It’s Never Too Early for Christmas Decorations…. Or Is It?

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holding small light-up Christmas tree

Christmas in September or October?! How soon is too soon?

These days it definitely seems like we can’t embrace any holiday celebration without retail stores stocking shelves or online inventory with the next big holiday still months away.

So when should you decorate for Christmas?

I asked our team how soon (or not so soon) their Christmas decorations are going up this year and we’re sharing our thoughts.

Grinch and Christmas decor on display in store at Hobby Lobby

It’s the beginning of October and stores like Hobby Lobby are already flooding their inventory with Christmas decor. Say what?! Surely people can’t already be shopping for the Holidays… or are they? 🤔

According to many different sources, it seems that the most popular and socially acceptable time to decorate in households across America is the weekend right after Thanksgiving. Additionally, some say that putting up decorations anytime before Halloween is way too early.

But… many people also claim that decorating earlier makes you happier. 🎄

joy to the world sign on christmas tree

In fact, the New York Times shared an article back in March when COVID first hit that people across American began decorating stringing Christmas lights, blowing up holiday inflatables, and building spirit-lifting snowmen to spread cheer at the earliest date we’ve ever seen!

Even Scary Mommy shared some studies that prove people are happier when they decorate earlier and people who put up exterior decorations are even seen as friendlier people. Whoa! One thing is for sure… now more than ever we could all use a little happy, so maybe if we’re not decking those halls in Fall, we’re just not doing it right! 💁‍♀️

Here’s how our team feels about when to decorate for Christmas:

These team members wait until after Thanksgiving to start decorating:

red and gold christmas tree with ornaments

“Our family tradition to decorate for Christmas is on Black Friday. However, last year we did decorate a little earlier because of our schedules. I love Christmas but can’t eat Thanksgiving dinner with trees lit up. LOL!” – Alana

“My family makes it a tradition to decorate after we have Thanksgiving dinner! Always a great time as the whole family is together and we listen to Christmas music, too!” – Rachel 

“We do our decorating the day after Thanksgiving until just after New Years.” – Chelsey 

“I usually decorate the day after Thanksgiving. Anything earlier is too early for me as the decorations feel dusty after a while. But it’s never too early to buy them! I just bought ornaments at Dollar Tree yesterday! HAHA!” – Amber S. 

christmas tree in living room with train

“Usually either right after Thanksgiving or sometimes right before. It really depends if I’m hosting Thanksgiving or not because I don’t want anyone to be offended by Christmas decorations. LOL!” – Amber R. 

“I try to put up the tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving and then start decorating everything else that week, but I don’t judge people who decorate even earlier! I love Christmas!” – Jessica

“We decorate the second we’re done celebrating Thanksgiving. For us, anything before that is too soon. Like Alana, I need Fall decor with my Thanksgiving celebration. Haha!” – Jenna R.

“In our family, we bring all the Fall decorations down Thanksgiving night and getting ready for Christmas is an all day event on Black Friday.” – Ashley

christmas tree wood sign on mantel with nutcracker

“My dad, my brothers, and I take the boxes out of the attic Thanksgiving Day or that weekend, only to walk around the boxes for about a week, then when my stepmom gets in town the next week or so she makes us do it all at once. LOL!” – Hunter

“The day after Thanksgiving we all go together to cut down a tree and then decorate for all things Christmas. However, I totally start the Christmas tunes the moment Halloween is over and start Christmas shopping as soon as summer is over!” – Jenna P.

“The night of Black Friday… the tree goes up, bins are placed in the living room, and the weekend is set to decorate – as schedules allow. By Sunday night it’s all ready and we have a ceremonial tree lighting with hot chocolate and a required family viewing of the Polar Express.” – Irene

christmas tree with wrapped gifts underneath

“I absolutely love Christmas so normally by the time Thanksgiving is here I’m ready to decorate! I just love having company over and having everything set up and pretty. I used to be really religious about decorating on Black Friday, but with kids in the picture, I just decorate somewhere around Thanksgiving when it feels right.” – Sara

“I prefer to wait until December to put up our tree as I feel like 3 weeks with the tree up is plenty of time! I hate to admit it, but I’ve been known to take down our tree on the evening of 12/25! HAHA! I’m always ready to get the house back to its normal non-tree state as soon as Christmas is over.” – Bryn 

“We definitely deck the halls after Thanksgiving but we don’t have a set time frame – pretty much whenever I feel like digging through my garage for the Christmas stuff. I don’t put out a lot of decorations though because I don’t want to be dusting that stuff all month-long. We do 2 Christmas trees though and I go pretty nuts with those!” – Cass

Here’s why these two team members decorate a bit earlier: 

Merry Christmas from Collin

“We used to put ours up the afternoon of Black Friday, but then we moved it a little earlier so the kids could enjoy it when they were home from college during Thanksgiving. My husband now realizes that he lost the battle of holiday spirit because both my daughter and I love having it up early. I just checked my photos from last year, and the tree was up and decorated by November 10th! LOL!” – Liza 

“I like to put up my decorations long before Thanksgiving because Christmas decor is amazing and magical! For me, I just love sitting on my couch in the early morning hours, drinking my coffee, and looking around at all the festive decor and my beautiful lit-up Christmas tree.

It makes me feel cozy and so excited about the holiday season. I’m that person – that person who’s obsessed with Christmas. I love the cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies, all the yummy seasonal foods, drinking hot cocoa, gift-giving, and just the feeling I get during this time of year! I could go on and on… lol

So unlike my sister, Bryn, I like to enjoy our festive decor and Christmas tree (with all the meaningful ornaments) for more than just 3 weeks. When Halloween is over, it’s time to get decorating!” 🙌 –Collin

And one of our Hip sidekicks goes ALL out for Christmas!

house front yard decked out with tons of festive christmas decorations

“You guys are totally going to think I’m nuts, but I used to start the day after Halloween! My dad and I used to enter our city’s decorating contest and we would hand make & paint decorations every year! We had to be done decorating early for the judging to take place, hence starting crazy early.

My dad, unfortunately, passed away a few years ago so I did a display by myself that year in honor of him.❤️ I later moved out and now that I live in an apartment so I tend to decorate the day after Thanksgiving like a sane person. LOL.” – Erika

But enough about us! When do you decorate? 😍

Here’s where we post all things Christmas! 🎅

About the writer:

Sara is a self-taught blogger and photographer with 8+ years of experience having work featured in various building, travel, and fashion publications, most notably Bassett Furniture and Fossil.

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  1. Julie

    Collin I am with you! We start to put up our decorations right after Halloween. We put up a bunch every night w/christmas music until everything is up inside

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Aww, Love that! ❤️🎄

    • Storyville12

      Yes!!! I’m with you Julie! And Collin! Right after Halloween!! The lead up to Christmas is the best part and the festive decor makes me and my son so happy!

  2. Linda

    The reason Hobby lobby and other craft stores have their Christmas items out early is crafters that sell at craft shows (like me!) need to be working on projects by summer. I personally find Michael’s and Joanns to be a little late with their’s. Just another reason to love Hobby lobby lol.

    • Jamie

      I have literally never considered the idea that holiday decorations/supplies being in stores early is partly to allow crafters and artisans to get a jump start on their creations. That makes perfect sense! I will be less grumbly about them being up in September for now on.

    • Jes

      Thank you for explaining it this way. I have never thought much about it (other than thinking it’s ridiculous) but now it makes sense!

      • AdifferentLynn

        Agreed! But that is mainly for crafting type stores. Thank you for clarifying.

    • acgold

      I always explain this to people too! Thanks for spreading the word!

    • Rachel Pearson

      Yes. I begin in July with my glass ornaments and tea towels that I sell. We don’t decorate until weekend after thanksgiving but I start collecting new decor and buying gifts early.

  3. Candace

    I think you should put up your Christmas decorations whenever it makes you happy, and not worry what anyone else thinks. If you want to put them up in July, October, November Christmas Eve, or never, go for it! Don’t stress on when you SHOULD, or when everyone else does.

    Personally I feel like Christmas shouldn’t be put out at stores until the day after Halloween (Craft stores and the like being an exception because Crafters need early access so they can have their stuff made to sell/gift during the holiday season), because I think it can dilute the holidays, especially for retail workers who will see it for MONTHS before the holiday. That being said, I don’t get too worried about it. I don’t have to put it up or buy until I’m ready, and maybe having it early makes life easier or brighter for someone else. Who am I to rain on their parade?

    • Suzanne

      So true! To each their own! Every family has different traditions. That’s what makes it special for everyone.

  4. Curt

    I won’t put anything up until December, but I did order a new tree yesterday! Got on eBay and found a fantastic deal hundreds cheaper than anything I’ll find in stores. I’m sure it’ll take a month to ship from China but it’s September, that’s fine.

  5. NV2007

    This is a sore spot for me, to be frank.

    I used to decorate closer to Thanksgiving. However, since having kids, it’s earlier. I decorate (minus the tree) after my kids go to sleep on Halloween night. November 1st they wake up to Christmas decor and they LOVE it. *I* love it! I’m exhausted after (usually) working a full day and then ToTing, but it’s fun and it makes it magical for my kids.

    I LOVE Christmas – just like Collin, I truly embrace all that the Christmas season offers. It definitely makes me happy. I listened to Christmas music while getting ready for work this AM!

    WHY in the world people get upset that some of us decorate “too early” is just beyond comprehension for me. We aren’t “rushing” the holidays, we are EXTENDING the holidays. I don’t skip Thanksgiving, I consider November and December the SEASON of amazing holidays, gatherings, music, decor, movies, events… BRING IT ON! You do you, I’ll do me.

    My “main” living room tree usually goes up the 2nd weekend in November. I have a small flocked tree that stays up year round in my dining room b/c I love it. And I have a little silver tree that’s sentimental that stays up year round upstairs. And I just bought another 5′ tree that I’m putting upstairs and that just might go up next weekend, who knows. If it brings joy, I can’t even understand why it would bother anyone.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts with us! I agree! If it brings you joy, then go for it! 😊

    • lorimills

      I honestly believe the reason it “bothers” people is b/c they read about it on social media and then decide “oh yeah, I think that’s ridiculous too!” My daughter works at Hobby Lobby and their Cmas stuff started coming out in July. And someone was right when they say they do it for crafters…do you know how much time it takes to make homemade gifts or craft show items? It takes weeks and weeks. People have been so incredibly rude to my daughter about “it’s way too early to have your Cmas stuff out!!”. I guarantee you if they hasn’t Read about it somewhere on social media, they wouldn’t even know about and certainly wouldn’t complain. IMO, people are WAY too offended these days. My decor starts going up November 1st and I agree that it prolongs the season for me. I too love sitting in the warm lights of the tree when it’s dark outside…it makes me think about and appreciate all the blessings I have. ❤️

    • Taryn

      Loved you comment!! Very well said and I totally agree.

    • Storyville12

      I agree 100!!! I love how you say “extending” Christmas. It’s so true. I start to decorate the minute Halloween is over. I listened to Christmas music the other day too 🤣

    • Hads

      While growing up! I love and still love Christmas. I start Christmas shopping in January!! By Spring I am done with my Christmas shopping and believe it or not! I count down to Christmas once it’s July :-)…

      Tis a season that makes you just happier.. No matter what comes my way in the last 4 months “BERS” month, the thought of Christmas just brightens it all up..

      I will start my decor immediately after Halloween too.. My toddler will be thrilled!!

    • veronicafagan

      Preach sister!!! I’ve been listening to Christmas music in my car for a week! My kids love it. Last weekend I had a car full of teenagers as we were doing a fundraiser & all but 1 thought it was the best thing ever listening to it.

      If I could decorate 11/1, I would! I do have a skinny tree that stays up and I change the decore for Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day & Easter… I need to get busy and make some Memorial Day/Firth of July decorations for it!

    • Lesomom

      Couldn’t have said it any better! 🎄❤️

  6. Suzanne

    It’s a tradition for our entire family to get a cabin in the mountains the 1st weekend of December so we can all pick and cut a live tree. It’s a good time the whole family can be together since the holidays get so hectic. We work on getting out all the decor during the week and have everything decorated by the following weekend. It helps us not feel so rushed to do everything at once. We have a toddler so we like to celebrate Thanksgiving without all the Christmas rush, to teach her about being thankful for what we are already blessed with. The same with Christmas. We want to keep it more about the true meaning and not just lights and gifts. Having a child now definitely makes it more special for us and love the cozy feeling of a decorated home! I do like that Hobby Lobby gets stuff out early (ours starts in August!) It helps me gradually get craft supplies for the kiddo to make gifts!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      How neat! Thanks for letting us know about your tradition Suzanne! Grabbing a real tree can surely be fun and memorable.

  7. April

    My favorite decorations are fall!! I love the colors, crisp weather, and thankful blessed spirit. Anticipating my family coming over to eat my husbands smoked turkey and ham!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh yes! I love the fall decor and colors too! Thanks for the feedback, April!

  8. Alli

    I just love Christmas, all of it makes me feel warm and cozy. I have decorations from generations of my family so my house is filled to the brim every year. Unless I’m hosting Thanksgiving the Christmas decorations go up early November and coming down after my birthday (late January). This year we are having a family vacation to Disney for the week of Thanksgiving (Yay). So they’re going up early!

  9. Cassie

    I don’t know why anyone cares when people start celebrating a holiday.

    My family puts our Christmas decorations out mid-November. Why have all that stuff if I am just going to decorate for a few weeks?! I get the Christmas itch on November 1st and usually start doing some light shopping around then..and wait for Target to switch Halloween to Christmas 😛 I try to contain my Christmas music until mid-November so I don’t tire of it before Christmas. My mother comes to our house for Thanksgiving week and it’s a tradition to bake Christmas cookies while she’s here..sometimes BEFORE Thanksgiving. Eeeeek! The horror, the horror LOL 🙂

  10. Another Shelly

    We put ours up the day after Halloween. I’d like to keep them up all year.

  11. Casey Meyers

    Some would say its to early but to each there own. What ever makes you happy.

  12. Lesomom

    I start decorating around November 15 including our artificial downstairs tree. Get our real tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Christmas music starts in my house November 1. Hallmark is my go to channel as soon as the Christmas movies start! It’s the most wonderful time of year!!!🎄

  13. Lee

    I am a Christmas junkie and generally make myself wait until after Thanksgiving. The tree normally goes up the day after Black Friday (because I’m too busy on BF to do anything). I’d like to do it earlier sometimes because I host people at my house starting the first or second week in December. Mostly I wait because I do a live tree and in years when I wanted to put a tree up earlier there wasn’t much selection. On Tuesday on Thanksgiving week, only one small lot of sad trees. By Saturday the places I usually get my tree at are up and running. May do the non-tree decorations the week before Thanksgiving this year and make the tree the last thing. I have totally started wrapping though to get a jump start on the holiday prep. And I’ve been crafting and planning for the last couple months.

    • AdifferentLynn

      I need to start wrapping my gifts soon. I try to be done before we put the decorations up after Thanksgiving. Thanks for the reminder.

  14. mel

    Growing up, we always put our tree up the weekend of my birthday (Dec 11), so that tradition continued when I got married and until I had my kids. After the 2nd one, I started decorating the weekend after Thanksgiving. I just love how bright and cheery the house gets when you fill it with treasured memories. One year, maybe 5 or 6 years ago, it was just a bad year overall, and I decorated very minimally. I really didn’t even feel like decorating the tree, and it was a very lackluster job. One day I went to run errands with my mom and sister and when I came home, hubby and the boys had pulled out some boxes and did their best to fill in what I missed around the house and on the tree! It was soo sweet and unexpected, that I cried and I guess I needed that cry because it pulled me out of the funk I was in.

  15. KH

    We used to put up the tree the first weekend in December now we’re lucky if I get it up before Christmas eve. With two kids in school ball there never seems to be time. Last year we decided not to get out all the meaningful ornaments, and went with a Santa themed tree since every store was already at 50% off on Christmas decor. Now we have a fun memory of shopping 4 days before Christmas going for store to store looking for Santa ornaments. I know this is not for everyone but my kids are in High School and it worked.

  16. Nicole

    We have Christmas decorations up for maybe a week at our house. And I have them packed up before I go to bed Christmas night. Not that I don’t enjoy the season or everyone else’s decorations, it’s just not worth the hassle for me personally as my three little ones are still in the stage of exploring and handling everything. I for sure don’t put out decorations that have sentimental value! Maybe in a few years I can join the party of decorating early and actually enjoying it rather than having to protect it lol.

  17. nikis22

    I love that Christmas is in stores I do celebrate and use Halloween decorations first and then pretty much November 1st we put up our Christmas decorations

  18. Lora

    I’m enjoying reading about everyone’s holiday traditions!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      I am too, Lora! 💕

  19. Julie

    Literally read that FALL decoration in the picture as FAIL.. LOL, ahhh. I thought, why would someone want a light up FAIL sign?!?!!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)


  20. Abby

    I love to decorate but it’s still nearly 100 degrees in Arkansas! Hard to get in the mood when it’s so hot lol

  21. Breanna

    Definitely put up my Christmas decorations the day after Halloween. Christmas is my absolute favorite season to decorate for!!! 💕

  22. april

    Decorate whatever you want, whenever you want. I have absolutely no idea why anyone would care. Decorate your house year round. Theme each room a different holiday. Do whatever makes you happy. People who get a bee in their bonnet about such pointless things are the worst.

  23. abigail

    People should do what they want and what makes them happy. Halloween is my favorite holiday so as long as Christmas doesn’t override that before Halloween happens, lol 😉

  24. Chrissy

    I start decorating the 1st weekend in November. I love decorating inside the house. Now we wait to turn the Christmas lights on outside until Thanksgiving. The way I look at it is its a lot of work so why not enjoy it. I love sitting in the living room at light with only the tv and tree lights. It’s so warming. Plus it makes watching Hallmark Christmas movie better lol

  25. Kay

    I’m with Collin this year!!! My sis n fam fr CA r spending Christmas with us for the first time. I love decorating for Fall and Halloween too, but with my sis in town, we will pass on the Halloween decor n decorate for Christmas instead. I want this Christmas to be bigger, longer n earlier in our home. Plus, by skipping Halloween decor, less work for me. Takes me about a month to put things back. So much work. The kids will still dress up trick or treat for Halloween.

  26. Michelle

    While I do love all things Christmas…I’m with Bryn all the way!! Lol 🤷🏼‍♀️👏🏻🎅🏻

    • R2

      Bryns of the world hurt my heart! 😂 My dear MIL is like this and it’s so depressing to me when we’re visiting out of state for Christmas and she rips the tree down the next day. 🔪🎄💔

  27. Bertie

    Normally I usually wait till after Thanksgiving. However, we just moved into a new home with floor to ceiling windows. So I’m finding it REALLY hard not to put up the 12’ tree I just bought! I’ve already mentioned about putting it up to my family. They were NOT thrilled about the idea. My oldest boys exact words: “It’s barely September. I dont want my friends to come over and see we have up our Christmas Tree in September. Please don’t.”😂😂😂 I’ll try to hold out a little longer. But no promises😀

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      LOL! Congrats on your new home! I would be anxious to put up that tree too!

  28. R2

    Usually we have plans on or around Thanksgiving since it is a guaranteed couple of days off for my husband and I don’t want to spend that precious time off decorating. Our outdoor decorations go up in mid-November so that we can flip the switch on them the day after Thanksgiving, and I try to get the indoor stuff up within the week following Thanksgiving. My decorations stay up until at least Epiphany, much to my husband’s chagrin 😂

  29. Erica

    In Brazil, since we don’t commemorate Thanksgiving or Halloween, we decorate for Christmas usually in the first week of November and leave it until February. LOL

  30. Lisa

    Ours goes up right after Halloween too! We love everything about Christmas from the decorations to sipping hot chocolate and laying under blankets while watching movies. Me and my daughter have seriously been listening to Christmas music already. We can’t wait to pull everything out.

  31. Lo

    My fil left it up all year. Occasionally we plug it in for kicks and cuz the lights make me happy 😀. We were supposed to change decorations per holiday but ehhh.
    My Gma only has a small tree (toddler size). She leaves the decorations on it, covers with a dry cleaners bag and stored in the basement til December.

  32. Sofia

    They say the Philippines has the longest Christmas season coz it starts on the “ber” month. So SeptemBER 1st you would hear Christmas songs playing on the radios and stores are starting to sell Christmas items etc. Since I moved to California, September is now too early 😂 so I do it after Halloween.

  33. sara

    Dollar tree in our area has Christmas items out

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yes! Mine just put their Christmas items out too!

  34. Lyssa

    Christmas is one of my favorite holidays! By this time of the year almost all of my gifts are purchased. Usually we spend a couple weeks in December, including Christmas Day, traveling on an international vacation. This gives us an excuse to decorate early. After all, why go to all of that work if you cannot enjoy it? This year, we plan to decorate the week after Halloween. While traveling, we will then return with an which we can add to what has become known as our International Christmas Travel Tree. 😊

  35. AmyA

    I’m still waiting for our Target stores to put Halloween decorations out. I am room mom this year for my daughter’s 7th grade class and my son wants to host a Halloween themed birthday party on a few weeks. I need supplies!!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Check Dollar Tree! They have great Halloween supplies right now! You can see some here.

  36. Mollie

    I am being negative here but what about Thanksgiving? You can decorate for Halloween and then blend in other items for thanksgiving. We start decorating for Christmas the day after thanksgiving.

  37. Mrs BK

    This year I did Fall decor for Sept. October will be all Halloween stuff, my favorite! November I’ll decorate with my Thanksgiving decor and December xmas stuff. Very busy few months with decorations and hauling everything back and forth to the basement but it really is fun! I keep saying no more buying anything new but that never happens, especially after walking into dollar tree…

  38. Tracie760

    I would love to share my family’s traditions.
    We usually put up our tree in the 3rd week of Sept. But we actually start off with a Halloween themed tree (all Halloween ornaments with Cobb Webb’s and all) Then Nov 1st we do a Thanksgiving Tree. Burlap’s, woods and all the pumpkins and fall decor. Then right after Thanksgiving we put up our Christmas ornaments.
    It’s a whole lot of work and out kids are in their 20’s now so the last few year I tell them I do not want to do it. Hearing them tell me how much they love it and look forward to seeing them when they visit keeps me going. That’s what the Holidays are for after all…Tradition, family and creating beautiful memories I hope they share with their families some day.

    • AdifferentLynn

      So happy for those traditions and seeing my adult kids beg me to continue decorating certainly pushes me as well.

  39. MakoKaKeni!

    Back in my home country we start putting up our trees as early as September 1st! You can hear Christmas songs played by radio stations on the same day. So Yeah it’s never too early to have Christmas decoration!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Wow! That sounds fun!

  40. Denise

    I get annoyed seeing Christmas anything in July & summer stuff in January – I feel like hobby lobby is trying to rush me thru life…OR could be because my mom always watches Hallmarks “Christmas in July” as we are sweating it out in the Texas heat😄 We aim for Christmas decorations weekend after Thanksgiving, but past two years its been closer to Christmas eve-ish😯🙈😂

  41. Wendy

    Our daughter’s birthday is in early December so we won’t decorate the house until after her birthday. We take our Christmas decorations down on New Years Eve but leave the wintery stuff up for a little while longer.

  42. Shannon

    My kids and cat destroy the tree. If I had mine up by November 10th I’d have nothing but the Charlie Brown tree left by Christmas!! 😂

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      I know what you mean! It was that way for our tree when my kids were younger!

  43. Colleen D.

    I try to decorate for Halloween, Thanksgiving/Fall, and then Christmas. Anytime after Thanksgiving is when our tree and the rest of the decorations go up. Sometimes the rest of the house gets decorated and then the tree. Some year the tree goes up and then the rest of the decorations after that. The kids always help with the tree(usually grudgingly the last few years, they are 16-22 now) so it’s got to be a day/evening we are all home. Everyone gets a new ornament every year, that is gift wrapped and they open before we start decorating the tree, this part they still enjoy. And putting the angel on the tree is an argue mental job that everyone wants to do. I started several years ago writing the year and who ever put the angel on the top of the tree on the bottom of the ornament tote lid, so we know who’s turn it is. One year that things were especially crazy, I put up the tree Christmas Eve. We take it down usually the weekend after New Year’s. But sometimes it has been the end of January.My fiancée’s ex-wife one year was taking down her Christmas tree the day of their son’s high school graduation party. (The last weekend in June), procrastinators unite…lol.

  44. MJ

    I’ve always lived close to my parents house and spent christmas with them and enjoyed their tree and decorations. Since our house was so tiny, all I managed to put up was a nativity scene with some lights on a small console table that normally has photos. We moved and now I have room for a tree and so much more. I’ll look forward to more posts on decorating for the holidays for inspiration! And I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s responses too;)

  45. Flgrl017

    I put my Christmas decorations out a week or two before Thanksgiving. I don’t host a Thanksgiving meal at my house. If I did they would wait until after. I like to get them out early because I put up several trees plus I have kids and I’d rather decorate when they’re in school. The weekend after Thanksgiving I’d rather be spending time with family, shopping online, and watching football.

  46. YolandaV

    We start decorating November 1st. Hubby goes ahead and hangs the lights on the house because the weather is still nice, but we don’t turn those lights on until the night of Thanksgiving. The inside of the house is fully decorated by Thanksgiving with the exception of one Christmas tree. The day after Thanksgiving we go pick out our live tree while my son is home from college so we can decorate that together. Like so many others I love the season, I’m not rushing it, I’m extending it. One year I took everything down in early January, with the exception of one fake tree in the family room. I kept that up until mid February, because it brought me joy. I just love the flickering of the lights and the decor.

  47. Kat

    I’m one of those unusual people who decorates for Thanksgiving. I love my turkeys, cornucopias, pumpkins (not jack o’lanterns), gourds, and fall leaves. So my Christmas decorations go up after Thanksgiving.

  48. *Angela-Miles*

    I Need decorator anonymous or something, im a nut an decorate for EVERY holiday hahaha.!!!!!!! 😉 I put my fall decor up last weekend. It will come down first week of October and then all my halloween stuff will go up, inside and out. After that, first of number ill put my Thanksgiving stuff up (which took awhile to accumulate because many places dnt sell thanksgiving decor). Then, the day after Thanksgiving, ill get all the Christmas stuff out. Which is a whole storage building full of stuff ha ha. The outside will be lit by the end of thanksgiving weekend and the inside finished throughout the week. Also drive to my parents and help them put all their Christmas stuff out. I always helped growing up, so the tradition continues. Both of my siblings help put up my parents tree and we all put on our hundreds of sentimental ornaments from over the years.
    We leave it up til the end of January since its alot of stuff.

    Also, we have a tradition that after all the decor is out, all the family gathers and drives around to look at other people houses decor. 😉 Its one of the best traditions if you love lights and decorations. 🙂

  49. shop4mybabies

    I love Christmas…i like to decorate early, but having a child born on Dec 4th, we tried to decorate on the 5th to make sure their birthday was a birthday without Christmas….however they are 21 now and i don’t care as much haha so that tree goes up and my disney ornaments come out and i’m super excited that it’s almost here

  50. Tom

    I think it’s stupid to see Christmas decorations out this early. They might as well sell them year round. Stores are putting out Christmas decorations out earlier and earlier every year. What happened to the excitement of the season when it starts so soon? And they practically stop selling Christmas decorations before Christmas is here. I want to live in the moment not always the future

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