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4 Simple Pantry Organization Tips

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Pantry Organizing Tips Hip2Save

Does your pantry need a little attention? Today we’re sharing some simple strategies along with photos from my pantry. The 4 tips below will help you to create a good looking and organized space without spending a ton of money.

Lazy Susans are your best friend!

I love these because they actually do hold lots of items and it’s easy to see exactly what you have.  These are the Copco brand from Bed Bath & Beyond and start around $7.99. I’m thinking of adding them to my fridge too! There are different sizes to choose from and even a double decker option.

Lazy Susan For Pantry Organization Hip2SaveUse canisters for dry goods (and label them!)

For a period of several weeks, I would go into thrift stores and look in the houseware section specifically for glass and ceramic canisters for food storage. These items can be pricey new, but I scored many of mine for just few dollars each (I even found some at my local Goodwill “dollar day” sales!). Taking dry goods out of boxes and placing them in canisters saves space and allows you to see what you have easily. Finish by adding pretty labels – the labels pictured above were cut from chalkboard vinyl that I purchased at the craft store.

Canisters for organizing dry goods Hip2Save

Use baskets for small items

Using baskets to group together all your smaller items saves space and looks so much more organized than a bunch of boxes. All of the kid’s snacks like apple sauce squeezables, granola bars, crackers, and cookies are grouped together.

Use baskets for the smaller snack items

Chalkboard vinyl on interior of cabinet door = Instant Grocery List

This is a fun and easy DIY that takes just a few minutes. Buy a roll of Chalkboard vinyl and place it on the interior of a cabinet door. It’s just like a giant sticker that can be removed easily if you don’t want it anymore.  Use it to write a quick note or to create/update your grocery list!

Chalkboard Vinyl on Cabinets

Pantry organization Hip2Save

We hope you can use some of these ideas to create your own organized space! How do you keep your pantry organized?

[h2s_box]Written by Lina for Hip2Save. Lina is a proud mom of 2 small kids who loves photography, all holidays, cooking, thrift store makeovers, bargain shopping, and DIY makeovers. Her goal is to create a beautiful life and stylish home on a dime![/h2s_box]

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Comments 53

  1. Amie

    I use the plastic bins from dollar tree to sort and label my kids snack to breakfast items etc. We are in the process of buying a new house after ours just sold finally just before Christmas. The pantry is rather small and weak in the shelving department. I’m going to have to build a new shelf as well as put a pantry in my laundry room to keep stock. I’m planning to do the chalk board paint on my pantry door so we can keep our schedules on it!

  2. Geena O Joseph

    awesome idea…looove it….now if only I had my own house….!

  3. vicki

    Very cute Lina.
    So do you take a photo of your grocery list before leaving for the store or rewrite it? that doesnt seem worth the rewriting effort. super cute but a paper list makes more sense for me than remembering to rewrite it. i have done a photo on my phone before though and that worked well….when I remembered.

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      I’m bad at paper lists! They never end up in my purse. Ha if I write it on that board I usually remember it.

      Sometimes I text or email myself lists too.

      • Hailey Valentine

        I just write the list on the notepad on my phone. 🙂

    • S

      I have a dry eraser board on the fridge for us to write when things get low … Then I know to coupon for these items before were out. I then make a paper list before I go. However, taking a picture of your list sounds like an efficient idea as well!!! I am sure every family has their own methods;)
      Thanks for all the getting organized ideas!!!!

      • AG

        I just use the “memo” feature on my Android phone. No need to write anything down or buy chalkboard vinyl!

    • Emily

      There is an awesome app called our groceries – the web site is http://www.ourgroceries.com that multiple phones can be sync to and the computer. So it is awesome if I need my husband to stop on the way home from work I can just put it on a list and he can access it on his phone. Or if we are out of something we just add it. No paper list to loose, no list on back of doors to get accidentally erased or forget to rewrite or picture to be took. And once the item is typed in it stores it so its quicker each time you make a list!

      • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

        Wow! We need that! Cool.

  4. Carie

    If only I had a pantry….

    • Mrs. Bearfield

      I totally agree with you. I barely even have cabinet space.

    • lisa

      A dream. I have stuff all over the kitchen.

  5. Katie

    My pantry really needs some of those double level lazy susans! Great post. Seeing how neat and organized my pantry could be is inspiring.

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      Thanks Katie for the nice comment!

  6. Jenny B.

    I got one of those over the door shoe organizers on clearance for my packets of seasonings and muffing mixes that come in pouches. Saves a ton of space. Love it!!!

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      Great idea!

      • A

        What a great idea!!! To bad I have bi fold doors on my pantry!

    • A

      To bad I have bi fold doors on my pantry… What a great idea!!!!

    • Diana

      That’s exactly what I’ve been looking for to do too! Where do you guys usually find the clear ones at a cheap price?? I’ve seen them before but I couldn’t remember where! 🙁

      • jenn

        i got my clear ones at walmart.

  7. Caitlin

    Where is a good place to buy a pantry?

    • lisa

      These are built in’s. I’m sure you could buy some sort of shelving system somewhere if you have room in your kitchen.

    • Pamela

      IKEA has nice ones

    • maflies1

      Lowes has unfinished cabinets of all kinds, and they’re not hard to finish the way you want.

  8. sara

    i can organize my pantry like this… but one problem… as soon as i need something. it goes all crazy again! lol same with my closet!

  9. Lynn

    Inspiring. My husband and I are putting our house on the market soon and our pantry certainly can use a face lift. Great ideas. 🙂

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      Thanks Lynn 🙂

  10. Erin

    Cute but doesn’t really look like a couponer’s pantry–you never get one pantry item at a good price, ya gotta buy *three* or more (hello, GoGo Squeez). 😉 I had jars for dry goods for a while, but generally, they really don’t save much space, especially for items that come in nice space-saving square boxes (hi again, GoGo Squeez!). I use large canisters only for the traditional staples–flour, sugar, brown sugar, etc.–that I use regularly and frequently. I’ve been using large square containers for odds-and-end staples: the remainder of a bag of cellophane noodles, the last half cup of lentils, etc. Love the chalkboard vinyl idea–great for jotting a quick note when you realize you are out of an ingredient–but it wouldn’t work on the type of doors I have. I’ve seen others use over-the-door shoe organizers for everything from pantry items to school and art supplies.

    • vicki

      i agree…boxes are more efficient use of space…don’t look nearly as pretty but well, its a pantry.

      PS: I thought the same thing about the couponer but as a couponer, I still don’t keep much in my kitchen cupboards, most is in the basement utility room shelving.

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      Thanks Erin!! This is what I keep in my pantry because it’s pretty small. I only keep one or a few of everything here and restock from other places. We keep things in the laundry room and garage as well 🙂

    • Diana

      I agree. I personally likes to get SQUARE containers versus round ones on the picture simply because it seems square ones saves more space.

    • Liz Philbrick

      There is a problem with cardboard boxes in the pantry: they are easy targets for rodent thieves! I had a box of spagetti on my shelf and thought it had spagetti in it until I went to use some—there was a neat little hole in the back of the box and every spagetti noodle and crumb had been eaten. Box empty. So now I put my pastas inside a larger plastic storage box and the mice can’t get in there. Someone said the round glass containers take more room and they are so right. So, you great inventors out there, how about manufacturing SQUARE OR RECTANGULAR GLASS boxes with rubber sealed snap down lids similar to the ones on the round glass containers?? Someone can make a boodle on this idea! I just want to be able to go and buy some. Or are there any manufacturers out there hankering for money making ideas?? I’m full of ideas—but no $$! LOL~ Liz.

  11. Krista G

    I spotted 5 white laminated cabinets for $10 each on Craigslist. Each one is 2’x6′, couponer’s heaven! I had Home Depot cut 30 shelves out of laminated chip board to fit, so things didn’t need to be stacked —seems like this was about $25. My cabinets are numbered and have a designated shelf and row for each item we regularly use. It makes it a lot easier with help putting things away and telling someone where to find things. OCD, maybe but 🙂

    • karen

      Can you put a picture up of this- I love the idea!

  12. Kristen

    Any good tips on where to find lazy susans for a good price?? I have a couple for my spices, but I don’t really feel like spending $50 just to organize my cans more efficiently, haha. Love the way they look in the pictures though!!

  13. Becky

    I used rubbermaid cannisters for my pantry. They are plastic, see through, and seal well. I can combine several boxes into one cannister to save space. I can easily see what it contains. I buy the square ones for optimum space.

    • JA

      Just coming to say the same thing😃. Square storage items are really the best for space saving. I like the lazy Susans, but my none of my shelves are high enough to use them.

  14. Renee

    I have 2 of the storage sets that have 3 drawers each on the counter on my kitchen. I have labeled them or cut out a picture from the box and taped it so everyone could see what is in them- granola bars, Little Debbie’s, fruit strips,etc. It comes in handy for packing lunches and for kiddos to help themselves to a snack.

  15. lisa

    Perfect pantry for when guests stay over. Help yourself!

  16. Marissa

    Do you have a blog? I would love to see more of your fabulous ideas!

      • Marissa


  17. Pia

    Thanks Lina awesome idea and I must say perfect , neat and organized . I am looking for some of these ideas I will implement these ideas in my pantry 🙂 u r awesome!!!!!!!

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      Oh well great, and thanks! 🙂

  18. Mar

    Over the years I have gotten ides from Hip. The dry eraser is grand. I must try it 🙂

  19. Meghan F.

    Where can you get chalkboard vinyl? I’ve heard of chalkboard paint, but not the vinyl. Lowes? Home Depot I imagine?

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      Most craft stores have rolls now. Hobby Lobby and Joanne’s for sure 🙂 Good coupon opportunities there.

  20. Allison

    I buy bulk spices that come in bags or plastic cups of varying sizes and for years I had them falling all over my cupboards until I put all my spices in canning jars (I used the Ball plastic jars with the screw on lids which I labeled with a permanent marker) and bought 4 lazy susans to store them. The canning jars were only a few dollars and I think I paid $5 or $6 for each lazy susan, but the organization makes cooking so much easier and brings a smile to my face each time I reach for a clearly labeled spice.

    • cathy

      I’m looking for spice jar organization ideas. I have mostly glass and plastic jars that are about 1″ diameter and 3″ tall, and a couple 2″ diameter and 5″ tall. Currently they are all jammed on one shelf above my stove above eye level, and it takes a while to hunt for what I want while standing on a stool. Help!

  21. Katie

    I got my sister-in-law an over the door pantry organizer for Christmas. I don’t think they’ve put it up yet, but I’m curious to see if it works well. I saw some cheaper ones at Amazon, but I wanted to get one that had good ratings and was built better than the ones at Amazon so I got her one from the Container store.

  22. Frances j

    where can I locate chalkboard

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      Most craft stores – hobby lobby, Joannes, ect

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