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The BIG Brands Behind Costco’s Kirkland Signature Items

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Costco diapers next to Huggies

If you’re a Costco shopper…listen up!

A Costco membership offers low warehouse prices on thousands of high-end, brand-name products and services.

But did you know that many of Costco’s Kirkland Signature items are actually manufactured under a private label by name-brands just for them? Even better, they’re often the same or better quality but sold at a fraction of the cost! 😱 Get ready! We’re sharing some of the biggest brands that may behind Costco’s popular Kirkland Signature Items.

1. Starbucks vs. Kirkland Signature Coffee

name brands sometimes make costco items, like this Kirkland Signature Coffee

Did you know that select varieties of Kirkland Signature Coffee are actually roasted by Starbucks Coffee Company? You can pick up a 2lb bag of Kirkland Signature House Coffee for around $10.49 (31¢/oz), whereas a 20oz bag of Starbucks Coffee sells for ~$12.79 at Target (60¢/oz). BIG savings!

2. Diamond Naturals vs. Kirkland Signature Pet Food

name brands sometimes make costco items, like this Costco Dog food

Shopping for a furry friend? All of the Kirkland Signature Dry Dog and Cat Foods are made by Diamond Pet Foods in five company-owned manufacturing facilities in the U.S.

As just an idea, a 40lb bag of Kirkland Signature Super Premium Chicken, Rice & Vegetable Dog Food sells for around $28.99 at Costco (= 72¢/lb), whereas a 28lb bag of Diamond Naturals Grain-Free Dog Food sells for around $39.99 at Specialty Pet Stores (= $1.43/lb). No wonder their pet food is one of their best-selling items!

3. Huggies/Pampers vs. Kirkland Signature Diapers

name brands sometimes make costco items, like these Costco diapers

Rumor has it that Costco’s highly rated Kirkland Signature Supreme Diapers may actually be made by Kimberly Clark (the manufacturer of Huggies) and are just an “older generation” Huggies. While this is not publicly advertised or verified, many members rave about these diapers on

“I have tried them all, from Pampers and Huggies to up & up from Target. These diapers are the best. Not only do they have the fastening tabs, but also a velcro like spot on the diaper around the hip area offering a better fit. This helps the leg holes to stay closed while also letting the diaper move with my son’s movements. So far we have used sizes 2 to 4. I LOVE these diapers.

4. Jelly Belly vs. Kirkland Signature Jelly Beans

Kirkland Signature Jelly Bell jelly beans

While Kirkland Signature Jelly Belly Jelly Beans may be a seasonal product, they’re definitely worth adding to your cart if you happen to spot them and are a candy lover. You can grab a whopping 4lb container of these gourmet jelly beans for just $13.99 (or occasionally $9.99 after Instant Savings!), which equals just $3.50 per pound. This seems like a fantastic price as a 2lb package of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans sells for $19.99 on! 😮

The Kirkland Signature Jelly Belly containers come with 49 different flavors such as Sunkist Pink Grapefruit, Strawberry Cheesecake, Orange Sherbet, Cotton Candy, and other fun flavors. Yum!

5. Duracell vs. Kirkland Signature Batteries

name brands sometimes make costco items, like these Costco brand batteries

According to this interview with the CEO of Costco, the Kirkland Signature Batteries are actually made by Duracell. You can pick up a 72-pack of Kirkland Signature AA Batteries for $19.99 (= 28¢/battery), whereas a 40-pack of Duracell AA Batteries sells for $15.99 ( = 40¢/battery).

6. Specialty Cheese vs. Kirkland Signature Cheese

name brands sometimes make costco items, like this Cheese at Costco

Have you ever browsed through the cheese cases at Costco? I picked up a block of Kirkland Signature Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and noticed on the back of the package that it is specially selected by Formaggi Zanetti, a company in Italy. While all Costco cheeses are not imported, this is a great deal for cheese that is cut and packed in Italy, aged for over 24 months, and sold for just $10.99/lb!

name brands sometimes make costco items, like this Kirkland Signature gourmet cheese

7. Bumble Bee vs. Kirkland Signature Tuna

name brands sometimes make costco items, like this Costco's tuna

If you’re a fan of tuna, the Kirkland Signature White Albacore Tuna is supplied by Bumble Bee Foods and sells for roughly 25¢ per ounce, whereas the 5oz cans of Bumble Bee Solid White Albacore Canned Tuna sell for $1.59 per can (= 32¢ per ounce) at your local Target. Pocket the savings!

8. Pureology vs. Kirkland Signature Moisture Haircare

name brands sometimes make costco items, like this Kirkland Signature haircare

If you’re looking to save on hair care products, consider grabbing these large bottles of Kirkland Signature Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner at Costco. A 33.8 fl oz bottle of shampoo regularly sells for around $9.99 and the matching conditioner sells for just $7.49. This product smells amazing, is sulfate free, paraben free, and color safe. And, rumor has it that this product is actually made by Pureology!

As a price comparison, a single 33.8oz bottle of Pureology Hydrate Shampoo alone sells for $68 at Ulta Beauty stores. That means you can grab serious savings by purchasing hair products at Costco!

9. Grey Goose vs. Kirkland Signature Vodka

name brands sometimes make costco items, like this kirkland liquor

Buy liquor? A salesperson at my local Costco told me that many of the Kirkland Signature liquors are made in the same warehouse/region as their name-brand counterpart. For instance, the Kirkland Signature Vodka is actually bottled in the warehouse across the street from Grey Goose Vodka, in their old production building and using their same equipment! No wonder it tastes very similar!

You can grab a 1.75L bottle of Kirkland Signature French Vodka for just $19.99, whereas a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka sells for $47.99 per 1.75L bottle at Costco – and even more elsewhere!

Note that not all Costco stores or their Liquor Departments have a liquor license to sell Kirkland Signature branded alcohol, so consider calling your local Costco store before making a special trip.

name brands sometimes make costco items, like Kirkland Signature's wine

Also, Costco offers fantastic prices on wine! For instance, this 750mL bottle of Kirkland Signature Friuli Grave Pinot Grigio regularly costs just $5.99 and sells for $10-$15 per bottle at wine stores.

Costco store front at night

We also think these Costco items are worth every penny!

Now, not all Costco brand items are made by name brands, but their superior quality attests that they may as well be! In some cases, their prices and quality even out-perform household name brands. Here are just a few other Costco brand items we love that you won’t find anywhere else.

1. Women’s Athletic Clothing

name brands sometimes make costco items, like these Tuff Athletics leggings, which are similar to Lululemon

Rumor has it that the Kirkland Signature and Tuff Athletics leggings are identical quality as Lululemon. I tested out the Tuff Athletics brand and found the quality to be very similar to the prestige brand. With the same logo placement, as well as thick Lycra spandex fabric and an additional rear key pocket with a zipper, you can’t beat the quality for under $17!

2. Charisma Bath Towels

Costco Charisma bath towels

There’s no better feeling than stepping out of a long hot shower and wrapping yourself in a soft, absorbent towel. 🤩 And Costco’s Charisma 100% HygroCotton Soft Bath Towels do just that!

Regularly priced at just $7.99 each (they often go on Instant Savings for just $5.99), these 30″ x 58″ towels have a special weave that enhances the softness, so they get softer with every wash (be sure to wash these towels a couple times before using them to avoid the fuzzies).

Plus, they’re made with hollow core cotton technology that makes them super absorbent. And, with the Spot Stop color protection, you don’t have to worry about your towels getting discolored from common cosmetic ingredients in acne lotions and dental whiteners. How awesome is that?! 🙌🏻

And, if you love these bath towels, you’ll likely love their bed sheets and blankets, too!

3. Kirkland Signature Nut & Granola Bars

name brands sometimes make costco items, like these Kirkland Signature nut bars

We go nuts about Costco’s Kirkland Signature Nut Bars! They are almost identical to the popular KIND bars but for a fraction of the cost! A 30ct box of Costco’s Nut Bars regularly sell for $17.49 (= 58¢ per bar), and a 20ct box of KIND Bars sell for $18.99 (= 95¢ per bar). That’s huge savings!

name brands sometimes make costco items, like these Kirkland Signature granola bars

And if you’re looking for granola bars that taste just as good as Quaker, be on the lookout for Kirkland Signature’s Soft & Chewy Granola Bars (in club only). You can pick up a 64ct box for $7.99 (= 12¢/bar) and they’re the perfect size for lunches (a tad smaller). Plus, I love that they’re made with NO artificial flavors or colors!

4. Kirkland Signature Paper Towels

name brands sometimes make costco items, like these Kirkland Signature paper towels

One of the products I love to grab while shopping at Costco are their Kirkland Signature Create-a-Size 2-ply Paper Towels with 160 sheets per roll. The Kirkland brand regularly sells for around $1.53 per 100 square feet, whereas the Bounty Advanced Paper Towels sell for $2.63 per 100 square feet.

Although you may be able to find cheaper prices on paper towels at other stores during a sale and/or with coupons, we think these Kirkland Signature Paper Towels are more absorbent!

Need toilet paper, too? Before grabbing a package that seems like it’s the best deal, be sure to check out our tips on how to calculate toilet paper price points.

5. Kirkland Signature Wipes

name brands sometimes make costco items, like these Costco baby wipes

If you’re a fan of Costco’s diapers, you’ll likely love the Kirkland Signature Ultra Soft Baby Wipes! In fact, all of their wet wipes (including disinfectant wipes and face wipes) are made with Tencel, an ultra-soft and smooth fiber derived from 100% plant-based materials using a manufacturing process that effectively reuses and recaptures resources such as water! Plus, they’re made in the U.S.A!

6. Kirkland Signature Gasoline

name brands sometimes make costco items, like this Kirkland Signature Gasoline

Despite the myth that generic, off-brand gasoline is weaker, it is actually just as effective as stations like Shell, Chevron or ExxonMobil, since ALL fuel (including unbranded fuel!) must meet certain regulatory guidelines for RVP, ethanol percentage, octane, and more.

And since Costco sells only TOP TIER detergent gasoline (the fuel recommended by dealerships and manufacturers), it cleans your engine with every fill-up.

Plus, the average gas price at Costco is over 20¢ per gallon lower than its competitors! In fact, in this Oil Price Information Service survey, Costco beat out major gas chains (as well as warehouse rivals such as Sam’s Club and BJ’s) to rank as the #1 cheapest place to buy gas in the US.

Other Kirkland Signature dupes that Hip2Save readers love:

  • Kirkland Signature Hazelnut Spread vs. Nutella
  • Kirkland Signature Baby Formula vs. Similac
  • Kirkland Signature Sparkling Water vs. LaCroix
  • Kirkland Signature Tortilla Strips vs. Mission
  • Kirkland Signature Real Mayonnaise vs. Hellmann’s
  • Kirkland Signature Rotisserie Chicken vs. Any Store Brand
  • Kirkland Signature Cage Free Eggs vs. Any Store Brand
  • Kirkland Signature Laundry Detergent vs. Tide
  • Kirkland Signature Kitchen Trash Bags vs. Hefty
  • Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue vs. Charmin
  • Kirkland Signature Triple Action Joint Pills vs. Move Free
  • and MANY others!

Note that this is not a comprehensive list of all Kirkland Signature items – just some of the most popular items. Also, keep in mind that Costco’s inventory changes often and prices may vary by region and warehouse. Visit your local warehouse for product pricing and details.

Now it’s your turn! Which Costco products are your favorite?

We also love Costco’s amazing food court menu!

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Comments 80

  1. Jessica

    What a fun article! Can y’all do Sam’s Club’s Member’s Mark Brand next?!

    • Faith

      They have done a Sam’s one already

      • Jessica

        That’s great, I can’t find it though. Would you mind linking it?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for the feedback and the suggestion, Jessica! I’ll be sure to pass that along to the team!

  2. stephaniekeefer

    Thank you!!!! My hubby only wants name brand batteries but this is ammo to buy Kirkland! Awesome!!!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh good! You’re so very welcome!

    • Lisa

      I didn’t think the Kirkland batteries were that great. They didn’t seem to last long at all 😞

      • Maggie

        The Kirkland batteries suck — they leak WAY worse than the name brand. Even if made by Duracell, they’re not the same quality. Wait and stock up on Duracells at Office Depot when they’re free after rebates.

        • Lo

          I’ve heard (other deal sites)Duracell leaks so it makes sense Kirkland would if made by Duracell.

          • Dennis Wenger

            Try the Anker Brand. They claim a 10 tear shelf life and to be totally sealed to not leak. Its too soon for me to verify that, but my electronics have been affected by both of these brands and the Rabbit leaked worse.

      • Tony Harton

        Kirkland batteries definitely is not as good as Duracell. They die faster and leak in almost all of them. They destroy the equipment as a result and costing you much more money at the end. I took many pictures I wish I could post here.

        • Rae

          The only. Thing I buy batteries for is kids toys and I am not paying more for a battery than the actual toy cost.

  3. Hilary

    We think that gas from Costco lasts longer than other places, we just seem to be able to drive longer on the same amount of gas. We love the organic salad kits, cooking oils, milk, cheese, yogurt, we seem to get really good deals on the dairy.

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      That’s awesome, Hilary! I love their dairy products, too!

      • Josh

        I work for an Oil Refinery that supplies gasoline to a few Costco’s in the area. Really the only difference between the gasoline sold at Costco and other stations is the additives that are mixed with the gas. When a truck is loading the driver enters information that lets the system know what additive to include in that specific load of gas. Costco does not buy from one specific refiner to supply all of their stations, but the supplier must be able to supply the correct additive package to the gasoline. As for the Octane rating, if your car or truck does not require premium (92 octane) do not use it. your spending extra for no benefit and could actually leave carbon deposits in the engine from the gas not completely burning. High-performance engines usually run high compression engines and require the extra octane to prevent detonation in the engine. 1 exception that I have heard of is if you can find a station that sells premium without ethanol it is better to use in your garden tractors and small engines. where the automotive side is designed to run gas with ethanol.

    • Quod Vox

      Costco gas definitely doesn’t provide better fuel economy, especially not in the United states where gasoline is carefully regulated. It’s certainly perfectly fine gas where detergents are concerned, but then again, almost all gas is. Unless your car is sitting for extended periods, or a vintage model, the ethanol content, and it’s corrosive nature, is totally irrelevant. The only difference where fuel economy can occur with gas is with regards to octane with high-compression engine designs. Modern performance vehicles of the past fifteen years usually have enough computers in them to de-tune high performance motors via the ECU to prevent damage from using too low of an octane, but can experience a miniscule loss in efficiency, or a minor loss in power output. The de-tuning is a byproduct of the engine running more conservatively to prevent knock and pings. Higher octane fuel is simply more resistant to pre-ignition as they’re closer to a pure hydrocarbon. Modern performance cars are effectively quasi-“flex fuel” vehicles. But for the rest of cars, octane ratings don’t matter at all. In fact, lower octane fuel contains more theoretical chemical energy. So it’s conceivable that cars with less performant motor designs see minor regressions from high octane fuel. The myth that high octane fuels burn hotter and clean out deposits is a myth from when E10 was being introduced since the ethyl alcohol does burn hotter on its own. Any way you look at it, Costco gas does not provide a tangible benefit for engine wear or fuel efficiency, as the matter of fuel octane is totally unrelated to brand, and a non-issue in most cases regardless. All that being said, if you already have a membership, Costco gas can be substantially cheaper, especially in places with higher fuel prices. As long as there is a Costco that isn’t too far out of the way, almost everyone should find that the annual membership more than pays for itself just with gas savings. But don’t believe any claims about “better gas” in the U.S.. That’s all snake oil.

    • nikis22

      Thanks for the info!

  4. Stacey

    My son has to take Miralax daily for constipation and I can get 2 huge bottles of Kirkland brand for the same price as 1 in any other local store for name brand Miralax and it works the same. Same as many other allergy meds including Flonase, Zyrtec, ect. Love the savings on generic meds.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      SWEET! Thanks a ton for sharing your experience with us, Stacey! SO glad to hear how well the store brands have worked!

    • Smellyann

      GREAT to know, Stacey, since I have to take all of those meds And then some, too. Thanks!! 😍💉💊🧪

    • snezhinka

      There is no difference in generic medicines no matter where you buy them. Costco is just one of them.

    • Dennis Wenger

      Compare “Good Sense Clear Lax” on the ‘Zon. Same product.

  5. Sekia Goliday

    Costco brand organic orange juice is the best!

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Great to know, Sekia! I’ll have to try that next time!

  6. DJ

    Sent hubby to get the Kirkland mouth wash, he was told they no longer carry it. It was as good as the brand names. I now have to go buy Listerene.

  7. Linda

    We just returned from Kauai, HI, and the gas at Costco was 70cents less per gallon(!) than the other gas stations in the area. Also, the food at the Costco concession stand was priced similar to the mainland, and had more menu selections. With Hawaii being so expensive, eating a few meals at Costco really helped to keep costs down.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Wow! I had not thought about that, but it’s a great idea for Hawaii!

      • lindadlf

        We also rented a car thru Costco at significant savings compared to other sites, and they included a second driver free.

    • Gg

      Thanks I’ll be going back in March this is really helpful

    • jenn

      We also got gas at Costco while in Hawaii, lol. Where we were (Kona) it was like 50 cents cheaper at the time!

    • stampinfraulein

      When we were in Kauai this spring with a big family group we bought several pizzas through the concession stand and it fed us all for SO little money! You can even call ahead on the way home from the beach to order them and pick them up through the drive through (the concession is outside there). So cost effective, so convenient!

      We had hoped to take advantage of the big gas savings (gas is expensive on Kauai) but the Costco gas pumps close pretty early in the evening, so take that into account.

    • Katie

      We ALWAYS load up at Costco when I’m deals on the island!

  8. suz

    I learned from Costco today that their Kirkland fruit snacks rotate with the Welch’s fruit snacks. I haven’t seen it on the shelf for a few months which is a bummer bc my kids prefer the Kirkland ones (and so do I!!).

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      So interesting! Hopefully they’ll bring them back soon!?

  9. krystal

    Thank you SO much! I LOVE pureology hair products but now with 4 kids I just cannot afford it. I’m going to run out and try Kirkland’s shampoo and conditioner, I already favor their other products like paper towels and diapers but never thought to try hair care products. We also use their allergy medication, my husband has to take daily allergy relief pill and we get a whole year for less then $10

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      You are so welcome and I hope you love their hair line, krystal!

    • lisa

      I’m not sure how it compares to Pureology (I’ve never tried it), but I really like the Kirkland moisture shampoo and conditioner! My naturally curly hair feels/looks healthy and I never have a dry itchy scalp in the harsh norther winters anymore.

    • Sharon

      Love the Kirkland shampoo and conditioner…only kind I use now…my daughters now buy it for their family

  10. Heidi

    Has anybody else noticed a change in the Kirkland toilet paper? The last batch I bought about 3 weeks ago is more like a one ply, it’s awful. Wondering if I just got a bad batch, or if they changed it. I’ve been buying it for years and loved it, but I’m afraid to buy it again!

    • Beth

      Yes 😕 same here! I thought it was just me. 😆

    • Baily

      Agreed! I noticed a difference also 🙁

    • Danae

      Yep same here 🙁 Pretty sure they changed it. Won’t be buying it anymore. Will just have to wait for instant savings on another brand I guess.

    • Shannon

      Yes it feels different! I got used to it but that first roll….🙅🏻‍♀️

    • Inge Csenger

      Yes I noticed that too, I bought it twice and it was not the same like before, I will not buy it anymore

    • Mary

      Yes, I was really disappointed with the pack that I bought. Sam’s Club toilet paper is so much better!

  11. Quynh

    I bought their toilet paper and happy with the quality. Also, soymilk, almond milk, liquid dish soap are very good too. My kids like Kirkland soymilk and I prefer their almond milk so we dont buy Silk or Almond Breeze anymore.

  12. KOneJ

    The laundry detergent is definitely up there in quality with Tide. It’s one of those products where brand does actually matter these days. Both do a decent job at stain removal. But the mayonnaise isn’t really comparable with Hellman’s. Besides, if you want good mayonnaise, you’re so much better off making it yourself. It’s really easy, and there’s simply no comparison with store-bought mayo.

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      I bet home-made mayo is great!

  13. ellen

    I love the dish washing liquid. It smells nice and gets the baby bottles really clean without using a ton. Handwashing got much easier when we switched from Dawn to kirkland.

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Great to know!

  14. Elaine

    Their chocolate chips are waaaay better than Toll House. But they only seem to stock them during the holidays. Will stock up this year when I see them .

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Ohhhh I’ll definitely look for those around the holidays! 😋 Thanks!

  15. Lissa C

    I wish I had a Costco near me… can you do this artice for BJ’s? 🙂

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for the suggestion, Lissa C! I’ll pass this on to the team!

  16. Maria

    I am an avid Costco shopper, I go once a week. I have several pairs of their leggings and Tuff brand. While they are decent leggings/ yoga pants and I wear them on a regular basis, they are not Lululemon.

  17. John De Carrier

    What brand is the equivalent to your Kirkland American Cheese? This is for a child with Autism

  18. jenniferroberts

    I’m curious how the prices compare with Aldi. Specifically for paper products. What do you think?

    • Pao

      I shop at both, Aldi and Costco. You have to be familiar with both stores as there are things that are cheaper at each. In general, quality seems to be better at Costco though. I get nuts, paper products, spices, oats, baking products, and some cheese at Costco. I get produce, eggs, and some cheese at Aldi.
      And milk is more affordable at Trader Joe’s. Luckily I have them all very close to my house so I can shop around, usually one store a week

  19. Maggie

    The right comparator for Kirkland Chicken & Rice is the Diamond Naturals Chicken & Rice, which sells for $35 on Chewy. It’s also nearly identical to Tractor Supply’s 4Health (also made by Diamond). You can rotate through the chicken & rice in any of those labels (Kirkland, 4Health, DN) without the dog even noticing as they have the same ingredients. The Nature’s Domain compares to grain-free — either DN or even Taste of the Wild (which is also made by Diamond).

    • Sallys

      I noticed the chicken and rice with vegetables should not compare to the grain free. Good information about the tractor supply brand. It is close to me and costco is not so I am going to give it a try.

  20. MJ

    Thanks so much for posting! I just bought the dog food and will compare with my subscribe and save that is coming from amazon by diamond. What a huge savings! I was hesitant to purchase their dog food or “feed” as some people call it that I learned from another post here 😉 but blended with some of his last dog food, he ate it last night and seemed fine with it. He has been picky over some other brands.

  21. C

    Sometimes brand names will produce identical or near identical products and slap a generic brand on it … however, more often than not they simply produce the product for the generic brand to the generic specs- they have the extra factory space and the generic brand saves overhead costs.., so it’s a win-win

    • Parla4

      I have a friend whose husband was an electrician. He did a job at a flour processing plant once and was told the main difference between the name brands and the generics (they processed for both) is that the name brands were sifted more meaning there are less bug parts in name brands. I’ve bought name brand flour ever since! LOL!

      • C

        LOL! but now they make some flour out of crickets!

  22. shop4mybabies

    only tuna fish we will eat. best towels ever. I used to love Kirkland paper towels, but they have changed them and now too thin and too soft. I prefer Bounty again.

  23. Jan

    My Costco stocks chocolate chips all year round best chips.

  24. Rita

    We LOVE Costco’s/Kirkland’s vodka, diapers, wipes, paper towel, batteries, gas, clothing, etc… We love Costco!

  25. Jeangirl

    COSTCO GAS!! I always feel safe stopping filling up there because there is always an attendant!!

  26. Elizabeth Miller

    Hi!! Do you have any idea how to contact Kirkland about an issue with one of their products? (Specifically, they’ve changed the opening mechanism on their soy milk and it is quite difficult to use.). Thanks?

    • snezhinka

      That’s the difference right there – if you have an issue with a generic product you’re basically on your own unless the store backs you up, of course.

    • Beth dyer

      Has Anyone tried the new just remade kirkland diapers ? Are they still like huggies ???

  27. Karen

    I love most Kirkland Signature products! Living on Maui, it’s a struggle to find what you need in the stores sometimes (empty shelves) but Costco stays well stocked. The most impactful product is the gasoline. Before the Costco gas station opened, our gas was around $4/gal minimum. Now we can get gas at Costco at least $1/gal CHEAPER than anywhere else! Granted, we have very long lines all day, but it’s well worth it. Thank you Costco!!

  28. Beth dyer

    Has Anyone tried the new just remade kirkland diapers ? Are they still like huggies ???

    • D Jones

      I was just visiting my daughter and 6 month old grandson. My daughter commented on how she loved the Kirkland diapers-says they are very absorbent and compares them to Huggies. She was given a box of Sam’s Club diapers and tried to return them because she was not at all happy with them. According to her they are not near as absorbent as the Kirkland and not good for nighttime use. In the morning the baby’s sleeper is wet due to the diaper being so saturated. Not a problem with Kirkland (or Huggies) diapers. I agree. When I put the sam’s club diapers on him I thought the quality wasn’t the same. Sounds weird to say about a diaper but they just seemed “flimsy”.

  29. E. Mercer

    Which company made the Kirkland mill bath soap? Costco discontinued carrying it because of fragence issues.
    Would like to buy it again since the soap bars last much longer than any other bar of soap.

  30. Barbara Schultz

    Does anyone know who manufactures Kirkland Organic Multi Vitamin?

  31. Sungodess

    Why does Costco not offer a reduced membership rate for seniors? Would consider that but not at what their cost is now.

    • Duane Lewin

      Not that much different from Sam’s club and the quality is much better.

  32. Katie

    I love Costco for my big family! But NO thanks to their baby wipes, I wish they hadn’t pushed out selling the Huggies Natural brand. After surviving through a whole case of their Kirkland baby wipes, we are done. I now wait for deals on Amazon or Target to stock up on Huggies wipes at a great price. Also, the Up and Up Target Brand diapers (made by Pampers) are cheaper than Kirkland diapers as long as you shop their sales …plus no scent!!

  33. Vicky

    My favorite Costco item is their Visa card. Great rewards so it pays for my membership plus lots more. We use it for as much as we can and pay the balance monthly. No annual fees. Another great benefit of the card is the additional extended warranty offered. We bought our appliances through Costco, used the card for an additional amount back and now have years added to the warranty as well.

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