Dairy Queen Has Cancelled Free Cone Day For 2021

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Woman holding out Dairy Queen Vanilla Cone outside

Wondering if DQ will offer up their annual free cone this year?

We’ve got the scoop on Dairy Queen’s Free Cone Day For 2021! Sadly, it’s not great news. Due to concerns regarding COVID-19, Dairy Queen recently announced that they have opted to cancel their annual event for the second year in a row.

An announcement was made on their Facebook page stating that this event tends to attract long lines and with the pandemic still looming, they have decided to err on the side of caution in an effort to protect both their customers and employees.

Hopefully, we’ll see the return of Free Cone Day next March. Until then, you can still enjoy delicious treats from DQ… just not for free. You can however take advantage of the latest coupons and deals to get the most bang for your buck!

ice cream cone with blue candy shell

Dairy Queen Free Cone Day, an annual fundraiser for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, is a day for everyone to score a free small vanilla cone – and no purchase is necessary to score the sweet freebie. Let’s cross our fingers it will happen again in 2022! 🤞

ice cream blizzard and colorful pinata

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Comments 36

  1. runnergirl838

    That’s too bad…could they had made this drive thru only?

    • Observant Mom

      Not all locations are drive-thru, not only that, that excludes a whole lot of people that don’t have cars. I wish this pandemic had taught more people to think about others, but sadly it doesn’t seem like it has.

      • Sparrowfly

        Observant mom, go get vaccinated and quit making excuses for a corporation who can’t find another creative way to give make a give away everyone can enjoy. Lol!

  2. annny

    Because no one is going to these restaurants now…::eyeroll:: I love all these contradictions.

    • Observant Mom

      I am sorry that cognitive capacity is lacking. Free cones for all would entice a lot more people to go to their stores on that day. They are being responsible and not attracting a crowd. I am sorry you are missing out on your free ice cream cone, but they are doing their part to reduce the spread of the virus. I applaud them for doing this.

      • faithanne

        The fact is cases are down 77% in the last six weeks. Why are they just now calling to wear double masks? Makes no sense. It’s because it’s not about health. It’s about control

    • MammaK

      Maybe not where you live but here in South Dakota we are open and the restaurants and stores are busy

  3. cathy-5

    Ok when does this pandemic ever end? How did the 1918-1920 pandemic end to where it became normal again ?That pandemic was far worse than this one today. And back then they didn’t have much media coverage than they do today. We are divided. Yes this covid is real. It’s been around for years, decades even just a different strand. So when do we say we are safe and go back to normal? Is the media the go ahead?

    • Ellie

      Unfortunately seems like it is. At least for the ones that chose to believe it. And the ones that don’t are constantly judged…

    • faithanne

      The fact is there will always be disease. Be responsible, but let us live our life! This is no longer about health, but about government control! The overall death rate is not any higher than the two previous years. It started with three weeks to flatten the curve… and here we are almost a year later!🤦‍♀️

  4. cathy-5

    Ellie and faithanne right I just want it to go back to normal. Before this pandemic started we have had many viruses before hand yet this is what we come up with wearing a mask and being a puppet. Yes I am responsible and wear one when I go out in public and at work it is required and mandatory. But when is it enough is enough? I will not be taking the shot. Something that they came up with very quickly, but yet they can’t come up with cures for other diseases we have out here. Only way I will take that shot is if it is required to go cruising. Hubby and I take a cruise each year. That’s the only way I’m having it in my body.

    • Notforus

      We’ve started to call it the fauci-ouchie…hahaha.

      • cathy-5


  5. op

    I am confused. If they are open for business, it is okay for them to handle the transactions when it’s a paid cone but it’s not okay when it’s a free cone? 😉

    • cathy-5

      Right?? I’m sure they can form a 6 ft apart line. We have a DQ here only open for icecream 8 months a year and they are only walk up outside under a metal carport they just put out for the customers just incase it rains

      • Sparrowfly

        Or do it like ihop is (in lieu of free pancake day) and offer a coupon good any time during the month. I’ll remember the companies who were stingy vs the ones who were creative.

  6. DQowner

    I can offer a little insight as a DQ franchise owner. I have 3 locations, soon to be 2. The restrictions have severely impacted our business. Our third store is closing because we are losing so much money, we cannot afford the rent any longer. Yes, we have been able to keep our drive thru open, but our lobby is limited to 30%. Our drive thru cannot handle 70% of our lobby business plus our regular drive thru customers. It is 1 register and we typically have all 4 registers going on free cone day. We would never be able to control the number of people coming into the lobby. It is not something i would want my employees even attempting. People are crazy for their free cone on a regular year. I cannot imagine what people would do if we wouldn’t let them in the door. From a financial standpoint point, we lose money on free cone day every single year. We literally net less than it costs to operate for the day. From a financial standpoint point and in consideration of everyone’s safety, it just doesn’t make sense.

    • desiree

      Appreciate the voice of reason. I see a lot of selfish ignorance and naivety in these comments. Comment sections like these make me want to unfollow the site all together knowing what the community it panders to is really like.

    • Sue

      I think it is up to the company to offer or not offer free cone day. Just say it like it is that it doesn’t make sense for them from the financial prospective as well as given the pandemic situation that the locations won’t be able to manage the crowd control. Or they can do more creative ways like giving a coupon in lieu of the free cone on one day, etc. if they really want to do something for the customers. But it is really up to the company. Just don’t use covid-19 as a reason for everything though.

  7. Bhump

    Although I too am a little disappointed about the cone day being cancelled, at the end of the day it’s just a $2-$3 ice cream cone. We are not entitled to anything and things go back to normal (whenever that will be), we’ll get the free cone day back…so no worries. If they had free cone day during this pandemic, the drive thru would be hammered so yeah, I guess I am glad they made the decision not to do this. Last year it was postponed and again, the same this year. I remember literally last year people still went to DW and brought ice cream regardless but the line around the drive theu was a bit long And Sure, it would’ve been great if they did something like Ihop and gave out free coupons, but they’re not entitled to do so. Enjoy cone day elsewhere and be safe.

  8. Evie

    I have quit using the store long ago. One of my friends made millions in the 80s when he owned 3 stores. Now most are foreign owned franchises. Most do not make $s because of franchise fees. I wonder what is in the product?
    Even when you buy ice cream in stores they dump lots of candy and other junk in.
    Makes it easy for me to eat healthy!

    • Ani

      Foreign owned? You mean fellow Americans that don’t look like you…what a dumb comment from you. Also stop going to anything because um, well 100% percent of what you do, eat, health related etc could be from someone different than you. Ugh ignorant

  9. Mary

    This website has always been a favorite, however these comments being allowed – I’m shocked.

    It’s gross. This site is better than conspiracy talk & arm chair experts. This is reading like QAnon & Parler.

    • Jen S

      My feeling exactly!!!

      • Uni

        Yes, exactly! Unacceptable for this site to not delete those comments. A free cone is like what? $3? Some commenters would make you think it’s worth thousands.

    • StephB

      Well, Mary. You are not the only one here and there are obviously other opinions besides yours. That’s just what makes the world go round. Interesting that some people are fine with ‘these kind of comments’ unless they differ from their own opinions. Crazy how that works. 😂😂

  10. Nell

    These comments are shameful, entitled, and at best misinformed. So sorry you can’t get your free ice cream cone that the company has been kind enough to offer in recent years. How will you ever survive?! And, yes, this pandemic is very real. I know people who have been affected on every level of the pandemic spectrum: healthy to symptomless to sick at home to hospitalized to dead. Consider yourself privileged to not have had to watch people you love truly suffer this year… If you can whine about missing out on a free cone, you obviously have nothing else to worry about.

    • DebJ

      Best post out of all of these!!!!!

  11. Amy

    Just a friendly reminder.. it’s okay to be friends with people who have different opinions than you. It’s also okay to frequent a website that allows comments from people who think differently than you.
    The biggest tragedy of 2020 is that we forgot how to love our neighbor. Our black neighbor, our white neighbor, our Asian neighbor, our gay neighbor, our Muslim neighbor, our Christian neighbor.. and the list goes on.
    Let’s hope people can set their differences aside in 2021 and come together, for many of us want the same thing and just have different ways of getting there.
    Be well, H2S community!

    • DebJ

      We didn’t forget our neighbors in 2020. I don’t know where you get your information from. People were there for each other and continue to be.

      • Amy

        I don’t need to get my information from anywhere to see division in the workplace, in the streets, and my own community overall. Information/facts can be obtained by observing firsthand and not necessarily by means of media in its various forms. My comment wasn’t meant to instigate drama- meant to remind others that the differences between us can make us beautiful, not bitter if we simply allow these differences to coincide with each other and understand all people can have differences and still be friends if we respect one another.

        • MammaK

          Well said

  12. everest716

    I’m sorry to hear you are losing one of your locations and that business has been tough. Hoping it gets better soon for you and your family and all the business owners out there.

  13. DQowner

    “Just say it like it is that it doesn’t make sense for them from the financial prospective as well as given the pandemic situation that the locations won’t be able to manage the crowd control.”

    That is exactly what I said in the last sentence.

    We are getting creative. We are donating over 1200 small blizzards (the ammount equal to what we give away in free cones) to our local hospitals to show our appreciation.

    • MammaK

      Thank you for giving back to your community in a very sweet way!

  14. acgold

    What everyone is forgetting and didn’t address is this is a fundraiser for Children’s Miracle Network. Hopefully they will still get a contribution from DQ corporate. Many charities have really suffered this ear as regular donors struggled and the need was so much greater. Many are lucky enough they can afford a small ice cream any day of the year.

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