I Tried New Clothing for Free at Home with Amazon Prime Wardrobe

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woman holding a pile of folded clothes pointing to them and smiling

We’re shopping for brighter days ahead thanks to Amazon! ☀️

While the thought of going anywhere in some cute new outfits is something most of us can’t fathom right now, it doesn’t mean planning ahead for the day we can all go to our favorite places again should be on hold. 🙌 (Did you know all of these stores are closed right now?) 😱

Whether you’re social distancing, an essential employee and still going to work, or just want to spruce up some staple pieces in your closet, Amazon Prime Wardrobe is still safely delivering all of the goods to you. 👏

And did I mention it doesn’t cost you anything to try it? Read my review below for all of the details.

hand holding a stripe piece of clothing inside green labeled ready to ship plastic bag

Before I jump in, I first and foremost, wanted to inform all of our readers that we took steps to ensure your safety and concerns during this time.❤️

According to Amazon Customer Service, each item is carefully packaged in a sealed, ready to ship plastic bag. NO items that are returned and have been tried on by other customers are being sent out at this time. Additionally, all items that are returned go through a decontamination process, however, we received no word on what will be happening with those items.

Read more about what Amazon is doing during COVID-19 here.

Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Wardrobe

hand holding a prime wardrobe white card with clothes hanging up in the background

Exclusively available to Amazon Prime customers, Amazon Prime Wardrobe offers you a convenient way to shop for clothes, shoes, jewelry, and accessories. Not to mention, it’s a much safer alternative than going to the stores that are still open right now.

Try on beautiful new pieces, buy them, or send them back all without leaving your own home or spending a dime! In fact, you can order up to 8 items at once to try out for free. 🙌

Since I hadn’t really heard much buzz about Amazon Prime Wardrobe, I was excited to try it out and share my experience with you!

But… I was slightly worried how well this was actually going to work because I’m so picky about clothes! 😬

woman holding a blue shirt on hanger with finger on cheek thinking

So I wondered how will I really like the perks of trying things on at home? 🤔 Plus, I like to see and feel the selection of clothes at the store (which we obviously can’t do right now). And of course, I was worried that I’d be stuck with clothes that I didn’t even like. 🤷‍♀️

Not a Prime Member yet? Check out these 26 Amazon Prime perks!

Here’s how to start shopping Amazon Prime Wardrobe:

hand holding a blue shirt in bag with goodthreads tag on it

First, head to Amazon.com to check out Prime Wardrobe.

You can easily browse Amazon Wardrobe by category (adults, kids and baby), brand, or even their more curated groups like College-Ready Finds or Wardrobe Basics.

Hip Tip: If you’re not one to browse endless options online, you can also save time by trying out a Personal Shopper with Prime Wardrobe. It’s simple and a great way to have someone else curate a new haul of clothes for you to try on. Plus, you’ll get to approve everything before it ships!

Note that if you want to use this Personal Shopper service, you will be charged a styling membership fee of $4.99 per month.

Next, add the items you want to try to your cart for free.

various colored clothes laying on gray blanket

It’s really that easy! With spring already here and summer quickly approaching, I decided to stick with staple pieces that I can mix and match any way I want. Here’s what I ended up picking (from left to right):

Finally, once your order arrives, it’s time for a fashion show!

woman trying on different outfits and posing

Note that typical Prime Wardrobe shipping may take as long as 4-6 business days, and with COVID-19 procedures in full effect, orders could take even longer while they continue to mail essential purchases before anything else.

I did receive my order in about a week! Impressive! 👏 It was so fun to try everything on at home and it totally beats the hassle of rushing in and out of a fitting room and multiple stores.

blue chambray shirt with goodthreads tag

I really love all of the Amazon brands – I even recently tried this spring dress that I’m obsessed with! In my opinion, you can’t beat the convenience and low prices compared to the quality… and you get to try them for free at home – can’t beat that!

woman standing in room wearing purple long sleeve dress

With great prices, I also received all clothes in amazing condition. The materials for everything exceeded my expectations like Amazon brands have been doing since I first tried them back in the fall.

The good news…

pile of clothes and wood hangers on blanket next to amazon bag

If you don’t like something, you can easily return it for FREE! Your entire order will come in a resealable shipping bag or box with an adhesive prepaid return label, so all I had to do was let Amazon know that I didn’t like something within the 7-day try-on period and then drop off the return shipment at a UPS location or schedule a pick up. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

woman hugging pile of clothes smiling

Let’s recap why I love Amazon Prime Wardrobe

  1. It’s FREE to try.
  2. Saves you time since you avoid going to a store.
  3. No hassle with dressing rooms.
  4. You can carefully select your clothes from the comfort of your home.
  5. You get happy mail (i.e. something other than bills in the mail!).
  6. It limits impulsive spending at the store.
  7. Delivery is fast.
  8. You get 7 whole days to try on your clothes (note that the 7-day try-on period begins once all the items in your order arrive).
  9. You only pay for what you want.
  10. The returns are FREE and easy

There are a couple of things I didn’t totally love about Amazon Prime wardrobe…

The clothes can get pricey.

Sure it’s great to online shop, but I did notice that a significant amount of the clothing can get pretty expensive and if you’re not careful, you can easily run up your cart total. I also didn’t spot many sale items, so you will likely be paying full price.

Sizes tend to be unavailable.

I found items that I liked but then noticed that a lot of sizes were sold out. This caused me to miss out on the opportunity to try on items I may have really loved.

You can’t just order 1 item.

Unfortunately, if you’ve had your eye on just one item, you can only place a Prime Wardrobe order with a minimum of 2 items (regardless of the cost).

Here’s what my team member, Jami, said about her Amazon Prime Wardrobe experience:

pile of clothes laying on bed in plastic bags

“I’m really busy during the week so I love the convenience of Amazon Prime Wardrobe. I also love that I can spend time at home carefully selecting items that go well together. This also gives me more time to really think about my purchases and inevitably prevents impulsive spending.”

Want to try it for yourself?

Head over to Amazon Prime Wardrobe and try it for FREE!

I just tried 5 pairs of these glasses & sunnies for FREE, too! 😍

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Comments 31

  1. Sandra

    This is wonderful! I love retail shopping and this really would fit the bill. However, this is a safety concern for all the amazon workers coming in contact with the returns. Have you seen the articles about amazon closing warehouses because workers were getting sick? This is also the reason Target stop accepting returns. No one knows who has the Cornovirus in their household, so I’m not sure why amazon would continue a service like this, which is non essential. This is a wonderful and informative article yet, in the times we are living in now, people are more concerned on where to find essential items like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, food, and even Tylenol. Those are certainly more essential than trying on different types of clothing right now. If you could write and updated article where we know when and where to buy toilet paper, that would be nice

    • marie

      I believe last week they had a post with on where to find toilet paper

    • Emily (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Sandra! We totally hear you and we are on the same team that essentials are, well, the only essentials at the moment. That said, we want to make sure we’re keeping somewhat of a sense of normalcy with our posts and letting our readers know all services available to them, even if they may not be a top priority at the moment. Do we recommend going out and buying a whole new wardrobe right now? Probably not, unless a reader found themselves in a rare case where that is actually necessary. But when a couple of pieces are needed (whether that’s now or in the future), we wanted to share how much we have enjoyed this service from Amazon. As you also mentioned, we are making sure our online deals, especially on essentials, are loud and clear on the site. And you can expect more to come as we spot them! I hope that helps clarify things and this post was in no way meant to offend or downplay the current situation our world is in. Sending good vibes your way!

  2. Holly

    I ordered some stuff last week and I’m getting it on Friday. Yay! Love this.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      So glad you loved it, Holly!

  3. Su

    While it is a great idea when there are stay at home orders, a recent article reveled that much of the returned items on Amazon wardrobe goes to the landfill. Amazon has deep pockets and is able to operate in a loss just to dry out the competition. They are responsible for so many struggling small businesses and department stores closing, and people losing jobs in retail. Monopoly is never a good idea.

    • Nicole

      I can’t believe I’ve never heard about the returns going to landfills!! That’s awful! I just googled and found many articles on this topic

    • Ann

      I know that amazon sells huge pallets of clothing returns in a Vegas warehouse. My husband several times a year travels to the area for work. I looked at buying one of the pallets since he drives there and has space in his truck. Shipping on the pallets can be very expensive but if you pick up they are a bargain. I do not know if every area does this, or if it is just certain brands that they put on the pallets? The pallets had a list if sizes and basic descriptions , like 3 red dresses size large, 2 pairs of flared jeans size 8. It is a real place, my husband looked at a pallet of tools and they he said they had many pallets of clothing returns but it was overwhelming to him and he just did not feel comfortable buying 500 pieces of random womens clothing.

    • Sundi

      Can you provide a link to this article? I have been searching the web all night to find out if Amazon ships worn clothing for this Prime Wardrobe before I try it but have been unable to find anything. This is the worse time to take a chance with this, as I have come across some pics where people say the tags were missing and the clothes appeared to be previously worn.

  4. ellen

    How is this different than ordering clothing that is Prime with free returns? Other than the return window is shorter with prime closet or whatever this is called.

    • amandacampbelljohnson

      I’m wondering the same thing??

    • jen

      They don’t charge you until you decide what you’re keeping.

    • Sara

      Like another person commented, Ellen, you are not charged for your order unless you choose to keep the item/s. Hope this helps!

    • Ann

      The returns do not count against your account. This is very important for some people. I live in a rural landlocked city so amazon is a lifeline to buy many items. I have known people get their account taken away for too many returns. There is supposedly a dollar % of items you can return, it has been told to someone I know who got an account suspended do to returns that it is over 10%. My neighbor ordered a bunch of girls clothes for her tween age daughters for back to school. 10 & 12 are hard ages to find clothes to fit, and our school want modest shorts and we have few retail options. My neighbor’s husband has returned an expensive computer part the week before, he had ordered the wrong one. Then she returned a bunch of the clothes, she did buy some, but some did not fit so she returned. The computer part plus the clothes put her return total as too high compared to the dollar amount of items kept. She tried to fight it but the took away her prime. She now has to use her sister’s or one of us in the neighborhood to buy stuff. It is not just her, there are countless other stories out there like hers. I now an so careful with returns. Luckily my husband buys about $500 a month of work supplies and always keeps them so I feel okay with most small returns. I am very careful with large ones. This clothing program made a lot of people who worry about their return amounts, happy and start to buy clothes again.

  5. Amber.Underwood01

    I wish they would allow you to use a debit card instead of credit cards only. I have worked hard to get out of credit card debt but would love this service.

    • Stef81

      All you need is a debit card with a visa or MasterCard logo…which every debit card I’ve ever had has had. Does not mean it’s used as a “credit” card.

    • Sundi

      Just use the credit card and IMMEDIATELY send the payment. If you do not currently have a credit card, I recommend opening a secured credit card ASAP. This will help with building up your credit. myfico.com and the community section is a GREAT website to help with more information from others.

  6. frugal-fit-sexy

    Thanks, I’m tired of buying and returning. I’ll definitely give this a try. I’ve come across so many great articles of clothing on Amazon. As a HS teacher I need a big wardrobe and about half is from target and Amazon. BTW, Sara you have that perfect body where anything looks great on you.

  7. Mary from Vegas

    I agree with Sandra.

  8. Melissa

    Not for me, especially during these crazy times but Thanks for keeping us entertained😁

    • Maite Lopez

      I agree, not a good idea now, but hopefully in the near future! Thanks HIP2SAVE for all your great deals!

      • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

        You bet!

  9. shop4mybabies

    my cousin is an amazon delivery driver and typically loves his job. however right now it’s very scary times. if you don’t need it. please don’t order it until this is over. the drivers are working super long days. they share trucks and phones and handheld devices. they handle hundreds of packages a day. many customers do not understand social distancing. my cousin and all of the other drivers are putting themselves at risk to keep essentials in our homes. i try to think a little harder about all of those workers before i hit submit. need vs want.

    • jen s.

      Exactly! Do we really need to be stylish right now? I’m ordering essentials right now and that’s it!!!

    • Emily (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi there! Huge shout out to your cousin for all he does to ensure people are still receiving their packages as normal while putting himself at risk. There are so many individuals out there who are going above and beyond, especially during this uncertain and unsettling time, who deserve all the recognition they can get! I completely agree with you on the need vs. want front, and this post was never to offend or take away from the severity of the current situation. We want to make sure we’re sharing all services available to readers at the moment, should they need to use them. On top of prioritizing our deals on essentials, we still want to keep a sense of normalcy so while many may not be taking advantage of Prime Wardrobe right now, it’s helpful to know the option is there when the need arises. I appreciate you sharing your concerns and feedback, and please know we will take care to assess the posts coming up on the site to better align with the needs of the majority. Sending good vibes to you!

      • shop4mybabies

        i wasn’t offended. i’ve appreciated all the posts geared to keeping folks at home. i just wanted to share the other side. it’s a great option for when things get back to normal for sure. you all do a great job

        • Emily (Hip Sidekick)


  10. Amy

    I use Prime Wardrobe for shoes, and it’s great. Living in a small town, the selection on Amazon is worlds better than what I can find here, and some of the shoes I like are WAY too pricey to take chances. So I can try on several styles from the same brand, or multiple sizes of the same shoe, and just pack up what I don’t want to keep. It has gone really well every time, though i sometimes return everything and keep an eye out for future sales on a particular brand/style, when I start to think about whether I can justify spending the money right then.

    Honestly, I was freaking out the first time I placed an order because 7-8 pairs of shoes was hundreds of dollars! But they don’t charge your account unless you keep them, and I was careful to return what I didn’t want ASAP. It is really nice to have the big box at home though, with plenty of time to try on and no pressure, and I like the way you can just pack it back in the same box (mine have all come with a tear strip to open and you put the other flap on the outside when you repack it, and it has a sticky strip ready to reseal).

  11. pjane

    I love this.

  12. Melissa

    Good post but not apt for the moment. During these hard and crazy times, everyone should think 10 times before ordering anything online. Remember, every order you place or every item you return, you put someone’s life at risk. I have passed on many good deals and will continue to do so until the crisis is over.

  13. Crystal Dyer

    I think it’s not great not being able to use your debit card, mine can be used as credit so I don’t see the difference. It’s not fair for people who can’t get a credit card because they don’t qualify. I love shopping at Amazon but they let me down on this. It’s hard to find clothes that fit you now days without trying them first without buying them. I can barely find my size in stores I have to buy them online and it stinks paying for something you can’t wear, if you can’t try it on first.

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