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10 Things NOT to Buy on Black Friday 2018

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Things not to buy on Black Friday 2018 - TV shopping

Can you believe that we’re now in November and Black Friday 2018 is just a few weeks away?! 😱 That means it won’t be long before thousands of shoppers are packing up the car with a plethora of snacks, blankets, and camping chairs or tents to wait in long lines in the wee hours of the night. ⛺️

Things not to buy on Black Friday 2018 - Collin with laptop

Sounds CRAZY, right?! 😜

Not to the millions of Americans expected to shop over Thanksgiving weekend this year and spend billions of dollars between Black Friday and Cyber Monday! The question is, will the in-store deals really be worth the craziness – especially with Cyber Monday deals that you can score in your pajamas? AND, most Black Friday deals will be available online, too!

While some doorbuster deals can be great buys if you know what to look for (especially if they’re on your holiday shopping list anyway), here are 10 things NOT to buy on Black Friday:

Things not to buy on Black Friday 2018 – the latest iphone

1. The Latest iPhone

While some stores may offer gift cards when you purchase the latest iPhone at full price, you’ll be better off waiting until December to score a deal on the newest iPhone. However, you may also have better luck getting a deal on the previous generation iPhone when you sign a contract with a carrier.

Things not to buy on Black Friday 2018 – room essentials bedding

2. Linens & Bedding

Unless Aunt Hilda is coming to visit for Christmas and you have nothing for her to sleep on, you’re better off waiting until January White Sales when these items usually hit their lowest prices.

During a White Sale, retailers deeply discount sheets, comforter sets, towels, and more as a way to move inventory and entice shoppers. These events date back to January 1878, when department store pioneer John Wanamaker held the first White Sale to sell his extra bedding stock during a slow time of year. All the linens then were only sold in a basic shade of white!

collin's wedding ring before it went missing

3. Jewelry

Although jewelry is an easy Christmas gift to give that special someone, consider waiting until closer to Mother’s Day or late summer (July/August) where you’ll be able to score a better deal on your jewelry purchase.

Planning to pop the question over the holidays and can’t wait until then to purchase an engagement ring? Check out our team-tested money-saving tips for shopping for an engagement ring!

Orange Theory Treadmill

4. Fitness Equipment

After the holidays and once the New Year hits, people are motivated to get into shape and are looking for fitness equipment. Stores know this and tend to offer the best deals starting in January.

You’ll also often get the best deal on a gym membership after the holidays. If you’re shopping for a gym membership and you’re not sure where to start, check out this post for reasons why we LOVE Orangetheory Fitness!

Rite Aid Gift Cards

5. Gift Cards

There may be a few gift card deals during Black Friday, but if you wait until December, many restaurants, retailers, and even the drugstores offer gift card deals to get shoppers in the holiday shopping spirit. Check out 2017’s holiday restaurant and retail roundup here (we’ll be posting a new one for 2018 soon!).

However, if you’re planning to shop during Black Friday anyway, purchase gift cards BEFORE the big day for the stores you plan to shop to save even more money. Check out this post for awesome tips on how to save on gift card purchases!

Things not to buy on Black Friday 2018 – Samsung UHD TV at Costco

6. Brand Name TVs

You’ll be able to find high-end TVs for less toward the end of December when retailers start clearing out older televisions to make room for next year’s models. Also, January is a big month for TV sales as Super Bowl Sunday nears.

Bonus: Save money on your cable bill by following these simple tips!

Things not to buy on Black Friday 2018 – eddie bauer brown jacket

7. Winter Clothing

If you can wait until January or February, that’s when these items start hitting the clearance racks. It’s then you’ll find huge savings on highly rated and well-known brands! You’ll often be able to save 75% or more on jackets, winter apparel, gloves, and more if you wait until then to shop.

Buying Toys on Black Friday - cart of LEGO sets

8. Toys

Believe it or not, Black Friday is actually not the best time to buy toys for the holidays. You may find nice discounts on this year’s most popular toys and be happy to have finished your shopping (after waiting for hours in line), but often retailers will mark that same toy down even less about two weeks before Christmas.

Plus, if you’re not sure which toys to buy, Target hosts their Toy Clearance events (and often marks down toys up to 90% off!) in January and June – great times to stock the toy closet!

Wondering which are the TOP toys for 2018? Check out these picks:

Things not to buy on Black Friday 2018 – high powered laptops

9. High-Powered Laptops

It might seem there are a ton of deals on laptops during Black Friday; however, most deals are for basic, mainstream laptops without all the bells and whistles. You’ll be able to find better deals on laptops with superior graphics and faster processors during the months of July and September.

Things not to buy on Black Friday 2018 – St. Nicholas Square Joy Christmas Wall Decor

10. Holiday Decorations

Unless there’s something you just absolutely can’t live without, you’re better off waiting for the huge after-clearance events in January. Stores usually mark holiday items 50% off the day after Christmas, and then markdowns eventually reach 90% off. When you do shop the after-holiday clearance, start stocking up on holiday items you may need for next year while the prices are rock bottom.

What items are on YOUR holiday shopping list?

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Comments 45

  1. jessawyer

    For number 10, I highly recommend Michael’s on Thanksgiving night. It’s been a tradition to go there every year to freshen up my Xmas tree with new ribbons, ornaments, etc. – they have good sales and a high percentage off coupon that’s good for that evening only.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      How fun! Thanks for sharing your tradition with us! Good to know!

  2. Cami

    I also love orange theory!! And I just started at core power yoga and love that too! They have a free first week 🙂

    • Mary

      After reading all the reviews I was like “this is it, I have to join” Unfortunately, the closest one is 45min from home, even farther from work. Crying right now. *Hip2Save team, can you do gyms reviews/comparisons? Thanks

      • Cami

        You should check our class pass. You pay a certain amount a month (I think ~$100 which is cheaper than most of the small studios) and you get to take classes at a bunch of different gyms. They have a variety of classes like kickboxing, spinning, yoga, etc. It’s worth doing if you’re trying to figure out what you like!

  3. Tom S.

    I’m going to be in the Market for a new iPhone in the coming weeks. When is the best time to shop for new iPhones? Sam’s has a one day sale 11/17, with a $300 Sam’s gift Card. See anything better on the horizon?

    • IB

      There will be a lot of BOGO sales soon.

  4. Susan Crawford

    I know people will not like this. If you are going to buy jewelry,go to a pawn shop or a local jewelry store that has an estate jewelry section. Once the item is cleaned and sized no one will ever know where it came from. You should be able to save 50%.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks for the helpful tip!

    • Jennifer

      I love estate jewelry

  5. Leann

    This cracks me up…..what DO you buy? 🤣 Kinda everything anyone wants fits into the 10 categories. 🤔

    • Sandy

      I was thinking the same thing! Haha.

    • Casey

      I usually wind up getting small electronics, counter top appliances and other random deals for things I need. It’s ALWAYS random stuff for me lol

    • Ana

      I buy little things that are marked down super low, like batteries and flash drives, or freebies from the drugstores. One year I got a great deal on clothes hangers. It all depends on what you need, but the list is definitely a good guide. You need to keep an eye on what the price SHOULD be rather than what price all the stores keep trying to tell you is a good deal. All those ads can warp your sense of what is a decent price.

  6. Dealzgurl

    Aw man and a television is what I need! I can’t WAIT to cut cable! Any tips on when to buy appliances? I have to replace my microwave–am not waiting to do that–dishwasher and freezer.

    • Lydia

      I’ve always been told memorial weekend is the best !!

    • Lydia

      Appliances that is

    • Laura M.

      One thing I did to save on my appliances was to order online using so I got cash back. I picked out my fridge in the store but Home Depot was offering a large cash back percentage (maybe 8-10%) through Shop at Home. I ordered it that was then had it delievered for free to my house. I ended up getting about $900 back that way! If I remember it was around December that I bought it.

  7. Christy

    Thank you!!! I had bedding sheets on my list but I can wait for the “White Sale” now and probably score two sets instead of just one!

    • aimee

      Walmart has GREAT sheets every year for $25 all sizes. They feel great and wash up really nice!! I stock up every year!

      • Lisa

        Aimee, are they a basic Walmart brand or another kind? I need to replace sheets desperately! Thanks

        • Kristi

          Lisa, they are “Hotel Style 1,000-Thread-Count Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set”. Check them out before black Friday. I got a set last Christmas and I like them a lot. They’ve held up really well and have elastic all the way around the bottom.

      • Carol

        I’ve bought the Walmart sheets the last two years! They are soft, smooth, and hold up very well. You can’t beat a king size sheet set for $25!!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Perfect! You’re so welcome, Christy!

  8. Shopintheburgh

    Seriously what do you buy?!?!

  9. Justine

    Speaking of TVs, I am wondering what the good brands are. Any reviews? We have a Vizio with great picture quality, but it keeps glitching out.

    • Amyyyyyy

      I’ve always had great luck with Samsung appliances and tvs…Toshiba used to be a good laptop and TV brand that I always bought but I got a Samsung TV for black Friday at Shopko (okay it ended up not being a great deal lol) years ago and I’m now a fan.

    • Christine

      I love my insignia (Best Buy house brand) TVs!

  10. Heather

    So basically Black Friday is a bust 😂

  11. Bryant

    I bought my television on Black Friday last year and I got a great deal. I notice that some model televisions are only on sale at certain times of the year. If you find the television you want come Black Friday – buy it. If not, wait until before the Superbowl.

  12. Sandra

    Anyone know of any good iPad deals for Black Friday?

    • Lpmousse

      I’m looking too! Want a new iPad or iPad mini for my husband.

  13. ❤️my_lineman

    My sister in law got a laptop for Christmas that broke right after. She called the laptops manufacturers and the guy that worked there told her that they mass made special laptops that were of a cheaper quality especially for Black Friday that way they could be sold cheaper. He told her to never buy things like that on Black Friday. It’s made me wonder what other companies do this. For example I’ve noticed you can have a Black Friday special blender and the same exact blender in the regular aisle of the store and they’ll have 2 different UPC codes and ring up for 2 different prices. The retailer will make sure they get rid of all of the Black Friday blenders, clearancing them out but leaving all the same exact regular ones on the shelf at full price even tho its supposed to be the same thing. It really makes me wonder about lesser quality. Am I the only crazy one or does anyone else ever wonder if there’s merit to this thought?

    • Ella

      This is true for a lot of things. Also notice Walmart does a similar thing year round- they make special deals with companies to make smaller sizes of products so it appears cheaper. I’ve noticed this on soap and cereal- they have less weight and thinner boxes than the ones at the grocery store and many people people just look a the price and think they’re getting a good deal.

  14. Cassie

    Thanks H2S! I need sheets, but I’ll wait until January.

  15. Shaunte

    This list is intended for a guide. Most of the things on the list are way cheaper another time of year, but not to say you won’t find a good deal. Shopping around is still your responsibility. But a few things that I have purchased on Black Friday are boots, towels, car seats, small kitchen appliances, etc. The best deal was $50 off gift card to Belk while standing in line. That’s the kind of stuff that makes it fun!

  16. aimee

    Walmart has $25 sheet sets every year on all sizes. We LOVE them. They feel good and wash up really nice and not all wrinkled!

  17. margaret

    FYI– I agree wholeheartedly with most of this stuff. And yes, the quality generally goes down with the black friday pricing. I did buy a laptop last year at staples (saw similar option at sam’s club) on black friday. It has the latest high specs (HP i7 with lots of memory, etc) and was a great deal…speaking as a techie. I haven’t seen such a good deal since, but it is an anomaly. IF you are in the market for a laptop, the good ones are out there too (kicked myself for a year for not buying the laptop the year before at sam’s on black friday). but you have to be picky about your specs. If you don’t understand computer specs, read up on it beforehand or ask an expert and then keep eyes peeled for only those laptops that have those specs.

  18. CocosBambi

    I feel Black Friday is mostly a gimmick. Stores know people think those are the best prices and will buy. Stores are smart, why put something cheaper when people will buy

  19. Leona

    I need a new sewing machine, but am wary of Walmart’s. I was told that the manufacturers make specific, lower quality ones for Walmart and other stores with the same names.
    How am I to know?

    • Amyyyyyy

      I would buy it and keep the box, manual etc. so that if something happens you can take it back. If it’s not with in the return time frame then may be you…ahem, lost your receipt… they will give you a walmart gift card for the price it rings up or if it doesn’t ring up they will enter the UPC of the same item currently in their inventory. (That’s been my experience anyway.) Also check out the manufacturer’s warranty before buying. HTH!

  20. katie

    Last year I literally returned and repurchased every single thing I bought on black Friday

  21. Melissa

    I’m going to probably disagree on the TV deals I know my Samsung 4K TV went back up after Christmas and around Super Bowl it went on sale again, but it wasn’t as cheap as when I got it on Black Friday.

  22. Kelly

    I usually go for DVD and Blu-rays. The prices can be awesome if you are looking right!😉

  23. Jamie

    Black Friday is really a joke. It just seems out dated with year round Internet deals. I got a $10 air hockey full size table from Hip 2 Save a few months ago, no early morning craziness.
    There us even a childcare option here starting at 4am for people wanting to shop..nice thought, but parents would be better off staying w their kids or shopping online.
    Agreed, prices all drop January so take those gift cards and put em to use to start 2019 off differently if you missed sales last year.
    P.S. Got an Oster blender from Walmart Black Friday and it was horrible. I’m just not convinced to run out with the mess with this website alerts me to the best deals.

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