Here’s What Our Team Did Behind The Scenes in October

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Here’s what our Hip2Save team members have been up to when we’re off the clock…

apple watch on wrist

We’re back with more exciting behind-the-scenes at Hip! 🤩

We’re continuing our super fun off-the-clock Hip series and giving you all a sneak peek into our lives behind the scenes every month!

Whether it’s something we’re buying, something we did, or how our lives are everchanging, we’re bringing you along for the journey with us!

Every one of us works tirelessly around the clock to source hot deals, test products, create delicious recipes, and so much more! That said, some of our best (and funniest) conversations happen behind the scenes, so welcome to a peek at some of our proudest moments in October! 👀

After a long wait, Jessica finally moved into her house!

kitchen with white cabinets and barstools

There’s nothing like home, sweet home! We got a little peek into Jessica’s beautiful new home and while the building process may have taken one very long year to reach the finish line, it was well worth the wait! Congrats, Jessica!

Stetson ran a half marathon during his day off and surprised us all. 

three people standing outside holding marathon running numbers

You may have missed Stetson while he took a short vacation, but don’t think he still wasn’t crushing the game! He ran a half marathon and completed 13.63 miles — we couldn’t be more proud of his accomplishment! Way to go Stetson!

Melinda got some steps in as well… while working!

laptop on nordic track tredmill

Melinda proved to us all that she can really do it all when sharing the laptop desk she’s been using on top of her treadmill. Multi-tasking during the busiest time of the year is in full force at Hip2Save — no doubt about that!

We could all relate to Emily’s very Monday, Monday. 

photo of coffee spilled all over counter

But seriously, have you even made coffee before if this hasn’t happened to you?! 😂 Oh, Emily…we all have those days and I know our entire Hip team could relate to one of these days. Good thing it can only go up from here!

And just FYI… as Emily stated, cups ARE required for these machines. 🤣

Shane attended his second Comic-Con of the month & impressed us again with his costume. 

two men dressed up in black costumes posing in front of gray wall

Can anyone guess which one is Shane?! He is always knocking it out of the park with his incredible costumes and we can hardly wait for him to share what he ended up being for Halloween. Funny enough, the guy never needs a reason to get dressed up and knows how to have a good time regardless of the day.

Shane was also busy in the kitchen and made us all drool.

plate full of beef stroganoff meal

At this point, I’m just waiting for Shane to become our new recipe blogger because he’s always whipping up the best-looking dishes! Last week, he served up beef & mushroom stroganoff which he said was easy, tasty, and inexpensive to make! 👏🏻 Looks like the perfect meal for fall if you ask me. 😋

Try Lina’s Instant Pot Hamburger Stroganoff (Weeknight Comfort Food Winner)!

Jen got her first tattoo before turning 50!

woman arm with roses and year tattoo on side arm

Jen shared a super sentimental tattoo she recently had inked and we couldn’t love the meaning behind it more. It’s a ring of beautiful roses and the years around her arm represent the years her kiddos were born. She has totally inspired some of us tattoo lovers! We love it, Jen! 

Michelle took her daughter to see Harry Styles in concert and it made her ENTIRE life.

girl standing at concert venue with random people everywhere

Man, it’s nice to be back at live music events and Michelle totally made her daughter’s whole life after attending the Harry Styles concert. We especially loved the video of her happily screaming & crying, but we’ll save that one for the Hip team. 🤣 Pure joy this girl is and such a great mother, daughter bonding time!

“My daughter said that it was THE BEST DAY of her entire life and if she never lives another day she wouldn’t care because it was the most amazing day/week of her life. LOL! She basically stood there hugging herself and dancing and swaying or crying non-stop. 😂 #MOMWIN”

Lina and Angela shared their doggy woes from last week. 

dog crate and couch chewed up and broken

Ohhhh, cute, sweet, adorable puppies. 🐶 They sure know how to test our patience from time to time, don’t they?! Poor Angela came home to a chewed-up dog crate one day and Lina’s dog chewed up her new leather couch (which she had only just got for her home the day before!) 😰

Oh, boy! It’s a good thing their pups are cute, huh?! I’m sure all dog owners can relate to this. 😅

Here’s what you may have missed from our team earlier this month:

I kicked off October by celebrating First Friday in my city.

first friday sign with discounts on home decor

First Fridays are my most favorite Fridays of all! And it just so happens that this month, it fell on the very first day of October! 🙌🏻 Love when that happens!

If you’re new to First Fridays like a lot of my Hip sidekicks were, it’s the first Friday of every month where cities work hard to draw people to the shops, restaurants, and venues by hosting unique & fun events!

people sitting in race car arcade game

I always look forward to extended hours & sales at the small shops, new dishes & drinks at my favorite restaurants, live music everywhere, and so much more! We even enjoyed a late-night arcade trip with the kiddos where you pay by the hour – so fun!

It’s the most amazing Friday of the month EVER! 🥰 Do any of you enjoy First Friday in your city?! 😍

Hip Tip: Here’s what I buy at my local farmer’s market every month to save and support my community.

Lina made the most epic charcuterie board for Halloween. 

woman holding a halloween themed charcuterie board with food

I’ll let the picture do all the talking, 😍 but if there’s one thing I know our Hip team can count on, it’s to get awesome inspiration from Lina every time a new holiday rolls around!

She totally outdid herself with this Halloween Charcuterie board and if you haven’t checked out the entire post, go see it for yourself! 🎃

Emily has been busy making the outside of her home TOTAL goals.

white and black house with bat decor on siding

As if Emily’s affordable shopping spree she went on for her front porch wasn’t stunning enough, she totally wowed us with her simplistic bat decor she scored on Etsy!

“I saw this idea on Pinterest and while I’m not an avid Halloween decorator, I really wanted to lean in this year as Lina so cheerfully encouraged me to do! 😄 They come with double-sided foam adhesive tabs to make hanging so simple, and I had all of them up in about an hour. Plus the tabs don’t damage the siding as I’ve had to reposition a few already. BEST Halloween decor purchase!

As this adorable little girl says, ‘it’s frickin’ bats!’ 😂” – Emily

Her decorating even went to new levels when she shared her backyard progress too. 😍

back of white and black house with footers and string lights in dark

Wow, wow, WOW, Emily! 👏🏻🤩

By simply making her own footers and adding some affordable string lights from Amazon she completely transformed her yard. 😍

picture of backyard in the dark with projector and lights

Here’s how Emily did her easy DIY:

  • Sand and stain the pressure-treated posts.
  • Position the posts in the planters and use scrap 2x4s to lean them against each side and keep each post level.
  • Pour in 2 bags of concrete mix per planter box.
  • Add water to concrete according to the instructions on the bag and mix around the edges until the concrete mix is fully saturated.
  • Let concrete harden (about an hour).
  • String lights about 24 hours after your concrete sets.
…ta-da! 🤩🎉 We couldn’t love it more, Emily! 😍

round firepit in grass with chairs

She even built a fire pit for under $50 using some really affordable pavers from Lowe’s.

I AM DONE!!! 😍👏🏻

Needless to say, we’re basically all moving in with Emily now. Good thing she recently bought a bunch of comfy, new mattresses too. 😂😏

Shane is showing off and is basically the coolest Hip sidekick now.

two men posing for picture on red carpet

It’s no secret our team is a major fan of Hallmark Christmas movies. So when Shane told us he was going to be playing a small role in the upcoming “A Match Made at Christmas” Hallmark movie, we couldn’t have been fangirling any harder! Who’s with us?! 🙋🏼‍♀️

close up of hallmark christmas movie and credits

Just don’t forget who knew you first when you make it big, Shane. 😂🙋🏼‍♀️

He wasn’t the only one dishing out autographs this month either…

three men dressed for comic con event

Shane shared his other adventure to a nearby Comic-con where he scored an autograph from Napoleon Dynamite, himself! And yes, that’s Shane dressed up on the right. 😅 Man, this guy can fit the part anywhere he goes, am I right?! 😏

Alli made us all drool with her dreamy coffee flight.

woman sitting with various types of coffees in flight

Speaking of absolutely delicious things, can we all get a coffee flight in our life ASAP, please?! 😍 Even better, taking a fellow coffee lover along with you only makes this experience 10 times better! 🙌🏻

row of various iced coffees in glasses on wood coffee flight

If you’re ever in Virginia Beach, Alli claims Pourfavor Coffee Shop is a 10 out of 10! 🤩

I didn’t even know coffee shops offered these coffee flights… have you ever done this? ☕️

Angela’s newly adopted rescue dog is already looking to be unadopted.

close up of dogs face with lion costume

But seriously though! 🤣😍 How cute is Gary in this Lion dog costume?! We can’t get enough of all her recent pup spam.

Welcome to the Hip fam, sweet Gary!

sleeping dog curled up with blanket

And we’re only joking about wanting to be unadopted, since we’re pretty sure he found the perfect home. 🥰🥺

Melinda is shipping a big barrel to Jamaica for a special friend. 

people sitting at table enjoying thanksgiving meal

As many of you learned last month, Melinda & her family just made an International move all the way from Jamaica!

This month, she put together such a thoughtful baby shower gift barrel (yes, barrel!) to an expecting friend in need. Above is her hubby and her friend & family enjoying their first-ever Turkey last Thanksgiving! 

two blue plastic barrels sitting on garage floor

In fact, she received so much support and generosity from others, she was able to completely fill TWO barrels! We can only imagine how much she misses them, but we know her gift is totally going to make her friend feel loved! 🥰 The world needs more Melindas, that is for sure! 🙌🏻

💡 Did you know it’s WAY more cost-effective to ship a large number of goods to an island using a big plastic barrel? There is no fee based on the weight and you only pay one flat fee for as much as you can fit in the barrel! How cool! 

Jennifer’s entire family is having way too much fun with this skeleton.

skeleton posed with keto choczero chocolates on table

In case you all were wondering how Jennifer’s kitchen remodel was coming along with the hilarious skeleton prank she has up her sleeve, it’s still under construction.

However, it hasn’t stopped her and her family from having fun until it’s done. Last week she caught her skeleton getting into her keto chocolate. 😂

Here’s a sneak peek at her new freezer though…

close up of ice maker on tile floor

Just kidding. 😆

On a serious note, we know kitchen renovations can be daunting, and to get her and her family through these uncharted times, she’s been grabbing deals on products that make their life a WHOLE lot easier – such as this portable ice maker we featured a deal on earlier this month! 👏🏻

“It works so awesomely and it makes a ton of ice! I timed it and it drops ice every six minutes – SIX MINUTES people! Sorry, it’s currently on the hall floor, but I just had to share that the ice is also in little hollow cubes and is crunchy like Sonic ice – HUGE BONUS!” – Jennifer

She also made this really practical purchase too!

Ceiling Fan Pulls Chain Set

You may have already seen this genius product hit our site since we loved it so much when she first shared it.

How cool are her new ceiling fan pulls that easily set the light apart from the ceiling fan?! Talk about game-changing and they’re well under 10 bucks on Amazon for both! 🙌🏻

We all learned where Collin got her intense frugalness from.

two women in trash can sitting in garage

Earlier this month, Bryn & Collin’s mom Susan, was visiting for Bryn’s son’s birthday. Long story short, Susan left a birthday gift and found out that some of the gift she had given Bryn’s son got thrown in the trash. 😬 Bryn and her son didn’t even realize this until the next day when Susan let them know that there was also an envelope with $20 cash inside.

After Bryn’s son made an attempt to try to find it with no success, frugal grandma (and mom), Susan, wasn’t having it and made a drive over to relentlessly retrieve it herself (despite almost falling in the trash can). 👏🏻

woman holding up trash bags and money in envelope

WOW! Mom’s are the best, aren’t they?! 🥰

Hip Tip: Speaking of birthdays, check out these incredible freebies you can score from retailers during your birthday month!

Eden shared her not-so-frugal buy during the Bath & Body Works candle sale. 

light up skull candle holder on table with halloween decor

One thing’s for sure, if you’re a Bath & Body Works candle fan, it’s hard to have any self-control… sales or not. Despite putting this super cool light-up skull candle holder back about 7 times, she justified this full-priced buy in the end considering she knows she’ll use it year-round.

And to wrap up this fun post on an exciting note…

woman holding large Amazon box on front porch

Our annual 25 Days of Christmas Giveaways have started! This year we’re giving away hundreds of prizes totaling over $25,000!!! 😱 Get yourself entered each day over HERE.

While we’re on the topic of giveaways, make sure you sign up for Hip2Save text messaging! Collin’s been putting together texts on a regular basis sharing the hottest current deals as well as her personal picks and faves. Stay tuned as she’ll be sending out bonus gifts to random text subscribers during the Christmas giveaways! 🎉

Just text the word GIFTS to our Hip2Save number!

(775) 204-0125

Well, Hip2Savers, on that note, we’re going to get back to bringing you all the best deals.

Happy Halloween! 🎃 I’ll be back with more Hip team news at the end of the month… 👋🏼

Sara is a self-taught blogger and photographer with 5 years of experience having work featured in various building, travel, and fashion publications, most notably Bassett Furniture and Fossil.

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