20 Award-Winning ALDI Products to Buy on Your Next Trip (Many Are Even Gluten-Free!)

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hand holding aldi ice cream cookie mini sandwiches

Oh ALDI, we love you so❣️

And so do our readers! After sharing our favorite ways to save BIG at ALDI, our smart, deal-savvy Hip2Save community stepped up in full force to suggest their top ALDI products. Buckle up and grab your wallet as we’re sharing some of the best things you must buy at this popular store.

1. Barissimo Fair Trade Single Origin Ground Coffee

hand holding package of fair trade ground coffee

Coffee drinkers everywhere will love switching to this fair-trade coffee! I happen to start every morning with a mug of this goodness! It’s a medium roast, perfectly blended, and has an upscale flavor that your friends would never think you paid just a few bucks for.

2. Friendly Farms Almondmilk Coffee Creamer

hand holding bottle of almond milk creamer

Start your mornings off with this Award-winning coffee creamer which also happens to be 100% vegan! It comes in vanilla or caramel flavors and is the perfect milk substitute for those who don’t consume dairy.

3. Organic Produce

organic produce shelf in store with oranges and apples

The organic produce at ALDI is great not only for its selection but also for the prices! You can find plenty of affordable finds like organic oranges, apples, broccoli, strawberries, carrots, bananas, peppers, potatoes, and so much more! I absolutely love grabbing a bag of their peppers for our weekly fish taco Tuesdays!

Hip Tip: Check out more ways to save on produce!

4. Simply Nature 100% Organic Grass-Fed Ground Beef

hand holding a package of organic simply nature ground beef

No added antibiotics or growth hormones, 100% grass-fed, and it’s at the lowest price around per pound (just $5.39!). I always grab a few of these, they’re well packaged, always taste fresh, and just the right portion for all your ground beef recipes.

Not to mention, it’s the perfect meat to pick up if you’re on a keto diet too!

Hip Tip: Check out these awesome tips to save more on meat!

5. Stonemill Everything Bagel Seasoning

box of stonemill everything bagel seasoning on store shelf

Speaking of bagels, this Everything Bagel seasoning is totally versatile and has an outstanding flavor! From mouth-watering avocado toast to the perfect appetizer cheese ball, the possibilities with this seasoning are endless!

6. Emporium Selection 1,000 Day Gouda & 4-Year Gouda

Holding Aldi Gouda cheese

The cheese selection at ALDI can’t be beaten. There are tons of options, they’re delicious, and they’re SO reasonably priced which makes curating your perfect charcuterie board a total breeze too.

However, if we had to pick just a couple of favorites, they’d be the Emporium Selection 1,000 Day Gouda and 4-Year Gouda. You just can’t go wrong with these savory cheeses. 🙌

7. LiveGfree gluten-free collection

hand pulling bag of pasta out of box

Okay, so I may be biased since I personally follow a gluten-free diet, but this entire line of food products has knocked it out of the park! I especially love stocking up on their bags of pasta, loaves of Award-winning sandwich bread, and their variety of gluten-free bagels which my kids love just as much!

hand holding box of mac and cheese on store shelf

However, they also have tons of other products such as crackers, General Tso’s Chicken, boxed baked goods, mac and cheese, tortilla wraps, and so much more – all of which are totally gluten-free! 👏

“My son has Celiac disease, and I have found that ALDI has the best selection and best prices around for gluten-free foods.” -Shannon

8. Specially Selected Indulgent Greek Yogurt

hand holding container of organic green plain yogurt in front of refrigerator

This delicious yogurt comes in vanilla and honey flavors and tons of people are totally obsessed with it! In fact, the honey flavor is the Store Brands Editors’ Picks of the year so if you’re a yogurt lover, this one should be at the top of your list!

9. Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter

kerrygold grass fed butter at aldi

If you’ve been following Hip2Save for a while, you know that Collin LOVES the keto diet and this butter is a staple in her kitchen! Picking it up at ALDI ensures you’ll get the best price for it, too!

“Make a grilled cheese with Kerrygold – it’s life changing. It’s super rich and delicious!” -Lina

Hip Tip: Lina uses Kerrygold to make the mouthwatering garlic caper butter for this easy Steak and Veggies Sheet Pan Dinner!

10. Simply Nature Bean Chips

Black or white bean chips are a healthier alternative to corn or chips made with grain! Luckily, ALDI provides affordable bags of yummy chips which are also non-GMO and have 5g of protein in each serving.

11. Pure Maple Syrup

specially selected aldi maple syrup

Real 100% maple syrup can get pretty pricey, but even the most affordable retailers can’t match ALDI’s incredible prices. Best of all, you’re not compromising on the quality or taste of this syrup, you’re just getting all the savings.

I actually stock up on this every time we run out and is always featured during our family pancake and waffle weekend breakfasts.

12. Aunt Maple’s Protein Pancake Mix

box of pancake mix and maple syrup in aldi cart

Of course, where there’s maple syrup, you’ve gotta have some delicious pancakes to go with it – they go hand in hand. So, if you’re not into making your own pancakes, ALDI has an amazing mix you can whip up in just a few minutes! In fact, all ya have to do is add water, and did I mention there’s a total of 14g of protein per serving?! YUM!

13. Simply Nature Eggs

refrigerator door with price on glass door for eggs

While the cost can vary from store to store, one thing remains the same – the prices appear to beat the competition by far! We’ve seen a dozen eggs go for as little as $0.86!

hand holding carton of brown eggs open in store fridge

But if you’re more particular about your eggs, you can even scoop up a dozen cage-free, no hormones added eggs for under 3 bucks! I’ve seen the same dozen go for over $5 at other retailers!

14. Cranberry Almond Chicken Salad

hand holding container of cranberry almond chicken salad

You can make any snack time quick, easy, and delicious with this lunchtime favorite! Eat it on crackers or all by itself, this chicken salad is going to be your new favorite dish!

hand holding singles sizes of cranberry almond chicken salad

Better yet, if you like to take your lunch on the go, they even have single sizes – perfect for enjoying and conducive to people watching their calorie intake.

15. Clancy’s White Cheddar Cheese Popcorn

If you’re more into popcorn than you are a bag of chips, you won’t want to miss out on this goodness! It’s easy to munch away handful after handful, especially at the low ALDI price!

16. Benton’s Caramel Coconut Fudge Cookies

hand holding box of aldi bentons caramel coconut fudge cookies

We love supporting our local Girl Scout’s but if you’re in a pinch or didn’t buy enough this year, these cookies look (and taste) just like the real thing! Even better, they’re less expensive and available year-round!

“I run past them hoping I can have self-control… they have a couple that are just about identical to what you get from [Girl Scouts].” -Megan

17. Sundae Shoppe Mini Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

hand holding aldi mini ince cream sandwich cookies

Imagine if the most delicious Oreo cookie was made into a cool, moist cookie with the perfect consistency of fluffy ice cream in between. AHH! These are it and they’re everything! 🙌 They’re a total treat, just 60 calories per serving, and the perfect size for kiddos or for adults to indulge without too much guilt. 😉

18. Moser Roth Chocolate Bars

hand holding a fan of roth moser chocolate bars in store aisle

These beautifully packaged chocolate bars are the REAL deal, sourced right from Europe. ALDI carries multiple chocolate brands, each offering different flavors, shapes, and sizes – and they’re ALL so good. These were suggested MULTIPLE times by our Hip team and readers!

“If you miss the creamy chocolate you had in Germany (like I do), stock up on it at ALDI. That’s my first stop when I shop there (the chocolate end-cap).” -MaymeV

“ALDI dark chocolate is my crack. $1.99 for a decadent large 4.4 oz bar has made me an official junkie.” -Mamma Palooza

19. Millville Chewy Dipped Peanut Butter Bars

hand holding box of chewy dipped peanut butter bars in front of store shelves

Do your kiddos love a snack bar as much as mine? You’re going to want to get your hands on these affordable, chocolate-covered bars. They won’t even know they’re not name-brand.

“My son loves the Quaker name brand version of these bars, but they get really pricey running $2 – $3 per box if they’re not on sale. ALDI’s brand is just as good and only $0.79 per box! One of my favorite grocery items to pick up!” -Nika

20. Winking Owl Moscato 

hand holding bottle of winking owl moscato

If you’re lucky enough to have an ALDI with a liquor license and you love a glass of wine to end your day, this bottle of Winking Owl Moscato is a fan favorite and it’s JUST $2.49 a bottle at our store! 😱 It’s the perfect, light, and airy California white wine with flavors of ripe citrus, apricot, and peach. Cheers!

“My wife is a huge fan of the Winking Owl Moscato. It’s around $2.78 a bottle and it’s her favorite, regardless of price. Their cereals are incredible and 1/3 of the price of a name brand. And their faux Chips Ahoy are better than the real thing!” -John

Want more? Check out the comments below for reader suggestions as well as our ultimate list of ALDI finds!

About the writer:

Sara is a self-taught blogger & photographer and brings 9+ years of experience to her craft. Her work has been featured in numerous esteemed publications, spanning building, travel, and fashion. Beyond her creative pursuits, Sara’s primary mission is to empower others to embrace a toxic-free & sustainable lifestyle.

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Comments 54

  1. Maria

    Love the affordable 100% grassfed ground beef. Also the Kerry gold butter can used to make awesome ghee(clarified butter)

    • Jan

      Good to know! How do you do it?

      • carol

        you simmer the butter . when the bubbles slow down, remove from heat so that butter doesnt burn, pour melted butter through cheesecloth. our filtered butter in a jar and seal tight. can last a long time because you have evaporated the water out of the butter

  2. Cheri

    They have really good iced coffee! Has more coffee flavor in it than well known brands. I think they have a mocha and caramel version.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      YUM! Thanks for sharing with us! I’ll have to try it!

    • Rose

      Picture please

  3. brindhaG

    Strawberry cream cheese,Yogurt, ground Turkey, mini cheese sandwich crackers, kettle cooked chips, all frozen chicken nuggets, fries, patties, icecream sandwiches novelties list goes on! Love Aldis!!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for listing your favorites!

  4. Jenny Silverson

    They have high protein bagels there. I love Dave’s killer bagels but they are like 5.99 for 5. Aldi’s have some that are almost as much protien and half the price!

  5. Denise

    Just purchased there low card/high protein mint chocolate chip ice cream…. great!

  6. John

    I love shopping at Aldi, but you really have to watch some things…they often put in WAAAAAAYY more added sugar than even national brands…especially their cereals and snack bars…

  7. Kelli

    Their cookies are way better than girl scout cookies. We will soon be able to shop at aldi and I’m so excited

  8. Happy Aunt

    The thin mints were discontinued!! 😫😫😫 I went to stores in different districts last week looking for them before being told they were discontinued. The pb and samoa cookies are still there. I’m highly disappointed.

    • Lisa

      Happy Aunt, why in the world would Aldi’s do that to us?! Those are (were) amazing. My spouse just cleaned out what we had in the freezer.

      • Sherrie

        Dollar tree has thin mint type cookies! Yummy!

    • JOANNE


    • Bunny

      Happy Aunt I checked my store and they still sell the thin mint cookies. Maybe your store happened to be out of stock?

    • Csandst1

      I like Walmart brand thin mints. 99 cents in NJ.

    • Maria

      Dollar Tree has thin mint cookies – and last time I checked the box, they were made at the same factory that the Girl Scout Thin Mints were made at..

  9. Jeanette

    I love buying organic milk and organic eggs from Aldis.

  10. Shra G.

    I wish I could talk up their completely sprouted bread.. but I can’t. They just changed the ingredients and now I have to shop elsewhere for bread. Now I have to go back to Giant. 😩

    • LisaMarieRose

      What did they change? I always buy that I haven’t looked at ingredients lately.

  11. Cassandane

    Love Aldi!!! IMO the coconut caramel cookies are closest to the GS Samoas, but the mint cookies are definitely different than Thin Mints. Great to have until GS cookie time, which is starting the first week of Jan for my Scouts!! ❤️

    • Kelly

      I agree the caramel delights taste the same but no one can beat the Girl Scout thin mints! They are the best. I hate the Keebler thin mints too, they do not even compare!

  12. Beverly

    The dark chocolate chili variety of the Moser Roth is addictive! I also love their yogurt and super-affordable produce–I just snagged a huge (and very sweet) pineapple there for $1.39.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      YUM! Great score, Beverly!

    • Julie

      That’s my favorite chocolate too!

      • Enzarela

        Mine is the dark cranberry chocolate by Moser Roth! And the orange almond.

  13. Jamie

    Sea salt milk chocolate almonds are heaven!

  14. Brooke

    I love cottage cheese and eat it almost daily! I have tried walmart, publix, winndixie brands, name brands and NOTHING compares to Aldi’s Friendly Farms brand!

  15. Jackie Krechel

    My favorite thing from Aldi is their dark chocolate sea salt covered caramels. They are better than any name brand chocolates out there. Also, Aldi brownies are reallllllly good too!

  16. ella

    They recently improved their choceur mini peanut butter cups. I’m not usually too big on PB cups, but my hubby picked some up and the inside is so creamy! They are so much better than Reese’s!

  17. April

    I sure hope Aldis makes a donation to the girl scouts that geez.

  18. Jewlz

    Fig Newtons. They have the best ones. I tried buying the name brand after having Aldi and my family wouldn’t eat them lol. We buy them for every road trip.

  19. amason2011

    Cinnamon toast sticks!! You can find them in the frozen section!! I by these to eat every Sunday with my kids! Soo good $1.99 at my store !

  20. laura-1

    I buy Aldi’s whole milk$1.77 and their split chicken breasts on sale for .90 cents a lb. Their 3 pk yeast packs are the cheapest around!

  21. Lisa Harshman

    Love their peanut butter and Chocolate pizzelle.

  22. theresa

    OMG How did nobody say THE LIVER SAUSAGE
    you think you dont like it BUT it is so good , so fresh

  23. Deb

    My mom loves the center cut pork chops. They are sliced very thin. I enjoyed reading about Aldi this a.m. Later I’ll go and buy some snacks for the Super Bowl. I’ve forgotten how much I like the spreadable cheese wedges. Way cheaper than Laughing Cow brand.

  24. Ashley

    the almond milk coffee creamer curdled in my coffee every time I tried it

    • BossMom3

      Same thing happened to me. Tossed it…. yuck!

  25. Dee

    Those Moser chocolate bars are the treat my husband and I share. Also have to plug the chicken egg rolls in the deli case. Popped them in the air fryer and they are delicious with the Thai chili sauce.

  26. Csandst1

    BJ’s real maple syrup is cheaper, FYI. 9.49 for organic, 32 oz., if you have membership.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for the helpful suggestion!

  27. Marjon Arce

    Would you recommend Aldi or Trader Joe’s for charcuterie boards?

  28. Shra G.

    I need to try some more of these gluten free items for my daughter. Thanks for the bagels tip! I never would have tried them otherwise. Has anyone noticed a change in the GF wraps? I miss the old ones so bad! They were perfect. Now they crumble before we can even get them home. Please tell me I’m not the only one that noticed this.

  29. Denneyh

    Do Aldi’s prohibit H2S from posting prices?

    • Lisa

      Denneyh, my guess is that the prices are regional, so it might be difficult to put a price. I would assume H2S doesn’t want to create a “calamity” with someone saying, but you said the price was this or that. Not sure, but that’s my assumption.

      • Bunny

        Prices differ from store to store and region to region. My local Aldi has eggs for 49 cents a dozen. Across town they are more expensive.

  30. Lisa

    Denneyh, my guess is that the prices are regional, so it might be difficult to put a price. I would assume H2S doesn’t want to create a “calamity” with someone saying, but you said the price was this or that. Not sure, but that’s my assumption.

  31. Ashley

    Aldi Chocolate brand is delish! Our favorite for sure. Also, the frozen macaroons.

  32. Karen

    Aldi has the best take and bake pizzas!

  33. Tara

    Aldi Red Bag Chicken! Air fry that and eat on an Aldi brioche bun with pickles and it tastes exactly like the chick fil a chicken sandwich. My family is obsessed.

  34. Olgraygirl

    Some of my faves I can highly recommend: ground bison, organic tortilla chips-both blue and multi-grain, barissima k-cups (3.99/box!), brioche buns, various 3-wick candles and some of their wines: sparkling brut, prosecco, Outlander red, and Stormchaser red. So many wonderful bargains.

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