Is a House Cleaning Service Worth the Money? Or Should I do it Myself?

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Our Hip team & readers weigh in on the pros and cons of hiring a cleaning person or service. 

Dishes piled in sink

Have you ever considered using a house cleaning service?

Everyone has their own opinion on the subject of hiring out help, so we asked our Hip2Save team & readers whether or not they have a cleaning person or service come to their home and if so, for what reasons. For some, the time and stress it frees up is totally worth the cost. On the other hand, some prefer to clean themselves and use the money elsewhere.

To help you make the best decision for yourself, we highlight the pros and cons of cleaning services below & we’re also sharing our thoughts on each point of view!

These are some reasons a house cleaning service may be a great choice for you!

Less time cleaning = more time to spend with family and friends.

woman using microfiber cloth to clean stainless steel faucet

Cleaning can take hours, sometimes even days, depending on the size and thoroughness desired for the task. While having a clean home is important, studies suggest family time should take priority. It’s simple — the less time you spend cleaning up after your family, the more time you have to enjoy their company.

And both our Hip team members and readers really cherish their family time!

how to reduce entitlement

Here’s what some of them think of the benefits:

“I have a bi-weekly cleaning service! I love it because it allows me to not worry about deep cleaning bathrooms, dusting blinds etc. All I do between cleanings is tidy up the house and surface clean. The amount of stress and time that I save (and spend doing things I love instead) is well worth the cost of a cleaner IMO.”  Bryn

“I also get my house cleaned bi-weekly! I have so many other things that I would prefer to do with my extra time that I think it’s totally worth the money. I also tidy up and surface clean in between when the cleaner comes but I really appreciate not having to do the grunt work myself.” -Angie

“For me, it’s 100% worth it! Your time is valuable too and there are only so many hours in a day, and your kids are only going to be young for a short while. Don’t waste valuable time doing things that won’t make memories for your family!” – Hip Reader Kelley

Hiring a house cleaning service is less stressful for the person who typically cleans.

Caddy with cleaning supplies

Studies have shown time and time again that cleaning responsibilities are major stressors in relationships. It’s so easy to slip into resentment if you feel like your partner isn’t pulling their weight when it comes to cleaning up, even if they’re helping around the house in other ways.

I’m personally one of those weirdos who finds cleaning therapeutic (just kidding, that’s actually super common 😆), but even I have days when I just don’t feel like it!

And whether you work in an office, work from home, or work for your family, not many people are excited about cleaning at the end of the day. Having a house cleaning service takes away the burden and stress of doing the job yourself.

Woman taking hand soap out of Mrs. Meyer's Cleaning Set

Some of our readers and Hip team members find that a house cleaning service is totally worth the expense!

“I am really particular, but a really good cleaning person can clean as well as me. I love that you can have them do as much or as little as you want. I am a stickler for clean baseboards – like OCD and that’s one thing I loved that my housekeeper did for me. If you have the extra money and are looking for a nice way to pamper yourself, a house cleaning service/person is the way to go. “ – Jen

“I have a lady that comes weekly, and it is the best thing ever. With full-time work, full-time homeschooling, and full-time mom-ing, it’s totally worth paying for the help. Plus, it doesn’t make me spend my whole day off work cleaning the house instead of taking my kids on adventures.” – Stacy

“I have someone come bi-weekly. Granted it’s messy again the day after they leave but at least I know the bathrooms and kitchen are all cleaned! I used to feel guilty about not cleaning it myself and paying someone but I’m so over that. Best money spent!” – Michelle

“Yes, yes, yes it’s worth it! Some people spend money on their hair and nails. I spend money to have someone sweep/mop floors and clean both bathrooms once a month. Worth every penny!” – Hip Reader Victoria

Using a house cleaning service may reduce friction between spouses.

Basket of laundry turned onto couch

Like we mentioned, dirty dishes can definitely escalate from an annoyance into something drastic–but they don’t have to! Having a house cleaning service makes “Whose turn is it to clean the toilet?” a thing of the past, since cleaning up after each other’s not-so-pleasant side can sometimes put a wedge in the relationship. It also frees up more quality time together!

Here’s what our team & readers think:

“It’s been a lifesaver for me, so I can focus on work and family time. I also kind of think it’s helped my marriage, LOL! My cleaners are worth every penny and have been with me for a couple of years. ❤️– Lina

We think our Hip Reader, Janet, said it best when she commented: “It’s cheaper than marriage therapy. We have someone come once a week and everyone is happy.”

We totally agree! 🤣

Cleaning can be physically demanding, so a house cleaning service may be necessary for some folks.

Dishes piled up in sink

I don’t know about you guys, but I work up a sweat when I’m scrubbing down my bathroom!

Even though I live in a small apartment, I still take 2-3 hours to really deep-clean the house once a week, and I can honestly say that it’s a workout. Lifting, scrubbing, reaching, and just the general movements we make while cleaning can be strenuous, and not everyone is physically able to do it.

One of our Hip readers made an excellent point:

“A house cleaning service is worth it to me. I have MS and can’t clean my whole house so I have someone come in every three weeks to really clean the house and then I can just maintain it between the cleanings.” – Hip Reader Laurie

On the other hand, you might agree with these reasons NOT to use a house cleaning service.

If you have to spend time preparing for the cleaning person, what’s the point?

man cleaning with odoban

It’s kind of like washing the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher (I know, we just can’t help ourselves 😅)—sometimes you have to clean before the cleaning person, well, cleans! During the time it takes to organize and prep your space, you may as well have done the full cleaning yourself.

Here’s what we think about it:

“I’ve hired some before for an occasional cleaning & have actually left a notebook-sized sheet of items I’d like done & not overlooked because no matter what, I was more thorough than they were & had to check on tasks they missed.” – Hip Reader Renee

cleaning a stove using diy granite cleaner

On the other hand, some may appreciate the extra incentive to keep their houses cleaner on the daily!

Here’s what my Hip teammate, Angela, said about that:

“I’m one of those people who cleans before the cleaning team comes! 🤣 I don’t want them to know we actually, like, live here. But it does keep me on track knowing they are coming. Day to day I always straighten up and make sure the sink is empty when I go to bed.” – Angela

Instead of paying for a house cleaning service, pocket the cash for other expenses.

Hand holding a rag with The Pink Stuff cleaner on stovetop

It’s definitely not cheap to hire out for a cleaning service, so think of what else you could be spending your money on! You could splurge on dinners out, fun activities, and even vacations! Does the value of the cleaning person measure up to what else you could be spending the money on?

Our readers and Hip team members weighed in on the costs vs. the benefits:

“I have never had a cleaning service. As great as the help sounds, I’m someone who would just rather do it on my own and if I know I’m capable of doing something, I want to do it and save the money simply because I’m too cheap to pay someone else to do it. 🤣 I’ve also learned quickly as a mom that my house will never be perfect so I’ve always been mindful to do at least a load of wash every day, not let dishes pile up, and clean areas of my home that need tending to as I go.”  – Sara

“We book a trip at an expensive resort around twice a year, sometimes three. It’s nice not to have to worry about deals or doing anything for yourself during those trips like fixing your own meals, finding transportation, etc. Getting something that is pretty much all-inclusive or close to it, is a great splurge feeling. 🙂”  – Hip Reader Angela

Hip Tip: To make cleaning a little easier, scoop up a container of The Pink Stuff cleaning paste! Our team is crazy about it–read our full review here!

You don’t have to worry about having a stranger in your home.

woman using microfiber cloth to clean stainless steel fridge

You’ll more than likely have a background check on the person who will be cleaning your home, but for some, the thought of an unknown person in the house can still be unsettling. Tackling the cleaning yourself allows you to rid yourself of those worries and know exactly what was cleaned.

Even if you totally trust the house cleaning service, it may still not be worth it to ya:

“We tried 3 different companies when my husband and I worked full time and really long hours… I always found myself pretty disappointed when I came home — it often felt like the bare minimum was done (they wouldn’t lift up the picture frames to dust, or they would focus on silly stuff like emptying the dishwasher, etc.) It just wasn’t worth the cost or hassle of having strangers in my home.” Hip Reader

best frugal cleaning tips

The two biggest reasons I’ve never used a house cleaning service are that I actually enjoy cleaning myself, but also, I’m kind of a private person. I’m not comfortable leaving just anyone alone in my place. It doesn’t even have anything to do with trusting a stranger… honestly I’d be way more worried that they’d find something embarrassing 🤣 and I’d rather not fuss over it!

Hip Tip: If you live in a smaller space, check out these super slim laundry baskets. They’re lifesavers for those of us who don’t have a ton of space to work with!

Sometimes it’s just as easy to do it yourself… or delegate the work to bored kids!

Bedroom with laundry on the floor

To some, like myself, cleaning is relaxing! If you enjoy doing the job yourself, why bother spending the money to hire it out? Get some self-care out of it by slathering on a face mask, turning up the tunes, and getting it done.

Some folks actually find it less stressful than using a house cleaning service!

“I don’t have a cleaning lady, but just taking a little time each day to do a few things saves tons of my free time! Also, if my kids say they’re bored, I stick a Swiffer duster or broom in their hands — that helps. 😉– Cass

“I actually enjoy cleaning! I have time to do it, which some might not, but I would spend 3 hours just getting ready for the cleaning person to come! Then I would have to leave the house so she could clean, which was annoying since I never knew when she was coming or leaving. I did not realize how much stress it was until I called it quits.” – Hip Reader Angie

Hip Tip: Save even more by making this DIY cleaning product!

House cleaning services don’t have to be all or nothing! It’s totally possible to skip out on the bi-weekly visits and only use ’em when you need to.

using reusable cleaning cloths

If you prefer to do the daily cleaning and save the professionals for when you could really use them, that’s definitely an option!

Some Hip team members and readers made some great points:

“I do not have a cleaning service considering I live alone meaning I’m the only one to make messes. 🤣 I would feel kind of guilty paying for one. My boyfriend is also obsessed with cleaning so my kitchen is always spotless after he comes around lol. I would, however, consider having a service come through if I were planning on hosting a bunch of people for an event, like a birthday party or holiday, since there’s already so much other work that goes into prepping, I wouldn’t want to worry about the cleaning portion.”  – Emily

“I don’t have a cleaning service. I never have. I do clean up as I go and get laundry done throughout the week. Sometimes the kids help out and other times my husband takes over like he did this past weekend to get most of it done. However, my house is small, so I could literally get a good clean done in just a couple of hours. If my house were bigger, I would reconsider for sure.” – Amber

“I have used a cleaning service a few times and have loved every bit of it. Wish I could use them all the time but I have only used them when I’ve moved in so they can get a real deep clean and before the holidays when I’ll have too much going on to do all the Clorox cleaning I would like. I have yet to be disappointed! Doing your research in finding a good company is key.” – Krystal

There’s really no way to say whether using a house cleaning service is worth the money since it totally depends on the individual and their priorities! For those of us who like cleaning, have small houses, and wanna save a little cash, it’s probably just as easy to do it ourselves.

But if you’re often on the go & would much rather spend your free time with your friends and fam, there’s no need to feel guilty about paying a little extra for a cleaning service! Time is money, after all. 🙃

So if you do decide to hire a cleaning person, here are a few last tips:

  • Shop around — Get the best deal and find someone you’ll feel comfortable having in your home.
  • Get background checks and reviews — Check sources like Nextdoor and Angi to find qualified and reputable help.
  • Agree on specific duties and expectations — Discuss how thorough you’d like the cleaning and how long the cleaning professional typically takes for each task. That way you have a defined plan and everyone is on the same page.
  • Get an in-home estimate — Trying to gauge a price over the phone simply doesn’t work, and most in-home estimates are free.
  • Ask about supplies — Does the service provide them, or will they be using your stash under the sink? Either way, it’s good to know upfront.
  • Ask if they’re green — See if they use environmentally-friendly cleaners if that’s a priority in your household. If they don’t by default, they may oblige if you’re able to supply them with your preferred supplies.

Check out our favorite frugal ways to stay clean and organized!

About the writer:

Emily obtained her Bachelor's degrees from Clarkson University with 5 years of content writing experience specializing in health, beauty, fashion, home, & living frugally.

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Comments 43

  1. Evie

    People are very busy! My friends who work from home hire a service and their homes are immaculate!
    Some do not find a clean home a priority!
    The cleaning service cannot make much of a difference unless they come every 2 weeks.
    I definately would use if I worked.

  2. msfrizzle

    My 19 yr old daughter cleans houses for $25/hour here in Kansas…just to give you an idea.

    • ReneeAnn

      That’s what I make per hour with a Master’s degree I got 15 years ago. I know cleaning can be exhausting work but sometimes I think I should have just skipped college and done something like clean houses.

      • Sandy

        I graduated with a STEM bachelors 15± years ago and was making $25 right off the bat. Sometimes it just depends on you degree.

        • Donica2013


          • Sandy

            Not sure why/how it is rude to state my own personal experience which is different from the other posters.

      • msfrizzle

        lol, I know right? My husband has his pension from his first 20yr job, but his second job now is only $21/hr

      • Animity

        This is why higher education needs and overhaul!

  3. breanna-2

    As a mom of 5 kids and two dogs cleaning is an every day occurrence. That being said I try to stick to a cleaning and Laundry schedule that way nothing piles up. I also value teaching the kids how to keep a clean house. Each child has one daily chore outside of keeping their room clean. Our house definitely isn’t magazine perfect and I wouldn’t want it to be because we live here. To contrast my mom had a bi-weekly cleaning service when I was a kid. I never had to clean the house. When I grew up and married I truly didn’t know how to clean the house. I had to learn basic tidy and cleaning techniques to keep a house clean. So for me the idea of a cleaning service has negative memories. I want my kids to know how to keep a tidy house and if they choose to use a cleaning service later so be it but at least I have trained them the best I could on keeping a tidy home.

  4. heather_03

    Preference IMO, no right or wrong way. I work, have 2 kids & my husband works. We do all the house chores ourselves bc we prefer it that way. I don’t see a reason to budget for something we can take care of, but that is the best choice for us.

  5. Rachel

    I have cleaned homes for 27 years. Went back to school to become a nurse when the economy got bad in 2008. Let’s just say I make way more cleaning than I do as a nurse. So now I do both!

  6. Lana

    My thought is that it is silly to pay someone to do things like pick up dirty clothes and load the dishwasher. It is not a huge deal to make those things a habit. I also would not pay to have my laundry folded. I raised five kids and everyone had chores and we kept on top of things. Kids need to learn to help and be responsible for their own messes. Adults need to straighten up every night before bed and the house does not get piled with clutter. We are now empty nesters and retired. We take one day each week to get the house cleaned together and then we are free to do what ever we want the rest of the week. We only use green cleaners and I don’t want a service in my home loading up my house with toxic cleaners.

    • ToriSC

      Pick up laundry and load the dishwasher is a housekeeper not a cleaner. Cleaning the tracks of a shower door with a toothbrush is what the cleaner does.

      • Lana

        All of the pictures in this post are those tasks and not cleaning. So please explain that. No one I know who has a cleaning service gets that level of clean.

  7. Tara

    I am going back to work full time and considering hiring a house cleaner. I have no idea what it costs. I would love to know how much you pay and what chores the house cleaner takes care of for that price?

    • MommySpendsLess

      Me too! I’m sure it varies by region, house size, deep/catch-up cleaning vs. weekly surface cleaning, etc. but I’d love a ballpark so I know if it’s worth it to get estimates. I don’t mind cleaning 99% of my house (almost everyone who walks makes a statement like “your house is so clean!”) but I HATE cleaning the showers/bath tubs. I’d love to have someone come in once a month just to thoroughly clean the showers but I’d struggle to justify more than $80.

    • lau

      We use a bi-weekly cleaning person. She works independently (used to work with a company). I have a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath home (split level) with a basement, approximately 2,200 sq ft. She charges $120 w/o the basement and $140 with. She brings her own supplies. I have had cleaning help before who charged $100 for the same task. However, I think that was too low for them because the amount of time they were in my home decreased over time (thanks Ring). My current person stays for a little over 3 hours. I am on team hire a cleaning person but realize it is so personal. I hope this info helps- it is such an awkward thing talking about money!

      • MommySpendsLess

        That does help – thank you! Based on your response, I don’t think it would be unreasonable to think I could find someone for me needs, especially if they already had another house in the area they could do on the same day to make the drive worthwhile.

    • Melinda

      I’m in MN and pay $30 an hour. She cleans for 6 hours ( just once a month) and is able to do s very thorough job. She’s cleaning 4 beds and 4 bath, plus kitchen and living space in that time. Totally worth every penny to have a great clean once a month (and to not have to clean my son’s gross bathroom)

      • Melinda

        She also changes the kids bed sheets so I just have to throw the dirty ones in the wash and the kids fold them and put them aeay6

  8. cathy-6

    I used to have someone come in once a month to vacuum, mop, dust and clean the bathrooms. I loved it! She came on a Friday. It was SO nice to come home from work to a clean house! She used natural products and they smelled and worked great! Stopped the service when I stayed home with our son but it’s something I would do in the future.

  9. ToriSC

    I used to clean houses while I went to grad school and I can say it really falls on the client to speak up. If a client liked things done a certain way and told me so then I made sure I did it that way. Same thing with certain products. But if you don’t communicate your expectations then being disappointed is only your fault because they can’t magically read your mind. If they could then they wouldn’t be cleaning for a living. And if you are super particular then don’t hire a general service, hire a cleaner directly – one you can interview and have a discussion with.

  10. Lindsay

    My children are my cleaning service.

    • Observant Mom

      That is an awful thing to say.

      • faithanne

        No it’s not. It’s actually teaching them to be responsible adults!

  11. Kruiz528

    If you purge your belongings you’ll have less stuff to clean. You can also make your kids help. Daily cleaning and organizing habits for the whole family as well as minimal stuff makes keeping a clean house much easier.

  12. Gloria

    I have found hiring an individual to clean is much better than the services. The services do not do scrub cleaning – meaning they merely wipe stuff off. MEaning it doesn’t get clean. I also was surprised that the services only uses chemicals and no water to clean. Sounds unbelievable and gross. I was promised a laundry list when I called and scheduled and even left a list of items I wanted cleaned only to have my list tossed on top of a shelf. The cleaners complained about everything I wanted cleaned and even asked me to take out the trash. When I contacted the owner about appliances and a tub being left dirty – they said that was as far as they would clean.

  13. starfarm

    I do not have an opinion regarding the use of a house cleaning service but I have enjoyed the comments. Those of us here, I am assuming, love to save money, The comments are varied, intelligent and interesting. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts.

  14. Suzanne H

    We have a lovely couple that come every 2 weeks to clean for us. They do not do “every day” chores i.e. put away clutter, pick up things, laundry, dishes, etc. We (mostly me) do those every day. They do the deeper cleaning – taking the burners on the stovetop apart and cleaning it, cleaning the bathrooms, dusting, wiping off the tops of pictures, etc. It’s a good balance. I like a clean house but I honestly don’t have time to do everything + work. I wouldn’t have any free time/family time if I had to do 100% of the cleaning.

  15. Shellly

    I love great deals and saving money, but my life is very busy (first with a busy job and now with 2 kids) and I don’t enjoy deep cleaning. I clip and save coupons, but have had a maid service ever since I purchased my first house.

    At first I paid for someone to come once a month to do a deep clean only. Now I have someone come every other week. My house is pretty much picked up when she comes but she does deep clean, floors, changes sheets, etc. My house always looks amazing when she leaves and I love it. I have always had an individual person that try to build a relationship with. My house is about 2,200 SF, 4 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, 2 kids and 2 dogs, and I pay $130.

  16. Sarah

    A few years ago my husband and I just changed how we did things around the house and it was huge for how we clean. We just got more intentional which saves us a ton of time. A friend of mine has 3 kids and is always complaining about laundry lol I don’t really mind laundry anymore. I put a load every morning, switch it to the dryer before dinner, at night when the kids are falling asleep my husband and I fold laundry and talk about our day or talk about what needs to get done. When the laundry is done then we spend 20 minutes cleaning different things separately and we are done for the day. We just focus and get it done. We are our own cleaning crew lol

  17. shopster

    I’d love for someone do just do my windows and blinds! LOL

  18. Trina

    For those of you that clean yourselves…what are some tips on keeping the baseboards clean or what do you use (cleaners, accessories, etc)? I just can’t seem to keep up with maintaining these little boogers….uggggg!! I work a full time job, so ANY tips would be much appreciated!! TIA

    • Stacy F (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Bounce Dryer Sheets! Seriously. It’s the best at getting dust off and it keeps it off for longer.

      • Trina

        Thanks so much, Stacy! I will definitely have to try this!

    • Carly Lapp

      Just take the vacuum extension and vacuum them off once a month when you already have the vacuum out (or Swiffer Extended Duster when dusting for cobwebs works too). Once a year, wipe down with a damp rag.

      • Trina

        Thanks so much for your response, Carly! Great idea!

    • MommySpendsLess

      Like most cleaning tasks, doing it regularly makes it easy. I prefer using a broom on my tile floors between or before mopping because it gets in spots my stick vac can’t reach. A couple times a month I use the broom to dust the edge of the baseboards. For room with carpet, the vacuum works great as another poster said. If you dry dust regularly you don’t have to crawl around with a damp cloth/sponge to wipe them off nearly as often.

    • Coy

      Kids are great baseboard cleaners

  19. Getta

    We offered to find my 8 year old an allowance to do chores, but she said she didn’t need the money. Guess what she “needed”… tablet time. I now pay her in the minutes to help with chores. Works amazingly!

  20. Evie

    Humm, the cleaners in my area make about $100, $200 a house. That does not mean they make a mint if they work for a service.
    Most have to clean 3,4 houses a day to make a living. Most do not get work everyday or have benefits or a vacation.
    They do not get to shop at Target, like I see a lot of work from home people and government workers doing.
    I know of one woman who broke her hip and her girlfriend is working so she can keep her customers. I would not call this job a cake walk. Cleaning socks and who really wants to do it.

  21. Norma

    I live in Chicago and I do house cleaning since 3 years ago. I used to work for a company but it was minimum wage and I had to move from one house to another carrying all my cleaning supplies. It was not worth it at the end of the day so, I decided to work by myself. Right now I don’t have many clients but I’m just starting. If anyone interested this is my email I clean downtown, north side and south side area and I charge around 20-25hr

  22. Julianne916

    Thank you for this conversation! Many people will generalize who cleans houses and who hires housecleaners. To each their own. I hate housecleaning and I’m not very good at it. I haven’t taken the plunge yet to hire someone, but I look forward to it. Treating myself and supporting a small business is a win-win!

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