5 Reasons Keyless Digital Front Door Locks Are Worth It (AND 3 of the Best Ones to Buy!)

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boy pushing digital keyless door lock keypad buttons on wood and glass front door

Home is where you and your family should feel safest.

I’m talking about the top 5 pros of having keyless digital front door locks and sharing some of the most popular and highly rated ones on the market. While they tend to be more expensive than your standard door locks, they’ll save you time and many hassles that will make them more than worth it in the long run. 🙌

Plus, I’m giving you the scoop on what the rest of our team thinks about them, so you’ll know if they are worth it and how they could save you money and time.

1. Digital keyless door locks are more hands-free and don’t require the hassle of a set of keys.

schlage keyless digital lock keypad on a blue door

If shuffling around for your house key while you’re hands are full isn’t your thing (think groceries, stuff you brought home from work, and mail), then the switch to a digital lock might be a better option. A digital lock will not only free up time when you’re trying to get inside but also lock on its own when you’re heading out the door.

Just keep in mind that the batteries on the locks eventually die which can cause inconveniences so make sure to replace them before that happens.

2. Digital locks up the game on home security.

police cars with blue siren lights on

If you’re installing a digital lock with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi then you’ll have the ability to closely monitor who’s coming and going and when thanks to high tech mobile apps – this is an especially great feature for parents who have older kids coming and going. Just be sure to have a good Wi-Fi connection so you never experience disruptions in service or serious lagging.

Plus, if someone that shouldn’t be there enters an incorrect code too many times then it will notify the police. This feature could ultimately save you from theft and damage to your home if someone could break in easily otherwise.

Hip Safety Tip: Change up your code every so often. Using the same code for a while will cause the numbers on the keypad to start to fade, which can be dangerous and put your home and family at risk.

3. No more extra house keys floating around.

hands holding set of silver metal keys

Speaking of safety, did you end a relationship recently or have a roommate move out because things went sour? With a digital lock, you don’t need to fret over how you’ll get your key back or spend money to get a new lock and keys made.

Instead, you’ll be able to easily change the code and live with peace of mind (although, we still recommend having a backup key in case something goes wrong with the electronics).

4. Easily welcome guests with keyless entry & without needing to be home.

man with sad face wearing blanket and watching tv

If you’re having family come to visit or you’re renting the place out as an Airbnb, you can easily share unique codes with them so if you’re stuck late at work or don’t plan to be there at all, guests can still get in when they need to.

5. Smart locks look more modern and sleek.

blue house with white trim and flower pot on sidewalk

While this pro is purely based on my opinion, smart locks have a more sleek design and will give the exterior of your home an instant modern update. So if you’re working on some projects around the house and are looking to spruce up your door while making your home more secure, this will surely do the trick.

Here are the 3 best digital keyless door locks you can buy right now:

1. The August Smart Lock Pro provides the ultimate smart lock experience.

woman walking through front door with grocery bags on arms

The key to your smart home is with this keyless door lock which can be easily installed in just 10 minutes over your existing deadbolt!

It even works with your Alexa, Siri, or the Google Assistant to help control your lock, keep tabs on your front door from the app, and allow expected visitors to access the home. The August Smart lock can do it all remotely!

2. The Kwikset electronic deadbolt is the best budget-friendly digital lock.

wood door with silver door knob and keyless door lock key pad

Make an easy and more budget-friendly switch to this deadbolt keyless door lock. It features one-touch locking, ability to have 8 user codes, and is bump proof, so rest assured, no one will be able to pick this lock.

3. The Schlage Camelot keypad lock is the best all-in-one digital lock for side or garage doors.

silver doorknob with keyless door lock and keypad on red door

Want to replace it all? This digital lock comes with the keypad and the knob all-in-one, perfect for those additional exterior doors like your garage or basement walk-out. With two codes ready to go, your whole house will be locked down.

Before installing, make sure to read the reviews, because as great as this lock is, some people had trouble with installation, however, once it was up and running, it’s a great value!

So what’s our Hip2Save team verdict? Here’s what some of us had to say:

✅ Digital Keyless Lock 👎 Traditional Lock

“I have a digital lock and I LOVE it! It makes it so easy for my kiddos to come in and out of the house without having to worry about carrying around house keys. And no more hiding keys under a rock!

The only downfall is that my kids’ friends sometimes walk into our house unannounced as my kids have shared the code with them!”Bryn 

“I don’t personally own a digital lock, but I’d love to have one! I see them in a lot of the international shows I watch, and I can see how convenient they could be with kids coming and going and never losing your keys. I also love some of the security cameras that can integrate with them.” – Jami

“We used a digital lock at an Airbnb we stayed at, and we LOVED it! It totally convinced us to get one in our new house. No looking for keys, and you can give someone a personal code to use until you cancel it (like a family member in town and such).”Jennifer

“My parents have one, and it’s so nice because I can always get into their house if I need to, even if they are not home. Love to not have to worry about a key.” – Erica 

“I’ve never thought about getting a digital lock, simply because I’m cheap and figured they would be too expensive, but after participating in this post, I feel like there are so many great benefits, and they’re really not that expensive in my opinion. Plus, you can’t put a price tag on protecting your family and home.”Jessica

“My good friend has a digital lock on his house, and it’s super neat! He uses his smart lock for his dog walker so he can come and go as needed. Also, once when I was in the area, (and he was at work) he said I could go to the house to use his WiFi versus Starbucks, and he just unlocked it from his phone from work! So neat!” – Amber

✅ Traditional Lock 👎 Digital Keyless Lock

“I wouldn’t mind having a digital keyless door lock, but we go through our garage more than our front door, so I never really felt the need to have one.”Paige 

“Being in a rental, a digital lock isn’t something I would add to our door. Plus, we use the garage for coming and going, so I don’t see the need for it anyways.” – Alana

The verdict? Digital Keyless Locks – 6 vs. Traditional Locks – 2

It’s pretty clear to see the team here at Hip2Save favors the new technology that keyless, digital locks have to offer, and only a select few feel no need to have one with the convenience of their garage.

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About the writer:

Sara is a self-taught blogger & photographer and brings 9+ years of experience to her craft. Her work has been featured in numerous esteemed publications, spanning building, travel, and fashion. Beyond her creative pursuits, Sara’s primary mission is to empower others to embrace a toxic-free & sustainable lifestyle.

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Comments 22

  1. Hacky McHackerson

    Anything on wifi can be hacked.

    • Mary

      Would love one but that would be my concern 🙁 I just can’t trust it.

      • jennifer

        Look up Marc Tobias…read a few articles and you will see that your current deadbolt is just as insecure as the keyless entry pads.

    • Jay

      I bought the kwikset keypad lock about 5 years ago. It isn’t wifi or app connected in any way. I like how i can give a family member or friend a code (i can put up to 6) then delete the code rendering it useless. I also gave my 4 kids a special code sho they don’t need to worry about losing a key or being locked out. I probably wouldn’t get a wifi lock personally since i have security cams and see no purpose in it. The batteries last about a year with constant daily use ( le 15-20 times a day. It self locks after 30 seconds (adjustable) so i never ever worry if i forgot to lock up if I’m going away. Totally worth the $60 i spent 5 years ago.

      • Karen

        I’m with you, Jay! I just put in a second on my backdoor! I never carry a key now. If one isn’t working for some reason (which hasn’t happened in three or four years), I can use the other door. While I have a smart home, I wouldn’t use a wifi lack, especially in the city. Whether that’s more or less safe depends on your perception, I think.

  2. orangeblue

    We recently installed one of these because our old door handle literally fell apart in our hand one day while unlocking the door. I live that my kids can have a code to enter if I get stuck at work, and I can even make it temporary so they aren’t giving it out to friends lol. It’s good to note that most of these come with a key as back up just in case the batteries die. We love ours and never have to worry about being locked out because we were rushing out of the house and left the keys on the table!! The one we bought even has a button for the key pad to light up so we can see it at night, and we can program up to 13 codes, but I never see us needing that many at one time. My husband said it was a little hard to install at first because the directions didn’t tell him how to “flip the handle” to get it on the side we needed but after he figured it out it was simple, it took about 10 minutes to install. I tell everyone I know how much I love my digital lock!

  3. Kitty

    When we bought a new house we changed exterior doorknobs/locks to kwikset smart key and can easily change the key with a tool. The keypad on front door makes walks easier without bringing my keys

  4. Lase

    We have had the Schlage Camelot Keypad for over 2 years with no issues. We are able to give guests the pin to enter when not home and no need to worry about locking yourself out. I definitely recommend.

  5. lmh

    Anyone have advice for a digital lock on an interior door? I would like to put a lock on a closet/ small storage room in my basement that I use to hide all the gifts I buy from H2S recommendations throughout the year, so I’m ready for bdays and Christmas!

      • shilo1364

        Though it was $90 when we bought it so maybe see if the price goes down again

        • lmh

          Thank you!

  6. vg

    Also make certain you keep the actual key. If you lose power to your home, the Wi-Fi will be down and the lock will not work. Some friends learned this the hard way and had to spend the night in a hotel during a long power outage. And yes, they are hackable, but most door locks are easy to pick if either is in your “skill set” haha.

    • C

      I was thinking when I read this if the power or WiFi goes out you’re screwed… however when you say that picking a deadbolt lock is just as easy, I completely disagree. If you know how to pick a deadbolt it will take longer than hacking (slightly longer if you are an expert). Also when you think about it, if you have nosy neighbors, picking a lock (unless you are very good at hiding it) is much more concerning than someone walking in the door when it’s unlocked (bc they hacked it and it looks completely normal)… also trying to prove someone broke in from hacking can be hard (and it’s not like a security company- the lock company- would want to admit their security system is very hackable- just like all the security camera companies downplaying all the hacks they have and trying to blame the owners).. security cameras and webcams are hacked far more often than locks (and just as an example of how poor security is when dealing with stuff connected to WiFi, the fricking fed government (which has the most security/least hackable systems in place) has been hacked, whereas vaults with sophisticated locks can’t even be hacked by top experts)….and as for the code entry, you can figure out the code pretty quickly through where the fingerprints are, or even filming someone while they enter their house (or I kind of assume when the power or battery dies for the coded entry, the code is reset and the criminal can enter whatever code they want- not to mention on things like that there’s usually some easy factory reset like 0000- that’s how I used to help my uni roommate unlock her coded lock for her bike when she couldn’t remember the code- or taking the batteries out lol)… plus when you think about it, the tools necessary for hacking one of these locks (whether WiFi or keypad)- everyone has! And therefore it’s not suspicious… however to pick a deadbolt you need a lock picking kit….. also these remind me of homes controlled by controls on WiFi- an ex wife learned how to hack into these systems just so she could crank the heat or AC to astronomical levels and turn on devices in her exes house whenever he went on vacation (and then back to normal before he returned) so that his utility bill would be insane… and there’s no evidence of her entering the home (and again, with companies not wanting to give up info that exposes bad publicity like being super easy to hack, they’re not helping any investigation and police are so lazy these days with petty crimes they probably aren’t going to waste resources on hacks/many departments don’t have cyber experts so they don’t understand anything- even basic hacking stuff or trying to prove the criminal isn’t someone you don’t know unless your place has been ransacked and there’s a hefty amount of damage)…. but if it’s say a stalker who breaks in and creeps on you or a criminal who leaves things in an orderly manner but say takes your valuables, probably nothing

      • jenn

        U can say that again! My bf & I have both been trying to create accounts for ourselves on the IRS website (to view our past returns, etc) for nearly a decade! After dozens of unsuccessful attempts, I FINALLY got mine recently. I cracked the code! To my own information! Geez! Still no luck with his. Last step of registration asks for a current/open credit card, mortgage, or auto loan acct # to verify identity…well he has none of those currently. We’ve tried using all his old auto loan #s, nope, doesn’t work. It’s absurd!

    • agh925

      Oh no! I never thought of that. I never bring my keys.

  7. Susan

    We have the Schlage Keep it Keyless. It doesn’t have a key and it’s not wifi. If it goes dead while you are outside there is a connection for a 9 volt battery on the front of the pad. We have had it 5 years and I’ve only changed the battery once. It can do multiple codes but I keep it simple and it has only one code programmed in it. Whenever my teenager breaks up with a boyfriend I change the code. I do have to get the directions out but it takes less than a minute.

  8. Deborah

    I have Schlage keyless entry. Installed 10 years ago. I have a Master lock box on my garage door knob for spare keys. So far I have not needed to use the key. My unit blinks red when the 9 volt battery needs replaced. My brother locked himself out and had to break a window out. He bought 3 keyless entry’s. My neighbor always used garage door opener and electric went out so locked out. I bought keyless entry as house warming gift. I wouldn’t like the keyless with WiFi.

  9. Tm

    We have a schlage zwave and the lock itself is amazing. However, you need a hub to use it with an app. We choose wink and it’s been eh ok. BUT they just let us know they will now charge a monthly fee for each user!!! It feels very shady because it says on the wink box “no fees”! So the wink hub is basically trash to us now and it was my Christmas gift. :/ but we still still use the schlage with the key code. 🙂

  10. JennG3

    We have been using the Schlage Sense on both our front & back doors for over 3 years and love them!! I’m a tech person & did a thorough review on these locks and found these to be the best for our needs. We program codes for our kids, and for pet sitters etc that we can enable or disable no matter where we are by simply opening the app. We do have them on WiFi but again, tech person here, so we have a safe & secure system & have no complaints about our locks.

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