The 5 Best Refrigerators to Buy in 2020 (& 1 That’s the Worst!)

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man holding up fridge door in agony

Appliances keep getting better and better!

Your kitchen refrigerator has come a long way from just being a vessel to keep your food cold. Now with smart & innovative features like touch screens, door-in-door access, and even fun shaped ice cubes, there’s a lot more to consider in your fridge purchase!

We’ve rounded up some of the best options and brands out there, whether you’re looking for something budget-friendly or decked out with the latest tech… as well as one model to steer clear of in 2020!

1. Samsung makes the best “smart” refrigerator with an integrated family hub.

samsung family hub fridge

Samsung Brand Family Hub 4-Door French Door Smart Refrigerator $2,698

Here’s why we love it:

  • It’s Wi-Fi and Bixby enabled so you can control settings remotely from your phone.
  • Family Hub lets you listen to music to music, upload pictures, and connect to your TV.
  • You can easily set reminders, create messages, and keep track of food expiration dates.
  • It’s compatible with other Samsung appliances and can be integrated with doorbell alert systems, too.
  • You can explore recipes and grocery deals from the shopping list feature.
  • The FlexZone drawer offers 4 different temperature settings, plus an adjustable divider for organization.

samsung flex drawers on fridge

“The Samsung Family Hub is a great looking addition to any kitchen! There are so many neat features on this model. My kids love the family hub screen from being able to leave whiteboard messages, play music, see inside without even opening the door(s).

My favorite features are being able to sync my google calendar to display right on the door as well as being able to pull up a recipe from Pinterest” – Home Depot reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

2. The best smart fridge for large families comes from LG.

lg door-in-door refridgerator

LG  Brand 29.7 Cu. Ft. Smart French Door Refrigerator $2,998

Here’s why we love it:

  • The 29.7 cu. ft. capacity offers plenty of room for all of your family’s groceries.
  • The dual ice maker is automatic and can make 3 different kinds of ice, including LG’s exclusive round craft ice (reviewers have all mentioned they love this feature!)
  • The InstaView Door-in-Door design lets you peek inside without opening the doors and losing cold air.
  • The print-proof finish fights smudges and keeps your fridge looking sleek with less cleaning.
  • The water dispenser lets you fill precise amounts of filtered water in 4, 8, 16, and 32 oz.

lg refrigerator full with food

“Great layout inside this refrigerator. I bought it for the size and for the ice maker/water in-door. Once installed it was quiet and quickly got to temperature. The next day we had our first party ice, which is a hit with my kids.

I didn’t think I’d use the ‘door-in-door’ much, but it is very handy in the morning when making coffee and breakfast. The freezer capacity is also much larger than it appears. It will take me some time to fill it.” – Home Depot reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

3. This budget-friendly fridge by Samsung comes with some sleek features.

A stainless steel refrigerator in a kitchen

Samsung Brand 25.5 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator With Filtered Ice Maker $1,199.99

Hip Tip: If you’re purchasing your new refrigerator from Best Buy, don’t forget to take advantage of their best-price match guarantee. You can also have your old appliances hauled away for just $19.99!

Here’s why we love it:

  • CoolSelect Pantry provides a variety of temperature modes including thaw, soft freeze, and quick cool.
  • The efficient LED lights make it easy to find what you’re looking for.
  • Without the ice dispenser, you actually get a lot more usable storage space in the freezer.
  • The TwinCooling Plus feature keeps freezer air extra dry to prevent freezer burn.

arrangement of food in fridge

“Great product! We moved to a new home and decided it was time for our tiny first fridge to be demoted to garage fridge. We couldn’t be happier with the product we picked, so much room we can’t even fill it. Love the temp controls and the many ways you can arrange it to fit what you need.

Freezer is HUGE, I’ve always worried the bottom drawer freezers didn’t hold enough and some I’ve seen really don’t BUT this one is so roomy, even with an ice maker in it. LOVE it!” – Best Buy reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

4. The best side-by-side fridge from LG has an innovative 3rd door.

LG side-by-side refrigerator in a kitchen

LG Door-in-Door 26.0 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Thru-the-Door Ice and Water $1,499.99

Here’s why we love it:

  • The Smart cooling system maintains temperatures for maximum food freshness.
  • You can easily find and grab items with a convenient door-in-door design.
  • The cleverly designed ice system is slim and helps save shelf space.
  • With a 26 Cu. Ft. capacity, you can easily store a large amount of food.
  • The humidity control crispers are ideal for keeping fruits and veggies fresh.

open lg side by side fridge with 3rd door

“We love this refrigerator! The door-in-door feature is practical and convenient; we use it all the time! Also, the black stainless steel finish leaves no fingerprints and looks great in our kitchen! The water and ice dispensers work extremely well and are very quiet compared to our last refrigerator.

The shelving and compartments are adjustable and roomy- seems like much more room than our previous frig of the same size. We are very happy with this purchase!” – Best Buy reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

5. GE makes the list with the best classic french door fridge.

ge stainless steel fridge

GE Brand 27.8 Cu. Ft. Fingerprint-Resistant French Door Refrigerator with Ice Maker $1,899

Here’s why we love it:

  • You’ll never run out of ice with the optional second ice maker in the freezer (additional kit required)
  • The advanced water filtration system reduces the chance of pharmaceutical chemical intrusion.
  • It’s easy to search for things with showcase LED lighting throughout the fridge and freezer.
  • The exterior is fingerprint-resistant and super easy to clean.
  • Shelves can be easily adjusted to accommodate larger and smaller items.
  • Foods stay fresh longer with turbo cool and turbo freeze settings.
  • The ice maker is strategically located on the door to save storage space.

ge fridge open with organized foods

“I was so surprised to see how big this fridge is! We replaced my old fridge that was the same size (height and width), but was counter depth. This fridge held all the food my fridge held and looked like it could hold more!

I have a family of 6 and this fridge is plenty big to hold everything we need! I love the adjustable shelves and the storage on both of the doors. The deep freezer is huge also!” – Lowe’s reviewer⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

A picture collage of a poorly rated fridge that made food go bad

But whatever you do, don’t buy this overpriced faulty Whirlpool fridge!

If you happen to spot this Whirlpool Brand 23.8 Cu. Ft. French Door Counter-Depth Fingerprint Resistant Refrigerator at the store, just keep on walking! Not only does this fridge rank low on Consumer Reports, but it’s also got enough poor user feedback to send you running in the other direction.

For $3,505, we think this fridge is definitely not worth the hassle or the price. It looks nice, but if it doesn’t work properly, what’s the point? According to numerous users, this fridge makes a loud noise when running, has a very poor cooling capability, and a faulty ice maker. YIKES!

If you need more persuasion, see what these Best Buy reviewers had to say about this fridge…

“I never write reviews, but this is so bad. When the refrigerator was about 1.5 years old, our ice maker stopped working then the hinge broke. Next, it stopped cooling and we have been living out of a mini-refrigerator during the coronavirus.

We have had 5 technicians come to repair under the Best Buy warranty and no one has yet to fix the issue with it not cooling. Now our water dispenser has stopped working. The refrigerator is now approximately 2 years old and still under warranty. It is a piece of junk and the worst refrigerator we have ever had.”

“The left door will not close properly and must be pushed forcefully to close. The freezer design is terrible, and the top slider constantly gets stuck. The upper lip of the freezer looks terrible with weird dent marks… I cannot believe how many issues it has. I would not recommend this refrigerator to anyone.” 

Got a fridge at home you love? Let us know about it in the comments!

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Sara is a self-taught blogger and photographer with 8+ years of experience having work featured in various building, travel, and fashion publications, most notably Bassett Furniture and Fossil.

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  1. ryanhaase

    Be careful with Samsung, I suggest avoiding at all costs. There’s a class action lawsuit because of a known bad design in the ice maker. Samsung knows about it yet keeps selling them. Ice machine creates one big block of ice and the only way to fix is to thaw both fridge and freezer until it melts (3 day process and a hair dryer voids all warranties). Once you have 3 services on it they’ll ask you to cut the cord then offer you a refund… but only after dealing with an unmotivated customer service department that’ll do everything to drag out the process until you give up. Check out the Facebook group called “Samsung Refrigerator recall U.S.A. Now”. If you have a Samsung fridge with this issue the group will help you with guidance and support/motivation on how to get in touch with the right departments to resolve the issue

    • Lynne

      I’ve just had 2 friends in the past 2 months replace their 3 year old Samsung refrigerators. They are on my do not buy list.

    • Aleshia

      We have this issue. It freezes up every few weeks. We have to remove everything and put into our spare cheapo fridge and begin the thaw out process. Every single shelf on the side door has busted and cracked in the first year of owning it. They are about 150$ a piece to replace.

      • Angelica

        Same happened with my shelves and it has been less than 1 year of purchase. I’m still waiting on my shelf replacements.

        • Juanita edmonds

          I have replaced my shelves 3 times, no more Samsung. Plus cooling unit. It sucks!

    • Sheri Baby

      I totally agree! We will never buy Samsung washer or refrigerator again. Both have basically been completely replaced on the inside due to their faulty design. The repairman assured me I was not alone in my struggles.

      • Kim Rodriguez

        I hate my Samsung washer and dryer!! I have to do extra rinse cycles due to residue left on the clothes. and no, I don’t do huge loads. It does with all size loads. Plus, clothes are still damp after one Normal run cycle. For this reason, we won’t buy their appliances.

    • RC

      I agree. We have a Samsung and had to have the ice maker replaced about six months after we bought. Same thing happened to my friend as well as my husband’s coworker. They both had multiple issues so Samsung told them to cut the cord off the refrigerator and send them a picture to get refunded the purchase price. I also had a Samsung dishwasher I replaced a few months after purchase because the dishes came out dirtier than they went into the dishwasher. Customer service was no help.

    • Breanna

      YES! We had this problem for years and just replaced it in November. I also hate Samsung’s Customer Service. I felt like I was made out to be the bad guy for their product malfunctioning. We currently have a Whirlpool and love. They also have great customer service.

    • TWL

      Completely agree with all of the comments with the faulty Samsung refrigerator complaints. I had the same experience – horrendous Samsung customer service that sends out third party appliance repair companies that are only there to collect the service fee, and when you confront Samsung Customer Service they really don’t care.

      Best Buy is partly owned by Samsung – that is why Samsung displays are so prominent inside the stores and their product is pushed so hard to the customers.

      Buyer beware – Samsung appliances are not reliable. Stay away from Samsung products.

    • stephanie

      Amen! Have spent tons of money having mine repaired

    • Britney

      Yep, we have a two year old fridge doing this and replacing it in our kitchen remodel. My husband complains about it being noisy too. It is going to the garage w/out ice maker hooked up.

    • J

      Thank so much for posting! I know all too well about the frozen sheets of ice Samsung refrigerators cause. It becomes a huge mess, sometimes they melt & cause large puddles of water all over the floor coming so close to slipping and breaking your neck as a result. Please do yourself a favor, avoid disasters and stay away from Samsung. Now after the fact, we’ve had appliance experts tells us that Samsung is no good (no kidding). I have high hopes with LG.

      • Linda B

        Good luck w/LG; customer service horrible. Had to contact CEO to get response AFTER a month of runaround to 3 departments; endless calls; extreme hold times. Took 3 Months with defective fridge not cooling to get fridge replacement costs; thankfully had extended warranty but only covers little less then half paid for fridge – depreciation). Tech was great who came out; wouldn’t have gotten check or approval without him! Fridge compressor, several other parts went out; incl cooling drawer mother board in 5 yrs. $3600 fridge. Had to replace a produce drawer that easily cracked; hard cheap plastic in many fridges today; $150 to replace.
        Discovered class action suit on this LG model for faulty cooling system; main problem I experienced; can Google. Best not to buy fridge 1st yr out; like a car, give time for reviews to emerge. Good luck but research models before you buy my advice. Done with LG even if find good fridge under their brand; cust svc, speed to resolve will make you scream! Thankfully old spare GE in garage still cooling well 18 yrs later.

        • Tee

          I agree with you. I bought my LG fridge in 2016 and within the first year I had to replace the air compressor. This is appalling. Then within the second year. I received class action lawsuit paperwork to fill out. No more LG anything for me.

    • Debbie

      Avoid Samsung refrigerator. We had the same issue with ice building up. Nothing helped to permanently fix it. Just lots of headaches.

    • Nicole

      I have a Samsung fridge and hate the stupid thing. It was expensive so I expected it to be good. Wrong. It cools and freezes randomly. I rarely change the temp settings and some days stuff in the fridge is frozen solid and others it’s warm. Ice gets stuck in the door dispenser extremely easily too. I have a samsung microwave too that I hate. Love samsung electronics, hate their appliances.

      • Joanne

        I will never buy a Whirlpool appliance ever again. I bought a side by side at Lowes. I took the additional 4 yr. warranty because the salesman convinced me that it covered every nut and bolt. A few months before my warranty expired, one by one, all the shelves and drawers broke. When I called to make a claim on the warranty, I was told that only “electrical components” were covered. Live and learn. A salesman will tell you anything to get you to buy the additional warranty. I also believe that every company manufacturers with “planned obsolescence” so that you replace rather than repair…….

    • Mike Quinn

      LG has a case against it for compressors that quit working within a few years and as short as 6 months. Our three year old LG has great features but the compressor ent out at three years and we had to pay for the installation of a new compressor. LG covered the part but it sill cost us around $500 and both of the service men said that they did not recommend LG.

      • Lindsey Brinton

        Same with our Lg. Compressor went out after 9 months and then 4 months later the fan froze up because they are put in the wrong area of the freezer. The service guy used a zip tie to “fix” it. Not holding my breath that that will be the last service repair on it.

        • Linda B

          Ditto! See my post above on LG. Done with them and Samsung. Got caught up in the look( BAD selection process; learn from me! Do your homework; buy NOTHING 1st yr out for model.

        • Linda B

          Ditto! See my post above on LG. Done with them and Samsung. Got caught up in the look( BAD selection process; learn from me! Do your homework; buy NOTHING 1st yr out for model.

    • Heather

      Thanks for the information. I just joined the page.

    • MJ

      Agreed! Samsung finally just refunded us and asked us to cut the cord. We didn’t cut it and are still using it until we can find another one (not Samsung!) that we like.

    • K Bui

      Samsung is junk. Never will buy again. Same exact problem with ice maker. I’ll avoid them at all cost

  2. Aleshia

    I think in general appliances aren’t what they used to be. It seems like the only reason to buy new back wheb I was a kid was to update, but now it’s because they are constantly breaking. I will never buy samsung or LG again. Samsung has issues and we currently have a Samsung fridge. I have read so many negative reviews when it comes to the samsung brand. We have had tons of issues with our LG washer, our LG microwave, our LG TV, and our LG oven. We have had to make repairs on each of them several times over that past 2 years.

  3. Bbbsarah24

    Make sure you read feedback on products. We have and also know someone with a Samsung refrigerator and both had problems pretty much from the start. Our freezer builds up ice by the fan and makes the loudest most annoying sound (like spaceship taking off). My husband has to regularly (Sometimes weekly) defrost the freezer or at least break the ice build up. Samsung offered no help since we were a couple of months outside the warranty.

    • Elizabeth M.

      I have to agree and the customer service is truly awful.

  4. dalma

    I completely agree with you, Ryan Haase. We have a same issue with our Samsung fridge. Avoid that brand if you can.We are planning to buy GE as soon as back on stock.

  5. je

    Anyone have experience with Bosch fridges? That’s what I’ve been eyeing since I’ve also heard/read awful things about the Samsung fridges.

    • Bbbsarah24

      We have a Bosch dishwasher. Honestly from the price I’m unimpressed. Maybe the refrigerator is different…

    • Lancette

      We had all new Samsung appliances. One year in the microwave had to be replaced. Two years in we replaced the dishwasher with a Bosch and LOVE it. Samsung fridge has had the ice issue for the last year and we’ve considered replacing it with a Bosch.

  6. Angela V.

    We’ve had the GE one for almost 2 years and love it! The produce seems to stay fresher than our last fridge and there’s a ton of space. The only negative in my opinion is the cost of the water filters (about $40), that they recommend changing every 6 months.

    • Stacie

      We love our GE too! Ours doesn’t have the ice maker in the door but I think it’s the same otherwise. After a ton of research, we knew to stay away from all Samsung fridges regardless of the fancy extras. Our GE also came in a narrower size which was great for our older kitchen.

      • Angela V.

        My friend purchased a Samsung for her new home, and within 2 years the compressor had went out twice. She ended up getting rid of the Samsung and purchasing the GE fridge and loves it too. Highly recommend!

    • Taylor (Sidekick)

      Yay! I’m happy to hear you like your GE model, Angela!🙌

    • Kim Rodriguez

      Angela – we don’t use our filter because our house is looped to filter water. Fyi, in case you have that too.

  7. bobear

    Couldn’t disagree more about Samsung. They make decent TVs, but their appliances are terrible.

  8. Chris

    I would steer away from LG & Samsung. I’ve had an LG & the compressor went bad after 1 year. I had it fixed & then the same thing happened less than 8 months later. Both companies have lawsuits over their faulty refrigerators.

  9. bap673

    We just recently did a lot of research on French door refrigerators. Samsung and LG had the worst reviews. We ended up spending a little more for a GE.

  10. Sue

    None of these fridges seem to “fit” in these kitchens. They look like a giant trying on a dwarfs clothes lol my daughter came up with that one lol. I wish they would make more options for counter depth so people could get them to fit in the kitchens.

  11. lezers05

    So weird to see so many people say they have terrible experience with Samsung! All our appliances are Samsung and are SO quiet and we’ve never had any major issues. We have almost the same fridge in this post except ours has an internal water dispenser and haven’t had any issues. In fact the only issue I can think of in the last several years since we replaced everything was our dryer stopped spinning. We were barely outside of warranty but they were still great to work with and didn’t end up charging anything for the repair bc it was so close to the warranty expiration. Whatever they fixed made the dryer even quieter and dries faster. I guess were one of the lucky ones?!

    • Jennie B

      I agree..we have 2 samsung frigs and a washer/dryer set and we live both for the past 5 years. Dryer has a small issue w/ stopping and starting on the drying cycle, but it’s a livable issue for now.

  12. Shelly

    I have the Whirlpool fridge – the DON’T BUY one, and I agree completely. I HATE this refrigerator! It doesn’t organize well, shelves aren’t adjustable to logical heights, ice maker is unreliable – it is horrible! I do not even like the water dispenser. I am going back to a side by side – this one ruined the French Door concept for me. It is awful.

    • Taylor (Sidekick)

      Oh no, I’m so sorry Shelly! Hopefully, your next fridge will be absolutely amazing.

  13. Marinova

    My #1 priority when buying a fridge (however silly this sounds) is the water filtration quality. Each time I have researched, GE refrigerators always come out on top for that, so we always stick with GE and have yet to be disappointed.

    • Taylor (Sidekick)

      Hi Marinova, that’s not silly at all! The quality of the water filtration system is definitely important. I’m glad you guys have one that you really like!

  14. AP

    I agree, clearly hip2save is making no eyes off of recomending these fridges to people because samsung refrigerators are garbage. We had the #3 on the list, clearly an expensive fridge and a few months in I opened the freezer an realized that although the display was claiming it was 1* F, it was in fact warm and all of the food was thawed and warm. We had no way of knowing how frequently this had happened prior to us noticingit that day, imagine how sick this could make someone! My husband unplugged it and plugged it back in and that must have reset it because it suddenly was registering the actual temp in the freezer (58*!). All of the food in the fridge (roughly $300 worth) had to be trashed due to us not knowing if any of it had been warm at some point, and when we contacted the company they said the soonest they could get soneone out to take a look at it was 3 weeks later! 3 weeks! And the cherry on top was that they also wouldnt do anythingabout it unless the problem was currently happening when the service rep was there to see it. Needless to say we did not take that almost brand new $2000 piece of just with us when we moved out a couple months ago. We actually joked about that being the new owner’s problem now 😅 never again!

    • AP

      ****making money

  15. Dee

    We’ve had the Samsung Family Hub for 2 years and no problems. We love it.

    • Taylor (Sidekick)

      That’s so good to hear.🙌 The features on the Samsung Family Hub are so cool and perfect for big households too!

    • JOSE


  16. DJ

    The reason most people do not like Samsung is because they have their own technicians to send to repair their products. It’s not beneficial for the companies because they have to use Samsung for repairs. I had a Samsung fridge for 10 months before I sold my home. Loved it. Didn’t want to log it around, so left it fir the buyers. Their washer is questionable. I’ve had weird issues which they cannot seem to figure out.

  17. Ms. Frizzle

    OMG! We have been looking for a new fridge. We’ve been to all appliances stores in the past week, but overwhelmed with the choices.
    We found a Sears Outlet that has a Kenmore Elite with 31 cu. feet…but haven’t decided yet…really looking forward to everyone’s comments!

    • Monkey

      We bought a Maytag MFI2269FRZ fridge and it is being delivered tomorrow. We chose it because of the space limitations in our kitchen and good online reviews. Whenever I have purchased appliances I have signed up for consumer reports for the month and checked their reviews and advice as well.

      • Taylor (Sidekick)

        I hope you like your new Maytag fridge! Picking out the right one can definitely turn into a project, but that’s awesome that you did your homework first!

    • KelCar

      We had a Kenmore Elite for 8 years and it was awesome. Never had a single problem with it. Loved the space and how it was configured. Only reason we no longer have it is because we moved. Current house had a brand new GE fridge, so we couldn’t justify switching it out. Like our current GE fine, but not nearly as much as our Kenmore Elite. Would totally buy one again!

      • Taylor (Sidekick)

        Thanks for the Kenmore Elite recommendation! Maybe you can upgrade to that one again someday!

      • Ms. Frizzle

        Ohhh thank you for your comment!

    • Taylor (Sidekick)

      I have heard good things about the Kenmore Elite, Ms. Frizzle! I hope you like whichever one you end up going with.

    • K Bui

      Loved our Kenmore Elite fridge. Best fridge we had.

    • Dianne G

      We have a Kenmore Elite that I wouldn’t recommend. Our previous Kenmore lasted us 25 years… but that’s when things were made to last. With such a good track record we though we stick with the same brand, only to be disappointed. This model has the ice dispenser/ water in the door- we were so excited to not have to make ice all the time! In about a years time some door shelves had cracked but most irritating was the ice machine would jam up. We had it serviced 3 times and each technician told us it was a lame design feature. The flap doesn’t close all the way which allows warmer air to travel up the ice Shute. This will cause the bottom layer of cubes to defrost and then refreeze as they sit when unused. Then you have a huge frozen iceberg that can’t be dispensed and even worse yet you can’t remove the ice container off the door! It is always a 2 hour project to chop out the ice and pour warm water in it to get it to the point of removal. STAY AWAY from the Kenmore Elite Refrigerator!

  18. RachelD

    We hate our Samsung fridge. Always having trouble with the ice maker.

  19. momof4

    Samsung ice makers do not work for more than a few months. Everyone we know who has a samsung has the exact same issue.

  20. pokz

    Avoid samsung…they should stay on making tv’s…nothing else!!!…

    The whirlpool on the bad list posted….uhmm. i think someome just plugged the power cord on u.

  21. Dee

    Hip2Save, please have a discussion among your staff and ask whether upright or chest freezers are best and why then post the reviews and consensus. I’d love to see that discussion! Also, frostless freezers or manual defrost? That would be interesting too. There must be a LOT of people buying freezers right now because they aren’t out there to buy these days!! I don’t know if it was on peoples list for what to do with tax return money, stimulus check money or COVID panic buying that motivated the run on freezers, but it’s real. There have to be more peeps than just us who would like the info for when they are in stock again. Thanks! Love you guys!!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for the suggestion, Dee! I’m passing it along to the team!

  22. Carla

    I totally agree with the whirlpool! Do not buy! We lucky bought an extended warranty on it. The fridge was completely replaced twice in 5 years. Worst fridge ever!! We now have a Viking and I really like it!

    • Taylor (Sidekick)

      Phew, thank goodness you had the extended warranty! Sorry you had so much trouble with the Whirlpool fridge, but I’m happy you now have one that you love!🙌

  23. Lana

    Our Samsung refrigerator doesn’t always restart after a power outage. Sometimes it is 3 days and nothing we can do to manually restart it. We will never buy another Samsung.

  24. Angela

    I’m concerned bc Samsung has the worst ratings on Consumer Reports for quality. They were so hyped years ago by JD Power and we all ran out and got them and then boom they were junk. So the reporting agencies went back and re rated everything to reflect actual units repairs etc and they are the lowest rated
    And the American companies Maytag/Amana/ Whirlpool/KitchenAid has the best repair records just pick a model that works for you etc
    Infact only these models tested safe to store Milk on the drawers according to Good Housekeeping and Consumer Reports
    GE came in second with. Few LG models
    I have had all Samsung high end appliances and ALL have gone bad within two years with no help from the company
    Three different repair companies came out and all said up that’s the way they are
    So maybe read Consumer Reports revised reliability over three years and the the Good Housekeeping Real life tests first

  25. Sonic

    LG Buyer be aware: French left door (ice maker side) auto shuts really hard! It feels like it is about to break soon! The left door slamming like that is not good, especially with kids. When the left door auto closes it shakes the entire refrigerator and all contents!! Seems like missing a white plastic (slow close device?) piece which the right door has. LG disagrees and say this is normal. This is model I have 26 cu. ft. Smart wi-fi Enabled French Door Refrigerator MODEL# LFXS26973S. Other LG French door models seems to have same issue.

  26. Lisa G

    Samsung customer service is the WORST.

  27. ThriftyPuppy

    Ha, I was coming down here to post a reply that you should beware of Samsung refrigerators due to all the issues that have been reported with them – constantly breaking, lost of leaks reported with icemakers, etc but I see someone beat me to it! We have Jenn-Air appliances and love them – never had an issue and this is our second generation of appliances in 20 years (upgraded for looks and not because of issues). Also, I have a GE in a rental house that is an absolute workhorse. and they get really good reviews.

    Remember, the more “stuff” in a frig, the more there is to break. Do you really need your frig to be Internet-connected?

    • Ap

      Good to hear! I just bought a Jenn Air built in for our new house and the reviews seemed extremely favorable compared to other brands.

  28. Marcy

    Wow this makes me really happy we kept our kitchenaid superba when we updated our kitchen. Still rocking the 90s chic look, I think it looks better than stainless! And no fingerprints. My dad suggested we keep it since it has a mechanical vs digital control board. Things just aren’t made to last anymore and it’s really a shame. All this electronic waste has to go somewhere…

  29. vjenning

    We just had a repairman out for our Samsung. It needs over $2k in parts and is only 3 years old. Luckily we have the extended warranty and they are going to replace it. We are working with them to get a different brand of refrigerator. The repairman told us to avoid Samsung and get a Frigidaire.

  30. Connie

    Our ice maker in our samsung refrigerator freezes up about every 2 – 4 weeks and the container that that holds the ice has several big cracks on bottom and I have to tape it every time we have to thaw it out. I will never get a samsung refrigerator again. It cost to much to replace it yet.

  31. Lase

    Think that is the whirlpool we had and it was a nightmare. Bought an LG in the end to replace it.

    • H

      We have a terrible whirlpool also! One with the middle drawer- only 5 years old- we started having issues with it 6 months after we bought it and continue to have issues with it.

  32. Mary

    Maybe it’s just me but I have worked for 35 years and I could never spend the $ for these popular stainless steel refrigerators. Of course my plain white model is paid for, has never broken down, looks brand new and works perfectly. Something to think about.

  33. Tracey

    We bought a new Fridgidaire about 4 years ago. We had some issues with the ice maker not working and called the 800 number where a friendly agent talked us through what we needed to do. We’ve had it happen a couple of times since then and now can fix it ourselves (basically turning the control pad off then back on). We did read that if you wait too long to replace the filter, this can be a reason for this (guilty!). Other than the very strange noises that it makes, it has been pretty good – knock on wood. I do agree, though, that they sure don’t make them like they used to though.

  34. aflgirl

    We bought whirlpool refrigerator last summer that is similar to the one in the picture. The only difference is that it has a large deli tray and the shelves inside are adjustableZ we have had absolutely no issues so far with it and are very happy with it. I guess it’s all in how you take cate of your appliances and not to overfill them them so it blocks airflow.

  35. Madonna

    I would avoid Samsung refrigerators. Both my parents and my husband and I had this brand. Worst ever. Constant repairs. Had less than 4 years and was such a headache we replaced. While I love this brands phones sadly cannot recommend the refrigerator. I rarely write a bad review.

  36. Sara

    Please avoid refrigerator with the ice maker in the fridge part of the refrigerator. The ice maker cannot handle the temperature difference which causes the ice maker to freeze.

  37. Sara

    The picture in #4 links to a LG, but the link below the picture is the same as #3.

    Also, this post would have been better if you had featured a top freezer refrigerator and a refrigerator under $1,000. None of these are budget friendly.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks, Sara! I updated the link/picture.

  38. Kim B

    I’m surprised Frigidaire is not on the beware list. Horrible products, horrible customer service, and let’s not get into the “extended warranty. “. We will never, ever purchase their products again no matter how wonderful the price. Mind you, had the refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher. All, malfunctioned so badly we had to replaced everything.

  39. Kim Rodriguez

    Thank you for this! We are buying a new house and will need a new fridge. WHIRLPOOL will NOT be an option. We have one now and had to replace it after 2 years with a fight with the company. Flaw in the design since the ice maker was in the door. Every time the freezer door opened, it put pressure on the cords/wires which eventually broke. They wanted to only replace the door but DUH it would only happen again. Our old whirlpool sucked too. Same issue with our micro that has all the controls on the door. wires were getting pinched.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re welcome, Kim! Glad this list was helpful. Congrats on your new home! 🏡💖🤗

    • Jimmy Johnson

      Admittedly, Whirlpool Corporation has had some issues with certain initial (new) appliance model offerings, which were, however, typically “resolved” in subsequent manufactured units of the same model number. In my opinion, Whirlpool “listens” to consumers and make design changes to produce a better consumer product. Too bad you didn’t give Whirlpool another chance to “win” back your loyalty. I own a one year old Whirlpool washer (Maytag 6 cubic ft capacity upright model) and a one year old Whirlpool 28 cubic ft capacity side-by-side refrigerator that are both exellent in quality and reliability. Both appliances were manufactured here in the USA. Repair technicians rate Whirlpool appliances as having the least number of “service call-backs” within the industry. I also own a 32 year old Whirlpool 18 cubic ft capacity frost free upright freezer that only needed a single $300 repair over it’s entire life-span; and it still works great today. GE is the only other brand I would “trust” or recommend. In my humble opinion, Whirlpool/Maytag builds the best residential appliances. Sorry for your bad luck with a Whirlpool appliance.

      • Laura WI

        Our refrigerator repairman was out yesterday to address ice maker problems with our LG. He services all makes of appliances and offered his opinion on best/worst. He said to absolutely avoid Samsung, LG and GE and stick to Whirlpool, Maytag and Frigidaire. The ones he recommended are the ones they have the least number of service calls for and the least expensive repairs. They’re also made in the USA, which means a great deal to me.

  40. JeannieNY

    I have the #3, that you picked (LG) and LOVE IT! We bought it from Costco–we have the black card AND credit card, this increased the amount of warranty–and the delivery was free & great!

  41. swilliso

    I have to say that Samsung refrigerators are bad! We purchased a french door 5 years ago from a local dealer and it just died! We lost some of the items due to our friends couldn’t store all that we had. Definitely would not purchase another Samsung again.

  42. Ashley Swartzel Walkowiak

    Anyone have a Hisense refrigerator?

  43. Donna Hintz

    I also brought Samsung Flex French 4 door refrigerator. I love the four door compartments, but hate the ice maker. Is always freezing up. Brought it at Lowe’s for $2500.00. Wish they could fix this problem.

  44. John Hoelscher

    I have a 7 year old Samsung and my smart display I am afraid is going bad and they do not support this display anymore cannot find a replacement anywhere. I would not buy another Samsung. They just do not back up their products with spare parts long.

  45. JJ de Almagro

    LG is the worst refrigerator Brand I have ever had in my life. French doors break easy (especially when you have kids that are being kids), ice maker worst of any I’ve ever had (noisy, limited capacity, dispenser freezes often, ice gets stuck frequently upon dispensing, freezer has broken twice in about 5 years. Maintenance guy comes out and tells me they love these refrigerators, I ask why, and he replies, because there is something always breaking and it keeps us busy.

    • Sara

      Oh my. I’m so sorry you’ve been dealing with all of those problems!!

  46. Charles MacKenzie

    We’ve had a Samsung for 12 years and it has been the best fridge we’ve owned. Changing to stainless steel now and buying another Samsung for sure.

  47. Natalie H

    I grew up with GE and Kenmore. They always worked and my parents never had problems. In fact my brother still has their fridge that’s over 20 years old works amazingly! Moved and everything LG in the kitchen of our new home. Not only did the fridge compressor break within 1 week of owning the house (it was less than 1 year purchased from previous owner) cost me 300 to get it fixed with labor and all the other run around with LG getting parts shipped, took over three weeks so we decided to get a bigger fridge 30 q.ft and just sell the smaller one. (3 months it was in the garage, unplugged, it stopped working AGAIN! so we ended up donating it loosing the 300 invested.) Foolishly we decided to get an LG again (to match all the other appliances, it’s used- only five years old though and guess what? Compressor has gone out! It is going to cost us 1300 to just get the thing fixed with a new compressor with maybe 300 off by the time LG decides to cover the warranty (up to 2-3 months) which, excuse me but I need a fridge!??? LG really isn’t the way to go. We also have a dishwasher that’s LG, it is falling apart the top pieces have come off, the rollers break very easily and it just doesn’t clean well. Our LG stove top shorts out on three of the five burners. It only holds the temperature on ONE burner to actually saute something… In conclusion… NEVER will I ever invest in anything LG. Their customer service is atrocious and their products break so easily it’s laughable.

  48. Diane Peasley

    I bought an L.G. refrigeraror and it was delivered October 31, 2018. 20 months later, it is finished. The gas and linear compressor totalled the frig. I had warranty but I still have no frig. It is now 31 days. After many calls we finally heard from the warranty place out of Barbados and they will replace it but at a depreciated price plus I have to pay for the rest of the dead frig. Be very careful. L.G. knows and knew they had defective parts. The U.S. has already done a class action law suit on this. 20 months only on a $3000. frig is not acceptable.

  49. lydia walter

    consumer reports says that LG and Samsung are the best BUT that they have the most user complaints and the least satisfactory help from the companies. on line for over an hour at lowe’s waiting with many to order an LG had 2 people on line tell not to buy one. they were buying other brands because their LGs died in under 2 years and absolutely no response from company. now waiting for for my delivery of a whirlpool for 3 months. it said made in America which is why I bought it. only to be told “assembled in America” was closer to the truth. sales people from different store, said we owe trump because he put tariffs on China and now they are getting even. who knows?

  50. Patrick

    Just say NO to Samsung! We bought one 3 years ago, and although the ice is working fine, literally everything else has failed! The door bins have broken so many times, once from just closing the door, the door gaskets have failed and are torn. I could go on and on but I think you get the picture. Very dissatisfied with this product to say the least.

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