These Are The Best Reusable Silicone Bags (Get 30% Off!)

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These incredibly innovative Stasher reusable silicone bags are my new favorites!

taking Stasher bag with peppers out of freezer

You’re sure to love these Stasher reusable silicone bags!

At Hip2Save, we absolutely love a great reusable product that’s not only convenient but also contributes to a cleaner Earth. If you need some bags to store anything anywhere, then you’re going to want to find out more about my favorite Stasher reusable silicone bags–like the fact that they have some amazing Black Friday deals going on right now. 😉

Get up to 30% off a Stasher Starter Kit!

Stasher Reusable Starter Kits Bundle
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Or take advantage of their sitewide 25% off Black Friday sale to order some gifts!

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Final cost $57.73 shipped total – just $28.87 each!

woman holding a bunch of stasher reusable silicone bags

Let me first start by saying I know these bags are on the pricier side. After many months of them sitting in my cart and admiring them in stores one too many times, I finally took the plunge on getting a few. 👏

That’s when I became obsessed & couldn’t stop buying these reusable silicone bags!

hand holding a clear reusable bag on countertop

I was first drawn to reusable silicone Stasher bags when I saw them in person because every other reusable bag pales in appearance, and by just touching them you can feel how great the quality is. They’re also dishwasher safe, unlike other reusable bag options I’ve used that needed to be hand-washed & dried – talk about a hassle and a total pain!

While I still love and use my beloved food wraps daily, I found myself still needing an eco-friendly solution for larger quantities of food or when I just needed something more durable.

I knew Stasher bags were it, hands down. 🙌

hand holding stasher bag in dishwasher rack

The benefits of Stasher bags far outweigh the price I was going to pay because I knew I’d be using them all the time and further reduce the need for plastic baggies ever again. Plus, now and then I don’t mind spending a little extra on a product that I know will last! And, boy, are these built to last!

Not just that, but they boast a bunch of other benefits most other reusable bags don’t:

  • They’re microwave-safe pop popcorn, steam broccoli, and so much more!
  • They’re non-toxic completely free of BPA, BPS, lead, latex, and phthalates.
  • They’re fridge-friendly keep cheese, guacamole, and virtually anything else fresh!
  • They’re freezer-safe – keep fish, burgers, vegetables, and other freezer-friendly foods safe and fresh.
  • They’re oven strong high-grade silicone can stand up to high temps.
  • They’re sous vide ready throw in a filet of fish, steak, you name it… these bags can handle it!
  • They’re dishwasher-safe easy cleanup and can even go on the bottom rack!
  • They have a patented Pinch-Loc seal easy to open and shut every single time.
  • They have a compact design unused bags take up little room in your drawers and even when they’re being used they’re slim and compact.
  • They’re durable & made of platinum silicone – the best money can buy.

With all of those incredible qualities, you can bet that makes Stasher reusable silicone bags astoundingly versatile!

hand pulling makeup brush out of clear bag on bed

From freezing fresh fish to stashing away makeup & brushes to steamed broccoli, you can do it all with these bags! Plus, their innovative and patented Pinch-Loc design makes them especially durable with the ability to make everything you’re storing airtight.

No more wrangling around with faulty zip closures and seals that have to be perfectly lined up — these Stasher reusable bags are equipped with fool-proof open & shut technology every single time. With a simple fold of the bag to squeeze out excess air and a few pinches at the top to close, you have an easy-shut, airtight bag that’s truly unlike the rest!  

woman holding up various sizes of clear reusable bags with food inside

Even better, Stasher reusable silicone bags come in any size you could ever need:

  • Pocket bagsperfect for packing away some gum & mints, or almonds to snack on throughout the day.
  • Snack bags – perfect for a cut-up apple, keeping half of an avocado fresh, or stashing away your favorite lipsticks. 
  • Go bags – perfect for your face masks, passports, hand sanitizer, or even your phone. 
  • Sandwich bags – perfect for a sandwich, steaming a serving of broccoli or stashing away a few homemade cookies. 
  • Half gallon bags – perfect for freezing fish, burgers, or storing makeup brushes when on the go. 
  • Stand-up bags – comes in 3 sizes (mini, mid, and mega) perfect for when you want to organize your pantry or are prepping foods, or just need the bag to stand up for easier filling.

clear reusable bag standing up on countertop

The stand-up Stasher bags are by far my favorite (although I absolutely love all of them) but this style speaks to my organization-loving heart! It’s super easy when I’m prepping food to have it standing on the counter or having them stashed away nice and neat in my pantry so everything is easy to see.

woman with hand in clear stasher bag

You’re probably wondering how well they clean?

Well, I’m here to tell ya that’s a total breeze too! Thanks to the curved design of the inside of each Stasher bag, it’s a cinch to wipe dry if there’s any residual water after a dishwasher run – no need to worry about germs collecting in tight places.

Plus, they’re made of silicone anyway, so Stasher Bags are naturally antimicrobial, and I can feel good about where I’m stashing what matters. 🙌

My favorite eco-friendly swaps will save you 37K over the next 10 years!

Sara is a self-taught blogger and photographer with 5 years of experience having work featured in various building, travel, and fashion publications, most notably Bassett Furniture and Fossil.

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Comments 47

  1. Josie

    After a while, the tiny creases in the seams grow mold and it’s impossible to get it all out. Having to throw out something that expensive is not economical.

    • Sher

      I agree. I’ll use my tupperware instead.

    • Mary

      This is exactly why I’ll never understand the reusable bag thing. Give me a Ziploc any day!

      • Lynn m.

        It is to cut down on the waste from single use plastic. Better for the environment and leave a better world. I’ve been using these for three years and have slowly built up my stash. I cannot speak highly enough for these bags

      • Molly

        Maybe this isn’t the perfect solution, but I’m grateful many of us are looking for alternatives to single-use waste. Makes a big difference.

    • Heather V.

      I’ve used other kinds of reusable silicone bags for a couple of years now and have never had this issue. We hand-wash ours, and make sure they are fully dried before putting them away.

  2. sara

    I bought a medium sized bag from BBB about two months ago. Washed it one time and it ripped open. All I did was put my dish cloth in it and the side totally ripped open!!! I had a feeling these were too good to be true!

  3. JES

    I have a few different sizes that I use in my diaper bag to stay organized.

    • Sara

      Great idea, Jes!

  4. KJsmom

    We gave used ours for about a year. Our favorite use is while camping to make omelets on a bag.

    • Sara

      What a great idea, KJsmom! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  5. JD827

    I got my Stasher bags at Walgreens . There were only two sizes. Pretty much free if you have any MyWalgreens cash. I like them because they take so little storage room.

    • Sara

      Yes! That’s a major bonus! Thanks for sharing, JD827!

  6. melly

    Love my stashed bags! I use the snack size ones for frozen bananas. They always wash and dry just fine!

    • Sara

      Thanks so much for sharing, melly! I’m so happy to hear you love these too!

  7. carolyn-6

    Thanks for the post. I’m going to try them. 😉

    • Sara

      Awesome! Keep me posted, Carolyn!

  8. Heather H.

    Thank you for posting this! I love my Stasher bags!
    I haven’t had any mold, tearing, seeping — they’ve worked perfect for us! I love that they are still a ‘bag’, but I’m not creating anymore trash than I need too.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      You are so welcome, Heather H. Thank you for letting us know you haven’t had issues with your Stasher bags! It is surely appreciated!

  9. Lpmousse

    My sister got some of these for us last Christmas. I used them for blocks of cheese in the fridge or graham crackers in the cabinet. Then I started using them for veggie cutups to eat on the way to take out. Done and done! They’re perfect. The little ones hold enough veggies for the kids and the sandwich sized ones are great for adults. Run me through the dishwasher and ready for next time. Veggies and not using a ton of ziplocks- accomplished!

    • Sara

      I love hearing this, thanks so much for sharing, Lpmousse!

  10. @GeeEmm

    After looking at these bags for months, I bought one mid size stand-up on sale at BF/CM weekend to give it a try. It’s in my freezer right now holding 7 leftover Christmas tamales.

    Reading reviews all over the internet of them tearing, I decided I’m only buying the spacious stand-up ones where my hand won’t need to be gingerly squeezed into a thin flat space to maneuver a sponge. I’ve also got a set of different sized brushes I use in reusable drinking straws that will clean the Stashers’ grooves to keep the mold and grime out.

    • Sara

      Great idea, thanks for sharing your tips with us! So happy to hear you love your Stasher bags. 🙂

  11. christy

    I’d like to try these for steaming veggies. I miss the disposable zip and steam bags!

  12. HeatherDissen

    These sound great! Would the stand-up mega size work for freezer meals? I love putting them in the crockpot in the morning and coming home from work with dinner ready! I usually make them in a gallon size freezer bag.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Here the measurements of that bag: 9.5″x 8.25″x 4.75″ (104oz). 128 ounces is a gallon so it holds just a bit less than your gallon size freezer bags.

      • HeatherDissen

        Thanks! I’m going to give it a try!

  13. Katibell

    Sometimes silicone attracts dog hair, do these?

  14. Mblade

    Also target has 25% off on stasher products, same day pickup, stacks with 10/40, making it about 50% off in total

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for the heads up! We’ll check it out!

    • mianull

      Thank you!!!!

      • mianull

        One should pay attention to the date of posting 🙂

  15. Linda

    Theses bags look awesome but they’re just not. They never dry on the inside and are a total pain to wash.

    • melly

      Open them up on an upside down cup! They dry great that way!

  16. Rachel Papaleo

    I have had maybe 4 that I have used for a couple years for kids lunches. They have no tears, mold or issues! I wanted more but was waiting for a sale just like this! Thank you!

  17. Terri

    I tried to clean my bags in the dishwasher but the spray pushed them off the prongs and I found them laying flat in the rack. Is there a certain way to place them so that they stay open to get clean and don’t get pushed off by the spray?

    • Sara

      Hey Terri! Sorry for my delayed response here! That is a great question and I have had great luck with stretching mine in the dishwasher by putting one end around two prongs and the other end on just one prong. It has worked well in my dishwasher and I’ve never had them come off and always come out nice and clean. I hope this helps!

  18. Jessica King

    Anything we can do to keep environment healthy is great. Reusing throw away bags is great too. My family washes them sometimes and my parents reuse bread bags etc. It is awesome these exist and I look forward to new things too.

    • johnathans_jiggle

      I reuse them! And I use plastic salad containers to store stuff.

  19. Elisabeth

    I have a bunch of these and I have been using them daily for years. I wash them in the dishwasher as Sara explained in a comment above – I put each end over two dishwasher rack tongs so they stay put. They are just as nice as the day I bought them! I would add that the one thing I do not like them for is sandwiches (for those I prefer Planet Wise brand). I think sandwiches get soggy and they’re hard to remove because of the shape of stasher bags. But I use them for everything else – freezing, steaming veggies in the microwave, storing leftovers, etc. My favorite is the stand up bag. I’m going to grab a couple more while they’re on sale 🙂
    Also, I have tried many reusable bags over the years. They are not all made the same! Stasher is, in my opinion, well worth the money for how well they hold up and how easy they are to use on a daily basis.

  20. Casey

    My opinion best reusable bags. Not as durable as a container. Also some getting used to over glass, plastic or stainless still containers. I believe we have a climate crises and anything we can do to help the environment is great.

  21. Aws

    My husband is a charter boat captain so we spend a lot of time on the water. Bags like these, I have another Amazon brand, are my go to for waterproof bags. I have a stack and give one to each in the fam and they can put their phones, wallets, key fobs, and all those little things that can’t get wet on the boat or pool or sandy at the beach. They are thicker than regular zip top bags so they give a little more protection for phone cases and such. Love them for this!

  22. CW

    I found these to be an utter waste of money. They don’t hold up. They mold and tear.

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