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How to Distinguish Between Target Store & Manufacturer’s Coupons on

10:50 AM MST
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If you shop at Target often and print coupons from on a regular basis, you’ve probably noticed that offers store coupons and manufacturer coupons online.  The tricky part about their online coupons is that it’s hard to tell which coupons are Target store coupons or manufacturer coupons until AFTER you’ve printed them.

Since I receive quite a few emails from you wondering how to distinguish between the two types of coupons, I was happy to discover that there actually is a way to figure out which ones are which!  Check out the details below…

*Head on over here and right-click on any Coupon image

*Click on the “View Image” text and a new tab or window will open up with the image in your browser (I’m working on a Macbook, so if you’re using a PC you may need to click on the “Properties” text).

*Look at the html coding at the top of your browser and you’ll see a long string of text for the image.  Look closely at the link and you’ll notice that if a coupon is a Target store coupon, it will say “…” with the word target in the text.

*If the coupon is a manufacturer’s coupon, it will look like one of the above pictures and have either the word “manufact” in the HTML OR you may also see the particular manufacturer name in the link instead, like “….” as seen above.

Hopefully this will help those of you who have been wondering how to tell a difference between the 2 types of coupons! :)

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  • Kate says:

    so helpful! a thanks from me as well!!!

  • knagel1976 says:

    I love you for posting this! thanks so much Collin. I will now be able to save a tree in your honor.

  • twocupsofkidsblog says:

    If you’re using IE9 and click on properties, make sure you’re hovering over the actual image and not the white background. Only then will you get the “target” or “mfr” wordning in the url.

  • Melissa says:

    I was wondering if anyone knows if the H-E-B yellow manufacturers coupons can be used at others stores since it is indeed a manufacturers q?

  • Christa says:

    Wow! You are amazing!

  • Meghan says:

    I think it’s easier if you just clip all the coupons you would want and then do a print preview before you print. Then you can see which coupons you would remove because you thought they were Target Coupons or Man. Coupons. Then just cancel the print job, remove the coupons you didn’t want to print..and print! Just seems easier and quicker then clicking on each image to see what it does.

  • dawn says:

    If the coupon says “with purchase” its a Target coupon. If it says “when you buy” its a manufacturers coupon. That saves me a lot of time.

    • Rachel says:

      That’s a great tip too, Dawn! I’ve been checking the coupons using Collin’s method, and sure enough, “when you buy” wording is on the manufacturer Q’s. Thank you! :)

      • dawn says:

        You’re welcome. Its much faster than clicking on every coupon. On the top of my Target coupon policy I wrote, “when you buy” manufacturer coupon. Then if I’m printing coupons and my brain isn’t working on full capacity or is being distracted by one of my beautiful children I have a gentle reminder to myself.

        • katee says:

          i was just about to post this same thing, you beat me to it! but you are right, this method is MUCH easier and has never failed for me!

  • Janet says:

    Thanks, so often I’m hacked off that I printed something I already have from the paper. GREAT TIP!

  • Patricia says:

    This is the best post ever. So many times I have printed coupons thinking I could stack them with manufacturers’ coupons and they weren’t Target coupons. This is to helpful. Thanks!

  • Tera says:

    Thanks! And I must add that I love the picture of the woman at the top of the post! HEHEHE! I probably really look like that sometimes when I am trying to read a coupon!

  • C says:

    Totally Target posts a list of all Target with match ups & Manufacturer Coupons on their site too & when they expire

  • esther says:

    so very helpful..thank you!!

  • agreenwe says:

    Thanks to everyone for the great tips!

  • Tracy says:

    Thank you!!! I was just thinking about this after printing 2 rounds of Target coupons!! I did one just to check and see if I had matches to go with manufacturers! Now, I don’t have to do that everytime b/c I can check by clicking on the pic thanks to you!! :)

  • LA says:

    Thanks so much! And for everyone elses tips, too!

  • Faith Intactivist Coviello says:

    If you are using Google Chrome you need to right click in the MIDDLE of the photo and select “Open image in new tab.” I had to figure this out on my own because I don’t have a Mac and the rest of the comments haven’t been very helpful. =(

  • Erin H. says:

    This has been super helpful to me since I discovered this post a couple months ago. However, it seems as though I recently haven’t been able to distinguish whether or not the coupon is a manufacturer’s or a Target coupon. Have they changed their website? I’ve tried this on Chrome & Safari, & have had the same outcome on both.

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