Oh MoviePass, Make Up Your Mind! (1 Movie Per Day Offer NOW Available… Again)

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BIG News for MoviePass customers!

As we told you last week, MoviePass recently changed their offer for new subscribers to a limit of viewing four movies per month versus the previous offer of one movie per calendar day. PLUS, new and existing subscribers are now limited to seeing each movie just one time.

Grab your popcorn and drink because the Moviepass movie per day offer is back again.

But wait…

MoviePass has announced TWO levels for new subscribers:
MoviePass Unlimited – $9.95 per month
  • Watch a new movie every day (limit one viewing per movie)
  • Cancel at anytime
  • Your credit card will be charged $9.95 when you sign up, and your first month of service will officially begin when you receive your MoviePass card in the mail, or until you use MoviePass at a supported e-ticketing theater.

MoviePass + iHeartRadio – $7.95 per month
  • Watch 3 Movies per month (limit one viewing per movie)
  • Get an extended FREE 3 month trial of iHeartRadio All-Access
  • Total billed at sign up is $7.95. Thereafter, your MoviePass subscription will be billed monthly at $7.95. Must be a new subscriber to MoviePass and must not have previously redeemed a free offer from iHeartRadio (offer must be redeemed within 7 days).

Will you sign-up for one of the new plans? 🤔

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  1. Michelle

    I just saw this on Facebook and was really confused… how did this company make any money?

    • NoneYa

      They aren’t looking to make money. They’re looking to get a butt load of subscriptions and sell the data off from the personal information on the subscriptions.

    • Dayna

      They get money by selling your info. What movies you see, what time of day, etc compared to your zip code and demographics. Other things they can sell is the % of people seeing the movie the first weekend etc.

    • Melish82

      The way I understand it is that they sell information. Not exactly personal information, more like what age groups go to what movies when, etc.

    • Scott

      They don’t make one cent and are bleeding millions in HOPES of amassing huge customer
      base negotiating power with cinemas and studios. So far that bet hasn’t paid

  2. GotItTogetherish

    This post title made me lol! 🤣

    • Angela (Super Saver Sidekick)


  3. Ashley

    This is crazy! Arent they causing the theaters to lose a lottttt of money?

    • Angela (Super Saver Sidekick)

      Hi Ashley! No the theaters don’t lose anything because MoviePass is buying full priced tickets from them. My local theater manager said they actually make more because people are coming in often and buying more concessions!

    • JulianFaux

      How? They pay full price for each ticket to the theatre. MoviePass takes the loss.

    • pallotto

      That’s why the food is so expensive.

    • Dkp91576

      Naw – theaters make their money on concessions, not tickets. Huge profit margin there. This just gets more people in the seats and buying snacks.

    • Laura

      Marketing companies pay big bucks for subscriber info. They sell that to firms who can then turn around and give actual data about consumers to advertisers. This is how advertisers become so good at targeting the right consumer. 🙂

  4. rpearson

    When my sister worked at a movie theater, she told me that the movie theater really doesn’t make a lot of money on movies bc there are so many fees and royalties that they have to pay. They make most of their money on concessions, which makes sense. If you come watch a movie, you’ll want popcorn and a drink. Maybe even candy. They make a small fortune on concessions. That’s why the food is so expensive. Not sure if that’s how it works for all theaters.

    • Shauna-Lee

      Except for me because I only get popcorn if it’s free 😂😂

  5. Mimi

    Im in a bit of a love hate relationship with moviepass right now, because my phone is too old to support the app now! I have a galaxy s3 and it stopped working this past weekend. I am due for a new phone, but its still annoying to deal with.

    • riss

      I had an S5 and it lasted 3 years, and I’m not a careless phone user. I’m surprised yours lasts this long!

    • Amber

      Write to the company to fix the app.

  6. mike

    This topic needs to be rewritten.
    One movie/day is not possible in most markets. A user can’t see the same movie more than once.
    7 new movies would have to be released each week.

    • M

      I think the wording is more for people who want to do a double feature. Some people buy large popcorn and drink, get a refill and see another movie. I wish I had enough free one to go to the movies every day of the week, though (if that were actually possible under the new terms).

    • Tp47832

      I’ve seen the same movie several times

      • Laura

        The terms have changed in past week. You can now no longer see a movie more than once using your moviepass card.

      • Callie

        We found this out the hard way when we showed up at the theater Saturday to see Avengers for the second time and couldn’t. Whomp whomp. We LOVE going to see our favorites several times and I’m super-bummed that MoviePass took that away.

    • ToriSC

      My daughter and I have done what we called Movie Day and we will go see 3 or 4 in a day back to back. So I can understand the 1 per day

  7. Christy

    I LOVE MoviePass. I know people were really peeved because of the change in terms of service to stop allowing you to watch the same movie more than once but it did very clearly state they could do that. I bought the yearly subscription a month ago and I’ve already made my money back and then some.
    I’m lucky enough that I am also able to AMC points using my card at the kiosk.

  8. Mandy228

    Can I cancel at anytime for the 7.95 one or only the 9.95?

    • lkpreed

      Yes you can cancel at any time. They do state though if you cancel the monthly plan, you can’t sign back up for it for another 9 months.

  9. jjshrs

    Does anyone know if you can buy it as a gift for someone? My stepdaughter’s birthday is coming up and she loves to go to the movies.

    • Alaina

      Not sure what age your step daughter is but I am pretty sure pervious post talked about you needing to be at least 18yrs old to use it

    • Bethany

      I recieved a 3 month gift subscription as a Christmas gift! It just requested my card and then I can officially start the 3 months when it arrives.

  10. Love2save

    I paid in full for a year in March and with all the changes I’m not sure how many movies I can go see at the theater? Very confusing

    • Christy

      I did , too. It’s still one per day with no IMAX, 3D or repeat movies.

  11. CP

    Can someone please explain this program a bit? We go to theaters where there is reserved seating. Do you pick your seats on the Movie Pass app or do you have to go to the theater to do that? Thank you.

    • Ash

      You check in to your theater with the app when you arrive. You also now must snap a picture of your ticket stub to them through the app as well. You pick your seats as usual and then when you go to pay, you use your Pass as a credit/debit card to swipe and pay.

    • Jill

      We go to a theatre that has reserved seats as well. If we go during the week (not a discount day) it’s pretty easy to get seats for movies showing. When you are at the theatre open the app, select your theatre from the list and choose your movie’s time. Then it will add money to your debit card. I generally go to a kiosk to buy the ticket and select my seat. My husband does the same thing in the kiosk beside me and we are able to sit together. My app makes me take a picture of the ticket stub right after I purchase it (which I don’t find to be a big deal). If we go on the weekends, I generally will go earlier to the theatre to choose a later showing in the day and still get a good seat. (Good seats for Avengers last week were not available, so you do have to be flexible). Honestly, Movie pass was a ‘too good to be true’ deal when we first signed up for it with the Costco deal. Know, it’s a ‘great deal’ because even if I go to the movies once a month, it’s still lower than the cost of a weekend ticket.

  12. Mary

    Can I use it as soon as I sign up or do I have to wait two weeks for the card?

    • Ash

      You have to wait for the card but you can download the app whenever!

      • Mary

        So I can see a movie tomorrow using the app only?

        • Laura

          No, you to have the card to pay with. Mine came in about a week though.

          • Jackie

            Guess im confused if you are paying monthly why do you need a card. Could you just not use you phone with your acct number on it?
            Can you pay for the whole year at one timem

            • Jessi

              Jackie, the card works like a prepaid MasterCard. Essentially it has no money loaded. When you are at the theater, you “check in” on the app, which causes just enough money to cover the cost of the ticket to be loaded onto the card, and you pay with that like a credit card.

    • Christy

      I’ve had my movie pass for about a month and here is how it works.
      For most theaters (basically all AMCs and Showcase near me) , you open the app when you get to the theater. It has a list of all the available showings for that day. You pick the one you want to see and request the ticket. Then they load the funds to the card (an actual MasterCard in your name) and you can use it to buy your ticket. You only have 30 minutes to do so or cancel your request. For the theaters that offer e-ticketing, you just reserve the ticket from the app and they give you a code to present when you get to the theater. You cannot cancel once you finalize your request. After getting your ticket, it prompts you to load a photo of the ticket. Don’t forget to use your theater rewards card when you purchase your ticket.

      • CP

        So, can you get tickets ahead of time and one for your spouse? We each need an account, correct? Do they need to be with you when you get the tickets? Normally we try to get our tickets a day early or the morning of to reserve a good seat.

        • Jill

          You each need an account. One account per cell phone. If you log off of your account and then try to log into your spouse’s you may be flagged and potentially kicked off MoviePass for violating Terms of Service. If there is a show we really want to go to, I’ll take my husband’s phone and his pass and go buy the tickets early in the morning. We have outdoor kiosks, so I don’t need to wait for the box office to open.

  13. Jackie

    Guess im confused if you are paying monthly why do you need a card. Could you just not use you phone with your acct number on it?
    Can you pay for the whole year at one timem

    • Moni B.

      Hi Jackie – You need the card in order to pay for your ticket at the theater, with a person at the ticket office or at a ticket kiosk usually located in the lobby or just outside the theater. The only time u don’t need your physical card is when making an e-ticket purchase at theaters that allow it. And whether purchasing in-person or via the e-ticket option, u will need to be 18 years of age or older and have a compatible smartphone with the MoviePass app downloaded onto it. Good luck!

  14. Susie

    We love our MoviePass! We (hubby and I), boughtvours from Costco in January for $89. I have seen 29 movies, hubby has seen 22. We have never seen a movie twice, so that change in their rules did not change a thing for us. We were grandfathered in, so at this point, we can still see 1 movie per day. Even if it changed for us, to 1 movie a week…it is an incredible deal! It is a great deal and we sure are enjoying seeing all these movies.

  15. Brittany

    when I followed the link the only option was $9.95, am I doing something wrong?

    • Brittany

      user error of course SORRY! 🙂

      • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

        No worries! 😉

  16. Regina

    Can 1 credit card pay for 2 passes

    • Ash


  17. cowsarefunny79

    So, the amount on the master card they give you…does it have the full amount INCLUDING tax? Thanks!

    • Christy

      They load the amount for the ticket based on whatever movie you choose. The theater near me charges about $13 a ticket except on Tuesdays and I have never had a problem. I’ve spent more than the $90 I paid for the yearly membership already on tickets and it still keeps working 🙂

  18. Heather

    Completely off subject everyone… I was wondering if anyone had a American girl coupon they won’t be using. If you could please email me at nessygirl1626@yahoo.com would be so great my daughters bday is soon and I was hoping to save a few bucks. Thank you in advance have a great day

  19. Mei

    How can I buy one for me and my kids?

    • Ash

      Kids can’t have them per their TOS.

      • Blair

        Bummer. I was going to buy my 12 and 14 year old one so they wouldn’t be bored all summer. We live in a small town so I thought it would be something fun as we don’t go to the movies much bc of the pricing AND I have a toddler 🙂

  20. Mary

    I was tempted to buy the movie pass, but the most we do is 1 movie per month and we go on Mondays when our movie theater offers $5 movies all day!

  21. Ashley

    There’s too many stipulations. I’ve gotten so many spam calls on my cell since dealing with them. Most research companies pay you, but essentially we’re paying to provide big shots all the information they need. It’s all a hassle and I’d rather use BOGO movie coupons, Fandango points from foods, Cinema Cafes, military theaters etc.

    • Maggie

      Costco and AAA offices both sell discounted movie tickets, and the tickets never expire! In fact, you can get discounted ticket vouchers from Costco.com almost instantly — the AMC tickets are $8.75 and come in a 4-pack or an 8-pack. If you only see one movie a month, that 76 cents in extra cost buys a lot of piece of mind: you ditch the MP spyware, the hassle, and the risk of MP going bankrupt after you prepaying a yearly subscription.

  22. RAR

    One per day offer not viable if they do not allow repeat viewings.

  23. Holly

    One viewing per movie? Forget it. That is the only reason I wanted the pass in the first place. I hope that they get enough complaints to bring it back.

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