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Video: Calculating Toilet Paper Price Points

2:04 PM MST
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In this new video, I will share with you several different ways to calculate toilet paper price points. I will also reveal the qualities that I look for when I purchase toilet paper for my family and I will let you in on a little secret – my favorite brand of toilet paper. ;)

* Go here to watch the video.

Basic Toilet Paper Price Point Formula

* 25¢ per roll
* this formula does not account for 1-ply versus 2-ply versus 3-ply; however, I just double the price per roll for 2-ply (i.e. 50¢ per roll) and triple the price per roll for 3-ply (75¢ per roll)

Alternate Toilet Paper Price Point Formula

* Calculate the total square footage of the entire package (typically this is displayed in the bottom corner on the packaging). In my example above, the total square feet is 107.2.

* Move the decimal over 2 places to the left
–> 1.072
* The amount that you are left with is the most that you should pay for this package
–> $1.07 or less

How about you?! How do you compare toilet paper prices?! How do you calculate price points?!

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  • Em says:

    I bought a bidet attachment! It is awesome!!!! $30 per toilet ($60 total here). We use cut up receiving blankets to dry off. We bought a pack of Seventh Generation TP for our guests (though, the majority of them use the bidet!) like 3 years ago and only have used 2 rolls from it! So my price point is $0.

  • Monica says:

    I pay less than a penny a square foot, like the example you have shown.

  • Jane says:

    I choose Scott almost first every time. 100 sheets. Why? Because it doesn’t clog, last a long time. Clogging costs money! I don’t have to change it everyday, that’s annoying. We also use a bidet, which is awesome. Not yucky. Most people are freaked about them but they make you cleaner! You shouldn’t be rubbing toilet against your bumm. It causes future problems down there and can result in costly medical treatments.
    Some people go for the soft stuff…the soft stuff balls up (yuk) clogs the toilet too.
    Tmi? Not really.

    • Conswalla says:

      I’m with you Jane. I’m all about Scott’s 1000 sheets. It lasts a long time and it doesn’t clog the toilets. It’s the only tissue I buy.

    • crzycpnldy says:

      I agree. I usually try to buy the store brand that is comparable to scott. If you shop in bulk at a store like bjs, you can really save money on this type of tp. They often have store coupons as well. Ive never done the math, but the rolls last 3-4 times longer than the fluffy stuff so you cant really compare price per roll. If i buy the soft tp, i have to buy wet wipes for everyone to clean up with afterwards because the tp rolls up and leaves residue…its gross and expensive in my opinion!

    • Toni S. says:

      I agree. I tried Scott’s 1000 sheets when we were having sewer problems. I found that it was less expensive to use and I wasn’t always changing the roll. Our sewer problems are gone now, but Scott’s is still our brand of choice. I find that some of the softer , thicker brands leave bits and pieces behind.

    • Tina says:

      Scott all the way!!!!!!! I stock up at cvs everytime they have the buy $30 get $10EB. For our family of 5 my toilets don’t get clogged and the toilet paper last soooooooooooo long. LOL I have bought so many diff brands but nothing compares to scott. The only closet thing I found is fiora toilet paper which is softer but it still doesnt last as long as scott and you don’t get the little balls of tp stuck in your bottom. Scott wins in this family :)

  • Emily says:

    We too have our preferred brands and we stock up when our grocery store has a sale. They will have it for half price a few times a year and paired with a coupon, we get as many as we have coupons for (3 or 4 packages) and it usually lasts the two of us until they have the next sale. We like Scott extra soft.

  • Alea says:

    Cottonelle Ultra is my favorite!

  • Ashley57 says:

    Hmmm….maybe I should suggest a bidet to my husband….

    I used to get TP free after Staples Rewards when I recycled ink. Now that they have taken that program away unless you buy $30 in ink there, I will have to figure something else out.

    • Jana says:

      Ashley57-You only have to purchase $30 in ink every 180 days. It is still worth it to me to keep recycling ink there and using the rewards to buy other things the other 5 months. HTH

    • llc says:

      me too Ashley – I need a new place to recycle my cartridges as well. I used the last of my rewards on a TP deal.

  • Ashley says:

    I loved that video- so funny! Especially the ‘taste testing’, lol!

    In the past I bought the first tp you showed for $1/4pk. A roll would last a day. Then I bought a bunch of Scotts soft on Amazon and it’s so much nicer and a triple roll would last like 4 days (and with the deal at the time it was cheaper than the cheap stuff). Plus it’s septic safe. But I definitely agree with you, figure out what your favorite(s) are and watch the prices on them!

    I liked the tip about moving the decimal point on the square footage!

  • Jenny says:

    I like to use the sq. footage when I calculate, but I hate that Amazon doesn’t usually include that number in their descriptions!

  • Andrea says:

    Scott is way too thin for me! I like Charmin, Angel Soft or Cottonelle. I can usually find a good deal on one of them! :)

  • Nick says:

    Oh Collin, you gave me just the laugh I needed today LOL. So how was that “taste test”? Lmao!

    On a serious note, my favorite is Fiora 3-ply. It feels quite nice on the ole tush!

  • Erica Ossip says:

    Our favorite is Kleenex Cottenelle but it is pricey. Kleenex Viva paper towels are also our fave paper towels. But I think Puffs is the favorite tissues. Lol.

  • Renee says:

    Now that I am stopped giggiling how about this. Square fotage…move the decimal over two points like you showed us. Then multiple x the number of ply. For example: I have 194 sq ft 2 ply it has 12 rolls , that makes 3.88 for the pack I paid 4 bucks seems about right.

  • Laura says:

    MD toilet paper!! I haven’t seen that since I was a kid. That was the only TP my mom would ever buy ;)

  • Tilla Ham says:

    Charmin leaves clingons on your sacred parts…wipe with it and then wear black undies…you will see the lint…which is ironic since that bear walks around on tv saying his fur is dingleberry free lol

    • Laura says:

      This is why my husband gets mad when I’ve bought that TP in the past. He’s ridiculously picky lol

    • Starla says:

      Tillla Ham, LOL!!!

    • Guest says:

      For us, the “softer” the TP the more residue it leaves. Number one culprit on our list is Cottonelle, wont touch the stuff with a 10 foot poll. We used to love Costco brand, but about a year ago they changed their “formula” and it now sheds so badly that it even sheds ON the roll. Makes the floor under the roll look like a Christmas nativity scene!! Yuck!

  • Brittany says:

    I just want to say that I’m super super bummed the “I pooped today” shirt was not worn for the filming of this video. ;) ;)

  • lovedeals says:

    We use charmin ultra soft . we tried all other brands and we didn’t like any. My husband says don’t buy any other brand even if you get it for free.

  • Kristen says:

    Just FYI … Costco’s Kirkland brand 2-ply is $0.0094/sq ft (less than 1 penny sq/ft), even without a coupon. $14.99 for 1593.7 square feet. It’s not super plush, but I can rarely find it cheaper (even with sales and coupons) and since it’s 2-ply it’s good enough for us :)

  • Casey says:

    Cottonelle is frequently on sale at Albertsons and Winn Dixie. I never pay full price!

  • tracey says:

    How about Rv toilet paper prices?!! I just paid 3.50 for a 4 pk at Walmart and just about died! Who has good prices on that?

  • Carol says:

    I prefer the Cottonelle Ultra (purple pack) 2 ply 4X4.5 and 176 sheets. I try not to pay more than 45 cents a “double roll” (which is not really a “double roll” but only a single according to the way they used to make it when I always went by 25 cents a roll). It is confusing, and I think they do it purposefully. The 4 pk Angelsoft that they sometimes price at $1 has 132 sheets per roll (2 ply) but the sheets are 4X4. This is not the size that a single roll used to be, more like 1/2 a roll. The cardboard roll is also bigger around to make it look bigger. The regular Northern Soft & Strong (blue pk) is also 4X4 2 ply with 242 sheets per “double roll,” actually less than 1 1/2 roll. The Charmin Ultra Soft is 2 ply 4.27X4 176 sheets per “double roll” (which is also actually a single). All of these are marked “septic safe.” As I see it we are paying at least twice as much as 7 years ago and that is if you are watching sales and using coupons which I didn’t used to do. My daughter likes the Northern and my friend likes the Charmin so at least there is no conflict on who gets which coupons. What the heck is a “mega roll” anyway? I won’t buy single ply. Dr. Mercola recommends a bidet. I have a friend that has one from Japan that is heated with a heated seat. Very deluxe and very expensive but they still use TP.

  • redhairedchick says:

    I keep it simple. My cut off point per single roll (whatever the ply, sq footage, whatever) is 25 cents. Most of the deals I get keep me at 23 cents or less, so 25 is actually a tad high, but my rule of thumb is no more than 25 cents per single roll. Period.

  • MonaN says:

    This may sound funny but there is app !!!! even for calculating toilet paper price…
    I use it for some time and it’s simple but pretty good, so it might be helpful

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