident since using GoHenry!

ipad with money missions app on screen

It’s SO simple to sign up! Here’s how you can score your first 30 days of GoHenry FREE:

  • Start by heading to
  • Click “Join for Free”
  • Fill out your name, email, phone number, and create a password
  • Your promo code AFUSS065 will automatically be added for your first month free
  • Add your child’s information
  • Load at least $5 onto the card to get started

*Note: It will take 5-10 business days for your GoHenry card to arrive and your free trial starts immediately. After your trial is over you’ll be charged $3.99/mo

young boy holding gohenry debit card for kids

Let’s face it, learning about money can be super complicated – even for adults! That’s why I was really excited to start using GoHenry because I knew it would simplify many things I didn’t necessarily know how to explain and would provide newfound confidence for my son.

It’s also incredibly user-friendly and despite my son only being seven, he’s already learned so much from GoHenry and the missions he gets to do customized to his age.

boy sitting on chair with ipad holding black and white checked wallet

The best part about GoHenry is that it’s FUN for kids!

Yup, I said it. Who says learning about money and earning it can’t be fun?! My son has been having a blast with the GoHenry app! It motivates him to work hard to earn the things he really wants with the money missions!

In the app, kids can watch videos, take quizzes, and earn points and badges while gaining money skills they’ll have for life. The missions cover money basics, investing, saving, compound interest, borrowing, giving, and SO much more! Best of all, my son does the missions and earns points all on his own.

Essentially, it’s creating financially independent kiddos in the simplest way possible. 🙌🏻 I’m sold!

gohenry app on ipad

As a parent, I love that I can add chores for him to do on the app. The visual aspect creates a different mindset for him to learn how to make his own money…and well, that it doesn’t grow on trees. 😏

Best of all, I can choose specific days he’ll get paid for doing his chores to motivate him to do them in a timely manner. So cool!

woman holding money and debit card on couch with laptop smiling at son

Here’s why I think you should try GoHenry with your kiddos too:

  • It’s perfect for the whole family. GoHenry has companion apps for kids, teens, and parents so there’s something for everyone. Plus, it’s tailored to your child’s age and money skills.
  • Kids learn about money in more than one way. Kids continue to learn about personal finance with their own debit card, tasks, and completing Money Missions.
  • They’re more motivated to do chores. Since kids get paid after the chores are complete, they’re more motivated to do the tasks and chores you set for them in the app.
  • Customize their debit card. Choose from 45+ card designs—and personalize them with your child’s first name. So cute!

mom and son with gohenry debit card for kids

GoHenry has plenty of perks for parents too:

  • Plan their paydays. Plan a day they get their allowance, set up a savings plan, or easily set up weekly transfers on repeat so payments are automated. Set it and forget it!
  • You still call the shots. Block & unblock cards, flex parental controls, and get notified every time your kids spend money in real-time. Plus, decide where and how much kids can spend.
  • Features for parents. Use the convenient allowance manager, flexible parental boundaries, and so much more.

woman holding up ipad with gohenry app

The fun is only just beginning once their debit card arrives! You’ll link your child’s new GoHenry card with your existing bank account, so transferring funds is simple. Whether they’re scheduled or just one time, transactions using GoHenry couldn’t be easier!

Your family and friends can send money straight to your child’s GoHenry card with Giftlinks!

Perfect for birthdays, payments for chores done for neighbors, or just because. 🎉 Each link is totally secure, free of charge, and gifters can add their own personal message so they know who it’s from. Even cooler, kids can write thank-you messages straight from the GoHenry app!

boy standing at sweet frog register paying for ice cream

It’s so nice to know that my son has a big head start on learning about money and is building life skills! I truly feel like GoHenry has made such an impact on him and simplified daily tasks like completing chores in our home.

Check out these budgeting tips for adults.

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Comments 14

  1. Tracy

    Is there anything similar to this but for free for kids?

    • Kerri

      Check your bank. We got a free checking account through Chase for my 7-year-old son that’s tied to ours and includes a debit card. There are also some built-in controls (e.g. you can set whether they have to save the money or if they can only spend it at certain stores) and you can set-up chores that have a value assigned to them as well. It’s also very easy to transfer between our accounts. Personally I don’t understand how we’re teaching our kids to be financially savvy by paying fees for something that is essentially free if you just look in the right place…

      • A

        I totally get what you’re saying.
        Let’s teach kids about money while wasting almost $50 a year.
        You’d almost even be wiser to use a prepaid card and add a little at a time.
        A good start is teaching kids to manage their own phone bill:)
        That way if they mess it up it’s not the end of the world but they see the consequences right away.

    • stefani

      I mean this is in THE most sincere way. To your question…yes, parenting. I think we don’t give ourselves enough credit. We can teach our kids about finances, even if we didn’t have good role models. Teach what we learned from our mistakes. We can do this!! 🙂

    • Arlene

      As far as a debit card, chase offers a free account for kids if you have an account with them. If you’re referring to how to teach your kids about saving, that’s on a parent. It’s not that difficult to find free or even one low fee for some materials. We purchased the Dave Ramseys financial peace jr. I have two boys, but only got one kit. I just copied the pages out of the book and made extra envelopes, my kiddos are learning the material without being in front of a screen. They get enough of that I feel like with school and homework. Our school still has them for all kids including Kindergarten.

  2. Sally

    Chase offers a free account for kids. My kid would probably lose the card. In addition, my kid doesn’t go anywhere independently yet so, there is no point.

  3. Amy

    This is my personal opinion, and I’m aware of and respectful to the other side of this, but I feel like teaching kids to how manage money with real dollars and cents is the way to go. Studies have shown time and time again that using plastic does not have the same effect on our brains and often leads to overspending and then debt. I don’t want an app teaching my kids money principles, especially because each family and individual will have their own priorities. We tithe at our church, but others would save that money, or spend it on a car. By teaching a child personally, you can help them understand your values and develop their own by asking good questions and providing guidance. I believe we need to influence our children more than screens for, and sadly that is just not the case in America.

  4. Kim

    When I was a kid the only money I needed was for school lunch. If you’re worried your child would loose the card you could give them $20 bill or more or $20 on the card every week would be fine.

  5. Ana

    Your little boy is adorable and its sweet how you can do this together 🙂

    • Erica (Silly Sidekick)

      Thank you so much, Ana! ❤️

  6. Jessica

    We also have Chase and can get the free checking, etc. But I saw that the app included with this has missions that cover investing, compound interest, borrowing, giving, etc.

    Chase doesn’t offer ALL that and I like that feature because it was never taught to me and I still haven’t fully mastered those myself. So it’s something I’d love for my daughter to learn CORRECTLY while she’s still curious and she’s curious about money now (but she’s got a few more months before she’s old enough for this app)! She also likes video games more than paper packets, so I think it would hold her attention better.
    We’ve been teaching her the various values of cash, she saves almost everything she earns or is given, and she is so cute at the store trying to help me find the best prices. She currently does not earn a regular allowance but I want to start soon.

    Do you like that feature? Do you think it teaches those concepts well? Is it worth the fee (or investment) for the way it teaches those basic concepts?


    • Erica (Silly Sidekick)

      Hi Jessica!
      Yes, these missions do cover investing, compound interest, borrowing, giving, and more! The missions start off very basic (which I think is great) and they get more intense as you go! After each learning video, the app basically talks back and forth with the child and asks the child questions about their lesson. You have to answer these questions correctly before moving on to the next mission/lesson. I definitely love this feature!
      Also, I am so with you on the allowance. I never know if it is right or not to give allowance for chores but lately I have because it is nice to see the kiddos work for something and get paid because it can be super motivating for them! Plus, my kiddos will also ask if they can have more chores added if they are really wanting to save up for something special. Selfishly, this comes in handy for me (especially as my kiddos get older), because I will add non-weekly one-off chores like ‘Clean Moms Car’, etc! :laughing: To add or take away a chore, it’s seriously so simple, which is nice!

      • Jessica

        Thank you so much for your insight! It sounds like it’s something that will work for us when she’s old enough later this year.
        Thanks again!

  7. SavingsMama

    Are children really going out unsupervised and swiping their own cards?! First the magically paid phones and now debit cards. I guess having been raised in the days where chores were done out of respect and because you love in the house, this whole set up a pay schedule blows me away! I also feel a card takes away the important aspect of actually counting out dollars and cents. I will chime in on another reader’s post about the spending habits of using plastic…If I go card less, I buy what is needed. If I take cards with me, chances are, overspending will occur and then additional fees etc. I know as an adult I struggle with self control for spending so I can only imagine that on a child. To each their own but thought I’d also chime in on this!

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