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Walmart Car Seat Trade-In Event is Live Now! Recycle Your Baby’s Car Seat & Score $30 Gift Card

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Baby in Graco Car Seat in car

Score a $30 Walmart gift card when you trade in a car seat!

From September 16th through September 30th, head on over to Walmart where they are celebrating National Baby Safety Month by hosting their first-ever car seat recycling event!

During this event, customers who trade in used car seats at the service desk in any participating Walmart store will score a FREE $30 Walmart Gift Card.

Head over to Walmart’s website for more information on this event!

walmart car seat event

Here’s how the Walmart Car Seat Recycling Event works…

  • Grab a car seat that has expired or that your kiddo has outgrown and bring it to the trade-in event at your participating Walmart Supercenter (not available at Walmart Neighborhood Market locations).
  • Take the car seat to the Customer Service counter to be recycled.
  • Receive a FREE $30 Walmart gift card
  • Car seats collected will then be recycled 100% by TerraCycle and each component will be diverted from the landfill

Note that there is a limit of two trade-ins and gift cards per household and booster seats are not eligible for trade-in.

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Comments 80

  1. Ivy

    Just traded in 2 very old car seat this morning. Super good deal.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yay! Glad to hear it!

    • Jessica

      DId you get $30 or $60 for 2 car seats?

      • ❤️my_lineman

        You get $60 for 2 😊

  2. Michelle

    I found two car seats on the side of the road and traded them in. Thank you!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh wow! You’re welcome, Michelle!

    • Alex

      Oh my gosh Michelle- I was coming to comment that on my way home from work 2 nights ago I saw one at the curb so I stopped and grabbed it- it put gas in my tank this morning! 😁 and it was so simple

  3. Hanna

    Call first! Mine says online that they are participating, but when I called they said no. 😭

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Bummer! Sorry to hear that, Hanna! Thanks so much for the helpful warning!

    • Rae

      Yes call first. We went in this morning to two and even though the website said it was the 16th-30th. The store said it only is the 29th at 2pm… And the other walmart normally 24 hours wasn’t even open. It was a lot of running around in the morning for nothing…

      • Violet

        I called my Walmart and they said they’re going to start next weekend. 🙁

  4. suz

    Just traded in 2 car seats for a gift card. It was super easy and fast!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      That’s awesome to hear, Suz!

  5. Calie Lukenbill

    Can you turn in the base for a gift card? I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere!

    • Rae

      No. I am keeping the base to donate though since it is a common base. Our carseat isn’t expired and barely used so I feel like I am wasting it but a $30 gift card seems nicer than selling the carseat on Craigslist for $20.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi there! It appears that it must be the car seat, however you could always call in to your location to be certain.

    • Spifftiff88

      I was told the car seat and the base must be turned in together.

      • Rae

        They let me trade it in without a base.

      • Beckie

        I turned in my infant car seat without the base. I also took the cover off of it because it was so gross from sitting in the garage and they took it as-is.

      • Catherine vinson

        Yes,you’re EXACTLY right. I can’t understand why some just take them with or without their base. Shouldn’t it be the Same at Every Walmart…Very CONFUSED!!!

    • ❤️my_lineman

      You don’t need the base but if you bring it there’s no extra money. So it shouldn’t matter either way

  6. Jodi

    Traded in two car seats this morning, but my gift cards state they cannot be used online.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for the heads up!

  7. Melissa

    Since I can’t trade in booster carseats what can I do with them because they are expired and none of my kids are in them any how?

    • MNme

      Target takes expired/unwanted booster seats during their trade-in events.

    • Rae

      Salvation Army here takes used carseats + booster that are NOT expired. The pregnancy center here also does, though they want them to be in excellent clean condition, aswell as not expired. There is also a free shop for low income mom’s with children under 5 that takes boosters and car seats. Hope that helps you there might be something like that near you.

    • alh071

      Take them to the dump or wait for targets trade in event

      • Rae

        Yeah I just saw she said expired… The target one or garbage.

    • Faye0924

      Maybe you can trade in at target, since they give away 20% coupon instead of gift card, there’s not much restrictions as Walmart. But the target event just ended a few days ago, so you might need to wait for next year. If you need details, just search on H2P, they also listed that one.

  8. alh071

    What constitutes a booster seat, if it doesn’t have a 5pt harness?

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      From comments on what readers have been able to trade in, you must have one with the 5 point harness on it. You can call your store ahead and ask before making a special trip, alh071!

  9. persepine

    I went to trade my 2 year olds infant seat and they stated that since I have had 3 no receipt returns that They can’t take the car seat… They also checked to make sure the car seat wasn’t expired. Nothing that they advertised…

    • cpnkay

      That’s ridiculous! It’s not a return – it’s for them to recycle!!

    • Lel

      One of the reasons stated on the corporate release is to get unsafe expired car seats out of circulation. Try again at a different Walmart.

    • hip2trade

      I agree about trying a different Walmart. Recycling is different than a ready to use immediately as is car seat or I assume that.

    • Laura

      Same thing happened to me. They said because I had no-receipt returns recently (swapped diapers for a size bigger), I had to wait 90 days to do a no-receipt return. That made no sense to me so I called corporate and was told they did it incorrect as it is a trade in event. I went back and management had no clue what to do, didn’t even care that I gave them the reference number the customer service rep told me to give them to look up how to do it. They called 700 Walmart or something like that and they were told there’s no way to override, I have to wait 90 days to do a no-receipt return. 😡

    • Juliee

      Do they take your drivers license for this when you turn a seat in?

      • V

        Mine did.

  10. Jessica

    Just traded 1 in.. very easy, no hassle no questions! Also make sure to check your clearance! I found a high velocity fan for $19, originally $40. A vacuum for $15, little lunch box things that come with forks/spoons attached for .75 cents. So glad I went in!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks, Jessica! We will look for those clearance items!

  11. K

    I brought in my car seat this morning and one of the walmart employees said that the car seat had to be clean. Also they said that it would count as one of the three returns I can do a year without a receipt.

    • Breanna

      That’s just crazy, so they want you to wash and dry the cover for it to be recycled lol 😂

    • Michelle

      Did they think you were returning it??

      • K

        They knew I was bringing it in for the trade in event. It took 3 employees for me to get a gift card.

        • M

          It seems like a lot of the walmart stores are doing their own thing or have confused employees.

    • Sam

      I brought in two car seats from 8 years ago that was left in my basement. They were most definitely not clean. No questions asked, except for an I.D. It literally took less than 5 minutes to complete the process.

      • joni

        exactly me too they asked for I D but I brought 2 curbside treasures in no problem and was rewarded a 60 gc easy peasy in under 5 mins.

    • Jessica

      Same with Sam. Just asked for my ID.. literally took 2 minutes and she’s like throw it in the pile.. didn’t even take it from me. It’s so weird and annoying that some Walmart’s are making up their own rules. Sorry to hear that!

      • Tasha

        Same here, told me to put the seat on the pile, looked at my ID and handed me the gift card. Very quick and painless!

    • Beckie

      That stinks! Our carseat covers were so gross from sitting in the garage. We took them off and threw them away and they took them as-is. Sorry that it didn’t work for you. Maybe you can try a different Walmart?

  12. Danielle

    My husband traded an old one in today at our local stores. They took his ID and it was easy as pie.

  13. Angela

    I brought mine in without a cover and it was ok
    They didn’t check the date but it was used but had a few months left
    And they did take my ID info
    Got a $30 gift card that I loaded into my app and I can use it online
    Thanks for the heads up

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      You are so welcome, Angela!

  14. krystal

    I took one in this morning and our local walmart is trying so hard to get their employees to know all the rules and restrictions. They didnt care about age/condition of car seat but firm that it MUST have 5 point harness, NO boosters. And since my sister is a manager there I know they were struggling with the fact that the gift cards can be used on anything and are non restricted to baby stuff and then when I got my gift card they gave me a printout/flyer for their baby rollbacks and told me it was suggestions for things I could spend the gift card on. But technically you aren’t limited on your use of the gift card, I’m going to save them for Christmas shopping.

    • momof4under7

      I have a seat with the 5 point harness but the piece with the red button broke and I had removed it. If the rest of the harness is there should that not matter? I hope

  15. Jessica

    Thanks for the heads up about this a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to H2S, I knew this was coming and was able to snag a free car seat from a local BST group. Took it today and got my gift card. No hassle at all.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      SO awesome! You’re welcome, Jessica!

  16. Margaret

    Thank you Hip2Save. I also traded in 2 carseats and got $60.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      You are so welcome, Margaret!

    • Ashley S.

      Can you use the gift card for anything or only baby items?

      • joni

        yes you can

  17. Tallycat86

    Had the worst experience with this. My 5 point harness seat did not have the fabric cover and they said they wouldn’t accept it. I asked to see the policy which says any condition no boosters. I explained the seat had been in an accident and they then said they couldn’t take it because it was in an accident. I had to argue with them saying they aren’t reusing it, they’re recycling it. They searched the policy for 15 min before finally allowing me to trade it in for the gift card. Clearly it’s a new event, but they really need to be more clear about the guidelines for customers and employees. It was a very frustrating experience and customer service was very rude.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      I am so sorry to hear about this! You might want to contact the corporate office to tell them about your experience, Tallycat86!

    • hip2trade

      These are the types of experiences I really dread. The employees start becoming really difficult and try to set the rules themselves and not letting the policy be followed as it should and as written. Sorry you had this experience.

    • Rachael330

      Ugh I’m sending my hubby in tomorrow with one that we had to cut the straps on for insurance to replace after an accident… hope they don’t give him the same hassle. Good for you for insisting on following their policy!

  18. momof4under7

    If there’s a piece missing will they hassel me anyone if has done or knows? I have a 5 point harness seat and all the buckles are there except that little red button release piece broke and I had removed it when we stopped using it. Hoping it still qualifies

    • Rae

      It should since they are just recycling them.

    • mizzkavee

      I traded 2 of my car seats today. Super easy! I had straps on one seat, but no straps at all on the other. She took them with no problem.

  19. hip2trade

    It’s been a long time since I had children in car seats. I have no idea about car seats being “expired”. If I have a car seat around my house it could be 30 years So these would not be acceptable even though it’s for recycling? Just trying to check as I really don’t want to deal with any hassles.

    • NV2007

      I assume so? But I mean, honestly… for a free $30, I’d be willing to give it a try.

      It’s kind of hilarious, I have to be honest… Walmart is doing a really awesome thing here. They are willing to take car seats that are useless to us and hand us $30 for our time, essentially. All in an effort to get the seats out of circulation if they are expired. Target gives a 20% off coupon. You’d have to spend $150 at Target to get the same benefit as this. I would personally call the store you shop at, ask if they are doing this program, and then go if they are. That’s what I did. I haven’t brought a seat yet, and if I get any push back when I go I will gladly explain that I called and was told they accepted the seats and the program was live at the store per a phone call I made. But really, it’s definitely nothing to get too worked up about. I’ll just bring the seat back and leave without my “freebie” if things get too complicated at customer service. Walmart owes me nothing (and frankly, I can’t stand Walmart in general so it takes A LOT for me ever be on their side).

  20. wolfie

    Traded a convertible seat (5 point harness cut due to having been in an accident) in this morning, the employees were not totally informed and one said they’d only take infant carriers. But she did go and asked her manager and he said to accept it… I agree with some of the other posters, Walmart should train their employees better on special events especially since ita brand new.
    Seat was dirty and had the straps cut, they didnt care.

  21. wbn

    are you limited to using the gift card on baby items

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Nope! It is not limited to baby items.

  22. Ksowder

    Does this include infant car seats?

    • hip2trade


  23. CJ

    Took 2 seats to Walmart and they said they were only taking one per household since they did not have room. Told everyone waiting and some people were upset because they had called and were given different info. They said that some Walmarts had already stopped taking them.

  24. Sarah

    Literally the day after I sent 2 old car seats to the dump they announced this lol damn.

  25. Cfosh

    I put the seats into a cart in the parking lot and walked in. No one ever even looked at them, I pushed the cart up to customer service and they took my license and gave me the gift card. I was honestly amazed at how easy it was.

  26. Angela

    Unfortunately this sounds typical with Walmart. I would go with in mind that the employees know nothing and possibly management but be as calm and polite as you can and get Management’s help if you need it. Yes, you may need to show the information to management.

  27. Dottie

    Easiest thing ever for me. The customer service reps said that in just one day, last night, they sent away 10 pallet/bins.

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