Will The Global Chip Shortage Affect Black Friday 2021?

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Why is there a chip shortage? Should you wait until Black Friday to shop for electronics this year? We answer these questions and more. 

empty store shelves due to chip shortage

The chips are really down this year!

If you’ve been shopping lately, you’ve likely noticed that there’s a shortage of everything from your favorite snacks, building materials, clothes, furniture, and most notably, electronics – especially due to the global chip shortage. With COVID-19 cases around the world on the upswing, and most areas still recovering from the fall out last year, we are now truly starting to see the ripple effect of the supply shortages.

Many of the goods that our country uses originate in Southeast Asia where factories have repeatedly had to suspend production due to outbreaks in record numbers.

Refrigerators display models at store

One of the key components in many of the hard-to-find items is semiconductor chips. These chips are found in everything from appliances, televisions, streaming devices, radios, computers, and even your car’s wireless keyfob remote. They are basically the brains behind the brand and make your favorite devices work as they should.

cars in parking lot

Need to buy a car? It’s gonna cost ya even more!

New and used car prices are at an all-time high due to the chip shortage. Most cars today have advanced smart features that heavily rely on these highly sought-after semiconductor chips. Automakers have been shutting down their production lines for weeks at a time while they wait on chips to arrive in addition to increasing numbers of COVID cases leaving them shorthanded with labor.

Shoppers are quickly finding that new car prices are sometimes inflated $3-$8k OVER sticker price for high demand brands and models as well as extended wait times. This has caused a major surge in used car sales which have also rapidly increased in price due to the demand.

people exchanging car keys

It’s a seller’s market!

I’ve been shopping around in search of a reliable used car for my daughter, and I’m finding that most are going for thousands over what they normally sell for. I purchased my used car in 2019 and now cars similar to mine with way more miles on them are selling for MORE than I paid for it two years ago. It’s crazy! So if you want to get rid of a car, now is the time to do it and reap the benefits of the increased used car values.

printers on shelf at office store during chip shortage

I also recently needed to buy a printer, so I headed into Office Depot to take a look at the various models I was considering buying. The shelves of my local store were bare with only display models that couldn’t be purchased and a very limited amount of inkjet printers to choose from.

If you’re looking for a color laser printer, the pickings are slim these days too. This chip shortage sure makes it difficult for a deal hunter like me!

items that use chip shortage materials in shopping cart

So what does this mean for Black Friday 2021?

While we cannot predict exactly what will happen this Black Friday, we totally expect the deals to be lackluster compared to previous years. With longer shipping times, supply shortages, and lack of manpower contributing to delays, it’s no secret we’re likely in for a boring deal season. 🥱

Many news sources are even predicting that prices will continue to climb during the holiday shopping season into next year. Oh man, say it isn’t so! 😫

Since many items will be coming at a premium due to the chip shortage, now is the time to take stock of what you have and figure out what immediate needs you’ll have in the upcoming months. Had your eye on a new gaming system or Chromebook for the kiddos this Christmas? Right now may just be the time to grab one before pricing continues to climb and with inventory diminishing.

Here are four of my favorite ways to save on electronics during this global chip shortage…

computer in store during global chip shortage

Check Hip2Save daily.

You likely already know this, but we post the hottest deals around, all day, every day! You can even sign up for hot deal text alerts and our email newsletter so you’re always in the know.

Instead of replacing your computer, why not upgrade the existing one you have?

Bump up the RAM, hard drive, or accessories instead of replacing the entire system.

If you’re like me and you have a Macbook, check out the Apple Trade-in program to score a gift card that you can use to buy a new computer or any other Apple product when you trade in your old one.

Buy second-hand.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve found some really great bargains on my local Facebook Marketplace. You really can find just about anything on there and many times sellers will be moving or upgrading so they’re likely to offer better deals to get the items out the door. Craig’s List, eBay, and Offer Up are also great options, just be sure to exercise caution when buying from an individual vs. a retailer.

Shop Amazon Warehouse & Amazon Renewed.

If you haven’t checked out the deals from these sections on Amazon’s website, you’re missing out! You can often find great deals on returned/renewed items with savings up to 50% off. Basically, these products were previously owned, but in great condition, and have been assessed and deemed quality by Amazon, and are worth selling. No surprises – you know exactly what you’re getting, and they’re guaranteed!

Looking for deals on electronics? We’ve got ya covered!

About the writer:

Angela graduated with a Bachelor's Degree and has 25+ years of experience as a writer and photographer with her work being featured in US Weekly Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, People Magazine, and more.

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Comments 41

  1. Beth

    Haha I’m literally thinking potato chips and I’m like yeah I can’t find my favorite chips (SunChips Garden Salsa) anywhere. I gotta read this post and find out more.
    Speaking of computer though our Walmart had some HP computer marked 50% or more off. We bought one that was normally $429 for $199.

    • ecroston

      That’s exactly what I thought also… the potato chip section of my local grocery store has been empty off-and-on for week’s now, especially tortilla chips!

    • Daphneg

      Frito Lay is on strike.

    • Michelle

      SO glad I wasn’t the only one who thought this 😂

    • blu

      Ours is clothing. Trying to find certain children clothing sizes is near impossible in our area. I don’t like buying clothing online do to picky wearers….

    • Ap927

      Same! Lol. I was legit thought, no wonder the Dollar General down the street is always out of Doritos lately! Thanks for the post! Was thinking about a VR set for Christmas, now I might buy it sooner than later.

  2. Lora

    I actually prefer appliances and cars without all the bells and whistles. A lot of smart items can get hacked into, and you lose more privacy. I just need the basics. I do understand that even getting basic necessities is a challenge. Maybe check out Amish country for some quality furniture and food.

    • Flgrl0171

      I agree. Last year a power outage messed up the computer in our washing machine and refrigerator. When the computer breaks then it costs just as much to repair it vs buy a new one.

    • blu

      Yay, a fellow basic gal! Love it!

    • Lolas93

      I like the simplicity as well. The thought of a computer controlling my brakes or steering instead of a wire is scary to me. My 1993 vehicle is so less bothersome then my 2016 but way harder to find parts for. But unless your driving a 70’s car or some 80’s you already have a chip in your vehicle. Try starting a car with a choke lever every morning to get the air and fuel mixture right!!…

  3. Kruiz528

    Maybe that’s not a bad thing. We’re so materialistic. Now we can focus on more important like our relationships.

    • Jag

      Exactly my thoughts. I am ashamed I cannot resist the allure of many of them

  4. zee

    Just to inform everyone here that the Chinese communist party has plans to takeover Taiwan. They have their military hovering Taiwan now including their navy ships. Taiwan manufactures 95% of the chips worldwide. Chinese communist party would like to be the main dominant power of the world. If and when they take over Taiwan, you will see full scale damage that will be done to this country.

    • notforus

      I can’t believe this isn’t being talked about more. If you ask the average American about this they have no idea what you are even talking about. This is a crazy, scary situation that we need to fear more than Covid. I wish we could really step up for the Taiwanese citizens. They deserve to live in a free country not under the threat of communist China. Thank for raising this awareness! Our former leader of the free world was trying to do something about this……..

      • zee

        You are correct, it’s unfortunate how our politicians, corporations and elitists in this country would kowtow to the Chinese communist party. They would rather see this country be destroyed as long as they can line their pockets with money and power. The American people will suffer. How can you entrust the current President to protect Americans and our future, when he himself have received $18,000,000 in a loan, that has zero interest, and does not have to be paid back (aka bribe), from the Chinese Communist Party. He is the lapdog of the CCP. It’s a fact but the media isn’t telling the American people the truth. You have to dig the truth to find it these days. We are beyond party lines now, it’s either America or the communist party.

        • Gen

          Why does H2S allow these comments? Weird.

          • Mia

            Because this isn’t communist China, Gen! But no worries, full censorship is heading your way soon.

            • zee

              Thank you, Mia.

              • Kate

                Thank you, Zee. We need more people like you to wake us up.
                God Bless America and save the children.

            • Sue

              Thank you MIA

          • sarah21

            I would like to see this be a political free zone, myself. Kinda weird they allow it…

            • Notforus

              Everything and I MEAN EVERYTHING is because of politics! If you don’t believe me you live under a rock and choose not to see. Zee I support you 100%. Search for the truth people!

              • zee

                Thank you, NotForUs. I figured that I am going to get a blow back with people who are not understanding the extent of the danger we are in as a country at this time. The least we could do is try to shine the light to what is going on in this country and the world. Notice how the people who disagree with us will use nasty verbiage to bring us down?

                • Angie

                  And kudos to you for not only be informative but keeping it truthful while not disparaging anyone here. It is easier to burry our head in the sand (I am guilty of this too often myself with a busy life) but our world is so interconnected now, as H2S points out with this post.

        • Tt

          You are very ill-informed. Save your gop political opinions for the Qanon websites. This site is 4 shopping.

          • zee

            It’s unfortunate that we have people like yourself who are not aware of what’s going on in this country and globally. It’s citizens like you that will take us to dangerous times. I am a minority, a legal immigrant and I love this country. I have seen communism and lived in one. When citizens ignore what’s happening, is when evil will conquer. I don’t watch Qanon but I do know communism. You will see more on the transformation of this country, and you will remember today, when you have been warned that it is coming to the USA. God bless America.

        • No BS

          Anyone claiming that our current president received a personal gift of $18 million from the CCP (or from anyone, for that matter) should cite a credible source. Otherwise, it sounds like made-up propaganda from those with an agenda to maliciously harm him.

          • zee

            Well, if you think getting information from credible sources from the likes of CNN, MSNBC, google, etc. then you my friend, will never get the truth. It’s all a strategy to dumb down the American people and hide the truth. History will repeat itself, just read how the Nazis and CCP control the narrative and control the people. Wish more Americans would have an open mind and research before spouting their condescending views. This is a wonderful country to live in. When we are asleep and not knowing what is going on and what is being done to this country of ours, we will fall in the hands of evil. We have enemies in other countries that are chomping at the bits, waiting for the fall of the US. Our future generations will suffer tremendously. Be an informed citizen, as the country needs you more than ever in the history of this country. God bless America.

            • catmom

              So…where are your “credible sources”? If you indeed have these sources, why not share with all of us?

        • Angela

          She is not saying anything about immunology. Name calling of someone who is not like you is not necessary and rings of xenophobia. Zee is very respectful and is sharing her first hand account as an immigrant to this country. We would be wise to listen to people like her. You don’t have to agree but you can just say nothing rather than calling names.

  5. Gramma C

    Honestly who cares about Black Friday this year??

    • Kruiz528

      Exactly. There’s so much more terrible things in the world going on

  6. Chantel

    We ordered a wall oven and microwave from Lowe’s in October…Last week we were told that delivery would be pushed back again to November. More than a year to”maybe” get something we already paid for. If anyone else needs appliances learn from my situation and only buy something that is in stock in your area.

    • Mamamia

      That was us last year right around pandemic. We bought a washer dryer dry (Samsung) from Costco and it was said to arrive in a couple of weeks… Months went by and no news except that things weren’t being shipped out. Ended up buying something in stock.

  7. Pam

    What is so special about these chips that they can’t be made in the USA? We should not be so dependent on these other countries, good grief!

    • Dani OH

      Cost, Pam. I work in an unrelated field. I have product from Vietnam and I have product from America. I do have customers who are very adamant they will only wear the American sourced boots. But time and time again will gripe about the price. When I inform them they want American made, they have to pay American family wages…. The chip situation is the same thing. The prices of the chip would be about 50% more which will trickle down not to the CEO’s bonus but to the consumer. Is it right? No. But it’s the reality we live in right now until first world nations check their consumer habits.

    • Clestina

      The raw materials are not sourced from here whatsoever. Most of it is in China.

  8. ienotaryservices

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought food when I read chips !! Had to read the post to find out what kind where out! Not a big potato chips eater!! LOL !’than I realize it wasn’t food!!

  9. susan-5

    I haven’t read ALL the comments. However, I’m getting the gist. I want to thank Hip2Save for doing absolutely nothing. Thanks for protecting everyone’s texts and opinions.

  10. IrisB

    I am disappointed to hear there won’t be as many deals this year. However, in the Spirit of Christmas, maybe I can focus more on what I’ll *give* than what I’ll *get*. I can almost always find a deal on simple gifts. Also, as a Christian I believe that Jesus Is the Greatest Gift ever given to us. So, I’ll try to donate to charities, etc. to honor Him. This doesn’t mean that I won’t enjoy giving gifts. However, the gift of time and attention is what many of my relationships need. Anyway, hope that everyone has a joyous holiday. May God bless all of you—no matter what your politics are.

    • Stacy F (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks for commenting, IrisB! The gift of time and attention and focusing on the reason for the season is a great goal to have! God bless you too!

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