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I Changed My Life in Just 5 Seconds!

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Erica is not a fan of her alarm clock

Hey all! It’s Erica, one of Collin’s Sidekicks!

In my free time, I LOVE to read. I just love saying that because (to be honest), until I hit 30, that was never the case!

Self-help books are my favorite! I love anything that can teach/help me make the most of myself! That’s why I became obsessed with Mel Robbins when she wrote The 5 Second Rule. She helps you conquer life struggles by teaching a very simple technique that takes just five seconds.

changed life 5 seconds – closeup of a page with strikethrough on the writing

The 5 Second Rule teaches you to become more confident, increase productivity, have a powerful mindset, conquer anxiety, and MORE! It’s so good and it’s such an easy read – which is a total must for me. I mean, Mel Robbins’ overall quote from this book is…

“If you can count to 5, you can change your life.”

Easy, right!?

You guys, this book has changed my life! I never really thought about it before reading the book, but I had one particular addiction that I’ve been fighting all my life. And I fixed it in just 5 seconds.


changed life 5 seconds – closeup of Erica's alarm clock settings on her phone

It wasn’t alcohol, drugs, or coffee! 🚫

Listen, I was straight up addicted to pressing snooze on my alarm clock and setting too many alarms back to back. And this problem was not just something that was happening every once in a while. This was how I started my day, every single day, leaving me completely bogged down and exhausted.

I would set TONS OF ALARMS. 6:00, 6:04. 6:13, 6:28… and the list goes on. Anyone else do that? 🙋🏽‍♀️

I realized that this was a BIG problem when I attended the Hip2Save Retreat about a year ago and got paired to share a bed with Collin Morgan. Yep… that’s the big boss lady here at Hip2Save!

Side note, I set my alarm clock every morning because I’m not one of those people with an internal alarm who just wakes up. Actually, my brain can’t even understand such a thing. 😳

I set my alarm, motivated about how I was going to get up after the FIRST ring. I really thought this was going to work out great because – after all – I didn’t want to wake up the person next to me (aka the sleeping boss).

Welp, it didn’t work. Oh my goodness… I couldn’t believe it didn’t work! I pressed snooze again and again. It was when Collin looked over at me (I was still half-asleep) and said, “I’m not really understanding the concept behind what you’re doing and what the point is with hearing continuous sounds going off periodically for over 30 minutes?” OOPS! 😬

A lot of the times, I honestly didn’t even remember doing it. I just got so used to it, it was a part of my life.

The 5 Second Rule

Either YOU run the day, or the day runs YOU!

Just like any other addiction, when the first alarm went off every day, I convinced myself I needed two more minutes and that today wasn’t a good day to get up after the first ring (maybe tomorrow would be a better day to grab hold of my life and be in control).

Or I would convince myself that what I needed to do that day (the whole reason I set the alarm) just didn’t need to be done at all.

It’s like I was a different person in the morning – not like the motivated, positive person I was at night when I was setting my alarm clock to wake up early to go workout, get some work in, catch up on motherly chores before the littles got up, etc.

changed life 5 seconds – closeup of a page in the book with lines through excuses

Have you ever gotten a full night’s rest, pressed snooze, and felt completely exhausted in the morning? There’s actually a neurological reason for that!

We all know we need sleep. It’s a necessity. But what many of you may not know (and what I didn’t know) is that HOW you wake up is just as important as your needed sleep. When you hit the snooze button, there’s a negative impact on the brain function and productivity that can last for up to FOUR HOURS.

We sleep in cycles that take 90-110 minutes to complete. About two hours before it’s time to wake up, these cycles end and your body prepares for wake up. When your alarm rings, your body IS in wake up mode. If you hit snooze and go back to sleep, you force your brain to start these sleep cycles all over again, and NOTHING can stop this cycle from happening.

What does that mean? That means once you eventually get up and go about your day, your brain is essentially still sleeping, leaving you unproductive and making it really hard to focus. This is why you feel so groggy – because you chose to hit the snooze button, not because you didn’t get enough sleep.

I really had a serious problem pressing snooze that truly was so bad for my brain and I didn’t even know it. I had no idea that every day when I pressed that button, I sent my brain back into a sleep cycle and then later felt GROGGY – Every. Single. Day.

changed life 5 seconds – Erica holding the 5-second rule book and her alarm clock, smiling

TODAY I set ONE alarm! When the alarm rings, I get up. THE END.

Oh, and an added tip that helps me tremendously: I keep my phone alarm charged in my master bathroom now (not next to my bed). This way, I’m forced to get up and go to the bathroom to turn off. Then, I turn a dim light on and I brush my teeth with my left hand. (No, I’m not a lefty – but this really helps my brain wake up!)

Try it.

I’ve never had a more positive outlook on the day! And, I learned something about myself… I’m a morning person! I absolutely LOVE the mornings now. In fact, I now often wake up at 4 am, workout, and can be at work by 6:30 am – with only ONE alarm that goes off that morning. And that is HUGE for me! 🙌

changed life 5 seconds – closeup of the book The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins on the bed

You’ll either find a way, or you’ll find an excuse!

I highly recommend this book – and not only for those who have trouble waking up in the morning. This book teaches you so much and it’s so motivating in TONS of areas. This is just one way it has helped me!

If you’re interested in this book, don’t just grab the Kindle version. Buy this hard copy and hand it to someone else who can benefit from it when you’re done! I’ve been able to pass this book around to a good handful of people already – including my brother and close friend who have been helped with completely different struggles.

This is not a sponsored post and the author has no clue I’m raving about her book. I just wanted to share a purchase I’ve been so happy I made. Hopefully, it’s helpful if you’re in the market for a really good self-help book, too.

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Comments 38

  1. Natalie

    I read this too. Use it a lot! It’s amazing!

    • Erica (Silly Sidekick)

      Awesome Natalie! So great to hear that! ❤️

  2. Glenna

    I heard her talk on this. Loved it!!
    I want to get the book😊

    • Erica (Silly Sidekick)

      LUCKY!! That is so awesome, I would love to see her live!

  3. Tia

    I highly recommend this book! It’s seriously life changing!!

    • Erica (Silly Sidekick)


  4. Yolanda

    I was just like you were, pressing the snooze over and over, day after day. I saw one of Mel’s YouTube clips about this a little while back. I decided to give it a try. I realized a few things…
    1. Going back to sleep after the alarm actually made me more tired, and it was harder to get up, than just getting up on the first alarm.
    2. It doesn’t matter that I don’t feel like getting up. Once I’m up and going the sleepiness quickly goes away.

    • Erica (Silly Sidekick)

      YES!! So true!! So happy it helped you too Yolanda!

  5. Jennine

    Awesome!! Thanks, I just downloaded the audiobook FREE through the library app hoopla. Take advance of yo library ya’ll! It’s there for reasons like this. They want you to be inspired 😉 thanks again!

    • Erica (Silly Sidekick)

      Awesome! You’re so welcome!

  6. ally

    Mel Robbins was a speaker at a work conference I attended earlier this year. She was amazing. Everything she said made so much sense!!

    • Erica (Silly Sidekick)

      That is awesome!!

  7. Harlow

    That picture though 😂 “someone turn off the da$& alarm it’s 4 am!!!” Lol lol rofl ( just playing) ; )

    • Erica (Silly Sidekick)

      LOL!!! 😉

  8. patricialavenz-goff

    I get up at the same time every day without an alarm. LOL I sleep in 2 hour increments all night long and have always gotten up at the same time every day even on weekends. Weird but that’s me. I have heard of people that set alarms but have never been one of them. My dad didn’t sleep well and it was hard to get him up every morning though so I know what you mean.

    • Erica (Silly Sidekick)

      Wow! That is so impressive to me to have an internal alarm clock! 🙂

  9. Sarah

    Thanks! Ordered mine!

    • Erica (Silly Sidekick)

      Awesome! You’re going to love it!

  10. Adam

    I’m going to have to give that a try. I have multiple alarm backups to by backup alarm. Really want a watch or bandaid type device that could give me a little jolt

    • Erica (Silly Sidekick)

      Yes – read the book! It will motivate you to change!

  11. Naomi

    I’m keeping the Kindle that I bought last month for myself and I’m giving the other one for my Mother!

    • Erica (Silly Sidekick)

      That’s great! Happy you are passing it along to your mother! ❤️

  12. Sera

    As someone who has constant (and diagnosed) sleep issues….

    Three things – The third is mega important!!!

    1) This book sounds amazing and I totally need to read it – thank you!

    2a) The website http:/ (yes you read that right: a .me address) – is pretty amazing! It helps do the math for you as to when to either go to bed or wake up, depending on which info you need and based on 90 minutes sleep cycles. I created a shortcut to it on my home screen of my phone.

    2b) In conjunction with that – using the app Sleep Cycle is pretty darn amazing. The whole theory is – you set your alarm for 6:30am. Then you set a window of say, 30 minutes. You place the phone on the bed face down next to you. This means if your phone’s accelerometer (the thing inside that tells the screen to flip orientation from vertical to horizontal when you move it) picks up on movement – it will wake you up with your alarm anytime within that window, the latest, at the time you set for the alarm to go off. Brilliant!

    So if at 6:05 you’re in a light sleep and your phone picks up on that movement, the alarm will go off. Waking up in a deep sleep (mid-sleep cycle) is often what makes us groggy. The app helps prevents that from happening! I’ve been using it since 2009-ish and it’s pretty fantastic. Note: they’ve changed their pricing since launching the app way back when, so l think you might have to pay monthly for this. If you really do struggle – I still highly recommend at least giving it a try!

    3) Crazy tip number 3: if you’re seriously exhausted and really just can’t seem to function on the level others do – get a sleep study!!!! My story (I’m 36 now): I’ve always been what seemed a tad more tired than others. I deal with some depression too since early teens – and docs always dismissed my exhaustion as, “well that’s a side effect of depression.”

    “But I’m not depressed!” I’d think, frustrated.

    Lo and behold, in 2009 (age 27) a nurse practitioner suggested a sleep study.

    “Why?” I literally asked aloud.

    “Because you’re always tired.”

    Me: OH. That does make sense.

    Turns out – no sleep apnea, no restless leg – I have NARCOLEPSY! I do not fall asleep randomly ever. Literally the only symptom I have is EDS – Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (an actual medical term not to be brushed off). Oh and insomnia. Yeah confusing, I know, but the two go go hand in hand.

    Apparently, in layman’s terms, my brain ‘malfunctions’ when I sleep and doesn’t go through the sleep cycles properly to provide “restful sleep.”

    Holy WHAT?!?!

    Knowing this has CHANGED. MY. LIFE.

    Pro tip: Do not discuss your tiredness concern in detail with your PCP except to get a referral to a sleep medicine specialist (do your research and tell them who is in-network that you want to see will be even better) – unless they’re really open-minded – you ultimately HAVE TO go to a sleep specialist.

    Don’t let them guess and try to handle it on their own by ordering tests or prescribing medicine.
    Don’t let them tell you “you’d have known by now.”

    Get the referral, and GO.

    In my 9-year journey, I promise you – sleep medicine is a new area of study (relatively) and most doctors know NOTHING about it.

    An example: I even had a PA last year at my PCP office suggest I get re-checked since it’s been 7 years since my dx.

    Ummm… narcolepsy doesn’t go away! Then on top of that, she ordered an at home sleep test – and that doesn’t even test for narcolepsy – just sleep apnea. 😣 I called and told them what study I needed (an in-facility, overnight study called a polysomnograph followed by an MSLT – or multiple sleep latency test).

    Clearly I was like 🙄😣😩, as I simply needed a script for the medication that saves my life.

    This, too, after they referred me to a neurologist who doesn’t even practice sleep medicine and couldn’t treat me. YES: That’s how bad it is. And they then tried referring me back to that SAME neurologist who doesn’t practice sleep medicine!

    Sleep medicine IS neurology. But not all neurologists practice sleep medicine and literally can’t treat you. I waited 2 months for that appointment for nothing. Lesson learned!

    When I FINALLY got to a Sleep Medicine Specialist with test from 2009 in hand, he said, “So you have narcolepsy.”

    I said, “yep.”

    He goes, “So you need medicine.”

    I said, “Yep!”

    Finally! All that to get my script filled for a DIAGNOSED, lifelong condition. That is how un-educated non-sleep specialists are on sleep medicine.

    It took almost a YEAR to get to the right doc (I’d moved to a new state) just to get the medicine I needed for a diagnosed condition.

    Clearly I’m mega passionate about this. Again, no clear cut symptoms. No falling asleep randomly into a plate of spaghetti or mid-convo as movies make it out to be. I’m just – TIRED. And there is a functional reason for it that cannot be helped without treatment.

    I know this is long but if you made it this far – it can’t hurt. I moved near an aunt and recognized her level of sleepiness as my own and basically MADE her go get a sleep study. Sure enough, she has restless leg syndrome that was wildly affecting her sleep. We brush these things off but if it interferes with your life and you have insurance (and I am so sorry for those who do not; I have been in that situation more than once) – just go. It can’t hurt. It might, in fact, as it did for me, just give you your life back.

    And go buy this book! 😉

    • Angela

      Thanks Sera! My husband is always sleepy and I never understood why and brushed it off. I always felt he was more tired than others. I’ll definitely be looking into a sleep specialist

      • Sera

        I wish you and him the best of luck!

    • Jill

      Would you mind emailing me? I would like to ask you a few more questions about your experience.
      Thank you!

      • Sera

        Done. 🙂

    • candicegpowell

      WOW! Thanks for spending the time to write this! I go to sleep tired; I wake up tired. I have lived tired my entire life. I will ask for a sleep study! BTW: What was the med you were finally given? I have tried everything!

  13. Jessica

    I have an internal clock. It just wants me to get up 90 minutes after I’m supposed to every morning. Haha.

    • Erica (Silly Sidekick)

      LOL!!! 🤣

    • tia in boise

      that’s awesome!

    • Sera

      This is great 😂

  14. Amber

    I had a fitness bracelet that had a sleep alarm on it. Say you wanted to wake up by 7am, you could set it to go off anytime between say 6-7am. It could sense movement and know when you weren’t in a deep sleep. It would then vibrate sometime in between so you could wake up easier.

    • Erica (Silly Sidekick)

      Wow… that is VERY interesting! Thanks for sharing Amber!

  15. Ashley

    Collins response cracked me up because it is soooo me. I don’t understand why anyone would ever hit snooze, I don’t want sounds yelling at me once let alone multiple times. I almost always wake up 5-10 minutes before my alarm. I feel groggy if it actually wakes me up. No snooze is something my partner had to get used to after I threatened to kill him with the alarm clock. 😐

    • Erica (Silly Sidekick)

      LOL – too funny Ashley!! My hubby definitely has some threats too! 😉

  16. Shelah

    I swear that you’ve just described my own (recovering) snooze addiction. (What’s crazy is I would set all the alarms and not even register hearing them half the time. Fortunately, my husband is a morning person, so he mostly would just tease me about all of them because he was already up, but it was obnoxious for him to have to hear that while getting ready most days.) It’s actually been getting better the past couple months because my job of 10 yrs closed down. Now that I don’t *have* to get up/stay up, I am and I’ve felt so much less groggy. I think there’s hope of me becoming a true morning person still. (I don’t know that I’ll ever have a working internal clock though. Oh how cool that must be…but I can keep taking more ownership in working with what I’ve got.) I will definitely be checking this book out. Thank you! ☺

    • Erica (Silly Sidekick)

      Great story Shelah! You’re so welcome! 🙂

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