20 Brands That Offer an Incredible Warranty – Some Are For a Lifetime!

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Camelbak spill proof kids water bottle

Products with an outstanding product warranty make all the difference.

With these incredible brand warranties and return policies, you’ll be able to shop with greater peace of mind and get the most out of your products. It’ll be money well spent, tenfold!

1. Return anything, anytime at Nordstrom – no questions asked.

nordstrom store front in mall

We’ve gotta give it to Nordstrom for their incredible return policy! Not only do they accept any item on a case by case basis, but you don’t even need a proof of purchase if you lost your receipt. Instead, they’ll offer a Nordstrom gift card for the current retail price. It doesn’t get much better or easier than that! 👏

2. Cat & Jack has a 1-year guarantee.

hand holding cat & jack socks

Target’s in-house children’s brand offers a 1-year guarantee on all their clothes. If something wears out, rips, or breaks, just bring the damaged item to the Guest Services desk with your receipt and exchange it for a replacement.

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3. CamelBak guarantees all of their products for life!

3 small camelbak water bottles on wood surface

I had a CamelBak Eddy water bottle that I loved, but over time, the spigot wouldn’t stay locked down. Good thing CamelBak guarantees all their reservoirs, backpacks, bottles, and accessories for life!

They have a step-by-step webpage that helped me easily find a replacement cap for my bottle and shipped it to me quickly for free. Plus, their cute kids’ water bottles are spill-proof.

“Camelbak is so simple and easy. I told a co-worker about it since I noticed her bottle lid was broken, and she couldn’t believe they sent her a new lid/spout.” – Amber

4. ALDI‘s Twice As Nice guarantee offers replacement AND refund.

aldi storefront

Not happy with something you bought at ALDI? Hold onto your receipt because most of their products are covered by their Twice as Nice Guarantee. So not only do you get to bring back the product for a full refund, but you even get a replacement for free, too!

5. Athleta will accept returns on products even if you’ve worn them.

athleta store mannequins

Not only can you try on Athleta activewear, but you can also try it out during your workout. Athleta’s unique “Give-It-A-Workout” guarantee lets you wear your new workout clothes while you’re exercising. If you’re not satisfied with how an item fits or performs, you can bring it back for a full refund with their product warranty!

6. At Costco, everything is risk-free.

man wearing face mask in store holding Costco membership card

At Costco, not only is your membership totally risk-free but so are their products! I’ve personally had great experiences in the past when returning produce (like mushy apples) or even a heated blanket that didn’t work.

So if you’re not 100% satisfied, you can shop with peace of mind and receive a full purchase price refund. Bear in mind, there are some exceptions to products such as diamonds, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.

7. OXO will refund your product if they’re not as great as they claim.

hand holding a oxo brush in package with target cart in background

OXO makes some great products, however, if the workmanship is lacking or there’s a defect in material, you can contact them for a full refund. There are some products that are excluded from this guarantee so head here to read more.

“I had a travel coffee mug that I used all of the time. The lid failed to seal after a period of time. I saw that they offer a lifetime guarantee and contacted them. Received a brand new mug soon after.” – Laura

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8. Get a full refund from Eddie Bauer if you’re not a happy camper.

eddie bauer bags in store

No matter what you splurge on at Eddie Bauer, their product warranty offers a full refund on any product! With your proof of purchase, you have up to a year to receive all your money back if you’re not happy.

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9. Gear up with a lifetime warranty with L.L. Bean.

LL Bean products

If you’re more of an L.L. Bean type of person, you’ve probably already heard about their incredible lifetime warranty. For those who need the deets, know that anything and everything you purchase directly from their site gives you access to 100% satisfaction no questions asked within one year of purchase. After that, they’ll refund your money for any defective items… valid for forever!

10. Jansport stands behind their backpacks with a lifetime warranty.

girl wearing jansport backpack

That’s right. JanSport claims their bookbags are built to last a lifetime! So if you recently had a kid that went back to school and their JanSport backpack isn’t holding up like they’re manufactured to, then you can return it for a refund or a replacement on them!

11. Score a new S’well bottle if your old one is sweatin’ it.

hand holding a brown swell bottle in kitchen

Whether you purchase directly from S’well or any of their authorized retailers like Nordstrom or Target, you can ensure whatever you’re sipping on will be protected with their 1-year warranty.

“I bought a S’well bottle from Nordstrom a few years ago and recently the screw on the cap wouldn’t stop, it just kept going around and not sealing. I emailed customer service and they gave me store credit for their online store with free shipping. Months later I received another bottle as a gift from my secret Santa and the paint was peeling off. I only hand washed it once or twice. I called customer service and I received a special unique bottle that isn’t sold in stores and it was at least 10 ounces larger than mine! They stand by their products.” – Deb

12. You’ll never go wrong with new window treatments with Select Blinds.

window with blinds

You won’t be blindsided if your expensive window treatments stop working or break. Thankfully, if you’re updating your window treatments with Select Blinds, all of their products come standard with a 3-year warranty and either repair or replace the product at no charge to you.

As a bonus, they even offer a F.I.T guarantee so if you measure wrong, they’ll replace and remake your custom order free, all you have to do is pay for shipping!

13. Craftsman is built tough with their lifetime warranty.

picture of a metal craftsman wrench

If you know a thing or two about doing some home DIYs, consider stocking up on Craftsman tools. Not only will they replace them free, but products like their handtools, specialty tools, and electronic measuring tools are backed by a lifetime warranty!

14. Back to school shopping is easier with Five Star.

before and after fivestar binder product warranty

If you’ve got a kid in school, make sure to stock up with Five Star binders. They’re built to last, but they also include a Lasts All Year – Guarantee so in the chance it doesn’t hold up a year from now, you can still get it replaced, free of charge!

“Taking advantage of Five Stars product guarantee was easy. I simply emailed warranty@acco.com with pictures of the damage and my digital receipt from Target. Within a week, I received a brand new Five Star binder in the mail. I am SO happy with how simple the whole process was and the end result of having the broken binder replaced, with minimal effort no less!” – Bryn

15. Cutco knives are expensive but will last a lifetime.

hand holding a cutco knife in front of open kitchen drawer

Thanks to Cutco’s Forever Guarantee, their knives are designed and built to last a lifetime. In fact, they ensure they’ll be as good tomorrow as they were the first day you used them (even if it was 50 years ago). They’ll even sharpen all your knives for a super small fee – all you have to do is ship them! Basically, a guarantee that’s as easy as cutting butter. 😏

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16. Duluth Trading Company offers a “No Bull” guarantee.

hand holding a pair of duluth trading company mens underwear

If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, you can return your Duluth Trading Company gear for a full refund. In fact, since there’s no bull when doing a return, they’ll even consider returns on a case by case basis even after a year.

17. Land’s End will take anything back with their legendary customer service.

yellow duffle bag sitting on top of blue one near pier

Not only does Lands’ End help fight hunger, build homes, donate equipment to schools, send scrap fabrics to charitable quilters, and raise money for medical research to find cures for diseases (among many other things), but they also have a Legendary Customer Service Guarantee ranking them the best Customer Service by Newsweek.

So if you’re unsatisfied with anything at any period of time, they’ll take it back for a refund! It’s that simple.

18. Since 1856 Orvis has offered a 100% customer satisfaction commitment.

ORVIS men's lounge set at Costco

Whether you’re into fly fishing, hunting, lounging around at home, or even shopping for your dog, Orvis offers an exceptional return policy. To do a return or an exchange, you can easily hop online and do it all your own making the entire process seamless.

19. You won’t be sweating a Tervis purchase every again with their great guarantee.

tervis tumblers with various types of iced drinks inside

You’ll never be sweating it when using a Tervis cup again! These high-quality classic tumblers come with a lifetime guarantee and can be replaced at any time. Even their stainless steel products have a 5-year guarantee to make sure every sip is just as sweet as the last.

20. Enjoy the best outdoor gear with The North Face.

The North Face Sign inside store

Have some The North Face branded products? If so, they’re covered by their warranty against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product! This doesn’t include footwear and products that are identified as “The North Face Renewed” but even then, they’re still backed by a one year warranty.

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About the writer:

Sara is a self-taught blogger and photographer with 8+ years of experience having work featured in various building, travel, and fashion publications, most notably Bassett Furniture and Fossil.

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Comments 40

  1. eric

    I have a vast lifetime collection of Craftsman tools because of the lifetime warranty. There was never an issue with getting a replacement at Sears. Now that Lowe’s has taken over the Craftsman line the warranty is just about useless. They fight you tooth and nail to get a replacement, frustrating process. Not to mention Lowe’s doesn’t carry that many Craftsman tools. So for a lot of items you have to mail in the item for a replacement and pay the shipping charges. Not much of warranty anymore. Sadly, I will no longer purchase Craftsman tools because of this.

    • mckeeversmom

      Ace Hardware also handles Craftsman. You might have better luck with them.

    • Lisa

      Well That’s Just Great I Purchased My Husband Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Craftsman Tools Because They Had A Lifetime Warranty Thru The Years This Is HORRIBLE!!!

    • Sara

      What a bummer, thanks for sharing, Eric!

  2. cjg

    Oxo is great! They’ve replaced the thermometer probe on my meat thermometer twice now over the years. I’ve offered to buy it but they just happily send me a replacement with no problem. Lifetime customer now

    • Sara

      That’s so wonderful to hear! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Bleau

    I bought a couch from Costco within 10 months it discolored after 1 year they took it back and delivered me a new one. They had great customer service. And very willing to do what ever made me happy

    • Sara

      Wow! That’s incredible, Bleau! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us!

    • Kristi

      I agree with you 100%!!!! I would rate Costco right up there with Nordstrom. I worked for Nordstrom many years and we definitely had the best return policy amongst retailers.
      Costco never makes you feel like a criminal for returning something. Many stores make you feel like they just put you on their hit list.😂

  4. Suzanne H

    Tervis cups are the best! My kids can not seem to understand the concept of coasters no matter how much I lecture. I finally converted to Tervis. No more rings on anything. I’ve returned several cups over the years once the seals have gone or they have cracked. They used to send you replacements but now they give you credit for their website. Made in the USA too!

    • mmlovers90

      Tervis does not give you on-line credit anymore. You have to mail the cups to them and if they agree that they qualify for replacement, they will mail you a similar cup of their choosing. If they don’t think your cup qualifies you won’t get anything or your cup in return.

      I think their cups aren’t nearly as good as they used to be. My company ordered cups recently and they don’t even stay cold an hour anymore. They used to be my favorite cups but not anymore.

    • Sara

      Amazing! I used to have those and want to buy more now! Thanks, Suzanne!

  5. Neely

    I thought LLBean had changed their policy bc people were abusing it, but I could be wrong

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Neely! I do find the full details for their guarantee, through the L.L. Bean link above. Hope this helps!

    • Sara

      It’s still active, Neely. 😊

  6. Momof3girls

    Simple modern has really good customer service as well. I purchased one of their tumblers at target and 2 months later the screw on top was stuck…I emailed them just to see if they had any tricks to getting the cover off. They emailed me back right away asking for a picture of the cup and my mailing address. I sent them the picture and my mailing address. They emailed me back saying a replacement cup was on the way!! And they sent an extra cover and straw for free!!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      That’s awesome! Thanks a bunch for sharing your experience!

  7. mary

    aldi – by me – stopped the twice as nice guarantee during pandemic – only gave $$ back. Lands End does not prefer if you send back items because they just wore out – the told me it needed to have mnf flaw.

    • Sara

      My ALDI was the same for a few months, but everything is back to normal here, they also have updated their website to no long mention about COVID and not accepting returns so if check with your local store again, Mary! Good luck!

  8. Peaches

    Loving the typo on #12. Widow treatments. 🤣

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Whoops! Thanks for catching that!

  9. Pattyd

    I have my parents cutco knives that they received as an engagement gift. They are over 65 years old!!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      That’s amazing, Pattyd! Thanks for taking a moment to comment!

    • Sara

      Wow! That’s incredible, Pattyd!

  10. tara-5

    Darn Tough socks are another lifetime guarantee, and they make quality socks!! 🧦

    • Sara

      Wow! So great to know! Thanks, Tara!

  11. Tricia

    I wish i knew that before throwing out my sons camelback bottle. When I called they wouldn’t help me because I threw it out…darn.

  12. Sarah

    I had a swimsuit bottom from lands end that wore out. They offered to refund me the lowest price it had been sold at, which was a couple of dollars because it had been discontinued. It was going to cost more to ship it to them than I was going to get back. Didn’t feel like it was worth it and was disappointed that their guarantee didn’t really live up to its name.

    • Jocelyn Oconnor

      Lands end has stores near me. I know sears accepted their returns at one point too.

  13. everest716

    Simply Human is the BEST! My kitchen garbage can was pricey but after at least 10 years they sent the replacement parts to me for free! Good as new!

    • Jason

      Simple Human

    • Sara

      That’s wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Jason

    Peak Design products have an awesome Lifetime warranty as well. Primarily a camera bag manufacturer, they also have backpacks and laptop satchel type bags

    • Sara

      Awesome! Thanks for sharing, Jason!

  15. Joanne C.

    My recent experience with Aldi is they would only make an even exchange. – no $$ back.
    Also, for these warranties – do I have to have to hang onto the receipts forever?

  16. Carol

    Also forgotten in ALL Clad pots, pans, bake ware etc…..Life Time warranty. I’ve had a set for over 25yrs , replaced 2 non stick fry pans due to uneven wear.

    • Sara

      That’s so wonderful! Thanks for sharing, Carol!

  17. Jocelyn Oconnor

    Does Aldi have an app that logs purchases? I hate saving receipts. Too much paper clutter.

  18. Taylor W.

    Please do not waste your time with LL Bean. Terrible company no good customer service. They never except returns even under their warranty

    • Marcia robin

      I think llbean is based in Maine, lol don’t know what it is but all the service reps there are so mean to me when I call. They talk fast too I can’t understand at all lol

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