Sam’s Club Launching Hero Hours for Frontline Responders – No Membership Required to Shop

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sams club cart in bakery in store

Sam’s Club is opening its warehouse to frontline heroes – and no membership is required!

Like the other retailers remaining open during the coronavirus crisis, Sam’s Club has been adapting its policies for the safety of its members and associates.

The warehouse club has hired additional employees, launched special senior shopping hours and a new concierge service for vulnerable members and even set a limit of two people inside the warehouse for each membership card and no more than 300 members permitted in a club at one time.

Now, all Sam’s Clubs nationwide will expand their special associate shopping hours to include frontline responders. Beginning on April 19th, 2020, Sam’s Club will open for “Hero Hours” every Sunday from 8 AM to 10 AM.

During this time, Sam’s will allow first responders and healthcare workers to shop and no membership will be required to shop during these special hero hours. All shoppers entering clubs will be provided with a mask for safety.

Click here for more information about Sam’s Club Hero Hours.

Outside of a Sam's Club store with a shopping cart

Sam’s Club has said on its social media channels that they are considering healthcare workers to include “anyone who delivers care and services to the sick and ailing either directly as doctors and nurses or indirectly as aides, helpers, laboratory technicians, or even medical waste handlers.” First responders include (but are not limited to) police officers, paramedics, and firefighters.

To limit crowds and promote social distancing, Sam’s Club is asking that only healthcare workers and first responders shop during this time. The Club is not allowing spouses or other family members to accompany shoppers during Hero Hours.

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  1. Tasha

    That’s awesome! However I am a first responder and work Sundays during that time frame, so still can’t take advantage lol

    • laluna11

      Me too! I work every weekend 😭

    • Walkwright1

      At Costco, First Responders can go to the front of the line when checking out. You just need to be in uniform or have your i.d.

      • E

        Do they require membership?

        • tmclove

          Yes they do! We called to find out.

        • lynn mcintyre

          Their site says no membership required.

      • Candice

        Do u have to have a membership?

    • Jennifer

      Me too!!😤

  2. Bethany

    Awesome ty. Before I share, I wanted to find where exactly you found the “no membership required”? Their post doesnt seem to mention it and I dont want to inform friends and family until I find that info.

    Any help would be great.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      That’s correct. I did scan through the comments and responses posted by Sam’s under that Facebook post. I did find them to state this – “during this time, healthcare workers and first responders do not need a Membership.” Hope this helps!

      • Bethany

        Awesome sauce! Thank you.

        Stay safe.

        • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

          You’re welcome! Wishing the same for you! 🤗

    • Donna Newborn

      My niece works for Sam’s. She said no membership is required

  3. JAC

    What about those that deliver to essential places. Lik UPS and Fed Ex workers

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi JAC! I did find this answer, to a similar question – “These hours are currently for first responders and healthcare workers.” Hoping that helps!

  4. elewis91

    What about lineman? My husband works as a lineman for our power company. He’s been working 16hr days thru this, especially with all the natural disasters and storms coming thru, keeping people’s electric on and trying to stay safe. He responds to storms, house fires, car wrecks, and is out all hours of the night making sure essential business stay open and have power. I was just curious what category they were considered, if any? This is one essential, first responding group you don’t hear much about.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi there! I do see many asking very similar questions to this one, when scrolling through the comments on their Facebook post that mentions the details to this offer. Here is how they have responded – “These hours are currently for first responders and healthcare workers.” Hope this helps!

    • KraftyKim

      I agree! Local nyc main power co here get no advantages, not even a mention! I feel for them; they are working round the clock AND have multiple cases/deaths due to CV19.

  5. Jennifer

    This information is wrong. It’s Fridays.

    • jes

      Where do you see that? I see sunday written on the Facebook post?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi there! I still find Sunday listed in the details as I click through the link above. Hoping this helps!

  6. dylanfan

    I’m about to cancel my membership. I’ve gone 4 times in the last 7 weeks and every time they are out of everything I need. Are people hoarding dishwasher detergent? Decoder? Vitamins? Coffee filters? So there really is nothing to pick from now they are letting non members shop so what is the point in paying for something when I can’t buy anything?

    • Marie

      I agree. Everytime I go to the website to place an order everything is out of stock for shipping or there are no store pickup slots available. I’ve had it with Sams.

      • Lisa

        People here are getting cheap memberships they Groupon and sticking up on items. There is no loyalty for long time members.

    • Jenn

      It’s not just hoarders….it’s supply chain issues. Yes food is growing on farms but do you know how much we can’t package without the plastic and can’s from china? Your coffee filters are likely made abroad. So many different companies are a part of the process to get something as simple as Dawn dish soap to you. It’s a much bigger issue and all it takes is a few plants to shut down and wham the product cannot be made…and quick changes can’t always be made to accommodate. For your Dawn…check out staples. I got a big commercial grade container (not dish washing machine level still for just sink work like what you normally buy at Sams) for a few dollars cheaper than Sam’s over the weekend.

    • shelleybeaches

      Before you cancel, maybe wait to see if they will make it right. Maybe they will add membership time free.
      Lots of stores near me have bare shelves. I was frustrated with my Sam’s club recently too, but I’m really happy with this specific program. I can’t imagine where we would be without essential workers right now!

  7. nikis22

    If you are questioning criteria I would call main company or email them individual stores likely will not answer their phones.

  8. Rn404

    Can we please stop with the “what about so n so” it’s sickening! There are many frontline workers but truly the nurses such as myself and doctors come in contact with these pts more than anyone else so we deserve this plus so much more
    Thanks for posting and I will be able to participate as I don’t have a Sam’s card…I think a simple flash of your badge at entrance will work.
    My question is will they add the 10% surcharge

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi there! A surcharge is not listed in the details on this offer. Hope this helps!

    • Jenn

      Wow…and so much more? I am super thankful for our drs and nurses but for you to be a nurse this comment was uncalled for

    • Donia

      As a Respiratory Therapist, you need to check your ego at the door RN404. You could not work without the care of so many others besides doctors and nurses and therefore this is what gives healthcare a bad name.

      • Call Respiratory!

        She’s sounds like a number of others, we are the forgotten people who do patient care until the patient can’t breathe. Shame on her!

    • Aleshia

      Seriously, your attitude as I should get more because I am a nurse and your essential work isn’t as essential as mine??? My husband is a police officer. My husband has to go inside people’s homes, he has to take people to jail, he has to take people to mental health facilities, he has to take people to the hospital, he has to go to places of businesses. He is in constant close contact with people. He has to have people in the back seat of his vehicle during his 12 hour shift. My husband doesn’t have PPE. He doesn’t have the option to reuse PPE. He has no masks, gloves, or sanitizer. He has no face shield and can not freely wash his hands. He gets kicked, punched, spit on. His car gets vomited and urinated in. He works all night when no restaurants are open to get a hot meal. He is still expected to perform life saving help should it be needed. He comes home every morning at 5:30am and strips down in our garage. Sanitizes his belt, his boots, and take his clothes to the washer. He then takes a shower to wash away germs. He does this to protect our 4 kids and myself. I am currently 36 weeks pregnant. I have asthma and 2 autoimmune diseases. He doesn’t complain. He doesn’t think one essential worker has it worse than the other. He praises our medical staff, paramedics, firefighters, delivery drivers, grocery workers, post workers. Can you imagine how many mailboxes a mail man touches in a day after someone else touches it? Or having people that aren’t taking this pandemic seriously go in groups to the grocery store risking the employees. I mean, several meat plants just shut down because over 200 employees got sick with covid 19. They still showed up to work to make sure we have meat on the shelves, but you know…they aren’t as essential as you, right? Get a grip. We are suffering worldwide. There are people that wish they had the option to go to work to pay the bills. As dangerous as my husbands job is I am thankful we can still pay our bills and feed our kids. I’m thankful he has a job to go to every single day. We are all hurting and suffering. We are all scared. While I appluade your dedication and your line of work, you do not have it worse than everyone else.

      • riss

        @Aleshia, ER RN here, and I just want to let you know that ER staff love the Police/sheriff. We got each other’s back. Please thank him (for us) for keeping the peace.

        • Aleshia

          ❤❤ we appreciate all you do as well. My mom was an ER RN until the day she passed away, my sister is an ICU nurse, my step mom is a home care nurse for the elderly. My best friend is a nurse, my sister in law is a labor and delivery nurse, I have so many more nurses in my family. What we are all dealing with is hard and stressful and I won’t take away from what we are all dealing with. I find your profession as essential as my husbands, my mailman, my grocery workers. Thank you for responding here to me and I applauded all that you are doing for our communities.

      • Linda

        I agree.. my husband works in a grocery store. I am not trying to be ungrateful to health workers.. but when you sign up to work in the health care field , you must know you will potentially be working in situations where you might be be exposed to contagious disease. My husband inadvertently has to be on the front line. He did not sign up for this and I am guessing isn’t compensated like the majority of health employees are. He willingly not complaining goes to work every day.

        • Tricia

          Compensated like the majority of health employees? I don’t know if you think health care workers are making more for what they are going through or getting something extra, if that’s what you meant you couldn’t be more wrong. My husband is a first responder who was coughed on by a covid-19 patient and quarantined for 14 days. They wiped out his pto during the quarntine and other emts and paramedics who have been quarantined who did not have any saved pto were paid nothing! They are not even getting hazard pay. $9 an hour is no where near compensation enough for what they have to go through or for what their families have to deal with. Yes, there are many essential workers we are grateful for who are at elevated risk but nurses, doctors, police, fire and ems are the front line of this. Some things are meant just for the front line. Many places are doing things for all the essential workers but this isn’t one of them. Let’s just all be kind, thank each other when the moment arises and be OK when that moment might not be our moment.

        • TC

          Please do know that “you guys signed up for this” line is highly insensitive and inconsiderate. NO ONE signed up to risk their lives treating a “contagious disease” WITHOUT adequate PPE, can I repeat that, without adequate PPE? can we agree that working without adequate PPE is not the norm many healthcare workers expect?

          • Tricia

            TC…YES! THANK YOU! I was going to say that but didn’t want to get the rude comments back. They signed up to save lives not to lose their life!

        • Rn

          Ok first as an Icu Rn we signed up knowing we would be exposed to a lot yes. Tb, meningitis, HIV, scabies, Swine fiu, u name it. With proper protection. We did not sign up to not have adequate protection. I reuse the same mask and gown all day on the covid unit. How safe is that. I have to take it off to eat at some time. We didn’t sign up to not see our families or friends for months, we didn’t sign up to be given faulty masks that break inside positive covid rooms, we didn’t sign up to have our hospital water down our bleach and not tell us. We didn’t sign up to put our own families at risk. We didn’t sign up to be pregnant or have autoimmunes or cancer ourselves and have to take care of these patients. We didn’t sign up for this. But your welcome for doing it anyways.

      • Dorothy David

        Thank you, to you and your husband, for your service and sacrifice .

    • elewis91

      @Rn404 as someone who asked “what about so n so” myself, (My husband is a lineman), I want you to know, although I am not offended by your outburst, that no one is trying to- in your words- “sickeningly offend or take away from” you or anyone else. I do realize there is a difference between regular essential workers and essential life saving workers, (tho they are ALL currently in harms way right now) and I am in no way trying to take away from your profession or other medical personnel. I do not expect any extra treatment or kickbacks from any business or person or even the government because of my husbands profession, but I did legitimately have an honest and valid question about if my husband was considered a first responder by Sams. Lineman are in a somewhat gray area and Some businesses and localities consider lineman first responders and some don’t. When disaster strikes, lineman are often the first ones on the scene working and doing things that make it possible for other first responders, including police and fire and medical personnel, to do their jobs safely. My husband has taken calls from 911 dispatch personally and has worked hand in hand with them on several occasions. He left this morning while it was still dark to travel to a city hours and hours away that had a tornado. There are rest homes, dr offices, clinics, hospitals, police stations, and fire departments without power. Essential life saving places that are shut down until he can fix the issue. He is putting his, mine, and our children’s life and health in jeopardy and expanding our contacts to the virus so other first responders and essential personal can live and do their jobs- all with no PPE. I appreciate lineman, medical workers, funeral home attendants, police officers, fire fighters, grocery store employees, city bus drivers, janitors…. EVERYONE who is essential right now. They are all in harms way and 99% of them do not have PPE. I know many people, medical personnel especially, are frustrated at not having the supplies they need to do their jobs. They are exhausted and relentlessly fighting a deadly invisible opponent- and often times feel unappreciated- but know that I appreciate you Rn404 and applaud your diligence. While that being said, because of our frustrations and uncertainties, we can’t lash out at each other for something so simple as an honest question or misunderstanding. If we are a divided people we will ALL fall divided. But if we work together we can make it through this and be stronger for it. Please know that I was not asking or expecting special treatment from Sams. I legitimately had a valid question due to my husbands job being in a first responder “grey area.” My knowing the answer would either 1. All me to go to Sams earlier with no membership required or 2. Not show up at the door and be turned away and put others and myself at risk by expanding mine and their contacts. Putting all differences aside, I hope and pray you stay safe and healthy and remember that there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

    • sherrersimmonsmotes

      Rn404 give me a break. Are you the preforming or assisting with the intubation and bronchoscopy, Are you the one managing the airway, changing out the Et tube? Are you the preforming extubation? Are you the setting up and delivering Hiflow oxygen, Bipap, and ventilators? So would you please not point out only certain professions like y’all are the only ones that matter. I’m Sorry but there are serval professions beside Dr’s and nurses that are putting themselves at very high risk everyday they go to work. Everyone deserves the same respect know matter what.
      Signed, Frontline Critical Care
      Registered Respiratory Therapist

      • Pensxfan

        I hear ya Sherrer. Im not all up in there as much as you but im an xray tech and here at our work, we are thrown into the patients room before any of the nurses and Drs and then looking at our xray and THEN deciding if they need to be airborne. Without us having the right protection on. Its crazy. Yes we understand RNs are with the patient but you are not the only people that care for that patient. Heck, hopefully you actually care for your patient unlike some RNs here who make everyone else do the work and offer no help. STAY SAFE EVERYONE!!’ And thank you to ALL essential workers.

      • Rn

        Well I am just as an Rn I was in there yesterday for an intubation, no pappers of course. I was also in there changing out the Ett on my other patient Just yesterday. Also in my OTHER room yesterday NTSing my positive patient, replacing her high flow, working with her bipap, So much exposure in one shift alone I did almost everything you assumed nurses didn’t do. so yes the nurses are there. I do not understand what you were trying to get at.

        • Rn

          And yes we have amazing rts but we help each other and it’s not just one persons job.

    • KetaKoya87

      While I agree the “what about such and such” gets tirelessly relentless… save face, be nice, & if you have an answer respond but if not keep it moving. Don’t be rude & extend a bit of grace. We’re all tired, scared, have no idea what the future holds, not enough PPE, & are fighting on the frontline whether it be working from home with kids, working in a medical facility, delivering supplies/ stocking shelves, driving a truck or emergency response vehicle or have someone in our household that is… we’re all a part of it. As an RN, it’s great to have certain privileges made available for sure but let’s be modest, as always. We were called to this profession not for the benefits but as a benefit to others. Do no harm in all you do 💜 If you have individual questions as to whether the Sam’s First Responders shopping access applies to you or your situation, it’s prob best to contact your local club or email corporate for clarification. The nice staff of Hip2Save likely don’t know- they are simply informing us of the offer. And they did mention overall that only the first responder- not family- will be allowed to shop so that should help in lessening chances of exposures, etc.

    • kristi

      Ha! you think you’re the only essential personnel? the city I’m in, police officers gets provided ONE mask, to be used and re-used until its ruined, and then put in a request for another mask.

      • Judy

        Actually, I work in a hospital and I have used the same N95 for about 3 weeks now…

        • kristi

          Thank you for taking care of the patients. I know and understand there are many people who put their lives on the line everyday, but I guess some people feel more entitled than others. Please take care of yourself and your loved ones.

      • Tricia

        Exactly! My husband is an EMT and gets 1 mask a day even if he has multiple covid patients. Its sickening!

    • Megan

      Not a healthcare worker, but completely agree! Thank you for everything!!

    • Barbie

      Please be kind RN404. I am also an RN and I am thankful for the thoughtfulness of Sams club and everyone else cheering us on. I am also thankful for every patient, every teacher, lineman, police officer, and so on. Perhaps your comment came across wrong. I’m sure your stressed. Please hold peace in your heart. Thank you to each and everyone of you as you each make a difference.
      Well wishes to all.

    • Mary

      Rn404, you are NOT more essential than anyone else dealing with the public my dear. There are many people putting their lives at risk daily just like you in different lines of work. Try saying “thank you” to them for once and stop being so self absorbed. I’m so tired of people like you thinking you’re better than others. You chose that line of work and you are just doing your job, it doesn’t make you any more special than anyone else.

    • Icurn

      I know! At my hospital it’s the nurses in there with covid pts deep suctioning, and providing care all day long. The residents aren’t even allowed in. Only attending and they get pappers, we have other questionable masks. We are exposed 100%of our shifts.

    • Lander11

      Are you for real! I know several doctors and nurses who aren’t even working because of Clovis, as many clinics, and urgent care are closed and most hospitals are not even busy. Unless you work in a place like New York, Seattle and other hospitals that their main patients are covid patients, get off your high horse thinking you are so great! Everyone that works that has direct contact with patients or customers or is responsible for the cleaning of patient rooms are just as liking to be in contact with covid as you. Store employees probably more as they don’t get the same PPE you do as a nurse!

  9. Sherri

    What about others that have to work as well… My sons job is considered essential so they still work Mon-Fri a full shift… What do they get for having to put themselves out in this as well…

    • AAJC

      We all appreciate essential workers. Truly. However, there is a difference between essential people working during the pandemic and healthcare workers who cannot practice social distancing from their patients or their colleagues and are working at the heart of the pandemic. The same healthcare workers who may have compromised conditions of their own and are of an age that places them at increased risk…and their families too.

      I think it is kind for businesses to offer little respites where they can.

      A nurse for 27 years with asthma
      Mom of three kids, one with asthma
      A nurse who sends her SINGLE USE personal protective equipment to be sterilized each shift

      • Molly

        Couldn’t agree more! (and thank you for your work!)

      • KetaKoya87

        Amen! And the fear that comes with doing so & wondering what’s you’re potentially bringing home each night…

      • Rnicu

        There are so many of us nurses not even seeing children or baby’s or families for many months because we have been exposed to way too much. Others scared to be around us. Being in positive Covid rooms without protection and not knowing they are positive till later, being in rooms with faulty Ppe while knowing they are positive, reusing 1 gown And 1 mask the entire shift. We literally put our lives in direct risk each day we go to work. Not even any increase in pay either. So while other essential workers are so important, it’s just so different.

  10. Marie

    I’m not thrilled about this. Not because I don’t think they deserve special treatment, but because I am extremely worried about entering the store after them. It’s horrible to say, but true.

    • Donia

      Don’t worry we already face this paranoia, even within our own families. Guessing you still want them there and ready for when you and your loved ones need the care provided
      People show so much when things get bad.

      • Marie

        People who are exposed are quarantined for 14 days, but you aren’t. We don’t have access to medical grade PPE at all. The fear is justified. Believe me, we are doing our very best not to need your care. It’s difficult.

        • AAJC

          Most hospitals screen EVERY employee each day they work. At our hospital, if we don’t pass the screen, we are sent home.

          It can be scary to think that we are roaming in the public. I completely understand. On the plus side, healthcare workers do a pretty good job of avoiding cross contamination, so in that respect, you may be a little safer. 🙂 And my family avoids me like the plague until I shower and change..and that’s okay. We want to keep everyone safe.

          In public, we don’t have medical grade PPE for personal use either. Our cloth masks are made or purchased from friends/family, we don’t wear gloves (who can find those?), and we have to strip down and wash everything with soap and water at the end of our day. Those special N-95 masks? They are only used for Covid positive patients who are intubated or receiving aerosol generating procedures. They are resterilized and reused up to 10 times per HCW. Prior to Covid, all masks and gowns were single use only. For less critical Covid patients, we use regular masks.

          Staying home and thoroughly washing your hands for 20 seconds will help you stay healthy and safe. Best of luck to you and yours.

    • Tricia

      Marie, you’re probably safer with them than with regular civilians. They are quarantined for 14 days when exposed, wear ppe and sanitize and shower probably more than most people lol. My emt husband also wears a mask every time he goes out to make sure he protects himself and others. Regular people don’t really think about germs the way Healthcare workers do.

    • Sharon

      Thank you for being brave enough to say what some of the rest of us were thinking. I feel bad for thinking that way, too! I have even stopped going to a certain grocery store location and favorite sandwich shop I used to visit all the time because they are both located right across the street from the hospital.

  11. Jonathan

    There was an article just like this by a news station in central IL about 10 days ago. I attempted to go to two stores in my local area in Chicago and they were advised by the corporate office that it was a fake article. They were still nice enough to let me do some shopping as a first responder. I would be very cautious about believing this again. This would be great help for sure As I’m working the morning shifts and my wife is a stay at home mother.

  12. Lisa Atkinson

    This is awesome. But does Sam’s club not realize there are healthcare workers who work weekends? Every weekend. This is only four sundays?

    • Victoria

      Then it wouldn’t work for you.

  13. teresavandykeconner

    To Rn404: It takes many essential workers to keep things running. I respect the nurses out there. Both of my sisters are nurses…very good, intelligent, and sweet nurses. ❤️ It’s a shame that “Sam’s Club” perk would upset you so much. I hope you can show kindness to those you serve. Spread the perk to some of your co-workers that might be able to take advantage of this deal.

    • Katie


      I am wondering if you are the nurse that ripped my husbands iv out with one hand because you were upset you were supposed to already clock out. I have seen many caring amazing nurses and on occasion I have seen untitled, narcissistic, nurses like you.

      Thank you to all the GREAT nurses who make difficult situations easier! You make things so much easier to handle.

  14. Sarah

    I wish more people recoginzed childcare workers as essential workers. We don’t wear masks or gloves (except for serving food & diaper changes) and are constantly being touched by children.

    • Tricia

      Frontline responders are on a different level than essential workers. They should be able to have some perks that are just for them.

      • brandirossetti-trawick

        How do you feel about Pharmacy people? You know the ones that get stuck with those that are sick and never tell anyone.

        • Tricia

          All Healthcare in direct contact.

  15. Aunt Jenny

    Your reward for the things you do will not come from man. ❤️

  16. Victoria

    Well, that was long and foolish. And let the air out of the original post. Thanks to Sams for allowing a set time for healthcare workers and first responders to shop without a membership card. As things get better, maybe you can set aside a special time for whiners, complainers, and Debbie Downers! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  17. brandirossetti-trawick

    So how about Pharmacy employees? are they included here are we all forgotten again?

    • Bre

      I am a pharmacist and do hope I am allowed to enter as I am in direct contact with the same patients that were told to stay home or avoid hospitals because they are a waste of a gown and afraid to be seen so they come to me to get temp taken (no thermometers in stock) a mask that I make for them because they are routing everything to hospitals at this point so delivery of gloves/masks/sanitizer has ceased for like a month now. They are sick but told to care for themselves so they avoid the hospital and come in the pharmacy DAILY and ask me what they can do to make them a little more comfortable while I check their oxygen levels with my pulse oximeter to ensure they do not need to head over to the ER. At this point basing off of the teledoc scripts im getting pretty much everyone Im seeing is Covid positive. Please try not to forget your pharmacy healthcare professionals as they are pretty much the main people that are being sought out by the patients that are positive but not critical enough to be seen by the hospital and working super hard to protect their community from themselves and others and provide things for them out of my pocket because they are elderly/covid positive/or just plain petrified to go hunting to no avail so I try to buy bulk in everything so my patients have what they need and stay healthy and arent dying at home like the main percentage of covid casualties. Be kind to your pharmacist and techs and acknowledge them as well as they are pretty much the caregivers and wellness protectors of all outpatient covid patients which is a large majority seeing that people are told to not go to urgent care cant go to the doctor and told their arent many tests so just deal with it at home (which means they are calling me 5 times a day and visiting daily and petrified) yet I try to provide for them—encouragement, supplies, medical knowledge, treatment options with doctors, and whatever else they need i get it for them because…well all of us frontliners are super heroes basically lol God bless us all!

  18. Sheila

    What about essential workers?

  19. Observant mom

    Why is everyone asking if they are included in this? They already said it is for first responders and healthcare workers. Everyone wants to be an exception to the rule. If you’re not included in this then wait until timewhen the general public is allowed to go in. It is very sad to see so much whining and entitlement going on. Get it together people!

  20. Donna

    I am wondering if the healthcare workers include Pharmacists and technicians

  21. Michelle

    I’m a correction officer at a prison would I be able to do this?

  22. Am

    I work weekends. This doesn’t really help me with long lines.

  23. Jeff

    What about Postal workers?

  24. JD Tyson

    What about the folks that are picking up the trash from all the stuff you are selling to customers and keeping things sanitary? How about the folks working extended shifts to produce meds for those that have to have them? How about the plumbers that go fix your toilet after you over stuff it with all this toilet paper that has been hoarded. What about the mechanics that keep the vehicles moving,, What about the truck drivers that keep your store stocked. How about all the essential employees that are stuck short handed trying to keep things moving? How about we limit it to the elderly and have special hours for ALL folks that are working off shifts to keep this thing called America going.

  25. Lucy

    Wow. Really people? A company does something extra, something nice to try to help out and the majority of posts become complaints or a venue to discuss what everyone is doing to help the country. Just say thank you, take advantage of the offer if you can, and if you can’t, well , you never had that benefit before so you will never miss it will you? Thank you Sam’s Club for the kind offer.

  26. Pattie Smith

    Healthcare workers are not the only essentials. They (although short on stock) are provided masks and protective equipment. We postal carriers have to provide our own and we are out there everyday delivering all the crap that EVERYONE is ordered. Essential or not! We are touching everything from other countries and other states. Picking up mail from people that we don’t know if they are sick or not. Why are we never allowed these special hours? We are working normal schedules so we are not home all week and able to go to the stores whenever we want.
    Sorry…. just getting tired of being taken for granted during all this.

  27. Kelly

    How many ‘essential’ workers besides nurses are in multiple covid positive patient rooms for 12 hours straight. Techs taking xrays aren’t even in there longer than 25 minutes. Give me a break.

    The absolute disgust from the public towards nurses with the irrational fear that WE are gonna spread something to YOU is laughable, it’s the disgusting public non healthcare workers who spread this and like usual, nurses cleaning up their mess. If y’all washed your hands & knew hygiene & manners it wouldn’t spread. Nurses get it from caring for your nasty butts.

  28. Roe

    Truck drivers should be be included without us Sam’s club wouldn’t even be open to let anybody in we bring in the goods everywhere

  29. Sherry

    What about daycare workers are they considered essential workers

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