Laundry Debate: Should I Buy a Top Load or Front Load Washer & Dryer?

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dark blue washer and dryer in laundry room

In the market for some shiny new laundry room appliances?

Chances are your head is spinning with all the options out there on the market! And with so many cool features, high-efficiency ratings, good reviews, bad reviews, and everything in between, it can be tough to choose just what to buy.

With this straightforward list of pros and cons for front load & top load washers and dryers, we know this is going to help narrow down what’s going to work best in your home and get your whites cleaner than ever before! In fact, over 100 Hip2Save readers have already shared their thoughts, feedback, and stories, so make sure to share your thoughts too in the comments!

blue and red laundry room appliances

Hip Tip: You’ll notice that throughout this post we link to Best Buy for a lot of our appliance recommendations. This is because we love their price matching AND they also haul away your old appliances for just $24.99 and ensure it gets recycled appropriately (which a lot of places won’t)!

Or here’s another Hip Tip from our savvy Hip2Save reader, Amy:

“Something to consider instead of paying someone $25 to take your old appliances or throwing them away – Our recycling centers here will pay you to take them and recycle the metal parts (not sure if all do but worth a call). Also, post them for free on Facebook, if they’re working, you just made someone’s day! If they’re not working, there are people who repair and flip them. Better than ending up in a landfill somewhere.” 😊

Top load laundry units

white top load washing machine with price tag in store

Pros of a top load washing machine:

  • No bad smells or mold
  • Option for an agitator or no agitator
  • Generally the most affordable
  • More brands and options
  • Gas or electric dryer options
  • Compatible with many laundry detergents
  • Can handle smaller loads
  • Less vibration through your floor
  • High-Efficiency options

Cons of a top load washing machine:

  • No useable countertop space on top of units
  • Shorter people (or pregnant mamas 😉) might struggle to reach clothes
  • Clothes get tangled frequently
  • Requires more energy to complete a cycle
  • Tougher on fabrics
  • Agitators tend to be the loudest

row of white laundry room appliances

Some of our favorite top-rated, top-loading washing machines:

I searched different types of popular appliance features with strictly high ratings across the board. For Best Overall, I found a mid-price option with some bells and whistles. Budget-Friendly is the least expensive option. Large Family-Approved is the largest capacity washer. 

⭐Best OverallLG – 5.0 Cu. Ft. 8-Cycle Top-Loading Washer with 6Motion Technology (or buy the washer/dryer set)

⭐Budget-FriendlyAmana 3.5 Cu. Ft. Top Load Washer (or buy the washer/dryer set)

⭐Large Family-Approved LG – 5.5 Cu. Ft. 14-Cycle Top-Loading Washer(or buy the washer/dryer set)

“I have the LG washer – the large family approved and let me tell you.. I’ve only had it for about 3 months and I love it. I do multiple loads of laundry per day, and the way it spins the clothes almost completely dry is wonderful. Plus I like that it’s synced up with Wi-Fi and will alert me when the washer and dryer are done. Saves me a trip walking downstairs. Call me lazy, but as I get older those steps aren’t doing my knees any justice, so this saves me time and my body! Double win. I definitely recommend this washer.” – Kahila 

Front-load laundry units

dark gray washer and dryer sitting in laundry room

Pros of front load washing machines:

  • Stackable
  • Useable countertop space on the top
  • Pedestals options for an easier reach
  • Ability to pause a cycle
  • Most gentle on clothes
  • Uses the least amount of water
  • Cleans clothes the best due to their design
  • High-efficiency cuts back on utilities
  • Can handle smaller loads
  • Gas or electric dryer options
  • Available in many colors

Cons of front load washing machines:

  • Likely to drop clothing when transferring from washer to dryer
  • Requires a lot of bending
  • Normal wash times can take longer
  • Tend to be the most expensive
  • Mold or bad odors can be common
  • Tougher to keep clean
  • Small garments can get stuck in the door
  • High-Efficiency detergent required
  • Some have a strong vibration

front load washer with white blanket hanging out of it

Some of our favorite top-rated, front-loading washing machines:

I searched different types of popular appliance features with strictly high ratings across the board. For Best Overall, I found a mid-price option with some bells and whistles. Budget-Friendly is the least expensive option. Large Family-Approved is the largest capacity washer. 

⭐Best Overall Maytag – 4.5 Cu. Ft. 10-Cycle High-Efficiency Front-Loading Washer with Steam (or buy the washer/dryer set)

⭐Budget-Friendly Samsung – 4.5 Cu. Ft. High-Efficiency Front-Loading Washer with Steam and Super Speed (or buy the washer/dryer set)

⭐Large Family-Approved Samsung – FlexWash 6.0 Cu. Ft. Washer with Steam(or buy the washer/dryer set)

“I personally love my Samsung front loaders. I haven’t had any problems with them. I love how they don’t use a ton of water and our clothes turn out great (I wash laundry everyday). So far so good in our house.” – Lisa, Hip2Save reader

“Love my front loader! I’ve never had a mold or smell problem because I leave the door open when I finish. I’ve noticed my whites look much better, my work jeans get much cleaner without having to soak them, and my towel seams aren’t being pulled apart as with most every top loader I’ve had. Additionally, my drying time is cut by 1/3 to 1/2 what it used to be.” – Jim, Hip2Save reader

So what’s the Hip2Save team verdict? Here’s what our team had to say:

colorful clothes in washing machine agitator

✅ Top loaders  vs. 👎 Front loaders

“I am a huge fan of my top load washer! It’s so easy to clean and so easy to use without all of the bells and whistles of some machines. I’m all about the basics. When I previously owned a front load washer, I felt like all I did was constantly clean it, and my clothes still smelled like mildew. I also always left the washer door open, which didn’t seem to help either!”  – Collin

“I hate my front loader! I can’t wait for it to quit working!” – Michelle

“I bought a front loader washing machine when they became popular years ago, and I hated it! The rubber lip would always get moldy and gross and stink! No matter how much I cleaned the thing, it would be gross. I finally went back to a top loader without an agitator in the middle, and I love it!” – Jennifer

“I love my top loader! I want to say I bought it used at least 8 years ago – no joke! It is super old but it never fails on me, so I am in love!” – Erica

“I love the top loading set that I bought and all of the cycles that it has. My mom used to have a front loader when I lived there. While it was nice for my 4’11” self, it did tend to smell, the rubber lip would get gross, and–considering I am the only short person in the family–it’s easier for me to use a stool to get into the top load. LOL!” – Alana

“I absolutely love top loaders all the way! I honestly couldn’t wait to get rid of my stinky front loader! I like that you can also pause it and throw a few more things in if you need to.” – Angela

“I love my Samsung top loader! I hate the front loader machines as I did not like that you had to always have the door open to avoid the mildew smell. And mine always had little bits of mold growing around the rubber ring! Yuck!” – Bryn

“I’ve had my current Maytag top loader since before 2000. No bells and whistles, but the thing is a workhorse. My only wish is that it would handle larger loads like comforters, but I do feel like the agitator really gets clothes clean.” – Stacy

“I was always a fan of front-load washers strictly because they look so nice, but then I moved and started using the one the old owners had left behind. The washer probably wasn’t more than 5 years old but it was extremely moldy and gross. Plus, anything small like socks or underwear frequently get trapped in the door. I cannot wait to buy a new set!” – Sara

“TOP LOADERS. I’ve heard all the negatives about the front loaders so we went with a top-loading Speed Queen and oh my gosh, it’s so fast!!! Like 15 minutes a load fast! I’ll never go back!” – Jill

“Top loading is the way to go! No stink and much quicker at washing! It’s unfortunate because I like the way the front ones look more, but not worth it from a practical standpoint.” – Jessica

“I have always had a top-loading washer. At first, I only chose them because they were more affordable but now I have just stayed with them as I don’t want to have any of the smelly issues many have had with the front-loading.” – Amber 

“Top loading for me! I feel better about overstuffing it that way. LOL!” – Lisanne

“I am hands down a fan of top-loading washers and find them to be so much more convenient than the front load style. I grew up with front loaders and always thought they were a hassle and made it a little harder to detect how much I could squeeze into a load. I’m a top loader for life now!” – Taylor

“We have an older top loader that needs to be replaced, but after all the horror stories I’ve heard about front-loading machines, I know we’ll definitely be upgrading with top-loaders all over again!” – Ashley

washing machine with rugs inside

👎Top loaders vs. ✅ Front loaders

“Love our newer Maytag front loaders! I use vinegar on mine, and it’s fine! You can’t use too much detergent is all, and leave the door open after washing sometimes. I love the look and have never had an issue.” – Lina

“I prefer front loading because I’m short and can’t reach the bottom of a top-loading washer. Also, I’ve gotta say I’ve had my front-loading for 10 years and it doesn’t stink, I hadn’t even heard of that.” – Chelsey

“This will likely sound silly but I just purchased a new front load washer/dryer set for my laundry room renovation based on looks.   I’ve heard tons about the superiority of top-load units, but with limited space, having the ability to put a counter overtop my appliances was a huge plus. I know the front loaders typically require more cleaning and maintenance, but it’s worth it to be for the aesthetic!” – Emily

“I have only ever owned top-loading washers in the past, but I got a front-loading washer last summer and I love it! I’m short, so that’s part of why I chose them, but I also love how energy efficient they are! With two boys, there’s always a LOT of laundry and the front-loader does a great job of cleaning and handling all our loads. We love it and have never had issues with it.” – Esther

young boy putting mesh bag in washing machine

The verdict? Top Loaders: 15 vs. Front Loaders: 4

So it’s pretty clear to see which our team prefers. The majority of us are sticking to our top load washing machines!

Here’s what some other Hip2Save readers said who couldn’t agree more:

“I fix appliances as a hobby and I have strong feelings about this subject! I always recommend people steer clear of the fancy front loading washing machines. Here are the reasons:

1) They tend to stink because the pump/drain mechanism never drains completely, it tends to grow bacteria and with a steady supply of gunk from dirty water washing through it, it must be cleaned regularly like once a month. You should also run cleaning cycles with a cleaning agent like Affresh which offsets water savings. Always leave the door open when not in use and wipe out the rubber door baffle often.

2) They have vulnerable circuit boards, and these get water or condensation on them and get fried and are usually prohibitively expensive to replace.

3) They are heavy with some weighing nearly 200lbs because they must have ballast weight for the super high spin cycle speeds.

4) Finally, they are very expensive… nuf’ said.” – Jeff, Hip2Save reader

“TOP LOADER! I bought a $300 washing machine five years ago, and it’s a workhorse. My sister has a front loader and has had nothing but problems with it. All the problems you read about. If it’s hard to reach the clothes in the machine, get some kitchen tongs with silicone on the ends so you can reach.” – Peter, Hip2Save reader

Are you a Costco member? Consider getting a great deal on your new appliances like our Hip2Save reader, Jenny:

Hand holding a Costco membership card

“For all you Costco members, check out their appliances. Just bought a top load Whirlpool Cabrio washer for about $40 cheaper than I could find at any box store. This price included installation and removal of our old washer for free, a 2-year warranty, and if I didn’t like, which I do, I could have returned it within the first 90 days of owning it.” – Jenny

Ditch the expensive Tide detergent and try this instead!

About the writer:

Sara is a self-taught blogger & photographer and brings 9+ years of experience to her craft. Her work has been featured in numerous esteemed publications, spanning building, travel, and fashion. Beyond her creative pursuits, Sara’s primary mission is to empower others to embrace a toxic-free & sustainable lifestyle.

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Comments 188

  1. Amber

    We bought our LG front loaders slightly used in 2009 and they were going strong 10 years later when we sold our house. I thanked my lucky stars when we saw in the laundry home of the new house we were purchasing, THE EXACT SAME LG FRONT LOADERS, just newer models. I will never go back to top loaders. They save space, water and energy, clean better, and as long as I leave the washer door open, I never have trouble with mildew or odor.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh cool! Glad you have been loving your front loaders, Amber! Thanks so much for stopping by to share your experience with us!

  2. jlk7283

    With laundry in the basement and living in MI Zillow never have a front loader again. Even with always keeping the door open it still got mildew in the seals and was a PITA to keep clean! We have a huge LG top loader without the agitator now and I looooove it.

    • gloria huse

      Same here, must keep the door open. Ours isn’t even in a basement.

    • misscenterway

      I was leaving my door open to air out or so I thought. I realized that there was still water on the plastic front window that was making the seal stay wet, even though it was open. I now just wipe off the extra water after the last load and leave the door ajar. No more mildew since I started doing that.

  3. Rae

    I have a top loader it is an HE. I stayed with family with a front loader HE and when our toddler had a night accident the bedding would not get clean in the front loader. I even washed it again and tried different laundry detergent. I was so frustrated. I wasn’t going to leave gross bedding at their house so I ended up taking it to the laundry mat. The standard front loaders just don’t clean as well… I thought a fancy expensive machine would work better but I am happy with my top loader everything comes out clean and smells fresh.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for the feedback, Rae! Good to know the top loaders have worked best for you!

    • patricialavenz-goff

      I agree. The front loaders didn’t clean bed spreads either in Germany. Probably the reason that most bed spreads are twin in Germany. You have to use two bed spreads and layer them for a bed in Germany. I bought my mother a king size bed spread one year and she had to get rid of it when it got dirty cause there was no way to wash it. Very hard to find a laundry mat in Germany especially if you don’t have a car to drive there.

  4. jessicavasquez

    I have the Samsung high efficiency washer and dryer and I move them. Yeah I drop clothes on the floor here and there but no big deal. I do not mind HE type of detergent the majority of it already is HE. We have had our set for 5 years. I would buy the same type again.

    • Susan Pyles

      We’ve had our Samsung front loaders for 5 years also. I have not had any problems, with the exception that my husband still “doesn’t know” how to use them. But that’s a different issue! I bought a new HE Kenmore top loading washer before these, and it didn’t last 3 years. My only wish is to be able to soak clothes or linens in bleach/vinegar/OxyClean.

  5. Shelly K

    How about agitator vs no agitator. Which one cleans clothes better?

    • Heather

      I’m going to say with agitator, there is a reason its there to clean the clothes. Just replaced my top load with agitator with another top load with agitator, this washing machine is amazing I love to do laundry now.
      I bought a GE huge basket just amazing.

      • Carrie

        Can it fit queen sized comforters? I have an LG topload with no agitator and it can do a comforter and a flat sheet together.

        I do see that clothes get cleaner with an agitator so i want to go back to one.

    • Taylor S.

      Agitator!!!! Clothes do not get as clean without one, it’s awful.

    • Susan

      Our current washer doesn’t have an agitator (actually one of the reasons we picked it so we could fit more into it) but the loads get very unbalanced and it just doesn’t clean as well as our old ugly machine did. Sometimes it won’t spin dry and leaves clothes soaking wet (if 1 heavy-ish item is in machine, like a towel mixed in with lighter clothes). Agitator is a must in my opinion.

      • Heather V.

        Same here! The one I have now came with our house, but if I bought one myself, I’d buy a top loader with an agitator. (We left our old super-basic Kenmore set at our previous home when we moved. The old washer worked way better for cleaning everything than the much-fancier one we have now.)

    • Debbie H.

      I made the mistake of buying a no agitator HE washer, because you could wash larger loads, but use less water. Things did not get as clean, more lint, more wrinkles, difficulty in stopping cycle to add another piece of forgotten laundry. I got rid of it after several years and went back to agitator washer and am glad I did.

      • Errrr

        Debbie, what did you end up getting? Your experience sounds JUST like mine. I am looking for a top loader, and I don’t know what to get.

    • Anne

      Definitely a top loader with an agitator and controls for the water level! We sold a new washing machine that was a HE top loader, but had no agitator. The water would BARELY cover the load of clothing. Whenever we washed a load of darks, you could see the dirt and lint left on the dark fabric – it was so frustrating and gross! I had to always do a second rinse on deep fill to clean the clothes properly – Totally the opposite of a HE washer if you ask me! When we moved, I was so happy to see the house came with an old school top loader with controls for the water level!

      • Heather V.

        Even when I do a second rinse, our dark/black load always comes out with some items full of lint. I hate it. We have a Maytag Bravos X, and this is not a model I would choose myself.

        • Michele

          I have a top loader no agitator and to get around this issue I have to put it on bulky so that it fills up the tub!

        • HAT

          We just switched to a Maytag top loader with agitator and I like it for the most part except I too have the problem with the dark colors having lint all over them. We switched from a front loader which always clean the clothes well and a lot quicker, but I had the stinky gross mold problem although I would leave the door open and clean with bleach and vinegar. There was actually a lawsuit for the version of our front loading machine.

    • Debbie H.

      We had an no-agitator HE that we got rid of after 3 years. Didn’t clean as well, clothes were wrinkled, lint, and no way to pause a load to add clothes. Went back to to top load agitator with limited bells & whistles and am very happy.

  6. Leane

    If you are considering buying a washing and have a local repair man talk to him first. Our repairman cannot work on certain machines because they limit his access to parts and info unless he takes expensive courses. He explained that they obviously want to use their own people and charge more money to do so. I live in a small town so most local people use him because he is very reasonable.

    • Jen

      I second that. I live in a town of about 40000 and you can’t get anyone to work on Samsung here.

      • Susan Pyles

        True, small townie here also. Word on the street is that they don’t fix LG locally. We have Samsung, and haven’t had any issues, but the service factor is a completely valid point. My town doesn’t even have a Target, so you get the idea. Check out what your friends and neighbors have.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh wow! Thanks for the helpful tip, Leane!

  7. Ms. Frizzle



    • MJ

      Agree! Thanks to another laundry post on hip 2 save I recently went with speed queen. I had just purchased my second no agitator top loader from GE when we moved and left it behind. (I also had to always use more water to get things clean, the deep setting) I realized that today’s manufacturing standards mean shorter lives for appliances and I would be constantly replacing these huge machines way more frequently than the machines I grew up with. I have a TEN year warranty with speed Queen that was included free…peace of mind and the machine can literally wash anything I put in it! I was averaging 6 years a machine and paying for repairs in between…this will be less hassle and cheaper in the long run.

      • Jonimahoney

        I also agree that Speed Queen top load is the way to go. Fortunately my front load Whirlpool Duet died on 12/23/19 (lasted a whopping 6.5 years), so I got in on the SQ 10 year parts and labor warranty before it expired on 12/31/19. Get the 2019 TC5 model, it gets great reviews.

      • Patricia Goff

        I so agree with you. The standards of of manufacturing now is build it cheap so that it needs to be replaced often. I bought a new machine and it lasted 2 weeks after the warranty expired. I was told by the manufacturer that machines aren’t made to last forever. I told her I understand that but I didn’t feel that 3 years was anywhere near forever. LOL

    • meg111876

      Top load, Speed Queen here, too….. we have a large family, so I knew I wanted a reliable work horse. Speed Queen is what most laundry mats use. If it can handle the traffic of a laundry mat, it can handle my big family! They are made in the USA and have a crazy long warranty (I think 20 years!?). They aren’t fancy, which is fine by me – I don’t have a lot of important dignitary parading through my laundry room anyway. It looks fine and works great! Win-win for us!

      • meg111876

        I was confused…. the warranty is 10 years, the average life of a Speed Queen is 20-25 years.

      • patricialavenz-goff

        I don’t remember the name brand but I bought a dryer several years ago and it broke down a week after the warranty expired (like 3 years I think) and customer service told me that they weren’t made to last forever. I knew that but I didn’t realize 3 years was forever now. I bought a used one from the 80’s for $25 and it lasted 10 more years. got my money’s worth out of that one.

        • Jess

          Yes Speed Queen for large families all the way! Just bought a set last month and it’s nice knowing I have a 100% full coverage repairs for 10 solid years and they are build to last 25 years! So grateful we splurged and they are speedy! They wash a load in half the time as a front load washer. Super big deal for large families. I bought the TC500 (that came out mid 2019) not the TR500 (those are built more for finer clothing). I researched front loaders a ton and decided to go with this proven company after hearing friends rave about it.

    • Heather V.

      My husband’s aunt has this one and swears by it!!

  8. Gloria Huse

    I have had two front loaders, one when they first came and and then another for about 10 years now. When this washer dies i will definately go back to a top loader and NEVER get a front loader again. On both of ours we had to keep the door open to prevent “mildew” smell. Also, water holds in the rubber at the bottom of the door and it gets yucky nasty. I cannot just soak laundry if i want to in my front loader, Never realized how much i would miss being able to do that. The convenience of not bending over into a washer is nice but give me a top loader any day. I am waiting for the day my washer dies. I will not repair, i will replace!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for taking the time to leave an honest review on why you would prefer a top loader!

  9. Maggie

    I hated my front loader and wanted an old school top loader when it finally died. I got talked into a HE top loader and I only like it a little more. My really sweaty workout clothes need two washes to get clean!! I’ve tried different temps, soap and pretreating. The soak cycle is worthless. Washing the same things twice is not efficient at all !!! It also spins so violently that our blankets get torn to shreds !! We love those old cotton knit blankets and they all have huge holes in them from the wash, we can only use fleece now 🙁 .
    My next washer will be a commercial top loader.

    • Heidi

      We have a solution to smelly gym clothes. Wash them in vinegar. We are in the routine of wash the smelly gym clothes alone with vinegar for 30 min (on our machine we have a “Quick wash setting”)
      then when they are done, leave the gym clothes in the machine and also add a small load of clothes on top of that and do a regular wash (one hour wash) with regular soap.
      Then it is like the gym clothes get 1 and half washes. It works really well!

      • tipaye

        Agreed—I use ammonia, but have used white vinegar, as well. Can be used in the wash or by itself on a clean cycle to clean the washer!

      • Maggie

        I have tried to add a little vinegar to the rinse/softener dispenser with no luck. I will try your suggestion, thanks !!

      • Patricia Goff

        A one hour wash. Wow.

    • Anne

      I had the same experience with the HE top loaders. We ended up in a house that came with an older model top loader with agitator and controls for the water level. I was so glad!

    • JD

      A Star Hip2Saver is a recognized member of our Hip2Save community hand selected by our team for demonstrating a long history of engagement with helpful & friendly comments across and our social channels. Our Star Hip2Saver badge acts as a verification for readers who know the ins and outs of all Hip2Save sets out to accomplish — assisting our community to live extraordinary lives on ordinary budgets. Readers cannot pay or provide any sort of exchange in order to earn this badge. Rather, they are invited to participate by a member of the Hip2Save team and opt to have the Star Hip2Saver badge added to their profile & comments.

      Lysol laundry sanitizer is your answer. It is a godsend for smelly problems. Cheapest place to get is Sam’s online. If you are a Walgreens shopper use your points to try it on the cheap. Also switch to Persil

      • Susan31652

        I have not tried the Lysol one, thanks for mentioning it, I will check it out. I was going to suggest the liquid OxyClean with odor blasters. That’s my go-to when I forget and leave towels in the washer…

  10. Ann

    Whirlpool top loader here and we love it. No nasty mold issues nor any funky smells. I agree about the great look of a front loader, but bottom line is that it really is all about the cleanliness with these machines and not about the looks of the machine.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh I love the Whirlpool brand! Thanks for the recommendation, Ann!

  11. Jennifer

    I have an older maytag top load washer. While it is just a basic white simple washer, it does a great job and is over 10 years old. I hope it never dies because I don’t want any of the new ones.

    • Lauren

      Same here! My Maytag top load washer and matching dryer is about the same age, and work great! I used to think I wanted the fancy front loaders or a top loader with no agitator, but the more I read about them, I realize I want my Maytags to last forever too!

    • Deanna

      Same here. Super happy with my older version. It is at least 20 years old. Works great and no smell just the occasional wipe down and i tend to leave the door open when not in use.

  12. Casey

    Love all the features of a front loader but hate having to clean it so much. Also your washer will tell you to run a cycle without anything in it to get clean. Never did that with a top loader.

    • Rebecca

      My Samsung top loader does that. Have run 3 of those “self-cleaning” washes in the 4.5 months we’ve had it(when the light comes on).

  13. Casey

    Both get the job done its just front loaders require more work by having to clean it frequently.

  14. kcmiami88

    I wanted front loaders so I could stack them, but decided against them after using them at work and elsewhere and realizing the really don’t save space since the doors always have to stay open 24/7 or else they stink and mold. Plus they didn’t come in as large of a size as my LG top loader. I have the biggest one I could get and i can’t imagine anything smaller with my family! I would die trying to keep up with laundry lol. Highly recommend the lg top loader 5+ cu !!!

    • PrincessMom

      We were forced into stacked front loader because of the previous owner’s “renovations” that created a ridiculously narrow “laundry room.” I cannot wait until we can fix the space and fit side by side to have a top loader again!

  15. Jules

    Love my basic maytag top loader and gas dryer! It came with our house and I told my husband I would’ve bought this house just for this washer and dryer lol.

  16. luna

    Definitely Top load have lived in apartments n have experienced the awful mold smell. After buying a home it was a no brainer for me

  17. ni

    We had a Whirlpool front loader and didn’t like it because the clothes were always tangled and you couldn’t add anything in the middle of the cycle. We moved and got a Samsung top loader without agitator because it looked fancier. It makes me long for the perfectly good front loader that we sold for dirt cheap. With the Samsung, 1/3 the time our clothes come out with more stains than they went in with. An appliance tech came out to repair our 1 year old Samsung refrigerator with a compressor that died. He said that most people dislike the Samsung washer. Once our Samsung refrigerator, washer and dryer go out, no more Samsung appliances for us. And we’ll never buy another washer without an agitator.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks a ton for letting us know what has worked best for you!

  18. Kerri

    I couldn’t wait to get a front load. I loved the way it cleaned but due to the seal getting mold, punctures or tears in the rubber was a pain. And being on the pedestal it would have balance issues I could never get it to balance at times and just sway and jump all over sometimes. I love the storage also in the bottom. I had it all installed from Lowes. After the 3rd seal got a hole in we sold that set and ended up going with the biggest top load Samsung and can was a king size comforter. Which I like it but I miss the front for not staring your back to put stuff in or take out.

  19. Nicole

    Thanks for posting this, we have been debating for the last few months. Top load vs Front.
    All the comments and the pro’s and con’s make good points to help our decision.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re very welcome, Nicole! SO happy this was helpful!

  20. Steph

    After having a front load washing machine for almost 10 years I went back to a top loader with agitator. If you read the instructions on how to load clothing and don’t overload your clothes will be clean and there won’t be any problems with machine getting off balance. I have had issues a few times with sheets but just redistribute the load and it is fine. The only thing and I mean the only thing I miss about my front loader is being able to wash large quilts or comforters. Other than that I couldn’t wait until it died.

  21. Tonia M

    Top loader for me. My first washer was a Kenmore top loader. Purchased new in 1993 and died in May 2008. Never had a problem until it died. I replaced it with a Maytag top loader with agitator and it’s still going strong. No repairs, no smells and cleans my clothes just fine every time. My sister has a LG front loader and I hear her complain often about the smell and the fact that she can’t wait until it dies to replace it with a top loader.

  22. hip2trade

    My sister bought an expensive front loader and hates it. So after hearing her stories(similar to stories here) I don’t want one. I will keep the standard top loader any day.

  23. sherry

    I have had both. I went from a top load machine to a front loader, mainly to save water and We had it for 12 years. The discoloration on the seal was gross the mold smell was also disgusting. We are going back to a top loader and will never go back to a front loader.

  24. CW

    I have an Electroluxe front loader that so far has lasted me 12 years. Unfortunately, they were bought out by another company (can’t remember which one) and my local independent appliance store said they do not recommend them because when the new manufacturer bought them out, they make a crappy quality.

    Tips for making your washing machine last longer:
    1. Put your washer on a power surge strip and also pay for the surge protection on your electrical meter at your house. That’s $12 or so a month or you can buy the outside of the house one for about $90 at lowes and have someone install it. My parents who do not have surge protection, have lots of brown outs and power outages and they have gone through 3 full sets of appliances in the time we are still on our originals, up to 17 years old! We also unplug our dryer when not using it.

    2. Dry out your washer after you are done every single time. Use a cotton cloth or dishtowel. Its 12 years for us on our front loader and we are only now getting a tiny bit of mold.

  25. Edy

    I wanted front loaders and got them Samsung – I wanted them because we are a family of 7 (twins girls ) and wanted to save time in Washing and drying well, they created mildew and the washer quit working after 2 years more expensive to fix it – I ended up getting rid of it and brought a top loader love it – with front loader usually had to take the comforters to the laundry mat because they won’t come out that clean and the balance issues we had to replace the rubber so no more front loader

    • Errrr

      what did you end up getting, please? I am looking for a top-loader. Thank you!

  26. Breanna

    Top loader with an agitator all the way!!! I hated my front loaded, while it looked aesthetically pleasing it did NOT clean well.

  27. Lisa

    I personally love my Samsung front loaders. I haven’t had any problems with them. I love how they don’t use a ton of water and our clothes turn out great(I wash laundry everyday too). So far so good in our house. I let my husband pick them out and of course he picked the reddish ones which we have nothing that color in our house, but he loves the color.

  28. patricialavenz-goff

    I grew up with front loaders (those are the only ones that you could buy in Germany for decades) and I always hated them. They take longer to wash and the dryers take longer to dry. Yes they are made better (ours growing up never ever broke down) and are better for the environment but I still don’t like them. I will never use them unless they quit making top loaders and I am sure I will buy used if I have to because I just don’t like them that much. You can’t just add an item to them if you find a sock under the bed etc. Mostly I just don’t like that they take so much longer to wash and dry. With so many people in my house we would be doing laundry every day instead of 3-4 days a week like now. I would have to say there are more cons than pros and then there is the price………..

  29. a

    We just recently bought a Maytag top loader with an agitator. We had a Samsung front loader for years but the rubber seal was always disgusting and growing mold. Even after cleaning and leaving the door open. We also seemed to have to wash loads more than once to actually get clean. So what we originally thought we’d splurge on to save money with water and energy ended up not being so great with having to repeat the cycle to get clean. Hopefully this Maytag top loader lasts. So far it has done a good job and we are pleased.

    • Trisha

      We just bought a Maytag top loader too after our awful Samsung. We had both the washing machine and dryer. Never again. FYI Maytag the only one made in. USA!

  30. brianroberts

    Top loader with an agitator! We cloth diaper, so it’s a MUST to get them clean. My mom has a front loader and has had so many problems with mildew, replacing the door, constantly cleaning out the soap dispenser because she uses powder and it’s always clogged. Ugh, I’ll always have a top loader. They’re cheaper anyway. And my husband and I were able to watch YouTube tutorials and repair it twice ourselves.

    • PrincessMom

      Oh, I use only liquid detergent and I’m still constantly having to clean out that soap drawer in my front loader. I HATE it, cannot wait until we can fix our ridiculously small laundry room situation and get side by side machines with a top loader again!!

      • ccmama03

        I use MyGreenFills – no blue gunk detergent in my front loader speed Queen.

  31. Jess

    SPEED QUEEN ALL THE WAY for large families! Washes in half the time as a front loader. TC500 🙂

    • Sharon

      Totally agree. Bought mine in November. 100% made in the USA!!!

    • ccmama03

      Another speed Queen front owner here! I will never buy anything else. My son bought the top loader set as I didn’t think a front loader would be a good choice for him as a single guy. They require more cleaning. They are more expensive, but there’s a reason for that. Quality materials and warranty

      • smores

        I just replaced a whirlpool that lasted less than 5 years, and got another whirlpool. I hate it. It’s top loader with an electronic panel that broke after 3 months. They sent out a repair man free of cost but I had to have a stranger in my house. I hated every single second!! 6 kids had to sit in the car and wait until all clear. Awful. Just awful. Covid risk and all. I asked him what brand is the best he said it is the speed queen. So that will be my next machine.

  32. Errrrr

    SUCH A TIMELY POST! I am looking for recommendations on a top-loader machine. I bought a highly-rated Samsung HE front loader a few years ago, and it is completely worthless. It does not even wash out toothpaste stains. It causes my clothes to pill. When I wash new clothing for the first time, they come out looking like I have owned them for at least a year. The water level never fills up enough to sufficiently clean the clothes. I have tried every suggestion people make to make sure the poor performance was not due to user error, such as: don’t use too much detergent, don’t overfill the drum, close all zippers, wash on delicate cycle, use liquid fabric softener, etc. etc. Nothing works. I am looking for a top loader that cleans and will not destroy my clothes. I don’t care whether it is HE or not. I don’t care whether it has an agitator or not. My budget is $1000. Would LOVE some recommendations, please. And if anyone is looking for a free washing machine, I have one for ya.

    • Julie B

      They now have top loaders with agitators that have a deep fill option, so you can override that stupid automatic fill level, which really annoyed me when I used the washers at rental houses. We have a family member who has the kind of issues where you really NEED a lot of water to dilute the wash load. I just bought a Maytag top loader center agitator with the deep fill option, and was so happy to get it, I really hope it works as designed. Good luck to you!

      • Julie B

        Also, it was $700 at Costco.

        I don’t get the automatic water level, the washer has no idea how soiled your clothing is, does it? I ended up washing things twice to get all the bodily fluids out, in what universe is that water-saving? Geeez!

        • Errrr

          Julie, do you know the model number/have a link? I TOTALLY agree with you on the bodily fluids things. I use washable puppy pads for my pets, and they come out of the wash smelling like pee.

          • Julie B

            It was the Maytag 5.2 CuFt Top-Load Washer with Deep Fill Option in White with model #MVWB865GW at Costco, but I actually went to Home Depot to look at it, so I think they have a similar model there.

            • shannonx222

              I also just got rid of a front loading samsung machine that quit working after 10 years but I was dying to go back to a top loading machine. I think I bought the smaller version of the Maytag you just bought and so far I LOVE IT!!! So happy to be back to a top loading washer! Maytag 4.7-cu ft Smart Capable High-Efficiency Top-Load Washers with Extra Power Button – White Model #MVW6230HW

          • JD

            A Star Hip2Saver is a recognized member of our Hip2Save community hand selected by our team for demonstrating a long history of engagement with helpful & friendly comments across and our social channels. Our Star Hip2Saver badge acts as a verification for readers who know the ins and outs of all Hip2Save sets out to accomplish — assisting our community to live extraordinary lives on ordinary budgets. Readers cannot pay or provide any sort of exchange in order to earn this badge. Rather, they are invited to participate by a member of the Hip2Save team and opt to have the Star Hip2Saver badge added to their profile & comments.

            Lysol laundry sanitizer is your solution. It absolutely works. I love that stuff. I have a beloved elderly dog with issues. I use it for her bedding etc. Sam’s online is the cheapest place to buy it.

  33. StringsAttached

    We have an LG Front Load Washer WM9000HVA with the pedestal washer and matching dryer. Yes, I think front loaders require more careful maintenance (we get email reminders to run the clean cycle) but it’s been great for our family of 5 (the washer has a 5.2 cu. ft. capacity). I read all the reviews raving about the Speed Queen being great for large families and I found that they have a 3.2 cu. ft. capacity. That being said, I think we have the right machine set for us.

  34. Amy

    Something to consider instead of paying someone $20 to take your old appliances or throwing them away. Our recycling centers here will pay you to take them and recycle the metal parts (not sure if all do but worth a call). Also, post them for free on FB, if they’re working you just made someone’s day! If they’re not working there are people who repair and flip them. Better than ending up in a landfill somewhere imho 😊

    • PrincessMom

      I was thinking the same–there are scrappers around here who are happy to come and pick up old appliances. One guy told me he’ll sell anything that works on CraigsList and anything else he brings to the scrap yard and makes a few bucks on it that way.

  35. Julie B

    Would you believe that I have never bought a brand new washer up till now? In 30+ years of marriage, we just went on craigslist and found a good used option and brought it home — they were usually good for quite a few years for $100 or less.

    So recently, our old Whirlpool began losing a spring every time I washed a smaller or unbalanced load, and DH would tip it on it’s back and lay down on the floor and reattach it, but there were a bunch of other things on it that were going too, so he said we should buy a new one. So I got the Maytag top loading 5.3 cu ft model at Costco and I am waiting for it to be delivered. It does have the center agitator.

    I really need a good washer since we have a disabled adult that we take care of who lives with us, and there are frequent ‘accidents’ and bedding and clothing is constantly getting washed. I am praying that this one lasts me 10+ years without DH having to lie on the floor and reattach anything! I have only used a front loader a few times, and I prefer the top loaders too, I am always throwing in ‘just one more thing!’!

  36. ddd0319

    I’m in the first situation where I had the space for a front loader but opted for a Samsung top loader instead and I’m very happy. I was turned off of the front loader because my in laws have one and theirs smells very moldy and mildewy. I like the Samsung but there is a non essential part (just some plastic for looks) that has cracked under the pressure of 5”2 me leaning over it to reach the bottom. I’m happy with my choice. I have a large family and my unit has no agitator. I can still soak clothes. My only other issue is that compared to older or more basic machines (I’m assuming ones that aren’t water efficient) the cycles take longer. For a family of 7 having a cycle take 1 hour or more vs 40 minutes makes a big difference. I think it’s the same with a front loader though. It would take a lot for me to switch. The only reason I would is if I could have a double washer dryer situation and stack them.

  37. Joanie

    We have the Speed Queen front loader and we love it! Less wear and tear on our clothes, towels and linens and they are clean in half the time as our older whirlpool top loader ( no agitator)
    We leave the door slightly ajar after every cycle and no odor problem. We do use vinegar with our towels, I read that the vinegar helps keto them fluffy and so far that’s very true, perfectly fluffy clean smelling white towels!
    Love these machines!

  38. PrincessMom

    We’ve got front loaders because the previous owners made some really stupid decisions when “fixing up” our house and we haven’t had the money to un-do their “improvements” yet. They knocked down a wall between the bathroom and what used to be used as a bedroom and turned it into a GIANT bathroom (no special amenities, just an extremely big space with tub & sink spread far apart on opposite walls) and a minuscule laundry room. There’s about 6″ of clearance on each side of the stacked washer and dryer. I can walk into the room, stuff clothes in the wash, then turn around and walk out. HATE IT. Anyway, my front loaders stink. The clothes get badly knotted up, they don’t get clean (toddler vomit at 3am on king sized sheets…FIVE WASHES to get them clean and I was ready to just throw them away and buy new sheets!!! I was up ALL NIGHT doing laundry!), and it’s constantly full of mold that I have to clean out with bleach (and that’s with leaving the door & laundry slot open whenever it’s not in use!). CANNOT WAIT to do something about the situation and go back to regular top loaders!!

  39. TJ

    12 years ago when we moved, my husband and a salesman talked me in to a front loader. I hated it from the beginning. Nothing but problems. It got worse and worse and we were trying to get thru this Christmas before we bought a new one but on Christmas Eve it went kaput and we had to go buy a new washing machine. We got a no agitator top loader and so far I’m loving it.

  40. Diane

    Everyone I talk to in this area says their front loader machines do not get their clothes as clean as their old top loaders did. Plus they say their front loaders are much harder to clean and you have to clean them more often. They miss their old top loaders. I don’t know because I still have an old top loader. I’ll have to replace it soon though and I”m not sure what I will do. Maybe it is just a case of really old machines washing better than new ones? It seems like everything made today is not made to last.

  41. kahila

    I have the LG washer. The large family approved and let me tell you.. I’ve only had for about 3 mos and I love it. I do multiple loads of laundry per day, and the way it spins the clothes almost completely dry is wonderful. Plus I like that it’s synced up with Wi-Fi and will alert me when the washer and dryer are done. Saves me a trip walking downstairs. Call me lazy, but as I get older those steps aren’t doing my knees any justice, so this saves me time and my body! Double win. I def recommend this washer. If you have any questions about this model pls feel free to contact me at

  42. Malinda

    I had LG HE front load for several years. The door gasket got a permanent mold stain. Found lots of moldy gunk under the gasket (where I could teach with a cloth). My clothes started to smell sour, no matter what I did. So I got the huge top-load LG HE set. I’ve hated them since I bought them. They don’t use enough water to even cover the clothes. I have to restart it so it can weigh the clothes with water already on them to get enough water or I have to run it again or run a rinse cycle. I like the size and that you can wash blankets and such but next time I’m going back to an agitator top-load.

    • Malinda


  43. DeeC

    Top loader with a agitator. I miss my old school washing machine. My clothes came out cleaner

  44. sue

    I hate my washer! I can take clothes out and they still have dirt that should have dissolved on them. Also the pods never dissolve all tge way. It is a top loader. Whirlpool Cabrio. But I love the dryer! Super nice! large door holds anything. It does a great job. I had a samsung set front loader washer and the dryer drum cracked from regular use and it was not even 2 years old! I really liked the washer though. If you have kids and want them to help learn how to do laundry get a front loader.

    • Jenny

      I am SO glad it isn’t just me that hates this washer!!!! (Whirlpool Cabrio) It even creates spots on my clothes. Most of the clothes don’t even get all the way wet. Just partially. It never gets stains out and causes every fabric to bleed. The WORST washer I’ve ever had.

  45. Jeff

    I fix appliances as a hobby and I have strong feelings about the subject! I always recommend people steer clear of the fancy front loading washing machines. Here are the reasons: 1) they tend to stink. because the pump/drain mechanism never drains completely it tends to grow bacteria and with a steady supply of gunk from dirty water washing through it, it must be cleaned regularly like once a month. You should also run cleaning cycles with a cleaning agent like affresh which offsets water savings. Always leave the door open when not in use and wipe out the rubber door baffle often. 2) they have vulnerable circuit boards. these get water or condensation on them and get fried and are usually prohibitively expensive to replace. 3) they are heavy, some weight nearly 200lbs because they must have ballast weight for the super high spin cycle speeds. 4) finally, they are very expensive. nuf’ said.

  46. sharonljallred

    I got my top load agitator amana in the classifieds for 50$ and it’s going strong still for 8 years now & it already looked old when I bought it. They don’t seem to make washer machines as good as the old ones anymore.

  47. pjane

    Buy a front load stacking if you need to save space. Otherwise, traditional top loaders are more durable. A basic washer and dryer set is better/more durable (value for $) than most of the expensive ones. Most of the Toploader brands are similar anyways. They just have different labels. Same with front loader brands.

    • pjane

      Soap pods work better for front loaders.

  48. misscenterway

    I have a Samsung front loader set on pedestals. I absolutely love them! They are commercial size and get my clothes clean and dry in no time.

  49. SuzyHomemakerGoneBad

    We are now on our second Samsung front loader pair. The first set pooped out on us after 12 years, but we abused the daylights out of them with 3 loads of laundry per day (including diapers!) when our kids were babies. We now have the largest Flexwash/Flexdry set, and I am in love! The laundry almost ALWAYS gets perfectly clean, to the point that I’m hugely shocked and offended on the rare occasion that a stain doesn’t come out completely. And with the two washers in the Flexwash, I can wash delicates or small loads at the same time as a larger load. The key to front loaders is keeping the doors and drawer open when not in use, and don’t use more than a couple tablespoons of detergent at the most. I’m keeping my fingers crossed on the longevity of my new laundry pair.

  50. Tara

    I have an LG front loader. I feel super blessed that I’ve never dealt with any gasket etc. I’ve never used washer cleaner. I don’t have to leave door open. I’ve never had any gross or mildew smell from my washer. I think it’s like 10 years old now. Zero issues. It has a ton of options but I find myself basically using the same 3. I love having a front loader by far. I have them stacked.

    • Jody Paul

      Same one in have, no issues knock on wood lol

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