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Wonder What it’s Really Like Working for Shipt? We’ve Got the Lowdown From a Shipt Shopper!

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Shipt shopper shopping with Target cart in dairy section

Ever considered working for Shipt?

Shipt is an on-demand grocery delivery service that pays reliable shoppers to shop for members and deliver their groceries.

We received an email from one of our Hip2Save readers, Fran, who is a current Shipt shopper. She shared some great advice that’s definitely helpful if you’re considering working for Shipt! This could be a nice way to get paid for spending time at Target since many of you are already there anyway. 😉

Here’s what Shipt shopper Fran had to say about working for Shipt:

Shipt Shopper Placing Shopping Bags in a Car

Was the Shipt application process easy?

“I went to the Shipt site and started my application immediately. They ask questions about how you would handle certain situations, such as what would you do if you can’t find what the client has requested on the shelf or how would you pick the best apple. After they review your answers and you are approved, they check for car insurance and run a background check on you.

Once you have passed everything, you then download the Shipt app, complete your training, and they send you a Shipt t-shirt and debit card that you will use for paying for your shops.

To the best of my recollection, I believe I was up and shopping within about two weeks.”

shipt shopper checking out at Target

Does Shipt offer training?

“Yes, they do. Training was pretty good. They explain how to use the app, what the rules are for shopping, and run you through some scenarios. There is a test in the end which requires a 100% correct score, but if you miss a question, they give you a second chance to retake the test.

Even though I found the training to be good, I would advise giving yourself some extra time on your first shop. Since it’s something new, you don’t want to feel rushed for the first few shops while you are getting accustomed to the app and shopping procedures.”

woman looking at Shipt on ipad with coffee

What about the pay?

“Compensation can vary— it can be great, and sometimes not so great. You receive a base pay of about $6 for each shop and then a percentage of how much the client spent. So if you do a huge shop and the person buys lots of expensive items, the pay can be great, but sometimes the client requests just a few inexpensive items, and you end up with just over the base pay.

Clients are asked through the app if they would like to tip you. I found probably half of the people gave me a tip. My lowest tip was $2, and my highest tip was $25. I went back and looked at my stats on the app, and I averaged $17 per shop including tips.”

Shipt Shopper at Grocery Store

How long does each shopping trip take?

“On average, a shop takes about an hour, but I can complete them as quickly as 30 minutes. Once, I had one drag on for almost two hours because the store was out of a lot of stuff and I had to keep contacting the client about substitutions (and sometimes the client is very slow to respond to requests, so that can eat up a lot of time, too).

If it’s a very busy time of day and Shipt has lots of clients requesting a shop and not enough shoppers, they will offer promo pay which is a little extra incentive to entice you to go do the shop. The promo pay starts out at just $1 more, but as time gets closer to the time that the shop is supposed to be delivered, the rate starts going up. I have seen shops where the promo pay goes to as high as $20, but that is rare.

There were days where I was busy all day long and was tipped well and thought this is the best thing ever, but there were other days where I got a string of $7 shops with either low or no tip, and I thought it really wasn’t worth it.

Also, there were days where I would put myself on the schedule to do shops and wouldn’t get a single shop during the time I was scheduled. Friday through Monday are the busy days with Sunday afternoon/evening being the busiest time. Tuesday through Thursday there were very few shops available in my area.”

shipt shopper in front of store

Does Shipt pay for the gas you use?

“When you are figuring your compensation, you do need to take into account that you do not get reimbursement of any kind for your travel from Shipt, so gas and wear & tear on your car comes out of your own pocket.

Also, Shipt does not do any withholding for taxes, so you are responsible for setting aside money throughout the year to pay your taxes.”


Can you choose where you want to shop?

“The app is broken down into areas of town and you sign up for what areas you want to shop in. I live in a fairly large city, so there are probably 20+ areas for shopping. I started out shopping at just my local H-E-B grocery store and Target, but I expanded my shopping to include three other areas that are fairly close to my home.

When you put yourself on the schedule, you pick your times, and your area of town that you want to shop in. As a shop comes up, you get a notification on the app that a shop is available, and you have to accept it or it is sent to another shopper. You do have to be quick about accepting the shop, so you have to keep your phone available at all times while on the schedule.

When the shop is offered, you can see the address for the delivery and the approximate pay without tip, but you cannot see what you will be shopping for until you accept the shop.”

shipt home delivery from meijer

Would you recommend Shipt to others?

“Overall, I have enjoyed shopping with Shipt. Like any job, there are great days and not so great days. You get the satisfaction of helping people who truly need help with their shopping and, for others, you are taking the burden of shopping off of those who just don’t like to do it. Most people are very appreciative.

One of the greatest things about shopping with Shipt is the flexibility it gives you to take a couple months, weeks, or days off for whatever you want (be it for health reasons, family matters, or travel) and be able to return.

I have taken time off for all of these reasons, and Shipt was waiting for me when I was ready to return. I just turned my app on, put myself on the schedule, and I was ready to roll.”

Shipt Shopper holding green reeusable bag outside of Kroger

WOW! What a comprehensive in-depth look at working for Shipt!

Thanks so much for sharing your honest experience working for Shipt, Fran!

So what about you? Interested in becoming a Shipt shopper? Head here to apply!

Note that Shipt Shoppers must be at least 18 years of age, have a reliable vehicle manufactured in 1997 or later, have valid car insurance, and possess a valid U.S. driver’s license. Applicants must also have an insulated cooler bag, a working knowledge of groceries, the ability to lift 25+ pounds, and an iPhone (iOS 10 or newer) or Android (5.1 or newer).

All applicants must be authorized to work in the U.S. and are subject to a thorough background check before they begin shopping

It sounds like this might be a great job to earn some extra cash to put away for vacation, holidays, or to save up for emergencies!

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Comments 26

  1. Emily

    In most metros, pay is calculated at $5 + 7.5% of the order total (in store total). So if someone orders $50 of groceries, it’s $5 + $3.75… or $8.75 payout to the shopper plus whatever the customer feels like tipping. Hope that helps!

    • Emily

      Shipt is not very upfront about how they pay per shop… the way they advertise it seems like an hourly gig, and a good chunk of shoppers realize that they get paid more for more expensive shops, but don’t understand the actual formula.

      • Channel

        I agree I have worked for Shipt now for almost 2 months. I make around $7-$9 on orders before tips. With that being said there have been times that I have not received tips and and times when I have received as tip as low as $2, the best tip I received was $26 but my average tip is around $5. I feel Ship should make it clear to shoppers that their pay relies heavily on tips. Also some order are not worth taking because the pay is so low that you will end up losing money.

  2. Getta

    The photo above shows a Shipt worker in someone’s kitchen. Do people ask you to come into the house or do you just drop off at the door?

    • bmcdonald06

      It’s up to you on whether not you enter the house. It’s not required. Customers sometimes do ask it though. In the shopper forum, the other shoppers can give you advice on what you could say to refuse to enter the home tactfully.

    • Channel

      Yes, some people do ask that you bring their groceries in their house.

    • Denise


  3. Anita

    Are they still ageist in their hiring? When it was new in Houston, they would not hire anyone over 35. 😒

    • k

      There are several shoppers over 35, including me.

    • K

      There are plenty of shoppers over 35, including me.

    • Francis

      I’m in my 60s and they hired me.

    • Kathryn

      Same. I’m over 35 and work for Shipt. Best company I’ve ever worked for. They truly care about customers and the shoppers! Also, Shipt is my part time gig that brings in a full time income in my area. Yes we have to do our own taxes, etc but I left my job of 20 years and have never looked back! Such a stress free and flexible, wonderful job to have.

    • Maria

      Not at all.

  4. K

    I’m a Shipt shopper as a side hustle to my FT job. I make good money about $400 week with 17 shops per week. I’m in a good metro and work only one HEB that is 3 miles from my house and the deliveries are 10 mins or less from the store. So the wear and tear on the car and gas ins’t much. I’ve been doing it for close to 2 years with 1100 shops under my belt. I have good ratings and have several member matches, meaning I see the same members every week or twice a week. I think I know their grocery list better than they do! Tips do help it make it worthwhile but I don’t focus on the individual shop and just the weekly goal. I’ve gotten tips as low as $2 up to $60. My average tip is $10-20 per shop. Last night, I did a quick 13 item shop that took me less than 30 mins to shop and deliver and made $22.02. Not too bad for a side hustle 🙂

  5. Kathleen

    It depends on your area. If it is a very large area, and the stores are really spread out, you can get orders that pay $7 that will take at least an hour total to drive to the store, shop, drive to deliver, then drive back to where you started. It’s only worth the money in certain areas!

  6. Katie’s

    I really suggest talking to your tax accountant or preparer before you do this kind of job so you can take off as much for expenses as possible. Independent contractors have to also pay self employment taxes, which can really add to your tax return. You also have to file a schedule C so the cost of doing taxes is more. Just food for thought. I see a lot of people doing independent contractors jobs and not really making much in the long run.

  7. Allison

    I would recommend working for Instacart. I have worked for them for 2 years as an in-store shopper where you are actual employee of Instacart and you get a W2 at the end of the year, so you don’t have to worry about the headache of filing taxes as an independent contractor. Your taxes are taken out of each paycheck and you are paid every week.

    I work in 1 store for my entire shift, so I become an expert on the store’s layout and shopping becomes super easy once you know exactly where everything is in the store. I absolutely love working for Instacart and I love the people I work with. You don’t have to get out in the elements when it is raining or snowing. You shop orders and then stage the order for a full service Instacart delivery person to pick it up and deliver it. The app gives you a couple of minutes and then you are off to shop your next order. My shifts go by so quickly because I am constantly busy. I would highly recommend working for Instacart as an in-store shopper.

    *Also, if you are looking for the in-store position I mentioned above, make sure not to say you have a car when you sign up. If you do, the system will immediately place you as a full service driver that is an independent contractor.

    Let me know if you have any questions!

    • Allison

      One major perk I forgot to mention was you can pick your hours every week with a minimum of 15 – 20 hours per week (max. 29 hours/week). Then you get scheduled hours and what hours you don’t get, you might be able to pick up in the app if someone cancels their shift. This has been the most flexible job I can find. Great for moms with kids that go to school. I drop my daughter off at school and then work this job. On days that she has off from school, I can simply schedule my shift around that.

      • Andrea

        How do you get paid, is it per job or by the hour? Do they expect you to be available every day of the week or can you set your own times?

        Thank you.

        • Allison

          Hey! You get paid by the hour for an in-store shopper position.

          No you do not have to be available every day of the week. You use have to be available 15 – 20 hours per week (max. 29 hrs.). That is the beauty of this job! You can work (2) 8 hour shifts on two separate days and be done for the week. Or (4) 4 hrm shifts for example.

    • Allison

      If you are signing up and need referral code, just respond and I can email you mine. Hip2Save isn’t allowing me to mm post my referral link to the comments.

      • Ven. Y

        I am interested in this and would love to use your referral.

    • Lisa

      How’s much do you get paid for in-store shopper since you don’t work off tips too?

      • Allison

        This amount varies by region.

  8. Jackie

    Does Instacart provide you with a device or do you download an app to your phone? My concern is my cell plan isn’t unlimited and Wifi in Target & Safeway drops consistently. So then I’d have to use my data. TIA

  9. Former IC Shopper

    Instacart has its share of major headaches, too, and also class-action lawsuits were brought against them. In-store jobs are very different from the full-service shopping jobs though. In-store jobs used to pay $12/hr, but new ads show that has decreased to $10. The company also keeps hours under 30 so they are not legally required to offer health insurance. Gig jobs can be good to make extra money, but they are full of hidden pitfalls.

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