Our Ultimate List of Favorite ALDI Foods and Drinks

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ALDI grocery cart filled with groceries

You spoke and we listened.

Here is our ultimate ALDI list filled with top grocery items, from delicious breakfast foods to the perfect pairings for appetizers, and even some favorite thirst-quenching drinks – all based on your favorites available only at ALDI! And if you’re new to ALDI shopping, this will be the perfect jumpstart for your next grocery trip! 😍

*Keep in mind that ALDI prices can vary by location so please see your local store for exact price details.  

Best ALDI breakfast foods:


aldi cinnamon toast crunch generic cereal

These ALDI brand cereals are just like the name brand options you’ll find at any grocery store, except they’re HALF the cost! From fruit ring knockoffs to cinnamon squares, I’ll take one of each, please!

“I absolutely love the Shredded Wheat at ALDI – it’s actually the whole reason I started shopping there! Not only is it delicious but it’s even better than name brand!” – Tricia 

Toaster Tarts

The prices for these Toaster Tarts at ALDI compared to the name brand Pop-Tarts is unbeatable – and many of you said they taste the same (if not better than) the name brand options!

“My kids love the ALDI pop tarts and never even noticed the switch from name-brand!”Mary

French toast sticks

Sick of having cereal as your quick alternative to breakfast? Your kids are going to love these super yummy and really simple frozen french toast sticks that heat up and are ready to eat in just under two minutes!

Fresh produce

cardboard box full of avocados in store

Let’s not forget ALDI’s fresh produce! At ALDI, I scoop up amazing deals on produce that just can’t be scored anywhere else. And while the fruit is perfectly delicious all on its own, you can really have some fun, like trying out our blueberry lemon chia seed overnight oats for the perfect breakfast meal to start your day or dishing up some savory avocado toast.

“I shop here for all my fresh produce. You really can’t beat their prices, and fruit makes such a great snack!” – Holly

“I bought some extra large avocados this week, and they were only 49 cents each!” – Macy


I know what you’re thinking. EGGS? What is so special about eggs?! At ALDI, you can scoop up an entire dozen eggs carton for just 99 cents! For just under a dollar, this versatile food item is a no-brainer for us. Plus, if you like organic eggs they typically have a small selection on hand, but be quick on weekends, because they go fast!

Danish pastries

I’m pretty sure I could eat this entire box in one sitting if I allowed myself. 😏 These danish pastries are a delicious treat straight out of the box or heat them up for 30 seconds to enjoy an extra special snack on the go.

Pork sausage patties

These sausage patties would pair perfectly with ALDI’s 99 cent eggs, some warm french toast sticks, or all on their own – and at just 16 cents per ounce for a large bag, you won’t think twice about spicing up your next weekend breakfast with the family.

“We love ALDI’s pre-cooked sausage patties ($5 for 16), and they go great with the cinnamon French Toast sticks ($1.99 for 20). Makes for easy weekend breakfasts and/or breakfast for dinners!” – Rachel

Best ALDI appetizers:

Chips and fresh salsa

cart with a bag of organic blue corn tortilla chips and fresh cold salsa

Chips and salsa is a timeless classic, but at ALDI you can score fresh-cut salsa found in the refrigerated section which pairs perfectly with their organic blue corn tortilla chips (which are normally pretty pricey or hard to find at other grocers).

Want to spice it up even more? These yummy tortilla chips also pair great with ALDI spinach and artichoke dip!


This Mexican-style appetizer is a popular choice among readers as well (myself included)! They’re kid-approved and so easy to whip up any time of day. Dip them in sour cream and salsa for the ultimate snack!

Goat cheese and thin wheat crackers

holding Aldi wheat crackers

This goat cheese and box of wheat crackers are the perfect combos. Goat cheese, not your thing? That’s fine as there are tons of different cheeses to choose from at ALDI to complement any cheeseboard.

I love their brand of Wheat Thins! They taste just as good as the name brand. I always pick up some plus a log of Herb and Garlic goat cheese for my daily work snack. So good! The cheese is soft enough to just scoop up with the wheat thins.” – Stephanie

“I also love their Wheat Thins which I eat with their brand of Laughing Cow cheese wedges. I’ve tried their Pepper Jack and light Swiss flavors as well, and they’re just delicious!” – Janet

Specialty meats & cheeses

Speaking of great cheeses… readers also haven’t stopped raving about the amazing prices you can score on specialty cheese and meats at ALDI. Pair them with some inexpensive butter crackers – not only would they make the perfect Charcuterie board at home, but they would also be great for making homemade Lunchables!

Hip Tip: Want to make the perfect Charcuterie board? Lina shared how she whipped one up in just a few minutes and she even shared a Keto Charcuterie board for our sister site, Hip2Keto!

Hummus, pita chips, & veggies

cart with a bag of mini cucumbers hummus carrots and bag of pita chips

A classic appetizer or a quick snack that anyone is sure to love, ALDI’s delicious hummus pairs great with some fresh cut veggies and a bag of crunchy pita chips. It’s the perfect balance of flavors and a healthy alternative to snack time.

“My husband loves the pita chips. I wouldn’t know how good they are because they are gone immediately after I buy them. LOL!” – Jeanne

Mixed nuts

Nuts are a great snack to leave out on your counter for any time of day or during a gathering. And at ALDI, you can score various bags/containers of nuts for under 5 dollars!

Frozen jalapeño poppers

frozen box of cream cheese jalapeño poppers

These spicy bites are the perfect appetizer to serve up at a dinner party or just pop in the oven for a quick weekend snack. Be sure to check out the cheddar cheese option, too!

While other name brand jalapeño poppers will run you about $5 or more per box (and even pricier if you order them out at a restaurant), you won’t mind serving this appetizer at just $1.79 per box!

“I always pick up a box of these jalapeño poppers any time I’m at ALDI. They’re so easy to toss in the oven for a quick snack! Plus, they taste just like the name-brand ones I’ve tried from other grocery stores – except the price at ALDI is unbeatable!” – Emily

Best ALDI lunch & dinner foods: 


two bags of frozen cod and salmon

ALDI’s selection of seafood is pretty great and depending on the season you can score some really amazing deals to whip up a gourmet meal right at home. However, two staples that you can always scoop up are their affordable Alaskan Cod and Salmon Fillets.

“Fish tacos are on my weekly meal plan so I always scoop up some of ALDI’s Alaskan Cod every time I’m there. There are about 8 good-sized pieces in each bag and the price is unbeatable compared to other stores I’ve shopped at. I also just think it tastes so delicious and is better than over-priced fillets I’ve bought before at other places!” – Monica 

Gluten-free chicken nuggets

An amazing item to scoop up for those quick and busy weeknights, you can never go wrong with some healthy and easy to make chicken nuggets. Even better, ALDI offers gluten-free options and you won’t even be able to tell the difference!

Corn dogs

These corn dogs would be great on the go, packed for lunch, or saved for a weekend snack. And for about just 35¢ each, they won’t break the bank when your kids are eating them all in one sitting!

Frozen Take & Bake pizzas

take and bake frozen pizza in a box on store shelf

You can’t beat these frozen pizzas from ALDI that are less than $5 each! Your Friday night pizza dinners just got a whole lot more affordable and delicious!

Quinoa burgers

These frozen veggie burgers are a great alternative to regular burgers, and with each patty running you well under a dollar each, you’ll save a ton of money by not going out to Fuddruckers for lunch or dinner.

Discounted meats

At ALDI, you can be sure to stock up on meats for all your dinners. While sales are always going to be different, it will be a great time to stock up on low-priced meat. Read below to see some of the awesome deals some of our readers have scored:

“I went to ALDI early this weekend and bought 3 racks of baby back ribs for $4-$5 each!!! They were marked 50% off because they were going out of date soon. I made one for dinner and froze the other two. You can’t beat that! 😀” – Heather

“I love ALDI’s weekly specials on meat. For Valentine’s, they had filet of beef 2 per package for $12.99. They were as good as any I have bought at a specialty meat market. On holidays they have wonderful special like whole filet of beef and rib roast. I always make sure to stock up then repackage them and have them throughout the year.” – Crystal

“The only time I get meat from ALDI is when it has markdown stickers. For example, I recently scored $2 OFF $3 chicken thighs and $5 OFF $7 rack of ribs. Amazing!” – Cami 

Naan Flatbread

hand holding a package of naan bread

Naan bread is an absolute favorite in our home and if you didn’t already think of it, it can be a great dinner staple! Check out the delicious recipe that our reader Wende shared with us below. It has us so excited to stock up on some new goodies for our next ALDI trip!

Wende says: 

“One of our favorite recipes is Pesto Havarti and tomato grilled naan – and everything comes from ALDI! For the recipe:

  • Spray one side of the naan with cooking spray and place in pan sprayed side down. 
  • Add the Havarti cheese, spread with pesto, add sliced tomatoes then more Havarti.  
  • Place another naan on top and spray with cooking spray.
  • Continue to grill the sandwich as you would a traditional grilled cheese. YUM!

Tip: The larger naans are a better deal, but the smaller ones are MUCH easier to flip, trust me!” – Original recipe credit: MashupMom

“The 4 pack of garlic Naan bread also makes for great personal pizza dough when a quick and easy meal is needed!” – Andrea

Best ALDI chips & pretzels 

Peanut Butter filled pretzels

blue bags of peanut butter filled pretzels in cardboard box

These will quickly become a favorite in your household! The crunchy pretzel squares with a buttery smooth peanut butter surprise inside will be just the snack you need to curb your appetite.

Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Sweet Potato chips

The title speaks for itself on this sweet bag of chips! If you pick these up, you’ll be lucky if they ever make it past the car ride home because they’re so delicious and addicting!

White cheddar puffs

Simply Nature cheese puffs at ALDI

Irresistible and organic, these white cheddar cheese puffs are so delicious and an excellent snack to pack in your kid’s lunches – or really any time of day!

“I never get to even eat these because my kids are obsessed and go through an entire bag every time I bring it home! They normally never even make it into the cabinet. LOL!” – Laura

BBQ Chips

I was already sold on these chips when I discovered they’re just over a dollar per bag! If you’re looking to switch up your chip flavors at home, these Mesquite Barbecue chips are so delicious! They’re not greasy like most other name brand chips – and your savings on this brand will be huge!

Sweet chili chips

hand holding bag of sweet chili chips

The texture and flavor of these chips are spot on! They’re also gluten-free and come at a great price compared to other name brand gluten-free snacks.

“We do not need to be on a GF diet, but we LOVE the GF sweet chili chips! It always hits the spot when the craving is for something sweet/savory. It is not spicy, despite it being a chili flavor, just a very, very slight kick. The texture tastes like tortilla chips, and it would be hard to tell it’s GF. Definitely one of our favorites!” – Cecilia 

Veggie chips & straws

Whether you’re a veggie chip or a veggie straw lover, ALDI has both options available at a great price! For under $2 per bag, you can score these ideal snacks for kids, and you won’t feel bad letting them indulge! They also don’t have a surplus of grease like other types of bagged veggie snacks.

“My kids love the veggies straws – they’re a staple in their lunches every day and normally what they want when they come home from school. Occasionally I like to snack on them too because they’re not too salty and perfectly crunchy.” – Sara


These snack chips are so similar to the Pringles name brand chips. Their only major difference is that these are just 99 cents for an entire pack!

Gluten-free pretzels

If you’re gluten-free and need new snacks, these mini pretzels are another great alternative for easy snack times or school lunches, but you totally don’t need to be gluten-free to enjoy these, even readers who stated they’re not on a restrictive diet actually prefer these to regular pretzels. 🙌

Hip Tip: Speaking of lunches. Here are some clever lunchbox hacks that’ll make your life so much easier! Plus, your kids will love them!

Best ALDI desserts and sweets:

Chocolate chip dunker cookies

hand holding container of chocolate chip dunker cookies

Perfect with coffee or tea or of course, just by themselves, these chocolate chip dunker cookies are an ALDI original and not something you can get anywhere else.

Chocolate cupcakes

When a reader recommended these treats, I knew I needed to give them a try. They’re really just like the name brand Hostess snacks except better and cheaper, too!

Dark Chocolate Blueberry Açai

The earth’s superfood mixed with a little bit of blueberry and dark chocolate – they’re unexpectedly addicting and will satisfy any sweet craving! Plus, the price is unparalleled to what you’ll find online or in other grocers!

“I don’t like blueberry whatsoever so I was hesitant to try these, but I’m completely addicted to these and have to buy them every time I’m at ALDI now. They are chewy and gooey inside (in the best way possible) with the most amazing tart and sweet punch of flavor. I can’t even explain it, but these are heavenly!” – Cathy

Caramel rice cakes

Gluten-free and packed with natural caramel flavor, these rice cakes are a scrumptious snack to enjoy any time of day!

Dark chocolate sea salt caramels

hand holding a clear container of dark chocolate sea salt caramels

Dark chocolate sea salt caramels are a fancy treat to serve up at a party — or to keep for yourself! They’re oh so delectable and an absolute must-try when you shop at ALDI. For $2.99 per pack, you get the gourmet chocolate taste without the expensive price tag.

“Their Sea Salt Caramels are by far the best and so much better than much more expensive chocolate you can buy! After tasting the chocolates at Aldi, I haven’t set foot in a Godiva or See’s again. We always set them out when we have company and we’ve had friends think they were from a fancy, expensive chocolate boutique!” – Cindy

Animal crackers

Benton's animal cracker boxes at ALDI

This timeless snack box of cookies is a great treat to enjoy. I’m a sucker for cool packaging, and I just can’t resist how cute these animal cracker boxes are. Plus, they’re just $1.59 for a 13 oz. box, compared to Barnum’s 8-ounce bag which is over 2 dollars!

“We just bought the animal crackers for the first time on our last trip, and my husband was the one that kept talking about how good they were. LOL!” – LaDonna

Moser Roth chocolate bars

These large chocolate bars are only found at ALDI and are absolutely delicious! From Milk Toffee Crunch to Dark Sea Salt, there is something to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

“The dark chocolate sea salt chocolate bars are the BEST! I’ve tried so many brands and like these more than anything else! Plus they are always cheap – less than $2 each!” – Christine

Benton’s cookies

hand holding a yellow orange and green stack of cookies

While most Girl Scout boxes will run around five dollars a box, you can score ALDI’s cookies for as low as 95¢ for an entire box! 😱 That’s a deal worth stocking up on when the Girl Scouts aren’t outselling their delicious stash.

“The cookies are really a perfect replica, love the peanut butter ones. I buy 10 packages or so and make my own tray for parties I am invited to. Great price.” – Daniela

Sundae Shoppe ice cream

Compared to Ben and Jerry’s or Halo Top’s pricey pints of ice cream, the Sundae Shoppe brand at ALDI is almost half the cost and just as delicious! I especially love the creamy mint chip flavor!

Speaking of ice cream, did you know that ALDI now sells keto ice cream pints?!

“I like the Sundae Shoppe high-protein ice cream which comes in vanilla, chocolate, and mint chip (my favorite!). Plus, they’re much tastier than the Halo Top ice creams.”Debbie

Gluten-free soft-baked cookies

hand holding a box of gluten green chocolate cookie mix

Eating gluten-free? The LiveGFree line at ALDI is full of gluten-free treats! You can score a box of these yummy soft-baked cookies in either double chocolate brownie or Snickerdoodle flavor.

“These cookies are so perfect for my daughter’s lunch since she needs to be dairy free, gluten free, and nut free. It’s very difficult to find a product without all of those ingredients that she will actually eat, and she loves these!” – Jami 

store shelf aisle with stacked rows of gluten free baked goods

Along with these inexpensive gluten-free treats, their wide selection of other competitively priced boxed gluten-free treats includes baking mixes for brownies, cakes, pancakes, and cornbread—yum! There’s something for every person who eats gluten-free!

“I eat GF, and the cupcake mixes are great! When I mixed up the vanilla one it didn’t seem like a normal “batter”, so I figured it would be gross. They turned out delicious and don’t taste GF! They were a light fluffy cake, not dense like a lot of GF mixes.

The chocolate one makes excellent brownies per the box directions. FYI, if you are newer to GF baking like me, always slightly under bake for perfect results.” – Jennifer

Baker’s Corner Brownie Mix

With all the hype from multiple readers raving about these brownies, these are at the top of my grocery list. Plus, since all you have to do is mix them up and throw them in the oven, that beat homemade ones all day when you’re living a busy lifestyle.

“I always get raving comments on my brownies whenever I make them before a party. People literally cannot even believe they’re from ALDI. I love these brownies!” – Becky 

Chocolate protein bars

Looking for a slightly healthier option to satisfy your love for chocolate? These Fit & Active chocolate-covered protein bars by Millville are just the snack for you!

Best ALDI drinks:

La Croix sparkling water

la croix stacked on wood pallet

A popular drink I personally enjoy (as opposed to drinking soda) and while you can find them at multiple grocers, these 12-packs of La Croix are just $3.99 at ALDI, which I haven’t found cheaper anywhere else!

Citrus Twist soda

As close to a Sprite knock off as you’re going to get, these packs of Citrus Twist are sure to quench any soda lover’s thirst. Plus, they’re about half the cost of the name brand packs.

Fair Trade Coffee

coffee bags on shelf at ALDI

For just a few bucks, you can score some amazing fair trade and organic coffee! Readers who even consider themselves coffee connoisseurs say they love the selections of coffee.

“My husband read an article about how great ALDI’s coffee is and said he was willing to try it. He told me that he would go there and shop with me (he had me at that!) so we tried the Organic Free Trade whole bean coffee (Peruvian Blend) and a few extra goodies to start.

I absolutely LOVE ALDI now! The coffee and many other foods are so amazing! It’s the only grocery store I shop at now.” – SaraLee 

Best ALDI cider & wines:

Winking Owl wine

bottles of winking owl moscato on shelf

Are you a Moscato lover? One of our readers recommended ALDI’s Winking Owl Moscato, which is under $3 a bottle! Consider me sold!

Broken Cloud red wine

ALDI really outdid themselves with their selection of wines! I really love this Pinot Noir by Broken Clouds. And, just like all their other wines, you won’t find something over $10!

“My husband’s favorite to drink! He also likes to cook pork chops with chardonnay and steaks with cabernet sauvignon. They turn out AMAZING with these wines!” – Anna 

Wicked Grove hard cider

row of six packs wicked grove hard cider bottles alcoholic beverages

Love a refreshing hard cider? This apple crisp flavor by Wicked Grove is wickedly good 😉, and at just $7 for a six-pack, we think this reader recommendation is a must-try!

“We love their hard cider, and at less than $7 for a six pack, it’s a price we cannot beat anywhere else. We even like the ALDI one best.” – Lana

Don’t forget to check the clearance aisle!

red white and yellow aldi clearance tag for floats

If you’re already an ALDI shopper, you know that there’s an entire aisle of discounted foods, clothing, toys, and even home goods and furniture where you can score some pretty low prices on already low priced items! For example, last week I browsed in the aisle and scored a huge jug of coconut oil for just $5! 😱

Here’s what another reader scored recently:

“Since I was introduced to ALDI a couple of years back, I got most of my groceries from them. One thing I don’t think anyone else mentions is their weekly special aisle where they often have markdowns for items that they featured from earlier. For me, this is almost like a treasure hunt where I can find some really good deal like a convection oven for less than $30 with a 3-year warranty, a huge silicone pastry mat for $5, and a lot more!” – Grey

Never tried something on our list? No worries!

double return guarantee policy at ALDI

One thing that we absolutely love when shopping at ALDI is that there’s essentially NO risk when buying groceries since they’re backed with their unbeatable Twice as Nice GuaranteeThat’s right! You’ll receive a replacement AND your money back. That means you can score all of their best quality foods with confidence!

*Note that due to COVID-19, ALDI has implemented temporary changes to their return policy. As it directly states on their website:

“For the safety of our customers and employees, we are temporarily amending our return policy and we will no longer accept returns. If any of our fresh produce, meat, seafood, or deli items don’t meet our taste and quality guarantee, we will replace the product or refund your money.”

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Comments 59

  1. Lisa

    A few of the things H2S previously mentioned in the last few months was the mac and cheese take/back pizza. Tried that and it was okay. Didn’t love it, but it certainly wasn’t bad in our opinion. Also tried the 3 wines H2S posted (Peach, Watermelon, and Pineapple). Unanimously, the Peach was tops, followed by Pineapple, and then Watermelon. I know not all Aldi’s sell alcohol — so sorry, those who have yet to experience Aldi’s wines. They’re delish. Also, I highly recommend checking out their bread section. We’ve fallen in love with their Brioche rolls for our burgers (they have 2 sizes, but we do the bigger ones for burgers). They really step up a burger.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      How cool! Thanks for letting us know what you’ve thought of some of the ALDI finds you’ve tried! I’ll have to try those rolls the next time I head into my store!

    • Maria

      We love the brioche too! Perfect for French toast, and it freezes really well. Other favorites are the passion fruit seltzer, pretzel rods, and Sicilian olive oil. So happy they renovated ours it’s twice the size now with a much better selection. Love aldi!!

      • KayshaDanger

        Yep! We’re brioche loaf, hot dog and burger bun people. It’s the best!

  2. Emily

    We love the gluten free pretzels, red bag chicken patties (Chick-fil-A knockoff), pretzel buns/rolls, brioche rolls, and stroop waffles. We buy a lot of the things listed as well. I will have to be on the lookout for the pb pretzels. I buy them at sams but hopefully they will be cheaper at aldi. We also buy spices there for cheap and their version of the very thing but the bagel spice.

    • Emily

      Oh and my husband drinks lacroix so we tried the cheaper version there-so far we just tried tangerine but it was as good as the name brand and half the price

    • Amanda

      Yes, I agree with the seasonings too! The price for avocado oil is the lowest I have seen anywhere unless I want to buy in bulk

  3. AS

    My husband and kids love love the tub of dill pickle spears in the refrigerated section. That’s the one thing they want anytime I say I’m going to Aldis 😀

  4. jen s.

    Smoked gouda cheese round for 2.99… woohoo! Most of the time it’s in stock. Then Google “best gouda mac and cheese” for an aldi inspired recipe. We cut that recipe in half and it’s so simple to make. And SO good. I keep a loaf of sourdough bread in my freezer so I can make it anytime. Use Pepperidge farm brand so it fits in the toaster 🙂

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      YUM! Thanks for the suggestion!

    • Amanda

      OMG yes! I buy like 6 bags and freeze whatever I don’t use because I love it so much! Super convenient how it is already shredded. I do use it in my 6 cheese mac ‘n cheese recipe but look up a recipe for gouda potato soup and you will not be disappointed!

  5. JMMPA

    If you can find their Live G Free wide pan bread, it is yummy. I’ve even used it for homemade bread stuffing. Makes great french toast!

  6. Gina

    Love seeing these lists of recommended products. The prices and quality of Aldi spices are great! Love their Garlic powder, ginger powder. Aldi sure has come a long way since the 90’s. I never thought I would love shopping there. Salt is much cheaper than any other place around. Love, love the Aldi pesto, speciality pasta sauces, jalapeno flavored potato chips, frozen premium whole green beans, veggie burgers. Waaah! Been a while since I have been there due to the pandemic. Running out of my stash….need my Aldi fix soon!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Thank you, Gina!

  7. Amanda

    I agree with the Brioche buns 100%! The Brioche hot dog buns are the best! Gives them a great taste and I love how the slit is on the top vs the side so all the condiments stay put 🙂

  8. AAJC

    Brioche loaf is excellent for french toast.

    Elevation Bars (choco mint, strawberry, and choco chip) are a teen face in our house.

    The cheese curds (okay, all the cheese) and protein yogurt are also favorites.

    Large fresh salmon fillet is a popular main course at out house. All it needs is lemon, butter, salt, and garlic.

    Uncured ham products…spiral ham, half ham, and lunchmeat.

    The lemon sorbet is all kinds of fabulous, however someone else feels the same way, because it’s been sold out for a few weeks now. 🙄

    Plus, the produce.

    I can fill my cart for a little more than $100. It’s such a game changer.

    • polishpotatopancake

      I used the chocolate chip brioche loaf to make French toast and topped with strawberries in their own juices and now my daughter thinks that I can cook, hahaha! Aldi also has great deli items. Their hard salami is great and they have a roasted chicken sandwich meat that I put on toasted 12-grain bread with cheese and a little thousand island dressing that’s also a favorite of my kiddo’s.

  9. Dawn

    If only we could find most of these items again. Things are still scarce at the two Aldi’s in different counties I ventured in last week in AL. Lots of empty shelves and staple items still had strict limits of two. The post just made me reminisce and look forward to maybe having these things on shelves again soon.

  10. Csandst1

    99 cents for eggs? How old is this article? Aldi in NJ charging $1.33 for eggs.

    We buy the take and bake pizza. It’s average but better than spending $20 for pizza.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      This is a current article, but your area may have different prices.

      • Ro

        Just bought eggs at our store for 49 cents!

        • Tracy

          49 cents at my Aldi’s too.

    • emily

      I have 3 aldi near me and the prices vary greatly at each of them.

    • Khristy

      68 cents a dozen in Chattanooga.

    • lexie21lexie

      73¢ for eggs here in Michigan.

    • hal romer

      Aldi in Auburn Hills MI has eggs for $1.49 while Aldi in Clawson MI has eggs for $0.78. Prices vary all over the place – must me on competition in the area.


      Eggs here in MIchigan are 68 cents!

    • Dana

      I was at Aldi yesterday, suburban Chicago, eggs were 69c a dozen 🙂

  11. Isabel

    Thanks this is very helpful. An ALDI is finally being built in my city so I’ll soon get to see what all the fuss is about!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      How exciting! You’re welcome, Isabel!

  12. Patti

    I disagree with someone’s comment on Aldi’s wheat thins version. I didn’t find them anywhere close to tasting as good as the real Wheat Thins. But I heartily recommend the cauliflower crust pizza. I dislike frozen pizza generally because I find the crust tastes like cardboard. But the cauliflower crust is really good. I supplement the toppings with extra cheese and pepperoni. It’s very good.

  13. Des

    If you have it in your Aldi, try the apple/maple strudel bread. So good!!!!

    • atank

      And the pretzel Buns and chicken salad

  14. Bekah C

    Friendly Farms French Onion Dip. So creamy!

  15. maria

    their coffee creamers and pretzel rods in the tub are yummy!

  16. Jamie

    I disagree with the cereal and the toaster tarts tasting the same as or better than name brand. My 7y/o picky eater noticed immediately when I tried the knock off Cinnamon Toast Crunch and the Fruit Loops, and also the knock off brown sugar & cinnamon Pop-Tarts. So then I tried them and I agree, definitely a difference, and while I liked the cereal, the knock off Pop-Tarts had that “cardboard” effect. They’re not fooling anyone.

  17. VB Vee

    I love the Dill Pickle Popcorn. I finally found it locally at our Aldi store. They have the Bremer brand 28 oz frozen Lasagna with Meat Sauce available again. Son can prepare it himself via microwave. He adds a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese on top and he’s good to go.

  18. Grace

    I’m wracking my brain trying to think of anything we have tried at ALDI that we haven’t liked and I can’t think of a single thing! In fact, we were forced to switch grocery stores for a while based on where we could get pick up and I realized that I like ALDI brands hands down better than any other store brand. I quit going to Trader Joe’s because I kept trying things that looked good only to be disappointed, which has never happened at ALDI. My husband and I frequently comment on how thankful we are that we discovered ALDI because it’s so much cheaper than anywhere around us. We even get diapers and wipes there and have never noticed them to be inferior to Huggies or Pampers.

    • TK

      We live in NY where the BEST pizza is available BUT Aldi has pepperoni pizza for $2.50 and its absolutely delicious. (Mama coz brand)

  19. Candice

    The sweet potato chips are awesome! AND they’re way cheaper than any other brand we’ve tried.

  20. A

    Ugh, so many Aldi posts for it not being a nationwide store. It seems like it’s getting more and more all the time.
    Ps. You post about a lot of stores that we don’t have here but this one seems to take so much space on here.

  21. lorelei

    Love aldi❤️❤️❤️ Our faves: artisan flat bread (great for pizza), sea salt caramel milk chocolate almonds, multigrain tortilla chips, fresh mozzarella, ALL PRODUCE, French onion chip dip, white cheddar cheese popcorn, whipped cream in a can, flour tortillas, almond milk, and paper products like paper plates, plastic silverware, napkins. The only thing that we tried that we didn’t like was their “doritos”. If you haven’t tried it, it’s definitely worth it. 😁

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for the list of your favorites, Lorelei!

  22. E

    My non-GF kid prefers the GF Aldis pretzels to the regular ones. And the GF frozen donuts are so good! The issue I have with their knock off cereal is their Cheerios version aren’t GF so we have to buy GM. My kids love their knock off rice Chex, though. We go through tons of boxes of that! Someone mentioned their GF wide pan bread, I wouldn’t say it’s great, but it’s edible if toasted. We made stuffing out of it too, and it came out perfect! We get almost all our groceries at Aldis. There were a couple weeks they were out of meat/chicken/GF bread this spring, but supply chain issues for Aldis seem to have been resolved here.

  23. Stephanie

    The Live G Free baking mixes are a game changer! They’re super affordable and very forgiving. The non gluten free people in our family don’t mind eating them either.


    I swear it’s like they tape a dollar bill to every item, that’s how much you save. Eggs, butter, and milk are sooo much lower. Strawberries and pineapples for $1 each! And the scallops (when they have them) are to die for!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      SWEET! Thanks for the feedback, Michelle. I do agree. Awesome pricing for sure!


    They have a ready to eat Pineapple Chicken (near the lunchmeats) that is in our regular rotation. Just make some rice to spoon it over. Sooo good.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      That sounds yummy, Michelle! I’ll have to look for that on my next trip in! Thanks for sharing!

  26. Kelly

    In CT our Dollar General has a dozen eggs for $1.25. There is no wine sold in our Aldi’s but when I visit family in VA I buy the Moscato by the case. So good for such a low price. My husband doesn’t like any of the meats but is ok with everything else.

  27. SONYA

    Don’t sleep on their Organic Popcorn with Sea Salt. It’s better than Whole Foods!!! 🙂

  28. Sue

    I really need to pray hard for them to come to Utah! My brother introduced them to me while I’m VA. Such a great store! Love the lists.

  29. KayshaDanger

    What I didn’t see is anyone mention their seasonal apple straws. OMG. Let’s just say I recently bought ten bags and I don’t share either! They are addicting. Funny since I don’t like apple anything.

  30. TK

    We live in NY where the BEST pizza is available BUT Aldi has pepperoni pizza for $2.50 and its absolutely delicious. (Mama coz brand)

  31. Juju

    Bring Aldi to southeast Alabama. We have Publix and Winn Dixie which is dying a slow death.

  32. LisaLisa

    I went to my local Aldi’s today and found hamburger 1/2 off!! I got almost 12 lbs for $9.00. Here’s my hack leftover from when my kids were young. Buy bulk hamburger and when you get it home cook it all and freeze it in 1 lb freezer bags. Easier to store in the freezer and when you need a quick meal, you can pull one out for chilli, spaghetti, hamburger gravy etc. I also buy peppers and onions on sale and cut them up and freeze them. When I cook my hamburger I throw in a baggie of veggies for flavor!

  33. Leah Swicegood

    We buy at least 80%of our groceries at ALDI. Seriously saves us so much $$ Agree with almost everyone’s items, but we also Love their Tikka Masala sauce, mocha cappuccino, crab cakes and the Raisin Bran crunch.

  34. Amy

    The 2-packs of cheesecake are sooooo delish! The turtle is our favorite flavor. Also, if you can find them I’ve heard that their peanut butter cups are better than the name brand (but here in MN it’s like finding a white unicorn!). Love Aldi!

  35. Roz

    I love quite a few of Aldis products. The nova salmon is 3.99 and perfect for lunch for 2 people. The cinnamon toast sticks are amazing. The ground lamb is very good. Thenketo bread and ice cream are a godsend!

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