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10 Things NOT to Buy on Black Friday 2019

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Black Friday is almost here!

Can you believe that all the Black Friday 2019 deals will be live in just a few weeks?! 😱 That means it won’t be long before thousands of shoppers are packing up the car with a plethora of snacks, blankets, and camping chairs or tents to wait in long lines in the wee hours of the night. ⛺️ Crazy, right?

shopping online in pajamas

But will the in-store deals really be worth the craziness – especially since you can score all the Cyber Monday deals in your pajamas? AND, most Black Friday deals will be available online as early as Thanksgiving day (just be sure to note which stores are closed on Thanksgiving)!

While some doorbuster deals can be great buys if you know what to look for (especially if they’re on your holiday shopping list anyway), there are still things not worth buying.

Here are 10 things NOT to buy on Black Friday:

1. The Latest Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone 11

While some stores may offer gift cards when you purchase the latest Apple iPhone at full price, you’ll be better off waiting until December to score a deal on the newest iPhone.

However, you may also have better luck getting a deal on the previous generation iPhone whenever you sign a contract with your mobile phone carrier.

Hip Tip: If you’re determined to avoid paying full price for these spendy gadgets, bookmark our Apple deals page. We’re always on the hunt for the best deals to help you get the latest tech at the lowest prices!

2. Linens & Bedding

teal blue velvet quilt blanket and shams in target red cart

Unless you’re having guests over for Christmas and have nothing for them to sleep on, you’re better off waiting until January White Sales when these items usually hit their lowest prices.

During a White Sale, retailers deeply discount sheets, comforter sets, towels, and more as a way to move inventory and entice shoppers. These events date back to January 1878, when department store pioneer John Wanamaker held the first White Sale to sell his extra bedding stock during a slow time of year. All the linens then were only sold in a basic shade of white!

Hip Tip: Wondering how often you should clean all your bedding? Check out this post!

3. Jewelry

Sterling Silver Jewelry at Kohl's

Jewelry is an easy Christmas gift to give that special someone. However, if you’re able to plan ahead, it’s actually better to shop for these items around Mother’s Day or late summer (July/August) where you’ll be able to score a better deal on your jewelry purchase.

Hip Tip: Planning to pop the question over the holidays and need to buy an engagement ring soon? 💍 Check out our team-tested tips on shopping for an engagement ring!

4. Fitness Equipment

Costco Fitness

After the holidays and once the New Year hits, people are motivated to get into shape and are looking for deals on fitness equipment. Stores know this and tend to offer the best deals starting in January. You’ll also often get the best deal on a gym membership after the holidays.

Hip Tip: If you’re shopping for a gym membership and you’re not sure where to start, check out this post for reasons why we LOVE Orangetheory Fitness!

5. Gift Cards

itunes gift cards sams

There may be a few gift card deals during Black Friday, but if you wait until December, many restaurants, retailers, and even the drugstores offer gift card deals to get shoppers in the holiday shopping spirit. Check out our 2018 holiday restaurant and retail roundup here to get an idea of the deals to come (we’ll be posting a new one for 2019 soon!).

However, if you’re planning to shop during Black Friday anyway, purchase gift cards BEFORE the big day for the stores you plan to shop to save even more money. Check out this post for awesome tips on how to save on gift card purchases!

Hip Tip: Bookmark this page and stay up to date on all the latest gift card deals and sales on Hip2Save!

6. Brand Name TVs

smart TVs at Best Buy

You’ll be able to find high-end TVs and electronics for less toward the end of December when retailers start clearing out older televisions to make room for next year’s models. Also, January is a big month for TV sales as Super Bowl Sunday nears.

Hip Tip: Check out three of the best Smart TVs you can buy – and one of the worst! Also, save money on your cable bill by following these simple tips!

7. Winter Clothing


If you are able to wait until January or February, that’s when these items start hitting the clearance racks. It’s then you’ll find huge savings on highly rated and well-known brands!

In fact, you’ll often be able to save 75% or more on jackets, winter apparel, gloves, and more if you wait until then to shop.

Hip Tip: Wondering what is the best time of year to buy everything? Check out this post!

8. Toys

Costco Holiday 2019 toys

Believe it or not, Black Friday is actually not the best time to buy toys for the holidays. You may find nice discounts on this year’s most popular toys and be happy to have finished your shopping (after waiting for hours in line), but often retailers will mark that same toy down even less about two weeks before Christmas.

In addition, Target hosts their Toy Clearance events (and often marks down toys up to 90% off!) in January and July – great times to stock the toy closet!

Wondering which are the TOP toys for 2019? Check out these posts:

9. High-Powered Laptops

lenovo yoga laptop and box

It might seem there are a ton of deals on laptops during Black Friday; however, most deals are for basic, mainstream laptops without all the bells and whistles. You’ll be able to find better deals on laptops with superior graphics and faster processors during the months of July and September.

Hip Tip: Did you know that you may be able to rent laptops, tablets, and computers (and much more!) from your public library? Check out this post for details!

10. Holiday Decorations

light up Christmas trees

Unless there’s something you just absolutely can’t live without, you’re better off waiting for the huge after-clearance events in January. Stores usually mark holiday items 50% off the day after Christmas, and then markdowns eventually reach 90% off.

When you do shop the after-holiday clearance, start stocking up on holiday items you may need for next year while the prices are rock bottom.

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Comments 49

  1. Andrea

    Would love to see a list of the items that are best price on Black Friday!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for the request, Andrea! Be sure to stay tuned! 😉💖

  2. Jr

    Lol, that list pretty much eliminates everything.

  3. NikiD

    Do you think there will be a deal on the new Barbie dream house? The lowest price I’ve found is $143.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      We’ll keep a lookout!

  4. Lori

    Not a problem for me. I hate the crowds of pushy people and the long check out lines!

  5. IB

    The best deals are always after Black Friday. 

  6. hrosana

    I agreed with all except for 2 and 7

    • Jenuine

      I agree with the exception of #7 also. My family loves to shop at The North Face outlet during Black Friday week. I got a sherpa sweater for $30 and a parka jacket for $120!

  7. candace

    There are legit black friday tv deals but A. It isn’t all of them out there and B. It’s going to be an older model getting cleared out. You have to research some beforehand. Honestly tv prices have come down enough I’ve seen solid deals basically revolving all the time out there (usually Target and Walmart…and Costco)

    • Tiffany

      Best Buy has really good prices on TVs too. I check their Deal of the Day on a regular basis because they often have nice deals on kitchen appliances, TVs, and electronics.

  8. Sunni

    Last year Walmart did a deal for the iPhone where you got a $300 or $400 gift card on Black Friday. So if they do this again, am I better off waiting until December?

    • dblD amber

      Sam’s club has a great deal on November 9th for phones.

      • Mackyjane

        Agreed. This seems like a good deal for a new phone, even without a trade in credit!

  9. jen13289

    Well, the Top 10, eliminates most items, so exactly what should you purchase on Black Friday, a new car?!?! Ughhh

    • OG SG

      Imo, the best deals tend to be on things like small appliances and stuff, which I am stocked up on. So I just shop the Ulta and Sephora Black Friday deals online, which are also great, and wait around for clearance sales at other times on stuff I want.

  10. Stephanie Carpenter Kern

    Should I get a hover board now with Target’s 25% off or wait for a Black Friday deal?

    • chrissy

      Target has a new toy deal every day from nov 1st- 23rd (I think, I could be wrong on that last date). So I plan on waiting until what I want goes on sale for that day and then combine the coupon with the circle deal. From what I believe they are stackable… hopefully they have the toy deal you need!!! (And me.. lol)

  11. Ann

    I’m confused. What is left to buy besides clothes. I was looking into getting a TV.

  12. Amanda

    Ummm except the Target 10% off gift card deal. They NEVER discount gift cards and it is even better than the red card discount.

    • Wendy

      The Target 10% off gift cards have been the first Sunday in Dec in recent years, not on Black Friday.

  13. Heather

    I also disagree with most of this post, as I have been able to get many good deals in several of these categories during black friday. sometimes waiting doesn’t work, you just have to shop for what you need when you need it and find it at the best price you think it will be by the time you need.

    • Angie

      I agree. I used to bypass shopping Black Friday deals and regretted it thinking I would get good deals right before Christmas, and i didn’t. I’ve been taking advantage of some great discounts on items leading up to my adult kids’ birthdays in October, especially clothing (Adidas store 50% off) (Old Navy 50% off) , boots (JCPenney buy 1, get 2 free) , handbags (JCPenney 50% off), health and beauty aids (Sprouts 25% off sale and Vitacost) and jewelry JCPenney 65% off plus scratch off card) , and holding back some of those purchases to give to them on Christmas, and that’s worked out great.

  14. JC

    How is the Chinese tariffs that will be going into effect Dec. 15th going to effect this list? Most toys and consumer goods made in China are going to be on the tariff list. I’m wondering if retailers this year will be having a different discounting strategy to help deal with this. Any thoughts?

  15. pokz

    So basically…dont buy anything high end!!!

  16. Sara

    I bought myself a 1TB PS4 for $199 from on Sunday 11/19/17, and it was ready for pickup on Wednesday. That’s the day before Thanksgiving. I didn’t pick it up until Saturday.

  17. Jeff

    Only thing left to get are the Poinsettia plants from Lowe’s.

    • Margarita


    • tipaye


    • SB

      That was funny!

  18. jessawyer

    This post is frustrating because for half the items, it’s telling you to buy it at a completely different time of the year that wouldn’t be feasible if you need it for a gift. If I have something on my Xmas shopping list, it does me no good to recommend waiting until May. What I want to know is what is best to buy on Black Friday as opposed to waiting until Christmas gets closer, or anything that should be picked up early before Black Friday.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi there! Be sure to stay tuned for our list of the BEST items to grab on Black Friday! 🙌

  19. K

    The target gift card deal only comes around on Black Friday

    • pjane

      Yes another great buy. Buy the discounted gc and use it the next year for groceries.

  20. Brit

    The cold hard truth is, Black Friday sales are not a match for the deals offered at random times (online) throughout the year. That’s why you go into Walmart and the same pajama sets and DVDs, TV’s etc are still sitting there weeks after Black Friday has passed (they were in our stores, anyway.) I can attest to the last min deals being better, but def better come Jan-March. July into August is another hot time, literally and sales wise. As a single parent, I trust Hip2Save’s advice to save me money. This website picked up the pieces for me when I was left w nothing and had to figure out my own finances. Brave the crowds & flu cooties if you will, but this list is prob pretty spot on.


    Just wondering regarding the Black Friday List – I thought Fred’s had closed. Is there a store open somewhere? Thanks, Wendy

  22. Jennifer McClaflin

    I agree with number 4 UNLESS you are shopping at Rogue. Black Friday is pretty much the only time they have deals, including hundo pricing (for weights) and 5 for $5 (any 5 items ship for $5). I have been waiting to buy a collapsible rack since July and can’t wait for Black Friday so I can save $$$.

  23. Amy

    I disagree with your list! I find everything on your list cheap during Black Friday !

  24. desiree michaels

    wow what is it that we should buy on BF? that list knocks everything out.

  25. Kay

    How bout electric stand-alone fireplaces and area rugs? Thanks.

  26. Jena

    How about the Nintendo switch? Is their normally a sale on cyber Monday for these or Black Friday?? Or can you order one online during these sale days??

  27. Happy Aunt

    It seems to me that some of the “rules” are changing. It used to be that you should always shop after Christmas for all decor etc., but some stores have been having better sales before hand or at least the immediate after Christmas prices weren’t any cheaper. JoAnn’s is already selling Christmas items for as much as 70٪ off and there will be some similar door busters at other stores. Shopko was like this the last few years or so they were open.

  28. pjane

    I disagree about gift cards. I think November is a great time to buy gift cards at Rite Aid especially. At Rite Aid you can buy gift cards for places you will shop or if you will definitely give those gift cards away in December. I shop for my gift cards for the whole year in November. I shop at Rite Aid and it gives me so many points to roll for Black Friday. Then I have those points to roll through December. And until the points expiration just changed, I would use those points in January or February to get dish tabs and other items for the year. I’d much rather have a $50 gift card from Rite Aid with $10 bonus points than have $60 of the same gift card. I do have to say that in December I also go for the restaurant gift cards offering the bonuses. But I really stock up in November. All the rewards they earn from CVS and Rite Aid, especially Rite Aid, really fund a lot of other items I use in my household.

    • pjane

      Here’s another example, buy a Best Buy gift card from Rite Aid in November, if available like last year, and then on Black Friday use the gift card at Best Buy for a gift. Last year I got Best Buy gift card for $100 and $15 bonus cash reward at Rite Aid. I don’t think I saw Best Buy gift cards for that kind of deal any other time of the year. Maybe one time but I don’t really remember. Just November. I saved up my Best Buy gift cards and it helped me by tech stuff later on in the year for my son.

  29. pjane

    This list is definitely a YMMV. It’s all in how you plan and what you need. The Christmas shopping season can be discounted with gift cards and coupons etc.

  30. pjane

    1. Linens and bedding – last year Kmart with sending me offers for five dollars off and Kmart had bed linens for five dollars or towels…essentially made them free

  31. coll1107

    I agree….all items mentioned are what is advertised for Black Friday. I guess I am glad I am working that day.

  32. ShunShynes

    I really appreciate the these nuggets of info you provide for Black Friday Sales they have truly helped me out a lot!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      That’s SO great to hear! You’re most welcome!

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