7 Pottery Barn Copycat Items for Less Than Half the Price!

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More Designer Dupes

Get high-end style on a dime with these Pottery Barn copycat items!

close up of caned console table with plant and turntable

We love designer dupes for less! 😍

These Pottery Barn copycat items look high-end but don’t have the luxury price! Shop our favorite picks on a dime – you’re going to love these trendy looks!

1. Grab a luxe faux fur throw at Target for over $200 less!

comparison of ivory cream colored faux fur throw blankets

These faux fur throws have the same warm, ruched texture and dreamy luxe fabric to keep anyone warm while curled up on the couch.

various faux fur throw blankets with threshold packaging on wood table

And you’ll be saving well over $200 just by shopping at Target! 🤯 Better yet, you could buy all three colors and STILL spend significantly less than the Pottery Barn blanket. That’s a huge saving that will have anyone feeling warm & fuzzy inside. 🥰

Hip Tip: Our team recently shared all of our favorite throw blankets for 2022 and other must-haves for people who are always cold.

2. Score this trendy farmhouse-inspired chandelier for over $600 less at Wayfair.

comparison of two iron chandeliers hanging

These rustic iron chandeliers are ready for their next farmhouse-inspired renovation. For $600 less, we’d scoop up this gorgeous option from Wayfair in a heartbeat!

pottery barn copycat item chandelier hanging over dining room table and chairs

From your kitchen to the dining room or even your bedroom, this chandelier will make a stunning statement anywhere you hang it! Plus, this Pottery Barn copycat item even has free two-day shipping so you can transform your space sooner than you’d think! Wowza! 🤩

3. Replace your whole set of dining room chairs with these affordable Pottery Barn copycat items. 

two black chairs on stock white photo background

These Amazon dining room chairs have an incredibly low price compared to the identical Pottery Barn option! Plus, they’re an affordable choice if you need to modernize all your dining chairs at once.

black metal chairs and dining room table set up for floral event

Better yet, they’re so affordable, they’d also be the perfect addition to any event you have planned from weddings to birthday parties! 😍No one will even know these Pottery Barn copycat items came from Amazon. 😉

4. Your favorite cozy corner is begging for some of these affordable faux fur pillows

faux fur white pillows on couch and bed

You can never have too many pillows, plus they’re an inexpensive and fun way to show off your personality. We love these cozy faux fur options at Pottery Barn, except we found a steal on Amazon where you get two covers and still spend much less than what you’d pay for one Pottery Barn pillow cover! 👏🏻

Need some pillow inserts? These are down-alternative pillow inserts are priced under 15 bucks for a set of two!

Hip Tip: If you’re just as pillow obsessed as we are, we picked the very best throw pillows online – starting at just $6!

5. Give a room in your home new life with a show-stopping yucca plant.

comparison of yucca tree plants in black planters

At Pottery Barn, you can find some gorgeous faux plants and florals to decorate your home, however, World Market is full of trendy and gorgeous plants too! We even love how they use a similar pot like Pottery Barn that would fit seamlessly in any home.

Hip Tip: Speaking of cement pots, check out this DIY that Lina did! It only costs her one dollar! 😱

6. A trendy caned console table will be the perfect new staple piece for your living room.

black and natural caned console tables

This trendy and highly sought-after caned console table will elevate any living room and is certainly easy on the eyes. 😍 Designed by the Studio McGee line at Target, you know you’ll get so much bang for your buck with this Pottery Barn copycat item. Plus, you’ll save nearly $2,000 after shipping.

7. Dinners at your new pedestal dining table will look incredibly high-end with this new addition. 

comparison of two wood dining room tables

We think these gorgeous tables speak for themselves! The designs and identical wood stain would have us fooled in anyone’s home and to top it off, the Wayfair option is a mere $1,000 less despite the fact you’re getting the same solid wood quality.

We found a bunch of Anthropologie dupes on Amazon!

Sara is a self-taught blogger and photographer with 5 years of experience having work featured in various building, travel, and fashion publications, most notably Bassett Furniture and Fossil.

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Comments 76

  1. Lisa

    I love IKEA’s Ektorp armchairs as an alternative to the Pottery Barn slipcover chairs. I’ve had ikea’s for years and with kids I love the washable slipcovers!

    PB’s is starting at $900 something, IKEA is $249.

    • Betsy

      Always loved that IKEA sofa but I think they discontinued Ektorp. My friend was looking for a sofa and wanted the Ektorp but found they have something similar to replace it. I don’t know if the new slipcovers would fit the old Ektorp- so stock up if you need them now!

  2. Mimi

    LOVE these sorts of post! Thank you for taking the time to research and prepare them. Can’t wait to pick up some of the alternative items and still get a similar high end look.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome, Mimi! Super glad you are loving the post! Thanks a ton for the feedback!

  3. shawna

    Fantastic post. I’ve never thought to try to sought out copycats. Thanks for sharing

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      I know, right!? SO fun to see how much you can save on similar items! You’re welcome, Shawna!

  4. Cassie

    The faux fur pillows, 18 x 18 (same size as PB) are only $17.99

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks, Cassie! That link has been updated!

    • Kristi

      Cassie….Just one more tip about the pillow covers. I ordered several by Hwy.50 and Phantoscope on Amazon. They are absolutely stunning and very reasonably priced. I was shocked when they arrived!🤩🤩 The cool part was I used my pillows that I already had but no longer matched my decor and used those for the pillow inserts. They worked perfect! Plus, who has room to store extra pillows. It’s a win win👍👍👍

  5. Cami

    Loving these posts! Thank you!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Yay! Glad to hear that, Cami! You’re very welcome!

  6. Amanda

    The rugs are my favorite copycat. We just moved into our first newly built home and I’m in dire need of some new, very large rugs (10 x 14.) The ones I’ve found before this post are way over $1000. *Gulp* These prices are great!

    I’m also searching for deals on wall art and window treatments and a credenza/tv stand and closet organizers. Basically everything. 😂

    • Amanda

      Also I was just looking at those trees in Target! They are nice!!!

    • Annie

      The quality of the rugsusa rugs is really great! I have had one I bought there for over five years and it still looks like new!

      • Amanda

        Thank you so much for telling me that Annie! I was wondering.

      • Julie

        I completely agree! I bought several rugs there and all are beautiful, nice quality, and hold up well. They have good sales and shipping is fast.

      • Mandi

        I’m glad you have had a good experience with rugsusa – However I am not confident I will be as lucky…I just spent a bunch of time looking for a large rug there, but I could not find any moderately priced rugs of good quality. The rugs that were wool (except for a few flat dhurrie styles that are inexpensive everywhere) were the same price or significantly higher than the most expensive choices at PB. The reviews of the dozens that I looked at (polyester- like walmart/home depot rugs – not terrible, but not high quality) all had a few reviewers that loved them, but they all also had a bunch that said they were shiny/cheap looking, and most agreed that were not as appeared in photos, but because the return policy was so difficult and expensive, most specified that it wasn’t even worth returning it. Anyone know of good prices on wool rugs? I have gotten a few over the years at Costco for a few hundred dollars for 8×10 – but the selection is extremely limited (3 or 4 choices!) and usually very traditional. I am looking for a faded gray antique looking rug if anyone knows of a good source 🙂 Happy deal hunting! And thank you!

        • Lindsey stewart

          Look at Walmart.com. Oh my! I got a great rug there! I wish I could send a pic.

        • Shannon

          Home goods!

    • Shannon

      Also check out home goods for rugs. They are $200-$300 for pretty large ones and they are really nice too!

      • Amy

        Yes! I love HomeGood for rugs and Tuesday Morning has them too.

    • tanya

      We moved in to our newly built house half a year ago, and I found a really nice rug fro my living room from tuesday morning. Paid 250, exactly same rug online is over 600. I bought basically all my curtains from target, I really love the linen look once, very hard to catch them in stock but finally I got them all on sale 30% off.

    • Suzanne H

      Wayfair for all of those items but especially rugs. I’ve had a lot of luck with their rugs – nice and durable but without the insane prices. If you get the ValuPak where you live, Wayfair frequently has coupons in there.

    • Kristine

      Another great place to look is ebay for rugs! I’m planning to get an antique Persian rug soon and I also need a 10×14 size. Some of the best deals I’m seeing are from rugemporium240 (I don’t work for them, lol!). I’ve been following to see how much the large rugs are going for and they’re ususally between $200-$500 (not including shipping). Of course the downside is not being able to see it in person. Best of luck to you as you decorate your home!

  7. babymair

    Thx Collin and team. I have been looking for a fake tree for my sunroom. We have 4 rescue cats and I’m so afraid to get something real. I dont want to get them sick,in case the chew on it …I really like this type of post. And all of the hard work you guys put into this. Keep up the good work and God bless..

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Aww, Super glad this post was helpful! Thanks a bunch for the kind words! You are SO very welcome! ❤

  8. chantelrebecca1

    For rugs you can get great deals at Costco. Their huge WOOL rugs run around $250-300 and are so thick and beautiful. They also have rug roadshows where you can find really lovely top quality wool rugs. They are more expensive than the off the shelf version but well worth it.

  9. Teresa

    ❤️❤️❤️ this kind of info! BRAVO!!! Thank you!!!

  10. Jen

    This is so interesting! Love that I can get pottery barn look a likes for way cheaper! Thanks!

  11. Cathy

    Love these posts! We just moved into a new house and our old furniture does not fit well. Cant afford to redecorate the entire house at once but with posts like these we may be able to make our money go further than I originally thought! Definately inspiring!

  12. Christy

    I love these posts and really appreciate the side by side pictures! Keep them coming!!!

  13. Beamergirl

    Anyone looking for rugs , we just got 2 from wayfair an they are great quality an terrific prices!

  14. Olgraygirl

    Awesome job of comparison shopping–I especially love the rugs!! Please, keep it up!

  15. Kimberly Ray

    Love these posts!

  16. Hilary

    I’ve also purchased several rugs from Wayfair. Prices are way less than PB and I’ve found many similar to the ones PB sells.

  17. 333save

    Love these posts!

  18. Tara

    I wanted to use apothecary jars in my bathroom and loved the look of the PB ones. I checked Marshall’s and found almost identical ones..I paid $35 for 3 and pottery barn would have been $105

  19. mrobinson127

    I love these posts as well! Thank you for taking the time to include the SKU! If anyone has an affordable copycat for the Pottery Barn Turner leather sectional I would LOVE to know, I just can’t spend around 10,000 but I love that style!

  20. Jess

    Loving the copycat posts! Keep them going, please!! ❤️

    • Suzanne H

      Love Restore and Goodwill! A little spray paint can go a long way.

  21. Meghan

    I love these kinds of posts! Your site is my favorite to visit! The variety of posts you provide is second to none. I love the different personalities on your team. You (and your team) really are a treasure!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Aww, Thanks SO much, Meghan! Your comment sure brightened my day! We truly appreciate YOU! I’ll be sure to pass this along to the team! ❤💕

  22. Patricia Goff

    OMG! I found some beautiful huge rugs at Goodwill Outlet. Got them for $5 nothing wrong with them. Had to open them up and look at them but all they need is vacumning. LOL Put one under my dining room table and one in my living room. They were asian inspired too. Score.

  23. Anonymous

    What about a Pottery Barn slip-covered sofa copy cat? I love theirs but they are so expensive and I understand the quality of the sofas isn’t what it used to be.

  24. Jenn

    Right now, there is a massive Rug,Living room and nursery markdowns at Wayfair sale/clearance. You can get additional $20 off with the coupon I have. Email at ruprit2010 at Gmail dot com

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh cool! Thanks for the heads up on that sale!

    • mccom13

      thanks so much, @Jenn, for emailing me your code! 🙂

  25. Stephanie Link

    Omg I love them all. The less expensive version is sometimes better!

  26. Michelle

    Target has the best curtains/prices (and I’m not a big Target fan because I rarely find a *deal* there.) I ordered some floor to ceiling curtains for our bank of windows in the master bedroom on sale, from RH. However, they were not the right color; I returned them and found something similar, with the right color) at Target for a fraction of the price.

    • MommySpendsLess

      We recently upgraded homes. With moving expenses, two extra rooms to furnish and five more windows to dress I had to do so on a tiny budget. (The house had blinds so privacy wasn’t an issue but with light neutral walls and no curtains the rooms felt textureless and cold. I paired Vivian curtain panels from Ikea ($10-$13 per PAIR, not panel) with simple black cafe rods from Walmart ($5/rod and came with mounting hardware). The difference they made, especially in my breakfast nook, is amazing. Now I can take my time finding curtains I love and I’ll probably use the Vivian panels layered with them as the sheers.

  27. Tina H.

    I have the Target throw in red above and both of my daughters have gray. It is so cozy!!! Love!

  28. Teri d’Artenay

    I’m looking for Pottery Barn’s round Faye dining table that has been discontinued. They still have rectangular tables, but no Faye round tables.😩 Any ideas where to find??? I’m sure there is one in some warehouse somewhere!!!

  29. Karen Scheliga

    This was very informative great post

  30. Sue3354

    Lisa I loved the ektorp line by IKEA. Too bad they are discontinued. I bought their sectional then two months after they discontinued the whole line.😡

  31. Sue3354

    I love USA rugs.com They gave great prices

  32. marie

    The dining room table pictured with the metal chairs is gorgeous…wonder where that is from??
    Love the Amazon pillow covers! …didn’t know those were available at such a great price! Thanks for posting!

  33. Angela V.

    Love these types of posts! The Studio McGee caned console is now on sale for $231. Thanks!

    • Angela V.

      Bummer, just noticed it’s OOS where I live and no shipping option. Oh well, maybe next time. 🙂

  34. mattsmom94

    I got my chandelier at Walmart. It’s out of stock online but it’s just like the dupe and is $83.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      I’d love to see a link if you have it, mattsmom94!

  35. Materof6

    I LOVE when Hip2Save does these type of posts! Keep them coming, and thank you!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)


  36. Sharron

    I’d love to find a the long table like the one posted as well. Any ideas where I could find one?

  37. Susan

    I love love love when you do “dupe” posts! Keep ‘em coming!

  38. Connie

    BEST post ever!

  39. Audrey

    There are pottery barn outlets. That’s where I got all my rugs at 60 percent off in alameda. I know they’re probably few and far between but putting it out there.

  40. Dott

    Great post. Love pottery barn but love these savings way more.

  41. teshahumphrey

    Anyone have good ideas for inexpensive dining chairs? I need 12 and my hubby insists that they match.

    • Mickyd

      I bought mine at Homedepot.com when they were on sale and I also had a 10% coupon I used.

    • Mickyd

      I purchased mine at Homedepot.com when they were on sale using a 10% coupon also.

  42. Mickyd

    Habitat for Humanity Restore by my house often has brand new Ethan Allen items and rugs for a fraction of the price of buying new!

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