Steals and Deals: Body Shop, Ties, Bracelets and More

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Image: Jill's Steals and Deals

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Here are the companies’ websites, contact information and a delivery timeframe that they provided TODAY:

My Talking Toddler’s communication system
Email address:
Phone number: (786) 264-2021
Expected delivery time: Before Christmas

Peter-Blair ties
Email address:
Phone number: (804) 716-9099
Expected delivery time: Before Christmas

The Body Ship collection
Email address:
Phone number: (800) 263-9746
Expected delivery time: By Dec. 23

Nautica boxer briefs
Email address: Contact them here.
Phone number: (866) 376-4184
Expected delivery time: Before Christmas

UrbanPax bags and backpacks
Email address:
Phone number: (424) 272-1729
Expected delivery time: Before Christmas

Anthony Dreyer bracelets
Email address:
Phone number: (424) 672-5102
Expected delivery time: By Dec. 23

Amrita Singh bangles
Email address:
Phone number: (855) 426-7482
Expected delivery time: By Dec. 22

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Comments 340

  1. Molly B.

    Has anyone received a Peter-Blair tie yet? Or even a confirmation e-mail? I’m getting nervous.

    • Pat H.

      No, but I’m still waiting on word from Lola Bernard on 2 handbags I ordered ;-(

  2. Jennifer D

    I just received my Lola Bernard bag not happy the bag looks
    Beautiful, but odd smell also I purchased the coffee color and
    Dye is running off the bag on to my hands and shirt! Wonder if
    This company knows about these defects and are just dumping
    There inventory. Sad fact is before I realized the problem with the dye
    Running I had ordered another in black.

    • ashirsch

      Ordered 2 Lola Bernard bags — Like the size and shape, but strange leather – somewhere between suede and faux crocodile with a cheesy spray-finished shine. The colors are off as well – “brown” is more eggplant and “camel” is bright orange. My money would have been better spent on a bag from TJMaxx.

  3. Susan

    Received the Amrita Singh bracelets today. Ordered size 8. Will still be a struggle to get over my hand, but they seem nice.

  4. michelle

    Does anyone remember how much the body shop deal was? I’m out of town and don’t have my receipt. I checked my bank account, and I was charged $52. I thought it was $42. Anyone?

    • Ella

      It was $35 with about $10 in shipping. My total came to $44. You should check your credit card statement to see why you were charged more. Maybe there’s an error or your state tax is higher?

  5. Debra

    I have not received a bag I ordered on 11/24. Emailed the company on 12/15, they said product was shipping that week but if I didn’t receive confirmation by 12/19 to contact them, but they guaranteed I would receive it by 12/23. It is 12/20 and still no confirmation, contacted them again (2 more times) and now they are not responding. I am very disappointed with this transaction and the company’s lack of customer service.

  6. J. Wallace, Somerdale, NJ

    I ordered the JF Handbag on Nov. 22nd, 2011 (Jan Feifer) after seeing the show that aired the deals. Have not received the bag or any updated information about the shipment since then and its been almost 1 month. I think in the future Jill that anything that’s shared with the millions of people who watch the today show and trust in the validity of the info shared on the TODAY SHOW that someone should at least check to make sure the company your are promoting is a legitimate company. At the very least check that the phone number and email address provided under the Today show’s Jill’s deals will allow those of us that were mislead to believe we would receive what we paid for the ability to contact the retailer. No response by email and the phone number is disconnected. WOW! I feel like I’ve been robbed!

    • v spears

      I just received my JF handbag. It is a pretty nice bag but not sure I would’ve spent 75 bucks plus shipping on it if I had realized that the body of bag was pvc and trim the “buttery leather.” I do feel foolish for.falling for the pitch I was buying a tote worth over 300 bucks for the great price of 75. I should’ve known better but trusted the today show. After reading all the comments it is in my opinion that the today show should cancel the segment since it seems the deals are mostly scams. What is even worse is.that before I read all the comments I had also ordered a Lola Bernard handbag that I have yet to receive and now anticipate the worse. Lesson learned. I don’t feel I lost any money on jf bag but don’t feel it was the steal advertised.

      • Ella

        Sorry that happened to you. I have ordered many of the steals and deals and so far I have been very pleasantly surprised. But I order mostly from brand name companies like the Body Shop or Radio Shack. Once I ordered a watch from a company I never heard of and it was great quality. so I think you should give them another shot, jsut be very careful what you order and from whom. things like leather or some clothes are hard to determine quality until they’re in your hands. if you buy the brand name stuff and you know your prices, you know for sure you’re getting a deal.

        • JackieO.

          I agree with you Ella. I have ordered Sephora and The Body Shop. They were awesome deals! Some time ago I ordered leather bags for $80.00 that were supposed to be $300.00. They were awful! Stick with the brand names that you know.

    • Stephanie Bryant

      I understand your frustration and ordered mine on Nov. 22nd as well. I sent them an email around December 15th for a status update and got a quick response that the factory was not producing as promised and it was guaranteed by Dec. 23rd. It is now Dec. 23rd and no bag however they did send out an eblast yesterday apologizing for the continued delay due to the large order and factory issues. However, there was no mention of when it would be received. Based on other postings and t=what;s happening now I am concerned about the quality once it does arrive and don’t really want it anymore. I think better research need to be done on these companies production capacity. Won’t be falling for anymore of these deals!

      • v spears

        As far as the JF handbag, it is a nice bag. And had I not read all of the comments, may not have even looked at the tag to see what it was made of. I hate that I made you worry, just I felt like you that maybe the show.should research the companies more because people trust them since it is the today show!

      • Dory

        I ordered the Jan Feifer bag on 11/25 and have not received it yet. I wish I knew how I could locate the company to see what is up. I trusted Jill and now I feel like a fool. The Today Show should stop this segment.

        • Sandi

          Still waiting for my JF bag with no responses or communications since the week on 12/12/11. Very frustrated and just filed a complain with my credit card company. Feel very angry that they promised the bag by Christmas and 9 days into January, I still don’t have it or my money back!

          • Allison

            Anyone have anymore problems with their JF bag? never received mine. am very upset and am even more disillusioned by the Today show.

  7. Nandita Das D'Souza

    Did you get the items of hte body shop deal? They said they were out of stock opf the original items advertised ( quite early in the morning) and htat they wouldbe giving comparable items in the box. For one, there was no box, and they have put in a shower gel, handwash, body lotion and a body scrub instead of the cocoa butter body creme and a stinking hand cream called Henle cream. IS this a way to push your unpopular brands? It is utterly disappointing. The substituting components of the deal were not mentioned in Body Shop site. I do not understand Today supporting such an unethical act!

    • Jan

      I received my items today and did not receive the body butter as advertised. Quite disappointing. Would not have ordered them if this is what I woud have gotten.

      • JackieO.

        Did you look in the middle of the box? There were 3 large sized body butters under all the packing. There is also a tin to stand them in. I was about to put the box in recycle when I started digging under all the packing. They are large size body butters too. A great deal for $35.00!

  8. karen riddel

    bought 2 of the Anthony Dreyer bracelets, came within days….wish I had bought one of each, i LOVE them!

    • Emily

      I got mine within days as well! Very nice….

  9. cynthia

    I have not recieved several items including my handbag as well as the throws from bhart & harish, and watches from allen lyle … what is going on please reply

  10. Janet McKay

    I received my Lola Bernard before the email came. I am very satisfied. It smells like leather when held close to my nose and the dye has not rubbed off. Very satisfied!

  11. Debbie Tabler

    Anyone receive their Adina Reyter necklace yet?. Sent them an email asking about it,got an email confirmation but the link takes me nowhere. Will not be ordering anything else.

    • Judie A

      I orderd 4 Adina Reyter necklaces and three of the four came in scratched. I did not thing the quality was that of a 375 dollar necklace. The company will not do any refunds and I am stuck with the necklaces!! and no holiday presents for four people. I am surprised that the Today Show endorses this type of poor product quality!!

      • Stacey

        Hi Judie A-
        Im sorry about your bad experience with
        Adina Reyter necklaces! When I saw them
        (the more expensive) I wasn’t impressed!
        Did you order the “tiny” cross as I did?
        I would continue to call adls these were
        X-mas presents! I WOULD NOT STOP
        until I felt like I got the customer service
        I deserved!!!!!!! Trust me…. it will work!!!!
        Talk to no one but management!!!!!! I worked
        In customer service for 15 yrs!
        Remember- Never give up!! 

  12. Annie

    Got my fabric bracelets with the pearls today! Very chic and trendy!

  13. Ingrid

    I got my Body Shop order today and wow, what a disappointment! While the website did say they were out of the original items advertised, it also said they would send comparable items. For something that is supposed to be worth $126, it is not what I expected. A random assortment of scents, gels and a small hand/foot butter all from different collections. I looked on their website and it definitely less than $126. But the worst part is that I ordered additional items so that I could get the free shipping and give them as Christmas gifts, and those items did not arrive in my package today. And there is no indication anywhere that they’re coming separately, as the invoice lists them as shipped in the same package. Lesson learned, these deals are definitely a steal, from the customer.

  14. Stephanie Bryant

    I ordered the Amritah Singh bracelets and am not satisfied. They are beautiful and the colors are vibrant but several arrived with the string unravelling and a stones missing in some of the bracelets. They are also waaaaay too tiny and are literally meant to fit a child or an adult with very slender hands. However, that is probably more my fault as I am not used to ordering bracelets by size. I have emailed the company to see if they will make an exception for an exchange since they are defective but not sure if they will accommodate. These were meant to be Christmas gifts for my three nieces and daughter and now I am stuck with $160 worth of bracelets that I can do nothing with. Any suggestions?

    I did order the Anthonyg Dreyer bracelets however and they are perfect! Very satisfied with them and they arrived quickly.

  15. Jen

    I ordered the Bodyshop deal and ordered additional items. I received the additional items but never received the Steals and deals item. I haven’t been credited for this and never recieved an email stating the items was no longer in stock. Help Today show!

    • Ingrid

      I called Body Shop today and they refunded me the amount for the additional items I never received. You should call them and ask for the same, the woman on the phone was helpful, although she couldn’t tell why I didn’t receive the order.

      • Jen

        I called today and thier customer service department in was closed (strange) any way i think it’s pathetic that they would mark an item as shipped that wasn’t shipped and then charge me for it. thanks!

        • Ingrid

          I sent an email explaining my disappointment to the Body Shop customer service and I got a response after Christmas from someone very helpful. She listed the products I should have received and said to let her know which ones I didn’t get and she’d send them to me. She explained I must have received the wrong order because I did not get any of the items she listed. Anyway, just a couple of days ago I received a package in the mail with all of the original items shown on the Today Show. So I urge you to email customer service, I got much farther that way and received the products advertised. I’m very pleased now and think The Body Shop did a good job of making good. I’m sure they would help you and send you the package too, and it was at no additional cost. Get your products! Good luck!

  16. Stacey

    I got the Anthony Dryer bracelets I ordered
    And they are “FAB”!

    • Stacey

      I just received my backordered bracelet from Anthony Dryer today! It is “FAB” too! They didn’t forget!!!! Yaaaaaaa!!!!

  17. tbliss

    Why can’t I comment on deals made after this date? Specifically the one on the 16th. I have not gotten my bliss product as yet – they promised by the 23rd, it’s the 28th now. Omaha Steak delivered on time… ahead of time actually.

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