You Can Try 5 Pairs of Warby Parker Glasses for FREE (I Did & I’m Super Impressed!)

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woman holding a box that says good things await you

Get trendy glasses right to your door.

If you’re in the market for some trendy new glasses, I’m sharing my incredible experience with Warby Parker and just how easy it is to have prescription glasses delivered right to your doorstep!

I’ve been wearing mine for over a year and I couldn’t be happier! 😍

woman wearing clear colored frame glasses

Were you ever one of those kids that always wanted glasses? 🤓Yeah, that was me. And like mom always said, “appreciate the eyes you have now!” because with growing older, now I actually need them. 🤦‍♀️

As if the 2.5-hour eye exam wasn’t enough of a hassle, I was (for once) dreading the entire shopping process – boy, I never thought those words would come out of my mouth!

That was until a friend told me about Warby Parker and their FREE online glasses program…🤩

hand holding a box full of sample eyeglasses and sunglasses

You mean to tell me that I can try on trendy and well-made glasses FOR FREE without leaving my house? 🤯

Yes, it’s really a thing and not only was it the easiest experience ever, but it’s completely FREE!

Needless to say, my friend didn’t need to do any more talking – I was already sold on trying out this free home try-on. And worst-case scenario, if I didn’t end up liking anything (which was extremely likely since I’m super picky), then rest assured, I still know it didn’t cost me hours of shopping and wasted gas money. 🙌

woman holding a box of sunglasses and eyeglasses smiling

Upon visiting the Warby Parker site, you just click “Home Try-On” at the top. From there you can either browse through their selection of sunglasses or eyeglasses. Just know that not all of their frames are available for home try-on, but most are.

Overall, I was really impressed with the selection. I felt that all the options they offer are trendy and chic and not what you may find at your typical eyeglass store. Not to mention, the Warby Parker ones are MUCH CHEAPER which start at just $95 for prescription glasses! 🤩

close up of woman wearing warby parker glasses

They’re also really well made with quality materials. I’m talking hand-polished cellulose acetate, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses, anti-reflective and superhydrophobic coatings, 100% blockage of UVA and UVB rays, and all finished off with a scratch-resistant treatment.

I know, tons of big words, but after wearing my Warby Parker glasses for over a year, I can attest to just how well they hold up!

My pair of Warby Parker glasses still look completely brand new & fit just the same over a year later!

I have dropped my glasses countless times, propped them on my head, left them in my car cup holder, wiped them off with my shirt (NONE of which are recommended to do 😅), but regardless of my shortcomings, they’re still immaculate! 🙌

*I’ve been wearing the single-vision, classic, 1.67 high-index lenses, and my total came to $125 for the pair I love (as pictured above). 😍

hand holding green sunglasses and four pairs of eyeglasses

Once you have an idea what glass you’d like to try, simply click “Try at home for free” and it will be added to your cart. Then you’ll pick up to 5 pairs and you’re all set! You can even take their style quiz to see what their best recommendations would be for you.

I’ve been in the market for another pair (just in case 😉) so I tried another box of Warby Parker glasses for FREE: from left to right, I chose Ada (sunglasses), Fletcher, Vaughan, Chamberlain, and Haskell.

Ordering them was easy and like I already mentioned, totally free! You do have to enter your credit card info at checkout, but don’t worry, this is only to protect Warby Parker if you don’t actually return their sample glasses.

five Warby Parker eyeglasses in try on box

My home try-on box came in lightning speed (less than 24 hours) + it was lightyears faster than I could have ever traveled to multiple eyeglass stores. 🤯

In my box, there was a return label (already paid for so return shipping is also totally free!) and a packet that talked all about Warby Parker and what they have to offer. I’m so glad that they included it because I learned so many awesome things about their company.

close up of warby parker

Here are just some of the awesome perks you’ll get when shopping with Warby Parker:

  • They donate a pair of glasses to someone in need every time a pair of glasses is purchased through them. In fact, to date, they’ve distributed over 5 million pairs! 😱
  • They make everything easy peasy by even including visuals like how glasses should fit on your face.
  • They do FREE adjustments until they’re absolutely perfect. 🙌
  • They have a one-year no scratch guarantee on their lenses so they’ll gladly replace any scratched lenses for free within 12 months of your purchase.
  • They have a 30-day return or exchange policy – all of which is super easy and they’ll pay for it all to make your life hassle-free.

To make shopping with Warby Parker even sweeter, you might even be entitled to a reimbursement, which means you could potentially get your prescription glasses at a lower cost or even for free depending on your coverage! 👏

Here are the two ways you might be able to save on your prescription glasses:

FSAs and HSAs: If you have a flexible spending or health spending account, you can use the card associated with your account to pay for prescription eyewear and accessories. Just enter your card details at checkout and “Bam!” – savings have washed over you.

Insurance: If you have vision insurance, you might be able to save on a new pair depending on your coverage and plan. Check for your carrier at They can also answer any questions via their chat, email, text, or you can even call them!

woman smiling giving a thumbs up wearing glasses

All in all, I couldn’t be happier that I’ve been team Warby Parker for the last year!

If you’re new to the world of prescription eyewear like I once was, don’t hesitate to chat with someone on their site! Whenever I’ve had questions, all my questions were quickly answered and she even went over my entire order to be sure it was 100% what I needed.

When our chat ended, I was even given the chance to send the person who helped me a “thank you” (on Warby’s dime) by clicking if I thought she should get a small gift card, coffee, lunch, or something else. I thought this was SO unique – and even cooler for the person who just helped me! 🤗

I’ve never left their site unhappy.

woman holding Warby Parker glasses case

Ready to order your Warby Parker glasses?! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A picture of your face with blank background (you can take it right now) and upload it directly to their site!
  • Your doctor’s prescription which you’ll be able to download directly to your account.
  • A credit card (if not already on file from your Home Try-On).

And Warby Parker’s team will take it from here! It’s the easiest, most painless process ever!

holding eyeglasses in front of a Warby Parker box

My prescription glasses even came sooner than originally quoted which was pretty sweet, and we’ve been happily ever after ever since. 😍🤓

Did you know you can also try clothes from Amazon for FREE?!

About the writer:

Sara is a self-taught blogger & photographer and brings 9+ years of experience to her craft. Her work has been featured in numerous esteemed publications, spanning building, travel, and fashion. Beyond her creative pursuits, Sara’s primary mission is to empower others to embrace a toxic-free & sustainable lifestyle.

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Comments 47

  1. brianroberts

    LOVE Warby Parker! I did the same thing last year. SO fast and easy! I was surprised that I ended up hating my first choice, but loved the 5th pair I chose. I’ll never buy glasses from anyone else! They also have a scratch guarantee on the lenses. I forget how long it’s for, but my 3 year old scratched a lens several weeks after I got them. They fixed them super fast and hassle free! Cannot say enough good about them!!

    • Sara

      So glad that you’ve had such an awesome experience, Brian! That’s funny that you ended up with the 5th pair you chose – that’s exactly what happened with me! The pair I wear now I wasn’t even expecting to like and I ended up loving them! Ahhh…the beauty of getting to try them for free, there’s nothing to lose! Also, the scratch guarantee is good for 12 months after your purchase!

  2. cschmidtoe

    This is a GREAT company and we won’t purchase glasses anywhere else either. We have bought our last several pairs from them and they never disappoint!

    • Sara

      That’s so awesome to hear, cschmidtoe! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. carla

    Please keep in mind as we try to support local businesses during corona virus this online model seriously hurts your local opticals and eye doctors’ businesses. There are many eye needs that are better off taken care of in person. And the time you spent on an eye exam is your sight… priceless and irreplaceable. Let’s stay strong together.

    • cschmidtoe

      We still go to our local eye doctor for our appointment. We just take our prescription that they write to order our glasses here. So, therefore we are supporting our local businesses AND saving money at the same time!

  4. carla

    Also I should add while the glasses you selected in the photo are fashionable, for sight purposes your eye unfortunately is sitting way too high in the frame. That part of the lens will be cut differently than the center of your lens where they expect your eye to be. For some people the difference will be minor but for others it could end up being a big problem. That is one reason why a well trained optician is a wonderful resource to have on hand when shopping for a frame.

    • jen s.

      I was thinking the same thing! May be fine for reading glasses, but for distance your eye should be centered within the glasses.

      • David croall

        Leaving comments for paid bloggers seems ridiculous especially one that claims to be self taught. So Sara tell us all about what matters warbys give away program is this taking place here in the US? Please name a company or organisation that warby helps all 3rd world claims that can’t be confirmed? No need to use super neat cool fun words just facts please.

    • Sara

      Thanks for pointing that out, Carla! You’re exactly right and while it may appear that way in the photos, my eyes fall in the middle of my lenses perfectly when they’re on the top bridge of my nose. So far, I’ve had no headaches (which was a huge problem I was personally struggling with prior to getting glasses) so I’m very happy with them. 🙂

  5. RB

    PLEASE be very careful if buying glasses online. If you have nothing more than a simple prescription, than this may work out for you, otherwise you should really consider going to an optician – I speak from experience. I also purchased glasses from Warby Parker and loved them. However, about five months later I started to have terrible headaches and after a battery of (expensive) tests, the culprit was that my prescription was not cut properly for the center of my eye, something a trained optician does every time one purchases new frames – all the money “saved” (and more) was spent on the co-pays trying to figure out the cause of my headaches.

    • shop4mybabies

      whenever i order glasses online i take them to our eye doctor and check them. i always purchase one pair at the eye doctor on the day of their appts and then order several pair online

  6. sarah

    I’ve ordered from Warby 3 times now. Almost half the price out of pocket than the last pair I paid, even after insurance!

    • Sara

      Awesome to hear! Thanks for stopping by, Sarah!

  7. JD827

    A Star Hip2Saver is a recognized member of our Hip2Save community hand selected by our team for demonstrating a long history of engagement with helpful & friendly comments across and our social channels. Our Star Hip2Saver badge acts as a verification for readers who know the ins and outs of all Hip2Save sets out to accomplish — assisting our community to live extraordinary lives on ordinary budgets. Readers cannot pay or provide any sort of exchange in order to earn this badge. Rather, they are invited to participate by a member of the Hip2Save team and opt to have the Star Hip2Saver badge added to their profile & comments.

    I think what Carla and others are talking about is PD or pupillary distance. When you ask for your prescription it is probably not written on it but the optician will give it to you if you specifically ask for it. If you look at most online sites including Warby Parker they will tell you how to measure it but it is extremely hard to do for yourself. If you don’t put the PD in most online sellers will give you the average PD which will likely be off. Many people do not have the same PD for both eyes. It is not a minor issue. I buy one pair at my eye doctor and others at Zenni. I love Zennis.

    • oo

      I love Zenni Optical too. Very affordable options. I think my last order was a pair of prescription sunglasses and a pair of plastic glasses for about $35! I have tried the Warby Parker try-on and I did like some of the frames although when they were sent, they had smudges on them like they hadn’t been wiped down before the last person used them.

  8. Elizabeth

    Has Warby Parker published how they ‘sterilize’ frames before they send them out to the next person to try on? Surely those frames get sent to many people to try on. My optometrist actually disinfects every frame taken off his display wall by a customer. I thought it seemed a bit ‘OCD’ until this pandemic thing hit. Now, I’m thankful.

    • Sara

      That’s a great question, Elizabeth! I reached out to Warby Parker asking what precautions they’re taking and here’s what they said to me:
      “100% of our frames are sanitized as they come through back to us. Additionally, before each pair is shipped, every Home Try-On frame is disinfected using a microfiber cleaning cloth as well as an alcohol-free, silicone-free cleaning solution. These frames are then packaged and shipped to our customer as part of a Home Try-On kit.”

  9. JenV

    My husband has been wearing these glasses for years and loves them. If you have the Shopkick app., you can order them online and get 18 kicks for every $1 spent. Double bonus!

  10. Karen

    I’ve ordered from Warby Parker and very impressed with them. Their customer service is impeccable and I had a great experience!

  11. Lesli

    I’ve been to two different eye places in the past and at both places the people 2 got irritated that I asked for my prescription. I know it’s how they make their money but it’s like they try to bully you into buying through them. Do you all not have that problem when asking for your script?

    • JD827

      A Star Hip2Saver is a recognized member of our Hip2Save community hand selected by our team for demonstrating a long history of engagement with helpful & friendly comments across and our social channels. Our Star Hip2Saver badge acts as a verification for readers who know the ins and outs of all Hip2Save sets out to accomplish — assisting our community to live extraordinary lives on ordinary budgets. Readers cannot pay or provide any sort of exchange in order to earn this badge. Rather, they are invited to participate by a member of the Hip2Save team and opt to have the Star Hip2Saver badge added to their profile & comments.

      It is your prescription. You paid for the exam. It is not your responsibility to make other people happy by depleting your bank account. Don’t even think twice.

    • roxy

      They do like to intimidate you and think you can’t buy glasses anywhere else, but that is not right. The same with the dentist’s office when you pay for x-rays but you can never get them unless you specifically ask.

  12. Maggie

    I ordered a trial box from Warby about two years ago — I chose NOT to order from them after I experienced the quality of those trial pairs. I’ve worn glasses for decades — bought from Costco, local opticians, big chains, lots and lots of experience. I was unimpressed by what Warby sent — they felt to me like like super-low-end construction compared to what I’m used to. The hinges seemed to not be the same quality as the others I have, and the acetate felt kind of flimsy (not sturdy) — the whole thing just felt like very low-quality in comparison to my other pairs from Costco or from local optical shops. They also weren’t going to be all that cheap once I layered on add-ons that would be included in a lens package somewhere else. They’re probably okay for a “fashion spare pair” for a single-vision lens but I wouldn’t sure want to spend money on them them as my reliable, daily glasses — much less for any kind of bifocal, or sunglasses that I was going to beat up and wear a lot. I think you get WAY more bang for the buck from Costco, personally.

  13. Cami

    Wow this post couldn’t have been at more perfect time. I literally just had to see an eye dr. For the 1st time at 35 last week. I’ve been getting a lot of pressure and headaches. They gave me my prescription but the prices were so expensive there. With this covid-19 going on I can’t leave my house unless an emergency because my husband is a heart patient and we need to avoid as much exposure as possible. With being able to have the eyeglasses shipped to my house is such a blessing. I’ve been stressing about how am I gonna be able to find a pair of prescription glasses without leaving my house??? You have relieved so much worry. Thank you hip2save for yet another successful rescue! 😘

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Oh good! You’re most welcome, Cami! 🥰 I’m SO very glad that this post was so helpful! 🙌💕

  14. Amber

    Hi Sara! I signed up for Warby Parker and ordered the Baker pair because I want to get the same ones you decided on- love your choice! However I’m not sure if it’s the same ones because the pair of Baker ones I got look different. Also, in your post you mentioned you got Ada (sunglasses), Fletcher, Vaughan, Chamberlain, and Haskell as your trial pairs yet you decided to go with Baker even though it wasn’t one of your trial pairs? Is that right? I’m confused. ◡̈

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Amber! Sorry for the late reply. I did speak with Sara about this. She is definitely wearing Baker in black matte eclipse, but did try 5 different pairs for this review. In all of the photos she is wearing the Baker. Hope this is helpful!

  15. Meesha

    Do you have to buy a pair when you do the try on 5 or can you send them all back if none of them work for you?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Meesha! You can try them all on without purchasing anything!

  16. Pansy Bartley

    Is there any way I can get me some glasses with out having a exam I need by focales tell me how strong readers are

  17. Becca

    Thank you so much for sharing this post. My vision benefits cover either contacts for the year or glasses and since I prefer contacts, I will be honest in saying I do not have glasses in my current prescription that recently changed. This is a very cost effective option and I love that I can try them on in my home and take my time deciding what I like. Plus, with covid, my preference isn’t to try glasses on at my eye doctor’s office. Although they do ask patients to put any they tried on in a bin, when I was there in December there was one woman who was forgetting to do this (totally understandable because it was a new policy). This just seems like a safe, convenient and more economical option. And bonus, once I pick my glasses someone in need will also get a pair. Can’t wait to order my at home try on kit. Thanks hip2save!!!

  18. Goggles4U

    Or you could just use Goggles4U and buy about 10-15 pairs for the same price.

    • roxy

      You get what you pay for. I have ordered from many websites and this was the only one that messed up my prescription and my glasses make me dizzy so I couldn’t even use them.

      When it comes to health, it is not the time to be a cheapskate and buy cheap, poorly made glasses.

  19. CG

    I found their pricing to be way too high for the progressive lenses.

  20. nldaadmin

    I have ordered many times from Goggles4u, for very low prices. HIP2SAVE used to have special deals, which I have missed seeing for some months, or even several years. Quality was great, and their customer service was excellent.

  21. Mary Lipari

    How much are the pair of glasses I purchase? Is there a phone number to speak to a real person??!!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      They are available by phone (888.492.7297) every day from 9 a.m.–10 p.m. ET.

  22. mary E gould

    can I get the 5 free with my perscription for glasses if i send it to warby Parker

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi there! You can try 5 pairs of sample glasses for free to see which one you’d like to order with your prescription. Hoping this helps!

  23. Nedu

    Will do now.

  24. Tricia Ward

    I love the 5 pairs I selected to try for free. I was getting disappointed with the glasses at the doctor’s office. They were to flimsy and they broke within 3 months of my use. I will be calling Warby Parker to select my new glasses soon.

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      So happy to hear that you’ve loved trying on and choosing your glasses from WP, Tricia! Enjoy your new glasses! ❤️

  25. P

    5 trial at home glass – they DO NOT accept FSA card

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hey there! I still find this listed on their site –
      “Don’t let your FSA or HSA go to waste!
      We accept flexible spending accounts (FSA) and health savings accounts (HSA).”

      I do find those details when scrolling to the bottom of their site and clicking on “Flexible Spending” under Ways to Save. Hoping that is helpful! 🤗❤️

  26. Randy h Ravary

    i won:t to try the 5pairs of glasses reading . my eyes 450 vision

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi there! You can still try 5 pairs free through the link above. Hoping that helps! ❤️🙌

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