These Silicone Lids Can Save You Money & Will Fit Any Container or Food! Here’s My Honest Review…

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hand taking off silicone lid with pink juice in glass

I’m a sucker for any unique kitchen gadget that is innovative, saves money, and makes life a whole lot easier because let’s be honest, no one wants to make life harder in the kitchen! I recently discovered these amazing silicone stretch lids on Amazon, and after testing them out, I just had to share my review! And no, this is not a sponsored post.

Here’s what I’m obsessing over right now:

silicone stretch lids on counter with snacks in bowl

Hip Tip: Before you scoop these up from Amazon, become an Amazon Prime member so you can take advantage of the free 2-day shipping and all of their other awesome benefits.

hand holding pile of silicone stretch lids

Lately, I’ve been looking for ways to save money in the kitchen and one sure way to do that is by finding products that you can reuse again and again.

holding tupperware container with leftovers inside and silicone stretch lid on top

These silicone stretch lids are a new favorite in our house! If you’re anything like us, never able to find the Tupperware lid and always wanting to save your leftovers, then you’re going to love this innovative product, too.

Here are a few of my favorite things about these silicone stretch lids:

hand holding glass cup with pink juice and silicone lid

1. You can seal leftover drinks.

I can’t tell you how many drinks I’ve ended up pouring down the drain because my kids don’t finish it during a meal or are too full. So to give these lids the real test right off the bat, I poured some juice in a glass and put the smallest lid on.

After putting the lid on, which fit perfectly, I turned it upside down and shook it around…

Nothing, I mean NOTHING, dripped out of the lid or glass and everything stayed intact. 😱

drink sitting on tupperware of chicken with silicone lids

2. They’ll fit any shape you need.

Have a bunch of random and weird-shaped Tupperware? These silicone lids even fit perfectly on my square plastic container that I’ve been missing a lid for! And not only did it fit the shape perfectly, but it stayed on so tight that I could place the glass of juice right on top! I bet you can’t do that with your flimsy plastic-wrapped food. 😏

blue bowl with cauliflower and silicone lid

3. Food doesn’t need to be flat for the lids to work.

I prepped a bunch of cauliflower and zucchini for dinner one night only to realize the bowl was overflowing, but the silicone lids still came through! 😍 The lid was sturdy and stayed on tight and it kept the veggies super crisp and fresh until it was time to make dinner.

silicone lids on top rack of dishwasher

4. They hold up in the dishwasher.

Anything that can go in the dishwasher is a winner in my book! And after testing them out for the past couple of weeks, dirtying them up, and throwing them in the dishwasher – I’m excited to share that they’ve been holding up really great! None of them have stained, warped, or ripped. 🙌

Here are some other things that I really love about these silicone lids:

  • They’re completely food safe.
  • Contain no toxic chemicals and are BPA-free.
  • There are 6 different sizes to fit everything you need.
  • They are cold and heat-safe.
  • They are microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Help reduce plastic waste in your household.
  • Keeps food fresher for longer.
  • Saves money from buying plastic wrap.
  • Help to reduce food waste in your household.

clear glass bowl with food and silicone lids on top

I did run into one dilemma though…

I had a bowl of chicken marinating. I checked on it after a few hours only to find out that because of the condensation, I couldn’t get the lid back on. The silicone lid became very slippery, and I realized the issue was that the bowl was too wet. So the only options were to either put it in a new bowl with a new silicone lid or wipe the bowl and lid down until I could get it back on.

All of that said though, the lid did end up staying on the bowl of chicken for hours after I wiped it down, and it was just as tight as before. And if you aren’t needing to take the lids on and off of refrigerated food constantly, I say these still work really great!

veggies straws in clear bowl with silicone lid on top

And they definitely don’t have that problem with dry or room temperature containers! So whether you like to keep snacks fresh before a party or want to cover half of a tomato, the possibilities with these lids are totally endless!

watermelon and tomato with silicone stretch lid on top

Here’s what a few others have said about these lids:

“Quality is much better than 3 other sets of silicon lids I previously bought on Amazon. And the thought they even put into the packaging and overall presentation doesn’t go unnoticed!” 

– Amazonian Addict ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“I couldn’t wait to try my new lids on various tubs as I had heard they were great. Just yesterday I had a large rectangular tub full of marshmallows that I needed to cover. I went for the cling wrap but then thought of my new silicone lids – the second largest ROUND lid fit beautifully over a large RECTANGULAR lid, all spillproof and everything.

I am absolutely delighted by these lids. The quality is brilliant, they are going to last for such a long time. I also love my little net bag and the sturdy beautiful fastener on it which can be used for so many other things apart from just holding your lids!”

– Annette ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

These clever home products are all made of silicone and are under $20 on Amazon!

About the writer:

Sara is a self-taught blogger & photographer and brings 9+ years of experience to her craft. Her work has been featured in numerous esteemed publications, spanning building, travel, and fashion. Beyond her creative pursuits, Sara’s primary mission is to empower others to embrace a toxic-free & sustainable lifestyle.

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Comments 77

  1. Gscribble

    Thank you! I’ve been wondering about these!

    • Sara

      You’re so welcome, Gsscribble! I’m glad you found this post helpful!

      • Pat Carroll

        I ordered the miracle lids 7/7 paid $23 and the money was taken out of my account but I Never received the lifs

        • Becky Bacon

          I had the same experience

          • Susan Morgan

            I ordered on August 17th and still have not gotten my lids!

        • Michele

          I ordered beginning of July, money taken and acknowledgment of posting, still waiting for my lids to arrive

        • Grobol

          Rien reçu non plus après 10 jours, alors que mon compte a été débité instantanément !

        • Glenda

          Mine never cane either

        • Roberta Martin

          Order placed, credit card charged and no merchandise arrived. Is this a pattern?

        • Ellie

          I am having the same issue with Miracle Lids. Numerous follow ups and still nothing. Will go through credit card company to dispute charge.

          • Sally

            I ordered 2 sets in Aug. I’ve asked for a refund 2 separate times and they keep telling me it takes time. I’m very aggravated with this company and I wouldn’t recommend anyone buying anything from them!’

        • michael zippilli

          I had the same problem. I ordered the lids 2 months ago and they never delivered them! They did charge my bank account $23.00 too!

          • Joyce Pavlina

            I ordered 4 sets in August and still haven’t received them and it’s almost November.

        • Minerva

          I had the same experience since august 25. I ordered to MIRACLE , they have answered my mails but DO NOT SEND THE LIDS.

        • Terri

          I ordered on 8/2 and never received. I contacted them and they wrote back a couple times and have been ignoring me since 11/6. SCAM!!!

    • Bellsann

      I just received these after waiting 3 m months to get them. The ones I have do not stretch,am
      I doing something wrong?

    • Becky

      I ordered these lids in August too, but it is November and I’ve never received them. Credit card was charged. This fraudulent company MIRACLE LIDS is criminal for stealing money from customers and not delivering the goods. Never trust them.

  2. Celenorma

    My order of two just came in yesterday. I’m looking forward to trying these out.

    • Sara

      I hope you love them, Celenorma!

  3. MrsGarfield

    I must be living under a rock! I have never heard of these. I’ve been buying plastic “covers” (the ones that look like shower caps) but these look much better.

    • Sara

      I’ve never used the shower caps, MrsGarfield, but I imagine that these are definitely better! Let me know if you end up giving them a try!

      • Kym

        From someone who hates washing anything plastic or silicone. Always have to hand dry off. I love the shower caps. Dollar tree, $1 for a 10 pack variety size. Good for refrigerators, not so for carrying liquid lunch but good enough for pastas and casseroles not liquidity.

  4. Jen Eagar

    I recently bought these. I love them but in about 2 weeks i have managed to rip a hole in 2 of them. Don’t try to stretch them too far or they rip :(. Hopefully I have learned my lesson ;).

    • Sara

      Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that Jen! Although none of mine have ripped, I definitely found that they work best when they’re not being stretched to their max. Hopefully, no more of yours rip!

  5. Jane

    Just ordered 4 sets of 12 lol! I’ve been wanting to try them and thought some of my friends would too =) Thank you H2S!

    • Sara

      Awesome, Jane! I hope you and your friends love them as much as I do!

  6. Marni

    I’ve been trying to move away from single use plastics and these look great! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Sara

      You’re welcome, Marni! I’m so glad you found this post helpful and I love that these help save on plastic! Let me know how you like them!

  7. Tracy

    I am a huge fan of the shower caps which easily slide over all my dishes, however, after seeing your review, I am willing to give these a shot. I just ordered and can’t wait till they arrive. Who knows, if I really like them, I may order for my mom as a Christmas gift! Thanks.

    • Sara

      What an awesome Christmas gift idea for your mom, Tracy! I hope you love them!

  8. Kay

    I luv the Cover Ups variety size packs at Dollar Tree. Check those out.

  9. Holly

    I have these and I agree that they’re amazing!

  10. patricialavenz-goff

    I have just been putting them in my tupperware or putting a soup plate over the container and putting it in the fridge. Leftovers don’t last long or they go to the dogs in two days if I can’t reinvent them like in a shepherds pie. I can’t tell my brothers it is reinvented leftovers or they won’t eat them. LOL

  11. patricialavenz-goff

    I think I will buy some for my daughter for Christmas.

  12. Ruth

    ALDI has these advertised in their weekly flyer for this week….$4.99 for a set of three. I cannot speak to the quality b/c I have NOT seen them, yet. I hope to go there later today.

    • Sara

      Keep us posted if you do scoop some up, Ruth! Thanks for sharing!

    • Lana

      I bought some this morning and they look great but I have not tried them yet.

  13. Mama Bear

    Let us know if you get a coupon code for these!

  14. Nancy

    I found some of these at a Return Pallet store for $3. Nice to have when you can’t find or don’t have a Lid.

  15. JennG3

    Just bought the 6 pack! I have many “Lock & Lock” brand containers that the locking tabs have snapped off the lids, so these should prove quite useful.

  16. Shannon K

    I’ve had mine for a couple of years and I use them every week. Dishwasher & freezer friendly. Highly recommend. It also makes a great practical gift, housewarming, Christmas, hostess etc

    • Sara

      That’s such a great gift idea, Shannon! Thanks for sharing!

  17. 3pkids

    Thanks for the review going to give them a try!

    • Sara

      Let me know how you like them, 3pkids!

  18. Nana

    I’ve had these for a while now and love them!!!

    • Sara

      That’s so awesome, Nana! Thanks so much for sharing your feedback with us!

  19. Katesy

    Great review; thank you!

    • Sara

      Thanks so much, Katesy! I’m so glad that you enjoyed this review so much!

      • JoAnne Stewart

        I ordered, they got paid but never received them

  20. Susan31652

    Okay, how are these in homes with pets? I have 3 longhaired cats and one dog and am super paranoid about having clean things. Is the lid a tacky texture, that would hang onto pet hair? I do prefer press n seal or a regular lid, but am interested in being greener. I don’t use microfiber cleaning cloths in the kitchen because it tends to attract pet hair in the wash/dry.

    • Sara

      That’s a great question, Susan! The lids do have a typical texture of silicone, however, quickly rinsing them under water should do the trick if any hair was to stick to it. Hope this helps!

  21. Amelia

    AMAZING!!!! I just bought mine on for $9.99 a set. Bought 2 at that price.

    • Sara

      What a great find, thanks for sharing, Amelia!

  22. carla

    Thank you for the review! Love it!

  23. Kristen Frankel

    I’m amazed at how many seem to like these. I must just be lid challenged. I found them awful. I can’t make them fit properly on anything. I’ve thrown them in the back of the drawer and gone back to the shower caps.

  24. Karen

    Where are these made?

  25. Kimberly Perkins

    I want to know what country they are made in.

  26. Jill

    I’m looking for some kind of cover/lid that will work on a standard container of Ajax/Comet (powdered scouring cleanser … the containers are cardboard with a metal shaker top). Do any of you know if these silicone lids would work to seal the top of these containers? Thank you!

  27. Susan Carl

    Ordered 1 set almost a month ago and am still waiting for their arrival. I have my confirmation # if you could investigate.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      I would contact Amazon so they can track this for you. It would also be in your order history.

  28. Joan Swanson

    Tried to cancel..they would not. Still have not received order after one month. Took my money. Don’t order from these phoney people!!!!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh darn! I’m so sorry to hear this. Have you been able to contact Amazon customer service?

  29. Grace

    I ordered and paid for the lids in August and they haven’t come, although I have had several emails blaming someone else for the non delivery. Lids please!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Bummer! That sure does sound frustrating. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Very sorry for the issues. We’re updating the product link above right now.

  30. Dan Ross

    SAME….. order lids in August have not received them I think this is a real scam and should be prosecuted

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Bummer! Thanks so much for commenting. SO sorry about this. We’ll get that product link above updated.

  31. Diane

    I ordered these back in the beginning of July. They took my money and still haven’t received my order. I really don’t expect to get them so I can kiss my money goodbye. Really a rip off.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh no! Very sorry to hear this, Diane. Thanks a bunch for your feedback. We are updating the product link in the post.

  32. Sue

    I ordered them July 29
    And finally received them 2 days ago In october 30 after many correspondences. When I told them I want my money back and I putting them under dispute, surprise surprise I received an Email saying they are sending out a replacement order.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks a bunch for sharing your experience with us, Sue. SO sorry for the issues. We’re updating the product link above.

  33. Janet

    It’s been months since I ordered from this company! They immediately charged my card and have heard nothing. I believe it’s a scam!,

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh bummer! SO very sorry about that, Janet. Thanks a ton for letting us know. We’ll get this updated with a new product link ASAP.

  34. Cynthia Simon

    I ordered a bunch of these lids on 8/8/2020 & still haven’t received them. Can someone look into this for me? Thank you,
    Cynthia Simon

    • Cynthia Simon

      Thank you!

  35. Barbara

    Ordered 8/23/2020 Miracle lids I have not received my order but i was charged for them..
    NOT RECEIVED I did receive a conformation email. Other comments have stated the same..

  36. Kare

    Worst product I have bought. Covers only work if they are the exact size or the container is warm and dry. once it is cold or damp the lids pop right off. Largest one ripped first time I used it.

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh no! Sorry to hear these lids didn’t work well for you, Kare. Sure appreciate you taking the time to share your honest feedback. Hoping you’ve found an option that works better! 🤞❤️

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