20 Things You Should Buy at Dollar Tree, 5 to Avoid, and 1 We Can’t Agree On

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2 for $1 sign on greeting cards at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is one of our fave places to shop!

If you’re still overlooking Dollar Tree, you’re seriously missing out! There are great finds popping up every day in various departments, including brand-name goods, home decor, and even food!

Check out our list of the top items you should buy for only $1 at Dollar Tree instead of spending more elsewhere – and see which products we think you REALLY should avoid that aren’t worth the $1 cost.

What to Buy at Dollar Tree:

candles on store shelf

1. Candles and candle holders

Candles are beautiful, from their scents and packaging to the ambiance they create. But when did it start becoming popular to spend over $60 on a jar of scented wax?! 😱 Check out the selection at Dollar Tree and you’ll even find dupes for well-known scents for just a buck!

Dollar Tree seed starter pots

2. Planters and gardening supplies

You’ve probably seen your local hardware stores full of tools and supplies to get your garden growing. However, at Dollar Tree, you can find trowels, planters, and even soil to get things blooming for less!

Note that these products may be a seasonal item at your local Dollar Tree, depending on your area’s growing season.

holding glass vase at Dollar Tree

3. Glass vases

The assortment of $1 vases at Dollar Tree is MASSIVE — tall, short, round, square, clear, colorful… seriously, you can find just the vase you’re looking for without paying more than the flowers.

Hip Tip: Check out this fun custom photo DIY using Dollar Tree vases!

e.l.f. makeup brushes hanging on pegs at Dollar Tree

4. Makeup and cosmetics

This one’s for the beauty lovers out there! Dollar Tree’s makeup section is full of cheap finds from popular brands like e.l.f., L.A. Colors, and Wet ‘N Wild — all for only $1! You’ll find everything you need to fill your makeup bag on a budget.

Even sweeter, you can use coupons at Dollar Tree for some significant savings on name-brand cosmetics! Take some time to scope out the beauty/personal care section for name-brand items mixed in with all the other stuff.

Wet N Wild Mascara at Dollar Tree

I LOVE the Wet n Wild mascara! It layers really well, doesn’t clump, washes off easily-yet doesn’t smudge, streak, or run while wearing it. I highly recommend it. – Hip reader Brittany

Stackable Dollar Tree bins

5. Organizational products

Dollar Tree’s organizational products are a must-have for any neat freak on a budget! They have everything you’ll need to put together the perfect storage solution for your space without breaking the bank. Whether you’re looking for plastic, canvas, or wire mesh, you’ll find a ton of organizational products in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Hip Tip: Check out 10 of our fave storage solutions at Dollar Tree – all just $1 each!

Teacher's Corner at Dollar Tree

6. Classroom supplies

Teachers, rejoice! We know you spend your own hard-earned money outfitting your classrooms to be fun and functional for your students. To make your space beautiful on a budget, give Dollar Tree a look before the school year starts. You’ll find educational decor, learning tools, classroom supplies, and more!

things to buy or avoid at dollar tree – picture frames

7. Picture frames

Dollar Tree has picture frames galore! Similar picture frames may cost $5 or more at other stores and look just the same. While the may not be the highest quality frames, they’re great for crafts and inexpensive decor. A quick tip — before purchasing, check to make sure that the hanging bracket or hook on the back is securely attached.

Hip Tip: See how Lina used Dollar Tree frames to make these lanterns! 😍

$1 greeting card sign

8. Greeting cards

Dollar Tree’s greeting cards are sold in-store only, but we’ve found them to be totally worth the trip! Most of the cards are just $1, but you’ll find some that are two for $1, and we stock up on these every single time we set foot inside Dollar Tree.

2 for $1 sign on greeting cards at Dollar Tree

These greeting cards are made by a division of the Hallmark company, so they’re surprisingly high-quality for the price. Stock up and keep them on hand for children’s birthday parties and all of life’s other occasions. You can’t beat that price!

gift bags hanging on pegs at Dollar Tree

9. Gift bags

One of Collin’s all-time favorite Dollar Tree buys is their huge assortment of gift bags! Pair one with Dollar Tree’s inexpensive tissue paper or shreds, and it’s the absolute easiest, most cost-effective way to wrap up a pretty present in no time at all!

clothing storage bag at Dollar Tree

10. Clothing storage essentials

You’ll find everything you need to help care for your clothes with the laundry essentials and storage bags from Dollar Tree! The vacuum pack bags are some of our readers’ favorites and they’ll save you big when compared to brand name competitors.

reading glasses on display at Dollar Tree

11. Reading glasses & sunglasses

Glasses for a buck?! Seems like a bargain to us! 🙂 Keep your eyes peeled for prescription-strength fashion reading glasses for just $1 per pair, which normally sell for much more at other stores.

Dollar Tree sunglasses display

Also, if you’ve been known to lose or break expensive sunglasses in the past, you may want to grab a couple of pairs of $1 sunglasses to have on hand!

grabbing bag of Oroweat bread at Dollar Tree

12. Bread products

You really can’t beat $1 for name-brand bread (sold in-store only at Dollar Tree)! If it’s close to the expiration date, just throw it in the freezer. There are lots of different varieties to choose from, including multigrain loaves, mini-bagels, and tortillas. Take advantage and stock up when they have a nice selection!

books on shelf at Dollar Tree

13. Books

You may be able to find best-selling books at Dollar Tree priced at just $1 each! These books retail for much more on Amazon or at your local bookstore, so this is a great deal on new reading material.

holding kids books at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree also has a pretty impressive selection of children’s books, activity books, and puzzle books for both kids and adults, all for just a buck!

pregnancy test at Dollar Tree

14. Pregnancy tests

Why pay $8-$10 (or more!) for a pregnancy test at the drugstore when you can find pregnancy tests for just $1 each at Dollar Tree!? Most readers seem to agree that these tests work just the same as other name-brand tests.

I can confirm that the pregnancy tests at Dollar Tree work JUST as well as the expensive ones you find at Walgreens. With my first pregnancy, I spent at LEAST $50 (probably more) on 7 pregnancy tests. With my second I wised-up and went to Dollar Tree so I could take as many tests as I wanted without breaking the bank. I got very clear results 4 days before I was supposed to take the test. I’ll never buy them anywhere else again. 🙂 – Hip reader Briana

hand holding small Buzz Lightyear toy

15. Toys and kids’ gifts

You’ll find some of your kids’ favorite characters in the aisles of Dollar Tree — seriously! These are perfect for party favors, stocking stuffers, and rewards for your kiddos. And they’ll have no idea you only paid a buck for them!

Just pay close attention to the age recommendations on these toys, as many of the smaller ones are rated for ages three and up.

My younger two have grown out of the ‘puts everything in the mouth’ stage and are both now in the ‘constantly needs bribes to do ANYTHING’ stage. So, I bribe them with ‘credits’ that they can spend at Dollar Tree. They spend them on bubbles, balls, hula hoops, squirt guns, and other cheap toys. I know these toys aren’t going to last forever, but each child averages one ‘prize’ per week and actually cares about the toy half as long, so I don’t feel like I’m wasting money. – Hip reader Leighann

party supply section of Dollar Tree

16. Party supplies

You’ll love the selection so much in the Dollar Tree party supply section that you’ll start celebrating in the aisle! Throw the best parties on a budget with $1 finds, including tableware, decorations, party favors, and so many other party essentials!

Many Dollar Tree locations also have mylar balloons that they will inflate with helium for you while you shop for just $1 each!

fall decor section of Dollar Tree

17. Holiday and seasonal buys

Spruce up your home for every season of the year without breaking the bank! You’ll have no problem finding HUGE assortments of holiday and seasonal decor, gifts, and accessories. The only issue you’ll have is finding the space to store it all. 🤔

Dollar Tree Christmas ornaments

Another thing totally worth buying are the Christmas ornaments! They have absolutely BEAUTIFUL Christmas ornaments that sell out quickly. I’ve found amazing ornaments that looked like they cost way more than a dollar, and the ones that I’ve purchased get raves every Christmas. – Hip reader Gigi

Dollar Tree pool noodles

18. Pool toys and swim goggles

Get ready for frugal fun in the sun with Dollar Tree’s selection of pool and beach toys! Since they’re bound to get lost (or take a beating during the summer), you may as well pay the least amount possible for them!

Ball and rope dog toys at Dollar Tree

19. Pet supplies

Dollar Tree has a pet department where you can pick up supplies like collars, leashes, harnesses, grooming tools, cleanup essentials, and more. They have some fun extras too, like toys and rawhides for your furry friends!

holding white glass plate at Dollar Tree

20. Dinner plates and serveware

We love Dollar Tree’s tableware! We’ve found their plates and dishes to be as durable as something you might spend a lot more on from another store like Target, and they seem to be of very similar quality.

For $1 a plate, it’s a really inexpensive way to set a pretty table for a large gathering, refresh your table setting for a new season, or just expand your collection of dishes!

silver serving platter

Check out Dollar Tree’s serveware too. Their serving platters and bowls are great to have on hand for pot lucks, cookie exchanges, or taking a meal to someone. For just a buck, you don’t need to worry about leaving it behind, cleaning it, or getting it back!

What to Avoid at Dollar Tree:

Clorox at Dollar Tree

1. Brand name cleaning products

These may seem like a deal, but more often than not, these cleaning products are packaged in smaller quantities than you’re used to seeing on the shelves of big box stores. This means that you’ll actually end up paying more per ounce. 😯

Dollar Tree LA Totally Awesome cleaning spray

Instead, look out for the cleaning products from LA’s Totally Awesome and Fabuloso. Readers and reviewers LOVE these budget-friendly cleaning products from Dollar Tree.

Barilla Elbows at Dollar Tree

2. Brand name pantry foods

As with the cleaning products, either the packaging sizes for Dollar Tree’s name-brand foods are small, or the price isn’t any better than what they go for at the big box stores (especially if on sale)!

You may stumble upon a good deal from time to time, so keep your eyes open for exceptions to this rule. Sometimes you never know what you’ll find from one Dollar Tree to the next!

Hip Tip: Give some of these brands a try — like this kid-approved list of Dollar Tree generics!

things to buy or avoid at dollar tree – Purina puppy chow

3. Pet food

The price per ounce on Dollar Tree’s name-brand pet foods can be much higher than if you’d bought a bulk bag at another store.

Also, experts warn about the lack of quality standards when it comes to non-name brand dollar store pet food. You may want to stick to pet stores and other retailers for larger quantity purchases and brands with stricter ingredient guidelines.

I do not buy pet food from the dollar store. Besides being of questionable quality, it’s cheaper in bigger sizes from other stores. Also, NEVER use the flea and tick products from dollar stores. I’ve seen dogs with chemical burns from cheap flea treatment. – Hip reader Ash

Huggies wipes at Dollar Tree

4. Brand name baby products

Brand name baby products are hit and miss, depending on the size of the product you find. Most of the time, it’s better to locate these brands at a retailer that sells them in bulk.

things to buy or avoid at dollar tree – tool wall at Dollar Tree

5. Tools

Don’t buy your tools at Dollar Tree unless you’re only planning to use them a couple of times. The quality just isn’t that great. Consider investing in a more expensive toolset during a sale (typically Memorial Day and Father’s Day have great tool offers), or wait until Black Friday.

paint brushes hanging at dollar tree

If you’re painting around the house and trying to avoid the time-consuming task of cleaning paintbrushes, you may want to pick some up at Dollar Tree. They’re so inexpensive that you won’t feel too guilty about tossing them at the end of the job, rather than trying to get them clean.

For one day of painting, they’ll work just as well as the more expensive paintbrushes you’d get at the home improvement store, and it won’t matter if they’re not built to last!

I buy paintbrushes at Dollar Tree and that way I don’t have to clean the brushes when I’m done painting. The kids are able to help paint and if the brush gets ruined, it’s not a loss. Our house is a testament that they work fine on trim and interior corners! – Hip reader M

The jury’s still out on this one item from Dollar Tree:

things to buy or avoid at dollar tree – batteries


We’ve received so many comments from readers saying that they’ve found Dollar Tree’s batteries to work just as well (if not better) than popular name brands. At the same time, we know that many of our readers have had a much different experience with these inexpensive batteries.

User experience varies on this one, but if you’ve never tried Dollar Tree’s batteries, it might be worth a buck to see for yourself. Maybe snag a few the next time you’re there and give ’em a try. If you do, be sure to come back and join in the debate!

Dollar Tree’s batteries run out fast and sometimes they have no charge to them when you buy them. However, I do have to say if you need a specialty battery like the ones that look like nickels and go in things like small electronics, those are awesome to get there because you can’t beat the price and they work. – Hip team member, Jen

I use a lot of batteries and have done a lot of research into which batteries are the best, and it’s my conclusion that the cheaper batteries are better than the name brand batteries. They sure cost a lot less so I will continue to buy batteries at Dollar Tree. I’m very happy with them! – Hip reader Joan

Dollar Tree’s regular batteries don’t last long at all. But I do like buying the lithium batteries there (the flat silver ones), as they are so expensive elsewhere. Those seem to last ok. – Hip team member Angela

DT batteries seem to be OK for items that don’t need a ton of juice, like a TV remote or flashlight. But a no-go for video controllers! We bought rechargeable batteries a few years ago and it’s definitely a better investment than having to fork out $$ for batteries every few months. – Hip reader Mel

I only use Dollar Tree batteries and they are fine for me. We use them for remotes, my cordless mouse, battery string lights for crafts, and battery-operated pillar candles. For that they are great! I don’t use them as the battery backup for our wired smoke alarms, as I don’t trust they will last. For those, I do buy name brand. Otherwise, I think they work well for small stuff, considering they are just a buck! – Hip team member, Amber

Here are a few other Dollar Tree tips:

laundry detergent at dollar tree

  • Looks can be deceiving! Compare sizes and prices to what you’d normally pay at your local grocery store after coupons. A 3-count package of size 4 Huggies diapers or a 6-load bottle of Tide Simply Clean & Fresh for $1 each may not end up being the best price per item/ounce.
  • At Dollar Tree, you can use manufacturer’s coupons or occasional store coupons for increased savings! Plus, they accept coupons for over a dollar on a single item, but the coupon value will be reduced to the purchase price of the item. You may find it helpful to print the store’s coupon policy and bring it with you when shopping.
  • If you have issues using coupons at Dollar Tree, contact Dollar Tree customer service by phone at 1-877-530-TREE, or via the contact form to share your feedback.

These are the 10 items you should be buying in bulk from DollarTree.com!

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Comments 60

  1. Rebecca

    I am a Dollar Tree fan girl 😂 and agree with most of this!👍 The candles can be hit or miss… sometimes the throw is non existent, but some are great for smaller spaces, like bathrooms. As for their batteries, the only ones I buy there are the specific, random watch batteries that some kids toys need.

  2. Blue

    I love DT. I would agree with most of your items with the exception of the gardening items. You get what you pay for. A serious gardener is going to have better tools and zone specific seeds. I haven’t ever seen potting soil at my Dollar Tree, but we don’t have a large store. I also don’t get my batteries there.

  3. Colorado Amy

    Here are some of my favorite things that I regularly buy at Dollar Tree that aren’t mentioned above: Scotties Facial Tissues, Colgate Toothbrushes (2 or 3 pack), coarse salt, garlic powder, Lime Away Thick Gel Toilet Cleaner, Scotch Tape 2 pack, Arm and Hammer Essentials Body Wash (12 oz), nail clippers, scrunchies, Bolero Facial Wash, Bolero Cleansing Facial Wipes (32 ct), loofahs, dish brush, notepads, and parchment paper. From what I’ve found these are all good deals compared to buying similar products at other stores.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh yes! GREAT deals for sure! Thanks for letting us know the items you like to grab at your Dollar Tree!

  4. hip2trade

    The batteries I buy at dollar tree have been fine. I use them in remote controls mostly. Also I like the tea light candles for my wax melt burners. Some of the smaller sized packaging isn’t as economical but will do sometimes in a pinch. I buy my Reynolds foil liners there most of the time. The cold drinks are always a good deal. I still find 20 oz in some of the drink brands.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Awesome! Thanks for sharing! We grab the cold drinks sometimes too!

  5. Kitty

    I’ve had luck with greeting cards, kids books, birthday party supplies, kids sunglasses, crayola crayons, shugar vegan bar soap, palmers cocoa butter lip balm, plastic bins for organizing closets 😀

  6. Rebekkah

    I love the Dollar Tree as well. While the name brand cleaning supplies are smaller and more per ounce, I do like to buy them when I am putting together a house warming or going to college gift. I often will take one or more of their organizational buckets and fill them with a ton of cleaning and household stuff. It gives people just enough to get started without spending a fortune on a brand they might not love. I also like the smaller size for campers and traveling. A lot of time space is at a premium and the smaller size fits perfect!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Aww, Love that gift idea, Rebekkah! Thanks for commenting! I’ll have to remember that!

  7. Lee

    Other buy items for me are the shelf stable milk, that has come in real handy during the COVID 19. I always have about 6 or so and when there’s no 1/2 gallons of milk available at the grocery store, we just open one of those. Also the knee braces are great. My husband uses them everyday and they are comfortable enough to support his knee at work.

    • 3bettins

      I didn’t know DT had shelf milk! You can make yogurt with it instead of the expensive Fairlife milk so I’ll be on the lookout.

  8. Hblog

    I agree with most of these. Be careful with the sunglasses though, they can actually be harmful if they don’s have 100% UV protection! Most cheapish ($5-10) brands will provide better protection!

    • Sara

      Agreed. I get my sunglasses from Walmart. I have paid between $3 and $10 for each pair. Each pair has lasted well over a year. My last pair lasted for over four years. I have three or four pairs of the exact same pair I use now waiting. I’m set for a long time.

  9. acgold

    Please do not buy the pet toys made in China. The paint may contain lead. When they are chewed open they may be harmful and toxic. There are very few rules governing pet toys.

    • Danny Urena

      Dollar Tree is PerFect For Cleaning Supplies and SnacKs and Pet Items Pet.Food

  10. AG

    Be sure you use the checkcosmetic website before buying cosmetics at Dollar Tree. I checked some at mine a while back and many of them were close to a decade old.

  11. Holly

    Sunbeam batteries run out very quickly. I went through a period of sunbeam in my tv remote. The remote was used daily- only at nights and I felt like I was constantly changing the batteries!

  12. Melissa

    I love Dollar Tree for greeting cards , gift bags and tissue paper , decorations and Scott tissues . I also pick up baking tins and snacks sometimes.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Those are some of my favorite items too, Melissa!

    • Dara

      Dollar Tree has a few fun kinds of balloons I’m never able to find elsewhere. They are 12″ when inflated, and come in solid colors with white polka dots, or bright yellow with a marbelized swirl of colors. They also have a clear-ish balloon with colorful paper confetti inside!


        I also love their helium balloons for my kids birthday parties!

  13. Patti

    I use their Zyrtec knock off for allergies. You get 14 tablets for $1. Great deal. It’s worked just fine for me and I have some fairly aggravating allergies.

    • Rose

      Costco has its generic brand 365 tablets for about $11. It’s a great bargain

      • Patti

        Great deal but I’m not near a Costco.

    • JD827

      Please don’t buy any medicines at Dollar Tree. The FDA has issued several warnings to them to stop importing adulterated medicines and to institute quality controls. They are cheap for a reason. Just google it.

  14. Tawana

    I use Dollar Tree for greeting cards , gift bags, party supplies, holiday decor, and Scott tissues and paper towels.

  15. Leslie

    I also like to buy the small tissue packs you can keep in your purse (pack of 6-8), bags of ice (7 lbs/bag I think) and the plastic cake carrier (great for potlucks, etc)

  16. Beth P

    And never buy infant items such as rattles etc, anything they might put in their mouths. China’s laws aren’t the same as ours when it comes to lead in their toys.

  17. lorelei

    I like their variety of plastic baskets and bins. They are perfect in my classroom for holding supplies and organizing papers. They come in various colors and sizes. They have the best selection to choose from now as the new school years is starting.

  18. Missi C

    Funny story about Dollar Tree. On a vacation my husband & myself stopped in to grab something I forgot at home. He had never set foot in a Dollar Tree. As we are walking through the aisles he asks why nothing is priced. I said it’s all one dollar. He was shocked lol then he starts asking if we needed more stuff for our vacation cabin. I told him he needed to venture out more.
    On another vacation (different state) I found small harnesses for our 4 pound dog. I bought one & it was so easy to get on/off her & fit so well we ended up going back & bought 4 more in different colors. 5 years later & their still my go to harness for her.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Wow! SO cool. Glad you have been able to find such great items through the years! Thanks for taking a moment to share with us, Missi C!

  19. Sara

    One pet supply that you should buy at Dollar Tree is cat litter. It works for drying leftover paint.

    After Walmart stopped selling non-concentrated Dawn, Dollar Tree was pretty much the only place left that sold it. Sadly, Dawn no longer produces the non-concentrated version. It was good for getting stains out of fabric. Concentrated Dawn gets rid of the stain, but it permanently lightens the fabric.

    I still sometimes buy brand name pantry food at Dollar Tree. Why pay more for a bigger, more cost effective product, when a cheaper, smaller size is all you need? The remaining product would just get wasted.

    • Susan31652

      I use blue Dawn on my retired show cat and understand completely. I usually pour a tablespoon into a cup of water and use for bathing (all over). For small clothing stains, I take a tiny drop of blue Dawn on the clothing item spot, and grab an old toothbrush from my dishwasher (I leave it in there), and just wet the toothbrush, and brush gently.

    • Susanne

      Just letting y’all know that the pool noodles are not like the ones you get at Walmart or Target; if you want to float around with one, you will need to use two (and I’m only 100# shortie)…

      • Irene (Hip Sidekick)

        Thanks for the heads up, Susanne! Hopefully you’ve be able to score some great items at Dollar Tree.

  20. Alicia

    My gynecologist suggested I get pregnancy tests at Dollar Tree! They’re so easy to use and read and very accurate.

    I also love cards, gift wrap and craft items. There’s always something fun to find. And I got a huge pack of wildflowers seeds this spring that filled in an empty flower bed. The bees, butterflies and humming birds loved it! And my feral kitty loved the privacy when she used my flower bed as her litter box. No wonder the plants got so big – extra fertilizer. 😂

    Batteries have been fine for me. I use them in low drain products (like alarm clock and smoke detector) and haven’t had a problem.

    Overall, huge fan of Dollar Tree!

    • Gemma

      I agree 100% with regard to their pregnancy tests! They detected my pregnancy at about 8 DPO.

  21. Malinda

    There are many items you can buy and turn into home decor. Check out the shabby tree on FB. She is always using things like the metal trays or aluminum cookie sheets and making home decor out of them.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      YES! I LOVE grabbing items at my Dollar Tree for home decor ideas!! Thanks for the suggestion!

  22. steven durant

    I find everything said here to be spot on. I love shopping and it is always worth it to swing thru the local dollar stores.

  23. Sue

    Here’s a little tip for those of you with a sliding glass door and vertical blinds in your bedroom if run your fan at night. I am a light sleeper and had the hardest time with the clacking of the blinds from the ceiling fan and a/c going. I used a few DT pool noodles and lightly pushed them up against the slats. You can cut it to size and remove it easily enough if you are having company coming or don’t want them there during waking hours. It sure has saved my sanity. I wish I thought about doing that years ago.

  24. carol

    I use Dollar Tree for so many things, is the only thing I’ve had a real problem with is the batteries. I have had to replace them weekly in my remotes.

  25. Jason

    Sunbeam low drain batteries are all I use in my clocks and remotes. In this application, they seem to run as long or longer than expensive batteries – 6 for $1 they’re worth it. They’re meant for very low-power usage so I would not recommend them for flashlights or anything that requires a lot of amps.
    Another thing I found recently is a small jar (50-100 – or more, I have not counted them – of all different sizes from very small shirt collar buttons to large overcoat fasteners) of buttons at the Dollar Tree. They appear to be repurposed and packaged together, as some of them have name brands. Still, a good find as I haven’t seen buttons at my local thrift stores in several years.

  26. Pao

    I’m a huge DT fan as well and I agree with most of the list. I personally stay away from their makeup.
    Something that wasn’t mentioned – the band aids! They are fantastic, for kids and grown ups. The quality is as good or better as brand name Band-Aids, and you get 20 character or 50 plain (different sizes) Band-Aids for $1. And you can get the odd sizes that are usually so expensive everywhere else, looks the knee Band-Aids.
    I ❤️💲🌳

  27. Nicole

    I buy at dollar tree also but I really have been trying to eliminate some waste and plastic. I would like to see less recommendations for things that will end up in the landfill in 5 minutes. I would also be concerned about the chemicals being given off in their candles.

  28. Janelle

    The thermal heat wraps like therma care work great and are a bargain! I actually keep some in all our glove compartmentS in case of winter car trouble here in the Midwest. The first aid options are great to stock your camper or travel kit too!

  29. Suzy

    The Dollar Tree tools are good for crafting-I use the exacto knife, the plastic sheeting and clips to cover my table, the pliers to take apart my jewelry, etc. And the paint brushes are nice for a few uses. As long as you’re not using them to build a house, you should be good 🙂

  30. Jennifer Moore

    With regards to the batteries, any ALKALINE battery they sell work great, but avoid the ones marked HEAVY DUTY. This applies to any store that sells batteries. Don’t waste your money on HEAVY DUTY.

  31. Mary

    Do not buy the pet food if it is made in China and do not buy rawhides.

  32. Cassie

    I always like to buy the aluminum pans. There’s a 3-pack for a dollar that I use for freezer meals or taking meals to friends who’ve had babies!

    I always buy cards at Dollar Tree now! 2/$1 is such a good value.

  33. Annette

    Great list! Some things that I regularly get from Dollar Tree are Reynolds tin foil sheets, Blemish patches which are similar to Mighty patches which cost 10.00- my girls love them and they work great, Vaseline lip balm, parchment sheets for baking, parchment squares for freezing meat, Totally Awesome. There are a couple of tools that I like to buy; a metal square for my wood projects and picture hanging kits. Other things that I love are their stemless wine glasses and glassware, books, craft items, and cotton pads for makeup removal.

  34. Amanda Wolfe

    I bought their helium balloons for my mother’s birthday and two weeks later they’re still mostly inflated and still floating. I went once to another store and paid three times the price and those balloons barely lasted a day so since then it’s been the Dollar Tree balloons as I know they’ll last much longer.

  35. Nia

    I really appreciate this post! I recently have become an RA at my University and this will help me decorate my floor/ room for the holidays.

  36. deedee

    We get our candy, snacks and popcorn here for movies, long car trips, trips to the theme parks, etc.

  37. JanF

    I have been pleased with the canned fruit, the veggie burgers, veggie meat balls, meat balls and the Polish sausage.
    Also use the tender tape ( to tape my hammer toe) and Milk of Magnesia.

  38. Emily

    Fabuloso is available at Target too, but seems to be a better deal at dollar tree.

  39. Rand Moore

    I have had luck buying name brand items at Dollar Tree. They are rare finds at times when you find full size items and such, but can be great deals. Also, buy your frozen fruit for smoothies at Dollar Tree as they are much cheaper than the grocery store.

  40. Diane Perkins

    I would not recommend purchasing flood light bulbs at DT. I purchased some indoor flood light bulbs by Sunbeam, and the glass bulb separated from the metal screw-thread base. One glass bulb worked for a while and then separated by itself and fell crashing into a hundred pieces on my kitchen floor. Others separated while I was removing the burned out bulb, making it very difficult to removed the metal screw-thread from my light fixture. One of my light fixtures was ruined when I had to use a pliers to remove the separated metal screw-thread.
    Things I always buy at DT are gift bags, greeting cards, band aids, childrens’ books, coloring books, stickers, birthday party gift bag trinkets, matching birthday party plates, napkins and plastic ware, baby shower decor, monthly planning calendar, wall calendar, some school supplies, decorative flower pots, plastic storage containers, compact umbrellas, microwave dish splatter cover, reading glasses, repair kit for eyeglasses, emery boards and balloons.

  41. Carole Smith

    Bought the cutest notepad about three weeks ago that said: EXERCISE? I thought you said EXTRA FRIES….Went back today to buy 3 more to put in my sisters/friend Christmas bag and they were all GONE!!! Oh no. I need them. They are so cute. I called the main office (Greenbrier International Inc.) and got the runaround big time! Went to another DT in my area, and, no luck….Help…

    • Rene

      This happened to me too! BUT remember they do have a website, so if all else fails try that! 🙂

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